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Written Story Unova Mixed Media Hack Gijinka Pokemon Blaze Black 2 D&D Nuzlocke - Girls Table Gaming Party

Thread Description
A game set up by a somewhat eccentric DM with her assistant and played by an all-female group of players.

Tsugumi Hazawa

Ordinary but Hardworking
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
Haneoka High School (IRL: Makassar, Indonesia)
Character: She/Her, IRL: He/Him
Pokémon Type
Hello guys, I am supposedly to keep updating normally on my other Nuzlocke run but I feel like I'm confused to write for that at a point, and I only can actually play it like on weekends.

SO I wanted to create another Nuzlocke run (variant) because I want to do something that I can constantly progress on my Nuzlocke on every day (except probably Sunday, but that is probably when i will play my other run anyways...
This variant is called D&D-Locke, Or rather, "Dungeons & Pokemon", and you can find the document here. It might seem easier with the death saves but no, this is really much harder ruleset.
And I am playing it on Blaze Black 2. Oh, this is gonna be so hard! (well, except I won't be playing on Challenge mode. To make it more relieving on the earlier parts, at least. Normal mode.)
Another thing that I want to do is that, I'm going to use also non-original characters as players, as inspired by this wonderful run, but I want to evoke it differently and use my own set of characters who I want to use as the players. Specifically, they are going to be all-female group, and even more specifically, the character lists are from Love Live!, BanG Dream! and The [email protected] franchises (basically, the ones I already use for my Idolocke, but might include characters who are not even yet introduced in my Idolocke or are not going to be there at all in time) as the run will be narrated by a girls gaming group that plays a mix of a video game that some of them know and a tabletop game. Well, I'm actually a guy but it really doesn't matter? Besides, I have experienced mostly role-playing as the opposite gender, and some of the "players" in this run too will inevitably be forced to do it too, so don't put out against it, please!
Also, unlike my Idolocke I will not be using Japanese pronouns just to relieve myself from weird terminologies to make it much simpler, and it's not obligatory considering it's not all in a Japanese world.

Anyways, time for the rules:
[Insert Standard Nuzlocke rules here. You probably already know them]
1. Faint = Death
1b. One catch per area, Dupe clause applies (No 2 same Pokemon), Shiny clause also applies (you probably also know them, see shiny catch shiny), Gift Pokemon allowed
1c. Name everyone.
2. The game is over only if everyone dies (by my own mistake or cruel RNG), and by everyone I mean not the current party but all in the boxes are wiped out too.
3. There are some areas that will have separate sections for encounters, if this is true then I will be able to treat them as separate encounters. For example, the exterior and interior of Virbank Complex
Now let's get into D&D Nuzlocke Rules:
4. All Pokemon will be assigned to a Class and made a character, when caught, and assigned to a player. (Classes will be listed later below!)
4b. Cannot have multiple Pokemon of the same class active directly... Err, at the same time. Because variety and creativity.
4c. Pokemon can have their Class re-assigned (Reclass), if: 1. Contact the Professor via Xtransceiver (since Prof. Juniper's lab in B2/W2 and all of hacks based on it cannot be visited until post-game), one per gym, or when a Pokemon evolves and it somehow gains a type that gives it an access to a class that it couldn't access before, provided that: it only switches to the new class that it is eligible for (for example, when Swablu (Normal/Flying) evolves to Altaria (Dragon/Flying), it becomes eligible for Sorcerer class), and if willing. If this reclass however results in two of the same class, one of them must be boxed immediately ASAP. On the other hand, if a Pokemon becomes ineligible for a specific class (for example, Skorupi (Bug/Poison), which is eligible for Druid, evolves to Drapion (Poison/Dark), which is ineligible for Druid), the Pokemon must have it's class replaces as soon as possible, and is obligatory.
5. Death Saves, are rolled if a Pokemon faints (which differs this from the typical nuzlocke). It's also necessary to fit with the D&D theme and also to balance out the very-strict class restrictions.
Death Saves are rolled until 3 successes or 3 failures, the former leading in the party member safe and revive-able, the later resulting in death (per typical Nuzlocke). Rolling 2 to 9 means a failure and 10-19 means success. 1, however, is a CRITICAL failure, which immediately results in death, but on the other hand, 20 is a CRITICAL success, and the character is stabilized, and safe (and sound).
The Tanks (are important for surviving on death saves):

Barbarian - Can be any type, Cannot learn moves via TMs, Cannot use items in battle, Can only use Physical and self-targetting Status moves.
Barbarians CANNOT be switched out once it uses a move while an opposing Pokemon is in play, until the opposing Pokemon faints, or is switched out of battle indirectly (either by using U-Turn/Volt Switch or is phased out (Roar, Whirlwind, Circle Throw and Dragon Tail), or by items (Eject Button and Red Card).
Feat: Relentless Rage: If this character is knocked down to 0 HP, you can choose to activate this ability before death saves, roll a D20 saving throw (DC 10). If successful, consider them as stable, otherwise start death saves. Every time you use this feat after the first, increase the DC by 2, to a max of 20. After every badge, for each Barbarian, if they already used this feat, decresase the DC by 2 for each badge, to a minimum of 10.

Paladin - Can be any type, Cannot learn moves via TMs, Can use items in battle but only on self and once per battle, Can have one Special move and one Status move but others must be Physical.
Feat: Aura of Protection: While a Paladin is in your party, they create an aura of protection - if another party member has to roll death saves, if they roll a 19 that counts as a critical success.

The Healers (are important for healing during battle):

Bard - Can be any type, Can learn any moves via TMs, Can use items in battle on anyone but once per battle, Can only have one damaging (non-Status) move, although if they have a move that does damage and is related to sounds/performance. (Hyper Voice, Echoed Voice, Round, Snarl, Bug Buzz, Uproar, Snore)
Feat: Jack of All Trades: The Exp Share, normally cannot be used, is allowed if a Bard is in the party.

Cleric - Can be any type, Cannot learn moves via TMs, Can use items in battle on anyone indefinitely, Can only have one damaging (non-Status) move, two if the second damaging move can inflict a status effect. (Burn, Paralyze, Poison, Sleep, Freeze, or Confusion)
Feat: Channel Divinity: Once per Gym, when a character rolls a death save and rolls a failure (not critical failure), you can use this feat to change that into a success instead, but in exchange your Cleric is considered dying instead, and starts death rolls with a failure. Resets once you get a new gym badge.

The Mages (are useful for special attackers):

Sorcerer - Must include: Dragon or Fire type, Can learn moves via TMs albeit only Dragon type or the type of the draconic ancestor, Can only use status-healing items on self in battle, Cannot use phsyical moves (unless Dragon-type or type matching to the draconic ancestor).
Feat: Draconic Bloodline: When a character is assigned to Sorcerer class, pick a color of the "draconic ancestor".
Black: Dark, Blue: Water, Brown: Ground, Gold/Yellow: Electric, Green: Grass, Purple: Poison, Red: Fire, Silver/White/Grey: Ice.
They can use physical moves and learn TM moves of the corresponding type (in addition to Dragon).

Warlock - Must include: Dark, Psychic, Ghost, or Bug type, Cannot learn moves via TMs (unless assigned to Pact of the Tome), Cannot use items in battle, Cannot use Physical attacking moves (unless assigned to Pact of the Blade, and even so it only may use up to two Physical attack moves).
Feat: Pact Boon: When a character is assigned to Warlock class, assign it to either Pact of the Blade (can use up to two Physical moves), or Pact of the Tome (can learn any non-physical TM moves and use them in battle, along with HM moves)

Wizard - Can be any type, Can learn any moves via TMs, Cannot use items in battle, Cannot use Physical moves and all Special moves (damage-dealing) must be different type.
Feat: Wish: One per THE ENTIRE CAMPAIGN for each Wizard, if there are at least one Pokemon/character fainted (preferably do it with more), the Wizard can attempt to cast wish. Roll a D20 saving throw, DC 14: If successful, all fainted party members are considered stabilized and are safe, if not, the Wizard also dies and you MUST throw all items that were held by your Pokemon. Including those who are even still alive. The Wizard can only use this if they aren't dying or dead.

The Sneaky ones (are useful for running away from wild encounters):

Rogue - Must include: Dark, Ghost, Flying, or Poison type, Can learn any moves via TMs, Cannot use items in battles, All moves must be STAB or Normal types, CAN run away from (wild encounter) battles.
Feat: Uncanny Dodge (more like, save?): Gets advantage on all death saves (roll the d20 twice, take the higher value), Critical failures only count as regular failures instead for a Rogue.

Ranger - Cannot include: Steel, Psychic, Ghost, Electric, or Fire type, Cannot learn moves via TMs, Cannot use items in battles, Cannot use moves from the said restricted types, CAN run away from (wild encounter) battles.
Feat: Favored Terrain: When a character is assigned to Ranger class, choose a favored terrain for the character. If the terrain in-game matches the favored terrain, the Ranger can be switched in directly in shift mode (after fainting an opposing Pokemon immediately), but cannot be switched out of battle that way.
Forest & Grassland: Tall grass and forested areas, and "harsh sunlight" weather. Water: Surfing/Fishing and "rain" weather. Rocky: Caves (not ice caves), rocky ground and deserts, and "sandstorm" weather. Snow: Any areas with ice/snow, and "hail" weather.

The Utility Classes / Jack-of-all-trades (are useful... in potentionally many ways):

Druid - Must include: Grass, Bug, Ground, Ice, Rock, Water, or Poison type and Cannot include anything else outside these types, Cannot learn moves via TMs, Cannot use items in battles, All but one move must be STAB or Normal types.
Feat: Nature's Sanctuary: Once per THE ENTIRE CAMPAIGN, for each one Druid, you can declare an area as the druid's Sanctuary (provided before you actually even encounter a Pokemon there). This way you can ignore the normally "first Pokemon only" rule and are allowed unlimited attempts for the area, but you can still only catch one Pokemon for this area. In addition, the Pokemon and it's corresponding character shares a bond with the corresponding Druid (only lasts as long as the Druid's class isn't changed), the said Pokemon/character is the Druid's guardian. If either of them faint while the other is still in the party, you can roll any death save after 2 failures with an advantage (this doesn't still help if you get a Critical Failure).

Fighter - Must include Fighting type, Can learn moves via TMs but STAB moves only, Cannot use items in battles, Cannot use Special moves.
Feat: Battle Master: The Fighter can switch in AND/OR out of battle after an opposing Pokemon faints before the next opposing Pokemon is even sent out. There is no usage limit to this feature, so make a good use of it!

Monk - Can be any type, Can learn any moves via TMs, Cannot use items in battles, Cannot use items in battles (unless, see below), Cannot use Special STAB moves and/or Physical non-STAB moves..
Feat: Ki Energy: Monks can harness the special energy of Ki, represented through Ki points. Every Monk has a pool of Ki points equal to the number of Gym Badges you hold plus one. Ki points can be spent in battle and are fully restored when you defeat a gym (after adding one to the pool of Ki points).
1 Ki Point can be used to run away from a (Wild Encounter) battle, although if it fails you still lose the point.
2 Ki Points can be used to use any health and/or status healing item once, during that turn immediately.
3 Ki Points can be used to switch in AND/OR out after an opposing Pokemon faints during battle (similar to Fighter's feat, Battlemaster).

Artificer (NEW, currently in test and is exclusive to GTGP) - Must be pure Normal type (no dual types), or include: Electric, Steel, or Poison types, Can/cannot learn any moves via TMs (depending on choices), Can/cannot use items in battle (depending on choices, max 2 if can use, on any party member), Cannot use either Physical or Special moves (depending on choices).
Feat: The Right Tool for the Job: When a character is assigned to Artificer class: Choose between Bag of Potions (can use up to two healing items per battle on any party member), or Tinkerer's set (can learn TM moves). Additionally, also choose between War Firearms (Can use Physical moves) or Arcane Firearms (Can use Special moves). The other category of damaging moves cannot be used.

Before we start the campaign and the roleplaying session, let's introduce our DM (Dungeon Master), Kuromiya Anna (note: this is a Japanese name, all Japanese names will be family name first, given name last). She's an approximately 17-year old girl who is quite intelligent, and has an appearance of: brown straight and short hair, pink eyes, and wears a black shirt while on casual attire, and her height is about 156 cm. She'll be also DM-ing with a Co-DM that can help her with providing information and data, and also can help invite more players to play.
(Glossary - OOC: Out of Character (the player or DM is not speaking through a character in story), and IC: In Character (the player is speaking as their character or the DM as one of the NPCs (Non-player character)

Anna: Okay, looks like the campaign preparations and script are here. Is everything ready, Tsukishima Marina?
Marina: Yes. Is there anything else you need, Kuromiya Anna? I also have invited most of our potential prospective applicants, including from other places you specified that I don't know.
Anna: Okay, looks like we're ready to go! This tabletop game is what I call, "Dungeons and Pokemons", which is basically an attempt at a combination of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) and Pokemon.
Marina: Sounds complicated. Are you sure you're fine with it?
Anna: Oh don't worry Marina, I'm more than capable of hosting and doing it, at least with your help. After all, I'm quite smart as a student in Haneoka Girls' High School.
Marina: Okay then I will open up the character registration-
Anna: Actually, I will have to make the characters based on what Pokemon I would get. And we start with the starter, of course, which is a choice between... uh...
Marina: These three Pokemon that are called, "Snivy", "Tepig" and "Oshawott", right?
Anna: Yeah, that.
Marina: Okay then. Which one do you pick?
Anna: I'll make one for Tepig.
Marina: Sweet, here's your character sheet. *Hands Anna a blank character sheet* Now you just need to wait until someone joins in. Which should be soon...

