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Nuzlocke Post Your Graveyard.

Thread Description
Rest in peace, to all mons who never made it.


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Jun 30, 2019
St. Louis, Missouri
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Well, not everyone can be saved. As the title states, post your graveyard for your Nuzlockes. It doesn't matter if it's not a run you're not planning on posting on or a run that you've been writing for a long time: all shall find solace here.

So, post a tribute to the mons you've lost along the way.

As a note, please try to put them in spoilers. Thank you in advance.


Challenge Seeker and Nuzlocke Completionist
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 9, 2019
Kanto Route 1, 1% encounter rate (Israel)
Pokémon Type
Fire, Psychic
Well, I guess I'll start dumping these slowly one by one from the old forums. Get ready as many sad stories are to come.

Let's start with my Blue run:

Blue Nuzlocke Graveyard (An Android casual extra rules run)

By order of demise:

Slipknot the Ratatta (lvl 3-5)
Oh, you cute little early game catch. You got a silly name as I caught you while playing Guitar Hero and had little muse. Even when I caught you I knew you had little potential (although Hyper Fang is quite awesome in gen I). I decided I'll give you a chance and started leveling you up and letting you fight on your own until you died to a critical hit by a fellow Ratatta. Bye little buddy, may someone else give honor to your kind in another game.

Samurai the Charmilion (lvl 5-23)
Although this was my second death it was perhaps the most painful one. You see, I play under some strict rules usually. No fleeing, no healing items, and so on. I usually don't play with starter pokemons or gift pokemons but this time I decided to allow myself that for two reasons: I played on android and saw this as a more casual game. Second reason is that Charmander is my favorite pokemon since my childhood and I saw this as an opportunity to finally Nuzlocke with him. Hmm, my loved one, you died such a silly and sorrowful death. I was going through Diglette cave and as I'm not allowed to flee I tried to do it as fast as possible. I was greedy and decided to let you handle this, even though I had a Pidgeotto. A critical hit dig killed you. Rest in peace my friend, my I get another opportunity to win the a Charmander somewhere in the future.

Lyrics the Jigglypuff (lvl 3-24)
I was quite excited when I got you. I always like trying pokemon I never thought of using otherwise and Jigglypuff was defiantly one of those. You proved yourself quite buffy and useful until you died to a supersonic self-hit plus critical hit by a Goldeen...

Aura the Vulpix (lvl 16-22)
I always loved fire pokemons, and you were supposed to be my replacement for dear Samurai. You were also supposed to defeat Erica for me and so I started training you for that. You died from a Koffing selfdestruct in the Rocket Hideout, an obvious Nuzlocke trap I should have been more careful with.

Dubi the Snorlax (lvl 30-47)
My final and second most painful death I had this run. His name is the hebrew version of "Teddy Bear", and indeed a cuddly, friendly, plushy bear he was. This is the first time I successfully caught a Snorlax in a Nuzlocke (after I failed to do so twice in my LeafGreen run and once before this one). You were quite amazing. Deadly attacks, awesome health, rest proved very useful, and you were surely a force to be reckoned with. I even taught you Ice Beam and Thunderbolt getting you ready for Lance. Then, I started walking towards Victory Road and suddenly realized there was a rival fight here. It was much harder than I expected and so I lost you. Someone had to take the heat from the deadly Alakazam and you were the only one with the health to do it. I'm sorry my friend, rest in peace - like your species likes to do so much.


Challenge Seeker and Nuzlocke Completionist
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 9, 2019
Kanto Route 1, 1% encounter rate (Israel)
Pokémon Type
Fire, Psychic
Pokemon No PC Box Red Graveyard
Just a regular run on my Nintendo 3DS of pokemon Red (and the last game left from gen I for my Hall of Fame). Only unique rule other than the Nuzlocke regular ones - I can't use the PC box for pokemon. What I got is what I got. Don't want a pokemon? Don't catch it and lose the encounter. Really hate one of your pokemon? Kill it yourself if you dare (never did that). Lost a pokemon in battle? Wait for you next catch.

