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Thread Description
In which Withdraw is an OP move {Chapter 2 posted 15/11}


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Sep 20, 2019
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Steel, ???

Prologue (Take a peep below why don't ya)

Marlboro (credit to @AstroDeath, you star)

Y’know, I sometimes get this kinda feeling, like I just know things are going to work themselves out, and I don’t really need to worry about all them details that get in my way in between. And I swear that this feelin’ is worth something- even though my sister Tanya always looks at me sideways (you know the way) and says that those little details are all anything is, so I definitely need to worry about getting to school on time or making sure I get all the stains out of the washing, or not walking through the rougher areas of Sandgem by myself. All them little details.

Well, that’s Tanya’s way of doing things. This is mine. And since she went off working in Eterna, I can sort myself out, at least till she gets herself fixed up and brings me to join her.

And I think it’s going good so far. I’m not like Alik- ploughin’ into things the same way that wild Starly flew into the window yesterday (the poor thing was all fucked up and dazed for hours after, but still alive). Life just keeps goin’, and if I don’t know what to do about something, what’s the point in thinking about it too hard?
Me and Alik, we’ve known each other since before I can remember. He’s actually my second or third cousin or somethin’, but he’s more like my brother. Even more so for the last few months that I’ve been staying with him and his mama. I like hanging around with him because he doesn’t act pitying or ask questions when I don’t wanna talk. I think of that as a good trade for having to talk him out of getting into too much trouble. We have a good time.

Although, I still give him shit over the time he was dared to pull Nik’s purugly’s tail- and he did. What a dope. Good thing he’s always been the fastest out of all the kids in Twinleaf. Fair enough, lads are always doing this kinda thing. But with Alik it’s not even like he’s tryin’ to act hard and show off- he’s more putting on a smile and a show to amuse the world, or at least our little corner of it. He’s a pure clown, but he’d probably say he’s more like Crasher Wake muggin’ for the audience before a match. I’m not that gone on wrestling, but I have to listen to him talking on and on about it, all the time, so I pick some stuff up (he still won’t admit it’s all staged though, hehe).

Now that the Challenge is startin’ up again, wrestling will be pushed aside for a while. Tonight, half the town (well, it looked that way) packed into the living room of Alik’s mama’s house to watch Cynthia Celeste give her speech, all about the history of the League, and how the Challenge has been passed down since back when the Three would talk to humans, and how it demonstrates the bonds between us and pokemon. The usual stuff. It’s the kinda speech that is made to be only half-listened to while you’re helping out by making tea and taking coats and wondering if old Mr. Zima even has a face under that cloud of smoke he puffs out the whole time (until he leers at you and you guess it was better not knowing).

And people sat around in one of the few houses in Twinleaf that has a TV so far (a present from Alik’s dad). They talked the usual talk about the League. The price of apricorns these days. How Byron should be doing more for this area. Whatever the hell else the adults talk about. As I picked up some cups to be washed, I heard people arguin’. Either Cynthia is a beautiful and well-spoken Champion who just gave the best speech in years- or she’s just an upstart Eastie woman who can’t live up to whatever crusty old fella was Champion back before.
And then the stories started, that every person has heard a thousand times, about the time such and such took the Challenge, and seen Mt. Coronet and the lights of Veilstone, and how they quit but not because they couldn’t take it, but because their parents needed them back home or they found out their girl was in the family way. I’ve heard these stories every year, till I could maybe tell them better than their owners could. Or maybe I should say “story”, because they’re really all the same. I dunno when I first noticed that, ‘cause it seems not that long ago that I was hanging around with the other kids, trying to be quiet enough that we could listen in without being shoo-ed away. But a lot of things were different then.

I had to step outside.

The snow is fast melting now. Last winter was hard enough, but at least you had solid ground to walk on. Spring comes and washes away all your sureness with slush and soft rain till you don’t even know where to step walking out your own door.

And Mama is gone, and Tanya is in Eterna, and all I’m doing is waiting.

But things will sort themselves out. I know it. Didn’t I tell you so?