[Scene 1]
??? (Redhead young woman who seems quite mature in look): Hey, so someone is hosting a tabletop game huh? Count me in.
Anna: Oh, great. This is a quite an awkward way to start already. Who is this?
Marina: Anna, let me introduce you to Udagawa Tomoe, a student of Haneoka Girls' High School and a member of the band "Afterglow". Tomoe, this is Kuromiya Anna, the main DM. And i'm her Co-DM.
Tomoe: Nice to meet you Anna. I might look way older than you, but I'm actually younger than you'd think. Anyways, where's the character sheet?
Anna: Here. *Hands over a character sheet* Let's see... Roll a D8 for a gender ratio, 7:1... Uh oh. A 2.
Marina: What did you do that for?
Anna: For 7:1 gender ratios, 1 to 7 would be a male and 8 would be a female. For 3:1, it's 1 to 6 would be a male, 7 and 8 would be a female. For 1:1, 1 to 4 male, and 5 to 8 female. 1:3 is similar to 3:1 but the ratios are flipped around, i.e. 1 to 2 means male and 3 to 8 means female. So uh, this character is male. And by the way, this is a sheet for a Pokemon to character, the Pokemon that I put here is Tepig. Also, the character starts as level 5.
Tomoe: Oh, did you said Pokemon? I have heard it several times. And don't worry, I'm absolutely fine with it, since Himari used to tell me what if i was a guy anyways.
Anna: Glad to relieve that. Now it's time to get into the stats and nature rolling. I will make this quick. Now you just need to plan the name and the class of the character.
Tomoe: You know, the Tepig evolutionary line reminds me of that Chinese soldier named Zhang Fei, I'll name the character Chai Jie, and his class is uh, Paladin. By the way, his facial details is similar to mine, except that as a guy. Is that good to go?
Anna: I don't actually care about who decides their character names, but yeah, that's good. Anyways, I think i actually forgot how to exactly put up the plot, but right now you don't need to put much dialogue onto your character. Now, where do I start...
Marina: Anna, isn't like every single Pokemon based adventure has a "rival" or something?
Anna: Oh, okay. So, the rival is actually a group that is started by a fellow adventurer named Rey. Anyways, this is where the actual roleplaying starts. Ahem. (IC, as Rey) "Hey! So you're another fellow new adventurer looking to start a group? My name is Rey and I am also looking to form another group of adventurers on a personal quest. But anyways can I test your strength first?"
Tomoe: This looks cool. Okay, here I go! (IC, as Chai Jie) "My name is Chai Jie, nice to meet you too. You sure you want to battle me though? I'm quite strong you know."
Anna: Uh. Excuse me. Rey is uh, assigned to the Pokemon Oshawott. Which is the typical "rival routine" in Pokemon games, and would have the type advantage against the player's starter. (IC, as Rey) "I have just finished practicing my skills! Come on!
Tomoe: Hey! ...just kidding. Actually, that is fair, since my little sister said she used to play it and told me that the rival tends to pick the starter that has type advantage. (IC, as Chai Jie) "Challenge accepted."
Anna: Okay, battle start. Marina, can you help me keep in track with the hit points and moves?
Marina: Yes, although at this battle both sides only have a simple physical attacking move and a defense-lowering status move.
Tomoe: Who goes first?
Anna: Unfortunately, Rey is faster. He starts with "Tackle". Chai Jie takes damage.
Tomoe: (IC, as Chai Jie) "Hey! I'm just getting started!" (OOC) Chai Jie uses "Tail Whip"!
Anna: Rey's defense have fallen! He also uses Tail Whip and Chai Jie's defense also have been reduced!
Tomoe: Attack! My character is going to use "Tackle"! SOOIYAH!
Anna: It hits and deals damage to Rey. (IC, as Rey) "I won't forget that hurt you put me through, you know!" (OOC) Rey uses Tail Whip again, Chai Jie's defense is down by two stages.
Tomoe: I use Tackle again. Rey should get damaged, right?
Anna: Yep. Rey uses... Tail Whip, again. Chai Jie is at -3 Defense. What's your next move?
Tomoe: I just need to use Tackle one more time to win this probably. Tackle!
Anna: Okay. Rey is knocked down. And Chai Jie levels up to level 6. By the way, story wise, the mock battle was supervised by a girl named Bianca. (IC, as Rey) "This frustation of losing a battle... I won't forget this! But at least good to know you're pretty good. It's different from battling those who were in the wilderness before... I know you could be a reliable partner sometime!"
Tomoe: (IC, as Chai Jie) "Looks like I won." (OOC) So, can we get moving forward? I already know most of how Pokemon works.
Anna: Okay, we will speed things up.

[Scene 2]
Anna: Uh, Marina, what is the first area in the game with encounters?
Marina: It's called "Route 19".
Anna: Thanks, Marina. Anyways, your character's hit points have been replenished after taking a rest, and we're now going to be heading to Route 19. By the way, the place that you had a sparring fight with Rey is called "Aspertia City". Anything that has Town or City generally has an Inn, which means you can restore all character's health and switch with other players. Although, you're the only one playing right now aside from us...
Tomoe: Cool, so when we will get someone else to join?
Anna: We will be going to have an encounter roll. By the way, here's how the encounter roll works. Once you encounter a "Pokemon", you can throw Poke Balls at it, and try to catch it. If you succeed, you will be able to recruit a new character. This is depicted in role-playing as meeting and fighting a stranger who you can make as an ally. I'll just need a while to get the encounter simulator. It's something I can use to generate an encounter.
Marina: Huh, strange, it seems you're not yet even getting any encounters for Route 19.
Anna: I know, it just takes patience! *after some while* Wait. I think I got something. Let's see... Oh, sweet, a Starly!
Tomoe: The obligatory "early bird". Although i think this is probably a good one. Hey, isn't the Pokemon's name reminds me of someone? Don't mind it though.
*After some while*
Anna: So we caught a Starly, and it's gender identifies as a female. Now who I should give this character sheet to-
??? (Brunette girl with cat ear-like hair style): (OOC) *Opens the door and comes in.* Hellooo!
Anna: Oh great, just in time. Who is this girl?
Marina: That is Toyama Kasumi, a cheerful and energetic girl from Hanasakigawa Girls' High School, and is the leader of the band "Poppin' Party". She is really quite friendly too, but she tends to believe in the strangest things and tends to forget things.
Kasumi: I heard you are opening your tabletop game to public! Can I join? Please?
Anna: Good, we just got a new character sheet. Here is yours. Oh, by the way, this is Dungeons and Pokemon, a tabletop role-playing game with a mix of both Pokemon and D&D.
Kasumi: What's Pokemon?
Marina: Pokemon or simply called Pocket Monsters are a game that involves gameplay of catching creatures. Wait, Didn't i already explained to you earlier?
Kasumi: Hehe... sorry... i forgot...
Anna: Anyways, this is a sheet with the stats based on the Pokemon Starly. Your character's gender is female.
Kasumi: Yay! I'm naming her Stella and her class is Ranger~ By the way, can you make my character look similar to me, at least in the hairstyle, hair color and eye colors?
Anna: A... wise choice. And sure. Uh, Marina, at this point everyone probably wants their characters to inherit hair color and eye color from themselves.
Marina: Well, sure, i can fix that for you. Oh yeah, Kasumi, since you picked Ranger as your character's class... what is her favored terrain?
Kasumi: Forest and Grassland, i guess?
Anna: Okay, it is set! Well, your character is only level 3 though. Don't worry, your character still can catch up to Tomoe's. Just be careful, okay?
Kasumi: Okay!

[Scene 3]
Anna: By the way, players, are we ready to proceed?
Tomoe: Sure, let's go!
Anna: You meet a wanderer on your way to the next destination. His name is Alder, and he seems to be an old veteran, who explains to you that he is an veteran adventurer roaming around Unova, seeking for new adventurers to teach them to get to their goals. By the way, you're in Floccesy
Kasumi: What?
Marina: Uh, Anna, the region that this adventure takes place is in Unova, right?
Anna: Yes, specifically the setting from the sequel on the duology. I also mixed out stuff not only to include more potential of Pokemon for encounters, but also made the opponents tougher... but hopefully they can be helped to have their characters get stronger and beat the challenging opponents.
Marina: Oh. That actually could be interesting.
Anna: Anyways, we're now on Flocessy Town. Would you like to visit the Inn? Actually, i'm sure you will do. When characters are recruited they usually won't be at max HP to start with and might have a status effect. So there we go, fully healed. By the way, Kasumi, you want to make your character stronger, right?
Kasumi: Yup! I need to be able to beat those "opponents"!
Anna: We will do a private training session soon. Careful, your character may get knocked out. By the way, your character is a Ranger, you can run away if it seems it would go bad for you.
*After a few moments of grinding.*
Kasumi: Oh no! Stella's knocked down! Now I have to roll death saves! "18, 19..."
Tomoe: Wait, 19? Considering Paladin's feat, that should be a critical success, right?
Anna: Yep. Stella is now stable.
Kasumi: Thank goodness!
Anna: Actually. You might have a problem because the random encounter levels are generally higher than your level. Don't worry, i'm going to help it out...
*After a while. Stella is now level 6. Chai Jie is now level 7.*
Anna: Let's continue, then. (IC, as Alder) "Hey, this way! Shall we start training? By the way... why are you holding two Town Maps?"
Tomoe: (IC, as Chai Jie) "I need to deliver the other one to my "friend". It's given to me by his sister."
Anna: (IC, as Alder) "Oh ho! It's your friend's Town Map is it? Your friend is the one wearing blue and wielding a sword, right? It just happens that he was training in Route 20..."
Kasumi: Where's Route 20?
Anna: Just right to the north-east of Floccesy Town, which you are in right now. That also counts as a new encounter, by the way...
*Later... the group travesl to Route 20*
Anna: Oh yeah, there are scripted battles. And you cannot run away from them, unlike random battles. There are two obligatory scripted battles...
Kasumi: Leave this to me!
*Later, again. Stella is now level 9 after defeating all of the opponents in two scripted battles*
Marina: Stella at this point might be just overpowered. She knows "Wing Attack" now.
Kasumi: Eh? But I'm just getting started!
Anna: That is actually fair since the scripted battles are just gonna get so difficult anyways... But hey, at least you can get an encounter now.
Tomoe: Roll for it!
Anna: *Sigh* A Sewaddle. Also known as Unova's common bug. Unlike Caterpie, Weedle or Wurmple it doesn't evolve early.
Tomoe: ...Oh no.
*A few fighting moments play out*
Anna: Okay so we got a new character, who I should hand this to?
??? (Brunette with curvy hair): "Hello there~"
Marina: Oh hey, Lisa. Ehm... Anna, this is Imai Lisa, the Bassist of the band Roselia, and a senior student in Haneoka High. She's very caring in nature and is really helpful.
Lisa: Hi, Anna! I would like to help you out with this new character.
Anna: Great, here's the character sheet, based on the Pokemon Sewaddle, and the character is a female. (I just love how she acts like a big sister for us.)
Lisa: So, I am going to name her Hiroko, and her class is Druid~
Marina: Wait, didn't you said your role was supposed to be a healer in NFO? (Acronym for Neo Fantasy Online)
Lisa: I think Druid fits better for a Grass/Bug type!
Anna: Okay, that is fine. As a Druid, your character can declare a sanctuary in one of the later areas for encounters, allowing you to get whoever you want to. And to make sure you guys better know about which Pokemon is in the area, I can show you a list for each area.
Marina: Anna, aren't you quite tired?
Anna: Actually, yeah. I will end the session quite early, but not before letting a private grinding session, mainly for Lisa and her character Hiroko. We will play a little bit longer just for the level improvements.
Lisa: Aww, I was just getting started. Anyways, see you later, Tomoe, and Kasumi!
*As of the end of the current episode, Chai Jie is level 8, Stella is level 9, and Hiroko is level 7.*

The first session was a pretty good one to say, from my words. First encounter in Route 19 was pretty good, the second encounter in route 20... not so good but still acceptable.
Anyways, most of the characters later will bear similarity to their players, personality and appearance (facial) wise. I'm not good at drawing though.

First of all, I'm not really good with character name or personality and designs, so I will have to go as simple as possible. For the Tepig starter I have to find a Chinese name.
Characters will by default have a design of their outfit based on the Pokemon they are in-game, with their facial features (hair and eye color, and default expression) and their personality match their players.
Also, by the way, a note: since all of the players are female (to stay true to the theme and the title), if any of them play male characters, expect that their facial features will resemble gender-swapped version of themselves.
I was arguing either to get Himari or Tomoe as the player for the Tepig starter, but after i took a look to it's evolved forms, I decide to assign this to Tomoe. I picked Paladin as this starter doesn't get Fighting type until it's first evolution to otherwise qualify as a Fighter, and Paladins might be better in long runs as death threats are much more likely in harder campaigns.
I already obviously know when I saw a Starly, i was already screaming and mentioning Kasumi and planned to get a female name that means star. Wait, have I been here before? Also, I picked the Ranger class, since the Starly line probably has no moves of the forbidden types in it's natural learnset, it doesn't need any TM moves to be even that good, and besides, having someone who can run from wild battles can help too. I picked Forest & Grassland as her favored terrain because... Bug and Grass types, y'know? Also is probably the most common terrain between the four.
Lisa dislikes insects in reality so it's kinda of ironic to have her assigned to the Sewaddle character, but as far as i know, it's final evolution is like motherly in personality wise, so it still fits her anyways. While Lisa gives a vibes of a healer and I am quite tempted to give her the Cleric class, the typing of Sewaddle (Bug/Grass) gives it access to the Druid class, so I decided to pick this instead. There is probably a good reason I'll pick a Druid instead of Cleric for this one. Just wait for it.

By the way, if you feel like confused who are the people playing, I made a link to the official character profile from the franchise they originate in (except for the DM who is my OC, Anna), you can click them and find more information about them as in-franchise characters, or if you prefer, manually search them with your browser's search engine. Currently I'm mainly using them from BanG Dream, likely as a carried habit from my Idolocke run.