BloodBeak the Spearow lvl 10-17 (Female)

The first death of the run. Not much to say about this little birdie. She was a brave one, and died a cruel death to a trainer with a Zubat by a combined selfhit after a Supersonic, and the opponent's critical hit bite, back in route 11. I admit she wasn't my favorite pokemon on the team, but I did have high hopes for her. Plus, she had an awesome name. Farewell my little battle chick.

BlackPearl the Cloyster lvl 15-41 (Female)

The most painful death of this run. As in this run under my rules every death means having to catch a new pokemon, hoping it will be a useful one, and training it from scratch, losing such an awesome pokemon so late was really hard. BlackPearl was the first Cloyster I ever got to use, and I learned to love it's totally OP move Clamp in its Gen I version. I even sacrificed my Ice Beam TM (which almost cost me the game in retrospect) as I had so much faith in this one. I finally sent her over against Blaine, which she totally crushed, until she got to his lvl 47 Arcanine who killed her with a Fire Blast critical hit to my great surprise and horror. I do hope I'll get to use one of your kind again one day. Rest in peace brave one.

CloudHead the Slowbro lvl 32-49 (Female)

As BlackPearl lay dead in front of me, nothing but a cooked clam, a scorched shell, I realized I was in trouble. The end game was coming, I was right before the battle with Giovanni master of the ground type, and had no pokemon who could usefully use an Ice move as an answer to Lance the lord of the dragons. I therefore knew it was time to do some fishing, and so I caught one of my favorite pokemon, a slowpoke. CloudHead soon proved to be one of the most useful pokemon in my party. Being a Psychic (a totally broken type in this gen, as my Starmie in my Yellow run showed me) and a powerful Surfer not much could stand in its way. Only problem it was slow, but even that didn't really stop it from destroying entire teams. And so CloudHead defeated Giovanni completely by herself, and helped me cruise through the cursed Victory Road without losing any pokemon, something quite rare for me. Finally I got to Bruno and CloudHead destroyed all of his team, until his Machamp Ace came. I was sure this was going to be easy, but I forgot one thing - Fissure. In a KO attack CloudHead was annihilated. I was shocked, and horrified as I lost her before my battle against Lance putting me in great trouble. RubyClaw my Charizard came and saved the day and avenged her. Good bye CloudHead, you are still a champion to me.


The Lesbian Shaymin
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Jun 23, 2019
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Casual tends to be plagued with identity issues. Their support for the disadvantaged knows few bounds.
I've got a few to port over from the old forum, but I'll start with my Black 2 Wedlocke's graveyard, as it's the biggest of my three completed runs.

David the Dewott, Lvl 5-33

I still have no idea how I managed to get to the fifth Gym in one of the most brutal games in the series without a single loss. So of course, a botched calc causes me to lose my starter first, just three levels from evolving. When I saw Clay's Excadrill using Slash, I just knew the crit was coming, and indeed it did. David did so much in the background, and yet he was struck down right as he got his chance to shine...

Sarah the Liepard, Lvl 2-33

David's death was one hell of a bitch-slap. And of course, my mistake combined with the Wedlocke's rules ripped Sarah's life away as well, just to add insult to injury. I hadn't taken the time to TM up the party, and thus she had absolutely nothing to deal with Excadrill, especially not after he healed up...

Zach the Ducklett, Lvl 25-32

I had trained him up to replace David, and he had performed quite well in the PWT, mediocre stats aside. I decided to do some exploring in Mistralton Cave and get the last couple levels to catch him and his partner up to the party. But then I made a critical mistake and stopped paying attention, and when I looked back at the game, Zach had been crit by a random Woobat...

Georgia the Watchog, Lvl 10-36

Can you tell this section of the game was really rough? This time it was a random Trainer on Route 7, who happened to have a very powerful Normal-type in Cinccino, who took advantage of Georgia being asleep to take her out with Tail Slap. From a comfortable 3/4ths of her health to gone in no time flat...

