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Screenshot Mixed Media Mature [MW2] The Outcast

Thread Description
now with 50% less snake. updated 3/14/20


Ask me about Phantom of the Oprea lore
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 15, 2019
Desert! Hell!
Pokémon Type
Fairy, Ghost

Mirror World 2: The Outcast

Note: I still have a lot of work to do with this run so the first checkpoint may be missing some assets. I fully intend to go back and update them later.
1) If a Pokemon faints, it's considered dead and may not be used anymore
2) Only the first encounter in each area may be caught

Electric and steel types have priority, if one is caught it must be added onto the team and remain on it until death.
Poison types and poison type moves may not be used.
The Pokemart may not be used.

At the beginning of the game, as well as after every gym is defeated, 10 Pokeballs of an appropriate strength are received.

Part one (you're here!)
Part 2

There is a state between being awake and being asleep, one where if you concentrate hard enough, you could be aware of your surroundings. Maybe you would hear the quiet static of the radio, feel the warmth coming from the fireplace, or even distant chattering from other rooms. However, you can never quite make out what it is, rather you drift back and forth between going asleep until finally, your mind decides on what one it wants to be in.

That is the current state Tobias was in.

It wasn’t something he was used to. Usually waking up was a jolt, a surge of adrenaline that would launch him from his makeshift bed and leave him an absolute mess for the next hour. Such is the case of having chronic nightmares and night terrors. A perfectly valid excuse to avoid sleep as much as he does, if you asked him.

It felt… nice. He didn’t remember when he fell asleep, whether it was by choice or just passing out from exhaustion. But he supposed it didn’t matter, he was just so comfortable sinking into his pillows and the mattress of his bed. It really felt like-


He didn’t have a mattress.

Instantly, he snapped awake. He was on a bed. Not the large bundle of pillows and blankets that took up half his room, an actual bed. And he fitted in it perfectly.

He propped himself up, staring at the foot of his bed in absolute disbelief. There was nothing there. There should have been a tail there but nothing was there. His eyes slowly fell to the blanket. Part of him didn’t even want to look, terrified of what he was about to see.

It was perfectly clean, no blood or anything. So it’s not like… someone just cut it off and gently placed him in a bed as he slowly died from shock or blood loss. Okay that’s… that’s good. But that still didn’t answer his question, where was the rest of him? Oh god where the fuck was the rest of him. That’s a question he never thought or wanted to ask before, where was the fucking rest of him??

There was… some part of him that was being covered by the blanket. The easy solution was to just take off the blanket and see what’s going on down there. He knew that. He could do that. It was easy. All he had to do was grab one of the edges and yank it off. Yeah. Totally doable. Only a baby or.. a complete coward couldn’t just take the blanket and see what was under it haha...ha...

Oh God he couldn’t do this.

Tobias couldn’t even stand looking at his bottom half normally, let alone now where there was half of him fucking missing. Like, Jesus Christ what is even left to be underneath the blanket??

He went to grab his right hand. It was something he did whenever he was nervous. Well. More nervous than usual. Something about fiddling with his prosthetic was oddly comforting to him, ever since he got it he-

His hand felt it.

He felt the touch of his other hand.

Now that caused him to let out a small yell, immediately letting go and putting his left hand to his chest far away from whatever the fuck was going on with his right.. That… couldn’t have just happened. It was a prosthetic, a fake arm that was made of metal. He had this stupid thing for over five years now, he knew how it worked and it couldn’t fucking feel anything, that was one of the few things he liked about it. It didn’t have nerves. It didn’t have fucking nerves, how the actual fuck did he feel it.

As if it was going to lash out and attack him at any moment, Tobias slowly reached out to it again. He had his fair share of anxiety attacks in his life, but this? It felt like he was actually going to die from it. It was getting harder to breathe by the second, his vision blurring slightly like he was about to pass out. He grabbed onto the tip of his trembling glove... it shouldn’t have been trembling. Prosthetics only move when you put a lot of thought into what you want it to do. It shouldn’t have been moving. It shouldn’t have been fucking moving. He took the deepest breath he could take in his current state. He closed his eyes.

He took the glove off.

It took him a few moments to gain the courage to open them again. He was staring at a hand. Not a metal one like it should be. Not a clawed one covered in... disgusting black scales like it was before he lost it. It was completely normal, with brown skin, and… and fingernails and…

It was as if everything just completely stopped. Nothing seemed to matter anymore, right now it was just Tobias and this hand that was attached to him. He tried to move the fingers. They moved flawlessly, he didn’t even have to focus on it like his prosthetic. The movement was completely natural, not a hint of it being janky. It was his hand.

Next thing he knew he was pulling his jacket off, throwing it onto the floor and rolling up his sleeve faster than he thought was possible. It was a completely normal, average, arm. Not a scale in sight, the ones that would have completely covered his forearm were gone. Which… made sense because the ones on his hand were gone as well. The stray scales, the ones that would be randomly scattered on his otherwise scaleless upper arm were replaced with faint black dots. He… thinks they are freckles? He rolled up the sleeve of his other arm, and took off the glove that one had. It was exactly the same. He slowly reached up to his face, and it was completely smooth. All of the scales on his body were just gone.

W...what? H….how….?

His eyes fell back onto the blanket. It… couldn’t be possible, right? Okay yes, his scales were just gone and he somehow perfectly fitted in a twin sized bed. But that doesn’t mean he was… normal right? He finally was able to pull off the blanket without second thought.

Legs. He had legs.

He heard a quiet, nervous laughter. It took a moment to realize it was coming from himself.

I…. I don’t understa-

He let out another gasp in shock. Normally when he said something involving the letter S, it was natural for him to… linger on it. To… hiss it out. It was… well, he didn’t like it, to put it lightly. He always tried to shorten it the best he could, as difficult and unnatural it was for him to do that. No matter how hard he tried though, it still ended up being too strong too… snake-like. Absolutely revolting. Just now though, it was like saying any other letter of the alphabet. It felt amazing to just… say a difficult letter so easily, like he wasn’t fighting against his tongue to pronounce something. He felt a smile creep up on his face, he had to try it more.

Scissors! O-obsesses! Sensism! …...Tobias!

He let out a small burst of laughter to himself. Oh my god, it was so easy, so simple! He could finally say his own fucking name right, it was… it was….

He went quiet, smile slowly dropping as his gaze went back to his new legs.

This… wasn’t possible.

Tobias spent countless hours doing research on magic, even going so far as to learn a new language to be able to better understand it. There were plenty of spells used to alter your appearance, though you didn’t even need any research to know about that. However, it could only be minor. Things like changing your eye or hair color, making it so your nose was tinier, or even giving your body more masculine or feminine attributes. There was nothing to… give yourself legs. No matter how hard he looked. His tail had vital organs, you couldn’t just… completely alter where they are placed or get rid of them entirely. Well, if you wanted to be alive and not be a very fucked up corpse that would barely even resemble a person after all that was done to it, that is. There definitely wasn’t anything about scale removal either, he was completely alone when it came to needing that done. Ah, the joys of being the only known member of your thought to be extinct race. The best he could do was change his sclera from yellow to white, but there was always the possibility of complications. He knew what it was like to be blind thanks to his tri-monthly shedding (ugh, just the thought of it made him feel sick to his stomach) , and he had to say, wasn’t really a fan of not being able to fucking see. Such a minor change wasn’t worth that particular risk.

So… whatever was going on right now couldn’t have been real. It had to be some sort of… dream? He gave a small frown, resting his chin in his hand as he began to think about this.

Okay, so say this was a dream. It had to be a lucid one, right? Otherwise he wouldn’t know it was a dream in the first place? Except he never had lucid dreams before, hell he never really had normal dreams before. So it had to be some sort of… illusion? He tried to move his legs, he was able to move them completely individually of each other, it was quite hard to do so, in fact. He could even feel them rub up against the fabric of his pants. Very weird feeling. That has to rule out illusion, probably? He was lucky enough to have never learned what one of those felt like.

Well… it’s not like I’m going to figure anything out just sitting here.

He did let out a faint smile again over how nice and easy it was to talk, before looking up and- oh fuck this wasn’t his room.

Yeah, he kind of missed that during the whole “your body is normal and not absolutely disgusting” deal.


He was starting to panic again.

Honestly he felt kind of dumb that he didn’t realize sooner. You’re in a bed, your room doesn’t have a bed in it you idiot! Come on, that revelation was made only like, three breakdowns ago! He gave a frustrated sigh, moving his legs over to the side of the bed. Lottie made moving these things look so easy.

His gloves and jacket fell to the floor. He supposed he could just leave them there, it’s not like he covered up as much as possible because he wanted to. He really liked just… having perfectly normal arms that could be uncovered and no one would pass a second glance on them. Tobias thought about it for a moment, before picking up his jacket and tying it around his waist. He didn’t need to wear it anymore, but he wasn’t going to just leave it either. It… meant a lot to him.

It’s rather funny, he dreamt about this moment his whole life. Just… waking up one day and being completely normal. He always imagined that he would just leap out of bed and run outside. Go for a walk, go to the library, go to school even though it wasn’t a day that he was required to… Stuff he always wanted to do but couldn’t without people staring at him, or making stupid remarks, or stepping on him because apparently a several foot long tail is just really easy to miss with these people. All of his anxieties would just magically melt away and he could finally be happy. That really wasn’t the case, although he did laugh more than the past month so that had to account for something. Maybe a bit of a warning and waking up in his own room would have made this a better experience. Hopefully his other fantasy of him finally meeting his mother and she goes on a huge spiel about how much she missed and wanted him would go better. He sighed, it probably wouldn’t. He had to of been abandoned for a reason, right?

...Okay this is a rabbit hole he really couldn’t afford to go on right now.

God, just focus on trying to figure out where you are instead of being a depressed idiot, Tobias.

Okay, so he was in a room. Didn’t have to be a genius to figure that one out. It had to be an attic of sorts since the stairs leading down was in the room itself. Stairs, his favorite. Great. Up against the wall was…. technology? Nothing he has ever seen before. Oh, and a map on the wall! Rather convenient, but it should tell him where he is. So, the first goal was obvious, walk up to the map and see where he was.

….and maybe go look at the technology at the table first. As a treat.

Tobias stared quietly at his legs, trying to remember how Lottie and her parents did this. He watched them do it everyday, he should be able to replicate it easily. He placed his feet on the ground, shifted his weight onto them to stand up, and- oh fuck his balance was immediatley thrown off. He tried to center himself with his arms, staggering like crazy until he was able to stand up straight. How do people put all their weight on just two tiny feet? He was only standing up for a few seconds and they already felt tired enough to make him want to sit back down.

So somehow, he was supposed to… shift all his weight onto one foot and lift the other up to make a step. He slowly lifted his leg up, made a step and-

Yeah, okay, way too big of a step, way to big of a fucking step. He desperately tried to re catch his footing, but all he did was stumble back while his legs just kind if went all over the place. Next thing he knew he somehow managed to end up at the technology table. Well. More like crashed into it and was now knocked to the floor.

Somehow that ended up being better than I was expecting.

He put his arms on the table, using it as a way to balance himself as he stood back up. Using his arms did really help when it came to balancing, he shifted more weight to go on them rather than his legs. God how was he already out of breath over this? Either legs were really fucking hard, or he was that unathletic.

Still, he felt himself smiling now that he was here with whatever these things were. He very awkwardly shuffled over to the first one, his arms keeping his balance and his legs just… doing whatever it is they were doing. He wasn’t sure if it should be called ‘walking’ yet.

It wasn’t that hard to figure out how to turn the thing on, it was conveniently labeled “power”.. There was a seperate part of it that had… all the letters of the alphabet on it for some reason? And some symbols that he never saw before. Why was there an “A” inside of the “O” and why was it above the number two? He pressed a few of the keys and nothing seemed to happen.

Okay, so it glows and shows an image of some grass plain. What would the purpose of this even be…?

Tobias noticed some smaller images lined up vertically on the picture. They had some labels underneath, probably to explain what each one was for. He tried tapping on the screen to see if it did anything, and nothing happened.
Well, this thing is useless. Why would someone even build this?

There was so much better stuff to be made other than… a box that glows and shows a pretty picture. And has the alphabet, for some reason.

The next one was something he has back home, a radio. A very small radio, but still it was a radio. Currently, there was some professor guy talking about “Pokemon”. A new radio drama, about some made up creatures, maybe? Probably would be something Lottie would like. He could already hear her trying to convince him to give it a listen.

….He wondered if she was okay. Was anyone even at home when he was taken here? God he hoped not, the last thing he would want is one of the Sawyers getting hurt because someone came after him. Mr. and Mrs. Sawyer always treated him so nicely, just like he was part of…

He frowned a little. He needed to stop reading so deeply into their relationship. They were simply his legal guardians, nothing more than that.

He turned to the final piece of technology here. Honestly, his heart wasn’t really in it anymore. But he knew he needed a distraction of some sort now that he was thinking about his… home life. Fiddling with stuff like this always helped him keep his more negative thoughts away in the past.

It was a screen like the first one, except there was no separate piece with the alphabet on it. He turned this one on, expecting the same background but no. It was a different, moving image. One that was talking.

Tobias lifted a brow slightly, this one actually taking his interest compared to the other two. He didn’t know… how this was happening. He was pretty sure it wasn’t very tiny people trapped in this box and forced to perform some story. Rather this seemed like it was… captured previously? And is somehow being shown again? Interesting. He turned it around, and it didn't seem like there were any slots for an enchantment stone to be placed into it. Okay, so whoever’s house this was had to of been able to perform magic in order to keep this thing charged.

He noticed a cord sticking out of it, one leading to a slot in the wall. He gave it a pull, and it came out, with the TV instantly turning off.

It’s… being powered by the wall? That doesn’t make any sense.

He really wanted to stay and figure this out, but the longer he stayed here the more… anxious it made him feel. Someone put him here, so they have to come back eventually, right? Was he… even supposed to be awake right now? Well if they didn’t want him to leave, they would of just chained him up to the-

Tobias’ breath was immediately caught in his throat. Why… why did he have to think about that? He began to rub his right wrist nervously. It was somehow worse now that he could actually feel himself doing that.

Okay. He wasn’t… chained up so that means he wouldn’t be responsible right? H...he was...safe. He didn’t know where he was so it was fine. And this couldn’t be him because, why would he turn him into a human, that would be… bad for… business. A thousand thoughts were swarming through his head at once, He… he needed to get out of here. Right now.

He walked to the stairs as quickly as he could, which admittedly wasn’t quick but he was doing a bit better.

Okay, this was going to be a problem. Stairs were always a problem for him, as that’s what happens when you try to use something intended for people with legs when you have a giant annoying tail.

He knows he wasn’t ready to go down the stairs.

He didn’t really care, his mind is in full flight mode right now.

The stairs didn’t have any handling, forcing Tobias to try to use the wall as support as best as he could. He lowered one leg down. Okay, so far so good. He lowered the second one down. Not so far so good. He ended up misjudging how deep the stair was, causing him to quickly lose his footing and falling down.

Luckily for him, he was an expert on how to fall down stairs by now.

The trick was to just kind of shift your body while tumbling down to land more on the right side. Afterall, it’s not like his arm has feeling there-

Oh fuck that’s right his arm had feeling there now.


Tobias rubbed his right arm, flinching slightly at the pain. Yeah, that’s going to take some getting used to. He really needed to be careful with that, he could already feel a pretty large bruise forming there. At least the pain was helping him ground himself in reality instead of being lost in his own head. He turned to examine the ground floor and immediately froze.

There was a woman sitting there at the table. Staring directly at him.

The two locked eyes for several moments, she didn’t seem to move, even to breathe. Tobias was literally stuck between a rock and a hard place, with this woman blocking the only exit and the only way away from her was up. Without getting up nor looking away, he slowly started to move back to the stairs, as if she was some predator that sensed movement.

Then she spoke.

I… h...how do you know my… my name?