Da Resurrection! Since I didn't get too far in my first go at this story, i've decided to re-upload the first few chapters from Tapatalk weekly until it's caught up. Like the last time, this is mainly a fun way to try and experiment a bit with 1st person perspective, dialogue and characterisation- so any criticism to help me smooth that shit out would be much appreciated.
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d'angelo russell

tomorrow ain't promised to no-one
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Jul 1, 2019
he - him
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it was banished for its violence. it silently gazes upon the old world from the distortion world
I read this on tapa but never quite got on the train despite ample opportunity, so consider this a catch-up,

I really like the sort of small-town earnestness you've used to frame this piece, the way it starts with something simple and then slowly winds its way around an anecdote or two while slowly zooming out, the way you weave familiar conflicts into the bylines and make the setting somehow feel like home. it's self-aware and insightful and yet wholesome and sweet in the best way, and the last few lines just sum up that contrast between uncertainty and surety in the best way. it's really good stuff and I dig, consider me hooked.


A Comedian At Heart
Team Omega
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Jun 15, 2019
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Fairy, Flying
Pokédex Entry
She's like a sea urchin. Tough and prickly on the outside, but delicate and easily wounded if hit the wrong way. Please handle gently.
Ooooooooh I love this!!! The voice work is incredible, it's so distinct! We haven't learned a ton about our protagonist yet, not even a name, but that voice does so much leg work. I'll absolutely be following along!!!


Conqueror of the Cerulean Gym
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Sep 20, 2019
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@cross_off: Cheers for taking the time to catch up, and for the comment. I’d like to say the structure was intentional, but…. I’m glad it holds up tho, and looking forward to playing around more intentionally with this atmosphere and aesthetic.

@MouseWithADinosaurTail: I’m glad you enjoyed! This next bit should solve the lack of a name, as well as give a wee bit more context to the whole thing.

To be honest, I just haven’t been too fussed about school for a long while. I don’t think I’m stupid or anythin’- I can read and write fine, and I like some stuff we learn, like history. It’s just that there’s always about a hundred other things going on that pull me away from sums or vocabulary or learning dates or whatever other shit that you never care about once you step out of the schoolroom (maybe I shoulda paid more heed to the pokemon stuff though. Oh well- I can always ask Alik, and I can figure it out if I need it).

I’m done now anyways. We had our graduation night from primary school last week, the day after the Challenge started up. Then today was the last day in class, before everyone splits up to start workin’, or helping out at home, or takin’ the Challenge, or (if you can make it) going to secondary school in Sandgem.

Or it woulda been, except as me and Alik leave his house this morning, he sees the look on my face, grins and says “Hey Natasha- last one to the lake owes a thousand!”.

We sit in our usual spot, whenever we skip school and can call it before anyone else does. This one tree, left of the path to the lakefront, with the branches that stick out nice and straight. Sometimes a few other kids would be here, and we’d sit around talkin’ shit, makin’ plans that don’t need to be followed.

Today it was just us.

“It feels awful weird this is the last time we’re gonna be hanging out here like this.” I say, looking out across the water from the branch I was perched on.

“Why, what’s stoppin’ us? You afraid the lake’s goin’ drying up or something?” Alik laughs at his own stupid joke from the one below me.

“Idiot. Nah, I was thinkin’ about- um, I bet I’ll be hearing from Tanya soon enough, and she’ll want me to get ready to go.”

“What’s the problem? I can go up visiting. Eterna’s miles better than this kip.”

“Double idiot. You told me you never been there.”

“I don’t need to. I just know these things” he says in a pure cocky way, and I poke him with my boot. “Anyways, I was in Floaroma before, when I went visiting my dad. That’s close, they’re nearly the same thing. And, you can introduce me to some of them Eterna girls when I’m there”.

I act like I’m insulted. “That’s why you’re all interested in visiting me!”

“You said it.”

We laugh. The breeze catches the surface of Lake Verity and makes the sunlight on it kinda dance around.

“D’ya ever think this place looks nicer when you know you should be doin’ something else?” I wonder out loud.

But I don’t get to hear what Alik thought of that, ‘cause he’s interrupted by the sound of someone walkin’ down by the edgeof the lake. It sounds silly but the first thing I think of when I see the man (aside from that I didn’t recognise him) was them stories people would tell about meetin’ ghosts walking about as humans. This fella, he’s a lurch- really tall and thin- with short blue hair. And he is pale- I don’t mean just regular Eastie pale, like Alik and his dad. He looks sick. Like I said, he isn’t from around Twinleaf, and I just have a weird feeling about the whole thing, especially when he walks down to the edge of the water, standing right in the muck and puddles of snow melt, and starts to talk.

