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Nuzlocke Forums Official Discord Servers

Thread Description
Come check out our official discord servers! Links and rules lie within.


Tustom Citle
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
May 15, 2019
Pokémon Type
Water, Poison
Hello everyone! With a new forum comes restructuring, and we figured it'd be much easier on everyone to have a singular compendium for each of our official Discord servers.

Each server its own minor alterations to the rules, but in general, a good baseline is to adhere to the relevant rules of the Nuzlocke Forums.

Official Nuzlocke Forum Discord Server - The main forum discord, a chat to hang out with people you know from the community!

1. Be courteous to others.
Basically, treat everyone with respect. Don't swear at your fellow forum members, don't call them names, respect other people's opinions, and don't be rude. Treat everyone like you'd wish to be treated yourself.
1.1 - No hate speech.
The forum is a place where minorities should feel safe to interact with people. What this means is that we will not tolerate the use of hate speech or slurs, especially targeted at members of a minority (be it people of color, members of the LGBT community, disabled people, etc.).

2. Don't spam.
Multiple channels are provided to users, each with their own respective topics and points of discussion. As such, please keep on topic, and avoid unnecessary and/or irrelevant conversations in the channels provided.

If you feel like the current conversation should be moved to another channel, please do so in a respectable manner (e.g. hey, let's go to #____, could that be better off in #____) or ping/PM a mod and we can be the judge of the situation and intervene if necessary. We highly discourage disrespectful mini-modding (e.g. that's spam, i don't like that take it to another channel, etc.) because it has resulted in arguments between other users. Any attempt in doing this may result in a Discord warning.

3. No prohibited content.
Prohibited content refers to anything that violates our forum TOU, specifically sub-point 3.1. This includes any pornographic/explicitly sexual content, overtly defamatory or racist content, requesting and/or information sharing on downloading ROMs and other copyright violations.

In short, please consider the ordinary forum rules when posting, as they are generally excellent guidelines for expected behavior.

Discord Warnings

Discord warnings work similarly to forum warnings, for the most part - but there are a few key differences.

Our Discord servers operate under a four-warning system, separate from the forum warning system but correlated to it. These warnings are shared across all official Discord servers, as are bans.
-The first warning you can receive is a neutral warning.
-The second warning you can receive is a day ban from all official Discord servers, and will also result in a corresponding forum warning.
-The third warning you can receive is a week ban from all official Discord servers.
-The fourth and final warning you can receive is a permanent ban from all official Discord servers, and will also result in a corresponding forum warning.

So a user who is permanently banned from Discord will accrue two forum warnings in the process. Due to how the Discord and forum warns correlate, an appeal to reduce one's warning level will also reduce a user's Discord warning level by two, given they have accrued at least two Discord warnings. This means that users who have been permabanned from Discord may appeal and be allowed to use official Discord servers once again. Aside from this critical difference, warning appeals for Discord generally function identically to warning appeals for forum warnings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have a concern or issue regarding Discord server moderation - whether it's a moderator in particular you're unhappy with, or you just feel something is, was, or has been, handled wrongly by staff - you may use the #assistance channel, and we will get to it when we can. Or if you prefer to keep the complaint out of the public eye, you may PM a moderator or admin with your queries.

#official - This is for announcements and anything to get the attention of everybody. This is a mod only talking channel that users can view, to prevent accidental spam and the like.
#general_discussion - This is the first general chat, used for general talking and the like.
#general_too - This is the second general chat, for when the first one is having a different discussion and you still want to chat. Also a hub for pet pictures.
#fcr-zone - Discussing Nuzlocke runs.
#challenge-discussion - This chat is for discussing Nuzlocking and the gameplay side of Nuzlockes. If you want to talk about a run while you're playing it, this is the place.
#assistance - This is the chat you type in if you want help with something relating to the forums, discord, or whatever we can help with. This chat is to have no spam and we will be removing any unrelated messages in this channel.
#cybercrime_central - Here's the place to discuss hacking, emulators, and ROMs.
#creative - Discussing creative findings or whatever it is creative people talk about. Talk about your own works or ask for advice here.
#pokemon - Spoiler-free Pokemon discussion.
#gen-8-spoiler-chat - Spoiler-filled Pokemon discussion.
#entertainment - Anything covered by EnterTOONment, from TV shows to video games and everything in between.
#roleplaying-games - Quick games like short-form Mafia, hangman, or things of the like can be played here.
#news-and-politics - Latest happenings in the world. Remember to treat each other respectfully!
#update-notifications - This is where you shout to the world that yes, your run has updated and we may appreciate it.
#bot-hellzone - Use the Pokecord bot here!

