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Screenshot Johto Teen Hack Luminary - a New Gold 2012 run


Smiles go for miles!
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jun 9, 2019
the rolling green hills.
Pokémon Type
Grass, Cool
Pokédex Entry
Hello, I am a goat. Pleased to meet you.
Welcome to my third Nuzlocke run! This run was originally played and written in 2015 and 2016. New Gold 2012 is a hack of the original Gold by ericgall23, set 100 years after the Gen 2 games and featuring a super-futuristic, heavily urbanized Johto. Zaazaa0 did a brief, unfinished run exploring this hack, which inspired me to come up with a story idea. I'll be posting one or two updates of this run every few days until the full run has been ported to the new forums. There may be some dialogue/formatting tweaks from the original, and I'll have new author's notes since it's been a few years from completion.

If you would like to view the original version of this run on Tapatalk, along with the old comments, you may do so here.

1. If a Pokemon faints, it's dead and must be permanently boxed.
2. Catch only the first encounter in each area. This rule is in effect immediately.
a. Dupes clause is ON. This does NOT extend to evolutionary lines. Three chances per area to find a non-dupe.
b. Shiny clause is ON.
c. Gifts are permitted, but they are considered an encounter. SHUCKLE CLAUSE: The gift Shuckle may be obtained, but it must be permanently boxed upon obtaining two badges.
d. Catching legendaries is NOT permitted. There is one exception to this rule. It will be revealed only if it arises.
3. Nickname all the things.
4. The starter must remain on the active team at all times. If she dies, the run is automatically failed.
5. Trading of any kind is NOT permitted.
6. The light will always be with us. Playing during the night is NOT permitted. The game clock may be reset to change from night to morning or day, as needed.
7. The run is considered complete upon defeating [REDACTED].

...I'm dreaming.

How are you feeling?
Good. Your quest begins in the morning.
I know. I am prepared.
Even so, I must do this one more time with you.
If you must, then proceed.
Thank you.

By that, you mean 100 years since the Ethan of that era completed his adventure.
That is correct.
But things are very different now. This is the future, and shall we say, there are some glitches.
This is true. But just because things changed before, doesn't mean they can't again.
Certainly. Is that not inevitable?
Change itself, yes. But the nature of the change may not be.
Then I will take control of it.
Such is your conviction. I believe I know the answers to the following questions.
Please ask them to me.
Do you know who you are?

My name is Lux.
And who are you?
I am the Luminary.
And what is your goal?
Collect the eight badges of Johto, and bring them to the Dark Tower in Blackthorn City.
Is that your only goal?
No. Other tasks will arise along the way. I will recognize and complete these as well.

I am ready.
Then your quest begins now.
May I ask you something first?
You may.
What should become of me if I am not successful?
Did you not state that you would control the nature of change?
I did. Still, I wanted to ask.
The world makes way for those who know where they are going. Do not lose sight of where you are going. If you do...

...the world may close around you.
Huh? Er... what?

Okay, so I've definitely woken up. That wasn't quite how I thought that would go... I'm still the Luminary, though. This starts today.
*knock knock!*
Are you awake?
Yes, Mom.
You should come eat something.
I'll be right there.

There, that should be all the provisions you need to get started.
I appreciate this.
...Ethan, do you really--
Please, I insist you call me Lux.
Okay, Lux, do you really need to do this?
You are aware of the dreams, too. So you know that the answer is yes.
And those same dreams told me you didn't have to take this on!
I could have declined, but I would never have this chance again.
Look, I can take care of you here, but if you leave, who knows what could happen! I mean, you're a--
You're worried.
You're damn right I'm worried! I'm your mother!
I need to talk to Bill's family. I'll be back.
Fine, go on.
I'm sorry, Mom, I'm not trying to freak you out.
Well, you are.

There you are!
Hi, Maddie. Bill isn't here?
Not right now. He got called into Ecruteak.
Something about his Time Capsule project?
Nope. Apparently someone hacked into a PC in the city and stole a ton of Pokemon, and Bill's trying to patch the security hole.
Let me guess, Neo Team Rocket?
Who else? So, you're heading out now?
I am.
Okay. Then here, this is for your Pokegear.

