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Nuzlocke Hall of Fame

Thread Description
We are the champions...


Currently busy grinding in my nuzruns and studying
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Aug 8, 2019
With an axe
Pokémon Type
Electric, Water
Pokédex Entry
Just a guy with way to many ongoing Nuzlockes.
After nearly 2 months of not doing anything, I has returned.

Marie the Blaziken, Lvl 60, Rash, Alive
My starter, and a true destroyer throughout the run. Helped me through so many gyms for me and was just impressive all around. And yeah I was surprised to have gotten a female starter on the first try.

Sirloin the Raticate, Lvl 60, Rash, Dead
Of COURSE the mon I had the most hype to taking to the league was my only death to it. He was meant to replace my deceased badass of a Nidoking. I mostly wanted a user of Ice attacks, while not using the Adamant Glaceon I somehow ended up with. Between Sirloin having a +special attack nature and the fact he could indeed learn Ice beam, I added him in to help me slay dragons, and he did the job surprisingly well. Died to the champion's Slaking to Cross chop. Just why didn't I let my Latios go in instead? But then again, it had Hyper beam which nobody except my Vileplume would have appreciated taking to the face. Speaking of which...

Jack the Vileplume, Lvl 60, Quirky, Alive
Fun fact, did you all know, in the earlier generations, that Absorb was the best move this line could learn until Lvl 44? I didn't! This guy had to go through way too much personal training in order to work, but it was worth it. He pretty much destroyed stuff as soon as he got Petal dance and we get another Sludge bomb TM for him. He also served us very well in the league.

Kirkette the Sharpedo, Lvl 60, Serious, Alive
Was mostly here because she was the first Water mon I fished up and I just rolled with it. She struggled a bit in the beginning, but after a while it was worth it. Hit really hard, outsped stuff, was my counter for anything weak to Dark and did it really well.

Roy the Latios, Lvl 60, Hasty, Alive
Somehow found this in a random cave while grinding, somehow managed to catch him, immediately added him to my team. I wished I used him more against the E4, but he was great at doing his job.

Wolf the Heracross, Lvl 60, Lax, Alive
Somehow managed to catch her so I decided to put her on the squad. Was really good at dispatching anything weak to her and as expected was great to use.

Funch the Quagsire, Lvl 73
My longest lasting catch, Funch wasn't too bad. in fact he was extremely not bad. For being weak to only one type that could be easily countered, hitting a lot of the things in the game super effectively, and just being overall great to have around was a plus. I'm glad to have taken him all the way.

Sutton the Hitmonlee, Lvl 73
I'll be honest, he started to lag by the time we got all my gym badges because his risky moveset(Basically Normal moves and STABs that were only Dynamic punch and Jump kick...) but he was overall pretty solid. I mostly added him just to see myself taking a mon whose constantly died on me as of late, but I'm glad he turned out great. Especially helped me against the Dark E4 and the final gym.

Traden the Magmar, Lvl 73
As soon as I found him in the wild I knew I had to add him to my squad. Even though I don't get why his physical attack is higher than his special attack, he was a boss at dealing massive damage to opponents. Especially helped me out in the Ice gym. I'm glad to have someone like him on my team.

Claus the Skarmory, Lvl 73
I actually only added him to my team because I was tired of waiting to get a Dodrio to replace my Fearow, but hey he was still not bad. He was kinda hard to raise at some points but when he worked, he really did work. Thanks to his many resistances he pulled through way too many times.

Jim the Sudowoodo, Lvl 73
Boxed my Graveler in order to use him and it was worth it. First, level up Rock slide. He has destroyed so many things for us and helped us dispatch anything that was weak to his attacks. I couldn't be more glad to have kept him around for so long.

Dickard the Alakazam, Lvl 74
I don't think I need to say anything here. Could learn special attacking punches, was my dragon slayer, was pretty much everything for the team. I'm proud of him.

All members of the team are still alive and kicking. The run unfortunately is going to end at initial Lance battle, though. I don't want to grind everyone another 20 levels just to do the same stuff again.
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TFW you lose someone you love to a crit.
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Ghost, Ice

Dundee the Male Feraligatr, Lv. 70 (ALIVE)
Headbutt, Screech, Ice Punch, Surf
Dundee was great from day one. He took care of Faulkner (in the one instance where Rage comes in handy), helped the team get around, and knocked some sense into every opponent he came across. He wound up dealing the final blow in the run to Red's Blastoise. The turtle decided to spam Surf, so when Dundee's Headbutt left him with a sliver of health (thanks to Blastoise being at -6 Defense due to Screech), he returned the favor and sent a mighty wave crashing down on him.