In terms of update notifications, we are going to allow users to post their update notifications in their respective zones. We will address this if it doesn't work, though.

If you have any questions, please respond here or in the #assistance channel on discord.


Tustom Citle
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
May 15, 2019
Pokémon Type
Water, Poison
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Official Nuzlocke Writing Chat - A space dedicated to writing of all sorts, not just Nuzlockes! Stop on by if you want to improve your writing, read the works of your talented fellow forum-goers, or just hang out with fellow creatives!

In addition to the previous Nuzlocke Forum Discord Rules:
- Constructive criticism only, please! We're all trying to get better! There's a fine line between being helpful and making yourself feel good at someone's expense.
Do not sign up for events if you can't handle criticism! No one's perfect, and there will always be something you can improve on. If you can't stand to face your faults, it's best if you don't put people in a position to point them out.
- Keep your submissions PG-13! Being that workshop pieces will be assigned to people randomly, there's no way to know the age of the person reading. Please be considerate!
When asking for beta help with mature content, please specify that the content is mature and do not paste it directly into the chat! Once again, please be considerate!
Please stay on-topic! Aside from General Discussion, the channels are meant to be tools to help with writing! Bogging them down with off-topic conversation might be fun in the sort run, but it's ultimately detrimental to all the writers trying to use them!
- Avoid discussing explicit or inappropriate content. Please keep in mind that people as young as thirteen are free to join the chat. Minors should also be aware of the possible legal ramifications of explicit conversation, and should refrain from it as a matter of respect.

#official_channel, for announcements.
#writing_general, for discussing writing in general. Small, writing-related questions and topics for discussion belong here.
#general_discussion, for off-topic discussion and as a general hangout.
#run_discussion, for in-depth talk about your own stories or others'.
#events, for weekly and monthly events, such as Weekend Roundup.
#word_wars, for smaller events, such as word wars or songfics.
#beta_requests, for finding betas and getting thorough readings.
#writing_resources, to find, share, and discuss writing resources.
#gameplay_discussion, for discussion of the games.
#shout-outs, for comment shoutouts, and just generally being positive towards the community.
#update_notifications, for all of us to show off our hard work.
#new_run_alert, for showing off your latest and greatest endeavors.

Additionally, there are "seasonal" channels that are available every so often:
NaNoWriMo, a seasonal channel in November where people can discuss NaNoWriMo.
Spoilers Discussion Channels, usually following the announcement of a new game, to ensure that people who don't want to get spoiled aren't.
Storytime_Sunday, only available during the Storytime Sunday event.

The events currently taking place in the chat are:
  • Discussion of the Day and #run_discussion prompts, posted Monday thru Friday, are questions, conversation topics, and fun little prompts for writechatters to take part in to discuss everything from craft to their (and others') characters.
  • Weekend Roundup, a weekly event in which you're encouraged to share excerpts of what you've written throughout the week.

Commenting Guidelines
  • All comments must be reported in the shout-outs channel! (Might as well give the author a shout-out while you're at it, eh? ;) )
  • Comments should be thoughtful! You don't have to write pages on pages, but something that shows you've read the story.
  • You must have read at least 75% of the story for the comment to count! Comments are great, but comments on your prologue when you're on chapter 15 are a little bittersweet.
[-] Point System
  • For every comment you leave, you receive one point.
  • For every one thousand words in your comment, you receive an additional two points.
  • For first comments on runs with 15 or more updates, or in which 15 updates have been posted since your last comment, you receive an additional one point. Furthermore, for every five updates after 15, you receive one more point.
This means that if you were to post a 1k word comment on a run, it would be worth 3 points. A 2k word comment would be worth 5, and so on. If you were to post a 100-word comment for the first time on a story with 50 chapters, you would get six points. If you were to post a 1k word comment for the first time on a story with 50 chapters, you would get 10 points.


Tustom Citle
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
May 15, 2019
Pokémon Type
Water, Poison
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Official SSWL Discord - A community hub for the Screenshot/Written Log creator community!