His voice seemed to waver and tremble more with every word, with some of them feeling as if they were caught in his throat.

I am your mother.

She said it completely emotionless, as if it was something she was hypnotized into saying. Her face didn’t even change expression, instead looking as if she was some sort of mannequin.

Tobias wasn’t sure what she was going to say, but it certainly wasn’t that. It took him a moment to process what she even said he was caught so off guard. He looked at her, waiting for her to burst out into laughter and reveal it was some poorly tasted joke, but she remained perfectly still.

You’re…. N-no, you’re not. I… I don’t have a….

He felt his voice start to die out, each word getting quieter and quieter until he stopped speaking.

I don’t have a mother.

Of course you have a mother. You have to come from somewhere,.

Well… okay fair point but….

Yeah but…. but you’re not her! She’s… she wouldn’t… I-it’s not possible. F-for us to be um, related.

She didn’t say anything, instead just continuing to stare at him blankly. What the actual fuck was happening? Who the hell was this woman why is she just… just kidnapping him and claiming to be his mother?? Besides the obvious fact that this woman clearly didn’t have a single snake trait on her, she didn’t even look like him genetically. She was a completely different ethnicity than him, she was fucking asian for crying out loud.

She began to approach him further, taking slow steps. It was as if every limb she had was a prosthetic, her movements seemed so forced so… robotic. She suddenly snapped into motion, as if she just remembered how to move quickly and fluidly. Her hand reached into her pocket, and before he could see what she had grabbed she quickly began moving her arm towards him. He instinctively flinched back, closing his eyes and preparing to be struck.

O...okay y-you’re my mother!! Y-yeah we’re… we’re related, s-sure I’m s...sorry for questioning you! P...please don’t hurt me.

He kept his eyes closed, waiting for something to happen but that something never came. He cautiously opened one one eye, and she was holding her hand out in front of him. She was holding some… device?

Look, Tobias didn’t like interacting with people, okay? He always tried to avoid it because people were inherently mean and cruel, and the slight chance of having a good interaction wasn’t worth the major chance of having a shitty one. But at the very least, it was predictable. He knows what to expect, knows what names they’re going to call him because he’s heard them all hundreds of times, and sure. It’s shitty and depressing and a bitch to get through. But he gets through it because he has already been through it.


What the fuck does he even do about this?? This… this woman who is just claiming to be his fucking mother, awkardly shuffling over to him, and handing him god knows what!!

The woman seemed to get the cue that Tobias was utterly confused on what she was doing.


That didn’t help at all.

Tobias didn’t have a “Pokemon Gear”. He didn’t even know what a Pokemon was except some fake creature from the radio, let alone a “Pokemon Gear”. He didn’t even know why it would of been sent to the repair shop because if it broke he would of just fixed it him fucking self.

But you know what? He was just going to go with it. God only knows what would happen if he disobeyed, what punishment this woman would give him. He timidly took the device from her hand, and held onto it awkwardly.

Um… t-thank you for my… po-kay-man gear… m-mother.

He glanced up at her expectedly, trying to see if he said the right thing. As per usual though, the woman was completely blank. He nervously looked back down, staring at the floor until he heard her speak again.

He looked back up at her, hoping that she would elaborate further. She didn’t, instead stiffly turning around, and walking back to a nearby chair. She sat down in it, and just… faced ahead, looking at nothing in particular.

Tobias spent a few more moments looking at her with complete terror in his eyes, until shakingly getting up and making a run for the door. It was quite like how a final girl would run away from the slasher in a horror movie, he just continuously stumbled over nothing to the point it was nearly comedic and equally as frustrating. Finally, he managed to trip his way to the front door, opening it as he was falling into it and tumbled outside.

He shut the door behind him, putting his back up against it and sliding down to the floor. He put his body weight against it, fully ready to try and stop the woman from opening the door up and chasing after him. Such an attempt never came though, and Tobias finally was able to let out a breath he had been holding for the past several minutes.

The… gear thing was still in his hands. He didn’t really understand the point of it, but he could figure it out later. When things weren’t so… this. He put it away for now.

He pulled his knees up to his chest, burrowing his head in them as he moved a hand through his hair. What in the world was he going to do? What could he even do? As much as he really wanted legs, and knew he would definitely appreciate having them after all of this was over, they were a real hindrance right now. They practically crippled him, he could barely even move without tripping over them or one of them giving out. If someone wanted to get him, they absolutely could. He didn’t stand a chance when it came to escaping.

He raised his head up. Someone was going to get him. Elm, this…. Elm guy was looking for him. That’s what the woman said at least. Tobias had people that would want to get their hands on him, but as far as he knew none of them were named Elm. He never even heard that get used as a name before. Whoever Elm was… it wasn’t a mystery he could solve now. Instead, he took the time to look at his surroundings.

It was a… very very small town. If you could even call it one, it only had four buildings in total. He spent the first few years of his life in a small village in the middle of nowhere, and it was a bustling city compared to this place. There was a large body of water to his left, it seemed to go on as far as he could see. It was kind of weird, it’s not like there was a beach or anything just… First it was grass, then it was deep water. It was like someone dug out the land and filled it with water. It was… built, not naturally made. Regardless, it’s not like he could go that way anyways. If he could barely even walk, he doubted he could swim. Hell, he couldn’t even swim in his old body. So that left the right, which seemed to lead into a small forest. Okay, that’s manageable. He could go there.

Before he got up though, he couldn’t help but notice the few people walking around outside. They were the same as the woman with how they moved, very stiff and awkward. They would walk a few feet in one direction, pause for a brief moment, before turning and walking the other way. They weren’t going anywhere, they were just… walking in circles. Not creepy at all.

He slowly got up, and carefully started walking to the forest. If he just went really slowly, it was almost manageable. Almost, he would still occasionally trip over something. God his new legs were going to be so filled with bruises after this. He tried his best to avoid eye contact with the people, but he couldn’t help glancing at them as he walked by. It was just so weird. He knew these things weren’t human, they were probably put here in order to just… make this feel more like a town? He didn’t understand why though, might as well have a ghost town instead of making the inhabitants… whatever these things were. He held his arms up to his chest nervously and continued walking. He just needed to focus on getting out of here, the path to the outside was just in reach and then-

Tobias quickly turned his head and looked out to the woman who called out to him. It looked exactly like the woman who was in the house except… it wasn’t. He would have noticed if she came out of it. This was a completely different woman, who just happened to look exactly the same. He could practically feel his heart skipping several beats at once. What the actual fuck.

He really didn’t want to wait for her, so he turned back around and kept going as fast as he possibly could. It didn’t take long however for the woman to catch up to him, firmly grabbing onto his wrist to stop him from progressing.

He immedatley went into full panic, he couldn’t stand being touched by normal people let alone whatever the fuck these things were. Her touch felt ice cold, like she was completely lifeless. Which she probably was because he still hasn’t noticed any of these things breathing. But that’s besides the point, all he could think about now was that someone was touching him. It felt like her touch was burning him. His stomach turned into knots and his breathing got so fast that he wasn’t even getting air anymore. Oh god he was going to legitmitaly pass out unless she let the fuck go right now.

L….let g-go of me!! P..please just… stop… stop touching me!

She didn’t react, not even moving in the slightest. He desperately tried to get his wrist out of the woman’s grasp, but to know avail. Her grasp was so strong, it may as well been metal wrapped firmly around his wrist. There was no hope of being able to get it out, it didn’t even budge a little no matter how much he pulled, not matter how much he struggled, it was just stuck in there and he couldn’t get it out and-

you know how to get it out

Tobias froze. His mind went blank, he stopped trying to struggle free. Everything just stopped. He didn’t even notice the woman starting to drag him back, he just… didn’t really notice any stimulus at all. His mind was just a swirling mess of thoughts and memories and god why is his mind like this why does he keep going back to this why can’t he just let this go why was he such a fucking idiot why ̷̲̈w̵͖̾ḣ̸̞y̶̺̓ w̵̪̫̪̘̯͋h̵̡̠̖̫͎̺͉͑̅͒̀͗̉̕y̴͙̭͎͍̫̺̓̈́