And here, this is my number as well. I assume your mom's number is in there, too?
Thank you, and yes.
Any time you want information on your location or the wilds, just give one of us a ring.
You're certain I will always have this option?
So long as Bill and I can reach a computer. So, pretty much yes.
Thank you. I'm going to head out now. And, please be kind to my mother. I understand this is hard on her.
If you can, she would like if you came back every now and then.
I just can't say how easy that will be.
I'd like it, too. So would Bill and Libby. I mean, we're not blood related to you, but we're just about as family as it gets in this place. We'll all miss you out there.
You can all call me, too, right?
Yeah, that's true. It's a two-way street, is that okay?
Alright then. Good luck out there. I hope you know what you're doing.
I do. I've never been more sure.

Are you going now, honey?
I am.
Okay. One more hug goodbye?
It's going to be... lonely, without you.
But things will be so much better when this is done.
How... how can you be sure?
I'm gonna show you. I promise.
...Okay. Then, just do what you can, alright?

I will miss my family. I will not miss living in the Pokemon Center. Never a quiet moment in here.
At least you get to live here.

*sigh* Better get going.

*cough* *wheeze* Ugh, what the?!
Hey, you! What was that all about?
Huh? I was just coughing. The smoke is thick today.
I saw you coughing in my direction! You want a piece of me?!
No, not particularly.
Then get out of my face!
Sorry. Ugh, great, Rocket grunts, that's what I need.

Get lost!
Who are you?
I said get lost!
Uh, okay.
Yeah, you walk away!
...It really is brighter out. To me, at least. I'll have to see if this happens in other places.

Honestly, you can keep that if you want.
Really? I was just gonna ask to borrow it.
I don't give a shit anymore. No one bikes anymore outside of Cycling Road, which is way too far from here. And how could they? There's barely anywhere else left to ride in this region!
Yeah, urbanization can be mean like that.
Look, this store has been going for a hundred years, and I think it's high time I have up, closed up shop, and became the bum I apparently have no choice but to become. Because why the hell not?
Rhetorical question.
If I had anything to spare you for the bike, I would.
Yeah, you and everyone else. Now are you going or what?
Er... thank you, sir.

One of these days I might think of a positive to Neo Team Rocket existing. Probably not today, though. Why are they out so much today? Looks like it might be one of those times... I might not be around for whole event, at least.

Goldenrod looks just the same as it always does. Same old blend of gold and smoke, train is still forever broken, flower shop is the only source of plant in the entire city. Well, allegedly besides the Gym... but I'm getting ahead of myself. It does seem brighter all around, though. Maybe it really is me.

How long do you plan to keep him waiting?
No longer.
Good. Why were you wandering around so much, anyway? What's the holdup?
I wanted to see if things looked brighter everywhere I went, or if it was just one location.
Is this more of your Luminary babble?
It's not babble.
Spare me, kid. If you made a deal with Elm, fine, but pretending to be someone you're not just makes you look like an ass.
Give it time.
I'll give you time, alright. Five seconds to get in the department store or I'll tell Elm to blow you off.
Okay, okay! I'm heading over there.

How may I help you - ah, that's Elm's electronic signature.
That's right.
You know where to go.
Thank you.

Okay, now which of these warp panels is the right one? Guess I'll have to try all of them.

These aren't warp panels. Might as well keep them, though. No one is stopping me, anyway.
It's junk. You're making it easier on the janitor, though.
One man's trash, as they say.
Do you even have Pokemon?
I'm here because I'm working on that.
Oh. You want the panel waaaaaaaay off in that corner, then.
Ah, I see. Thanks.

This is the one?
It's ready when you are.
Okay, then--
*Lux warped!*

Whoa... wait, huh?
Here you go! You can have this as gift for coming this far!
Junk you don't want?
I would have kept it if it weren't junk.
Next panel, then.
*Lux warped again!*

...I still can't get used to the feeling. It's just so unsettling and... aaaaagh!!
Well, teleporters aren't going anywhere, you know.
Don't remind me.
Hey, I feel you, man. I have to warp to Goldenrod every day for work. I know how it is. Still, can't imagine what I'd do without it.

There's the lab - wait...
...I think I'll see you again.
*Random stranger walked away!*
Could that have been... I'll find out soon enough, I suppose.

