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Make your favorite character a Pokemon Trainer

Thread Description
Make your favorite fictional character a Pokemon Trainer!

Tsugumi Hazawa

Ordinary but Hardworking
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
Haneoka High School (IRL: Makassar, Indonesia)
Character: She/Her, IRL: He/Him
Pokémon Type
Hi! So are you kinda thinking about imagining one of your favorite character from fiction outside of Pokemon as a Trainer? Well, now you can share it here!

So first, make sure to think of a character and then think of what Pokemon they would have! You don't need a full team of six Pokemon but it's up to you to decide it! Make sure your team goes by a theme. And since Gen 8 is out and not all Pokemon are there... You can choose to either make team based on US/UM or Sw/Sh. Make sure to state it correctly. You can even make teams for both formats for the same character! Oh, and make sure to add the movesets, abilities and items of the Pokemon in your character's team. (You can also have the Pokemon nicknamed)

Sw/Sh (Gen 8) example:
Corvilknight, Ability: Mirror Armor, Item: Leftovers, Moveset: Brave Bird, Roost, Bulk Up, Body Press
Gyarados, Ability: Moxie, Item: Heavy-Duty Boots, Moveset: Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Bounce, Earthquake
Galarian Darmanitan, Ability: Gorilla Tactics, Item: Choice Scarf, Moveset: Icicle Crash, Flare Blitz, Earthquake, U-Turn
Aegislash, Ability: Stance Change, Item: Air Balloon, Moveset: King's Shield, Shadow Sneak, Close Combat, Iron Head
Rotom-Heat, Ability: Levitate, Item: Heavy-Duty Boots, Moveset: Nasty Plot, Overheat, Volt Switch, Will-O-Wisp
Excadrill, Ability: Mold Breaker, Item: Focus Sash, Moveset: Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Iron Head, Rapid Spin

US/UM (Gen 7) example:
Chansey, Ability: Serene Grace, Item: Eviolite, Moveset: Toxic, Soft-boiled, Seismic Toss, Stealth Rock
Clefable, Ability: Magic Guard, Item: Leftovers, Moveset: Thunder Wave, Moonblast, Wish, Protect
Breloom, Ability: Poison Heal, Item: Toxic Orb, Moveset: Spore, Focus Punch, Leech Seed, Substitute
Quagsire, Ability: Unaware, Item: Leftovers, Moveset: Waterfall, Earthquake, Ice Punch, Recover
Gliscor, Ability: Poison Heal, Item: Toxic Orb, Moveset: Fling, Earthquake, Acrobatics, Roost
Swellow, Ability: Scrappy, Item: Choice Specs, Moveset: Boomburst, Heat Wave, Air Slash, U-Turn
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The Fan Favorute
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 9, 2019
Pokémon Type
Electric, Flying
Pokédex Entry
this master of winged beasts knows almost everything about flying type pokemons that is known by the man. His rage is dangerous to others around him
Ok, lets see... how about this:

PKMN1: Summer the Roserade
holds an assult west that connected into a white cape
has natural cure
Knows Giga drain, Shadow ball, sludge ball and venoshock.
This pokemon would remind ruby her mother. and this pokemon has a motherly nature. probably was summers' pokemon

PKMN2. Cresent Rose the red scyther.
holds a scope lens.
has steadfast
Knows Fury Cutter, False swipe, air slash and steel wing
This pokemon symbolises her weapon Cresent Rose. i gave a specific color just because red is the sniperscythe's color.

PKMN3: Gray eyed Ribombe
has shield dust
Knows bug buzz, Dazzling gleam Quiver dance and protect.
Anti Dark type mon, counters the Grimm, which would be dark type.

PKMN 4: Frosslass
Has ability snow cloak
Knows the moves Ice beam, thunderbolt, Shadowball and Signal beam.
Traded from Weiss Shnee for a Rosalia
has pride over her abilities.

PKMN 5: Mimikyu
Has disguise ability
knows shadowsneak, playrough, feintattack, and shadow claw
traded from Blake Belladonna for a scyther
Calm and collected

PKMN 6: Infernape
has iron fist
Knows fire punch, mach punch, thunder punch and close combat.
traded from yang for a cutiefly.
energetic and has a battlelust


Conqueror of the Cerulean Gym
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jan 24, 2020
Pokémon Type
Electric, Fighting
Note: These items and movesets aren't meant to be competitively viable, they're just meant to represent Zuko and his personality. For example, since he's a firebending martial artist taught by the Dragon of the West, I gave all of his team at least one Fire, Fighting or Dragon type attack.

Infernape @ Expert Belt
Ability: Blaze
- Fire Blast
- Focus Blast
- Vacuum Wave
- Hidden Power Dragon

Doublade @ Eviolite
Ability: No Guard
- Swords Dance
- Sacred Sword
- Fury Cutter
- Shadow Sneak

Primeape @ Choice Band
Ability: Defiant
- Fire Punch
- Pursuit
- Outrage
- Low Kick

Charizard @ Dragon Scale
Ability: Solar Power
- Fire Spin
- Dragon Pulse
- Will-o-Wisp
- Focus Blast

Absol @ Absolite
Ability: Justified / Magic Bounce
- Night Slash
- Swords Dance
- Pursuit
- Flamethrower

Reshiram @ Flame Plate
Ability: Turboblaze
- Fusion Flare
- Blue Flare
- Dragon Pulse
- Focus Blast

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