i̵̟͓͖̩̿̓̌̌̿̏̀͝͝͝t̴̢̡̢͔͔̞̝̙͚̯͈̫̼̠̒̀̋̈́̆͛̓̄̓̐̒̂͐̕͝͝ ̶̡̛̞̱̙̮̞̪̮̖̭̯͉̜̦̬̭̘̟́̓͂̄̉̌̃̏͊͆͊̾̈̏w̸̩̻̥̙̟̪̦̘̜͉̙͈̓̓̄́̊̓͠ä̶̡͔̝̹̖̠̙͙͙̞͎͚͚́̒̀̊͐̓̐̄̂̋̈͋̀̽̈́̕͘͝͝ͅs̸̯̞̦̀̈́̅̀̈̀̈́͝͠ ̴̙̤̞̯̖͚̦̏́͌h̷̨̛̛͓̤̯͖̩̯͙͇̓̎͋͗̐͂̐̓͂͊͑́̏̓̆͋́̄̀i̶̱͎͈̦̪̳̙͍̗̘̔̈́ͅs̵͉̫̦̜̪̠͙̩̖̙̃͐̀̐̈́̌̏̑̓̉́͐̈́̕͝ ̷̨̨̛͔͎̫͔̤̭̦͖̤̪͕̰̩̭̀́̐̃̿͋̄͜͠f̴̌̈̈́̃̈͆̌̓͑͌͂͌̀̄͘̕͠͝͠ͅa̵̼̽̍̈́̇͝͝͝u̵̡̢̬̣̱̺̘̣̜̹̟̣̻̠̰͂̏̊ḻ̶̞̲̖̒͆͛̋̃͋̀̆͐̿̾̾͠͝t̴̢̠̘̭͎̣̞̞͓̣̞̤̥͙͔̱̖͉̙̲͇̻͛̃̆͑͝ ̷̯͆̔̀̈́̋͊̄̑̈́̄̓́̊̔̅̇̎̚͝͠w̶̢̯͉̤͉̮̩̞̮̩̪̲͒͂̓̉͗̀̏͠ḫ̸̡͔̲͉̝̝͎̗̺̍̇̇͗͑̇̐͛̈̎̌̽͑̂̏̈́̅̔̓̕̚͘ȳ̵̢̰͓̥̰̅͛̏̅̃͋̇͜͠ ̷̧̙͕̘̰̺̳̱͚̤̳̇̓̅̽̅̑̿͂̐̒̋̈́̋́̈́́̀̋́̕̕͠ͅͅh̶̨̜̺̖̙͙͚͈̜͈͈͚̯̬͔͐͗̍̓͌̀ę̶̝̝̰́̈́̽̈́̈́̾̽͊̎ ̸̡̨̝̦̹͕̠̠̣̬̩̤̼͔̱̭͖͍̮̜̾̀͐͑͝ẃ̷̛̰̭͇̫̤̖̭͔̘̎̀̽̈́̍́̌̇͒̃͂́͊͛͘͜͝͝͝a̴̼͓̼̼͉̳̍̿̄́͂́̏͆ș̷̢̥̳͙͚̼̣̖͔̩̙̺̦̣̫̇̀͌̓̌̊̊͝ ̶̛̛̱̙̝̦͖̫̆̂̅̓͛͘͝͝ļ̵̛͉̙̯̘͈͖̖͈͇͈́͊̽̀͐̓̋͗̄͊̑̎̐͛̔̒̕͠͠i̸̛͉͈̺̰̳͕͕̙̫͈͇̦̱͔̻͕͓̪̍͐̄͊͑̿̈̄͌́̈̑͘͠ͅk̸̢̨̢̩̫̦͔͍͖̲̭͕̻̪͖̥̟̫̪̞̈́̐̐̍̀̀̍͗́́̀̒̍̓̈́͒͗̎̊ę̸̖̪̹̘͔͇͙͇̗͙̖̈́̏̎͜͜ ̴̼̤̮̬̳̟̳̻͙̮̈́͌̀͑̄̀̕t̴̡͖͈̗̜͔̼̮̼̬̄͛͌̏̑̌̈́͐̀h̷̢̡̛̟͉̰̑̑͂̎̍͐́͐̏̌̉͑̑̍͝͝ì̶̧̬̬̭͎̣̻̜̠͈̘̤̳ͅş̴̖̟̪̖̺̫̪͖̟͍̠̺̙̪̰̙̖̱̔̀͐́̿̈́̓͊̚.̶̢̧̧͇͍̳̯̫̺̼̱̻̟̰̞̳̞̜͕̆̈́̎͌̿̋̀̂͗̓͂̔̉̄͐͜͜ͅ ̴̛̣̦̭̹̫̱̭͍̼̫̍̄̎̍̈́̽̓̃̋į̷̡̢̪̭̖͚̬̽̈́̽̄̾̈͛̌̄̃͘̚͜͠f̵̛̰̼̌̈́̽͆̍͌̆͗͘ ̴̢̛͔̙̗͓̞͙̖̤̮̪̼̜͓̣̎̔͌͒̈́̅̏̽̓͘̚͘̚ͅh̵̛̪̰̝͔͉̙̓̄́̀͗̆͐͒̏̓͒̀͝͝ḝ̶̟̥̙͚͚͚̞̳̟̮͛̄ ̵̨̛̺̮̫̹̎̊̈́͊̍͊̆̈́͑͑̀̚͝w̴̡͈̫̜͕͎̯̺̹̟̯̺̪̩̦̟̦̹̼͈̙̌́̑̄̒͂̀̑͊̽̄̆͒̑͐̇̏͘͝a̵͍̮͎̋̈́̅̏̂̀͐̒̏͗̐̑̚͜s̸̢̙̻͎̹̱͉̤̜̹̞̗͑͆̈́͑͑̏̽̾͒͊͆́̓͑͗̿ ̴͔͙͖̯̝͚̜̃ģ̵̢̬̘̖͓̜̗̖͚̣̼̘͒̌ͅͅo̵̡̢͖̺̘̪̞͉̥̦̖̝̭̳͕̫͎̪̪̭͌̓͒͜͝ơ̷̡̖͔̹̰̰̫̻͔̜̭͎̣̰͉͓̒̾͐̈́͜͠ͅd̸̛̜̊́̍́̇̃̄̒̑̒́̉̌͘ ̴̨̨̤͍̱̰͇̮̲̠̥͚̻̳͕̥̱̜̻̎̈̉̈́͌͋͊͋͘͠ͅa̶̧̱̰͌̆̃̒̓̂͝ņ̷̗̭͕̗̤͓̠̖̰̳̜̦̰͓̹̫̮̯̗̩͋̊̈d̶̨̼̖͎̹̹͍̲̞͙̝͇̺͖͓̮͕̍̈͊̍̑̇͐͝ ̴̞̹͚̖̞̫̠̌͋̊́͐̉͒́̐̓̄̀̒̾͂͒̌͝͝s̴̨̧͙̜̩͖͖͉̫̪͋̀͌̈́̄͝ͅt̶͚̉̈͋͒̓͑͑̈̆͆͒̚á̶̡̨̛̭̫̞̝̞̠̜̹̭̭̬̜̤̮̰͌̽̑͐͌̌̀̋͂͗͊͑̇̾̂͘͜͠ỷ̵̡̧͕͉͕͔͖̺̯͐̿̑̾͛̊̌̇̇͆͘͘͜͝ḙ̷̼̖̖̩̮̻̜̯̗̰͇̠̱͊̃̎̌͂̓̓̾͘̕d̵̡͓̤͇̙̙̻̲̮͙͙̹͍̰͛̔͘̚ ̵̨͓̲̻͊͋́͛̀́̓̊͘͝͝p̸̧̨̰͕̻̲͍̘͖̪̱̈́̄ū̵͇̗̰͕̘̻̩͓͍͓̳̘̙͖͓̬̪̄́́͒̃̓͑̎̿͠t̶̛̜͔̯͙͂̌̽̈́̀̎̈́̀́̇̈̀͑̽̍̐̂̓̀ ̸̡̡̡̣̩̹̗̗̖̝͕̞̹̭͈͚̫̩͔͑̃̿̋ͅͅn̶̳̭̔̊̀͆̋͊̿̕o̸̧̮̯͚̯͎̻̙̘̣̽n̴͈̼̫͕̪̻͓͉̆͗͛̓̽̑͒̅͛̉͑̑̿̽̿͝ȩ̸̧̡̛͖̹̳̻̙̮̼̪͚̰͈͉̬̩͂̾̾͊̀̌́̅̽̈́͌̂́̚͠͝ͅ ̵͈̣͍̽̕͝͠o̴̢̘̿̋̾̄̕̚͝f̷̡͈̮̖̣̼͕̰̭̼̹͓̯̫̽͒̊͊̎ ̴̡̧̰̟͚̺̥̫̮̟͓̯̩͈̙̥̒̎̌͊̊̀͌̽̈́̈́͐̀̀͜͝͠ͅt̷̡̲̙̼̖̞̯̟̞̦̗̩̱͙̠̞̻̼̺̪̾̾̿̓̄̿̀̔͆͊̇̆̃͂͛̀̏̐̌͊́h̸̛̛͔͓̯͕̩̪͈̲͓̝͉̦̣̜̞̩̪͕͛̃̒̀̌́̑͛͋͆́̌̔̿̀̈́͘͘͝i̶͚̝͉͈̟̰͑̂͂̾̄̋́̈́̓̍͑͌̈́̌͘̕s̷̩̦͙̱̤̫͙̭̱̮͉̦͙͈̳̬̠̞̰̫̔̑̾̅̆͋̄̈́͗ ̸̢̧̥͈̺̗͕̖̝͕̭̤͍̰̣͓̪̥͔̓̆̑͂͋̍͐̃̇͘̚͘̚͠w̷̡̨͙̪̺̣̜̖͙̫̳̭̼̖̗͍͙̖̰͖̰̍͆̎̐̂̅̾̏̍͗͆̽̈́̇̊̋̈̾͘̚͠ͅõ̶͙͚̳͎̣͍̳̠̼̟͗̂̀͂̕͜͝ͅͅủ̷̢͎̱͕̻̟̣̹̖͚͇̥̹̥͗͌͆̎͑͌͛͊̇̍͘͘͘͜͝l̵̜̤̮̻̄̄̿̀̕ḑ̸͎̥͖͙̪͙̘͕̜̺̣̼͎͓̦̜͖͕̱͆͂̔̄̊̀̃̉͒̔̉̓͒̚͘̚ ̷̯̠̼̲̬̀̉͋̌̑̾̅̈́͛̽̂o̵̧̢̢̯͕͓̜̝̟̗̦̪̘͆̈́̈́͛̽͆̆̋̄͋̽f̵̡̠̳̼̜̬̦̯͉̭̖̠͆̂͊͌̎̂̚ ̶̧͎̦͙̭͆̆́̉͆͛͑̇͋̇̄͂̎̽̿͋̽̊̚h̶͇̑̐͂̈͊͛̅â̸͙̼̰̙̐͋̂̆̅̂̃̓̃͂̈́̒̈́̋̎̒̆̅͝ͅp̶̨̙͇͇͖͕͕̠̫͚̳̝̿̅͒́͗̈́̋̄͋̽̒̔̃̂̕͜p̴̛͖̫̳͖̝͈̱̳̰̉̐̀̅̏̈͌̑̽̈̊̔̎e̸̤̎͑̌̇̉̀̕͝n̴̨̢̺̥͖̪̙͍̞̟̹̟̳̭̯̲̞̞̳͙̓͗̄̅̀̌̒̊̏̄̈́̍̓̏̓̓̿̽̏͒͝͠e̴͕̠̝͂̈͊́͌̀̍͒̒̏͘̚d̸̢̛̰̠̳͓͇̤̱͆͆̾͆͛̔̅̒̕͠.̶̨̗̫̥̦͚̠̗͈̦̣̺̗̞͔̍̚̕͝ ̷̢̩̰̜̠̦̭̮̑̍͑̊͐̔̀̄͒͗̃̋̿́̇͂̊͝i̶̡̨̮͚̤͒̀͐̈͌̉̈́͆͊͛̾̉̃̃̄̑̏ͅt̸̰̮̔̌̄̉̈́̏̓͋̓̿̓̃͑͠'̶̡̖̤̥̻̰̺̙͍̾̒̈̕s̷̛̥̮̦̠̈́̏͊͊͂͊̓̿̅͗̒͐̍̿͒̔̾͌̚͝͝ ̷̨̘̬̠̣͕̇͊͗͐̕͝ḫ̷̥͉̺͔̙̖͓̏̐̽͋̏̇͗͋͌͂͠i̸̧̼͓͓̚ś̷̢̹̖͓̟̱͙̻̘̣̘̩̣̖͑̐̒̈̐̐͑̋̋̇̄̆͠ ̶̨̛̳̬̫̫̱̳̆̈́͂̅̐̊̀̾͗̈̂̌̇̌̇͘͠͠f̶̙̥͍͕̼̝̘̻͒̀̆̈̀͒̓̀̂͆̑̋̃͛͊̂͝͝ǎ̴͙̄͌̓͊̿͌̈̋̎͊̐̕ừ̷̫͈͕̹̝̙͉̘̆̊̋̏̾͆͜l̵̢̡̨̧̤̼̻͚͓̙̼͉̟̫͈̲̜̳̠̪̥̿̈̽͋̌̿͊̾̌̋̿̽̚͜t̸͈̫̯̤̲̺̥̐́,̴̧̛̛̯̖͕͙͓̝͍̝̝͈̩̋͂̐̏̈̿̽̔͌́͌̉͝͝ ̵̡̛̺̜̘͓̤̺̺̱̙̯̝̣̫̀͋̈́̾̽̌̀̇͂͝͠ȩ̷̪̹͉̺̤͕̭͍̜͖̲͖̹̺͚͉̉͗v̸̡̙̜̼̠̓e̵̢͙̹̦̦̝̳̪̤̜̤̹̪̋́̐̐̄̊͋͛̚̚͜ř̸̩̯̘y̸̠͉̭̳̖͔͓̤̣̆̀̈́t̴̛̞̪̭̺͎̬͇̙̳̳͇̭̰̭̱̻̏͋̓͛͌̈́͊͌͂͊̅̊̑̓͊̈̉̕͘͜͝͝ͅh̶̨̛̩̮͙̩̪͙͙̃͊͂͠i̵̢̛͙̟͙̪͈̲̦̅́́̂̾͛̿̎̌̇n̷̡̗̝͉̻̍̈́̌̾̀̇ģ̴̧͈̯͎̱͓̖̓̑̏̆̌͊͌̀͑́̍̍̉̚̚͠ ̴̲̖̞̈͂̈́̿͌̈́̑̍̔̇͘͘͝w̴͚̝̤̮͚͚̩̪̯̹̻̰̳̗̝̼͗̉͒̍̑͆̎͘͠͠ͅá̶̧͎͈̺͇̝̦̞̯͇̹͈̺̙̞̬͛̐͂̒̔́̇̚͝ş̷̡̠̠̖̪͔̩͕̗̦̼͎̱͙̬͎̓̆̏́̇̆ ̶̛̳̘̱̠̝̞͈̽́̀̍͌̎͊̂͑͊̏̕͠h̶̡̛̹̰̣͓̬̹̮̤̖̫̱̪̪͖͔̰͇̞̠̬͐̋̓̽̊̊̎̒̆̇̈̊̌̈́͋͗̾̒͊̀̎͑̒͐̅̚͝ȅ̵̖̀͛̐̈̒̐̓̅̄̊̐̍̃͛̍̏̓̀̍͛̚͘̕͝ ̸̤͖̘͎̞̬̝͔̦͍̍̾͋̈́͊̌̌͒̿͒̈́̄͑͠w̵̧̭̰͚̤̺̱̺̭̪͉͓͋͆̀̇͋̆͑̐̓̂͌͋̓͂͂͒͗̾̎̀̆́̒́́͝͠͠ơ̶̡̟͙̝͖͍̜̼̙͓̜̲͔͎̱̖̳̥̜͖͕̱͂̀̿̎̎̈́̐̂̃̓̐̀̅̏͌͋̑̒̚͘͠͝ͅù̴̧̢͔̙͍̻͕͉͈̙̖̳͓̦̙̲̰̜̮̰̘͙̎̿̌̀͊̈́̌͌͌̅̉̚̕͜l̶̨͇̬͔͓͙͍͎̭̤̜̜͓̤̱͍̦̝̥͇͖̜̉̒̈́̎ͅd̵̤̭̺̥̖͓̜̳͕̠̻̗̠͔̻͓̦̯͈̖͉̲̐͊̃̀́̓͐̀̅̃͘͜ͅ ̷̛͇̻͖̖͙͕̰̇͋̏̎̇̋̉̽̕͠͝ͅš̷̨̪͔̯̲͕͈̩͔̫͙͋͒̌͌́̎̃̒͌̓̉̂͛̈́͂̄͑̎̕͘͘͠͝͠t̸̡̢̨̯̞͈̟̝̥͇̞̘̱̞̜̟͉̮̮̻̹̝̥̠̲̠̟́̾̉̓̃̄̑͆̐̐̈́̐̒͛̔͐̑̉̋͐̓͑͒̍̕͝ͅͅi̷̧̧̡̜̳̪̬̟̼͍̟͙̝͓̥̘̳̝̤̯̪̰̣̫̯̠͒̿̋̃̔́̍̅͐̀́̈́͋̇͝l̶̘͈̜̻̦̊̀̇̔̀̄͝l̷̡̙͉̝͉̺̬̹̬̖̗̅͒̍̈̄͘ͅ ̶̡̧̙̭͎̩͉͔̖͓̰͆̍̋̈̓̚̕͠ͅh̶̛̛̗͍̦̘͕̞͖̜͓̭͔̻̦͎̝̫̳̳̥̐́̽̋̂̄̑͑́̄̆̽͗̍̄̓̒̓̂̊̍̾̅͝͠ͅa̴̧̡̧̛̲̟͖̞̳͔̯̭͍̖͖͙̰̖̝̦͉͓̦̓͑̔̃̈͑̈͊̋̀̆̏́͂̓̋̅̂̿̈̈̓͜͝ͅͅv̸͎͈̠̯͓̣̪͕̥̦̺̦̥̗̹͉͙͆̊̈͛̆̿͊̀͆̋̽̈͋̋̊̔̚͘͝͝e̴̛̞̼̻̦̩̜̠̹͈̻̻͔̭͆͒̃̇̅́͋̑͂̒͋̓̽͑͘͝ ̷̢̛̳͚̠̺̗͇̱̼͕͖̙̥̩̝̈́̀̂̉͑̾͐͐̂̅̔͑́͒̾̆̕̚͠͠ḩ̸̡̛̻̬̗̣̟͔̎̊͂̂͋̏̅͋͊͐̓̾͑͗̎̌́̈́̑̅̇i̴̞̩̞̩͖̓̏͂͂͐̿͒͛̂͒͑͐̌̓̍̀́̀̓͊̕͘̕͘͝s̴̛̛̛̤̟͉̘͇̯͈̬̹͖̻͇̣̯̙̹̦̫̠͕͇̠̠̙͌̑̏̽̔̔̊͆̑̈́͗̑͌̈́̆̅͑͐̄̽̆͘͘ ̴̧̛͓͎͔̀͑̽͊̉̎̿̇͌͛̍̌͒̋̀̑̈́̌͌̈̎̍̚͝͝͠ą̸̰͕̦͎̹͉̥̘̟̟̗̦̦͙͎̝̻̞̼̪͎̤̟̯̞̪̰͕̝̑̎̽̌̉͋̚͜ͅŕ̶̢̧̡͇͈͇̱̺̘̠̙̣͚͕̻̺̰̹̇͆̉̊̑̈́̓̏̌͂̈́͛̆̓̚͜m̶̧̢͙̯̗̙̞̩̖͙̙̯̤̯͇͍̬͍̣̬̏͊̇̈́̅̊͊̑̏̕ ̶̢̼͈͎͎̼̹̫̰̎̄̂͊͗̏̒͆́̔̌́͊͘̕͜͝ͅͅḩ̶̡̧̡̡̨̜͔̣̦͓̙̘̖̬̣͎͖̻̻̪̫́̾́̈́̀̀͛ͅͅẻ̷̡̢̨̢̙̬̬̦̘̤̺͈̳̠̹͙̦̘̦̲̳̻͕̰̠̤̣͈̑͛͒̈́͗̇̈́̿͑̈́́̆̓̓̐̆̑͛̋̓͛̎͘̕͝ͅ ̶̱̙̟͕̪̪̰͚̻͌̆͐͊͂̑̐̅̂̐͌́͋̈̏͝w̶̡̨̰̠͙̬͕̩̜͉̥͈̰̠̬͍̫͙̬̠̽̊͐̐̍́́̌̀͐̀̌̑́͑͑̀̾̑́̅̕̚͜͠ͅȏ̶̧̢̡̢̧͉̫͚̦̣̪͙͚̘̺͖͕͉̰͔̺̯̰͍̭̟̥͊̀͗̆̐͛̏̒̌̐͐̀̚͘ͅự̸̖̙͉̖̪͓̳̤͈͛̊̈̌̋̉̎̐̅͛̒̋̿̇̇̂̔̿̿̈́̊͝͝ͅl̶̮͖̣͈̊̐̀̋̾d̵̢̡̛͉̼̘̞̃̾̃̈͐̔̈́̔̅͛̇͂̔͐̔̃̄͊͌͆̀̀̓͘͝͠ͅń̶̢̫̥̖͕̟̠̥̞̠̩̦̮͚͍͔̲̋͛̉̋͂̀̏̌̒̍̿̄̏̈́̒̏́̾̆̏̍̆̑̚̚͘͝͠ͅͅ'̶̢̨̧̡̘̤̹̟͓̖͖̞̲͉̫͕̥͍͖̮̪͖̩̮̱̦͐̇͌̽̓̊̀͘͠ͅͅt̴̳̰͚̬̻̼̼̅̌̄̿͋̇̓͌̈́͐͋̚͝ ̵̢̥̫̯̦̜̙̗̥͍̗͈͓̫̬͓̻̫͇̋̿̏̀̇̉̕ō̴̢̡̡͔̪̦̣̞̞̬͍̳̩̗͇̬͇̼̟̜̘̆́̈͋̏̏̇͊̋̏f̵̯̳̳͋̐̍̉̌͌͗̓͐͘͜ ̵̡̡̛̻͈̖͔̠̹̣͔̞̭̱̹͍̝̙͂̈́̈͋͋͊̏̎͜͜ͅk̸̢̢̡̨̢̮̙̟̼̰̯͙̤̦͍̳͖͚̩͈̖͖̣͖̼̪͐͆̈̓͛̊̓͛̄̇̓̌̓̊̕͘͝͠i̶̛̛̜̟͕͔̟̲̋̃͌̈́͆̉͗̑̈́̇̾̒̓͂l̸̦̩̝̒͗͌͜ļ̵̢͖̺̮̯͗̔̂ȩ̶̛̖̜̩̗̱͖̲̘̥̺̺̯͚͚̣̫̟̲͉̹̜͇͖̊̿̾͌̾̆͐̽̽̓̓͋̀̑̌͗̿̓̏̿̅̎͋̍͐̋̋͘͘͜ͅd̸̝͕̳͇͕̟̭̔̋̆͛̉͊̓̈́̐̍͗̎̓̀̇̉̋̇̑̒̈́̀͋͒̒͝ͅ ̸̪͙̰̮̞͈͈̩͍͉̦̜̟͉̲̜̼̻̠̬͉͉͚̓̓̾̿̃͛̇̀̈́͐̍́̈̚̕ͅͅh̷̛͚̗̤̖͈̲̘̘̹̹͓̬͎̮̱̦͉̬͉̩̱͎̱͍̥̀́͊̏͛̌̈́͛͌̍i̶̧̢̛̛̼͔̜̬̤͍̟̿̈͒́̇͒̑̌͗̒̉̈́̔͗̾͛̊͒̍̄̈́̈́̓͂͆̕̚͜m̵͔̰̹̯̥̥̻͙̰͑̒̈̀͐͒̈́̔̐̑̍̑̔́̋̐̎̂́̃́͆̽̀͐̿͝ ̵̧̡̠̬͍̝̜̙̲͇̩̱͓̜̮͎͔̱̣͎̣̞̘̜̪͚̦͌̽̉̏͐̓́̍͐̏̋̿̈́̅̍̀̕͜͝ͅį̶̢̱͖͖̝͓̟͚̮͉̠̹̘̤̯͉̳͒̀̈́̔̃̆̎́̐͂̄̄̍͋̅̅̊́̍̈͑̕͘͝͝͠͝t̸̡͉̭̤͖͓̝͎̱͈̝̮̮̯͉͈͉̣̳̱̙͈̰͇͓͎̏͆̈͋̆̀̄͂̽̄̆͊̏̃̆͝ ̷̤̟̲͙̝̪̜̝͔̗̘̲͔̼̘̜̥̺̪̞͙̬͚͆̅̋̇̐̊͑͋̆̆͒̍͋͜͠͝ͅw̵̧̢̳̣̬͇̻̣̺̳̺͛́͐́́͑̅̎͑̔̾̔̄̇̍̋̈̿̀̈́͛̚̕̚͠͠͝a̷̢̢̹̩̖̥̮̦͕͉̪͓̱͖̺̻̗̮̼̜̬̖̭̞͇̯̪̻̩̫̖͉͐̀̄̆͒̔͛̔̃̆̉̈́͗̔̓̐͌͌͊̃͒̔́̚̚͠͠s̶͍̦̗͔̻̘͈̹͗̓͑̌̚͜͝ ̴̛̛̛̺͋́̈̽̂͗́̆́̈́̐̽́͋̍̅̄̂̆̉̕͝͝h̴͚̯̒̋̂́̅̇̔̔̌̉̑͐̒̽̔̔̽̈́̎͂͛̑̕̕͠͝į̶̡̛̪̭̣͙͍̫̩͚̻̞͕̞̻̳̤̞̳͖̞͚̻̮͐̄̔̄̇̍̀̐̄̄̑͋̿́̐̔̏̈̒̿̏̉́͑̚͝͝͝͝s̶̢̜̳̺̼͖̻̥̟̻͉̮̻̦͖̺̘̳͕̝͎̮͍̔̈́̓̊̐̎̎̄̑͌͒̈́̓̓̚͠ ̶̧͇̖̬̳̜̻̦̰̗̰̘̹̜̀́f̶̛̼̩͔̓̍͋̍̊̉̈́̏̂̒̀̾͗̄́͒̾̉̍̾̒̒̅͑̌͗̽͒̕͘͠a̵̡̢̢̜̙͕͍̝͈̗̤͙̦̯͎̱̍͂̃̄̌͂͗̉̊́̾̃͐͂̀̑̇̍͊̾͑̎̌͊͐͜ͅụ̷̧̨̡͖̳̞͓̩̞͕͕͕̜̰̤̖̜̞̠̩̟͐̿̑̊̅̐́̆̏͐͗͂̀̍͌̽͑͑͑̂̈́̾̂̆̕͠l̵̢̡̩̱̪̬͓͙͎̠͉͌̉̀̏̿͛́̆̋͌͑̍̇͋̿̍͛͐̓̐͑̃͊̚t̴̫͖͚̝̳͚͉̪̟͇͓͖͍̦̙̔͆̿͛̇̀́́́͋̅̃̀̓̓̃͘͠͝͠͝
̴̧̛̗̦̤̰͎̫͔̜͙͙͓͓̿̋͝ͅḩ̷̧̜̪̦̱̜̼̦̺̙̯̱̘͂̄̾̓́̓̀͘i̶̛͍͍̙͓̞̗͇͍̹͋͌́̇̐ş̸̛̜̱̫̣̟̭͇̲̤̩͉̜̠̩̰̙̘̩͙̝͌̅́͐̉̊̒̎͆̉̐̔̊͛̊͑̚͠ ̸̧̨̭̰͙̝̝̠͍̲̦̩͔͓̰̟̰͎͈̏̈́̂̾̃̀̾͊̆͋̒̅̌̋͘͝f̸̢̻͇̯̬͈̈̎̽́͋̑͑̆̑͠ḁ̸̧̢͍̹̬̭̥̳̹̭͕̼̀͑̌ṵ̴̖̲̘̤͖̰͔̭̰̿̑̒̑̀͆̓̈́͑̇͌͑̄̃̚͘̚̚͘͝͠͝ļ̷̢̦͙̹̼̥̗̳̹̻͔̗̠͒̓̈́͑̇͒͂̃̏͂̄̽̊̈́̅̚͝ť̶̢̧̫̮̖̣̰͔̝̗͈̱̫̼͔̗͒̃͌̾̇̇͋̓̈̓͒̓̿̆̕͜͝ͅ ̶̨̧̮̞̱̻̥̝̯̙̹̝̬̲͗ḧ̶̛͙̗́͆͋̎̐̐̊̐͌͆̐̏̕̚͝i̷͕͉̤̲̭͉͓̩͍͐͂̀̈́̏̍̉̎̋̃d̴̦͍̖̘̩͇̯̱͇͔͉͓͕͚͕̬͖͇͉̲̀̅͑̉͐̓̊́́͐́̋̿̑̾̽͋̕̕͝͠ͅ ̷̛̠̭͓̬̞̲̥̦̖͇͕͙̳̳̰̝̥͎̐̌̓̋̉́̋͒͐́͋̑̾̄͑̓̕͘̕͝f̴̧̛̠̹̲̘̤̥̤͉̜͈͐̽͐́̿̓̚͝â̶̡̡̜͇̘̳̖̩̥̱̰̖̤͈̤̤̙͉̫̥̯͑̎̉̑̑̑̒͋̑ͅu̶̮̪̯͆͊̍̏͗̒͗̓́̍̆̐̿̒̀̒̚͘͘͝͠͠l̵̡̧͔̭͙̦̞͉̈̋̑̐̃̓̔͆́͋̇͌̚͘͜͝͠͠ẗ̶̡̯̜̠̟́̉́̉̽̓̓͂̀̔͌͊̀͊̈̏̒́͋ ̶̦̞͎͈̬̘͚̼̰̟̑̋͘͜ḥ̷̛̭̣̓̏̐̊̍͐̀̄̏͆͗̌͗̒͌̐͋̍͠í̷̡̛̛̫̩̖͚̭̼̥̝̆̊̃̑̍̊̌̎͆̊͊͒̇̕š̷̡͍͔̯̺͇͇̞̼̣̖̤̱͍͔̙̲̝̻͓͔̯͗͑͋̃́͂̏́̒͂͗͝ ̴̡̢̘̳̪̰͚͓̘͙̪̥̱͖͇̯̫͛̓͜͜ͅf̶̧̨̙̘͇͓͙̲͙̟͕̺̣̑͛̽̍͜á̸̛̪͓̥̪̱͇̱̹̼̣͖̳͛̍͐͑̂̇̽̄͠͝͠ư̵̡͙̥̭̟̲͍̙͓̺̞̗̦̬̲͈͍̪͚̰͕̋͐̂̎͌ļ̶̛͇̝͖̞̼̠̀̒͋͌̎̿̋̍͝͝͝ẗ̵̨̧͍̞̣̥̝͍͉̱͍̰̖͍̠̭̓̾̈́̋̽̅̉̍̒́̾̾̔͊́̃̎̌̚