Glad you made it.
Same here. That's them on the desk? The three I saw last time I came here?
Yes, the same three.
Just making sure.
Yup. But before you make your choice, do you mind if I ask you something?
What is it?
You're a Nuzlocker, right?
That is correct.
But you've told me you want to aim for the League circuit?
Right again.
I mean, it's okay for you to have Pokemon, and I know some Trainers can keep teams alive with it, but a Nuzlocker doing the League is... a difficult mix. How did this come about so suddenly?
Call it divine inspiration.
You really believe that, huh?
You don't?
I'm a scientist, I'm skeptical by nature. But I'll tell you this much. My heart wants to believe you, what you've told me.
That's more than enough for me.
I... I'm glad you think so. It's not easy to believe in things in this world.
Don't you raise dozens of Pokemon here? One might say you're better at believing than most.
I wish it were that simple, Lux.
Three choices, on the table.

Hey, you're only allowed to take one! I could get in a lot of trouble!
I know, I'm just examining each of them once more.
Can't you examine them from a distance?
Alright, I'm sorry. I just want my starter to be a good one. The choice is important.

Yes, that does make sense.
Okay, I've made my decision.
Is that so?
Yes. I'll take...

Final decision?
Yes. All three would make good team members, but I think I'd like to start with Houndour. *pchoo*
Alright then, looks like it's my time in the sun. Your name was Lux, right?
Yes. And... remind me of yours again?

Sasha, right.
Did you manage to do what I asked you?
Yes, I did.
Okay... then we can head out as soon as you're ready.
We're ready right now.
I have to admit, I'm a little surprised you want to start with me, considering your light motif.
Because you're a Dark type? It does not have to indicate who you are as an individual.
Fair enough.
Hold on, don't go just yet.

Your phone number?
I want you to have it, in case you need to contact me.
Will I need to do this later?
Lux, you're a good kid, but... how do I say this?
Say what?
Is this something I should know about?
I want to be able to help you if you run into trouble. And if you plan on doing what you say you want to do, there's a very significant chance you will find trouble.
Very well, so noted. I should get going now. Come on, Sasha.
Wait, so soon?
What's wrong? I have my starter and supplies.
Uh... nothing, I guess.
Making sure. Let's go now.
Huh. Yeah, right behind you.
This could be... interesting.

So, uh, you just shrugged off Elm's fairly dire warning like it was nothing.
No need to worry. Like I told you before, the light will be with us.
Still think you're a prophet, I see.
Luminary, is the proper term. And I see you still don't believe me.
I asked you to prove somehow you're not a giant fake, and you can't. Still can't prove it? Then no, don't believe you. Feel free to change my mind anytime you like.
When I last met you in the lab, I exuded a glow. Was that not enough for you?
For all I know, you just have super pale skin. I don't actually know humans as well you think I do.
You will see over time that I am telling the truth.
That'll be the day.
If it's my turn to be surprised, it's odd that you say this so surely, and yet you come with me.

We went over this. I've spent the majority of my life living in a cage in Elm's basement. I don't care what you're doing, anything beats that.
He did that because it was safer for you than letting you stay in the wild.
Actually, given how sloppy the guy is, it was still pretty wild down there. Just not in the fun way.
It couldn't have been that terrible--
I willingly traded that situation for going with you. And you're a Nuzlocker. That should speak for itself.
And I swear, if my friends don't catch up with you, you're gonna pay for it.
I just took care of that. They will find us.
It's your funeral if they don't.
They will. Things will work out for us.
I won't forget about this, you know.

My Pokegear says you're holding a Brightpowder?
Is that what this thing on my neck is? Elm said he likes to give those out when new Trianers get Pokemon from him, and he just gave me this to hold earlier. No harm in it, I guess.
Er... it's kinda radioactive.
Wait, what?
Not too much so, but if you wore that for about a month straight or longer--
*yoink!* On second thought, it's just weighing me down.

Isn't this just a route? Do we really need this many structures?
Better get used to it. The vast majority of Johto looks like this.
You think they'd recognize the point of overkill.
Actually, we probably need more buildings, at least judging by all the homeless in Goldenrod.
Yeesh... this is gonna take some getting used to. Can we find some grass, maybe?
Not just yet. *Ring ring! Ring ring!*
Maddie, it's Lux. Got my starter, went with Houndour, and I'm on Route 29.
Great. I'll get you set up with the info for the surrounding area.
Understood. *click!*
Who's your friend?
That was Maddie. She and her husband Bill are on our side. They can warn us about wilds or other threats in the area. Useful, given the unpredictable nature of the wild these days.
How exactly can they do that?
Basically, technology.
Can you be more specific?
I don't know much about how it works. Not really my business.

