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Nuzforums Newsletter #002

Announcement  Nuzlocke Forums Newsletter #002

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Thread Description
Here in the sin bin until resources quit blocking me from posting all these thicc media links


Team Delta
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May 13, 2019
in a pile of bugs
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Bug, Cute
Pokédex Entry
oh fuck oh shit my dots...............................................................................................................................
Hello, Nuzforums. Today we’re starting the newsletter with news I wish I never had to share: One of our own fellow users has passed away. With a heavy heart I am here to inform you that @angryskitty has left us. Her sister @Yuriakashu has given us an obituary to share with you all, to honor Angryskitty:

Angryskitty (known as Katarinu on dA) passed away early January 9th in the ICU with both of her parents by her side and in no pain. She was thirty years old. Skitty started publishing Nuzlocke on Ice (NOICE) February 26th, 2016, just a few months after receiving a kidney from her father. After years of limited energy due to end-stage renal disease and constant sickness, she finally could do what she loved: draw. And, draw she did, participating two Inktobers, a PokeDecember, a Smaugust, an Hourly Comic Day, and Pride Month, not to mention all of her commissions, fanart, stickers, posters, memes—and over two hundred pages of her comic. Beyond all of her art, Skitty was always a bright spot in the nuzlocke community. She was cheery but also caring, making sure that people in chat were taking care of themselves and not lowering their standards for anything. She believed that those that worked hard deserved the best. She is survived by her parents, her sister Yuria Thames, her friends both from online and Minnesota, and everyone who loved her art. All she wanted was to live and create. Please do so in her stead.​
We’re all here for you, Yuria. I know this news comes as a shock to many of you. Skitty held a special spot for many of us, and her absence will be felt. The newsletter will continue as normal past this point, but do not hesitate to reach out for any support you may need in the wake of this.

Hi and howdy, Nuzforums! Welcome to newsletter number two, and the first newsletter of 2020. Happy Nuz Year! Let’s get down to the news.

As we go into the new year, we say goodbye officially to a member of our old guard; Furfrou has officially stepped down from his position of admin after many, many years. We wish you happy trails; I know you have a lot of exciting stuff happening in your life. Farewell.

Following the release of our new Suggestion Forum we have received two suggestions. As promised, we will be giving our official response in this newsletter for all of you!

Here's a quick little suggestion I have: Can you guys make it so that any posts made in the Festive Plaza don't count towards the Message count in the profile? I feel like with that, it would encourage people to make posts on other threads in the forum instead of constantly swarming the Festive Plaza, considering how easy it is to make posts there.

It was like that in the old forum before Tapatalk fucked up everything you guys worked on there.
Following community discussion the moderation team has come to the decision that we will continue to have posts in Festival Plaza count towards total post count. The rules towards spam are the same in the subforum are the same as everywhere else, so we won’t be seeing any abuse for those juicy, juicy numbers.

It would be nice if your completed trophies appeared highlighted or had a coloured background in the list of trophies, to tell them apart from missing ones at a glance.
We are interested in implementing a tracker into the site, but due to end-of-year festivities and focus on other site optimizations this has not been completed. A tracking system — whether built into the site or via a document— is due to be completed. In the meantime, if you haven’t had a chance to check out our trophies you can find a list here and can claim those trophies in this thread.

If you have your own suggestion for the forum you would like to share, head on over to the Suggestion Box to let us know! We seriously review every suggestion, so please do not hesitate to let us know what you would like. You may very well have the idea that improves the quality of stay for every user on the forum!

Donator roles have been removed for most users; donation is still open, however our fundraising efforts will be subdued until a full expense report is developed and released for public viewing, alongside an extended list of benefits. But, if you’d still like a sparkly name while we sort ourselves out, you can donate here. Just reach out to a mod and make sure you get your confirmation for your new role.

Moderator applications will be opening again soon! We urge anyone with an interest in helping lead the community to apply. No previous moderator experience is required, just a good head on your shoulders and good team spirit. It will provide good experience dealing with interpersonal problems, de-escalation of high stress issues, and practice with community organization. We’re a fun crew to work with, and we’d love to train new users for the long term as we continue to grow our community.

When applications open at the end of the month please fill out the questionnaire as thoroughly and truthfully as possible, and we’ll get back to you by end of the month.

The tech team has been extremely busy this past month! Since the last newsletter, we've improved our security features and added a CDN, as well as modified our database settings for a faster browsing experience. As a reminder, if you ever experience an issue, please PM or ping a tech team member that's available immediately! It is much easier for us to check logs or review something in real time if the issue is reported right away.

Below is a quick summary of the changes - full details can be found in the maintenance log thread.


- Updated database engines and tuned MySQL configurations for better parallel processing
- Installed new firewall rules to block abusive web traffic
- Updated Xenforo software, various Xenforo add-ons, and server modules
- Completed testing and implementation of a rudimentary offsite backup
- Implemented CDN via CloudFlare for improved site performance and better security
- Optimized XF styles and imagery to improve load times for slower devices or connections
- Fixed an issue which caused email alerts to bounce
- Removed "Signature Once" addon due to performance issues
- Optimized memory allocation for greater server stability
- Installed new CA's for improved site security with various external services
- Various small bugfixes and optimizations

In Progress:

- Create a development server to test new features
- Behind the scenes organization and documentation for backup, restore, and maintenance procedures
- Optimize backup generation for improved stability, size, and speed

Feature team

The promotional period for the extravaganza has closed, and today we move onto the nomination period! We hope you enjoyed the promotional period, and we’re delighted to see all the posts that went up this year. You can find the promo thread for 2019 here, or check the spoiler below for all the promos from this year!

So excited, you have no idea!
Best holiday of the year!

But with that said, here are my promos!

By @Polymori

Hypoxia updates every Friday.
There are currently 9 pages out and chapter 1 will wrap up on the 24th!

CW: Abuse (Domestic), Mental Illness, Death, Blood/Violence/Amputation, Transphobia

By @pkmnMasterWheeler

Updates every Saturday.
There are currently 12 pages out, but there is plenty more coming along!

CW: Not 100% sure quite yet, but expect some canon typical violence. This is a nuzlocke after all!

If I make more promos I may edit this later, but for now,
I wanted to promo a comic run that is new this year and I don't see getting a lot of attention on the forum! So I'm going to gush about the things I love about it!

Sunshine by @yepiz

"Tatsu unaware that he has a stolen Pokémon, initiates a journey to procrastinate
while his hospitalized life companion gets better."

Yepiz is a seriously talented cartoonist and this comic is very strong in its characters and story. Sunshine's protagonist, Tatsu, isn't a direct mirror of the Sun and Moon in-game protags, who are also featured in the comic. This being the case, Tatsu's motives are very unique of a nuzlocke comic, and gives him a complicated relationship with his rowlet, Bodoque. Without spoiling anything, the story stays mostly lighthearted and humorous, but keeps things interesting with challenging character dynamics and problems.

This comic has been fairly regularly updating since spring of 2019 and already has a solid amount of pages posted. If you haven't read it, it's worth checking out!

Okay time for promo #2!! This year I started reading screenshot runs, here's one I enjoyed keeping up with.