Deep breaths.

He needs to stop… being like this. Freaking out about every single fucking thing. Especially here.

He couldn’t afford to be a stupid idiot w̷̼͙̖̐̓h̴̛͈̥̠́o̶̱̠͋̒̽ ̶̪͓͎̎͆̽k̸̨̥̉ͅe̵̝̋̒͂p̴̠̄t̸̡̚ͅ ̵̻̤͙͛͘l̴̫͒̈́e̷̬̫̭͝t̷̻̥͉̄̈́t̴͍̕ͅi̵̤͇͘n̷̯̐̀͆ĝ̵̜̜̞ ̷͙̣͘͝ḣ̷̩̫͉i̷̮͖̇́ş̸̩̭͌͆ ̵̦̏͝m̸͙̐̀e̷͙̾̋m̴̲̑o̸̢͇͐r̶̞͆̄i̴͓͍͋͂ͅȩ̷̪̟͌s̸̗͊̍̅ ơ̴̧͎̪̤̟̮̌͆̈́͠f̴̨̰̫͈͔͔̗̟̈́̾̅͛̀̌ͅ ̵̬̟̩̰̀̋̈́͘͝ẗ̵̺̜͇̱́ẖ̸̨̹̳͇͆̉͜a̶̞̗̙̠̮̫̩̔̀̊̂͝t̶̫͓̹̗͓̝̮͆͆̎̎́́̉͝͝ͅ ̵̨̘͈͒̈́̍̌̊͊͝͝g̸͚̮̣̘̻̯͕̳̉̂̀͐̉͐͂̄̕ȇ̵͈͇͇̪̲̩̻̾͜t̵̛̤̮̺͐̽̈̈̑́̚͝ ̵͚͋͂̒̈́̎̓͝͠ï̵̪͐n̸̯̳͗̈́̂̅̇̑̄́͛ ̴̛̳̘̬̼̓̂͘t̸͙̩̙̳͈͑̅͆̀́͘ḫ̷̛̯̹̯̞́̈́̚͝ͅė̸̡͍̞̬͕͇̩̾̂̈́̊̍̄̇̒ ̴͓̘̪̮͇͂̆̌̓̆̿̑̈w̶͖̹͓͎̳̞̭̼͙̓̄̎͐̓͠a̵̧̧͓͓̙̐̔͗̉̑̀͠ỵ̷̥͕͇̼̺̔̇͂̔̑̎̑͘ ̴̳̮̠̪̈̇̀́͘͝͝͝ơ̸̧̞̤̌̀͐͠f̷̢̬̳̼͂̆̈̄̑͐́̑̒

Just. Focus on the present, Tobias. Try and get back to the present.

He dully looked down at his arm to realize she wasn’t holding it anymore. How… long was he out of it? It looked like he was moved several feet back into town somehow. He immediately grabbed it with his other hand and held it tight against his chest so she couldn’t touch it again.

He took a few more deep breaths, alright, okay. Took a few moments but he’s back here, in the present. Wasn’t one of his worse episodes, that’s good.He looked back at the woman, noticing she seemed to be finished saying something. How long was she talking for? Did she just start talking? He took a few more deep breaths, putting all of his focus onto her.


Wild Pokemon jump out of the grass on the way to the next town.

….Okay maybe he was still mentally fucked up because he didn’t even understand a thing she just said. He glanced over at the exit. Sure, there were patches of grass but not anything that could leap out of them. Unless it was something small, the grass was barely at knee height.

Also again with the whole “Poke-a-mon” thing?? What is up with these people where they don’t shut up about it.There had to be more to it.

You know what? He didn’t have the energy to deal with this right now. Sure. Fine. He needs a pocketmon. Whatever.

O-okay… fine how do I get one of these….

He waved his hand around, trying to remember what they were called..


It took a few moments for her to process the question. Like she didn’t have it scripted out and had to come up with an answer on her own.

Professor Elm’s lab.

Tobias’ eyes widened. Professor? Elm was a professor? Was this some… type of experiment?

No, he knew what experiments were and they were nothing like this. Experiments just… tested your abilities. See what you could do and what they could further research on. It wasn’t whatever the fuck this was, he didn’t even know how you could get the funding for something like this. Besides, all the researchers he knew stopped caring about him a long time ago. They could just experiment on a snake and get the full effect of learning how he worked, with much less of a hassle.

So the lab was… irrelevant to his situation. It was just a place he had to go to, for some reason

There didn’t seem anything… unusual about the place. It was a rather simple one, really. Just one small building, not anything like the ones he was used to.

He sighed, rubbing his arm and flinching slightly at the pain. He needed to stop doing that, now that he could feel it. And especially because it was extremely bruised up from the stair incident. He hesitated for a few more moments, before opening the door and walking inside.

He didn’t know what he was expecting but it was… normal. Besides the scientists that were standing in the middle of the room, just kind of staring into space but hey. It’s… not some crazy mad scientist lab with blood splattered on the floors or anything. It was nice and clean, with a few bookshelves and desks.

He slowly walked up to the man that he assumed to be the main scientist. Elm. The one who was looking for him. He definitely has never met this man before in his life.

God he was really starting to regret just walking up to him, but what other choice did he have? It was this or bunkering up upstairs while some psychotic lady who thinks is his mother stares off into space at the table. Assuming she just wouldn’t fully lose it and start trying to claw her way up to him like some type of feral beast.

The man seemed to snap to attention by the time he reached him. Like walking up the the guy just activated a switch. Tobias shuddered a little. Ugh this guy was creepy. Just… just go with it. The less questions you ask, the faster this will go and the faster you can get out of here.

Y...teah I heard you were um. Looking for me. W-well, here I am, ahaha...so you can… stop looking for me because I’m here. Right now. Soooo um, y-yeah now that I’m here as I… previously established…. Y-you can-

Elm must have got tired of him babbling on and just went for what he was going to say next. Thank god because Tobias really didn’t know where the fuck he was going with this conversation. He tended to just talk in circles in situations like these, probably would of lasted another few minutes before he reached a conclusion to it.

I’m conducting new Pokemon research right now, I was wondering if you could help me with it, Tobias.

God these fucking people never say what he is prepared to hear.

Everyone in this town was saying how he needed to go here to?? Help with research? Why was this man just… looking specifically for him? Tobias glanced at the other scientists. Sure they weren’t people but… couldn’t they have done it?

Hell, biology wasn’t even his main focus. Sure he liked it, reading pretty much every book on the subject that existed and memorizing the information in its entirety but that didn’t mean anything. Anyone could do that, it was child’s play.

That’s… awfully convenient.

S...sure I’ll uh. Raise one of your things.

Anything to get out of this hell town.

Thanks Tobias! You’re a great help.

Something on his desk began to ring, and Elm immediately grabbed it like he knew it was coming. A phone? Much like the radio, it was much smaller than the ones he was used to. Tobias stepped back a little, that was… really creepy. He spoke loudly, like he wanted him to hear his side of the conversation.He didn’t really want to… listen in on whatever this guy was saying though, so he just awkwardly stood around waiting for him to finish.

I have an acquaintance called Mr. Pokemon…

Does everything in this world involve Pokemon??

He keeps finding weird things and raving about his discoveries. Anyway, I just got a phone call from him saying that this time it's real. It is intriguing, but we're busy with our Pokémon research…

Why was everything here so… convenient. He happened to get a call the second he walked in, so he could ask him to talk to his friend? Whoever put him here has all of this planned out. Every step of what is happening to him has been decided long before he got here. But why? What was the point in doing this? He wanted to just say yes, he would be glad to help, and grab the Pokemon and make a run for it but… he had a feeling he was going to have to see this through. That he was going to be stopped every step of the way until he met with Mr. Pokemon.

S...sure I would love to help.

No point in beating around the bush anymore, he just had to do this. Additionally, he didn’t really want to… say no and find out what happens when he disobeys them. He knows that when you enter an unfamiliar place, you just need to keep your head down. Do what they want and don’t say a thing about it. Just try and figure out what are the rules, what is expected of you, and how to avoid getting punished. He really hoped he wouldn’t have had to do this anymore now that he lived with the Sawyers but… at least he had experience with doing this.