Frank the Leavanny, Lvl 3-41

Of all the deaths in this run, the loss of Frank, who had grown into being the leader of the team, was by a long shot the most painful. And it was all my fault. No random crits or unexpected coverage to blame here--just a single moment of absolute stupidity. I was going down Route 14 to grab some extra XP before going north towards Lacunosa, when Bulbapedia warned me of a Triple Battle incoming that included a Gligar. I was the idiot who decided that Gligar must be Flying in name only, Gliscor almost never runs flying moves in comp, therefore Gligar shouldn't have Flying moves, RIGHT? When Espeon failed to OHKO and "The foe's Gligar used Acrobatics!" showed up, it was already too late--the screwup had been made, and Frank had paid for it with his life...

Patricia the Sandslash, Lvl 19-57

After Frank fell, the game finally let up for a bit, allowing me to get settled in with the team. In particular, Patricia had impressed me with her physical bulk and determined takedowns of multiple dangerous mons, especially half of Ghetsis's team. And then the rival battle at the end of Victory Road came and screwed everything up. When Unfezant U-Turned into Simisear and forced her in, she was already in a bit of a pinch. And then Flamethrower took her to just a third, meaning she was in deep trouble. Indeed, my attempt to stall it out of PP was cut short by a critical...

Viktor the Ferrothorn, Lvl 26-57

Patricia's death forced Viktor in against a fast, strong Fire-type. Enough said. I was very pissed to lose these two right before the League, where I had expected and hoped for them to put in a lot of work, and yet it was dashed by a U-turn and a poorly-timed crit...


The supposed emperor of pages
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Aug 8, 2019
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Now time for Victory Fire Nuzlocke Deaths.

KrustyKrab the Gible Lvl 5-12
Fell to a Marowak shortly after the first gym.

Kayfedc the Pidove Lvl 5-16
Died to a lvl 14 Machoke nobody could handle.

Neri the Flaaaffy Lvl 3-18
I love critical hits, they are my favourite! Especially when you took all that time to grind an prepare for an overleveled Seviper you knew would cause trouble if you didn't grind, but someone dies anyway because crit!

Grovyle that I didn't get a chance to name Lvl 5-25

Died to a Zangoose who could have taken anybody out.

Lawnmower the Shiny Mightyena Lvl 6-29
Yes a shiny, who died in the most haxed way possible. Was up against a Doduo that used Tri attack, got burnt, so I healed and then it attacks, then I heal and it crits, then I heal and everything seems fine, and then it crits again and Lawnmower dies. No, how do you crit twice under 3 turns and have 2nd one crit at a time where it shouldn't?

Oseph the Scrafty Lvl 17-42
Died to a crit, but I forgot what mon did it.

Dig-nity the Dugtrio Lvl 4-43
Oooh boy, Dig-nity was literally my MVP for until death. Died to a Hitontop's Counter

Parch the Machamp Lvl 8-50

Died to a rival's Marowak via a crit, possibly the same Marowak that killed KrustyKrab.

Dig-nity 2.0 the Dugtrio Lvl 22-51
Died to presumably an opponent's Reshiram.

Sent the Luxray Lvl 20-31
Sacrificed so that I could win a battle against a rival.

Esther the Altaria Lvl 37-58
Well, here we go! He was easily the saddest death. Was looking forward to rasing him, had his moveset ready and all, and then he dies to a goddamn Togekiss.

Sallter the Cofagrigus Lvl 7-60
2nd saddest death. The worst part is that she died to a mon that she is supposed to be specialised in knocking out, a Weezing. I've always sent her out against them because y'know, Explosions. But then this one used Destiny bond instead, Sallter OHKO'd it with Psychic and it was the end. The worst part is that If Psychic wasn't in her moveset and she went for something else, she would have survived.

Alright, now to post a new thread on moves you've grown to like and not like thanks to nuzruns.