Also, I will have fun making some adjustment to the in-RP characters by giving them sub-classes based on what I think are looking good for them, and stats to correspond to what I think of their character. They will be based on D&D's 5e Homebrew.

Please reply if you have cool opinions about the RP. And sorry if I can get quite confusing, feel free to criticize it.
Thank you so much!

(Note: New characters will have all of their details explained, returning characters will only have their basic character information, in-game nature, characteristic and ability, as well as their movesets.)
EDIT: Races has been editted as additional information. This pretty much is what is needed if you want to try reimagining the characters made here as actual D&D characters. :)

Character Name: Chai Jie, Pokemon: Tepig, Gender: Male, Level: 8, Class: Paladin (Armored Knight / Oath of the Guaridan / Vengeance), Player: Udagawa Tomoe
Sassy nature, Likes to run, Ability: Thick Fat
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Ember
Chai Jie - Guardian From The Far East
"I always think better of others before myself, and will not simply let them get hurt."
Chai Jie is a somewhat cool in outside, but caring in inside. He is also quite hot-blooded and may rush into things head-first if his friends get hurt. He wears a chain mail and uses a warhammer as his weapon of choice, and also carries a shield. (Background: City Watch, Race: Half-Orc)
Stats - STR: 16, DEX: 8, CON: 14, INT: 10, WIS: 10, CHA: 12

Character Name: Stella, Pokemon: Starly, Gender: Female, Level: 9, Class: Ranger (Blade Dancer / Hunter Conclave), Player: Toyama Kasumi
Quirky nature, A little quick tempered, Ability: Keen Eye
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack
Stella - Blades of Winds and Stars
"My blades are faster than the shooting stars!"
Stella is just as energetic as you probably expect from a somewhat childish swordfighter. She's not too bright in intelligence and is reckless, but is positive in personality. She is also quite naive. She uses a pair of shortswords as her weapon of choice and wears a scale mail. (Background: Entertainer, Race: Human)
Stats - STR: 14, DEX: 15, CON: 11, INT: 8, WIS: 9, CHA: 13

Character Name: Hiroko, Pokemon: Sewaddle, Gender: Female, Level: 7, Class: Druid (Circle of Life / the Land), Player: Imai Lisa
Rash nature, Somewhat stubborn, Ability: Chlorophyll
Moves: Tackle, String Shot
Hiroko - Caretaker of Nature
"Life is a blessing and a gift that everyone deserves."
Hiroko, while looks cool and calm, is actually very friendly and caring, and will help out others, even to the point of disregarding her feelings. Because of this, she is sometimes thought as a motherly or a big sister figure. She uses a pair of scimitars as her weapon of choice and wears leather armor. (Background: Outlander, Race: Elf - Wood Elf)
Stats - STR: 9, DEX: 14, CON: 10, INT: 12, WIS: 14, CHA: 13
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A girl with magical abilities, Abigail is willing to help her friends no matter the problem.
Uwa ̄ , kōun o inorimasu, rirupurēyā! (Wow, good luck, Li'l player!)


Harmony Princess (ハーモニープリンセス Hāmonīpurinsesu)
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Dec 10, 2019
Viridian City
Pokémon Type
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Pokédex Entry
A girl with magical abilities, Abigail is willing to help her friends no matter the problem.
@Sheepscope (giggles) Weesh… guess I never knew this was going to happen...

Tsugumi Hazawa

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Since I only have specifically one person to reply... @Abigail Arigato! (Thank you!)

I'm surprised that this run which i am doing simultaneously with my Sacred Gold Idolocke had a better start! In fact, I just got two likes, one of them is also the thread starter from Pockets & Monsters (Pokemon Platinum)! Well, that is mainly because this run isn't as bound to a niche unlike the other run I am doing... So I will focus on updating this first over my Idolocke since i'm still confused what to put on the next chapter of that run... huhehe

Anyways I'll try to change a bit the style to make it more fun, and i think I'm going a little bit too fast for now, I want to wait just one more episode for the gym or something, and also throw some funny dialogue skits (both OOC and IC)

Anna: Marina, I think it's too early for this... they might be doing band practicing right now.
Marina: Yeah, but don't worry we will have free time soon. By the way, where are the character docs?
Anna: I asked the players to hand over at the end of each session so that I can hand them later if they need it at the next session.
Marina: That is probably a good choice.
Anna: (Oh, here we go again...) Well, yeah.

[The game resumes]
Anna: Welcome back, Tomoe, Kasumi and Lisa! We will continue or game from where we last left off
Kasumi: Wait where did we left off?
Tomoe: After a bit of grinding session which happened after our Route 20 encounter right?
Lisa: Yep~ so are we ready to move on?
Anna: There is one more scripted battle encounter but if you feel like you want to skip it, you can, but you will risk random encounters anyways.
Kasumi: Oh bring it on! We need more EXP anyways
Marina: Bold of you to say it, Kasumi. *Kasumi's character, Stella, later beats up all opponents in that encounter, leveling up to level 10* I take that back.
Anna: Guess we can move on to Floccesy Ranch now. By the way, before any of you point this, you can get an encounter before our next storyline battle. And here's the encounter list...
Lisa: Objection! I activate Hiroko's Druid feat, Druid's Sanctuary!
Kasumi: Wut
Anna: Whoa, so early now? Are you sure you want to use it, Lisa? You only get one shot for your character for the entire campaign...
Lisa: Better we get an ally that is very helpful until possibly the end of the campaign~!
Anna: Okay... I suggest Kasumi's character should be in front to make sure the party can run away from unwanted encounters, since we will get an unlimited chance of encounters for this area... but keep in mind you still can only one character for this area.
*After a few moments*
Kasumi: Eeeeh?! Why did they use "Counter"? My character is knocked out again while trying to help you get a new member!
Anna: Time for death rolls! *Rolls a 18* 18! I guess with this much players we can take turn rolling. Marina, you're up!
Marina: 14, that's two successes... Kasumi!
Kasumi: 12!
Anna: Kasumi's OC Stella is so RNG-blessed! She survives this time
Kasumi: Wait, what's RNG?
Tomoe: That stands for "Random Number Generator", right? By the way, it seems like we haven't managed to successfully catch our encounter
Anna: Just try again. You've only used about 5 Poke Balls just now
Lisa: I got it! *The Catch Calculator shows that the encounter, the Riolu, was caught*
Anna: Congrats! You recruited a Level 8 Riolu, gender is male
Tomoe: A guy again?
Lisa: Hang on, I'll be back, I will invite someone to play, she is probably interested in it. *Leaves the table temporarily only to bring back someone*
Anna: Wait a minute, did you just-
Lisa: I brought Hikawa Hina here! She is my classmate and one of my friends~ Hina, this is Anna, our tabletop game's DM, and here's your character sheet~
Anna: *Stares at the girl with wavy teal hair* For Pete's sake! She is really that prodigy genius from Haneoka! And the Guitarist of Pastel * Palettes!
Hina: Hiii~ Can I join in? I already setted up a character based on the newest encounter here: his name is Lucius and his class is Fighter
Lisa: That's so good, Hina!
[These following scenes ensue during grinding session.]
Lisa: Oh no! Hiroko's knocked unconsious!
Anna: That's death saves on you! *Rolls a D20* 17
Hina: No, please not now! C'mon... *Rolls a D20* 17, that's exactly the same roll? How boppin'!
Lisa: Hina, please! *Rolls a D20* 11... Hiroko is stable. But then, how did a "Level 3 Pidove" knock out my character who is level 9?
Anna: Quadruple weakness. Flying is super effective against both Bug and Grass. You need to watch out for crits too.
Hina: *Her character, Lucius, is knocked out by a Level 7 Hoothoot* That's not boppin'! *Rolls a D20 for death save* 15!
Kasumi: Oh look I got a 19! Critical success since a Paladin is in our party~
Hina: I pull that back, it's actually zappin'!
Kasumi: But these goddamned Mareeps though keep spamming "Thunder Wave" on our characters and paralyze them!

[After grinding session. Chai Jie: Lv 10, Stella: Lv 11, Hiroko: Lv 10, and Lucius: Lv 11.]
Anna: Ready to move on?
Hina: Yup!
Anna: You guys are about to explore more of Floccesy Ranch. Suddenly Rey shows up! (IC as Rey) "Oh, look! So you decided to party up with some others and want to get stronger! That's good, since you come here for some training!"
Tomoe: (IC as Chai Jie) "Is this another battle challenge?"
Anna: (IC as Rey) "Yeah! And I got a partner with me! Come on!"
Kasumi: (IC as Stella) "This should be easy! ...hopefully." *Stella was attacked first by Rey's teammate (Tailow) using Peck* "What the heck? It's so unfair!"
Anna: Tailow is faster than your Starly character, Kasumi
Kasumi I know! I'll attack with Wing Attack!
Anna: Ouch. That does more than half of their HP! You can hear Rey trying to get his "partner" to shrug it off! He used Quick Attack and deals some little damage
Kasumi: Quick Attack!
Anna: A critical hit! ...though that's excessive damage though... Rey's teammate is down! He steps up next!
Hina: I activate Lucius' Fighter Feat, Battle Master: I get to switch in!
Anna: Okay, Lucius is now active in battle.
Hina: (IC as Lucius) "Prepare yourself!" (OOC) How about Quick Attack?
Anna: It deals some damage. Rey used "Water Gun" and deals some damage back to you.
Hina: Quick Attack again!
Anna: Wait, where did he pull out that Oran Berry? Anyways, his HP is healed back after you deal damage to him, and he SCORES A CRITICAL HIT! Luckily, Lucius still have a few points of HP left.
Hina: Oh no no this is bad. Can i switch out with Lisa's character?
Anna: Okay, Hiroko is now on lead. The opponent used Tail Whip. Hiroko -1 Defense
Lisa: I think i should've had switched earlier with Hina's character and used Bug Bite first. Anyways, Tackle
Anna: He hits back with Tackle. Your next move?
Lisa: Bug Bite. Bam!
Anna: Rey is low on HP but he still goes on. Water Gun, it deals not very effective damage against Hiroko.
Kasumi: Why?
Marina: I'm sure it's AI's (Artificial Intelligence's) RNG fault
Lisa: Bug Bite! And he's down.
Anna: Yep. You guys won. Rey asks, (IC as Rey) "By the way, what are you here for?"
Lisa: (IC as Hiroko) "To deliver you this Town Map from your little sister~ She handed it to Chai Jie because I heard you were already running off."
Anna: (IC as Rey) "She didn't have to do that... Thanks to you, too. We just left, and you have already helped me out." (OOC) Suddenly, two people come in. (IC as Ranch Owner) "I thought it was quite noisy here but it was so lively! Isn't it nice to be young to have battles?"
Kasumi: (IC as Stella) "Eh? Who are you?"
Anna: (IC as Ranch Owner) "Who am I? I"m the owner of this ranch! And this is my wife!"
Marina: (IC as Ranch Owner's Wife) "By the way, you should keep yourselves fine and healthy right? Anyways, have you seen one of our workers here? He's usually with the other worker, but this is the first time one of them went missing..."
Anna: (IC as Rey) "WHAT?! You said you're a little worried? Your worker might be kidnapped by a stranger and is gone forever! Whatever! I'll look for them, you guys help out!"
Lisa: (IC as Hiroko) "Rey, you don't need to shout like that..."
Anna: By the way do you guys want to heal?
Hina: Yup!
Anna: Anyways, let's moving on.
*They do all of the non-relevant scripted encounters.*
Anna: So it's time for plot! You guys ready? Here it comes. So first, Rey at one point gives you an Exp Share, though you cannot use it without a Bard in your party. And you don't have one, too bad. Before that you get a Soothing Bell, good for those who's pokemon characters need friendship evolution...
Hina: As far as I know Riolu needs high friendship to evolve and on daytime!
Anna: Yup! And now, oh boy, here it comes... You find a shady man in black outfit threatening someone.
Kasumi: (IC as Stella) "There!"
Anna: Rey is glad that you found where is the worker and is going to call the ranch's owner. The shady man with red hair, however, is not pleased. (IC as the shady man) "Tch! You little pest..."
Tomoe: (IC as Chai Jie) "Tell me who are you and what are you doing here!"
Anna: (IC as the shady man) "I'm a member of a group that strikes fear into the hearts of those who stand before it: Team Plasma! Ever heard of it?"
Kasumi: (IC as Stella) "Um... No?"
Anna: (IC as TPG (Team Plasma Grunt)) "What? Really? We're the righteous group that tried to conquer Unova two years ago and control it!"
Marina: Uh, Anna, two years ago?
Anna: This story is supposed to take place two years after a specific event, I will explain more later.
Tomoe: (IC as Chai Jie) "Touch that person again, and you're gonna be in a world of hurt."
Anna: (IC as TPG) "Whatever... Those fools will never understand us... And now even a kid is chasing me after I got into trouble already... All of this is your fault! Take this!" (OOC) Aaand he throws something to knock all of you to ground. Luckly, it was something. TM21 "Frustration" get!
Lisa: That doesn't sound so nice anyways. Where did the shady man go?
Anna: He ran away while you guys are trying to get up and pick whatever was thrown and somehow hitted all of you.
Tomoe: Savage.
Kasumi: Anyways, can you continue while trying to make the plot as simple as possible?
Anna: Okay. So Rey come back with the ranch's owner to find you and the worker that you saved. The ranch's owner is grateful with you. Rey still snarks about that the ranch's owner is reckless. That's it for now.
Lisa: Can we continue this later again? I have a band practice scheduled soon.
Anna: Okay. Guys, we will continue this later. You're dismissed. Marina, we're out.
*From the last level check, all party members have gained one level. Run ends*

I think i'm overall more into being melodramatic in written stories rather than being trying to get the points as simple as possible, but anyways it happened.