Plum the Male Pidgeot, Lv. 70 (ALIVE)
: Wing Attack, Sand Attack, Fly, Quick Attack
In my last Gold Nuzlocke, Pidgeot got retired due to Blue killing someone close to her. However, I decided I wanted to get Plum all the way to the end. He didn't get to do a whole lot towards the end, but what he did do proved to be crucial (like getting rid of Karen's Gengar before it could drag anyone down with it via Destiny Bond).

Dacquoise the Female Butterfree, Lv. 70 (ALIVE)
: Psychic, Safeguard, Gust, Sleep Powder
I honestly thought about retiring Dacquoise after fighting Blue. The last time I brought a Butterfree to Kanto, he died to his Alakazam. This time, Dacquoise survived (probably because he never fought Alakazam), and since I don't have much patience, she came along for Red. As it turned out, she had a role to play after all; when Red's Venusaur came out, she showed up, put it to sleep, and 2HKO'd with Psychic thanks to a crit. Honestly, I don't think that crit would've mattered; Venusaur's Solar Beam hardly did anything to her.

Mazurek the Male Golem, Lv. 70 (ALIVE)
: Strength, Defense Curl, Rock Throw, Earthquake
The one I always imagined to be the chillest member of the team. He went along with everything, including a risky gamble against Lance and his strongest Dragonite. The last time I tried that, Golem died to Outrage. Mazurek, however, survived long enough to take that dragon out. Not only did Mazurek roll his way through Kanto, he OHKO'd Pikachu with Earthquake and tanked Snorlax long enough to send him tumbling down Mt. Silver.

Tea Loaf the Female Ampharos, Lv. 70 (ALIVE)
: Thunder Punch, Light Screen, Fire Punch, Thunder Wave
Tea Loaf was another Pokémon that I risked in a gamble against Lance, though this time, it was to take care of his team with Thunder Punch until she risked dying. Which eventually happened, but thankfully, the other team members wrapped things up from there. She didn't see too much action in Kanto due to a certain Psychic-type being on the team, but when she came out to play, she made sure to deal dents to her opponents.

Wine the Male Alakazam, Lv. 70 (ALIVE)
: Ice Punch, Recover, Psychic, Thunder Punch
My lucky Route 35 encounter. I decided to train Wine up because in my last Gold Nuzlocke, I only used an Alakazam during the final battle (and that was because I was hurting for a new team member after losing Butterfree and retiring Pidgeot). I learned that an Alakazam with the elemental punches broke holes in many things, and that's before factoring in Psychic. Literally the only reason Wine didn't keep Fire Punch was because I wanted him to have a non-attacking move. His final moment in the run involved Red's Epseon. One Thunder Punch left him in low green, and the next Ice Punch sent him into the red and froze him. Looks like Wine wanted to end this run as much as I did!

This has been my third deathless run (after Crystal and Red), and man, am I glad for that. I just hope I get some good luck for my Ruby Nuzlocke. I'm getting ready for Norman in that one, and...well, let's just say I may have a lengthy post in the Graveyard thread by the time I'm done.


Challenge Seeker and Nuzlocke Completionist
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 9, 2019
Kanto Route 1, 1% encounter rate (Israel)
Pokémon Type
Fire, Psychic
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Randomized Nickname Alphabetlocke Hall of Fame
(Part of my hall of fame project in my signature if you want to check it out).
In this run I used a Nickname based Alphabetlocke rules, with randomized first letter nicknames.

Honorable mentions:

Roland the Grovyle lvl 5-17 Male

My actual starter of the run. As the randomizer showed me the letter R I knew you won’t stay with me for long, still in our short time together you were really useful, crushed Roxanne, and I was really sad to box you knowing I’ll never use you again.

Ivan the Swellow lvl 3-28 Male

You were a solid mon, helped me in many battles, but was boxed due to your nickname first letter. Not much more to say about you, if it weren’t an Alphabetlocke you would have probably stayed with us for good, but that’s the rules of the game.

Haruka the Hariyama lvl 9-34 Female

“H”, so close yet so far. I was always hoping Haruka could stay with us for longer, but in my heart I knew eventually other pokemon will replace her. She soloed Wattson’s team, was probably the best pokemon on my team when she was with us, yet eventually she was replaced with Barack, a “newer and sleeker” version of her in many ways. Still if you ask me, Hariyama beats the four handed fighting champion any day! (no offense to Barack my Machamp). Except today I guess.

The Team:

Griselda the Mega Banette lvl 27-55 Female - Dead

Holding Banettite, Quiet, has Frisk
Attacks: Will-O-Wisp, Thunderbolt, Shadow Claw, Dazzling Gleam

Griselda wasn’t always with us on the team due to Alphbetlocke shenanigens and the sad death of Dandelion the Beautifly, but when she was she was a very useful pokemon. With a great set of moves, my first and only Mega form pokemon on the team, and very solid stats she pulled through in many battles including against Tate and Liza and Phoebe. There, against her spectral army, I lost her to a stupid risky move of going full attack on a Sableye, totally aware of the risk yet cocky about her mighty strength. As that goblin survived on red health my plan immediately backfired and she was killed by a Foul Play. I had great hopes for you against many of the banes of the E4, and especially against Steven’s metallic ace. I’m sorry I didn’t give you a chance to prove your worth there. Welcome to the hall of fame my devilsh poppet, I guess you were never truly alive, right?