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Jun 30, 2019
The Canadian Wilderness
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Here's a record of all the Graveyards I've posted on the old forums.
Julie the Nidoran - killed during training by a Rattata. Didn't even get a chance to level up.
Shelly the Butterfree - killed by a Mankey on Nugget Bridge. I thought she could outspeed that thing. Why didn't I heal her?
John the Abra - killed by a Machop. It was his first battle. At least he got to use Thunder Wave to ensure Rosie and Derek would take it down.
Joey the Rattata - killed by a Butterfree north of Vermilion. Critical Confusion while sleeping...
Belle the Weepinbell - killed by a Raticate east of Vermilion. She died to save Dana the Diglett from a critical Hyper Fang.
Valium the Snorlax - killed by a Dodrio west of Fuschia. I thought he could tank another hit, but it got a critical Drill Peck. There was nothing I could do...
Dana the Dugtrio - killed by the lvl 38 Hypno in Fuschia Gym. A critical Psychic? You have got to be kidding me...
Dux the Farfetch'd - also killed by the Hypno in Fuschia Gym. Even after healing you, you couldn't take another Psychic after your Special went down...
Exoscyther the Kabuto - killed by a Fearow west of Fuschia. Mirror Move'd critical Ice Beam? I'm sorry...I should of healed you...
Coilette the Electrode - killed by Articuno. A critical Ice Beam one hit kill? I'm sorry. If I ordered you to attack instead of setting up a Light Screen, you may have survived.
Edna the Kingler - killed by Articuno. Another critical Ice Beam death? It hurt to see you die, even though I hardly got to know you.
Luke the Fearow - killed by Mewtwo. You couldn't stand up to him after he buffed his defence with Barrier. Then that critical Psychic tore you apart. I'm sorry, bro.
Queen Bolt the Electrike - killed by a Zigzagoon while grinding. Damn Headbutt! Didn't see it coming...
Mark the Whismur - killed by Brendan's Wailmer. Should of had my Grovyle out for it. That critical Water Gun ended your poor life...
Rhonda the Gloom - killed by Wattson's Magnemite. Freakin' Parafusion! The killing blow was from yourself...
Harkinian the Grovyle - killed by Wattson's Voltorb. Self...Destruct...I know everything happens for a reason, but why did he have to pay the price?!?
Noko the Tentacool - killed by a Koffing's Self Destruct. I didn't think they knew that move at level 17. I should of expected it...
Terra the Numel - killed by Maxie's Mightyena. What an annoying battle. Bite kept flinching her and I had to keep using Super Potions. Then the crit happened...
O'Chunks the Hariyama - killed by Gabby & Ty. When I saw that Magneton score a critical ThunderBolt on you, I almost cried. You survived with only a bit of health left and were paralyzed, and then that bloody Exploud finished the job with Stomp before I had a chance to heal you up. Luckily Zazari the Cradily and Jenova the Dusclops managed to avenge your cruel death. You were the team leader after Harkinian fell, and now you've passed on as well. I'm sorry, Chunky.
Electra the Shinx - killed by a freakin' Bidoof! We would of had so much good times...
Blocky the Geodude - killed by a Pachirisu. Magnitude couldn't kill it as it used Bide. Even after fully healing you, the Bide still tore you apart.
Marly & Carly the Staravia - killed by a Geodude and a Machoke respectively.
Aayla the Crobat - killed by a Graveler. Critical Self Destruct?!? Fuck you game!
Mistake the Bibarel - accidently caught you in the Great Marsh. Since my first catch there was a Psyduck named Alice, I can't use you. That would be breakin' the rules...
Molly the Medicham - killed by a Gengar. I should of realised you were in trouble when your Psychic only brought it into the red. When it fired that Shadow Ball, I could only watch as your health dropped to nothing and the 'critical hit' message flashed before me. I should of used Styx the Torterra instead. I'm sorry you could not make it to the end.
Dolly the Medicham - killed by a Staraptor and Whiscash in Victory Road. As my Victory Road catch, I hoped you could live out Molly's legacy (even though you had almost no EV's), but you fell so easily.
Embra the Rapidash - killed by a Staraptor in Victory Road. WHY DID I FORGET THAT THEY LEARN QUICK ATTACK?! I should of healed you...
Wendy the Staraptor - killed by a Machoke while training for the Elite 4. If I chose Fly instead of Aerial Ace, you would of avoided that critical Cross Chop... ...OH GOD WENDY, I'M SORRY!
Saphina the Sandile - killed by a Police Officer outside of Nimbasa. That asshole's Herdier just had to score a crit Take Down...
Aileen the Sandile - killed by a wild Tranquill in LostLorn Forest. She was gonna be the one to make Saphina's death not in vain, but I forgot that Tranquill had Quick Attack. Why didn't I switch her out?
Donatello the Tirtouga - killed by Clay's Excadrill. WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING?! He was low on health, and that mole had used Hone Claws twice, and used Bulldoze. WHY DID I THINK YOU COULD TANK IT?!?
Mary the Swanna - killed by a Veteran's Beheeyem in Victory Road. I had no idea that thing had Thunderbolt. Sorry girl...
Broc the Simisage - killed by a wild Bouffolant on Route 10. YOU WERE SO CLOSE TO FINISHING YOUR ELITE TRAINING! WHY DID I GO INTO THE DARK GRASS?! I really hoped I could take you all the way buddy. You're the reason we even made it past Striaton. T^T
Aang the Pidgey - you were my first catch of the run, and I foolishly let you die because I thought he could face a Kadabra by yourself. You were just one level away from evolving...