Me and Alik look at each other- a kinda “are you seein’ this freak too?” glance- as the man gives this speech out to the water. I can’t make out what he was saying, but he sounds pissed off about something. I’m hopin’ he won’t notice us sitting there in the trees, because y’know he’s definitely mental or drunk, and I don’t like the sound of either of them things. I shake my head like mad at Alik that he doesn’t try to mess around.

Then it happens. As The Ghost turns to walk away, a Starly shit lands perfectly on his shoulder, staining his long grey coat. He pauses for a second, looks at it and…. continues on without reactin’ at all. To be honest, that’s maybe the weirdest part. You’d think this fella that was ragin’ at the water a few minutes ago would at least look angry, or wipe it off.

But after what felt like an age had passed and he had gone, we finally burst out laughing as hard as we ever have.

After The Ghost showed himself, I didn’t really feel like hanging around the lake anymore. Might as well go back into town. And since we were walkin’ along Route 201 while it wasn’t even noon yet (goin’ slowly so as not to accidentally bump into anyone that might cop on we were dossin’ and tell Auntie Sofia) we happened to pass that lay-by before the turn to Twinleaf at just the right time that we were the first ones to see this briefcase that was dumped there.

It happened kinda like this:

“…. Swear to the Three, it’s a loada bullshit that Wake lost that match- hang on, what’s over there?”

“Huh? Where’re you going now Alik?”

“Oh. …..this is fuckin’ savage

What is?”

“C’mere Natasha, you have to see this with your own two eyes!”

“What-” and there he is, with an open briefcase in front of him, holding an Apricorn ball in one hand and a confused looking chimchar in the other.

I don’t know what to say for a minute, so I just stare at this ball of orange fur that he was holdin’. I never seen a chimchar before, outside of pictures. But then my mind starts workin’ again. “Oh shit Alik, why’dya release him? This has to belong to someone! What if they come back? They’re not gonna want us messin’ with their pokemon. What else is in that bag, did-”

He waves his hand at me and grins. “D’ya see anyone else here now? Don’t be so dry! Look, there’s loads more apricorns in this case thingy, you try some of them out. I’ll hold on to this little fella so he doesn’t run away. See- we’re just takin’ good care of them while their owner dumped them here. No problem.”

Well, Alik’s right that there’s no one else around. And I really really want to take a look, ‘cause who knows when I’d get a chance like this again? So I squat down on the grass next to him, while he feeds the chimchar an Oran berry from his bag, and shuffle through the apricorns. “You just twist this top bit, don’tcha?”- and I must be right, because all of a sudden there’s a flash and a- turtwig, I think it’s called- appears, looking about the same amount of surprised as I feel.

“Aw, he’s cute!I say, as his shiny gold eyes flicker around, gettin’ his first good look at us.

“He’s a bit weird lookin’. Fits that you got a slow one though,” Alik laughs.

“Just because you’re such a lanky asshole that no one can keep up with you” I mutter (no matter what kind of strange briefcases turn up, it’s never gonna change the fact that I will not let Alik Palmer Rushe have the last word). “Seriously, I wonder who all this belongs to”.

Looking though the rest of the apricorns, all of them seemed to be empty. I’m a bit relieved at that, because who knows what else could have been in there? I pass by Miss Bell’s house every day, that lady that wears a fake leg because she had her own one took off by a gible when she was takin’ the Challenge. And I don’t feel like havin’ to pick out a new leg anytime soon.

I look at the turtwig again. Doubt I’ll have that problem with this one.

But when I find the label at the bottom of the case, I know we have
other things to worry about. “Alik…. “


“These are Professor Rowan’s.”


Professor Rowan’s lab is the biggest building in Sandgem- this big, white stone mansion-looking place in the nice part of town that the sun shines off of on a good day. Professor Rowan is probably the biggest person in Sandgem too- well, I don’t mean that he’s tall or nothin’, but the way people mention him it’s like he’s more than all the rest of the regular people you see around. I remember Tanya tellin’ me how he came to talk to her class at Sandgem secondary school before, and he described to them how he studies pokemon evolution, and told them a story from when he was younger and in the war, and his Luxio evolving at the right moment saved both of their lives. She said not one single kid interrupted or made a sound as he was talking- that’s the sort of person he is.

But I’m not thinking about all that when I stand up and say to Alik, “Let’s take them.”


Conqueror of the Cerulean Gym
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Sep 20, 2019
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What was I thinkin’? I don’t know. I know you shouldn’t be goin’ around stealing, I amn’t stupid. Especially not from this person who could get you in real shit.