I want you to raise one of the Pokémon contained in these Balls. You'll be that Pokémon's first partner, Tobias!

He walked over to the table containing three round balls roughly the size of his palm. They were red and white, with a small button in the middle of it. Tobias hesitantly followed him, expecting one of the balls to just spring to life at any moment. He didn’t really pay any mind to what one he was grabbing, it’s not like it mattered what one he got. He just needed one. As he reached over to the right most ball, Elm swatted his hand out of the way.

That one is not for you. Yours is the one in the middle.

Tobias rubbed his hand, god the people here were so touchy and he hated it. So the one in the middle was… specifically meant for him? Then why have two additional balls, unless someone else was here too? That thought gave him a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. He could only hope that someone wasn’t brought here with him. Would it be Lottie? She was the only person he really interacted with. Well, for their sake they better not have brought her here. This place would be burned to the ground within minutes.

This was something else he would have to add to the mental checklist of stuff he has to think about later. For all he knew someone completely unrelated to him could have been dragged into this mess.

The middle ball looked no different than the others, it made him curious to know what was in the other one. He slowly grabbed it, feeling his fingers accidentally press the button. There was a sudden flash of bright red light, causing him to close his eyes and drop the ball in shock. He could feel his surroundings get hotter. Normally that would be a good thing, but now it just made him feel uncomfortably hot. Ah, he must have been warm blooded now. There was a lot he needed to get used to with his new body.

He opened his eyes, and let out a small yell- well, it was more like a squeak than a yell.

W-what the fuck??

In front of him, was a floating ball of silver fire. Something like this is.. rare but not uncommon. If you go too deep into the forest, you’re bound to see a few will-o’-the-wisps. This… this wasn’t like one of those though. This thing had a gigantic eye in the center of it. Not blinking. Not moving. Instead just staring directly at him. It… it shouldn’t have an eye. How did it have an eye?

He slowly glanced down at the ball that it came from, not wanting to take his eyes off that… thing for too long. It had to be enchanted somehow, to shrink stuff down and store it inside. Not… unheard of, but there was no reason that Elm should have had one of those, let alone three. He wasn’t even sure that three of those existed in the world. Besides that, it somehow stored something that was living? How did it not… die when it was trapped in there? Did it need air to breathe or to keep… burning?? None of this made any sense.

W...what the hell is that? I don’t… w...why do you have it?

Tobias looked over at Elm, expecting some answers from him.



That’s ALL he had to say?? He looked at the man in complete disbelief, these… these people. Why didn’t they… say what they were supposed to? Act like they were supposed to. He backed away from the man and from the thing slowly. He didn’t like this. Not knowing what these people were going to do next. It was confusing and.. and made his head hurt just trying to figure them out.

He looked back at the… thing. The “Magnemite”. That was an unfitting name for it, it didn’t look like a magnet or a mite.

It just.

It didn’t make sense.

Before he could even answer Elm’s question, the man already asked another one.

What would you like to name your Magnemite?

N...name it?? Didn’t it already have a name? Why does he have to name it again?

I...Don’t want to?

That is an unusual name for a Pokemon.

N..no I didn’t want to name it that. I’m saying I don’t want to name it, I-

Mr. Pokémon lives a little bit beyond Cherrygrove, the next city over. It's almost a direct route there, so you can't miss it. But just in case, here's my phone number. Call me if anything comes up!

Tobias was still over here trying to process this floating fireball, but fuck him, guess we’re just moving right along to the next part of the script. Whatever, guess it didn’t matter what this thing was. Point is, he got the Pokemon and now he will be let out of town. The faster he gets through with whatever this is, hopefully the faster it is he could get back home.

He reached down and grabbed the pokeball. It… was just a metal painted ball. It didn’t seem magical at all. Either way… if the button wa sthe thing that let this creature out than it had to be the thing that put it back right? He gave it another press.

The beam of light appeared once again, and the Magnemite, “DontWantTo” was gone in a flash. He let out a breath of relief, alright. Luckily that thing wasn’t hard to get rid of. He tucked the ball away carefully, making sure not to press the button. No offense to “DontWantTo”, but Tobias really wasn’t intending to ever letting that thing out of its ball again. He didn’t… trust it. Sure, it hasn’t done anything yet. But that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t.

He walked out of Elm’s lab, the man not even seeming to notice or care. It made sense he supposed, he fulfilled his role and had nothing left to do for now. Now it was time to leave the town again.

He kept his head down, avoiding the woman from before as much as he could.Luckily, she didn’t even send him a passing glance as he walked out of town. He didn’t even have to show her that he had a Pokemon, making him legally allowed to leave. It was like...she somehow already knew that he had one. God he hated these creepy zombie people that somehow shared a memory.

It’s true that he didn’t know what he was getting himself into, or even what was going on. But he’s going to find a way to get out of here.

If there was one thing Tobias was good at,

It was finding out how to run the fuck away from a shitty situation.

I'm sorry for taking so long, I have a lot of stuff I needed to draw/do and :(

I wrote this in like two days so hopefully I'll be able to post the next one pretty quick??

The only Pokemon I got was Magnetmite, which

I forgot to take a screenshot of the other screen, but it's a pure fire type with it's only move being Flame Wheel. I had a really neat visual when I got it of this creepy ass ball of fire which I trieeed to sprite but I'm not the best at spriting.

Anyways, hope you enjoy my shit son and his adventures with legs and anxiety.
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Oh my god tobias is so good. That's an extremely good former(?) snake person (snerson) you have here. The art really pulls everything in this update together too


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Hey Robo where is the rest of him?????? You can't just do that?????

Also I can't believe Tobias is unironically the type to try and study our (modern day) culture by looking at really old memes and going "what the fuck does this mean"


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Oh my god Robo this is so good!!! I really love the narration and how snappy and fun it is and tobias's voice and also the art is SO GOOD!!! I love how like, very creepy and NPC like in the best and worst ways that everyone but Tobi is so cute!!! He's fucking baby!!!!!!!

Also what happened to his arm poor baby where did it go, who hurt you


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God where do I FUCKING begin with this update i went nuts in FUCKING yuts for it.

I don't know where to begin. There's so much good stuff. Like damn. His introspection, his freakout over his legs, his freakout over his ARM, the tiny box, him not knowing what a fucking computer is, falling down the stairs, the mom encounter???


Oh fuck and the art! the art. God. The NPC portraits fuck me up robo


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@Chess Thank you!! Don't worry, he absolutely is, a 100% former snerson. He's never going to end up going back to being like that. Nope. Not at all.

@SnakeWrangler Tobias would absolutely go on fucking 9gag or something and look at the rage comics and try to figure them out. Robin would find them fucking hysterical and Tobias just... he needs to understand how anyone can find these funny

@Glace Thank you! Oh, I wouldn't worry about his arm. Sometimes you just end up losing one, you know? I'm sure it's not going to end up relevant or be a major source of his trauma, or anything like that. :)

@Jimcloud I'm really glad u liked it so much Jim ;; I didn't know how the NPC portraits would end up cause I'm just using a base for the most part but I'm happy you ended up liking them!!

Tobias was tired.

More than tired really, he was downright exhausted.

Trying to get used to legs seemed like one of the more minor things contributing to this, although at this point they were burning with pain and begging for him to take a break. The major factors though were a combination of severe mental exhaustion (having multiple anxiety attacks back to back will do that to ya) and moving around more today than he has in years. He lived such a stationary lifestyle, his physical activity for the day would consist of moving to different rooms of the house and trying not to fall down stairs. So all of this… walking through the wilderness, with uneven terrain, and long streches of nothingness, and stupid legs that he still doesn’t know how to use was just.

It was a lot.

It didn’t take long until once again he found himself tripping over his own feet and crashing to the ground. All he did was let out a tired groan, not even bothering to move from his current face down position. You can only trip and fall down on your face so many times until it stops being painful and becomes more of a hindrance.

God just kill me.

He sluggishly rolled himself over so he could at least be facing up to the sky instead of the ground while he wallowed in his own self misery. The stars at the very least were pretty here, there wasn’t any light pollution taking away from it. Wherever he was had to of been in the middle of nowhere.

Tobias was never really able to admire the night sky before. Sure he could just look out his window, but that’s a completely different experience than lying outside. Except for the occasional hot summer night, usually it was just too… cold to go out. His muscles would stiffen up making them hard to use, his mind would become too tired and groggy to even think straight…

Okay, sure he’s like that right now. But these are completely different circumstances. Maybe in a week he would be good enough to not feel like he was going to drop dead at any second.

He sat himself up, if he were to continue to lie down he probably would end up just passing out to exhaustion. He had much better things to do than to sleep, like trying to get whatever this was over with as fast as possible.

But god he didn’t want to move ughhh he just wanted to lie here and dieeee.

He felt like he was sitting on something, which reminded him. That gear thing that lady gave to him, he never did get a good look at it. Tobias pulled the device out, it was… well, like nothing he’s ever seen.

First of all, it was quite small, he was easily able to hold it in his hand without much effort. What it was used for was really unclear though. There was a part of it that he could prop off, revealing two small cylinder-like objects with a small label on each of them.

What is a… battery?

Is this what is being used to power this technology? Batteries? It’s in a place that would make sense for an enchantment to be, so that must be the case. One thing for sure, he’s certainly never heard of one of those before.

He fumbled with the device some more, eventually finding a way to turn it on. A small screen popped up, it was like nothing he’s ever seen before. Definitely enough to get him excited.

The default screen seemed to be just the date and time. It was a bit… unusual to see the time written out like that, instead of like a traditional clock. He assumed there had to be more functions to this thing, otherwise why carry around something this size if it was just to check the time? Why not just wear a watch? That seems awfully inconvientant.

After fiddling with it some more, he got the screen to change. Now it showed a map and… oh right, he totally forgot to check the map before running out of the house. God way too much stuff has been going on tonight for him to just be remembering it now.

The first thing he noticed wasn’t the map itself, but rather a little figure on it. Specifically, one that resembled him. It seemed to be placed on the spot he currently is, in real life. Somehow, this map not only knew where he was, but also what he looked like.

What the fuck.

How was that even possible? It wasn’t even like it was a picture of himself that this thing somehow took without him knowing (which also would have been impossible for completely different reasons), it was a… drawing of some sorts in the same art style of the map. And it was somehow accurately placed to show exactly where he was in the world.

The woman at the house said this was his Pokemon Gear… was this made specifically for him? Why go through all the effort of creating something like this when they could have just… given him a map? Or a watch? His situation just kept getting stranger and stranger.

As Tobias turned his attention to the map itself, it only brought him more confusion. The bottom of the screen was labeled “Johto”, assumingly the name of the country (?) he is in. Except one minor problem, Johto didn’t fucking exist. As he scrolled through every town, none of them sounded familiar. Sure, Tobias didn’t know every single little town that existed. But if every town here was under the same name of Johto, there’s no way he wouldn’t know about it. The fact that this Johto had ten cities and towns under one name seemed impossible to him. That just didn’t happen. If three cities were alligned with each other, that would be considered a big fucking deal, let alone fucking ten. There’s no way that anyone where’s he from would not know about Johto, so why the fuck has he never heard of it before?? Unless he was in an entire dimension entirely which… was seeming more and more like a possibility at this point.

Multiple dimensions weren't a strange concept to him. Afterall, the separation of one dimension into two was a major defining moment in history. Over a few hundred years ago, everyone who wasn’t an ordinary, non magical human was shoved into a new dimension, while the humans kept the old one. If you ask Tobias, it was a really shitty idea. The world they made was way too small, and the shift to it wasn’t even voluntary, a witch queen just decided it sounded like a good idea at the time and fucked everyone over. It was supposed to be for “their own safety”, but it ended up becoming a mad scramble for everyone to get their own territory, causing centuries of war that is still going on today. There were also the side effects of losing most of their history, having to completely reinvent and rebuild previous technology…. it was just a huge mess. Yet everyone sees her as some martyr that sacrificed herself to the greater good? Yeah, fuck that.

….And he totally wasn’t saying that because any information about his species was one of the things that got lost in the separation resulting in years of believing he was some cursed monster until one person remembered reading one line in one book about how snake people were a thing. Definitely not because of that.

Well who cares about that, he’s normal now and doesn’t have to ever think about being like that again. He’s fine, he’s cured, he can be perfectly happy and normal here until he can figure out how to get home. Just… have to ignore the creepy people and the fireballs with eyes. Yeah. he can do that. New dimension, new him right?


Oh fuck he’s in a whole new dimension. The realization of this was slowly starting to sink in. Yeah. He’s in a whole entirely different dimension. And any method of dimensional travel has been lost through time, so he has no way to get back home. There… must have been a rift of sorts that resulted in him being here. Though that implies there being three dimensions instead of two like what was previously thought. So where the hell did this one come from? He… probably would get answers if he just. Continued on this little “quest” of his but god his mind couldn’t stop wanting to figure things out now. Thinking about stuff and making theories was just so much easier than having to go on some adventure to figure things out. Which is something he totally should get back to doing…

….Or he could continue sitting here and trying to figure out this new little device of his. Yeah, that seems like a much better alternative.

There was still one option left on this Pokemon Gear that he hasn’t investigated yet. A little black rectangle at the right of the other icons.

...Call? Like on the telephone?

But…. but this was so small! And portable! And had a map and the date and the time! How was that even possible? Telephones were ten times the size of this thing, and were just used for calling people. It didn’t show you an up to date map and the time! Hell, it could barely even handle the calling part, half the time it was so unstable you couldn’t even talk to someone for more than a sentence before getting disconnected! God, why does this place get all the cool technology while his had to be decades behind? He can’t exactly enjoy this while stuck in the creepy monster hell dimension. It wasn't fair.

Although… now that he was here and had this thing, he could easily take it apart and figure out how it works.

The thought of doing that got a huge smile on Tobias’ face. If he managed to get back home, something like this could change everything. It wouldn’t be exactly his own idea, but he could definitely recreate it to work without these whole battery things. Besides, no one needs to know that this came from this Johto dimension. That could be his own secret.

He would definitely end up being famous for it, a thought that would normally turn his stomach into knots, but it would be a different type of famous this time. This would be normal person famous, which is all about what you do rather than who you are. Although he might have to change his name, so no one could connect the dots on who he used to be. Such a shame too, he’s starting to like his name now that he can pronounce it correctly. And he’ll still have to deal with… people talking to him and about him. Hm.

….Actually, maybe fame just isn’t for him. He could just throw this “Pokemon Gear” out into the world without anyone knowing. Yeah, that would be better since he can still live his safe life in isolation and-

Tobias heard a noise coming from behind him. He heard a faint rustling sound, as if something was starting to move towards him.

He felt the feeling of being watched by something, something that wasn’t there a few moments ago. His mind began to race on what could possibly be behind him. He didn’t want to turn around… but he knew he… had to…


How… how did that thing appear? What was it, some sort of… sea serpent? A Levithan? One major fucking problem, this wasn’t the fucking ocean. He was here, in the middle of a lightly forested area with trees and some grass and-

Wait a second.


As much as he didn’t want to stop looking at that… beast, he took a quick glance to the ground below it. Yeah, there was grass underneath it. Grass that wasn’t high enough to hide a 20 something foot tall monster, but was high enough that it was noticeably taller than the rest.

Pokemon hide in the tall grass….

He heard himself quietly repeat that line to himself. Pokemon hide in the tall grass.

It didn’t make sense. He knew it didn’t, there was about ninety things scientifically wrong happening right now and that was just scratching the surface.

But Johto didn’t follow the laws of science.

Johto was it’s completely own thing, and Tobias hated it.

Before he could continue thinking, he noticed a great amount of water was starting to form around the levithan’s mouth. It was going to attack.

Tobias scrambled to get up as fast as he possibly could, running (if you could call it that) to find anything that he could use as cover. There was a large, sturdy tree nearby, and he quickly was able to get behind it before the beast could attack.

