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Mafia  Mafia Hosting List

Alolan Floatzel

super high school level [redacted]
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jun 12, 2019
Toronto, ON
Pokémon Type
Water, Cute
Pokédex Entry
[is baby]
This is the Mafia Hosting List! We will be updating this list regularly as people request to join and be taken off of it. The list in this thread is the official hosting list of the Nuzlocke Forums Mafia Community, and any other list is either inaccurate or outdated. If there are any timing conflicts or any other issues related to who is hosting the next Mafia game, use this list as a reference.

Mafia Host Etiquette:
  • If you choose to add your name to the list, it is assumed that you have will have a setup ready to go by the time your turn comes up.
  • If you do not host your game within one week of your name coming to the top, you will be skipped and your name will be moved down the list six spots.
  • Once you post the thread for your game, you may have signups open for one week (separate from the one week limit once your turn comes up). Before a week has passed, you must either start your game with the signups you have, cancel your game, move it down the hosting list, or take any other action regarding your game being left open. If no action is taken, your game will be closed and the next person on the hosting list will move up.
  • No more than two games should be running at any given time.
  • Once your game has ended, you will not be re-added to the bottom of the list - please request to be added again after.
Post in this thread if you wish to be added to the list, wish to be removed from the list, or wish to be moved down any number of spots on the list. Obviously, we can't honour requests to move you up the list. After your request has been resolved, please delete your post to avoid cluttering the thread.

Currently Running Hosts:

  • boomdidiyadah - game in progress
  • Zaazaa0 - game in progress
Hosting List:
  1. hobohunter
  2. Rueblie
  3. A shiny pikachu?
  4. Norhian Samur
  5. Fool
  6. Alolan Floatzel
  7. overkill
  8. VGBM
  9. pluslefan
  10. MouseWithADinosaurTail
  11. greenchu
  12. Cirr
  13. CasualGameFreak
  14. Chess
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