I regret sayin’ it out loud the minute I see how Alik’s face lights up.

“Ha- never thought you’d be the one suggestin’ it!” He puts on this voice, all- what’s the word?- prim like this teacher Mrs. Golden we had a few years ago. “Where has the “quiet little pet” gone to? Golden would be turnin’ in her grave like she’s using Whirlpool or somethin’.” The chimchar has halfway climbed up his leg, and it lets out this little screech like it’s agreein’.

“She isn’t even dead. I seen her at the shop the other day. And that sounds nothing like her anyways, Dom does a way better imitation than you.” I look down, but I’m not getting any back up from my one. He’s distracted, eating a dandelion.

“Oh, you would say that, yeah,” he smirks.

“Shut up.” I mutter. I don’t even care about that asshole anymore. Wish I had my hair loose, so I could pull in front of my face, ‘cause I know I’m blushing. Why does that always fuckin’ happen?

I remember then that we have to sort out what to do about the pokemon. It’s always like this, talking with Alik. You end up somewhere different from where you started, which is kinda good if where you started isn’t where you want to be. “Anyways, I wasn’t sayin’ we should take them forever or anything. Just like….There’s no one around with them now, y’know? I don’t want to leave them here, cause what if… um, what if that weirdo comes back?”

“The Ghost?”

“Who else would I be talkin’ about?”

“I dunno, there’s a good few weirdos around here. Besides, he was probably headin’ off to end up in a ditch somewhere anyways. I’m tellin’ ya, he was definitely off his head with drink or somethin’. I doubt he could even get these Apricorns open.”

“Yeah, well look at these two, they’re only babies…. I’d say.”

“Yeah, I seen an infernape before, belongin’ to this trainer my old man knows. This one is definitely really young compared to that. Hmmm, he’s a year old, I’d say. I’d bet on it, like.”

In fairness Alik does know the most out of all of us about this stuff, he’s been up to Stark Island and all that. So I say, “yeah, that’s provin’ my point! I don’t want something bad to happen to these little dotes. But we don’t know how to look after them or nothing, y’know-“

But my cousin is bein’ a dope and not even listening. “What moves can you do, so?” Alik’s saying to the chimchar that’s now sittin’ in the hood of his jacket. He notices after probably about 10 minutes that I’m still there and shrugs. “We should bring them back to my house. It’s fuckin’ cold standin’ out here!”

“Yeah, but….”

“What’s the problem? You’re bein’ awful weird, Tasha. If Rowan gave a shit about these, why would he leave them on some road in Twinleaf? It’s finders-keepers, like.” He scratches the chimchar on the head. “He’s missin’ out though.”

I have to think for a bit.

It reminds me of when a few of us got caught for takin’ some stuff from that corner shop in Sandgem a few years ago. I wasn’t sure about it at the time, but…. You just get caught up in things and what people are sayin’.

And anyways, it’s like all the lads said back then- the asshole that owns that shop, down by the beach road, would always stare suspicious at us from Twinleaf the whole time we were there, and charge us more than he would these other lads from town who would come in. Dom said it was ‘cause one of them was his nephew. They were some of the ones that would always be startin’ on Alik and Dom and Squeaky and some of the other lads I would be taggin’ along with. Biggest crowd of reps in Sinnoh.

I look at that briefcase, and at the turtwig. His eyes are all gold, like Solstice ornaments.

My mama- back when I was small, she would’ve said that it was wrong to take something, ‘cause you’re takin’ from the owner and the person that could have bought it by earninit. You have to earn these things.

It wasn’t fair though. Most of us had earned the money we tried spendin’ in the Asshole’s shop, helpin’ out or doing jobs here and there. Maybe the shop owner had some other reason for carryin’ on that way, and I amn’t sayin’ that we shoulda stolen from him, but….

It’s not fair. A lot of things are like that. What’s wrong with havin’ a good time when you get the chance, so? They say how people are blessed by Azelf when they put their thoughts out into the world.

So I look at Alik and say that he’s right, and just go along with what’s happenin’ like blowin’ in the wind. I go to pick up the briefcase, and I try to put down whatever dodgy feelings I have about all this.

“Here, hang on a sec!” I turn back towards Alik just as I’m about to call the Turtwig back into his Apricorn, and….um, is that supposed to be a battle pose?