The attack was powerful. He could hear the tree struggling to remain in one piece, the wood starting to crack under the pressure of the water blast. If he chose even a slightly weaker tree, he had no doubt that it would have snapped in half within seconds.

Yet the tree remained standing upright, for now. He let out a small sigh of relief. Okay, good. He survived that somehow. Sometimes he felt like he was unlucky enough to get into fucked up situations like this, but lucky enough to somehow survive it. Honestly, it would have been better if something just hurried up and killed him already. He was getting real tired of going through stuff like this, he didn’t know how much more he would be able to take.
Things were still for a few moments. Tobias slowly peaked his head out from the safety of the tree, wondering if the serpent just got tired and left. Went back to the grass or whatever. It absolutely fucking wasn’t, because there it was starting to charge up another attack.

You know what? He could die during the next thing that tried to kill him. Because fuck this, he wasn’t going out to his spine breaking from the pressure of that water blast. He’ll just keep on surviving until something tries to kill him nice and painlessly. Yeah. That sounds like a good idea.

He darted away from the tree, and moments later the tree was getting blasted off to god knows where. Poor thing. At least it wasn’t him.

He knew it was only a matter of time before it fired up again, so rather than wait around he just kept on going. It’s okay, it’s a creature that’s meant to live in the sea, that’s somehow on land, it’s not going to be able to catch up. It’s okay, it’s okay, i̶t̷’̷s̶ ̷o̸k̷a̶y̸.̷ ̵

Tobias kept running until he wasn’t sure he could anymore. His lungs were burning, and he had to trip at least twenty times, and god he was so out of shape it was pathetic, but at least he lost the thing. The monster. He let himself fall back to the ground so he could struggle to catch his breath.

H...how does… anyone live here…?

Oh that’s right, no one does live here! Everyone is just some creepy zombie, shuffling around and occasionally mumbling the same lines of dialogue. As far as he knew, he was completely alone; which was something normally he would greatly enjoy but god not here. He needed someone here to protect him, anyone-

Okay, not anyone. There was a pretty long list of people who he wouldn’t want to be here with him. Actually, he would only be okay with Lottie or his legal guardians. So he needed specifically one or more of those three people here to protect him. God he needed more people that were a positive part of his life. Though he supposed it was three more than he was used to but...

He hated that he could feel himself start to cry. He really tried not to, because crying was stupid and weak but god he was so overwhelemed. There were stupid levithans that just popped out of the grass at random, and yet he had to keep on going until he reached Mr. Pokemon, ̶a̸n̵d̵ ̷g̶o̸d̶ ̶o̷n̵l̵y̵ ̵k̷n̸o̷w̶s̵ ̵w̴h̸e̸r̴e̸ ̴t̸h̸e̸ ̶f̴u̸c̴k̴ ̸h̶e̶ ̶i̵s̷ ̵b̴e̸c̸a̷u̶s̷e̴ ̸n̷o̷ ̴o̶n̵e̶ ̴g̵a̸v̶e̷ ̶h̸i̶m̷ ̴d̴i̴r̴e̸c̶t̸i̴o̶n̷s̸, ̶̦̋h̵̬̀e̴̟̓’̴̪̏ṣ̵̾ ̶̱͌j̷̥̿ú̷̱s̵̗̔t̸͈̓ ̶͔̔b̸̮͠ȩ̸̕e̶͈̍n̴͌͜ ̵̪̋w̵̖̚a̶̬̒ṅ̶̟d̷͆ͅe̵̦̕r̶̦̅ḭ̸̒n̸̮͆g̵̖̾ ̶̻͒e̴͎͌ḁ̷͐s̷̯̀t̵͖͝ ̷̩͂ã̴̢n̸̨̋d̶̤̎ ̵͕̄ḧ̷͍́e̶͗ͅ ̷̹̊d̷̞̓ö̶̥́e̷̢͝s̵̘̽n̷̗͂’̶̻͒t̵̢̽ ̷͎͐e̶̙̚v̸̟͌e̸̫͆n̸̘̊ ̵̝̅k̷͖̕n̵̖̉õ̵͓w̴͍̑ ̸̞͘i̵̘͒f̶̚ͅ ̴̊͜h̷̞̎e̴͖̚ ̴̭̋w̴̦̃ḁ̷̽ş̶͝ ̷̘͠g̶̜͐o̶̹̐i̷̤͂n̴̘̆g̷̍͜ ̸̥̄t̸̰̓h̶̖̋e̵̝̒ ̶̢̈́r̴̫̆ǐ̶ͅg̶̼̕ĥ̴͚ṱ̵̀ ̸͓̐ẁ̷͓ȃ̷͔y̴̪͛ ̸͕̏a̷̹͊n̵͇͆ḋ̶͍ ̷͔̽ġ̶̣o̵͎͆d̷̜̐ ̸̮̂h̶̭̊e̸͉͐ ̸̭̅p̸̰͐r̷̪̀ó̷ͅb̷̩̎a̷̼̕b̷͇́l̸̜͗y̴̠͋ ̶͓̅w̴̼͂ả̵̺ś̸̱ņ̷̍’̶̭͠ţ̸̽ ̷̨́e̴̱͝v̸̻͒ĕ̶̘ń̸̪ ̶̆ͅg̸̺̈́ō̷͓ï̶̦n̸̤̋g̴̪̎ ̶̧̚t̶̜͑h̴̫͒ė̵̙ ̶̩͊r̷͖̾ḭ̸̍ğ̷͍h̵͙͐t̸͓̐ ̵͈͛w̷̨͠å̴̼ÿ̸̤ ḣ̵̬͝ȅ̶̢̨͓͠ ̶̢̛̘̩̈̚w̴̟̓̓ȧ̵̹͕̃͝ş̵̲̌̀̂ ̶͕̲̳͆̀̈́p̷̘͛r̷̲̋o̴̬̫͑̐͜b̵̛͈̈́͝a̷̫̥̎b̶̹̲̠͛͂̒l̶͖̔y̴̯̎͘̚ ̶̮͙͋ļ̶̔̀õ̸̢̬͚̃͗s̷̼̈́̀͘t̸͉̬̩̎ ̵̧̬̮͠i̵̪̅̈̀n̸͙̯͕̿ ̴̪̈t̷̻͚͗h̶͕͕̔̓̌e̸̢̥̞͊ ̵͙̠̯́w̸̩̖͌͒í̴̦̜ľ̸͇̩͌̕d̶̨̽̀̎ê̵̘̂̕r̵͖̃̒n̶̯̄ě̴̫͓̣s̷̫̋̎̏s̶̳̔͂ ̸̛̯̈w̴̢̝͍̏i̸͔͆̅́t̶͇̅̓̓h̷̬͙͌̀̄ ̴̥̂̃o̶͍̓n̶̡̐l̷̜͑̊ẏ̵̭̈ ̴͖̗̚͝͠g̴͎͉̕i̶͕̿͒͑á̶̯͇̩̈́n̸̫̮͂̔͝t̵͙͗͐̓ ̴̢̙̞̀́̍d̷̫̕͜ë̴̲́̂̈́a̷̠̎̆͂d̵̗͗̐̎͜l̷̫̾y̶̡̲̗͆͐͗ ̵̧̡̅s̶̒͜é̸̲͊̕a̶͉̭͛ ̵̬͑́́s̸͕̯͌͌̚ẽ̸̘͐͠r̴̡̚p̶̭͔̀͘h̸̝̘̓ä̷̯͉̻́͘n̸̜͛̚ţ̴̳͓̌̉s̴̗͚̲̀͋ ̸̩̟̌͠f̸̬̙͉̑̌o̴̱̤̱͋͝r̵̟̈̌̐ ̶̭̲͊͘c̸͉̤͊͝ǒ̷̢̄̐m̸͖̠͖̐͂͗p̶͇͙͊a̵͍̩̓̾n̵̖͖͓͗y̴̥̓ͅ ̴̝̱̉̅͝t̷̘̙͋́̒ḥ̴̣͌̊a̸̭̎͋͘ṫ̵̗̯ ̵̤̝͆͊ç̵̭͝o̴̜̾̉̂u̸͍̖̻̐̿̽l̶̰̇̌d̷̺̔ ̸̳̰̀͜a̶̺̪̜͆̅͆p̶̖̰̓p̵̡̠͠e̶̗̥͕̿́a̸̓͜͝r̶̻͑̔ ̴̦̻͌͛a̴̞͌ť̶̼̮̞ ̵͉́̌ą̵̨͙̾͠n̷̼̔ͅy̷̡̲̜̔̾ ̶̧͉̘̐͝s̵͉̰̀̌e̸̻̲̳̓c̶̳̘̯͛o̵̪͉̿̇̄n̸͔̖̭͒͆̈d̴̯̝̀̿ ̸̹̆a̴͕͓̽n̸͔̺̑́d̷̘̋
He couldn’t afford to be having another breakdown, especially out here in the wilderness with god knows what lurking around. Besides, staying in one place for too long probably isn’t a good idea since last time… that showed up. He could pretty much hear Lottie telling him to suck it up and stop being a stupid bitch which… that’s what he needed to do.


Suck it up and stop being stupid.

He shakily got up, and continued going in the only direction that was available to him. He was still crying a little but hey, at least he was moving when doing so right? That had to count for something?

It’s hard to get the approval of someone who wasn’t even here with him.

It wasn’t long until he could see something on the horizon... a town? It was very small like the previous one, but there was a small clump of buildings so that was probably… something. As he got closer, he could see an old man just. Staring blankly across from him. Like he was waiting for something. Hereeee we go again with this shit, maybe if Tobias just looked at the floor and hurried along the old man would just leave him alone and-

He felt his body tense up, as he let out a little shocked noise. He was expecting this guy to talk to him, but it still caught him off guard.

He didn’t really understand what the man meant by “rookie trainer”. What exactly was he training? He thought for a moment and remembered that… device he has with one of those things in it. Was…. he supposed to be training that thing?

Haha yeah, no way buddy. That thing was staying in that ball.

Y….yeah I’m…. a rookie trainer a-alright…

Still, it was better to just go with it.

That’s alright, everyone’s a rookie at some point!

Okay. Thanks for the… reassurance. Out of all the things that was worrying him being a rookie “trainer” was definitely at the top of his list. That was sarcasm, by the way. Tobias gave him a very nervous smile as he started to back away. Hopefully that was the end of-

He groaned internally. Of course. It wasn’t going to be that easy.

He knew what type of question this was too. It was one of those that pretended like it gave you a choice, like you could say no. That wasn’t the case though obviously, they wanted you to say yes and if you didn’t, well…


The old man seemed satisfied with that answer, okay good. He started walking up to him, hand outstretched as he was about to grab-

Aaaaaaa n-no it’s fine! I-I can follow you myself you.. you don’t have to.. um, d-do that….

He flinched back so hard that he felt like he was about to fall over. He cautiously stared at the man, ready to bolt and make a run for it the second he got any closer.

Instead he just dropped his arm and walked ahead of him. Tobias gave a small sigh of relief, and followed him obediently.

The building was rather small for what it was supposed to be. A… hospital for Pokemon? He guessed that made sense, if you were using yours to fight off the wild ones it’s a matter of time before it got injured.

….Wait, could his even get injured? It was a ball of fire with an eyeball. He… guessed if you poked the eyeball it would hurt it. Or if you doused it’s flames in water it would be…. just an eyeball bouncing around and god that is so gross don’t think about it.

It’s fine, it doesn’t matter he wasn’t going to use it anyways. Not like it would be any use against a sea serpent that blasted water all over the place anyways.

They sell balls for catching Pokemon and other useful items.

Why would he want more of them??

He… couldn’t see himself ever going into one of these. Stores are just awful, you gotta awkwardly carry all of your items up to the front and then the salesperson rings them up while making small talk, and you already are dying inside but the worst hasn’t even come yet. You still have to pull out the money and hand it to them and be careful not to touch their hand because god you’ll forever be branded as that fucking weirdo who ended up holding hands with the sales person. Then they’ll hand you the change and you always end up fiddling with the change okay, it’s a given. And the entire time, the whole store is judging you and staring at you because you’re not putting away your money fast enough and you’re holding up the line. Then the sales person, because they are being paid to do so, will say “thanks, come again!” and you just end up blurting out “haha, you too!” like they had a choice to come again and this wasn’t their job and you can never go to that store again, because the second you go in everyone will think oh great it’s that fucking freak again here to ruin everything because even something as simple as shopping was too difficult for him. .

Tobias took a deep breath.

Yeah, no way was he going shopping by himself. Not without someone to buy the stuff for him.

The two continued, making their way to the end of the town.

Mr. Pokemon’s house is out there.

His eyes widened.

W...what? He doesn’t live here? I have to…. g-go through another route?

The old man stared at him for a few moments, before starting to move on towards the sea. Well, no point in following him anymore. He didn’t need an explanation on what the sea was. He’s never been to one though, not really much of a point when you can’t even swim. Not like going to the ocean was something people do for fun anyway, everyone knew that the sea was probably the most dangerous place on the planet. With the.. sea serpents, and krakens, and sirens and all.

He waited a few moments to make sure the old man wouldn’t notice his disappearance, before heading out towards route 30. As he started walking, he couldn’t help but think about how the worst part is he’s going to have to go all the way back to where he started. Like, doing this one time wasn’t enough he had to do it twice. He could barely even handle this once and survive.

As Tobias kept walking, he noticed the path separate into two ways. One headed towards a more foresty area while the other…

was being blocked by a fight going on. Two children, no older than ten years old, were commanding some of the monsters, having them attack the other. So people capture these monsters. With their very small and fragile capturing devices. And then they used them to fight with other people who had monsters.

There had to be a million things wrong with that. Why are you fighting with them? What happens if they get mad that you put them in a ball and took them away from their home and decide to attack you? What’s stopping them from attacking you?? What’s stopping you from getting caught in the crossfire when you’re fighting these fucking things for fun???

Augggghhh he hated this world. It just got worse the more he found out about it.

It took Tobias a second to realize one of the kids was talking to him. Oh. Guess he was standing kind of close trying to figure out what was going on.


He lingered for a few more moments until just kind of… awkwardly shuffling away. God these weren’t even real people and he still had zero social awareness.

He went down the other path, the one that didn’t have a battle going on. He couldn’t help but feel… unsettled with how much this world wanted him to do certain things in a certain order. A woman dragging him away because he didn’t have a Pokemon, but it’s fine because Elm just happened to be giving one away so he could start off on this little… quest was one thing. Yes, it was very weird and circumstantial, but it made sense. Somewhat.

The kids blocking his path didn’t make any fucking sense. They’re out here, on this giant, open route. And yet they decide to have their battle on a very small path so that would make it impossible to go through? There was barely enough room for their Pokemon to fight, why would they choose there? Unless it was to intentionally block his path, so he would go down the other one to Mr. Pokemon’s house. There’s literally no reason for them to be there except to be a roadblock for him.

This world just… he couldn’t stop thinking about how obvious it was designed by something. He just had no idea what could have enough power to make a world like this. Last time another dimension was made, the people who made it ended up dying from how much energy it took to make one. And that was just a small, empty world! This place had things that looked like people and monsters! There’s no way someone could make this place and still be alive, but at the same time something was pulling the strings to make sure he stays on track. It was absolutely perplexing to say the least.

He walked in silence for the rest of the path up. Luckily, it wasn’t as long as the other one. It just really felt like it because of how tired he was. Please let this be all he has to do so he can lay down in bed and die. He wasn’t able to enjoy the fact that he was on a soft normal bed on account of the whole. Waking up in a different body thing. It would be nice to just lay on one with nothing insane going on.

Tobias arrived at the house, and gave the door a timid knock. He stood on the doorstep for a few moments. Nothing. No one answered it. Oooookay, so now what? Does he just… go back to Elm and say no one was home? Would that be something Elm would even accept? This probably is one of those “don’t come back unless you got what you need” type of things. Elm would definitely just kick him back out. Or kill him. Neither is really ideal.