Any particular reason we're wandering around doing nothing?
Scouting a bit, while I wait for the intel.
Ugh, I have this huge urge to get into some action and you're killing me here.
In time, Sasha.
Bah. At least the sun on my back is nice.
The weather is actually quite nice today. The light has so far stayed with me well.

Are you okay?
Do I look okay to you?!
I'd say you look distressed.
Thank you, captain obvious! I can't believe that prick stole my Pokemon, what the fuck?!
Who did?
Never mind, he's long gone anyway! Arceus damn it!
Whoa, dude, take it easy.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Alright, fuck this. Listen, whoever you are, I've got one Pokemon left. Do you just want to take it? I'm a shitty owner, he'd be better off with someone who actually knows what they're doing. Otherwise I'll just get robbed again or something.
I should tell you, I do have Nuzlocke--
I don't care. Here, all yours.

Well then.
I guess this is our first new teammate?
Who exactly have we got?
Let's find out. *pchoo*
Huh? What's the deal? ...Who are you?

Hi there, name's Sasha, and that's Lux--
Hey, uh, shut up for a second, would you?
Thanks. Mania, what the hell is going on here?
Sorry about the short notice, Shuckie, but I've asked this Trainer here to take you with him.
This is for the best. I'm not fit to take care of you--
Oh, so one guy breaks in here and now you're just gonna throw me out into the cold? Is that it?
You'll be safer with someone who actually knows what he's doing!
Knows what he's doing?! Look at this guy! He has one fucking Pokemon! He looks like he just started today!

Should we tell him? Actually, nah, he'll figure it out.
I'm sorry, Shuckie, but this is final.
...I can't believe you're doing this to me. Why are you ruining this for me?!
Please, kid, get out of here before this gets any worse.
I'm not going anywhere!

As long as I'm holding this ball... *pchoo*
I think it may be time to split.
*ping!* Ah, that's my data from Maddie. Yes, I do think it's time to move. And thank you, sir.
*sigh* Whatever.

Now that we're back on Route 29... *pchoo* Let's get a closer look at you.
I don't want to be here. Take me back to Mania, right now.
I just want to check your stats--
I don't give a fuck what you want. Unless you're Mania, I want nothing to do with you, got it? And that goes for you as well, mutt.
Wow. You're an asshole.
Whoa, look at this. Shuckie, your defenses are outstanding!
What? Well, duh, I'm a Shuckle. That's what we do.
That will be quite handy! We will definitely want that defense on our journey.
Uh, that sounded like you expected me to fight for you.

That's right. Here, you can start with weakening that Rattata so I can catch it.
Alright, looks like we're getting somewhere.
We most certainly are not.
Shuckie, use Wrap on it. That should weaken it enough for an easy capture.
What part of "I'm not fighting for you" wasn't clear?
Lux, can you get rid of him?
Whenever you're ready.
Are you deaf?! Okay, fine, you want Wrap? How about this!

...Shit. Not even close to a knockout.
Offense isn't your strongest suit; at the moment, your talents are better suited for catching rather than knockouts.
I don't believe this. I cannot fucking believe this.
Alright, that should be enough damage. I'll get a ball out.
You have Poke Balls already?
Courtesy of my mother, I do. Plus all the other supplies we need.

My thanks to your mother, then.
*pchoo* Here, say hi to him quickly. Where is that thing...
Oh, shoot. Please don't tell me I just got caught!
Well, we could, but we'd be lying.
Seriously?! No, no, no, this is the worst!
Hey, just calm down, okay?
Ohhhh... this isn't gonna end well for me...
Don't worry, man, you're on a team. We'll... hold up, what's that sound? Like rubbing or something.
That's me. Hand sanitizer. Anyway, I think that's all our business on this route, so let's head for Cherrygrove.
How about screw you and we go back to Route 46 because I'm not putting up with this!
Well, there aren't any Trainers around, and I've made all the catches I can. Plus, it's a general rule that cities--
Wait a second. All the catches you can? You're a Nuzlocker?!
He has Nuzlocke too?!
What the fu - you son of a bitch!
Oh, lord, this is my team...