  • Keep things relevant - There is a place for everything and everything in its place! We have multiple channels and descriptions that indicate what should be discussed in those channels, so please follow them. If we see that the conversation is unnecessary, irrelevant, or taking up the channel, the modmins have the right to ask people to direct it to the appropriate channel/s. We also ask that you leave it to us to do this, as previous instances of this happening between users have led to arguments. However, if you feel that people are not staying on task with the conversation, privately message any of the moderation team. They will address the situation to avoid any form of minimodding conflict.
  • Constructive criticism is encouraged! - Since we do have a channel for discussing writing and asking for advice, it will be a common occurrence to receive constructive criticism, and this is okay. However, be mindful and respectful when giving constructive criticism--being condescending and unhelpful is not being constructive or critical. On the flip side, if you do ask for criticism, please be able to accept it gracefully and with an open mind. We all want to get better!
  • No excessive self-promotion - As this is a place to discuss screenshot runs and written log runs, sometimes talking about your own work can't be avoided, and that's fine! However, we ask to keep this to a respectful level, as bloating the channel with excessive self-promotion harms the atmosphere of the chat. There will also be no begging for updates and for replies. Similarly, this includes liveblogging your run in #challenge_discussion. While we want to see how you play the game, we dont need to see every turn you take in battle or every Trainer fight.
  • No inappropriate or prohibited content - Finally, I hope this goes without saying. Since this is a public server, we want to keep things PG. There will be no posting or discussing inappropriate content (please refer to our mature policy in the rules as to what is deemed inappropriate) anywhere in the server. Posting porn or explicit gore will result in an immediate ban from the server and a warning on the forums. This also goes for posting ROMs. We are only allowing patches to be posted for hacks. Posting ROMs anywhere on the server will result in a one day ban and a warning on the forums. A subsequent occurrence will lead to a permanent ban.

#official - Your one stop shop for news about current forum events.
#introductions - A channel to introduce yourself in! Post here when you join to let us know about you and your projects.
#general_discussion - Chat common-room. For talking and getting to know one another.
#run_discussion - for talk regarding Nuzlocke runs. Please be mindful of conversation, and avoid excessive self promotion.
#game_discussion - for discussion regarding nuzlocke challenges. Please be respectful of ongoing conversation.
#new-pokemon-games - for discussion regarding the newest Pokemon games being released on the Switch.
#events - for discussing current events, or FanWork Friday entries! Please be respectful of any ongoing events, and feel free to contact a mod if you have any questions about ongoing events.
#the_hakening - for hacks/hacking, sprite editing, image merging, and sharing resources.
#media_and_borzoi_sharing - For sharing art, songs, resources, etc. Please refrain from spam and excessive shitposting. Be considerate of ongoing conversation.
#shoutouts - for logging comments, and uplifting others. Rewards are given to the top commenters. Check the pins inside for more information!
#update_notifications - post notifications for your updates here.
#poke_bot - for all of that fun bot talk. Check your profile, dailies, etc here. Be mindful of spam, as always.

#voice - for those in voice chat who would rather type than talk.

#poke_trade - for trading Pokecord Pokemon.
#poke_duel - for battling with Pokecord Pokemon.


We will also be hosting periodic events for the chat, ranging from small scale panels to workshops, to reading exchanges--and the list goes on! We all have something to offer and learn from one another, and that is the focus of these events...not to mention it is a lot of fun!

When events are decided, announcements will be made both in the chat, and in this thread. If you'd like to sign up for an event, please message one of our chat staff! And if you feel you need to pull out of the event, please do your best to give prior notice. We all have our reasons, and giving a bit of notice will help us fill any gaps in the event.
Thank you!


Every month, the chat team will take the comments logged in #shoutouts, and tally them up to show users comments logged for the month. The system is split into 4 categories: SSWL / Video, Comic, Storylockes, and Overall.

Every few weeks, we offer events on commenting for specific types of runs (eg. New Storylockes, Videos, FE runs, etc). Commenting on runs that fit event parameters will earn you extra points, for those who enjoy a little competition, while also helping you find new runs and promoting runs that need a little love.

There are incentives for commenting actively! Top placing commenters for each category will receive a vanity role in the chat that marks them as placing in the previous month. These roles are shuffled around each month based on the end of month leaderboard. Additionally, the top commenters have the choice to receive a promo on this thread for a forum related project of their choice (eg. Nuzlocke Run, Creative thread, Communitylocke, etc). This will be posted along with the monthly comment counts.

Example Promo for: Pokemon: Hard Mode

Pokemon: Hard-Mode is a dramatized account of Nuzlocke's own experiences with the Nuzlocke Challenge. It follows Ruby, an avatar for the average gamer: righteous when beating the bad guys, frustrated when dealing with awkward NPCs, and not above looting the hell out of each and every house in search of precious items.

Think of it as a reward for taking so much time to brighten someone else's day!

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