So… does he lie to him about it? Say that Mr. Pokemon made a mistake and that there was no discovery? But what if Elm calls Mr. Pokemon to make sure, and this time Mr. Pokemon is home, and he answers and Elm found out that he LIED-

Okay. Can’t do that. Lying…. lying will just cause whatever punishment he’s going to get for failing to be worse. He’s been through this before. The truth always comes out and it’s not worth the pain that comes from that. That makes lying out of the question, but doesn’t leave him with any solutions.

Tobias frowned a little. He really didn’t realize how good he had it with his current household until now. Everything was so much… simple there. Sure, he was always waiting for the ball to drop and for them to finally get fed up with him, but it was…

He didn’t have to think like this there. Like he had to think of every possibility so he wouldn’t make a mistake and get hurt. It was nice to just live with a group of people and be able to breathe.

He sat down, leaning his back against the door. Guess he’ll just have to wait for Mr. Pokemon to come back. Everything was quiet for a few moments, Tobias felt himself start to relax, eyes starting to close. It wasn’t the most comfortable place to fall asleep, but he had worse. He could just have a little rest while he waited for Mr. Pokemon to get back.

Suddenly the door opened. He let out an involuntary yell as he ended up falling backwards into the house. The man, he assumed it was Mr. Pokemon, stared down at him not saying anything. The man seemed to be judging him, probably not appreciating that some random kid was about to fall asleep on his door.

I...I knocked??

He didn’t really know what to say, but he felt like he had to say something. He…. he did knock! And waited way past the expected time for the door to be answered! He shouldn’t be blamed for this.

Mr. Pokemon stared at him for a few more moments, before silently walking to a chair and sitting in it.

Tobias stared at him nervously, slowly standing back up. The man’s demeanor completely changed, the difference was like night and day. He dealt with people like this before, but it was always in reverse. People who would start off being nice and welcoming, just for them to pull a 180 and become assholes. It… made sense. A consequence for not being able to do what he was supposed to. He didn’t understand why someone would go from completely cold and irritated to welcoming and friendly. He knew he shouldn’t expect these people to follow a sense of logic, but it still completely unnerved him. The first impression was already set, why try to change it?

The man gestured for him to come closer. Tobias… really didn’t want to, to say the least. The farther away he can be from these things, the better. Unfortunately that wasn’t an option here, he had to just take a deep breath, and try to disconnect himself from what was happening and get through this. Once this is over, there would be nothing left for him to do, so he could be free to figure out a way to get back home. Maybe he wouldn’t even have to figure it out, maybe Elm would personally escort him back!

….Yeah, probably not. But it was nice to dream.

Man: This is what I want Professor Elm to examine.

The man reached over from behind the table, and pulled out… an egg? It was a very large one, about the size of a watermelon. Giant eggs weren’t that weird, usually they contained something dangerous in them like a griffin, dragon, or a basilisk. The main mystery was the giant green spots that were located all over the egg. As far as he knew, eggs didn’t just… have spots. Especially giant green ones. Whatever was in it had to have been something never seen before. He really couldn’t blame the guy for wanting something like this to be examined, if he found this just laying around he would want to examine it too.

...Although a part of him just kind of wanted to protect whatever was inside that egg. It didn’t feel right he was going to take it to a researcher to be studied because it’s some scientific marvel. Like… he was going to do it because this was the only way to go home, but he definitely be guilty about this for a long time.

So….should I take it now?

Tobias didn’t want to just take it out of the man’s hands without permission.

The man gave a nod, and handed it over to him.

It… was much lighter than he thought it would be. Almost like there was nothing inside it. Still, he made sure to hold it with both of his hands to give it as much support as possible.

Oh god he’s going to have to carry this thing all the way back. Where there’s just monsters roaming around. And he barely has the whole walking thing down. Poor egg doesn’t stand a chance, it’s going to get dropped as soon as Tobias exits the door. Better than being a science experiment, he supposed.

Soooo… I guess I’ll be... going then.

God why was saying goodbye always so awkward. He felt like he should… say something more? Like, was this even an appropriate time to leave? Was he expected to hang around a bit longer and… have tea or something? Was that supposed to be something that you had to wait to get offered to you? Were you supposed to ask for it? Ughhh Tobias didn’t even want tea, why was he overthinking this so much?

Before he could leave, an elderly man got up from his desk and walked over to him. Tobias forgot that this man was even here, he spent this whole time staring blankly at his book. He was pretty sure that he wasn’t even reading it.

Why did everyone here know his name it’s so creepy.

Seriously, was everyone just talking about him? What even was there to talk about now that he was normal? Was it just… the nature of his world that everyone knew his name? Tobias felt himself clutching the egg closer to his chest.

Y….yeah, that’s um… that’s me.

He was smiling, but rest assured that he was dying inside.

Oh! What’s this, a rare Pokemon?

Tobias blinked. W...what rare Pokemon? The one that he was pretending didn’t exist? How did this man even know he had one, let alone a rare one? He had to be under surveillance or something, there was no other explanation. He held the egg closer, at this point being somewhat of a comfort object to him.

You seem to be dependable!

Yeah this… this guy had a few screws loose. Who would look at him and call him dependable? Tobias was the least dependable person that he could think of. With how… scripted these interactions seem to be, part of him wondered if it was… vague enough to be meant for anyone? Elm said that there were other people here, so would everyone hear the same lines regardless of who it was being spoken to? That’s the only explanation he could think of of why he was called dependable. Seriously, one look at him and you’re able to tell he’s a nervous wreck waiting to run away at the slightest thing. Like, come on here. Dependable. Pssh.

How would you like to help me out?

Tobias wasn’t really sure what he was expecting when he opened it. He prepared for the worst but what he saw was… nothing. He shifted the egg to be held with one arm to better shift through the pages. It was completely empty, not a single stroke of a pen was anywhere on the pages. The journal was brand new.

I… I don’t understand?

See? This is the latest version of the PokeDex!

What the fuck was he talking about, this was a journal?? And not even an expensive one, he could probably find one for sale for extremely cheap??

Go meet many types of Pokemon and complete that PokeDex!

Tobias looked at the man in confusion, before looking back at the… “PokeDex”. Was he… expected to fill this out himself? Ha, yeah right. He wasn’t going to get near enough to those monsters to be able to research them for this man’s “PokeDex”. Not to be rude, but this guy was a shitty researcher if he just handed a blank journal to a random seventeen year old and expected him to do all the work for him. Get out there and be mauled by monsters yourself.

...Although part of him felt like this was supposed to be something else. Something similar to the “PokeGear” that was just a technical marvel that would… maybe automatically record all the data for these things just on sight or something? And for some reason, he got the short end of the stick and was just tossed the cheapest journal this man could find with a “good luck, do it yourself”.

It was probably just him overthinking things though.

He looked between the two men to see if they had anything else to say, but they just stared blankly ahead. Tobias will just take that as his sign to leave, giving an awkward wave goodbye, slowly backing away until he was far enough away to turn around and run out of there.

The second he exited the door though, a loud ringing noise erupted from his pocket. He immediately tensed up, causing him to lose grip on the egg. He quickly tried to catch it before it hit the ground, juggling it around a bit between his two hands until he was able to grab hold of it again. He gave a sigh of relief, before gently setting it down so he could see what the fuck was ringing and why wouldn’t it stop. He hated loud noises, and this entire time the thing was practically drilling into his head with how obnoxiously high pitched it was.

It was coming from the… PokeGear? Elm’s name was flickering on the screen, with the little phone icon next to it. Huh. Guess thing really was a mobile phone.

He answered the call, and before he could even get a greeting in, Elm immediately began to talk.

Right after he finished, Elm hung up the phone. Despite the… urgency of the message, Elm delivered it in the same monotone voice as usual. It made Tobias wonder if this was really an emergency, or if whatever these things are they’re just.. incapable of emoting. Honestly, he was hoping for the second option. He was getting real tired of people depending on him, things were much better when he only had himself to worry about and didn’t have to take care of eggs or do research on monsters or be expected to handle a disaster.

What was he even supposed to do? Call someone whose job it was to handle these types of things, not him! He sighed, bending down to pick the egg back up carefully. As he stood back up, he noticed something starting to approach him.

It was an unicorn, except for a soft and pretty mane, it was replaced with some sort of toxic sludge. It dripped off the horse slowly, but despite that it never seemed to get smaller. It had to have been in a continuous cycle of somehow making more sludge to replace what has fallen off.

The horse began to slowly approach Tobias, like a predator stalking its prey. The goop that had landed on the ground caused the grass around it to instantly turn a dull shade of brown and die. This… this thing was poisonous. He slowly backed up to the door, placing his hand on the knob without looking away from that thing. The knobbed jiggled. Locked. The unicorn came closer.

He pounded on the door as hard as he could.

L….let me in t-there’s a horse and- and it’s going to-

His voice dropped.


He kept… he kept trying to see these things as people, trying to rationalize them like people. Even though he proved time and time again that they weren’t people, he kept being an idiot and expecting them to react how they were supposed to act, even though they wouldn’t because they’re only here to blurt their lines and take up space.

They weren’t going to open the door.

Their role in this quest was finished. They had no reason to.

Tobias pressed his back against the door as much as he possibly could, as if a centimeter in length would be enough for this unicorn to not kill him. Afterall, it’s not like he could run away. Not only was the unicorn blocking the only route out of there, but it was a unicorn. How the hell was he supposed to outrun this, even if he was able to run without tripping over and falling. He clutched the egg so tightly, surprised that it didn’t end up breaking. Not because he wanted to protect it, more because he… he needed something to hold.

A rotting stench filled the air, the steady thumps of the unicorn’s footsteps echoing. The drips of the toxic became more frequent as it got closer, and closer, and closer. Ahahaha, how ironic right? He was going to die from being poisoned of all things. F̷u̸c̷k̶i̶n̷g̶ p̶o̷i̸s̵o̵n̵.̴