Huge Mistake: An Inadvisable Nuzlocke of Pokemon Clover version by @SnackyTheSylph

This run wrapped up about a month ago, lasting from August to December. I find Snacky's commentary and screenshots very easy to follow, even though all the pokemon are unfamiliar. They usually give a quick description of each catch, including stat spread and team role. This game is also bloody difficult, and I am amazed that they even managed to complete the run. Their team got wiped at least once, and their were several battles that killed 2 or 3 mons. Being a hack most people would never nuzlocke themselves, it's a good read with lots of strategy and tough (sometimes unfair...) battles.
First extravaganza jitters everyone! However, I do wanna do some promotions. (Probably gonna edit a third person here when it comes to me)

By @
First of all, this is a wild challenge, as SysterSyn literally did both the gameplay and the comic all in one year, which is an insane feat all on its own. However, SysterSyn pushes it even further to try to make this comic as original as they can with their time limit! It may not be as lore heavy, but the characters are charming, the story is fast paced, and the sheer effort taken into this nuzlocke I feel like deserves a mention so Time Ticks On may go on to be a contender!
This nuzlocke seems to fall under the radar and I need to change that! So let me tell yall about Pocket Space!
Honestly, it has one of the most solid settings for a gijinkalocke with a more lax nature! The character designs above are as charming as all the characters, who we see equal character interactions and screen time! They really do feel like a group of friends out on a digital adventure! Seriously, if you haven't taken a look at it, please do!~ Pocket Space does deserve to at least have a little space to shine~

If you thought that every conceivable way to take snarky potshots at Johto had already been explored but hadn't considered the possibility of coupling it with passionate and heartfelt stabs at the very notion of Capitalism and its far-reaching tendrils, then TOUSDRPPCN:SE is the run for you!
Re-exploring the allegedly Perfect Crystal, @alan smithee will fight to truly turn Johto in the most perfect of all possible regions with the power of Socialism and spot-on nicknames.

In a world devoid of people, reminiscent of the various Mystery Dungeon in both themes and painstaking attention to details, the best of Hoenn starters a little Mudkip embarks on a journey that'll make everyone look at Hoenn in a brand new way.
Join Mouse every Tuesday to explore a new page of this heartwarmingly awesome adventure.
It’s the most wonderful time of the year~ Happy new year and happy new decade, Nuzlocke Forums! To those who are experiencing this season on the forums for the first time, welcome! For those who have witnessed the Extravaganza in all its glory before, strap in, folks, because the new forums have given us a lot of new friends (not to mention all the new toys to play with as content creators).

TerrytheTeryx’s Pokemon world is distinctive, blending elements of modernity (smartphones, schools, etc.) with questions of how a world with so many different types of creatures living within it is accessible.

Accessibility is a major theme, because as much as this is a story about a couple of kids with the same dream as everyone else, joining a Challenge Team, our protagonists are not like everyone else.

Charlie can't detect the weather. Milo is practically blind. In the prologue of the comic, Charlie outlines their “only hope”: evolution.

Spoiler alert: That doesn’t work. Because TerrytheTeryx is too smart for a cure narrative. Her goal of representation is clearly outlined.

This crew may be a bit different from everyone else, but they have the power of their own pouvoir.

And are learning how they can make it greater than the sum of its parts.

As the teacher droned on, pacing at the front of the classroom, Charlie slipped a book in between her textbook. The Treecko released a sigh she knew she was holding carefully, like an Igglybuff floating down, not too quickly, or it'd be too loud, but not so slowly as to have it be blown away. Her brother, Milo, twitched. She whispered to her brother. "After class." The Totodile nodded subtly, his glassy eyes resuming tracking the splash of color of the teacher's uniform.

Yes, after class, the siblings would pour over the book together. "What do you think was in that parcel?" Milo would ask, and the duo would launch into speculation. Maybe it was a letter, from an old friend of the professor! Perhaps it was a secret item, used to combat the schemes of the evil team! Or maybe... Just maybe... Information about the egg Team Revival would deliver years later! In the stories of the teams, everything was connected. The professor gave the Master Ball you used to defeat the evil team leader. The rival that taunted you from right out the door had you back in the ambush. The friends you made became your family. Your family became your greatest challengers.

Charlie could imagine it, even now. Professor Birch handing them the key to saving the world, Blake at their side, fending off the bad guys together; the Pouvoir reaching its zenith with paws, hands, claws united; Dad facing the team down, a proud smile on his face.

But despite everything, she still couldn't see it. Because she can't see the storms coming. And Milo can't see her out of arm's reach.

She and her brother... They're not like Team Yellow or Team Revival or Team ACT or Team Charm. The bell rings; the wave of students swells. Charlie closes her book. But they'll make their own story.

by @cyndakip

The Phoenix is unique because it is a sequel (to a run you may recognize from last year’s extravaganza, The Scientist). Since the events of that run, Tessa has grown a lot: She has become Champion, landed an adult job, and cleared her best friend’s partner’s name.

But as the title’s namesake implies, conflict has been reborn.

And Tessa doesn’t have her old team of battle-hardened veterans. She has a new team. They’re young, they’re misfits…

But most of all, they’re hers.

And Tessa’s new world doesn’t exist in isolation. Her friends (Pokemon team included) only live a mountain range away. On one hand, that means that the Tessa Linden of The Phoenix has a much larger support group than the Tessa Linden of The Scientist. On the other hand, though, with a returning threat with its sights set squarely on her in blinding rage, she has a lot more to protect….

What will be reborn with her and what will burn away? Watch the transformation on Wednesdays.

Ashes To Ashes is a non-linear, anime-inspired reflection about one girl's journey to save her father —and the world. Part pandemic fic, part re-imagining of Ash Ketchum’s own journey, Ashes To Ashes is full of mirrors: complex characters being further complicated by parallels. The kindness of Ashley is a reflection of her father. Ash’s Pikachu almost died in the same way as Ashley’s Pikachu, Buddy. Ash’s Pikachu has the same regional origin as a Pokemon who replaces Buddy on the team. The same Legendary Pokemon chooses Ash and his daughter as their Emissary. Ashley and Buddy are not the only Pokemon chosen by Legendary Pokemon on their team.

These mirrors are reinforced and re-interpreted across time. While most of the narrative takes place using the past tense, this story is an exhibition of a historical event. As such, occasionally, there will be jumps to the present tense, as information is re-contextualized.

Including the presence of one broken mirror….
Picking just 3 things to promote is hard, but here we go!
I made some collages from panels that I think are very representative of each of the comics. Enjoy!

by @TwistedEerie

It all comes together.
Penumbra is a Moon Nuzlocke about an awkward emo kid and his mean but levelheaded owl uhh I mean about a masterfully crafted world of mysteries that keep you on the edge of your seat as the protagonist's forgotten past comes together glimpse by glimpse! The comic's other strong points are the expressive and colorful art that's just perfect for Alola, and the absurd humor that hits you like a ton of bricks every time. Oh, and also the deaths will tear your heart to shreds, so that's nice too!​

by @Winterspheonix

It came as quick as it started, like a shock to a system, spreading so quickly and silenced just as fast.
It twists and corrupts until it is a distorted mirror, until one dares to face it all.