Zoey the Gastly - I thought that Raichu had Thundershock. When I saw the word Thunderbolt on my screen, I knew you were a goner. Should of had Roxy, who was a Geodude at the time, take it on...

Chrona the Hoothoot - trying to train you up, I foolishly thought a Snubbull wouldn't be much of a problem. Critical Bite sucks, man. I was just starting to get attached to you too.

Roxy the Graveler - your loss was truly a painful one. It was you who took down Falkner by yourself. It was you that survived Scyther's U-turn with 1 hit point to win us our second badge. It was you who took attacks I knew the others could not. So when I faced that psychic at the ruins of Alph, and his Girafarig obliterated you with a critical Psybeam, my heart sank like an anchor. I wanted to make you a Golem so badly. I'm sorry Roxy. You didn't deserve to die. T~T

Cerabi the Hypno - killed by Koga's Muk. Psychic brought it to the red, then it hit you with Gunk Shot. Damage + poison finished off my poor Hypno...
Jet the Fletchinder
lvl 3 - lvl 32
Killed by a Hawlucha's Rock Tomb in Reflection Cave

Norm the Dunsparce
lvl 5 - lvl 41
Killed by Clemont's Heliolisk scoring a critical Thunderbolt

Trisha the Raichu
lvl 3 - lvl 72
Killed by Diantha's MegaGardevoir's Moonblast
Saw the Wingull
She was the first Pokémon I got from wonder trade for this challenge, so I was really bummed to see her go. A Snubbull thought it would be fun to get a crit on her while I was training. I really didn't want her to be the first to go...

Louis Nessé the Lapras
I didn't wonder trade him because I was required to have a Pokémon with Surf and my only other option was a timid Goldeen. He was very strong and a hell of a tank. Sadly, he couldn't last against Olympia's Slowking. Power Gem broke my poor plesiosaur like a glass desk.

Gurdurr, aka, The Destroyer
He was Adamant, he had Mach Punch and Drain Punch, and I got him in time to wreck Grant's dinosaurs. He had the highest offensive stat on the team for a super long time, and could of made it to the Hall of Fame honestly. But, Lysandre had to ruin my dream. His MegaGyarados crushed my super amazing fighter. I forget if the death blow was a crit, but it was such utter BS. Gurdurr, you deserved better than this.
Gilda the Taillow
Killed by a trainer's Machop in Brawley's gym. She got utterly wrecked. I'm sorry I couldn't protect her.

Isabelle the Oddish
Killed by Wattson's Magneton. This was a bad loss. My best Pokémon were all low on health, so I tried to get her to put it to sleep while I prepared to counter attack. But, a critical Volt Switch destroyed her.

Terrence the Beautifly
Killed by a trainer's Xatu. I really hate myself for losing you. Ever since I caught you as a humble Silcoon in Petalburg Woods, I've strived to make you a truly awesome butterfly. You were much stronger than your appearance made you seem, and you were a joy to fight beside throughout the challenge. I still don't understand why I thought that Xatu wasn't strong enough to kill you...

Ashley the Pikachu
Killed by Tate's Solrock. You were my happy-go-lucky cosplayer, and a helpful friend to have in this game. With your costume moves and Light Ball, you seemed unstoppable. But, because I was under-leveled for that gym, you paid the price. I'm sorry, Ashley.