No Water types yet, but I'll probably pick one up down the road.
You do realize he's not following us anymore, right? He's sitting in the road.
Hmm? Oh, I see. *pchoo*
The implication was that you should talk to him, maybe?
That assumes he's willing to listen.
Frankly, I might just empathize with him a bit.
Okay, look, Nuzlocke is a pain but it doesn't have to be a death sentence like you're making it.
Easy for you to say! You're so much stronger than I am!
Lux, can you show him his dex entry so he'll stop this?
I would, but... something's wrong. The data for Rattata won't show up. Must be a glitch.
That's not supposed to happen, is it?
I should text Maddie and see if she can find the problem.
Oh, screw this. Let's just look around.

Fortunately we're stocked for right now, but why the roadblock?
Safer in town, anyway!
You know, I'd be happy to help you train if that's what you're worried about.
No thanks! If I'm coming along, I can't help that, but battling is seriously not my thing, and do not expect much of it from me because I'm just not good at it!
Until we get some more team members, you might be out of luck there. Try to chill and I'll help you out, alright?
Hey, come with me, we should check out the docks down there.

Huh, this city isn't so bad. Less congested than Route 29.
Doesn't smell a lot better, though.
Listen, don't tell about my secret retreat, okay? You can have that TM if you keep my secret.
It's not really secret if you live smack in the middle of the city.
What did I just say?
I mean, I won't go blabbing about it. Just pointing it out.
Ugh, you suck!
Oh, never mind.

Let me guess, new Trainer?
Yes. How did you know?
You look like one, 'cause you all look like total lightweights!
He's not wrong.
Everyone's a critic.
Here, take this HM! This should toughen you all up. I already have a dozen of these anyway!
You're sure? Then thank you.
Hey, when you're out on these seas, you either get buff or get wrecked! Maybe next time I see you, you'll look a little less like a string bean! *slap!* Know what I mean?
*rub rub rub* Uh, the smacking won't be necessary, thanks. But now that I think about it, I know who could make good use of this. *pchoo*
Huh? Where are we now? This still isn't Mania's house!
Here, I've got a gift for you. Let me just load the disc into my Pokegear...
Now what are you doing?
Point and click, seems easy enough. *click!*
What's that - YOWWW!!

You know Strength now. That should improve your battle capabilities.
Did someone drop you on your head when you were a baby?
I've heard in the past, you had to physically hook a Pokemon up to a computer to use TMs and HMs, so this is actually an improvement.
Bite me.
Sorry if that hurt you. Come on, we're heading out.
You can also bite me.
If you don't want to follow, I can carry you. You know that.
...Lesser of two evils. Fine, I'll walk.

Nicely done, Sasha.
Why thank you! Heh, I haven't felt this good in a long time.
There is no way I'm fighting these guys! They'll rip me to shreds!
*rub rub rub* You can switch-train with Sasha if that helps.
There has to be some other way I can be useful, because this isn't going to work out!
We heard you the first time. Try a little harder.
Shuckie, you should get in on this too.

I have an alternate suggestion. How about you go find a cliff and hurl yourself off it? Bonus points if you scream like a little bitch on the way down. Or if you land on some jagged spikes.
You're being unreasonable.
Hey, do you hear that sound?
What sound?
It's the sound of me not still not giving a fuck.
...Sasha, Jake, the two of you picked a couple levels. For right now, I know somewhere else we should check out.

Warp panels are freaking weird.
Tell me about it.
Where does this place even go?
An island south of Cherrygrove. Trainers there, and supposedly a cave with Water types in it. We could use one of those.
You all have fun with that.
You're helping.
I am not.
This isn't up for debate.
Wow, we can agree on something, then.

Come on, let's go!
A battle immediately? They don't screw around.
Are you volunteering?
Hell yeah! Let me in there!

Aw, crap. I'm not gonna be much use here.
I'm out!
I don't have a balanced enough team yet... Shuckie, switch in.
Your defenses are good enough that we can wear the opponent out over time--
You've basically confirmed the "dropped on your head" thing to me by this point.

Was that so bad?
Up yours.
Okay, let's see how your Shuckle does against Totodile!

Get ready for round two, because you probably gotta do that one as well.

Shuckie, you'd get hurt less if you worked a little faster.
By which he means if you'd actually listen to him.
Give me one good reason I should.
Not wasting our supplies? Not dying? Generally not being a dick? There, that was three.
I don't need your blessing. I don't care about any of you! I want to go home.

Hey, Shuckie, I feel you, dude. I'm not into this battling stuff either--
Don't patronize me.
What? I'm just trying to be friendly.
Shove it. I'm not here to be friends with any of you. In fact, I hate all of you. Quite a lot, actually.
*sigh* I miss my friends even more than I thought I would.