What can I say, I like mysterious stories! One year ago, something happened that caused a great loss to the protagonist and changed the world. Computers are dangerous now, and so are Electric and Steel type Pokémon. As Tala and her friends set our on their journey, the cities in Sinnoh have started to recover, but there are threats looming outside of them that create a wonderfully eerie atmosphere. ​
Besides the intriguing story elements, this is also a randomized run, so it will be especially exciting to see what Pokémon we will meet in the story!​

by @Jutopa

Jutopa's Blue Challenge/Nuzlocke follows Pokémon trainer Jutopa across the Kanto region in his quest for proving someone wrong. Along the way, he will find out more about himself, his friends, as well as his enemies and rivals in order to become a complete person. God might or might not try to destroy the planet in the process, but that's secondary.
Jutopa's Blue Challenge is a long-running long-time favourite of mine! The comic is full of emotion, battle action and a multitude of wacky characters that are sure to make to laugh and cry. I swear at the high points you can hear epic anime music playing in your head!
The most impressive part about the comic is the progression from the not-so-serious beginning to the incredibly well planned and professional looking current state where you can see that everything is a cohesive whole and things are coming together. Jutopa is already very far into the story, so if you check it out, you can expect to see lots of epic payoff!​

Centuries ago, the world broke. In a catastrophic event known only as “The Calamity”, the world was brought to its knees, and mankind as it was known was destroyed by the very beasts they once called companions. Now all that remains are the Kindred, corrupted fragments of humanity, striving for survival in a world teeming with monsters.

Valna did not wish to be a hero. She, like so many others, only wanted to survive. Nonetheless, in following new friends, she becomes embroiled in a quest to seek the Wellspring, save the Kindred, and inherit the future of her broken world.

All That We Are is a story about hope in darkness. It follows the journal of Valna, a Dustox Kindred with an unusual gift… she can read. And in the ruins of a medieval world, that talent is truly rare. It is a story about tragedy, and a story about rising above it.

So come and see this incredible journey through the infamous Blaze Black, and the trials, wonders, and nightmares along the way.

Are you looking for a different sort of nuzlocke? Something interesting and new? Well, allow me to present @Whozawhatcha ’s Ghost in the Machine.

Ghost in the Machine is, as you might be able to tell, a very unique run. It has a wonderfully… raw, sort of style to it that puts you right into the wonderful, deeply emotional action of Josey’s miserable life let Josey sleep. Whoza is very good at making you feel for their characters, and those emotions are raw and real, and hit deep.

This story is something unto its own, and is certainly worth checking out, so head on over and join us in screaming at Whoza to just let Josey be happy please.

oh boy only picking three is REALLY HARD there are so many good nuzlockes out there!!

Primal Silver is 22 whole pages of really intriguing plot, great art, and endearing characters!! It follows an apathetic cyndaquil gijinka Nikolai as he takes on the league challenge in a world where people can suddenly catch a zombie like disease that causes them to turn 'primal'! It will have you laughing and keep you on the edge of your seat!!

Severance is a comic that is currently 9 pages long and it has a lot of interesting world building so far! It takes it's time getting started, but the buildup looks like it's shaping up to definitely be worth the wait! The rule set is INTENSE and the way that it's been incorporated into the comic is already interesting and I'm sure it'll continue to be so!

by @mizar
Rainbow tour is a new comic with 11 pages and it's already shaping up to be a really interesting story! The comic has beautiful colours and backgrounds and the characters are just as interesting! The story so far, follows Phoebe and her mysterious and silent eevee as they roadtrip across Kanto with Phoebe's sister Eva. What can I say I'm a sucker for road trip stories.
Shilling both my things first seems weird so I'm gonna start with a different thing!

By @Master Bryss
Master Bryss has done a couple of runs featuring an absurdly complex and difficult ruleset, and this is the most recent in his series. For it, he wrote a very... comprehensive... set of rules that effectively turns Pokemon battling into a completely new system! Along with the unique rules, Game of Chance White 2.0 features plenty of entertaining characters, including a protagonist who would really like it if she never had to deal with a plot hook ever again. We'll see how that goes for her. It's a blast to read, and the rules, while difficult to understand at first, are explained over the course of the story.

by @TheTRUEgge
Sunlocke has been my main project for nearly three years now (I began work on it six months before the first page went live), and the momentum has kept up for nearly that entire stretch. It follows Ann, a human girl who woke up on the shores of Alola one day with no memory of how she got there. And oh, right, Pokemon didn't exist in the world where Ann grew up, that's weird. She's currently adventuring around Alola, trying to figure out what to do with her life. In 2019, I posted everything from Page 78 to Page 129 , which is 51 pages! Dang. Read if you enjoy shy birbs, outgoing birds, book birbs... there are a lot of birbs.

By @TheTRUEgge
Benji's Lucky Platinum is a Nuzlocke through Platinum, as told by a little kid's short diary entries. On the surface, it's simple enough, but there's a mysterious undercut of plot suggesting that something is amiss...
This is the First Extravaganza I participated, so why not Cut my teeth by promoting these awesome runs.

The First Entry in the Secrets of Aetherai Series, this Fantasy Let´s Go Eevee Storylocke stars the title character called Rocket, now known as the Eeveetar, and his friends as they traverse the Region of Gatto on an epic quest to save their homeland. All while having fun, and singing wonderful songs.

This may sound a tad generic, but this Run is a prime example of amazing World Building, and an Immersive Lore.
It truly knows how to engage you, as a new part of the land and it´s history gets revealed with every new Chapter.

One can clearly see the author´s passion for the project on every single paragraph written, such as this one:

This White 2 Storylocke, that I never heard of, is tale of survival; After a war involving the Legendary has caused the extinction of the Human Race, A Snivy called Sebastian, alongside a group of other Pokemon, must survived the damaged region of Unova, by any means necessary.

This series is more of a character-driven story; There´s no big overarching plot, everything is driven by how each Pokemon responds to this extreme situation, and how they decide to act upon it and make the best out of this chaos.

Here´s a quote from a recent chapter that I´m personally proud of.

Going strong since 2012, First Summer is a Amazing Comic set on the Fan made Game Rijon Adventures

This one is the classic story of a trainer travelling the region to compete in the Pokemon League; Our protagonist Sara and her team are so lovable, and have the personalities and intriguing backstory to keep you engaged.

However, the thing that I love the most of this Comic, are the visuals: All the character designs are flawless, and all the landscapes and environment presents are truly a thing of beauty. And is even better after seeing how the art constantly evolves as time goes on.

I really recommend reading this amazing run.
This is my first time in a Extravaganza-related post and I’m pretty excited to promo some runs! I’ll edit this post as soon as my english proofreader approves my writing haha.

Unovarsity: a Pokemon White2 Nuzlocke by @spelonberry

Unovarsity is a four panel PKMN White 2 nuzcomic which is lead by Nate, a freshman student who’s trying to save the Winter 2019 Semester and also he's trying to become a PKMN champion as his brother. Are both tasks possible? I don’t know for sure! But Nate is training and teaching his PKMN team to go through all those hellish exams and brutal gym leaders through Unova. He's is even willing to drop a course if one of his pokémon fails... that's why we should support his studies!

Spelonberry's adventure is full of university jokes and crude humor you can relate as a student and/or PKMN gamer.

oh i really love this addition to the ganza!! even tho it’s gonna be super hard to pick just 3 runs to promo o|-< so in usual snooze fashion this is a wip that i’ll edit with new runs as i make up my mind haha

by @StarofFire

by @Yuriakashu

I’ve really liked reading all these promos so far! Now I’ve got a long list of new runs to read! I did notice that only a few screenshot runs got promo’d, so I’m dropping in two more that I really like:

Kanto Quest: A Fire Red Nuzlocke
by @TrueZero2

Kanto Quest is a casual screenshot storylocke, following the protagonist Jon as he travels all over the region to fill in his Pokédex and collect the eight gym badges. Where this run really shines is vibrant characters and narration. You’ll grow attached to each and every unique Pokémon that Jon meets, which is quite a lot of them, if all the full pages of his Pokédex are any indication! (Without spoilers, Iris, Beck, and Ava are some of my favorites.)

heartgold but i think its broken
by @k80

There’s really only one way to describe this run - hilarious the whole way through. Irony and dry, witty commentary make it super enjoyable to read. Also, since it’s definitely not randomized, you totally don’t get to see unique and underrated Pokémon in action. Totally not — this is an entirely normal and legal run of Heartgold. And I did not steal those jokes right out of k80’s commentary.​
People can draw and colours are nice, same as every year. Here's some pixels.