“I, Alik Rushe, Champion of Twinleaf and biggest fuckin’ legend goin’, challenge you to a pokemon battle!

“Fuckin’ idiot,” but I’m biting my lip, wonderin’….

I dunno about battling…. But in fairness, there’s a lot I don’t know about right now. I’m there, weighin’ shit up enough to break any scale, til Alik takes the load off altogether-

“Use flamethrower!” The chimchar looks up at him, kinda chittering like, and I’d say I never seen someone that looked more confused, except maybe a Sandgem rep bein’ asked what 2 plus 2 is.

I like this not-knowing better than the other one, d’ya know what I mean?

So then I give the turtwig a little push with my foot. He has little claws and a sharp beak-kinda thing like somethin’ vicious- but his skin is the same green as my quilt at home. Maybe I can try out this trainin’ thing. Except I don’t have a clue what comes next.

“Um, hit the chimchar! Please?” I add, ‘cause it can’t do any harm to be polite anyways even if I know it sounds pure stupid to say it to a wild pokemon, or a trained one for that matter. Anyways, the manners must do the trick, ‘cause there goes a little green blob shufflin’ towards where Alik’s pokemon is standing, waiting- but not for long.

He yells out- “go for a Leer!”. I s’pose this time the order is something the chimchar can do somethin’ with, ‘cause he jumps in front of the turtwig with his fur puffed out and little fangs flashin’ and literally a fire under his arse. Turtwig flinches back, wobblin’ and hissin’ as he falls onto a patch of snow.

I hear Alik again- “Such a move! Now get its belly, scratch it!”- and remember that oh shit yes, I’m supposed to be in charge of this, what do I say, what- “Tackle?”

My fingers are crossed so much, but he doesn’t tackle. Instead, his head and legs are gone in a flash and he’s tucked himself up all cosy in his shell. But I amn’t annoyed, ‘cause the chimchar can’t do nothing except scrabble around that brick-wall of a shell. His claws are doin’ as much good as a sewing needle on stone, and after a while he gives up, making little pissed-off screechy noises.

“Ah here, that’s a prick move!” Alik whinges, callin’ off his chimchar.

“Looks like a good move to me if it works!” I’m laughing, and after a moment he gets rid of his dirty look and joins in. I feel pure giddy. There’s something off about all this still, but only for a minute ‘til I wipe the worry away like dirt.

After that we give up the battle, cause the turtwig won’t come back out of his shell, and anyways we probably shouldn’t stick around here too long in case someone notices. We decide it was a draw, but Alik makes me promise that when he’s a hot-shit competitive Trainer I won’t go mouthing off that he didn’t win his first ever battle:

“D’ya ever see a movie- one of them about the Elite 4 - where the beginning is the main character losin’ to a shell, like? That’s so dry! I’d walk out of that straight-away”. He’s glaring like the idea of this film, that he’s after inventing himself, is an insult.

It’s a fair enough point though. I’m not goin’ worrying about any movie being made about me with a shite plot, so I agree with him (anyways, my movie’d be more like one of them with, I dunno, a love story or something, if I was goin’ choosing). It’s not like I ever went to the pictures and seen a movie about someone from round here either.

I turn the apricorn over and over in my hands. It’s sharp white, standing out against my skin. It’s funny, any time I seen an apricorn before, I always thought they looked smooth. But when you actually have one in your hand, you can feel them little bumps and dents that make it feel like something more real. Something like the gritty road we’re walking back into town on, with the grass in the middle and the potholes that anyone from here knows so well they don’t have to think about it anymore.


The whole way home, Alik talks. I don’t mind too much, it makes it easier not to worry about what’s gonna happen with the pokemon later.

But when he starts goin’ on about what to call the chimchar, well, isn’t that a step too far?

So I say to him- “How come? You name- trainers name them for battles, and for gettin’ attached and that. If we’re giving them back, I don’t know do I want to be attached.

“It’s just a turtwig,” I say, as certain as I can. “Not like there’s any more of them running around here….. or crawling around, or somethin’. There’s no point in naming him, so”.

“Dryshite. I’m naming mine”. Alik replies. I knew he’d say that. “I can’t think of one though. Here, Tasha, help me come up with a name. I need somethin’ good. Somethin’ that suits him. Ha, remember how Sandy called his ponyta Horse Face ?

“Yeah, that was stupid. You tell me a better name though!”

“I will. Blaze. Nah, that’s….”