Here, you should take this!
This region is surprisingly rich with random handouts.
What's an adventure without treasure hunting? Am I right or am I right?
Junk you don't want?
What's it to you?

I'll just leave that thing here. Anyone who wants it can take it. Full Heal could be handy, though.
No treasure hunting for you?
These days, you can buy nearly anything you want in Goldenrod. So why bother?
So we're looking for our new teammate now?
That's the idea.

Found it. Jake, you can do it this time.
Uh... okay, I can try...
There we go.
Tackle it!
Oh dear oh dear oh dear - whoa!
Hey, easy there! Crits are not necessary right now--

Not quite what I meant. Are you okay?
Get me out of here!
Maybe this new guy will actually pick up some slack.
Hmm... it's weakened,. Shuckie, switch in.
How do you think this is going to end?
You don't need to fight it. Just sit there and tank while I throw balls at it.
Now that, I can do.

Welcome to the team, Andy.
No Water moves yet, huh? Well, hang on to the Mystic Water anyway. You'll get Water moves later on.
Good to have you on board.
You okay?
*Andy used Withdraw!*
Oh, you're... really shy. Alright, I'll take it slow.
Does that mean we're done here?
I believe so. Back the way we came.
Is something wrong?
...Maybe I'll walk later.
Okay. I'll ask you again later on. *pchoo*
Well, at least he's not annoying...

(A while later...)

Hey, those guys blocking Route 30 went away. What was their deal, anyway?
It's in the past now, I suppose. *rub rub rub*
You're really burning through that bottle.
I like to stay clean.
Whatever floats your boat, I guess.
And we should remember this Mart. They sell things that even the Goldenrod stores don't have.
What's a Mart doing in the middle of a route? That's way less safe than a city!
I bet that's the point. Trainers will spend money out here because they need supplies. Luckily, we're okay for now, assuming Lux is telling the truth.
And I am.

Hey, you're a Trainer? Cool! I've always wanted to go with one sometime.
It's your lucky day, then.
Strange... Pidgey data seems to be missing as well. That's really annoying.
Hang on a second... is it just me, or did it suddenly get a lot brighter out?
I don't think so? It's been this bright for a while now.
I know I saw that! It's late in the day, the sun should be setting, but it looks like noon, if anything.
Wait, what time is it, anyway? Is it actually that late? I'm confused.
Remember when I explained my glow to you earlier?
...You can't be serious.
Whoa! Are you like, magic or something?
That's not quite accurate. But it is a perk of being the Luminary.
Luminary? What's that?
Oh, don't encourage him!

(One encouragement, and some Trainer battles, later...)

Whew... that was a workout! And thanks for that poison heal, Lux.
I have to hand it to you, you're a good battler.
Thank you! It's not easy for me here, what with all the Elekid running around.
I noticed. Still, it's good to know I have someone I can rely on for battles.
What about the others?
Well, you haven't met Andy yet, he's a Shellder, but he seems almost too shy to live. Jake is just a whiner, and Shuckie...
Yeah, he's a jerk, you were right.
I never claimed I wasn't!
Lux seems like a cool guy, though! And I didn't know we were on this huge mission, that's so exciting!
He's not bad, but that's the one thing I'm trying to ignore about him. I don't know where he got that fantasy--
Hold on, though. You have to admit, it's not natural for it to be so bright out when it's this late. And isn't it usually smokier out than this?
Hell if I know. I never got out a lot.
I promise it's different most days. Jake, don't you think so?
I...I think you're right about the air.
I really think there's something different about him.
For the moment, it doesn't matter that much. Let's keep going.

Wouldn't we need someone with Cut to get through here?
That's correct. We have to turn around.
Then why did we even come up here?
Experience and catches. The first Gym isn't in this direction, anyway. For that, we will need to return to Goldenrod, which means returning to the warp in New Bark.
All the way there?
This is a bunch of shit.
It's not that far? Sasha's not wrong, you two complain a lot.
What?! I mean...
I'll tell you when I care.

So if Lux isn't making everything brighter, what is?
I don't know! Isn't light pollution a thing? Certainly seems plausible.
Maybe... wait, why is it getting darker all of a sudden?
Told you!
No, not like that! And when does it ever get this much darker this quickly, anyway?
...That is weird.
What's happening?!
It's probably just a storm or something.
No. I know what it is.
You do?