And yes, I did have the Druid's feat used very early for Flocessy Ranch to just get that damn Riolu. After all it's a good meta and will help for the first two gyms, and you want a reliable partner from the early game until end game right? I still can't believe how overpowered is it for being available so early even in vanila B2W2.
Also, *Hic* Hikawa *Hic* Hina. Why her and not anyone else? Well, I was like, also even to the point of considering her twin sister, Sayo, instead, but Hina is probably a natural genius and just needs a very little amount of effort, so it fits for the possibly early-evolving Riolu. Plus, it starts out as a quite playful one. Maybe Hina isn't really as much as paired with Lisa to compare with Moca or Yukina, but hey, come on. Hina is really Lisa's classmate in Haneoka.

Anyways, this was supposed to be faster but ehh, there are a bit of problems writing this. And yeah, two lucky death saves. I always keep getting a number above 10 for some reason.
Also, Honestly I wanted to depict Lucius as an Eldritch Knight (which is a Fighter subclass in D&D that combines this with magic), but... in nuzlocke rule says Fighters cannot use special attacks. Aww, too bad. I still would like to enjoy seeing that though. Especially when he is just as smart as his player

(Note: Moves with (X) before it are moves that are somehow on the moveset but cannot be used due to class restrictions. Which, uh, makes sense since some of the Pokemon still inevitably learn the moves anyways. They should be removed as soon as possible.)

Character Name: Chai Jie, Pokemon: Tepig, Gender: Male, Level: 11, Class: Paladin (Armored Knight / Oath of the Guardian / Vengeance), Player: Udagawa Tomoe
Sassy nature, Likes to run, Ability: Thick Fat
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Ember, (X) Odor Sleuth

Character Name: Stella, Pokemon: Starly, Gender: Female, Level: 12, Class: Ranger (Blade Dancer / Hunter Conclave), Player: Toyama Kasumi
Quirky nature, A little quick tempered, Ability: Keen Eye
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack

Character Name: Hiroko, Pokemon: Sewaddle, Gender: Female, Level: 11, Class: Druid (Circle of Life / the Land), Player: Imai Lisa
Rash nature, Somewhat stubborn, Ability: Chlorophyll
Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Bug Bite
(Feat Druid's Sanctuary has been used up for Floccesy Ranch, is lifelinked with Lucius (Played by Hikawa Hina), see below)

Character Name: Lucius, Pokemon: Riolu, Gender: Male, Level: 12 Class: Fighter (Gladiator / Battle Master / Eldritch Knight), Player: Hikawa Hina
Serious nature, Scatters things often, Ability: Prankster
Moves: Quick Attack, Foresight, Feint, Counter
Lucius - Champion of Light
"Bring it on! I carry through the name of the light, and I will prevail!"
Lucius is somewhat surprisingly a genius on battle despite the fact that most people think that brawny fighters tend to be not so smart. He just doesn't quite easily understand the others due to being on his own league (possibly). He's a volunteer-type fighter, seeking for powerful opponents... only to have defeated many opponents before with his superior battle knowledge. He wears a modified chain mail armor, a special helmet and wields a longsword with a buckler on the other hand. (Background: Entertainer, Race: Elf - High Elf)
Stats - STR: 15, DEX: 12, CON: 11, INT: 15, WIS: 8, CHA: 14
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Let's just get to the point. Also I will try to add more D&D references if possible.

Anyways, before anyone even asks, about the locations. This isn't just specifically using the characters from one "idol hell" franchise as the players, it's a crossover, so we will assume all locations from the Love Live, BanG Dream! and The [email protected] series that are active are there (and somehow are all accessible and are closer than thought.) However, for now, the tabletop game will mainly take place in "CiRCLE", the live house (a location which is for hosting live shows) mainly featured in the game adaptation of BanG Dream! since Marina works there. However, at later times there will be other places will be mentioned, so stay tuned to it.
Also, OOC spam has been so frequent now so I"m not going to state it anymore unless it's a change from IC to OOC. It's getting spammy. I'll update the earlier episodes for that change too. If the quote doesn't start with quotation marks it's definitely OOC.

One more thing, and this is very important for the D&Dlocke, so make sure to leave replies based on your opinion of this:
I have been quite curious and searched for D&D informations and what I have been observing that there is often a disputed 13th base class: the Artificer.
Sadly, this class has been left out from the core D&D rulesets. This class is mainly featured in Unearthed Arcana or the Eberron campaign rulesets. (The latest and 5e version of the latter is known as Eberron: Rising from the Last War.) Well, it seems like when I first read this, I thought this would be another magic-based class (much more like Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock)... except not. This class doesn't get spells beyond the 5th level (out of up to 9), much more like the Paladin or Ranger classes. This class mainly relies on the Intelligence stat (which is also a main stat for the Wizard class, the only class mainly reliant on Intelligence in the core ruleset although Rogues).
That being said, I am thinking if I would include this "13th class" into this version of D&D Nuzlocke (Dungeons & Pokemons). It will be assigned as utility role... Because this class, played smart, would be basically useful for possibly anything. But first, every class has restrictions, right? So let's get into it.
Type Limitations: Must Include: Electric, Steel or Poison, or Pure Normal-type. (Poor Electric/Steel, they cannot already get into qualifying for Ranger class, and besides they seem to be the most closely related to any technological based stuff. On the other hand, as for Poison... while they already got access for a plenty of types, I think they also can work out for alchemical stuff, since they are probably most related to one of Artificer's Specialists: Alchemist. Normal types are also versatile in general, speaking of which. And by Pure Normal type, i meant a Normal type with no secondary typing.)
TM and Item Restrictions: Cannot Learn moves via TMs (unless, see below), Cannot use items in battle (unless again, see below)
Move Restrictions: Depending on your selected infusions, you cannot either use Physical or Special moves, unless they also count as projectile moves, and non-contact multi-hit moves, which you can use them anyways regardless of your choices, see below for more information.
Feat: The Right Tool for the Job: When you assign a character to the class of Artificer:
Choose between these two: Bag of Potions (Can use healing items in battle, but limited to a maximum of two per battle. You can use this on any party member), or Tinkerer's Set (Can learn moves via TMs).
And also choose between these two: War Firearms (Can use Physical but cannot use Special), or Arcane Firearms (Cannot use Physical but can use Special).
Please tell me what do you think of this class with replies.

[At Morning, in CiRCLE exterior, cafe]
Anna: Huh? Why are you all already here? Oh wait, i forgot, it's weekend holidays.
Marina: Yeah, right. Also, the four girls that are playing on your tabletop game are coincidentally here, want to start?
Anna: Sure. *Calls out the players* Hey, Tomoe, Kasumi, Lisa and Hina!
Tomoe, Kasumi, Lisa, Hina: *Simultaneously* Hi Anna!
Anna: Let's get started! *Puts down a map, hands out character sheets and grabs a script sheet* So where did we left off?
Marina: You guys were at Floccesy Ranch, after saving one of the workers. It's time to return back to the nearest town!

[Later, after a few moments of grinding]
Lisa: Let's return back to the town, then!
Anna: As you return back to Floccesy Town, Alder points out that he nearly mistaken you for someone else due to the fact you all have seemingly become stronger. He insists that instead of training you, he would employ you to train his own apprentices.
Hina: That's actually boppin'.
Tomoe: Let's enter the building that he entered in.
Anna: As you enter the room... (IC as Alder) "So! I would like to request to have these apprentices practice battle with you to learn about type matchups!" (OOC) These "apprentices" are mumbling about you guys being so tough.
Hina: I thought I already knew all of these type matchups. Let's just get this going quick, but in the fairest way possible.
*A few moments of forced scripted battles that aren't too related to the story in the long run.*
Anna: Yeah, you guys managed to teach them quite a lesson in combat and warfare. This is still just part of the battling tutorial, the real challenge will come out soon. As soon as you get back to Aspertia City.
Kasumi: Ehh? Why?
Anna: The first real challenge, or rather, gym challenge... by Pokemon standards, although for this tabletop roleplaying game... because I fear this might be too easy because I think I got some rather darn lucky and smart players, I upped the antes. A little bit for now, but later...
Hina: Oh, no problem, we've got this.
Anna: Anyways, before we move on, want to kill a little bit of time to discuss how is our run now?
Marina: Sure, you can give them time to strategize as well as asking questions.
Tomoe: Yo, guys... Seems there's quite a pattern for our starting team.
Lisa: Tomoe's character is the starter, Kasumi's character is the obligatory early bird, mine is similar to Kasumi's in early role, just with bugs instead. Hina's character is...
Kasumi: You know what they say, usually the strong guy only lasts for a while, i guess?
Hina: Kasumi, that's not so boppin' and it's not always true! My character still has more potential later!
Lisa: Ahaha. Either ways, it's more important to have a team balance. Speaking of which, what's the first gym?
Anna: The first gym is, uh, Normal-type. It's the first gym, so the stakes are going up, but not by so much. After all, this is a warm-up for the tougher challenges ahead.
Marina: Before we proceed, have you guys know about type matchups?
Hina: I can already guess out type matchups without even actually looking at any sources!
Kasumi: Can we already get to the gym battle already? It's so fun!
Anna: Nuh-huh! Before you can actually challenge the Gym Leader, you must defeat first any Gym members that you need to defeat to be able to challenge the Gym Leader. For Aspertia Gym, the design is very simple, as you can technically walk freely, but to reach the Gym Leader on the top of the post, you need to defeat the other two members of the Gym.
Tomoe: I already figured out this would happen. It's actually good for the warm-up. All members of the Gym use the same type as their leader, of course.
Anna: Okay, let's just get started anyways, since you've probably been trying to tell me to just go into the Aspertia Gym. Surprisingly, it's located just inside the Adventurer's school.
Marina: As you approach the entrance to the gym through the school, you meet what seems to be an advisor, with black glasses and white hair. (IC as Clyde) "Hello! I'm Clyde, and my job is to give advice for adventurer parties that wish to challenge the gyms. To commemorate your debut, please take this!" (OOC) He hands you a bottle of water.
Lisa: So what are the rules?
Anna: Rules? What rules? The only rules is to do whatever it takes to reach the Gym Leader and then defeat them. Battle goes until all from one side gets beaten down. Anyways, the Gym's Leader is actually just recently took position here, he's used to be an adventurer two years ago, and his name is... Cheren.
Hina: My character will take care of most of this one!
*A few moments later, Hina's character, Lucius, gets knocked unconscious while battling one of the members of the gym.*
Hina: Ah, darn it! Kasumi, can you cover me up?
Kasumi: I'm just naturally fine! Oh, yeah, also death save rolls. I will roll this one for you. 11
Tomoe: My turn next, I rolled a 12, so that's two successes...
Lisa: 20! A Critical Success! Don't worry, your character is safe, Hina.
Anna: Okay, so, I think I'm being surprised by seeing already up to four death saves already before even the first badge, and nobody dies. That... that is actually so interesting. I think i cannot resist the urge to laugh about this! Hahahahaha! Anyways, are you ready to face out with Cheren?
Kasumi: What again are our character levels?
Tomoe: I think everyone's about level 13, except for Lucius who is level 14. And close to leveling up.
Kasumi: Then I think we're good to go.
Anna: Really? Are you sure about that?
Hina: Just get us already into this!
Anna: Okay, fine. You might regret this. Anyways, as you defeat the two party leaders in the gym, one of them said that you could now challenge the Gym Leader. That being said, you went up to the stairs. Cheren says... (IC as Cheren) "Just like how this is your first gym battle, this is also my first battle as a Gym Leader. Let's both bring it our best!" (OOC) ...hmm. I think I want to put a battle music here, but...
Marina: What are you worrying about, Anna? Just get into the details already.
Anna: Okay, so the first member of Cheren's team is a ranger, which in Pokemon-wise, is represented by a Minccino.
Hina: I hope this would be really be actually challenging. I'm leading the team for the battle! I'll use Quick Attack.
Anna: Okay. You might regret what you said though... Anyways, first up, Lucius manages to strike first with Quick Attack, but deals low damage. The Ranger (Minccino) uses Work Up... and boosts her's Attack and Special Attack.
Kasumi: Oh no, sweep incoming!
Hina: Quick Attack again!
Anna: Lucius strikes first with his blade, drawing it quickly, but the opponent counterattacks by using.... err, "Echoed Voice". Lucius is losing almost half of his hit points.
Hina: Guess I was outsmarted, huh? This might look bad. Quick Attack again.
Anna: The opponent was hit again. She uses Attract, and infatuates Lucius. He has a flat out 50% chance to be unable to act until either he or the opponent faints or is switched out.
Hina: Darn! I wasn't expecting this! Tomoe, help!
Tomoe: Okay! I'll take initiative and have Chai Jie switch in, replacing Lucius.
Anna: The leader, Cheren, uses a potion and heals the currently active opposing character, albeit not fully.
Tomoe: How about some Ember!
Anna: Pow. It hits, and the oppoent uses Echoed Voce. Ouch.
Tomoe: My character still has more hit points than you think. Tackle!
Anna: What's this? The opponent uses Attract and, *sigh* attracts Chai Jie like the same way she did to Lucius.
Tomoe: Darn. Do we have any female members of the team that can fight off and finish this quick?
Kasumi: Oh please, leave this to me! This is just so heart-pounding!
Anna: Stella is now active. The opponent uses Echoed Voice again... sigh
Kasumi: Hm. I might be on the range of being knocked out, but I can probably finish this opponent this turn! Quick Attack!
Anna: Guess you're right, she's taken down by quick swings of the blades. A Barbarian (a Lillipup), which unlike the previous one, is a guy, comes out. Oh yeah, by the way Hina, your character, Lucius just reached level 15, and can learn Force Palm.
Hina: I'll replace Feint to learn Force Palm instead and switch in to replace Stella in the front position!
Marina: Looks like this battle is hitting it's turning point.
Anna: Wait, what? Uh oh...
Hina: And my character is probably faster. Force Palm!
Anna: Uh, the Barbarian's defenses aren't as high as expected, and Lucius just gets rid of him with a push of the palm to send him off the lines. Cheren finally gets right into it now. He's a level 13 Paladin (Munchlax). (IC as Cheren) "As a Gym Leader, I will be a wall that you should try to overcome. I won't pull back punches!"
Hina: (IC as Lucius), "Then so do I." (OOC) Ha! Force Palm! That should take him down, right?
Anna: Actually, nope. He's just so tanky and tough that he can survive a non-critical hit from Lucius's longsword that is followed up by a palm slap. Luckily, all he does at best is use Work Up, which as I stated earlier, ups Attack and Special Attack. On the other hand, he consumed an Oran Berry drink that... doesn't really restore much of health.
Hina: Oh, I can pull a second Force Palm to finish him.
Anna: I actually expected that. Lucius's hand quickly shoves Cheren slammed right into a wall. Even though his armor would normally protect him... He still gets a headache. (IC as Cheren) "Cease the fighting. I see... This is what a battle truly is." The battle is over and you guys won the Normal Badge! Also, you get the TM83, "Work Up".
Hina: I thought that could be more easier, but it's still zappin' anyways!
Lisa: Good job! Let's go out then shall we?
[End-of-session scene]
Anna: Okay, so the party meets up with Bianca... remember her? She enlisted both your party and Rey's to the adventurer's guild. She congratulates you and gives you the TM27 "Return" which does damage based on, er, "friendship value", or rather, comparable to contention, I think? It's the opposite of Frustation that you got earlier. If Frustation scales negatively with friendship value, Return instead scales positively with it. Also, your Xtransceiver... erhm, yes, that device you can use to call, now can connect with Bianca, Cheren, and Guildmaster Juniper. So anyways, I think we can just stop here now, I guess, but before that, do you have something else to say?
Tomoe: As far as I know, if Hina is keeping her smart plays up, her character is basically unstoppable.
Hina: I agree with that!
Lisa: Well I guess my character couldn't make much usage for now? Oh dear.
Kasumi: Hey, hey, can we play again later sometime and somewhere else?
Marina: Huh? So you're guys are going to play later somewhere far from CiRCLE? Then I wouldn't be able to accompany Anna as the Co-DM.
Anna: Don't worry, I'll hire someone else to help me with the DM stuff. Anyways, see you later guys.
*Note: A little grinding session was also done just as a preparation for the next session.*
Before anyone gets to ask this, I'll clarify something: The plot takes in a modern era, so modern stuff such as firearms etc are probably fine and accepted in the plot regardless of the class concept that I put above. You'll see it mainly come into usage later though.
Anyways that's the end of the demo and tutorial of the D&Dlocke, things will get very serious later!
I still have like a lot of things to work anyways... But on the other hand, 4 Successful Death Saves with not even a single Failure. Holy Arceus, WHAT?! I just don't even... (Ryan fainted!)
Character Name: Chai Jie, Pokemon: Tepig, Gender: Male, Level: 16, Class: Paladin (Armored Knight / Oath of the Guardian / Vengeance), Player: Udagawa Tomoe
Sassy nature, Likes to run, Ability: Thick Fat
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Ember, Flame Charge