Dr. Bees the Beedrill
Killed by Amy & Liv's Plusle & Minun. I really wanted to take advantage of your Mega for some epic kills against the Elite Four, but I was too reckless while training you. Now whenever there is a handsome family picnic woefully underpopulated by bees, or an overabundance of bees in the workplace, you won't be there to help...

Abby the Linoone
Killed by Lady Cindy's Linoone. Belly Drum is a stupid move! I'm so sorry I didn't save you, Abby! You've been with us for so long, helping us out by learning HMs and finding items for our benefit throughout our crazy journey. I regret losing you as much as Terrence and Ashley. May you rest in peace.
Harley the Bidoof 4-12
Killed by Team Galactic Grunts in Jubilife City
She could of made a good partner with tons of HM coverage.

Crystal the Geodude 7-22
Killed by Jupiter's Skuntank in Eterna City
Wasn't durable enough to take a crit Night Slash.

Sparkler the Luxio 3-27
Killed herself while facing Fantina's Mismagius
A victim of bad luck and poor judgment.

Rorrim the Bronzong 14-36
Killed by Crasher Wake's Floatzel
He was a great tank that ultimately tanked under the pressure.

Hydra the Floatzel 10-44
Killed by Candice's Froslass & hail
A very close and strong friend, brought down by Candice's cold grip.

Slurp the Lickilicky 20-45
Killed by Cyrus' Crobat in the Distortion World
A critical Cross Poison and the horrendous poison status was too much for you. I wish I handled you more carefully.
Bristles the Zigzagoon
lvl 3 - lvl 16
Died in Slateport... to something. I honestly forgot how she died, but it was an awful one.

Voltaria the Electrike
lvl 12 - lvl 13
Died to a trainer's Carvanha in the Soda shack. She was taken way before her time, and had a lot of potential. Such a shame she had to die to a Water type of all things.

Glider the Wingull
lvl 3 - lvl 17
Died to a Team Aqua Grunt's Carvanha. Not even going to defend myself here. I should have switched to somebody else, but I just wanted my bird to fly high.

Muscle Man the Machoke
lvl 13 - lvl 32
Died to Norman's Slaking. Retaliate took him down from full health. I was really looking forward to using more of him, but he had to fall, even after I set up with Powerup Punch.

Echolocator the Loudred.
lvl 9 - lvl 30
Died to a trainer's Sandslash. I really felt bad about losing him, since he helped us conquer Wattson. I was careless, and that cost him his life.

Annie the Anorith
lvl 20 - lvl 35
Died to a trainer's Breloom. You know what's awesome? Having a large fossil bug to crush your enemies. You know what's not awesome? FUCKING COUNTER!!!

Tickles the Cosplay Pikachu
lvl 20 - lvl 38
Died to Winona's Altaria. I really should have been more careful with her. She was around for so long, always providing support and nuzzling Gyarados' to death. In the end, bad luck took her life. Icicle Crash could have finished that dragon-bird off, but the attack missed, and it ended Tickles' life with Earthquake. I'm so sorry, my little diva...
Ward the Patrat
lv. 4 - lv. 5
Died to a critical hit from a wild Patrat. I had been playing so much Gen 6 and 7 lately that I forgot crits did 2x damage in Gen 5. Ward died very early on before he even got a chance to prove himself. I'm sorry I wasn't very careful with you, buddy.

Luna the Golduck
lv. 5 - lv. 48
Died to a trainer's Druddigon in Opelucid Gym. Luna was an instrumental part of my team, ever since she joined us in Floccesy Ranch. She fought in many battles and never gave in. Her death was entirely my fault. I should have known than her Ice Punch wouldn't have killed, and I should have avoided the residual damage from Rough Skin and Rocky Helmet by using Psychic instead. I'm sorry for failing you, my darling Golduck.

Eleanor the Azumarill
lv. 40 - lv. 51
Died to a trainer's Excadrill. A critical hit with a +2 boost from Swords Dance. Could have been avoided, but Eleanor paid the ultimate price.
Tamara the Bidoof
Died to a wild Bidoof on Route 201. Boy that sucked. You needed one more hit to beat your opponent, Tackle missed, and then it scored a crit Tackle on you. FML​
...that's it? I only had one death in a Nuzlocke? Man, that's good.
Bowie the Furfrou
Level 7 - Level 34
Killed by Guzma's Masquerain in Malie Garden.