Violet is the Best Colour by @Rhyder

VitBC is a run of Pokemon Stigma, a mostly unknown hake that is... an experience to play and watch, to say the least. It's a good thing that Rhyder is game for a laugh, even if that laugh comes out of fits of 'why this, game?', because she's going to need that skill as she bravely and successfully welds original plot to the bonkers ride that is the plot of the hack itself. A compelling experience.

Game of Chance But In Red by some weirdo in a half-mask
GoCbiR is the run I did instead of planning for my own wedding (I'm good at priorities). In it, a girl refuses to take administrative bias lying down and leaves her fate in the hands of playing cards. Apart from some stuff at the very end, it's actually accessible to people who haven't read anything else I've done before and features some nail-biters of Chance Battles. And also I actually finished it in the year I started it. Give it a whirl.
Okay, if you haven't read Carrotchipper's For Victory, what are you doing? This comic finished in 2019, literally a few months after I discovered it for the first time, and it had been an absolute joy to read through.

My favorite panel:

Delightful art style, fast paced comedy, meaningful character arcs. I love this analysis Mouse did on it. For Victory for the win this ganza go check it out!

Solstice is a Nuzlocke run of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity by @MouseWithADinosaurTail. Ever since the Pokemon world lost its sun, its inhabitants have lived in endless darkness and despair. Catrin, an Oshawott of the Church of the Sun, prophesizes that a Savior will come and bring the sun back, if in vain. But said Savior does come— Elaine, a human turned into a Tepig and thrust into the Pokemon world. The two go about meeting new friendly Pokemon to help them out— and non-friendly Pokemon that want them dead— while growing to understand each other better. Solstice adapts the plot of Gates to Infinity into a gritty fantasy setting, and every PMD fan should consider reading it.
ok i've been forgetting to do this for over a week now i'm so sorry

Anyway, I don't have time for a long gushing message unfortunately, but I promise I'm certainly capable of it.
Narrowing it down to just three runs was difficult because I read a lotta stuff and there are so many talented people out there- but in the end I decided to go with these .
They're all just starting out but are showing a lot of potential already, and I had great fun reading them
Please check them out~
<3 <3 <3

Black Plague by RastyRat

Flame of Mystery by Anike469

Zweeblocke by Zweeb
(Please update your cover I'm begging you ksdjfhkjsdf)

This seems like fun! I like the idea of taking time to promo nuzlockes before the extravaganza!
I just feel bad that I haven't picked up many new nuzlockes recently. I'm a bit out of the loop.
But here are my three:

"Will really isn't interested in becoming a Pokemon trainer and would rather become an artist instead. However, due to her rare ability to speak to Pokemon, her parents and Professor Elm get the wrong idea and believe that she is destined to be a Pokemon Master. Will ends up finding herself paired up with a fun-loving Totodile named Liberty who wants to be the first Pokemon Pokemon League Champion. And so their adventure begins... "​

This one is my own comic. I update every Sunday on deviantart and am currently updating a backlog of the comic here. There are currently 5 chapters up on the forums. I've been writing this comic consistently for over 5 years and have had a lot of enjoyment making it. I hope you enjoy it as well.

"A short story revolving around Lillie's misadventures in Kanto based on my silly imagination of my ongoing FireRed Gameplay
Story takes place after Pokémon Sun Moon, and will be set on Kanto years after Red/Leaf has beaten the league. "​

This is a nice, light story that brings a smile to my face with every page. It has a charming art style and an eclectic cast of characters. If you want a more light-hearted break from heavy, mature nuzlockes, this is a good one to read. It's got great humor and some interesting takes on the Poke-lore. I love Lillie as our main character, and I want to root for her on every page. Come root for Lillie along with me and go read "A Silly Lillielocke"!​


Wringlocke by @Umberoff
"a comic about dumb teens, complicated friendships, and the constant impeding dread of giant hell monsters.

mostly dumb teens though."​

I've been a longtime reader of this nuzlocke and it's one that I always have to promo every chance I get. The art is experimental and inspiring, and so full of life and atmosphere. It's largely the look of the comic that draws you in. And then it's the story and characters that keep you there. It's one of those special comics where the characters just feel so human. I will always recommend reading Wringlocke - it's one of my absolute favorite nuzlocke comics out there.​
I have so many thoughts, but all of it just comes down to: get involved. Nominate and vote, for sure, but also just... read! Comment! Tag a fucker! There is so much incredible stuff on here, and often a lot of it doesn't quite get the love it deserves. I've been around this block for years now and legitimately just showing that appreciation or acknowledgement can go such a long way not just in making that creator feel loved and motivated, but enriching the community as a whole. A rising tide lifts all boats, so branch out and leave some keysmashes or likes or nominations or what have you because there's nothing better than giving. Happy Ganza season y'all, hope this one is the best one yet!

Okay, on to promos.


You know what's boring? Heroes. Out saving shit, being protagonists, having moral compasses... not being wusses. You know, heroes.


What's far more exciting is a story where the main character is the least heroic hero in all of Johto. A story about evil team scheming and asshole ghosts. A story where the biggest blazes come from his depressive blunts instead of fiery emotions. And yet, a story so goddamn well-constructed, from the POV switches to the stylistic turns, that it'll have your head spinning like a kid let loose in the chairs section of Office Depot. Seriously, if you want a story that's truly unique, a run that's both flowery and evil, and a case study in how to write a wonderfully pathetic protagonist, please for the love of god hit up and lend some support to...


So I've got a new run. New-ish, I guess, since it'll soon be 4 chapters and 1 interlude in. I'm quite proud of it thus far for a lot of reasons, but I'm actually going to turn to a well-completed run if I'm going to promo myself between the bookends. Y'see, I've always had a style ever since I really got active here. Crazy premises, written all snarky, punchy, with enough vitriol to light a Buick on fire. Whether it's a narcissistic Rocket hypnotist and his sassy Hypno partner (the true hero) or a young woman turned into a "demon" Lucario in 1920s Kalos, it's been all about voice and wit.

Then I started Carousel. (AO3 linked bc I never properly imported it, oops)

Carousel was basically everything I wasn't doing. I'd written anxious characters before, since that was my side hustle to snarkmasters, but nothing like this downbeat, downtrodden Eusine. I'd written some fun imagery before, but nothing like the stuff I had to come up with for this almost magical realist Johto. And I sure as hell had never written a story like this that was only 10 chapters long. It took a couple restarts of the story to properly get into a groove, but by the time it finished, it easily became the proudest work I've ever produced. Even for someone whose entire game is experimenting, it proved to me that I'm better than I think, that I really can do whatever I aim for in writing... and that I can write some flowery shit too if I want lmao

In 2019 I finished two runs, after not having finished a single story since my very first one in high school. Carousel was the one that let me know that I could beat the odds I put against myself.


Sometimes, above all else, a run's pure skill is what strikes you.