Character Name: Stella, Pokemon: Staravia, Gender: Female, Level: 15, Class: Ranger (Blade Dancer / Hunter Conclave), Player: Toyama Kasumi
Quirky nature, A little quick tempered, Ability: Reckless
Moves: Double Team, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack

Character Name: Hiroko, Pokemon: Sewaddle, Gender: Female, Level: 15, Class: Druid (Circle of Life / the Land), Player: Imai Lisa
Rash nature, Somewhat stubborn, Ability: Chlorophyll
Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Bug Bite, Razor Leaf

Character Name: Lucius, Pokemon: Riolu, Gender: Male, Level: 16 Class: Fighter (Gladiator / Battle Master / Eldritch Knight), Player: Hikawa Hina
Serious nature, Scatters things often, Ability: Prankster
Moves: Quick Attack, Foresight, Force Palm, Counter
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Okay, time to get into the start of Session 2... Urgh, my head.
Anyways, Spoilers ahead before I start:
Do you still remember that in the end of the last episode, Anna said that she would probably hire out someone else to replace Marina as the co-DM? Well, she does, but this time... It's a bit complicated. Since this is going to be the first episode (for the very first time) to introduce non-BanG Dream! characters as players, so I was like, I might also borrow another character to serve as the co-DM...

And then I just stumbled and found out that, surprisingly, Love Live has a recently announced third anime series (based on the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club), that also has the physical appearance debut of the protagonist character (only referred to as "Ayumu's Childhood Friend") in LLSIFAS (Love Live: School Idol Festival ALL STARS).
While originally the character was referred to with gender-neutral pronouns, which makes for an obscure gender (it's also doesn't help that the game apparently assumes the player playing the game is in-game as the aftermentioned first-person protagonist character), the reveal artwork shows the "Childhood Friend" as a female.

You can find later the link for the appearance at the start of the episode that i have written. Because she has no official name though, I'll just give a nickname for her to refer her as prior to the official name reveal. Again, that will be revealed in the episode. Sorry if this causes some problems ahead and confusion.
And since starting from now the characters are not restricted to BanG Dream! I will distinguish characters from different franchises with exactly the same names by adding an abbrevation next to them. I'll be using "(BGD)" for BanG Dream! "(LL)" for Love Live (with adding a letter in front based on the group: M for Muse, A for Aqours and N for Nijigasaki), and "(IM)" for The [email protected], with "AS" in front for All-Stars (original cast), "CG" for Cinderella Girls, and possibly "ML" for Million Live. Anyways, I will still try my best.
(Note: If you are looking for the link to information of the players who made debut earlier prior to this episode, please check episode 1 for Tomoe, Kasumi and Lisa, and episode 2 for Hina.
[Afternoon, at Kuromiya Residence]
Anna: It's just like everyday... *Hears knocking on the door* Sigh, what do I have today?
??? (Girl with Black-colored pigtails with green-tipped lower hair and green eyes): Hello... is this Ms. Kuromiya?
Anna: Oh, no, my mother is busy right now with her work. Is there something that you want to tell me?
??? (Black-greenish Pigtails girl): Umm... You just said you are looking for someone to help with your tabletop game, right?
Anna: Yup! Well, did you come to apply? And you seem a bit shy.
??? (Black-greenish Pigtails girl): I'm not really. But anyways, yes, I am willing to help you out with it.
Anna: Oh, cool! But who are you, anyways?
??? (Black-greenish Pigtails girl): Me?! They don't call me by name... They just call me as the childhood friend of the... that hardworking childhood friend of mine.
Anna: Huh? Well, anyways, are you from another school?
??? (Black-greenish Pigtails girl): I'm a 2nd year student from Nijigasaki High School.
Anna: WHAT? That luxurious school that... that has a vast of studying courses and is quite expensive for it's applications?
??? (Black-greenish Pigtails girl): Yes. It's one of the best schools known amongst those who live in the nearby areas.
Anna: That is so cool! My given name is Anna and I studied at Haneoka High School. Well, anyways, since I don't get your name, how about I call you "Nijiko"?
"Nijiko": Sure, go ahead...
*Knocking on the door. Anna goes through and opens the door.*
Kasumi (BGD): Heya Anna! I'm here!
Anna: Whoa! You're here now? What's the matter?
Kasumi (BGD): You said you might be planning to be hosting your tabletop game at your home! Eh? Who is that other girl you're with?
"Nijiko": W-wha?
Anna: She's a student from Nijigasaki High School. She doesn't tell her name publicly. Even I don't know her actual name, so I'm referring her as "Nijiko".
Kasumi (BGD): Oh, that's pretty interesting! But you must have a real name, right?
"Nijiko": My schoolmates don't address me by my name, unfortunately.
Anna: Anyways, Nijiko, this is Kasumi-
"Nijiko": Excuse me? Did you just said Kasu- wait... that's not my school's Kasumi...
Anna: Let me explain first! Her full name is, Toyama Kasumi, and she's a 2nd year student from Hanasakigawa High School.
Kasumi (BGD): Ah! Are you fine, Nijiko? You look like you seen a ghost!
"Nijiko": No, i'm just fine... probably.
Kasumi (BGD): Anyways, if we are going to play, I brought in also the others who played in your tabletop game, Anna! *Reveals to the other three who have been with her all the time.*
Anna: Okay, let me introduce you to them, Nijiko. The mature-looking redhead is Udagawa Tomoe, the gyaru-styled brunette is Imai Lisa, and the bright-eyed girl with teal hair is Hikawa Hina.
Tomoe: Yo! Hello there.
Lisa: Well, looks like we got a new acquaintance here!
Hina: Nice to meet you, Nijiko!
Anna: They're all from Haneoka High School. Tomoe is a 2nd year despite the fact she looks like more older, Lisa and Hina are both 3rd years. For you three, this is "Nijiko", a student from Nijigasaki High School, who will co-DM with me for today's game. Oh, by the way, that might not be her real name...
Kasumi (BGD): Can we just jump into the game already?
Anna: Well, sure. Nijiko, if you need any help, you can ask me.
[Later, the game is set up.]
Anna: Okay, so at Route 20 you can see a Hiker who has blocked the path previously so that you just cannot access it until getting the first badge. Well, now you can, but only if you can beat him.
Lisa: I can handle most of this~ *Her character defeats two members of the Hiker's party, followed by Kasumi (BGD)'s beating one more.*
"Nijiko": Good job! Now you can now move and go through the stairs to get to the eastern half of the route.
Hina: Then let's get moving into it!
Anna: Ahem. I think we don't want to waste too much time here, so short words... Cheren comes out, telling you to stop as you would approach the darker-colored grass. He warns you and Rey that the dark tall grass might have ambush encounters in pairs instead of single encounters.
Kasumi (BGD): What does that means?
"Nijiko": I can probably explain this, since my childhood friend said she loves playing Pokemon. Dark tall grass may spawn two wild Pokemon instead of one, triggering the battle in a Double battle style instead of the usual Single battle. Here, Double battles have two characters active at once instead of just one. When your character uses an attacking move, they have to choose a target to attack, unless the move can hit both foes.
Anna: That's probably a good explanation, Nijiko. By the way, you get the "Fishing Rod" now, so you can now get encounters by fishing, such as in Aspertia City. (Yes, there's a body of water there near the home which was your starting point)
Tomoe: That's probably good thing, I think we should make use of every single encounter we can get. Let's head there, and get someone in.
Anna: Uh oh... Most of the time you are going to get a Magikarp, with a much rarer chance to get Feebas instead. Unfortunately, you aren't getting the later.
Lisa: Don't worry, that's fine, it's common logic for the more better Pokemon to be less often seen!
Tomoe: Magikarp... huh. This thing literally struggles to get stronger! Although if they manage to do so... things won't be pretty. *Later, after some fighting on the wild encounter, catches it.* Got it!
"Nijiko": It's a female one. Oh, actually, I know who i can invite here to play the character for it.
??? (Silver-haired girl with blue eyes): Yep! You called it!
"Nijiko": Long time no see, Watanabe You from 2nd year of Uranohoshi High School.
You (LLA): Ohayousoro! (A combination of "Ohayou", which means "Hello", and "Yousoro", which is her catchphrase that means "Aye Aye!")
Anna: Is her given name really that? Well, it is. Here's a character sheet.
You (LLA): Actually, I already have thought of making a character for this one. A girl like me, right? Her name is... just call her "Mara". Her class is a Barbarian. She's has lived in forced labor and is just recently sent here with you guys.
Tomoe: That is... actually interesting.
"Nijiko": Oh yeah. You is also a tomboy, and she's good at swimming.
Anna: Wh- that actually already makes up two tomboys. Three if I could consider Hina from her casual outfit... Anyways, moving on, I guess.
*The party later beats some more opponents on the way, including twins that are fought in a Double Battle. Chai Jie has evolved*
Tomoe: That actually felt great, my character gets to evolve.
"Nijiko": So here we are, Virbank City. Okay, there's a quite important cutscene here. (IC as Pop Roxie) "Roxie, don't try to stop me. I'm off to Pokestar Studios to live up to my true potential! My dream is to be a ship captain, and a movie star, at the same time.
Anna: On it. (IC as Roxie) *Roxie is arguing to her father.* "Get real! You're a captain, are you? If you don't get the ship moving, you're causing lots of people to be in a trouble!"
"Nijiko": (IC as Pop Roxie) "Oh, my dear daughter, you split off time between your responsibilities as a Gym Leader and with your band, right? I can do that, too!" *Pop Roxie leaves the scene and goes to a gate to the north-east.
Anna: (IC as Roxie) *Roxie is "triggered", pissed off and mad.* "AAAAAH! You dim-witted, dense, dumb, daft... DOOFUS! Doing double duty isn't the problem! You're causing so much trouble! Keeping people from getting where they're going because of selfish needs is unforgivable! I've HAD it! I'm going to the gym!"
Tomoe: (IC as Chai Jie) "Guess we need to do something about this..." (OOC) ...Oh. This seems like a familiar scene for me... no, i'm not going to talk about it.
Hina: Can we just get first the encounters? The gym might be too tough to beat for now.
"Nijiko": A good choice to say. There's the Virbank Complex, with the entrance and inside area. Shall we begin with the entrance area?
Anna: Let's see with the rolls for the encounter... uh, well you got a Zigzagoon right on. Guess that having common early-game pokemon is an obligatory thing, isn't it?
*Later, while battling the wild Zigzagoon, Hina's character Lucius gets knocked out*
Hina: Not again!
"Nijiko": I'll start the death rolls! 16! One success. 10! Well... that barely counts as success, right? 3! Oh darn, a failure. 2! Another failure, almost a critical one.
Hina: Nooo... please don't!
Anna: Oh, this is it. It's now all or nothing: whether we finally see a player character death... or he will just survive the third time.
Lisa: Oh come on, advantage rolls, remember?
"Nijiko": Okay, so rolling two dice and taking the highest number! *tosses two dices, which causes everyone to stare at it.* ... 16 and 15!
Anna: For the third time?! How in the world that happen?!
Hina: Phew...
*They later managed to catch it at long last.*
??? (Brunette with bang tied to the right): Hello! I heard something has happened, is everything allright? I would like to join in, and my name is Shimamura Uzuki, nice to meet you!
Anna: Well, nothing is really wrong. And where are you from?
Uzuki: I'm an Idol from 346 Productions~
Anna: What? I never heard it before.
"Nijiko": Well, there are more Idols around the world than we can think...
You (LLA): Nijiko, you said School Idols are just a special type of Idols in general in that they're mostly sticking in their school, right?
"Nijiko": Yeah, I guess it is true. And then there are Production Idols, those who work in these Production Companies. Like for example, Uzuki.
Anna: Anyways, can you make up a character for this one?
Uzuki: I can, and I will do my best! Her name is Yui, because, I think that's a pretty normal name... for someone as ordinary as me, and her class is Bard. She's just a wandering commoner to say...
Anna: Poor Uzuki, she's just too plain to actually make her character interesting... I"ll accept it though. She just looks as cute as you!
Uzuki: Yep! Isn't that actually a notable thing about me?
"Nijiko": Well, it is. Anyways, you'd better start grinding up now, or you will find your own character underleveled.
Anna: I think that's not how it works - everyone really starts underleveled...
*Later, Mara gets knocked out*
You: Darn. I'll roll this one. *Throws a dice* Ha! Natural 20! I'm still on it.
*And later, Yui gets knocked out in a battle*
Uzuki: Why me now? I'm gong to roll this one... aw, I got a 8, that's one failure.
"Nijiko": I rolled a 19.
Tomoe: That's critical success because of the Aura of Protection.
Anna: I think we should just take a break... we aren't making too much progress. We can continue this tomorrow. I'll send you locations for where to meet up for our next game.
"Nijiko": Okay, see you then, Anna.
So regarding about the character from Nijigasaki High School, well, the "childhood friend" is probably confirmed to appear in the Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Club anime. The naming period is still on-going so that's why she doesn't have an official name though... But everyone just really makes fun and calls her "Anata-chan" likely due to the introduction and the announcement earlier. Well, that sounds not too much for me, as I prefer instead calling her "Nijiko" (Which means, rainbow child), which would fit better for the theme of the series.
Also, don't really be too worried about Uzuki - she's actually more popular than you think. Not only just she really looks cute (even though there are just as many others who are cute, really) and is often depicted like that in the many images of her. In fact, she was the most popular character from [email protected] Cinderella Girls in 2016, got voted to first place in the 5th anniversary election and become that year's Cinderella Girl!
I accidentally removed Splash instead of Bubble on Mara's moveset for Tackle, despite the fact I assigned her class as Barbarian (and therefore she cannot use special moves, sadly). Well, I'll try to fix that once she evolves and gets a new move.
I wanted to assign Yui to the Rogue class (fitting for the fact that Zigzagoon can have Pickup as ability and learns Covet, which basically steals a foe's item), but i can't. She's a pure normal-type and therefore she can't be one. But assigning her as Bard is another choice for me, and probably a good one to put early since I can now make use of the Exp Share very well.
Anyways, I don't really do much story writting here because i'm just trying to get this rushed. And opinions for the Artificer class are still open, check the previous chapter's post for more information on it!

