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M is for...

Thread Description
24 malevolent misanthropic miscreants are cast into the Hunger Games simulator


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Team Omega
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Jul 1, 2019
There are a lot of unpleasant things that begin with the letter ‘M’, aren’t there? Measles, morbidity, murder, Mondays... and the names of a surprising number of villains. Therefore I’m throwing 24 baddies (roughly 50-50 human or non-human) from various series into the blender that is The Hunger Games Simulator to see who emerges victorious. Alliances will be forged and lost, plots will unravel and land mines will be stepped on.

The cruelty won’t be entirely pointless however - I’m going to pit my own wits against the random number generator and sketch or write a brief synopsis of a randomly selected event from each (game) day. The run lasts until own my character (mewstein) dies or someone else wins or I get bored of the whole malarkey.

Let's meet the cast:

1. Montgomery Burns (The Simpsons) Billionaire industrialist from Springfield
2. Manson, Charles (Real life) A murderous, cult-leading Demi-Hagrid
3. Musashi (Pokemon) A redheaded baddy from Our Favourite Franchise
4. Magnus Hammersmith (Metalocalypse) the ex-rhythm guitarist of Dethklok who was ejected from the band for getting stabby
5. Malfoy, Lucius (Harry Potter) Draco’s daddy
6. Mom (Futurama) Billionaire industrialist from the future
7. Manson, Marilyn (Real Life) The self-anointed God Of F--
8. Maxie (Pokemon) Another redheaded baddy from Our Favourite Franchise
9. Mini Me (Austin Powers) A Dr Evil you can take on a Ryanair flight
10. Mayuri Kurotsuchi (Bleach) A Soul Reaper who knows how to Accessorise
11. Metal Masked Assassin (Metalocalypse) A Sagittarius who likes walks on the beach and turning people into sashimi
12. Mordour (Darkest Knight) A necromancer and nemesis of Ivanhoe, apparently

13. Mewtwo (Pokemon) Arguably more neutral than bad but how could I not include him?
14. Machinedramon (Digimon) One of the four Dark Masters who tried to vanquish the Digidestined and grossly breached GDPR in the process
15. Magnus (Pokemon - Bad Apples) An OC of mine who’s done more than enough to earn his place on this ride
16. Metal Seadramon (Digimon) Another Dark Master , and a difficult buggar to draw
17. Missingno (Pokemon) A Pokemon that no amount of fan speculation will bring into the Galar dex
18. Monobear (Dangan Ronpa) He tells me he's Headmster of Hopes Peak Academy..?
19. Meowth (Pokemon) See Mewtwo's intro
20. Morghur (Warhammer) A critter nicely described here: https://warhammerfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Morghur
21. Mummymon (Digimon) Last digimon I swear, and here only because he’s more interesting than Myotismon
22. Muttley (Whacky Races) A bronchially-challenged pooch who's arguably better at driving than his master.
23. Maleficent (Maleficent) Sleeping Beauty's nemesis and token Green Female
24. Mewstein - Yours truly.

Day 0:



Active member
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
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Day 0's creative writing challenge can be read below. I got a 17 on the Random Number Generator, therefore today's star is...

Missingno! Thank you for vastly extending the replay value of my old Pokemon Blue cartidge, you shonky mass of pixels.

The boy filled his lungs with the sharp scent of brine which swept across a secluded beach on the eastern coast of Cinnabar Island. Just visible on the horizon was the remains of a building, the hole in the roof exposing blackened, skeletal rafters. As he squinted in the harsh afternoon sunshine his eye was caught by something shimmering just above the waves. A cloud of silver pinpoints hovered, dispersed and regrouped once more over the water like a cloud of mosquitoes. Then it was gone and the boy, after squinting for a few more seconds, concluded he’d witnessed a mirage.

Far away, near a bullet-scarred wall, the glitch Pokemon known as Missingno materialised...

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