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Pirate Captain's Blog v2

Thread Description
now with less YARRRR and more salt


Bless Pokefusions for personifying my GMing
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
Pokémon Type
Water, Clever
Pokédex Entry
This Pokemon is often found bouncing between things it cares about, doing a lot on one at a time before dropping it just short of completion.
Heya! This thread will serve as a place to commemorate my completed, abandoned, and undocumented Nuzlocke runs. If you stumble upon this thread looking for my active runs, those are linked in my signature [PENDING PORT FROM CRAPATALK].

Completed Nuzlockes: Peter's Redemption (FRLG VS-locke with CHill, squirreled away on the old site/archived on this one because I'm not... super proud of the writing. It's worth mentioning because I did complete it, a rarity for me in almost five years in this community.

Abandoned Nuzlockes: Beginnings (Ruby Storylocke, abandoned because I developed cool worldbuilding that deserved a better protagonist partway through writing it. Also the story itself got so meandery and slow that I couldn't bring myself to write it anymore)

Undocumented Nuzlockes: LG ABClocke (doing it for the grandmaster points babey)
-Current team: Exeggutor/Butterfree/Charizard/Gyarados/Golbat/Slowpoke
-Important Boxed Pokemon: Aerodactyl/Lapras/Primeape/Dodrio/Dugtrio/Victreebel/Raichu/Jynx
-Dead Pokemon: Nidoqueen/Kadabra/Electrode/Vaporeon/Pidgeotto

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