EDIT: I'm back here because I just realized I could point out some funny references. First, I make Nijiko seem socially awkward, which is probably due to the artwork of the "10th member of NSIC (Nijigasaki School Idol Club)" that is... uh, weird. Second, Yui's stats being listed average in the party is again, because she (and her player) are really just average average... (except I bumped her DEX and CHA stats because, main stats for the class in actuality.)
Also, I think there's the funny joke of someone having to roll a death save in every single episode later and yet still survive? I'm on 7 death saves in a row being successful to avoid losing a member, which is weird... and three of them are on Lucius (Hina's character). GOD HELP ME.
Character Name: Chai Jie, Pokemon: Pignite, Gender: Male, Level: 18, Class: Paladin (Armored Knight / Oath of the Guardian / Vengeance), Player: Udagawa Tomoe
Sassy nature, Likes to run, Ability: Thick Fat
Moves: Arm Thrust, Tail Whip, Ember, Flame Charge

Character Name: Stella, Pokemon: Staravia, Gender: Female, Level: 16, Class: Ranger (Blade Dancer / Hunter Conclave), Player: Toyama Kasumi
Quirky nature, A little quick tempered, Ability: Reckless
Moves: Double Team, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack

Character Name: Hiroko, Pokemon: Sewaddle, Gender: Female, Level: 16, Class: Druid (Circle of Life / the Land), Player: Imai Lisa
Rash nature, Somewhat stubborn, Ability: Chlorophyll
Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Bug Bite, Razor Leaf

Character Name: Lucius, Pokemon: Riolu, Gender: Male, Level: 17, Class: Fighter (Gladiator / Battle Master / Eldritch Knight), Player: Hikawa Hina
Serious nature, Scatters things often, Ability: Prankster
Moves: Quick Attack, Foresight, Force Palm, Counter

Character Name: Mara, Pokemon: Magikarp, Gender: Female, Level: 16, Class: Barbarian (Path of the Storm Herald - Sea), Player: Watanabe You
Careful nature, Strongly defiant, Ability: Rattled
Moves: Reversal, (X) Bubble, Bounce, Tackle
Mara - Unleashed Storm
"I seen more worse things than any of you... and I'm going to show you how I feel about it."
Mara has to particularly work as a mariner prior to joining. Due to the hard pressured work, she attempts to try to get to her best. Despite the common belief that Mara is never seen happy, she's actually not REALLY aggressive and easily angered, but one shouldn't try to provoke her at all costs. She's also a bit tomboyish. She uses a greataxe as her weapon of choice. (Background: Sailor, Race: Dragonborn - Blue Color)
Stats - STR: 16, DEX: 11, CON: 13, INT: 10, WIS: 12, CHA: 9

Character Name: Yui, Pokemon: Zigzagoon, Gender: Female, Level: 16, Class: Bard (College of Hymn / Valor), Player: Shimamura Uzuki
Mild nature, Mischievous, Ability: Pickup
Moves: Growl, Tail Whip, Headbutt, Sand Attack
Yui - Just an Ordinary Wanderer(?)
"Even if I look like nothing special, I'll still do my best!"
How ordinary Yui can be simply described as? She's from a family with an average wealth, she's of average height and weight, and is from an ordinary background... Yeah, definitely. Well, except for that she have found a call to adventure and is looking for what lies ahead in the future. She uses a shortsword as her weapon of choice, which fits for someone as ordinary as her... (Background: Guild Artisan, Race: Human)
Stats - STR: 11, DEX: 13, CON: 11, INT: 11, WIS: 11, CHA: 13
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Hello! Well it's been a such darn long time since i haven't updated this. Especially around when i'm starting to get busy with a lot of other things to do, and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. I also want to just focus on only working this rather than two different works... it can be really messy.

Speaking of which, i've been in home much more longer than used to be, so i might as well as work on trying to continue back the run after a long hiatus.
The pandemic disease itself also gave me a new idea to work on this story, so get ready for a plot twist.
Also, starting from now, non-roleplaying characters can be seen on ocassions as cameos, so i'll mark their wiki pages when they first show up so that i don't do it anymore for later episodes. I'll also edit and make a list of out-of-game's characters to make it easier to find about informations about these characters.

I'll take the artificer class for myself to handle, since not really much opinion can be given before it's actually tested. I'll allow for my own D&D nuzlocke thing... if you liked the idea, you can also apply this to your own D&Dlocke run.
I might be taking too long to do this so i'll split the next episode into two parts, technically two episodes because i have like a lot to do. I'm sort of too tired to actually post so much things, you know?
Anyways, content warning before you read the story!

Due to Coronavirus outbreak, i've decided to try changing a bit the next few episodes. Instead of taking place during times where the characters meet up with each other, it instead mainly takes place in a groupchat instead. (Don't worry, i got some expereince of writing chatfics already)

I've talked with a particular moderator, Bug, for including content that might make reference to Coronavirus. Because of this, i'll put an additional tag on this nuzlocke thread right after i post this. For proof:
Just keep it respectful and tag it appropriately, and it's fine. Just like any major global event, some people are having a hard time coping or processing it.
I don’t particularly care to be quoted directly, but feel free to state you did receive mod permission to post, provided forum rules are followed and it’s tagged appropriately. If it comes up in mod discussion I’m obviously taking credit for having done so, but sometimes attaching a username to something can get un-needed attention.
The inclusion of content related to Coronavirus might be not for some people, so turn away now if you can't bear with this change.

Anyways, I don't want to mess up with so many link inserting in middle of the episode, so I'll add it to the end of this episode. And here are the references for usernames used by the various characters (only for those who previously appeared in the previous four episodes, the new ones introduced later will be kept a surprise/spoiler):
Kuromiya Anna: Anna_Kuromiya
Ayumu's childhood friend (Her official name haven't been confirmed yet): Nijiko
Udagawa Tomoe: Taiko master
Toyama Kasumi: Kasumeme (I took that from a fanfic haha)
Imai Lisa: Lisanee
Hikawa Hina: Boppin' (of course!)
Watanabe You: Yousoro
Shimamura Uzuki: Ms. Normal (i'm too lazy to think of better names, can't find any other usernames i can make reference to)