Bowie joined us at a fantastic point in the game where his good stats and excellent ability made battles trivial on the first two islands. His strength aided us well in many battles, such as Totem Marowak. Sadly, Guzma cut his life off too short. I had very few solid counters to his team and thought that Bowie could hold his own against that killer fly. I was wrong, and my poor pupper paid the price.

Showstopper the Mr. Mime
Level 7 - Level 46
Killed by a wild Granbull in Poni Wilds.

When I first saw that Mime Jr. appear in Hau'oli City, my heart skipped a beat! The opportunity to use one of my favourite Psychic types was a generous prospect to me, and I welcomed her into the team with open arms. Her powerful psychic moves, along with support in the form of Dual Screens, lead her to many different battles. She thoroughly stopped Hala's team by herself, helped us neutralize Team Skull and Aether Foundation whenever they showed up, and aided us against a tragically subdued Lusamine. Sadly, our first steps into Poni Island were overconfident, and I allowed her to get done in by a Play Rough. Defense was never her strong suit, I should have called her back! I'm sorry, Showstopper.

Grandiose the Granbull
Level 43 - 56
Killed by Totem Kommo-o in Vast Poni Canyon.

Remember that Granbull I said killed Showstopper? I wasn't exactly thrilled with putting her on the team, but I needed a fairy to deal with the next Totem, so I reluctantly put her on. During the brief time she was with us, Grandiose actually proved very helpful. She smashed apart many of the trainers on VPC, and managed to help cut the Dragon Totem's power down thanks to Intimidate. Sadly, she was doomed from the start. Play Rough failed to make the KO thanks to the Totem's Roseli Berry, and Scizor immediately came to support its boss with Bullet Punch. Grandiose went down, but her efforts helped us make it past that trial.

Nakama the Wishiwashi
Level 17 - Level 60
Killed by Ultra Necrozma in Ultra Megalopolis.

Nakama joined us as our Water type after we cleared Totem Araquanid, and I couldn't be more proud of him. With his amazing stats and powerful attacks, he decimated many opponents and provided countless help throughout the run. Totem Marowak, Olivia, Totem Mimikyu, Totem Kommo-o, and so many more fell to the strength and teamwork of these fantastic fish. When it came time to take on UN, I lead with Nakama to hopefully cripple its offensive stats with Tearful Look. He never even got the chance, as he was wiped out by a single Photon Geyser. I am sorry for not being more cautious with you, Nakama. You were a great team of fish.

Douglas the Dugtrio
Level 11 - Level 61
Killed by Totem Ribombee in Seafolk Village.

Douglas lasted much longer than I was expecting to in this run. Sure he was powerful, and fast to boot, but that low HP and defensive stats made me worried throughout the entire game. Somehow, he kept on fighting, and managed to make it all the way to the final Totem fight in the game. I had hoped that his Corkscrew Crash would be enough to take out the Totem, but it just wasn't enough. Ribombee proved too much for him, and he was soon wiped out. Still, I'm impressed that he managed to last this long. You did well, you fabulous trio.


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Aug 4, 2019
Yellow - annoyingly, I was at 0 deaths with 7 badges before losing my safe and restarting... (whyever I did bother with that, having played Blue just before)