I was right. Didn't think it would be so soon.
Yes, it's true. I can feel who you are.
Then it's on.
I thought that was implied.
That guy doesn't look nice.
What the hell are you two talking about?
It just got colder, too! Did anyone else notice that?
This is really confusing me!

I concede you're a bit ahead of me. You have several Pokemon to my one.
That only makes it easier for me.
Not necessarily. I simply require more time to build the most effective team, instead of slapping together a bunch of locals.
Is there a purpose to your words?
Actually, yes. Battle me. I'm curious to know what I'm up against.
Very well.
How do you two know each other? What is going on?!

I guess I'm battling now?
Lux, why won't you answer me?!
Marie, Tackle!
Low Kick, go!
I can't look!

*cough* I think... I'm outmatched...
Switch her out! You'll get her killed!
Hmm... Sasha and Jake would be weak to Fighting... Andy might not fare much better.
Well? What are you waiting for?
Shuckie, you're up.
No way.
Yes way.
Forget it!
You're the only one who can safely beat it--

Pfffft... hahahahahahahaha!!
What are you doing?!
Holy shit, that's hilarious! I can't - hahahaha!!
Did he really...?
Just shoot me now.
This might be the time for you to bow out gracefully, eh?
On the contrary.
I have Potions. Shuckie stays right where he is until he wins.

Anytime you're ready.
Go fuck yourself.
We will stand here literally all night until you attack.
That isn't actually to a threat to me - ow! You go fuck yourself, too!
Whom do you hate more, me or that Mankey?
...This doesn't mean anything.

Good, now leave me alone.
No matter. That battle was good for a laugh. I lost because I didn't have the appropriate counters to your Shuckle, which I'll fix soon. In the grand scheme of things, this doesn't mean much.

You'll see in time that this is a preview of what's to come.
Bring it, Lux.
As I thought. You know exactly who I am.
And you know me?

That's right, Nox.
We're done now. Until we meet again.

Yeah, I'm definitely confused here.
Again, have you two met before?

New Gold 2012 is very heavy on the rearranging. Goldenrod is the starting town, and it now includes a supersize Center, three Marts (you've seen only one so far), plus the Radio Tower and some other goodies. The Gym order is also rearranged, and Goldenrod is first up.

There's a Fighting/Psychic/Dark starter trio, and I went with Houndour because I loooooooove that line and they're kinda hard to obtain in Nuzlockes otherwise. The early catches I got are actually a bit plain compared to other stuff that appears early (Aipom, Murkrow, Staryu, Eevee, Elekid, just to name a few). Jake and Marie are missing their stat pages because I forgot to screenshot them back in the day.

Shuckie is such a unique case that he gets his own rule. There's a reason he's moved from Cianwood to Route 46: his super high defenses are virtually required to survive the first few towns in this hack, especially under Nuzlocke conditions. You'll see that things get very crazy, very unfair, very fast. Also, placing him at a point where he's disobedient to the player is an interesting balance. Overall, I like that move. (Plus, it's the perfect setup for getting to write an unrepentant jackass.)

The hacker wasn't particularly experienced and had some pretty ancient tools, so he often relies on placing NPC roadblocks that are cleared upon obtaining an item. This turned out to be quite annoying and something I'd have to write around to avoid awkward pacing issues.

Oh, and the rival is there too. He's a guy who exists.

Next time: more Goldenrod fun times.
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Since you seem very intent on ignoring me, I'm gonna ask you again. How do you know that guy?!
I'm not ignoring you. I simply want to be back in New Bark for the night.
You can walk and talk!
Okay, fine! What do you want to know?
Literally everything!
Hey, let's do this one step at a time. Let's start with, have you met him before?
No. I've never met him.
And yet you know who he is, and his name?
That's right. You know how I'm the Luminary?
Wait, is this the guy you said you were racing, when you were talking on Route 30?
Yes, that's him. He's called the Harbinger.
It's like you're trying to make this as corny as possible.
Whereas I represent the light, he is the dark. I need to get the eight badges and reach Dark Tower before he does.
And if you don't?
I'm not sure. It should become clear over time. But that doesn't matter anyway, since we'll beat him there. We already have a head start on him.
See, you're saying words, but all I can hear is "I'm a fucking loony."
I think I have to agree.