[Evening, Kuromiya Residence]
Anna: Forgive me for this, mother, but i have to do something that involves around my 'friends'!
Anna's Mother: My dear... i know you want to host that roleplaying thing with them around, but...
Anna: I know, i've watched the news already.
Anna's Mother: Anna... you should stay in home. No one wants to get infected with Coronavirus disease around.
Anna: Yeah... I know! I have an idea. Let me open up my computer first...
*A few moments later, after opening the computer*
Anna: Ah, yeah, i can try making a groupchat to connect with them. Mom, do you know who i have meet with previously before that?
Anna's Mother: Forgive me dear, but i haven't added anyone yet to your contacts. ...Except for a girl who you seem to just started to get used to know.
Anna: Oh wait, i can try inviting her! That's it! Now give me just a few moments...
[In computer, after logged in to Groupchat app.]
Anna_Kuromiya has created the group chat.
Anna_Kuromiya has added Nijiko into the group chat.
Anna Kuromiya: Hello!
Nijiko: Hello, I see that you made a group chat, is this for our tabletop game?
Anna_Kuromiya: Yes, and we cannot go outside to an epidemic virus.
Nijiko: I'm also aware of that, so... where are the others?
Anna_Kuromiya: I forgot most of their phone numbers!
Nijiko: Wait. Hang on, i know who i can invite first into the group chat.
Nijiko has added Yousoro into the group chat.
Anna_Kuromiya: Ah darn, I forgot to name the group chat
Yousoro: Hey-yo Nijiko!
Anna_Kuromiya has renamed the group chat to "Girls Tabletop Gaming Party groupchat"
Nijiko: Anna-san made this group chat so that we can continue on our sort of 'game' while this epidemic disease has struck the entire country.
Anna_Kuromiya: Nijiko, since when you heard that?
Nijiko: It's broadcasted as a breaking news on TV...
Yousoro: Y'know, i went back to Uchiura along with others a few days before that, and even here we have to stay safe at our homes.
Anna_Kuromiya: Oh hey a call! I'll be back
Nijiko: Wait! ... okay, i think Anna forgot the contact information of everyone else we've been playing with, but don't worry! I've actually have secretly got all their contact information earlier.
Nijiko has added Taiko master, Kasumeme, Lisanee, and 2 others into the group chat.
Anna_Kuromiya: I'm back! ...oh thanks Nijiko
Kasumeme: hiii anna-san!
Taiko master: Sup'. Dunno why Anna forgot all of our numbers even though she works too in CiRCLE
Anna_Kuromiya: I actually wiped out my contacts by accident...
Boppin': what's this?
Lisanee: Hina, it's a groupchat!
Anna_Kuromiya: Well, that's everyone now here... except... where's Shimamura-san!?
Nijiko: Asleep.
Taiko master: Oh.
Kasumeme: rip
Boppin': F
Nijiko: ...anyways! Anna you prepared up the script right? I'll help up with your calculations so that you can focus on the story.
Ms. Normal: .
Nijiko: Oh! Uzuki's here!
Ms. Normal: Sorry i'm late, i think i've overslept~ But that's probably fine, right?
Anna_Kuromiya: You're not late, you're just in time already
Boppin': okay so uh HOLD ON first
Nijiko: What's happening, Hikawa-san - i mean, Hina-san?
Boppin': Sis phonecalled me to either quit this chat group or add her into as well.
Anna_Kuromiya: Oh, your sister doesn't really trust you being here with us?
Boppin': what do you think?
Anna_Kuromiya: Well, sure.
Boppin' has added Sayo_Hikawa into the groupchat.
Sayo_Hikawa: Okay, thanks. I'll not do something really bad to you this time, Hina.
Anna_Kuromiya: Excuse me, but what's the matter?
Sayo_Hikawa: Kuromiya-san, is it? Hina is such a troublemaker, keep an eye on her
Anna_Kuromiya: Oh dear help me out with the Hikawas...
Nijiko: Well, you're welcome to be in this group chat, Sayo, but you're not interested in anything else than keeping your sister in check?
Sayo_Hikawa: ...Yes.
Anna_Kuromiya: The Hikawa twins are really like popular times. It just makes sense with their first names.
Nijiko: Yeah. Sayo typed in sentence case and Hina doesn't really care about it
Lisanee: You can watch the roleplaying and the game too Sayo! C'mon!
Sayo_Hikawa: Okay, if you say so, Imai-san.
Anna_Kuromiya: The game will start soon, but you'll have some free time around while i get my dinner. If you have any questions important for the roleplaying, ask Nijiko.
[Meanwhile, in Hikawa twins' residence]
Hina: Sis, where's the food?
Sayo: I'm ordering french fries right now from the phone. We can't go out, Hina.
Hina: Is it because of the virus that i keep hearing in the television now?
Sayo: Indeed. By the way, Imai-san asked Nijiko-san if she can include everyone else who is a regular at CiRCLE to join sometime too.
Hina: That would've be boppin'!
Sayo: ...I'm not sure about that.
[Meanwhile (again), somewhere else (?)]
Nijiko: Here's some food!
??? (Pink-haired girl with yellow eyes): Thank you!
Nijiko: By the way, Ayumu, are you bored with having to stay home? Nijigasaki High School had to close down temporarily due to a such pandemic disease...
Ayumu: Nope, not really. But maybe chatting can help out with my anxiety...
Nijiko: Oh. I'll be back.
[Groupchat app: "Girls Tabletop Gaming Party groupchat"]
Nijiko: Okay so that's it all... Wait
Anna_Kuromiya: I'm back! ... Wait what?
Nijiko: Can I add... my precious childhood friend.
Anna_Kuromiya: ...Sure
Nijiko has added Ayumu_<3_Yume into the groupchat.
Ayumu_<3_Yume: Hi guys!
Anna_Kuromiya: ...That's your childhood friend!?
Nijiko: Yes
Ayumu_<3_Yume: My name is Uehara Ayumu, nice to meet you.
Sayo_Hikawa: Nice to meet you, U- er, sorry. Ayumu-san.
Boppin': oh hi ayumu! welcome!
Kasumeme: same, was gonna type that, got sniped by Hina-san
Ms. Normal: Hi Ayumu-san, how's life?
Ayumu_<3_Yume: Pretty much normal. I am still dreaming to become popular with my songs!... except I cannot perform now because of Coronavirus.
Lisanee: Same thing here... CiRCLE is also closed.
Anna_Kuromiya: That's why i don't go work anymore and stay at home. Anyways, should we get started? We should make this quick to make up for how much time we wasted chitchatting.
Kasumeme: oh yeah, we're in uh, what was it again?
Taiko master: Virbank Complex, right?
Yousoro: Actually, i've got an idea. Anna, are there anyone can we recruit first on the inner city?
Anna_Kuromiya: Okay, i'll just need to roll a d4
Ayumu_<3_Yume: I rolled a 3.
Nijiko: That means, Oh! Is it the third generation grass-type starter? I guess it is
Lisanee: How you're so well acknowledged with Pokemon already?
Ayumu_<3_Yume: Because i'm a long-time fan of it (^_^)
Ms. Normal: I think i know who can play with that role.
Ms. Normal has added ShibuyaRin into the groupchat.
ShibuyaRin: Why do you have to do that, Uzuki-san?
Ms. Normal: We just needed someone to join in with us
ShibuyaRin: Actually, i don't mind joining in with Uzuki-san for a game since i'm also trapped in my home. Anyways, for those of who you don't know me... my name is in the username i'm using. Shibuya Rin. I'll add my character as a ranger.
Anna_Kuromiya: Welcome into the party i guess.
Boppin': can we just return back into the complex thingy
Ms. Normal: Sure, heading right away.
Nijiko: Oh yeah, i forgot to tell you this, but only up to 6 characters can be actually be in main party, so one of you have to sit out right now.
ShibuyaRin: Well, I've got other things to do. I'm going to write something. I'll sit out.
Anna_Kuromiya: Okay... let's see... You said something, Hina?
Sayo_Hikawa: So far Hina isn't messing up yet with the roleplaying. I see.
Boppin': okay i'll roll and initiate an encounter on virbank complex interior!
Kasumeme: GO HINA-SAN!!!
Nijiko: I rolled a d100... got 15.
Anna_Kuromiya: It's a mechanical thing! ...that can discharge out electricity?
Boppin': OH YES. i'll try to not break it... and get it to join our side
Anna_Kuromiya: Let's see... your "Quick Attack" connects and doesn't do much damage, but criticals... and does about half of it's health bar. The robot retaliates back with "Thunder Shock".
Boppin': that's not so boppin'. okay, initiate reconfiguration, get em
Sayo_Hikawa: Excuse me? Hina, what do you said?
Boppin': I meant catch it lmao
Anna_Kuromiya: Uh oh... someone calculate, please.
Ayumu_<3_Yume: I've inputted it in the catch calculator... it has done calculating with the random numbers and says "Caught".
Boppin': GOTCHA
Nijiko: So, who you're going to invite for that?
Boppin': i know!
Boppin' has added Drummah gurl into the groupchat.
Drummah gurl: hi
Lisanee: If isn't Maya!
Drummah gurl: that's right, i'm Yamato Maya
Kasumeme: why you also type in lowercase except when typing names?
Drummah gurl: i want to just type it quickly but not capitalizing my name sounds weird
Boppin': i got a character for you here!
Drummah gurl: thanks Hina-san, now let's see... uh, Anna-san do you have a class something for my style?
Anna_Kuromiya: Oh yeah, i just took a deeper look to the rules, i've revised it for a new class: the Artificer!
Yousoro: What's that?
Nijiko: Basically an engineer or something in a more fantasy magical setting. This is the go-to-choice for tech lovers.
Drummah gurl: huehehe, i love it, thanks :D
Sayo_Hikawa: Now even Yamato-san is here... this is going to be a long day.

Sorry, I couldn't really make a full complete episode this day, i just wanted to rush it so quick because i am so excited about getting a new idea for the episode. I'll promise we will finish this later when i come back to post on it again.

Anyways! I also added some more cameo characters! Sayo and Ayumu right now are not going to play (unless possibly later), they're just watching the game right now. Also this disease outbreak idea was actually a good way to get myself further into chatfic writting. If you have better suggestions for usernames and you really think it's more fiitting, then don't shy out on posting here and also as a review.

Also, here's a spoiler tag just for the links for the newly introduced characters this time:
Hikawa Sayo (Username: Sayo_Hikawa): [here]
Uehara Ayumu (Username: Ayumu_<3_Yume): [here]
Shibuya Rin (Username: ShibuyaRin): [here]
Yamato Maya (Username: Drummah gurl): [here]
Character Name: Chai Jie, Pokemon: Pignite, Gender: Male, Level: 18, Class: Paladin, Player: Udagawa Tomoe
Sassy nature, Likes to run, Ability: Thick Fat
Moves: Arm Thrust, Tail Whip, Ember, Flame Charge

Character Name: Stella, Pokemon: Staravia, Gender: Female, Level: 17, Class: Ranger, Player: Toyama Kasumi
Quirky nature, A little quick tempered, Ability: Reckless
Moves: Double Team, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack
(Favored terrain: Forest & Grassland)

Character Name: Lucius, Pokemon: Riolu, Gender: Male, Level: 17, Class: Fighter, Player: Hikawa Hina
Serious nature, Scatters things often, Ability: Prankster
Moves: Quick Attack, Foresight, Force Palm, Counter
(Bonded with the Druid, Hiroko)

Character Name: Mara, Pokemon: Magikarp, Gender: Female, Level: 16, Class: Barbarian, Player: Watanabe You
Careful nature, Strongly defiant, Ability: Rattled
Moves: Reversal, (X) Bubble, Bounce, Tackle

Character Name: Yui, Pokemon: Zigzagoon, Gender: Female, Level: 17, Class: Bard, Player: Shimamura Uzuki
Mild nature, Mischievous, Ability: Pickup
Moves: Growl, Tail Whip, Headbutt, Sand Attack

Character Name: Y4-M4-70, Pokemon: Magnemite, Gender: Genderless (pronouns: She/Her), Level: 16, Class: Artificer, Player: Yamato Maya
Serious nature, Mischievous, Ability: Sturdy
Moves: Supersonic, Thunder Shock, Sonic Boom, Thunder Wave
Y4-M4-70 - Metal-Clad Warrior
"BZZT... Can i help you with something?"
Y4-M4-70 is a robot designed with magnetic manipulation ability. Due to this, she is rather awkward at trying to give responses, and even simple talking speech can sometimes go erratic. She's loyal to the group, regardless. Is equipped with a pair of discharger cannons attached to the top of her arms. (Background: Soldier, Race: Warforged)
Stats - STR: 12, DEX: 8, CON: 15, INT: 15, WIS: 8, CHA: 10
Character Name: Hiroko, Pokemon: Sewaddle, Gender: Female, Level: 17, Class: Druid, Player: Imai Lisa
Rash nature, Somewhat stubborn, Ability: Chlorophyll
Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Bug Bite, Razor Leaf
(Bonded with her guardian, Lucius)

Character Name: Jyubei Sr., Pokemon: Treecko, Gender: Male, Level: 10, Class: Druid, Player: Shibuya Rin
Sassy nature, Alert to sounds, Ability: Overgrow
Moves: Pound, Leer, Absorb, Quick Attack
Jyubei Sr. - Enforcer of the Nature
"The world must stay in it's natural order."
Jyubei Senior is apparently aloof, stoic and does not hesitate to accomplish what he wants: to keep the planet safe from any threats into it's destruction. He's often however mistaken for being somewhat emotionless. Oddly enough, he uses a Katana - a curved sword, and wears a garb reinforced by lightweight leather armor. (Background: Hermit, Race: Half-Elf)
Stats - STR: 10, DEX: 14, CON: 10, INT: 11, WIS: 14, CHA: 11
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Okay, let's write another update heeereee - Continuation of the previous episode!
I need to tell you something - I dumped the old computer that was broken and got a new one - but that means most of my files in my old computer got deleted. I can probably still try to fix and restore my save file albeit it won't be as much as the original one. I'll try to fix it.
(I'll edit this post as soon as I try to get a new save file that is as close as possible to my latest progress. By the way, why don't you take a look at the older posts, or maybe comment on this nuzlocke run? Maybe you have some fun ideas or opinions here? Don't shy out, but i'm not forcing you either!)


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Ugh... If you realize that you may not have the COURAGE to work on your nuzlockes, there's at least something better out there! So, um, I'll start a separate Nuzlocke collection of my own (not talking about Magical Pokemon Quest) so that you may find the difference.

Tsugumi Hazawa

Ordinary but Hardworking
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
Haneoka High School (IRL: Makassar, Indonesia)
Character: She/Her, IRL: He/Him
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Darn it! I forgot that the whole time Abigail did respond before I even post something really here! Also it has been two months, so DOUBLE UPDATE TIME. Actually i'll just update one episode now, and then try to write for the next one ASAP
Keep in mind i'm trying to focus on doing this quick so it's not very well defined. This is for @Abigail !
Also yes, i really have to admit i have other things to do and got easily distracted into playing other games before really doing this, so stop complaining.

["Girls Tabletop Gaming Party" groupchat]
Anna_Kuromiya: Well, so welcome back, and we will continue from where we left off, because all of us had to go for different reasons during the noon...
Nijiko: Just start this already.
Anna_Kuromiya: We need responses from the others who are here
Lisanee: Did someone said responses?
Boppin': I'M HERE
Taiko master: Yo!
Ms. Normal: @ShibuyaRin are you there?
ShibuyaRin: I'm here - but please don't disturb me. I'm doing something else that is important.
Nijiko: So is Shibuya-san going to sit out of this?
ShibuyaRin: Yes.
Ms. Normal: It's okay, take care of yourself Rin
Kasumeme: what's this? oh
Boppin': where's maya-chan
Sayo_Hikawa: Yamato-san is apparently AFK.
Kasumeme: what's AFK?
Sayo_Hikawa: Away From Keyboard. That means, Yamato-san is not responding because she's not on the keyboard right now
Boppin': oh i see
Drummah gurl: waaaiiit
Boppin': she's here!
Ayumu_<3_Yume: Now we only need responses from You-san.
Anna_Kuromiya: I think we have at least 6 people directly right now, she might be also busy so she can join in when she wants.
Sayo_Hikawa: One question.
Ayumu_<3_Yume: What is it?
Sayo_Hikawa: @Ayumu_<3_Yume: You said your full name is Uehara Ayumu, right?
Ayumu_<3_Yume: Yes, what makes this catches your attention?
Sayo_Hikawa: Something feels odd when you share the same surname with someone else i knew.
Ayumu_<3_Yume: Who?
Sayo_Hikawa: Uehara-san. Ehrm, to be more precise, Uehara Himari.
Ayumu_<3_Yume: Oh, i know her. And we're related.
Sayo_Hikawa: Excuse me?
Boppin': WHAT
Ayumu_<3_Yume: She's my cousin.
Kasumeme: oooh never heard that
Yousoro: What?!
Ayumu_<3_Yume: But she's not here yet, and... i think we should just focus on the main topic here.
Anna_Kuromiya: So can we proceed?
Lisanee: Yes, please!
Lisanee: Actually, on a second thought, i think i'm getting called, see you later guys there!
Yousoro: Is Virbank City's Water spot counts as an encounter via fishing?
Anna_Kuromiya: Yes-
Anna_Kuromiya: Wait, how did you know?
Boppin': some cities in Pokemon games have water bodies that you can fish on
Ayumu_<3_Yume: And since cities are seperate location themselves, they count as their own encounter.
Anna_Kuromiya: Okay, roll d100 for encounter.
Yousoro: ...96!
Anna_Kuromiya: 96?! Well, let me roll the rest... A wild Horsea appeared!
Kasumeme: omg YES
Ayumu_<3_Yume: But it's level 5. 5! You guys are about average of level 17 and you would end risking one-hit killing her!
Yousoro: Just try convincing them already? @Anna_Kuromiya
Anna_Kuromiya: Hmm... Let me roll on that one...
Boppin': ?
Lisanee: What happened?
Anna_Kuromiya: CRITICAL SUCCESS!?! Well, anyways, here's the sheet.
Yousoro: Hmm, i think i know who i should invite.
Yousoro has added UmiSonoda into the groupchat.
UmiSonoda: First. What is that for? Second. You're disturbing me in the middle of my work.
Yousoro: Then why did you reply?
UmiSonoda: Wait, why did i end up getting stuck here?!
Sayo_Hikawa: Ah, if it isn't Sonoda-san.
UmiSonoda: Sayo? You too?!
Sayo_Hikawa: I just have to keep a track and watch on this group chat to keep it safe.
Anna_Kuromiya: Anyways! We got to continue this now.
Boppin': YEAH let's now do some side quest before continuing!
Anna_Kuromiya: Well, there is one available side quest here!
Nijiko: Okay, so let's move on then, shall we?