He tries out a few more names on the way back through the town. There’s a coupla people around, but it’s no problem. We take the back road around. Anyways, the pokemon are back in their apricorns again- isn’t there some thing about letting them out after a while? They can only be in for a few hours or something? I can’t remember. There wasn’t any reason to, before now.

We’re passing by Kane’s shop. I see out of the corner of my eye- there’s a new sign, for cigarettes. I think of somethin’ that makes me smile.

“He’s a fire type, isn’t he? You should call him Marlboro, like them cigs.”

Alik stops to think about that a minute and tries out the name. “Ha! That’s savage.”

“I was only takin’ the piss!”

“You’re just sayin’ that now. Marlboro. Yeah, I like the sound of that. It’s kinda classy, to be honest.”

“Aw, don’t do that to the poor creature!”

“Nah, too late. He’s gonna be Marlboro for the rest of his life. It’s your fault as well.” Alik shakes his head. “When he dies and he’s up in the Hall forever, that’ll be what he’s called there too.”

Yeah, maybe. But for now we’re here in Twinleaf, with trees all around, and they have a whisper in their moving branches that tells you that there’s a long way to go til then.


It’s weird how shit just only really happens to you when you’re not expecting it. Bad things sometimes, but this right now is more like….

Y’know when you’re waitin’ for weeks on a letter coming in, or you’re bored hangin’ around until you can get someone with a pokemon to walk with you to Sandgem- but nothing! Then once you forget about it and get distracted by something else- only then it comes to you.

Well, that’s a bit like why I’m sitting here now with this turtwig sitting on the floor in front of me.

The radio is on. I lit the fire to warm up a bit, while I’m waiting to hear the opening tune of Veils of Silk, Veils of Stone. The last episode ended on such a cliffhanger with Victor coming back into it, when everyone thought he was dead! Anyways, I never missed an episode (aside from that one time), and all the happenings today aren’t gonna make me start.

Alik went out the back with Marlboro (which isn’t really that bad a name, but I amn’t gonna admit that), to “practice”. I didn’t ask what. Thought I might as well let the other one out too, to get a closer look at him without all the battling shit getting’ in the way. He got about a minute of staring around the room before he went back hidin’ again. He’s extra disguised, ‘cause his brown shell blends in with the rug.

I wasn’t complainin’ about that back in the battle, but a few hours have gone by now. Sofia is gonna be finished work soon. Suppose we’ll have to hide the pokemon. Never mind where we got them from, she’s just not really gone on having them in the house. I look at the turtwig. If he’s looking back at me I can’t tell. Bite my nails a bit. I think he’s just scared. Here doesn’t mean anythin’ to him. So maybe…

“Um. Hello, I s’pose. Yeah, it’s ok- you can come outta your shell now. No one’s trying to battle you anymore.” I can’t see anything of his head or legs unless I look really close. “Can you even hear what I’m saying, all tucked up like that?

When the little Turtwig pops out his head slightly at that, he looks at me in a way that makes me feel a bit less silly for chatting at him. But I dunno, even if he can’t understand me, I don’t really know what else to do with myself, so I might as well just talk and carry on like it’s normal.

“Aww, you’re shiverin’ now, poor little thing. Shit!- sorry, sorry, I won’t pick you up like that then. Sorry. Ow. Don’t be nipping like that! You’re gonna hurt someone, and we have to get along and stick together now. We have to."

Why is he so shy? Maybe he just doesn’t like me. It’s not fair, Alik’s chimchar was pure friendly. He was climbin’ up on his shoulder and head and everything. What if this turtwig already hates me? What if I do somethin’ wrong?

But I’m distracted from thinkin’ these kinda thoughts when I feel a weight on my feet and see the turtwig has plonked himself down on them. The little needly twig on the top of his head is all scratchy against my leg, but that’s alright. I don’t really need to go anywhere anyways.

When Alik comes back inside, it’s an hour later, Veils of Silk is over, and we haven’t moved an inch.

“Pines is a nice name, isn’t it?” I yell out to him while he goes scrounging around the kitchen.

“Nah, I wouldn’t say it’s as good as Marlboro. Maybe you used up all your naming skills on that.”

“Well, I like it.”

The room is warm. Alik is there talking some shite. I don’t have to look to know Pines is still there at my feet. I like this too.


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That poor Chimchar deserves better than the name of a cigarette brand ;;

Looks like a good start so far. Lots of nice character work and worldbuilding.

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