That's what this one was for me. I'll fully admit I'm not as connected as I should be, and it took me a while to finally give this run a go. But when I did, I was floored. There was just so much good going on, it was just one of those runs where each paragraph looks delicately chiseled at like a sculpture in the Louvre, but also the kind of writing that just looks effortless. And not just that, but this author has a handle on mood and emotion like Federer with racket in hand. It's the kind of nuance that leaves you not just reading but studying at times. And along with all that, you're getting a wonderfully executed isekai premise, and that's coming from someone whose only real taste for isekai before this came from PMD way back when.

Sometimes a run catches you out because the person creating it, just about their every stroke illuminates their wonderfully conflicted protagonist or the familiar yet alien world they find themselves in. And one of those runs, for me and hopefully for you too, is:

Hmm. Guess I should probably take a crack at this, eh? Not that my voice has any real weight or anything.

I haven't really been able to read a whole lot of 'lockes this past year, but there's a couple newer ones that have mightily impressed me of late. Here goes:

Like Alola? Like Lillie? Like protagonists with a frankly absurd amount of repressed thirst? Well, good news: there's a run for that.

To be accurate, this technically is a reboot of a run that had previously won multiple Extravaganza awards--proof that even the best and most decorated writers feel the urge to blow it all up every once in a while. Still, as good as the original incarnation of TW was, this new version is already shaping up to be just as good, if not better. Though the settings and the characters are fundamentally the same, the story so far feels tighter and more fully realized overall, largely the result of diligent planning and restructuring on the writer's part.

If you enjoyed the original Trainer-Watching, or if you just like Alola-based stories with well-written dialogue and narration, then I can't recommend this one enough.

Every so often, a story comes along that pretty much immediately drags you into its premise and doesn't let go, but you don't mind because that premise has a lot of intrigue behind it and you just want to see what happens next.

For me, that's been On the Run. Milo the Alolachu is a playful hacker type who's tracking down what's happening to his fellow data runners, including his best friend. With his bodyguard Sione and tagalong companion Iva, Milo's about to step out into the world for the first time--and it promises to be an exciting read the whole way through.

And since the man himself doesn't feel comfortable promo-ing what promises to be a great story in the making, and seeing as I wrote a quick fanwork for the run in the recent Secret Santa event, it seemed only fair to throw in a shout-out here. Cheers, Garch.

An absolute masterpiece by one of the most talented and attractive writers in the community, Summer Storm is--what's that?

Yes, of course this is a blatant and self-serving abuse of the promo system! That's the point!

...Okay, fine, all joking aside, I'm not that great at self-promotion. Hence why this is the last (and shortest) of my three promos. But hey, I've got this storylocke I'm really proud of, and I want as many people to see it as possible, even if they end up hating it. I've certainly enjoyed writing it, and I hope it's been a great read for others as well. So...yeah. If you like coming-of-age journey stories with an extra helping of Johto flavor, you might like Summer Storm. I do update occasionally, whenever I can be bothered to actually write instead of succumbing to my depressive urges.
All righty, let's do this!

Got suckered in by the Espeon staring at me on the banner and stayed for the grimdark the writing. TDWC is a Colloseum storylocke that definitely takes its own liberties with the story and isn't afraid to do its own thing. The story follows Rui as she is abducted as soon as the first page rolls and then rescued by Wes. All seems nice and good for her and everything will turn out okay.

But this is TDWC. In TDWC things going well is a bad idea!

As such, Rui winds up tangled deep in a web plotting and darkness featuring criminal syndicates, shadow Pokemon, divine elements, and so, so much more all set in a light-gray versus absolute black setting. Dig into this run and prepare yourself for some intense action and strong emotional moments!

This might be a Unova run, and it might be a Blaze Black run, but it ain't any Blaze Black Unova run you're familiar with. Set in a world devoid of Pokemon, it was once devoid of any fantastical elements as well. And then magic showed up. After a bit of a cataclysm, we find ourselves set in a very rough and tumble Unova ran by gangs. Albert, a water-magic user under the employ of the Dice, one of the more premiere gangs, is recruited by their mysterious leader to undergo a mission in Castellia.

Naturally, in such a dangerous setting, things hardly go according to plan and there are many elements at play to oppose Albert on his mission.

Well written, this story features both a very unique world and some very intense action. Definitely worth your time!

Okay, I'm a selfish, greedy jerk who's promoting myself.

A Leaf Green run set in a more backwater version of Kanto, Sinnoh-native Shawn O'Donnel finds himself waking up in Pallet Town with the past few years of his memory missing. Gone, wiped, empty. Unable to contact anyone in his home region directly, Shawn sets out on a journey to reach Goldenrod City to access the Global Transit System and hopefully find some clues about what just happened to him.

However the clues seem to be more interested in tracking him down first...

While lighter on action, Stolen Dreams weaves a tale through various perspectives, a story of backstabbing, betrayal, and people behind closed doors with the best intentions pursuing the most dubious means to reach their goals. Not everyone is who they may immediately appear to be as the world twists on small changes.

In my completely unbiased opinion I definitely highly recommend it!

Kinda getting hijacked but Real Life™, but gonna try to get some text snippets for all three when I have the chance to sit down and seek them out!
Woo, promos! There are so many amazing runs that it's impossible to pick just three, but here are a few recent ones that have caught my attention.

Death is common in nuzlockes, but a nuzlocke starring Death? That's not something you see every day. That's right, the protagonist of this story is the Grim Reaper themself -- although they're not actually that grim, and they’re here to take on Alola’s trials, rather than take souls. Fortunately, they've got help from a delightful cast of characters, including the ever eager and enthusiastic Hau; the sweet but nervous Lillie; and Kāne the snarky, angsty Rotom-dex. Their interactions never fail to be entertaining, whether it's with each other or with anyone else who gets caught up in their shenanigans.

This run is jammed with both hilarious and heart-wrenching writing, and Wwar proves to be a master of both, blending them perfectly together in a way that always feels authentic.

Saylee’s brother set out a few years ago in search of a better life for the family, but never returned. Now, she’s going to find him, no matter what it takes. Her quest is not an easy one; food and clean water are scarce in Kanto, and with humans and Pokemon alike struggling to survive, there are many dangerously desperate foes to face along the way. With her team at her side, Saylee will discover things she could never have imagined as her journey takes her further and further from home…

After Armageddon is a reboot of the first run in the Keyleeverse series, an epic saga spanning multiple regions and time periods. Don’t be overwhelmed, though! This reboot offers a perfect opportunity to get into the series, especially since not many chapters have been posted yet. It’s an extremely creative post-apocalyptic take on Kanto that you don't want to miss out on!