[A few moments later]
Nijiko: Let's recap everything so far. We just entered a new city and managed to motivate some workers by showing our combat spirit. So... i don't think there's really anything else to do other than grinding if you still need time before taking on the Gym.
Ms. Normal: Then let's just get our character levels to the recommended levels.
Anna_Kuromiya: Umm... You sure about this?
Yousoro: Seems tempting for me, especially when you have a character who has seriously terrible stats early on.
Taiko master: Okay, i guess grinding it is...
[A bit of more grinding]
Yousoro: Looks like my character is just one level away... urgh.
Ms. Normal: You can still get more EXP while taking the backseat there, as a Bard my character allows the usage of Exp. Share.
Drummah gurl: sounds like a great idea huehehe
UmiSonoda: Pragmatic and senseless, but likely to be necessary. I'm fine with that.
Anna_Kuromiya: Okay. Are you ready?
Kasumeme: sure bring it onnn!!
Anna_Kuromiya: One moment please... *ahem* After knocking on the door, you're able to enter into what that seems to be a building that has stairs going down from the entrance.
Taiko master: An underground building? Seems like there's something with their style...
Anna_Kuromiya: Beneath the stairs, there is a hallway to another door, which leads to another room - what that seems to be a stage for a rock band playing.
Ms. Normal: "This place feels so familiar... but it's too noisy here!" Yui covered her ears promptly.
Yousoro: Mara stepped forward. "HEY! I'm here to battle! Come over here!"
Anna_Kuromiya: Well, that didn't work... they're still over there, still playing out the loud music.
Yousoro: Then I will approach them. "Fine, i'll just come over..."
Drummah gurl: "Wait. Are you sure about that? We can just deal with the other guys..."
Kasumeme: wut!?
Sayo_Hikawa: Interesting. So, Yamato-san will use proper sentence case in-character despite that she normally types with lowercase...
Drummah gurl: i'm familiar with techonology and equipment, it's just that it's not necessary to capitalize your OOC sentences
Taiko master: As fellow drummer, I think that's true.
Drummah gurl: anyways, Y4-M4-70 made a little screeching noise, before approaching these people. " My apologizes. This is personal business."
Anna_Kuromiya: So be it. You draw the attention of two of them, with their bodyguards, to battle against you.
Ms. Normal: This wouldn't take too much problem - let's do this!

[A little bit later, after some text wall of DnD style battle log]
Anna_Kuromiya: Congratulations @Yousoro , Mara has reached level 20! Also, check your sheets and update it, your character has grown much stronger.
Yousoro: Finally! I'm no longer dead weight here!
Nijiko: Oh... i think i can foresee something... Anyways, let's just wait until she's finished with her character sheet
Boppin': is her character going to be OP?
Yousoro: Done! @Anna_Kuromiya
Anna_Kuromiya: Okay then, are you ready to take out the second Gym Leader?
Yousoro: What do you mean the next Gym Leader is going to be real trouble?
Nijiko: Oh no...
Anna_Kuromiya: Okay then. Roxie finally shows up and starts speaking in a booming voice. "WHAT HAVE YA DONE TO MY BANDMATES!? Now i'm GONNA KNOCK YOU OUT TO THE NEXT MONTH!"
Yousoro: "Then bring it on." She advances forward.
Anna_Kuromiya: The first of Roxie's teammates moves forward and blocks the way. What is your next action? ... by the way who's in the lead?
Yousoro: I'm in the lead since I'm initiating this, also, i'll start off with a Jawbreaker (Bite)
Anna_Kuromiya: It does so much damage! This rogue, taking heavy damage, decides to set up poisonous caltrops that will poison any player character that will switch in...
Yousoro: Why do i have to bother retreating if i can just take out all of the opponents, one after the another. Time for another (Bite) attack.
Nijiko: This battle is going to be one-sided obviously
Anna_Kuromiya: The Trubbish (Rogue) is taken down! Next is a Fighter (a Croagunk) who approaches you. What will you do?
Yousoro: Leap up and swing my axe at them.
Nijiko: @Anna_Kuromiya I think that You-san is just going to simply win this battle effortlessly, so just sum it up quickly. It also saves time
Anna_Kuromiya: ...Okay. Yeah, i know how is Mara is going to win this battle easily. She has already attained tremendous surge of power after finalling breaking free from that restraints that kept her actual potential in check. With one swing of her axe, she'll just fell another opponent.
Boppin': LOL
Anna_Kuromiya: Yeah, Roxie surrenders immediately. "How could my party simply easily defeated by someone like you!? ...Anyways... just take this, the Venom Badge. You're really stronger than any opponent i have ever seen so far..."
Ms. Normal: Kinda anti-climatic because we just overleveled a bit too far.
Anna_Kuromiya: Okay, anyways, moving on. Someone has watched your battle and invited you into a specific place - Pokestar Studios! So, do you want to just go through full details of this or just get this over with quick?
UmiSonoda: We can probably do this quick since some of us don't have much time to do this.
Anna_Kuromiya: Okay, summary: Your party has to help out some newbie actor to play a specific role in a film. Who's going to show up for this? Keep in mind none of your characters will actually fight here
Drummah gurl: Chisato-san probably knows better about this but I'll just do it for all of us here
Anna_Kuromiya: Okay. Let's just fast forward... your team successfully created an movie and it's going into the silver screen. You're guys going to watch it, right?
Taiko master: Sure, in-roleplay time isn't like real life time.
Anna_Kuromiya: The flim shows up as a specific villain named "Brycen-Man", who is of course played by one of the former gym leader of similar name, Brycen, showing up in a park about to wreak havoc into it. However a particular heroine called "the Riolu Girl" and her partner arrives into the scene and fight off him and his lackeys... Taking out the first one in just a single hit, Brycen-Man's second lackey gets in the way while the villain himself says that he'll use his "dark arts" to end our heroes. The heroine says "Bring it on!" and her partner takes the dark arts and counterattack, knocking down the second goon. The titular villain himself is forced to retreat. The end
UmiSonoda: Looks good, but you're putting that all into one post with as quick explanation as possible?
Sayo_Hikawa: I'm not the one judging here, but... Kuromiya-san... as much as your paragraphing for the scene doesn't look too particularly good, you're doing it just fine.
Lisanee: I'm back! Also, that's a good job there!
Boppin': hi Lisa-nee! also thumbs up there for the happy ending
Kasumeme: same LOL
Anna_Kuromiya: Meanwhile... there's a sound of riot or some sort of fighting in the Virbank City.
Kasumeme: ohnoes
Taiko master: We must head back there now!
Anna_Kuromiya: Team Plasma. They're back, these gangsters are facing menancingly towards Roxie, and... Kei? He seems to have something to do with this...
Yousoro: "What the!?!"
Ms. Normal: Yui raised her voice and screamed. "STOP RIGHT THERE!"
Anna_Kuromiya: One of them faced towards your party. "Oh, are you sure about that? We're gonna brainwash strong warriors to join us to take over the world."
Kasumeme: "Guys don't let them make you fall for their hypnotizing stuff, get em quick!" Stella quickly charges out at the one speaking previously
Anna_Kuromiya: Battle initiated! Stella is in the lead of the party, She gets to attack first with [Wing Attack] and promptly scores a critical hit, taking out the first one! Another one steps in right after...
Taiko master: Chai Jie noticed Stella fighting out these bandits. "Wait what are you doing? This is a really reckless action!"
Kasumeme: that's my forte lol, anyways attacking again
Anna_Kuromiya: Two more in a row are taken down, and while they do seem to actually do some damage against Stella, she didn't suffer from particular injuries at all. The other group plans to retreat and heads to the west. Roxie talked to your party and is about to give something. "Thanks! If it weren't for you guys this town would be under their control. This is the cutter machine, to cut off small trees that get in your way. Anyways, you guys and Kei's party, quick pursue these Team Plasma scums at Route 20!"
Ms. Normal: "Let's go then! Can't let them simply run away like that!" We chased them.
Anna_Kuromiya: You guys and Kei and his party are chasing down some of the Team Plasma grunts that headed to the west, at Route 20. However, they don't seem to be anywhere. Kei's group splitted out and he asks you to search further.
Drummah gurl: my sensors detected figures in black with masks around one of the dead ends surrounded by some trees!
Anna_Kuromiya: You found them, but they won't simply surrender without fighting. Battle initiated! Who's going to lead the party?
Taiko master: Me! I'll hit them with some rapid punching!
Anna_Kuromiya: The first grunt gets knocked into one of these trees. The other two... are terrified of your strength and quickly ran away again! They are ranting about taking the wrong direction previously.
Boppin': ez
Anna_Kuromiya: Anyways, that's it for now - I'm so tired of having to do this stuff around.
Ayumu_<3_Yume: What did i miss?
Nijiko: A lot of things, Ayumu-chan. I'll tell you later
Anna_Kuromiya: Well, @Nijiko , That's it, tell the others that we will meet up later again tomorrow!
Nijiko: Sure. By the way, my name is actually not "Nijiko"...
Anna_Kuromiya: ...WHAT!?

Yeah the gym battle was really anticlimatic. While i do have a bit of problem against the other trainers before the gym stuff, Roxie turned out to be a pushover surprisingly due to Mara being already overpowered as early as level 20. Well, that's a Gyarados for you~ Sweeping opponents and curbstomping them early on. Mara will be a bit less OP later on but she's still gonna be strong, no doubt about it.
Also there is grinding for other characters/players not mentioned in the story, you'll see later in the party stuff. Also i know i made a mistake with mentioning Stella being involved in the first wave of fight against Team Plasma Grunts since she's off the main party actually, but i just curb-stomped them really. Also yeah i think Chai Jie's moveset was a little bit of oversight in the last episode, it's fixed here
I really need to rush this since i want to show out to the forums here that i'm not really dead. And next episode will introduce a bit of new characters!
And yes, i was so late at this that i already seen some revealed stuff but you'll see things later...
Only actual newly introduced person here: Sonoda Umi (her username already gives away.) [here]
There's also a character mentioned in the story but we'll probably not introduce her properly until later

Character Name: Chai Jie, Pokemon: Pignite, Gender: Male, Level: 18, Class: Paladin, Player: Udagawa Tomoe
Sassy nature, Likes to run, Ability: Thick Fat
Moves: Arm Thrust, Tail Whip, Flame Charge, Odor Sleuth

Character Name: Lucius, Pokemon: Lucario, Gender: Male, Level: 19, Class: Fighter, Player: Hikawa Hina
Serious nature, Scatters things often, Ability: Prankster
Moves: Quick Attack, Force Palm, Blaze Kick, Copycat
(Bonded with the Druid, Hiroko)

Character Name: Mara, Pokemon: Gyarados, Gender: Female, Level: 20, Class: Barbarian, Player: Watanabe You
Careful nature, Strongly defiant, Ability: Rattled
Moves: Reversal, Bite, Bounce, Tackle

Character Name: Yui, Pokemon: Linoone, Gender: Female, Level: 20, Class: Bard, Player: Shimamura Uzuki
Mild nature, Mischievous, Ability: Pickup
Moves: Growl, Tail Whip, Return, Work Up

Character Name: Y4-M4-70, Pokemon: Magnemite, Gender: Genderless (pronouns: She/Her), Level: 19, Class: Artificer, Player: Yamato Maya
Serious nature, Mischievous, Ability: Sturdy
Moves: Supersonic, Thunder Shock, Sonic Boom, Thunder Wave

Character Name: Hiroko, Pokemon: Sewaddle, Gender: Female, Level: 18, Class: Druid, Player: Imai Lisa
Rash nature, Somewhat stubborn, Ability: Chlorophyll
Moves: Tackle, String Shot, Bug Bite, Razor Leaf
(Bonded with her guardian, Lucius)
Character Name: Yuna, Pokemon: Horsea, Gender: Female, Level: 18, Class: Ranger, Player: Sonoda Umi
Lax nature, Highly Persistent, Ability: Swift Swim
Moves: Haze, Dragon Rage, Bubble Beam, Focus Energy
(Favored terrain: Water)
Yuna the Blue Archer - The Archer with the Grace of the Tides
"The battlefield and the way of the bow and arrow is all about focus."
Calm and concentrated, Yuna seems to be rather serious in battle as she is also acting like a proper lady outside of battle. While she seems to be that, and in addition to her good intelligence, she's also somewhat reserved as well. On the other hand, she however takes trainings with outright seriousity. As you probably knew it, she uses an bow and arrow of course. She wears light armor clad in blue.
(Background: Soldier, Race: Elf)
Stats - STR: 11, DEX: 11, CON: 9, INT: 14, WIS: 12, CHA: 12

Character Name: Jyubei Sr., Pokemon: Grovyle, Gender: Male, Level: 17, Class: Druid, Player: Shibuya Rin
Sassy nature, Alert to sounds, Ability: Overgrow
Moves: Quick Attack, Leer, Absorb, Fury Cutter

Character Name: Stella, Pokemon: Staravia, Gender: Female, Level: 18, Class: Ranger, Player: Toyama Kasumi
Quirky nature, A little quick tempered, Ability: Reckless
Moves: Double Team, Growl, Quick Attack, Wing Attack
(Favored terrain: Forest & Grassland)

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