Regx, R25, Level 14-25 - This one was devastating - crit Mega Kick OHKO by a (or rather, that) Raichu. I had absolutely nothing to properly substitute the anti-rock role, but this did give rise to my previously ignored and boxed earlier Rattata catch as a Bubblebeam user that ended up staying on the team until the end.
Nsp, R10, Level 16-17 - I had this weird thing where I had 2 Nidorans before Brock already (with notably different stat distributions), and then got another one... So I figured, why not level up Mr. Nidoran Sausage Party here as well for a few minutes and see how this one turns out in comparison? Nope, he died half-evolved on the way to the third Moonstone... to a Rattata. I ended up kicking out his two elder brothers around Celadon due to being bored of Nidokings and no longer really needing the muscle. (I could have taught one of these Bubblebeam instead, of course, had I wanted to) I was so bored of Nidokings, I made the core of my team a Pidgeot and (mentioned) Raticate instead, and they felt less generic.
(not so) Toughguy, Safari Zone, Level 20-23 - Man... when you actually get kind of a rare catch that also has potential, they just have to have something dumb happen every freaking time. So, Rhyhorn started out with only Horn Attack, and I wanted to level it against some things that couldn't touch it... so I used Horn Attack on a bunch of things, eventually I get pretty low on HP, but it's my turn, and I will get the kill... and hurt myself in recoil.:v: Was a Rattata, too.
Talisman, Viridian Forest, Level 5-38 - Obviously this one sucked as well - Had been on my core team for far longer than Gloom, even if it was obviously the weakest member at that point. Some sludgy Weezing in Silph tanked a Psybeam and did it in (I'm not even sure if it was a crit, but it probably was), and I ended up putting a lot of grinding effort into a Venonat->moth replacement.... that then saw very limited practical use, in fact none in boss battles. My only death not involving a Rattata in some way, though my Raticate probably was on mop-up duty for the remainder of that fight.
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Aug 8, 2019
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Just a guy with way to many ongoing Nuzlockes.
Welp, let's go.
Skai the Arceus, Hardy Lvl 2-4
Died against a Youngster's Bayleef. I guess Bayleef is the new god now.

Kent the Snover, Jolly Lvl 6
Died while trying to catch RuBae the Linoone, who mega kicked him to the next dimension.

Rival the Slaking, Calm Lvl 6-20
Died to a Tangrowth that knew Explosion. Was going to box him anyway because he was way overpowered but it was still sad to see him go out like that.

Pedrina the Walrein, Lonely Lvl 6-34
Died to a Kabutops while grinding, who used Head smash.

Murd the Darkrai, Brave Lvl 29-42
Was one-shot by the villian's Palkia. Had no counters for it so he had no choice.

Gryphon! the Hippopotas, Bashful Lvl 40
Died to an Electabuzz's crit Judgement. Why didn't I use the Exp. share?

Andre the Lanturn, Naive Lvl 16-45
Died to an Electabuzz's crit Judgement.

Hurricane the Hitmonlee, Lvl 22-48
Died to an Electabuzz's crit Judgement. Nah, jk. Died to a Floatzel that pulled a Psychic from it's ass.
Sonnie the Glalie
Died to a Regice owned by a trainer. Somehow my Ralts had a better time dealing with it

Everette the Ralts
Died to a Cobalion in a double battle. There was no way I could have prevented his demise.

Darlene the Hippopotas
Yep, I caught these guys in 2 of my randomiaers, they both died. This one died to a Golett with HORN LEECH and Darlene missed all her Drill runs.

Munson the Steelix
Died by a literal friendly fire: I had no idea Searing shot hits everything on the field. It doesn’t say anywhere in the name that it hit’s everything, ‘shot’ makes me think it’s like a streamlined Flamethrower. On one hand this might not be massively sad because he was a Modest Steelix, but he was also the only thing I had to a counter to Electric types.

Suzi the Sandshrw
Missed a Hi jump kick when weakened and died because of it.

Villianess the Liepard
Died against a Blastoise while trying to catch it.

Les the Weavile
Died against a Skitty as I was trying to catch it.

Morris the Zangoose
Died to a Vespiqueen’s Hurricane. I would call bs on Hurricane landing 3 times until I remembered that it has boosted accuracy in the rain. And people ask me why I don’t want wild weather events to be in gen8.

BombChina the Clefairy
Died against the 5th leader’s Spinarak. I totally forgot the bug could outspeed me.

Thedon the Growlithe
Died while switch grinding a team member, forgot to what.

I have as many dead mons as mons that are currently alive. Fuck this run.
Shenon the Manectric
Died against a Girafarig. It went like this, Girafarig used Psybeam, Manectric got confused and hit itself, Girafarig used Zen headbutt and deals tons of damage to the red zone, Manectric higs itself and dies.

Yes, only 1 death so far.
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