Spacial Rend is a randomized Platinum comic that’s just starting out, but already has a lot to offer! The art style is cute and colorful, the characters are full of personality, and the comic as a whole is bursting with charm and humor. This is one new run that you don’t want to pass up, and it wouldn’t take long to read what’s been posted so far, so what are you waiting for?
well it's ganza season, I felt the urge to poke my head out of the isolation hole, and so here we are. this thread's been running shortish on storylocke noms and storylocke recognition in general I feel, recent explosion excepted, and since that's the medium I identify as my wheelhouse I wanted to try and shed some light. not sure that I have any unusual reads or underrated gems (aside from the fact that pretty much everything is underrated because only the big dogs can get more than a couple of likes or comments these days, free [anti-jerk]) but there's def runs that need a mention and haven't gotten one, and thats where I come in I guess:

seasonchild by @Clockenstein is more experience than story, in all honesty. reimagining unova as small-town canadiana, seasonchild nonetheless weaves a tangent web using some of bw's major themes, sequenced by the eponymous seasons as a major homage to their base game. the story follows christopher merrick seasons, local teenager and nature spirit, through everyday life, watching as he quietly pushes the boundaries at the edges of his life and yearns for something more.

falling between coming-of-age story and period piece, spiced with magic realism and written in a cutting yet enigmatic and considered style of minimalism that highlights all the right beats, seasonchild defies easy explanation but demands to be read nonetheless.

call of the divines by @llyarden is another story that gets the nod for being amazing writing and a brilliant adaptation of the nuzlocke experience. call of the divines reimagines johto as a medieval fantasy alternate universe, with protagonist ethan being an average human transported from another world (the classic isekai premise) to pursue his destiny. heavy on worldbuilding, drama, and some philosophical musing, call of the divines is nonetheless written in a style that's remarkably clear and relatable, and its structuring of short chapters and arcs mean it's surprisingly easy to devour at a run.

hello and welcome to the obligatory self-promotion that is desert daze (I would've promoed sturm but my readers beat me to it so thanks rumors ❤). desert daze is a reimagining of the standard pokemon colosseum story, whose protagonist wes is on the run westward through orre after 'resigning' his job with team snagem. narrated alternately by his espeon and umbreon, as well as a mysterious 'watcher', desert daze is an atmosphere-heavy piece that's nominally a modern western but borrows from everything between slice-and-life and horror, whose overall effect is in the words of a friend 'like watching sand fall through an hourglass'. if not everyone's cup of tea it's certainly an experience and I'd appreciate people giving it a check.

there's a lot a lot more runs that deserve a promo or two because this forum is pretty chock-full of good content, since I don't have a tumblr or a twitter I'll try and post my honorable mentions on my blog chaos theory sometime before ganza starts in earnest, so watch that space. cheers
Glad I got reminded about this before it closed!

A Y Nuzlocke that is loaded with humorous conversations and panels that poke fun at some of the more...interesting...design choices in the game while still having enough twists and hints at things yet to come to be more than just the game and keep readers excited for more.

A White 2 nuzlocke told (mostly) from the perspective of a rather reluctant Purrloin. It's...kinda difficult to describe what I like about this without spoiling things, but suffice to say that even within just the first couple of chapters there are some twists that leave you wanting to see how it all unfolds, exploring the Gen V theme of the relationship between humans and Pokemon (and Pokemon and Pokemon, for that matter.)

My own run, a HeartGold nuzlocke translated into a high fantasy setting where the 'Pokemon' are represented by powerful warriors and magicians. The protagonist, Ethan, is an eighteen-year-old from Earth transported to the kingdom of Joto under mysterious circumstances, who finds himself - and the friends he makes along the way - confronting a nefarious plot.

(Also uh fair warning it's kinda long, so, y'know, don't try to read it all in one sitting!)
I wish I could say more about these runs, but I don’t read as much as I should, and I don’t have a very critical eye. It’s pretty hard for me to tell what I like about some comics and storylockes. I just wish I could do more than three...

Oh my lord these boys are so precious and there is so much good worldbuilding and the fights are so pretty and Alrune is so full of energy and there’s so many good character designs and there are so many characters I want to learn more about and I love every panel of this comic ugghhhh it’s so GOOD

Good comic, definitely read it.

It’s a Unova run that doesn’t take itself seriously. The facial expressions are perfect. It’s hilarious. And horribly dark. Rather than the usual "the Unovan hero fights Team Plasma because she loves her Pokemon," Taiyo seems to just like killing. I reread the whole thing before posting this, and I just kept laughing. It’s so good, you guys. The art style is perfect, and only serious when it needs to be. Every time Empty Sun uploads a new comic and I get a Discord notification, I smile, because I know it’s going to be something funny. It's like watching a YTP in Nuzlocke form, and that's a compliment.

Rumors already promoted this, but I’m promoting it anyways. It’s good. As in, I started playing Colosseum because of this run and was disappointed when I learned that all of the cool stuff that happens in TDWC comes entirely from the mind of Dee levels of good. The plot is full of amazing twists, every character has a very well-constructed backstory, Rui is handled so much better than she is in Colosseum, there’s great foreshadowing, I love the way the chapters start with a bit of ominous text before going back to the main party… I don’t want to spoil anything, since there are plenty of deviations from Colosseum’s plot, but it is well worth your time if you want something on the much darker side.
There are so, so many runs that I could promo here, it's insane. I've decided to do a self-promotion, one storylocke, and one comic, but seriously, there's such an abundance of talent on this forum that just doing three is incredibly difficult. Read as much as you can!

* * * * * * *

Search for Yesterday by @Dee

Do you remember your childhood? The way the smallest things seemed filled with magic? The excited fear of meeting new faces, new friends? The ever-winding journey of self-discovery, which you never knew you were on until it was almost over?

Search for Yesterday is much different than my usual oeuvre. There's little darkness; no death; all the characters are humans. It follows a girl, Cindi, as she and some friends journey into Alderland, the world's most famous theme park. The park's proprietor is aging and needs an heir, and as Cindi journeys through the wonder-filled lands, she will learn more: about her friends, about Alder, and about herself.

It's Charlie and the Cholocate Factory but with Disneyland instead; and even that takes a backseat to one young woman's journey of self-discovery and blossoming confidence. SfY is a short ten chapters, plus an intro and epilogue, and finished last summer.

* * * * * * *

Don't Fear the Reaper by @Wwarborday

(Image is from The Sims but I feel it's very fitting)
What if Death took a holiday to Alola? What if they did the Island Challenge? What if they became besties with Hau, Lillie, and one of the snarkiest and most intriguing Rotoms you've ever seen? The result is Don't Fear the Reaper, a fantastic run that somehow balances goofy light-heartedness with mature and thought-provoking introspection, including one of the best interpretations of Ghost-types I've seen in any run. All tied together with Wwar's trademark smooth-as-silk writing style, this is one run you won't want to miss, especially since it's just hitting its stride when it comes to the story. Light-hearted yet wistful, introspective yet never preachy, this is a one-of-a-kind run that already stands out as one of the best on the forums. Go check it out.

* * * * * * *

Jet's Black Nuzlocke by @Zero

What can I say about this run? This is a classic that's been around for a long time, and has only gotten better with age. You might come for the charming and colorful art style, but you'll stay for the side-rupturing humor, the funny and likable characters, and the grown-up, nuanced look at BW's conflict about pokemon, their rights, and the way people treat them. Jet's Black Nuzlocke is one of those one-in-a-million classics that is just as good as you remember it being--no, wait, it's better. The story is getting ready for high gear (it just cleared Dragonspiral Tower) so now is the perfect time to jump in if you want to see the climax unfold. Don't miss out on this one; it's legendary.​
It's tiiiiiiiiiime for Mouse's promos! There are a lot of runs I would have really liked to promo, but the thread has this absolutely evil rule that we can only promo three runs. ;;;o;;; So I'm going to focus on promo-ing great runs that I haven't seen in this thread yet! Okay? OKAY! All banners link back to their threads!