Bertaball the Electrode lvl 22-54 - Alive

Holding Zap Plate, Relaxed, has Static
Attacks: Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Magnet Rise, Volt Switch

Don’t ask about her name, I needed a nickname starting with “B” and for some reason that’s what I came up with. Bertaball was a very late game addition. I only returned to New Mauvile to get the Thunderbolt TM for Griselda when ironically, I caught Bertaball which meant Griselda had to go to the box. I was even considering passing up on catching her, but decided it wasn’t right, and in retrospect that was definitely the right choice. In her short time on the team she fought quite well helping against Wally, Phoebe (Avenging Griselda in another ironic twist of fate), and in the end against Steven where she defeated both his Skarmory and his mighty Mega Metgaross winning us the game. Bertaball, with a name like that I’ll never forget you. Roll over to the podium, champion!

Caldera the Golem lvl 13-55 Female - Alive

Holding Soft Sand, Impish, has Rock Head
Attacks: Smack Down, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Brick Break

I used countless Geodudes and Gravelers before as they are wonderful pokemon for Nuzlockes, but Caldera was my first Golem. I caught you as I rock smashed a boulder in route 111 and was immediately disappointed I lost my desert encounter, but soon enough you proved yourself one of my strongest pokemon. You helped against Norman, Winona, and Wally, and was my most defensive pokemon whenever I needed someone to take a hit and return an even stronger one back. You didn’t get a chance to prove your worth in the E4 or against the Champion for some reason, but for all your help throughout this run you rightfully earned the title of a champion.

Barack the Machamp lvl 21-55 Male - Alive

Holding Lax Incense, Docile, has No Guard
Attacks: Brick Break, Bulk Up, Earthquake, Knock Off

Much like Caldera, this was the first Machamp I got to use after many useful Machokes, and boy this pokemon is strong. You replaced my beloved Haruka the Hariyama and to prove your worth you immediately destroyed every threat I encountered including the many dark types the evil team threw at me, most of Norman’s team, and helped against Wallace. But your greatest achievements came in the E4 where you killed almost the entire team of Sydney by yourself, as well as almost the entire team of Glacia’s. As your championship belt shows you were born to be a hall of famer, and claimed your destiny rightfully.

Acid the Tentacruel lvl 5-55 Male - Dead

Holding Sea Incense, Calm, has Clear Body
Attacks: Surf, Sludge Wave, Ice Beam, Dazzling Gleam

I can’t say this run has a clear MVP, but both you and Camila probably share this title as you were both such wonderful pokemon, you probably being the most useful of them all. You were an amazingly powerful pokemon ever since I got you, an “A” nicknamed partner who will follow me till the very end. You soloed Flannery, greatly helped against Winona, helped against Archie and killed his Mega Sharpeedo, fought Wallace bravely, killed Sidney’s Cacturne, Glacia’s deadly Walrein, soloed the entire team of Drake Ice Beaming them all to death, killed half of Stven’s team, only to face his Mega Metagross and after hurting it quite nicely with a powerful Surf, you fell to its Zen Headbutt. I can’t help think I could have saved you, but by doing so I would have risked our entire team, something I just couldn’t do. I had many Tentacruels over the year, still you are one that stands out. Welcome to the hall of fame you otherworldly beast!

Camila the Ludicolo lvl 19-55 Female - Alive

Holding Sea Incense, Bold, has Swift Swim
Attacks: Surf, Grass Knot, Ice Beam, Fake Out

The second pokemon to share the MVP title of this run, Camila was perhaps a tiny bit less useful than Acid but I fell in love with her so much I think she was my personal favorite. I never really liked the design of this pokemon line (Kappa + Platypus + Tropical Fruit + Mexican Dancer is a bit of an “over the top” design combo), but as I have a weird fondness for pokemon with 3 evolutionary stages I was kind of happy when I caught Camila. She quickly showed me her power and how useful her Grass Water typing was, surfing and grass knotting many of her opponents, along with her signature Fake Out first hit. She did most of the work against Tate and Liza, destroyed most of Archie’s team, defeated the mighty Kyogre by herself, did a fine job against both Wallace and Wally, and greatly helped against both Phoebe and Steven. Your cheerfulness guided us through the hardest of times, and thanks to you we pulled through. Keep on dancing and celebrate out victory my hall of famer!
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