̴̹̲̠̀̾͜J̶̘͔͚̳̃̀̽̉͝͝ų̷̜̭͎̤͖͒s̶̢̧̗̥͔̮͖̭͌́͛̚̕͘͝t̵̙͖̺͐ ̵̧̙̟͈͖̠̈́̔́̂̏l̷̬͖̍̽̃ī̸̲͉̊ķ̷̠̩͂̔͒͆͋̌͊͗e̶̥̤͉͈͕̳͒̕ ̷̰̮͇̯̲͙̒̾͐̄̚͝͝h̶̠͚̤͕͈̳̦̯̉o̴̡̲̖̞͖̪̩͑̓̆͋̀̚w̵͍̋̅̈́ ̴̛͍̺̱̪̺̽̓̃̀͜ẖ̷̗̲͇̏̍͊̌̇̅̂͗ë̴͚̺̫͉̱̼́̓̓̋̚̕ͅ ̷̛̯͎̦͊̄̈́͊̀͝d̵̩̀̓̀̓̏͘̚i̶̟̭̅̾͆e̷̖̽d̶̨͔̰̣̫͎͊̀͌ͅ,̶̗͙̘͉̦̅͛̚ͅ ̷̧̜̙̺̮̹̜̄͘j̴̙̠̯̏̽̕͜͝ư̸̛͇̼̬̙̜͖̥̎̐̿͑͊̕s̶̛̝̺͒̓̐̈́̈́́͂t̴͇̝͇̹̱͖͆̑ ̸̧̫̣͔̼͈͙̗͐̆̐͌̕l̴̫͔̺̰̜̫̜̼̆̈̏̄͊̚ỉ̴͕͈̙̱̳k̶̨̡̻̮͙̲̈́͐̔̍̐̎̕͜ͅe̴̡̱̦̱̘͚̾͠ͅͅ ̵̰̤̙̗͂̌̀͜ḥ̶̱͇͖͍̋̽ŏ̶̪̼̰́͐̀͗ŵ̵̛̩̣͔̺̩̒̇̕ ̴͍̗̞̲̭͌͘h̸̢̨̹̻̖̘̯̖͐ẻ̷̹̤͓̯̄͆̒ ̷̛̬͖̦̜͕̞̫͖̋͐̉̆̆̕͠k̴͔͕̠̰̪͉͉̑̆̈́̄͘̚ȉ̵̧͓͑̓́l̸̯̟͋͛̓͑̑͝ͅļ̷͚̲̫̤̞̪͇̊̉͑͘ȩ̶̬̀̔̓̈̀̏͊̓d̴̥͕̩̹̺́̉͑ ̵̨̻͓̰́̔̏̓̈̊́ḩ̶̧̛̖̱̙͓̮̋̃́͛̇̍͘͜ì̵͇̤̈́̊m̷̡̛̮̠̎̉̒͝.̸͓̱͉̎̾ͅ ̵̗͇̐́̒͗͑͌́̐Ȋ̴͍̇͘ţ̶͓͚̟̐̂̈́̎̋̇͐͠’̵̻̮͉̲͍̠͑̍̓̒͠s̷̭͎̲̓̂̆̊́̑͝ ̷̮̩̳̱͙̯̗̝̈̔̀̎͋̓a̶̼̞͊̎ͅ ̶̻̮̉̌̃͒f̴̡̺͇̝̥̪̜͍̊͋̒̏̏̃̓̚ī̸̛͚̲̒́̀͘ẗ̶̡̨̨͎͙͙́t̷͚̜͚̫͕̩̝͈̀̽i̷͙͓͍͙̊̅͋̀͌̿n̶͇͛̍̂̈́͘͠ģ̶̨̝̹̖͎̏ ̷͍̗̪̋͗̎̀̓̀̏̋f̷͕̰̪͐̍́̈́͒͘ȃ̸̮͎̗͇̖̔͒͘͝t̸͎̙͈̆͛̿̀͝e̶͚̟̩̥͂͊̚ ̸̺̘̙̹̜̰̂̚f̶̙̪͉̽͠o̸̧̟̞͉͐̽͆ŗ̴̪̟̖̳̱̤͂̄͝ ̶͖̳̖͔͊̆̓̉͌́h̸̡͉̺̗̯̫̠͖̽̔͊̂̿̅i̷̛̱͊̎̽̍m̶̬̘̲͔̽̀ ̷͙̺͗̉̉̀ț̷̹͔̞̾̈́̄o̵̯͒ ̵̢̙̣̳͍͎̘͕̊͛͒̽̈́̂͂d̴̨̞͚͎̅͂̈̑͑̊̄̚ḯ̴̡̢̼̺͓̜̺̬́̏̿̓̇̋e̸̩͇̟̩̠̅̾́͑̎͝ ̷̨̺̝͐͋̆ẗ̷̹̘͖̳͕͑̾̏͠ḩ̶͚̼̊́̿ę̵̟͔́̏̔̆͂̈́̉ ̸̧̗̒̈́͗͊̌̑͘s̶̝̥̟͈̘̟̩̹̽͘a̴̭̘̼͚͋͒m̴̢̧̺͈̳͕̱̻̕ẽ̴̗̥̱͓̭͜ ̴̝̟̹̑ẃ̶̧̨͍̫͝ą̵͕̗̠̯̰͔̬͛̽̀̚y̵̟͖̞̟̬̖̜̅̿̋̐,̷̲̺͋̄̅͘ ̷̞̘̱͙͔̪͔̊̉̂̂͠i̵̟̦͔̖͐̆̇̌̐͘s̶̱̐̍̕ņ̴̣̺͈̭̳͉̞͆’̴̼̀̎t̶̛̙̞͖̭̮̣̗͜ ̸̝̜̌̀͝i̸̢̧̖̫̭̖͔̩͋̌̍t̶͍̺̭̥̆̾̾̕?̶̢͉̳͉͖̻̈́͛͐̄̈͜H̸̡͉̻̦̬͖̞̍̎͋̈́̋̂̐̆̈e̶͚̟̝̭̙̪͓͒͆̽̃̓͗̐ͅ’̷̧͆̉̀̽͋̅̾͛͒̔̕s̷̢͍̙̮͎̮̦̪̙̻͖͔͕͑ͅͅ ̶̢̖̩̜̯̔̎̔̆͛́̍̆̿́͘a̴̛̩͖͎̺̗̞̙̲̙̣͔̮̠͐͌̉̈̔́͆̿̀͂̂̍̚͘ ̶̢̥͇̣̫̥̯̻̠̬̥̣͕̍͑́̏̓̋̋f̵̛̦͈̣̖͒͊̋͋̿̿̋̆͐̈́̓̿̚͘į̵̢̭̩̣̳̊̌̃̀̔̉̃̎͗͐̽͠͠ḻ̷͎̩̝̲̳̪̻̿͑͛͗̉̈́̾̈́͆͌͆t̴̡͕͓̞͍̹̩͚̻̙̻̹́̀̓̑̋͗̍̀͛̃̾͒̑̒͜͠ͅh̵̨̎̅̅͂͗ ̴̢̘͓̟̜̯̘̋̍͋́͋̇̅̚̚ý̷̢̨̨̢̧͓͓̟͓̤̺̭̩͊́͗ͅm̶͉̟̪͇̱̳͖͔̮͖͚̉̔͋̽̿̒́̅̊̉̀͝ͅũ̸̟͕͕̘̤͙̦͚̞̯̳̗͉̺͔̏̎̈̇̇̓̂r̸̢̪͓̪̪͇̹̹̮̩̼̈́̑d̶̢̰̫̦̞̬̭͙̼̊̅ę̷̛̛̲̭̖̙͉͎͔̫̠̝̳͈̏̔́͆̈́͂̔̈̍̀̂r̶͔̗̭̠̞̺̰̩̠̲̰̽̒͐̋͐̎͘̕̕ė̶́ŗ̶̨̝̼̫̪̜̺͍̬̰̜͓́͑̊̉̈́͗̂̂̊͌͘̚ ̵̢̘͓̫̲̭͔͔̳͎̤̦̹͒̓̔̈́̋͑͊͛̎̕͜͝ͅą̷̛͎̠̪̤̝̙͖̲͚̀̈́̈́̈́̈́̈͂̊̊̍̒͂͘n̵͙̝̬̣̳̜̘̰͇̝͎̙̿̈́̀̑ͅd̴̡̛͂̅̅̊̇̏̇̆̈́̅ ̵͙̰͈̍̿̏́͑́̌̚ḳ̶̨͔̦̺̺̱̈́̂͐̌̀̿̓̇̒̈́̚ͅǎ̵̭͑̅̐̊̔͆̽͑́͊̿͝͝͠r̷̘̦͆m̶͖̐̂́a̷̢̧̡̢̯̙̯͕̰͍͌͐̉̑͆̉̀̀̋̇̅̕̚͝ ̵̣̬͈̂̆̈̐̈́ḯ̵̢̨̨̢̡̛͕̹̰̪̜̮̝̟̼̈́̓̾̃̂̓͐̀̑̂̄̽ŝ̴̢̰̲͔̫͇̺̻̲̞̗͈̞͇͖̾̊͆̈́̈́̑ ̸̡͉̤͈̳̯͇̩̩̫̮̤̇̈́͐̉̿͂͆͆̆̄͝f̶̢̯̘͕̮̞̝͕̮̭̋̍̉̀̀̽͗̂̀̑̽̈́̔̆̔i̵̛̫̘͎̘̲͓͔͙̮̎̄̋̿̔̀͑̑̃̓͛͝n̵͈͕̲̹̰̣͋̏́̐̍͝ͅą̶͕̙͙͈͚̲̏͊̏͐̋̒̈́͋̑̌́͊͒̚ļ̴̱̬̺͇͈̦̮̲̻̕͘ļ̷̭̼̻̗͔̗̦̪̠̦̒̃́̊͋̍̇̈́̀͛͝͝y̸̧͇͇̱͉͖̯̥̼̖̟̺̆̅̂̀̾̉̽͑͊̈͜ ̵̱͑̄͐͂̇̀͋̿̕̚̚͠͝c̶̞̮̏̓̅̓̍͌̀a̸̢̛͍͙͔͍̫̳͈̲̝̤͉̎͒͊̈͑̅͆̕t̶̡̧̛͓̹͓͍̙̹͚͓͈͍͆̈́̓̐̀̐̇̓̄́̈́̋͜͜͝͝c̵̛̛̹̜͇̰͓̘̺̲̼͙̦̼̓̒̈̾̄̑͆͛̂̾ȟ̷̡̢̙͙̥̱̞̫̗̺͎̬̠̤̈́̓̏̏͂́͋͆͌ḭ̷̡͙̱̯̬̙̈̇̎̓̒̍̈́̾̉̉̈́̆n̸̥͇̖̜̈͐̊g̷̡̻̹̞̝̝̺̹̹̻̮͙̓̽̀͗̃͋͗͝͝ͅ ̵̡̪̞̪̜̥͔͎͔̏u̷̻̰̩̼̘̮̯͚̭͎̘̘̱̮̓͘͜p̷̗̬̝̤̺̮̱̩̳̱̣̼̓̈̉̅̋͠͝ ̷̻̤̯̝̬̥͎͐̽̈́̂̽̾͌̌̇̂̀͠t̵̹͉̩̣̮̯̳̮͉͑͜ͅȯ̶̧̘̭͍̰̟̝̯̤̝͇̏̊͜ ̴̧͔̺̰̮̮̦͕̼̬͓̫̆͌̀̾̉͘ͅḧ̷̨͉́̉̾̚í̵̧̜̮͍̺͕̩̗̘̘̟̓̓͌m̸̧͙͒͜,̵̧̢̨̢̘̙̺̤͍̘̯̻̳͊̓̓̆̔̎́̓̅ ̴̧̨̧̱̤̰̮̲͕̪͈̰̺͊̈͌͛͘į̵̞̱̺͕̾͂̃͗͆͊̀͒̅̿̑͘͝ͅṯ̶̨̨̻̬͕̟̹͎͙̪͔̥̘͈̉̈̕’̷̨̗̯͕̺͙̹̼̟̱̮̱̦̤̑̑͐͛̓̀̾̇̾̓̂͜͝s̸̨͚̻̘̣͇̝̺̼͓̤̗̔͊̔̈́͛̒̈̄͑̾̽͜ ̷̡̻͎̬͚̼̠̼̫̙̬͇̊͆̾͐͛̋͂͠͝͝w̸̜͉͌̊̑̊͗̈ḩ̵̧̳̞͇̹̻̥̗͍̞͝a̸̙̺̞̭͍̦̻͇̭̼͖͚̤̬͙͆t̵̡̼͔̻͖̪̅͌͜͠͝ ̴͈̖͚̼̠̪̭̣̥͙͎͎̠̆͛͗͗̀͑̈́̍͘̚h̸̡͉͙̫̼̦̎e̶̛̞̜̤̳̯͚̮͖̮͍͈̭̐̈́̿̑̀̂͐̂̕͠͝͝ ̸̖͙̦͍͚͙̋̿́d̵͍͚̲͖̙̰̘̞͈̯̪̤̫̟͐̍̍̇̋̏͋̉̋́̍͆ͅę̸̰̩̓̓͋̈s̶̳̳̯͕̉͋͌e̴̬̣̜̥̮̽̀̎̿̅̐̎̊͋̓͝r̶̪̞̍͂̈̅̀̌̿́̃̚͝ͅv̷̜̞̗̗̬͖͖̙͎͇̖͒́̽̌̽̐̉̾́̓͘͠ȩ̴̤͉͎̭͖̺̍ş̴̢̫̳̣̯̟̙͚͈̲̩̟́͜͜ ̷̥̤̙̠̪́̔͋̆͗̆̋̿̈͋̄̚ĩ̸̛̯͇̞͔̬͈͇͎̯͕̏̃̾͘͠t̷̛̤̥͔̻̎̉̋̽̉̃͊̚’̶̮̯͍̉̄̊̒̔̊̊͐̈̄̀̕̚s̷̨̛̫̥̭͔͋̇́̔͋͂͆̑̓̌̆̀͗͠ ̷̡̢̡̛̛̮̖͔̞̥̰͖̘̱̩́̏̔̐́̃̑̀̇̈̚w̸̙͙̱̪̹̘̱̋̊́͘ḩ̷̢̥̫̲̹̝̻̪̟̮͇̼̄̈́́͛̎͛ͅǎ̶̢͈̦̰̫̺͕̣͊̾̇̅t̵̞̱̯͔̗̖͇͗̀̆͒̐̈́̾͠ ̷̧̡̛̰͎̙͑̓̾̀̒́̈́̇̊̕̕h̵̛̭̣̓̅̓͑̐e̴͓̝̩͊ ̶̠̰̼̙̯̄̈́͒ḑ̴̡̮̭̥̼͉̰̬̖̲͎̯̮̅̄̈́̀͑̂̆̈́̕͜e̸̢̛̪̦̯̦͌͊̓̑͌̓̈́̾̍͂s̵̢̛̬̜͈̺͚͓̘͛̎̊̍̊͋͆̍͊͌̓͝ͅę̶̲͓̗͉̖̮̪̱͇̻̘̘̝̎̌́̂̉͑̚ṟ̵̡̰͔͔͔̽̄v̵̢̱̟͙͓͇̜̳͙͇̠̺͈̾͊̓̉̓̊͒͒̉̏͂͘͘͠e̴̯̺͕̯͔͓̹̮͍͎͙̻͛̅̾̽̌̕s̸̟̟̩͉̣̝̮͎̰̖͝ ̷̡̞̦̬̰͔̟̺̻̳͒͂̅͋̏͒̂̐̈͛͜͝ì̴̮t̷̫̟̗̤̝͕̬̰̳̤̮̂̈́̏͛ͅ’̷̧̛̗͉̣͓̗̬̠͇͖͎͇̺̜́̄̊̊̂̇̍̄̍͛̇͘s̸̡͈̘̺̜̰̹̟̪̬̙̥̝̖̭̋̓̊̅̿̉́͘ ̸̢̲̩̃̎̈́̏̒̄̈́́͗̈́̔̿̉ẅ̶̬͚̞̦̺̩̻́ͅͅh̵̥͉͎͍̦̯͖̹̣̉̾̍̑̕͝ả̷͍̜͍̮͕̰̤̫̹̗͇̰̈̉̌̔̀̌̾̃́͐͆͘͝͠ͅt̴̳̒̂̐̎̇̾̔̑̈́͑̚͝ͅ ̷͎̭̣͖̻̬̥̳̼͓̰͖̘̀́ͅh̵̹̺̭͂̾͆̒̉̇̍͌̽͠e̷̿̓͒̏͜ ̸̨̲̙̖̖̲̝̝̤̯̬̩͐̄̅̎̅̉͆̐̓͆͑̕͝ͅd̴̨̙͚̤̱̻̭͍̮̩͉̳̬̮͑̓͒͝ḛ̵̐͋͊́́̈͊͆ş̵̨̟̲͙̹̻̫̘͉̮̈́̅̏̾̽̾̒̑̋̄͐́̾e̵͙̮͎̙͕͖͓̒̋̎͆̐́̎̀͂̔͐͒ŗ̴̤͓͕͕̻̓̅̾̉͝͝v̷̢͚̳̠͖͖̔͂͛ͅe̶̡͖̹͈̪̟̯̩̪͍͆͋̔͜͜s̸̡̰̎̽̈́̀̇̈́̑̏̄̊̆͝.̴̡̛̹̟̮̫̩̜̜̓̈̄̽͘͝͠ ̶̢̞̙̱̠͙͊͑̑͂̈́̌͠

Okay, fuck it, who cares if it’s what he’s deserved, he’s not going to die that way. Any other fucking way, fine, just for the love of god not that way.

He reached for the capsule his monster is in. He didn’t trust this thing nor wanted to send it out. But hey, worse comes to worse this thing is just going to set him on fire and that is a much better way to die than being poisoned. Anything. But. That.

He sent the creature out, and it lazily floated in the air. It’s singular eye looked around for a few moments, as if it was trying to figure out where it was, before looking at the unicorn. The monster seemed to notice it as well, as it stopped moving towards Tobias and instead focused its attention on the fire ball.

The two seemed to be at a stand still, like time was frozen. Neither of them moved, just having the world’s most intense eye staring contest.

Was he… supposed to tell it to do something? The kids earlier… they were giving their monsters commands, and the things obeyed them without fail.

H….hey, don’t… want to. C-could you um… attack it? The… the unicorn I mean?

P-please just attack it, it’s going to kill me a… and I-I don’t-

DontWantTo seemed to have registered the command, briefly looking at Tobias before looking back at the unicorn. Quickly, it started to spin vertically, the flames growing taller the faster it spun until finally it launched itself at the unicorn. It made a horrible pained noise, until falling on the floor. Tobias blinked, and it was gone.

He’s been thinking this a lot lately, but this had to have been the hardest he ever thought this. What the actual fuck.

The unicorn was gone, sure! T...that’s good! Better than good, it’s ideal! But where the fuck did it go? It just sunk into the ground, not leaving behind any trace except for the dead clumps of grass. What… did his thing even do? It looked like some type of Flame Wheel, but nothing seemed to have caught on fire from it.

His own little monster continued to just float there, looking up at Tobias. Did… did it want something? The more it stared at him, the more he felt like it was going to attack at any moment. He quickly grabbed the ball, returning it to it’s device.

Okay. So that thing can help him fight against the other monsters. Which… it’s good for last case scenarios like these but god he didn’t want to fight these monsters. He just wanted to sneak by them, or run away from them, not… not have some battle where fucking magic was being flown all over the place where his monster could turn on him at any second. Yeah. Hard pass on that.

Tobias ws still shaking heavily, his breaths as rapid as it was when the unicorn first appeared but he started walking. He…. he didn’t want to stick around. For more of those to pop up again.

Preferably, he would have ran as fast as he could back to town, who cares about how much he would trip. But now he had this stupid egg to worry about, so instead he had to move at a snails pace, jumping everytime the leaves so much as rustled. He kept his eyes to the floor, making sure there was nothing he could possibly trip over. God fucking forbid he went through all of this shit just to fall on the ground and crack open the egg. Hey Elm, here’s a cracked egg! It used to be a whole one, but whoops it broke when he tripped over nothing instead of when the fucking unicorn was trying to kill him!

He was positive that wouldn’t go well.

The slow pace really helped Tobias, as he was able to make it back to town without tripping once. He let out a sigh of relief. Thank god he was at the home stretch now. He was going to make it back and he was going to go home, and nothing was going to stop-

A cloaked figure started walking towards him. The figure had a peppy gait, a huge goofy smile and…


Oh no.

It’s that guy.

I'm sorry I didn't change the design of Gyarados, it got randomized into a pure water type for me and I don't really see any flying to take out of it to make it more... water. :( I really liked that goopy ass Rapidash though, it was pretty fun to sprite!

Anyways I'm like vibrating for the next update because ROBIN shows up and ive been waiting for these two idiots to interact this whole time


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also, it's him!!! that guy!!!!! i wanna see him i wanna see the guy robo!!!!!!!! Also, i stg i heard the pmd "shocked" sound effect when i saw tobias's shocked/surprised portrait


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oh god now that i'm here i have no idea what to actually say, i've already given you so many compliments about everything i liked up to this point i feel like I'm just retreading ground


I just really fucking love tobias tripping over and saying "god just kill me" because like, feeling visceral anger at tiny slights is such an incredible mood.


maybe someday youll learn pokemon little guy. maybe someday youll be, dare i say it, a pokemon Master.

or at least idk



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oh man i meant to say something sooner but I LOVE THIS! Tobias is honestly kind of the most pessimistic snake kid I've ever met and I love him for it. Also the fact that he loves electronics is absolutely adorable to me. Probably stick his tongue on a nine volt battery on the daily for the heck of it. The sprite work you do is lovely too!!! The redesigns look wonderful :)

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