Step By Step By Step by @Tailsimp

Step By Step By Step is a Soul Silver nuzlocke that started about a year and a half ago. Despite still being in its early stages, this run's writing absolutely stands out. The comic gives the idea that we have been dropped into the middle of a story. The protagonist Alma's precious totodile, a pokemon she raised from an egg, is stolen by Silver, and she and her cyndaquil Cynder set out on a quest to bring him home. The use of Silver's pokemon theft to drive the plot of the run allows this comic to grab you from the start. Plenty of HGSS runs lean into the theft to help drive the plot, but I've never seen a run capitalize on it so hard by showing Alma's outright devastation at losing her pokemon. The emotions are running high in this run right from the getgo; it's a display of mastery from Tailsimp. On top of that, the side characters are fun and memorable, from Alma's stern mother to the whacky, eccentric Professor Elm to the confident and high-spirited starter. This run has an immense amount of potential, and it absolutely NEEDS more love. Give it a read, it's easy to catch up!

Electric Sheep by @Minty Electronica
Electric Sheep is hands-down one of the best storylockes on the forum to date. This White nuzlocke stars Door Hornbeam, an asshole with a "wake up sheeple" energy to her. She's a girl who hates robots and unfortunately lives in a world where wild pokemon are nearly extinct in Unova. Instead of using real pokemon in battle, trainers catch and use robotic "fauxkemon" instead. This run's premise makes it absolutely fascinating from the getgo. It's intriguing to see an industrialized Unova where the wilds have been paved over by trainer-friendly routes and all trainers have robotic-human companions to strategize for them and help them on their journeys. Unova is based off of New York City, and it feels like a natural progression for the region to make. Door's resistance to the idea of using robots and her fascination with the trainer journeys of old- where trainers would rough it in the wilds and battle with real pokemon- creates a great contrast, a tug-of-war between the protagonist and the world around her, and watching that conflict unfold over time is really what keeps this run engaging. Not to mention, Door's companion Geist, a robotic human a step above the average android, is just a fantastic character overall, and the banter between him and Door are enough to sell the run alone. Absolutely give it a read if you want a fresh, exciting take on Unova!

Kurukkoo! by @Kadew

The Pokemon Franchise at its simplest is young children roughing it out in the wilds and battling pokemon with absolutely no idea what they're supposed to be doing. Kurukkoo! is a comic that truly understands that. This story stars Red, a preteen girl who sets out on a pokemon journey for one reason and one reason only: because her friend Blue is doing it too and she doesn't wanna be bored at home all summer. The banter between Red and Blue is the bread and butter of the run. Kadew's mastery of dialogue just pulls you in and makes you want to watch these two kids bitch at each other all day long! On top of that, this is one of the very few nuzcomics that features non-talking pokemon, and Kurukkoo! is all the stronger for it. Despite the comic still being in its early stages, the pokemon have stronger characterization than many of their talking counterparts in other nuzlocke works. I wrote a whole article about it that you can check out here! Kurukkoo! is a great work that's made with passion and love, so I hope you'll give it a read if you may!

Now for a few honorable mentions of runs I would have promo'd if I could've! These are all fantastic as well, and most of them have been promo'd already in the thread, so absolutely check them out.
Across the Divide by @pkmnMasterWheeler- A PMD comic with a fresh, new take!
Jet's Black Nuzlocke by @Zero- A hilarious and good-spirited comic that has absolutely earned its spot amongst the classics.
Running Hot by @Zephyr_Iphis- A fun and interesting Omega Ruby storylocke told from an intriguing perspective!
The Power of Pouvoir by @TerryTheTeryx- A wonderful, feel-good comic about underdog kids proving their might.
First time for everything, I suppose.
(also I REALLY procrastinated on this seeing as someone already promo'd my comic for me)



Relic Radiation
by @critterlingz
To be frank, while this comic only just started out a few months ago, there's already so much to enjoy here. Slight undertones of mystery and horror, along with great characters and an overall beautiful art style are all waiting for you here.

honestly i just wanna help a friend out asdjfklsjf
Oh boy, promos! Many of the things I'm promo-ing fall under Creative which I don't believe is against the rules (but if so, lemme know), so here goes! There's also some spots in this post that are empty atm while I'm finalizing decisions, those should be edited in shortly!

The Stars Shine Bright features a colorful and unusual cast of characters. On a surface level, it might be hard to convince someone that a comic featuring Legendary pokémon and a Suicune-experiment-gone-wrong has stellar writing and characterization, but it does! Taking concepts that are absolutely insane on paper and making them work makes this comic stand out from so many others that try grappling with difficult-to-handle premises. Are you also a fan of insane art and writing evolution? Because this comic's growth has been amazing to watch! With so many exciting twists and turns, I can't wait to see where it goes from here!

(Coming Soon)

(Coming Soon)
Faith - Another Pokémon Y Nuzlocke by @mykehroo

While it's new, this comic is a really enjoyable read. Its dialogue is natural and funny, its humor is great, and its art style is extremely charming. It's done a good job of juggling the large amount of beginning characters and adding spice to them so that all are memorable, distinguishable, and fun. Hints of an overarching plot or mystery have already started poking in, and the comic's approaching the first gym fight, so it's a better time than ever to start reading!

Primal Silver Nuzlocke by @EraOfThirteen

Primal Silver takes place in a world where an enigmatic disease turns gijinka violent and feral, the government is unstable, and shady groups abound. Its world building is super interesting and its action scenes are snazzy and effectively brutal when they need to be (I'm hard to creep out, but some of the "savage" gijinka have actually unnerved me), not to mention its compelling characters (and there are a lot of them). The comic has recently wrapped up a very action-packed, suspenseful sequence, and is soon moving on to Bugsy's gym fight, which will without a doubt be very interesting!

Pantsing by @"Absolutely Certain"

I didn't quite have the time to find a preview image for this one, unfortunately, but this is a randomized gijinkalocke of Platinum! It follows Nilo, a Seadra with a mysterious past. Its artwork is downright gorgeous, with interesting character designs, beautiful paintings, and great color choice. The fact that this is a "pantsed" story where much is relatively unplanned ahead of time, and comes with artistic constraints like time and design limits, in addition to being randomized, makes it a very unique comic.

As we start nominations please use the provided ballot so you are aware of all ineligibilities for the Extravaganza, and make sure you’re familiar with the rules for nominations. This part of our celebration is vital for folks to make it into the voting period, so even if you can’t completely fill a ballot, rep the runs you love! They’ll appreciate the support.

Nominations will be open until the 27th, and we will begin collecting submissions from those moving into the voting phase. Keep an eye out for further news on Extravaganza proceedings as we move through the phases of this event!

We’ve got many a new run to catch up on. I’m proud to present the New Run Roundup.... 2!!


Comic Sinnoh Teen


Written LogHoennMon

Screenshot Kanto Commentary Hack Mon

Written Story Johto

Mixed Media Johto TeenMon

Video Galar Teen

Screenshot Kanto General Commentary Hack Mon

Video Galar Mature Commentary Mon

Video Galar General Commentary

Written Story Unova Teen Mon

Written Story Unova Mature Mon

Screenshot Kanto Teen

Written Story Galar

Screenshot Hoenn General Hack

Comic Galar Teen

Written Story Galar

Comic Hoenn General

Comic Johto Mature

Written Log Sinnoh General Mon

Screenshot Kanto General

Comic Alola Mature Mon

Comic Galar General

Screenshot Written Log Unova Commentary

Written Log Johto General

Screenshot Hoenn Teen

Screenshot Kanto Commentary

Written Log Kanto JohtoHoennSinnohUnovaKalosAlolaGalarGeneral Mon

Screenshot Galar Other Advdenture

Comic Sinnoh General Mon

Comic Kalos Mature Gijinka

Comic Galar Teen

Written Story Hoenn Mature Gijinka

Screenshot Kalos Mixed Media Commentary

Comic Galar Mature

Written Story Galar Teen

Comic Unova Mature Mon

Screenshot Sinnoh Teen

Screenshot Kanto Fan Game Teen Other Adventure

Written Log Galar General Mon

Screenshot Johto Hack Commentary

Screenshot Fan Game Mature Hack

... And many more! I wasn’t able to capture every single run this newsletter just due to the sheer amount we’ve created coming into the New Year.

A new schedule for 2020 feature team events has been laid out. New Run Round-up will be continuing via the newsletter, but featurettes will be retiring in their current incarnation until further notice; no promises on its return.

As always the Feature a Fan Run thread is open for anyone to celebrate their favorite runs! We’ve gotten a Fan Feature this month from @Cure Icy . Check it out!

https://nuzlockeforums.com/forum/index.php?threads/benjis-lucky-platinum.2117/#post-789038, by @TheTRUEgge
Benji's Lucky Platinum is a surreal, quirky adventure told from the perspective of a child named Benji and illustrated accordingly. The narration is rather sparse, but leaves the reader with a vague sense of questioning, like something is happening just outside their field of vision. Still, Benji's innocence never veers into creepy, and his interactions with his Pokemon are told from a sweet, naive point of view. The format is somewhat vaguely defined, and will remain so. Each new Pokemon addition and evolution merits an illustration by Benji, in an art style that develops with the story.
Thanks for taking the time to shout out to your fellow user. Spread the love!

We’re also happy to field any suggestions you may have in the suggestions forum! Our process is ever evolving with the feedback we receive, so don’t be afraid to reach out with your thoughts. We’re looking forward to a wonderful 2020 with you all.

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A big thanks to Flop and Gar for organizing this event!

Pokemon Spotlight has released two New entries since the release of Sword and Shield, bringing a whole new region worth of info to Roserade, and a special spotlight to the Galarian Fossils! Roserade has a whole new information, and the spotlight includes the same info as before, but with new access to TRs and a free Move Tutor it changes the options a lot. Thanks to @Toyotasomi no Miko and @Squiggy Azalea for the brilliant Pokemon Spotlights! And a special thanks to @SysterSyn for the Roserade spotlight artwork.

Want to see a certain Pokémon get the spotlight shined on them? You can submit a Pokémon for review here!

Weekly streams have resumed on the Official Nuzlocke Forums Twitch channel! Every Sunday at ~ . @Tailsimp and @Zero will be playing a Nuzlocke run of Sheild! This will continue weekly for what is expected to be six weeks, and be capped of by a SwSh themed Art Jam.

You can follow this channel on Twitch, or look to the Streaming Tab for when they go live! You can chat to our streamers directly through the forum, and join in on the fun. And really... it’s been a lot of fun watching Zero go at this blind and reckless. We hope to see you there!

This Year’s Top 50 Pokemon thread is underway, hosted by the lovely @Alolan Floatzel for the 6th year now! This thread will be open for submissions until February 2nd, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST (4:59 AM GMT), so don’t miss the chance to rep your top ten favorite Pokémon and give them a shot at the annual top 50! Go Golisopod!!

The resolutions thread is now closed! Over all we got 31 resolutions submitted. We’ll be moving the resolutions thread into hiding until next year, where we’ll get to review our resolutions again and see how well we did! Thank you all for participating, and I can’t wait to see where 2020 brings us. I’ll be pinging your account when the thread opens again so you don’t miss it. Happy Nuz Year!

Friendship Cafe is dangerously close to earning another star! Once the thread has reached 1000 posts, moderators will be locking the thread and contacting the 1000th poster to start the next thread for the next 1,000 posts! Thank all you chatty Nuzlockers for making such a friendly thread for people to land on and chat. Keep your eyes peeled for post #1000 if you’re hoping to snag OP rights to the next thread!

We need social media managers, send tweet. If you feel you stay up-to-date with forum happenings, and would like to interact with Nuzlockers on Twitter (or just make nuzlocke memes), we’d love to hear from you! You can fill out an application to be a contributor Here, and let us know you’re interested! Just shoot a message to an active member of staff once you submit your application, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

As the new games dropped we naturally got a lot of spotlight on the franchise from many gaming publications. But what also came with that was a wave of articles about Nuzlockes! What they are, where you can find them, and people just experiencing their very own first Nuzlockes. I’m here to bring you a little bit of outside the forum to your inbox.

You’ve maybe heard of Jaiden before! They’re an animator with a quirky animated blog, and they summed up their first Nuzlocke in this video (and probably kicked off the whole round of blogs we’ve been seeing about Nuzlockes lately). It’s a cute, short watch that may make you feel a little nostalgic for your first Nuzlocke.​

Gotta die a lot: how to artificially raise the difficulty in Pokemon Sword and Sheild by Ben Sledge
“If you’ve got to this point and you’re still finding things easy, then you can always combine some of the rulesets to make things even more complicated. How about a potion-only mono-Electric type Nuzlocke? Or a randomised Soul Link SurpriseLocke? The options are plentiful, and it’s clear that Sword and Shield have a lot more life in them yet, however difficult.”
Well if we weren’t intent with just throwing new Nuzlockes into the Wild Area with a death clause, Ben breaks down a whole slew of potential rule sets to really amp up the pressure in the newest games. While concepts like Soul Links and Mono-Lockes may be old news to some of you, Ben also shares some new runs alongside these rulesets as a sort of featured run. This one just dropped yesterday, so maybe go say hi to Ben from the Nuzlocke Forums and share a few rulesets of your own!

The Best Advanced Pokemon Challenges by Jack Gawn of Nintendo Village
This article places the Nuzlocke number one on their list of Pokemon challenges. No surprise there, as when outer looking for a way to amp up the difficulty of pokemon we have a way of worming into the conversation. But this list also provides a list of some other challenges instead of Nuzlockes. They‘re asking for any cool new challenges you may have ideas for, and hey... I think we may know a few. ;)

And finally, this one has to be my favorite. I don’t know how into MMOs you all are, but I know there is a large base among us with an insatiable hunger for social online games and a LOT of grinding. Maybe it’s masochism, but I don’t think any of us on a forum about letting our Pocket Monsters die can really say much about that. For where our interests intersect with MMOs and Pokemon, I’d like to show you TemTem.

And now for the twist that got this one on our list: It has a Nuzlocke Mode. Following a highly successful kickstarter campaign TemTem announced this mode for official release. Early access to this game opens on January 21st. If anyone is interested in starting a party or guild (or whatever social features this game has to offer), feel free to start up a thread now and let the discussion go!

If you’ve seen any news or just been online I’m sure you’ve heard about the Bushfires in Australia. The situation is absolutely catastrophic, to be blunt. This affects users we talk to and see daily, and I want to share with you all some ways you can help.

@TwistedEerie (Author of Penumbra) has given me the okay to promote their Charity Commissions for the Australia Bushfires. Their art is amazing, and the proceeds are going to a good cause that helps out many of our own.

Here is also a list of charities you can donate to to help!

If you can’t donate you still have the power to help. Share this Twitter thread around, start a conversation with people you know, and support the people around you. Our heart goes out to you all in Australia.

Another month another newsletter. Thank you all for reading! There were some technical difficulties in getting this one up and running, but we’ll be taking the month to get this one back in the resources archives for easy access in the future. Thank you all for making this year on the forums another wonderful one. I’ll see you next month!
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