The light is all around you, literally. Is that not proof enough?
I admit, I don't know how to explain that.
Marie, I know you think this sounds cool and all, but we don't have to accept what he says just because that's all we can think of right now.
There's a lot adding up, though.
No there isn't! When a crazy guy talks, you ignore him because he has no idea what he's talking about!
I'm not crazy. Now come with me inside. I'd like to speak to Professor Elm.
Just what the crazy guy would say. Now I'll ask you once more: take me back to Mania!
Didn't we just walk past Route 46? That's where you're from, right?

You have a team of five already?
Indeed I do.
Well, clearly you can take care of yourself.
I thought that was self-evident.
Er... anyway, if you're here now, you should probably stay for the night. There are Rockets in Goldenrod right now, last I heard.
Ah, yes, there were.
You shouldn't take any chances. Feel free to use the guest rooms upstairs.
That's very kind of you. Can I keep my Pokemon out as well?
Uh... okay, but please keep them upstairs, so they don't disturb anything down here.
Fair enough. Did everyone hear that?
Sure beats downstairs.
That's fine.
I guess so.
I hate your face.
Have a restful night, Lux.

Hmm? Hello?
Hello, Andy.
Uh... you're my new Trainer, right? Lux?
Yes, that's right.
Did you... uh, did you want me?
We're staying in Professor Elm's lab overnight. He said I could keep you out of your ball, if you wanted. I thought you'd like that.
Oh. Um... okay.
Are you okay? You're extremely shy.
Sorry. I didn't mean it that way.
What are you doing?
I'm texting Maddie. She's a friend of mine, gives me technical advice on my journey. I'm asking her about some glitches in my Pokegear data.
Where is that glow coming from?
It's from me. Even in dark rooms, as the Luminary, the light is always with me.
Luminary... can you turn it off? It's odd.
I'm actually not sure how. It's strange.
That's okay. If I close my shell, it's pitch black.
Glad something works for you.
It's nice that you're willing to listen.

(Later that night...)

...Huh? Who's there... Sasha?
Shhhh! Don't wake up Lux!
What? Where were you? What were you doing?
I went downstairs, where Elm keeps all his Pokemon locked up.
Locked up?
As in, cages in the basement. It's supposed to be protection from the wild, but it's basically Poke-prison. When Lux came here a while back, I said I'd go with him, but... only if he helped my two best friends to get out of here, too. I'd never forgive myself if I got free and they didn't.
How's that related to anything?
I couldn't find them. That means they broke out. Lux helped them escape. They're going to catch up with us soon.
Meh. Good for you. Going back to sleep now.
You know, if you weren't such a douche, I'd advise you to try the whole "friend" thing sometime.
I have a best friend, too. His name is Mania. And Lux took me from him.
Anyone ever tell you you're kind of a bitch yourself?
Hey, the world isn't fair! You're here now, so stop pretending everything around you doesn't exist. It doesn't work that way.
Oh, really? It worked for me and Mania for a damn long time. Just three of us in a house on Route 46, didn't even care. And we were perfectly happy... until...
Until it didn't work.
You're right about the sleep idea, though.
I don't believe you. This isn't over, not by a longshot. I will get my life back, and I will continue to be disruptive to Lux until he gets the hint. Conveniently, I'm the perfect species to get away with it.
You're digging your own grave.
At least I'm not as insane as Lux.
...No, probably not.

(The next morning...)

Huh, this is cool...
I think that's good for a morning grind.
What now?
We're out of things to do here. Let's warp back to Goldenrod and continue our work there, since I have info about the surrounding routes to work with now.
*grumble grumble*

(One return warp later...)

Seems the Rockets left for the most part. I guess they didn't do too much this time. That's fortunate.
How big is this place?!
What if I told you this isn't even the biggest city in Johto?
It sure smells like it.
Yeah, don't remind me. *rub rub rub*
I've never seen so many people and Pokemon in one place like this!
Glad you like it, because we'll be returning here a lot, since it's so centrally located... and my family is here, too.
No comment.
Are you going to see them now?
Not at the moment. We'll be in the general area of Goldenrod for a while, so I'll have lots of time to see them before we move on. For right now, I have something to do in the department store.
I thought we just left the department store?
One of them. Goldenrod has three.
Heh, better keep an eye on your wallet, Lux.

There it is.
Uh, which one was that again... Dig?
That's right, how'd you know?
Sweet, so I did learn a few things in jail.
Dig can have extra strategic value in a battle, and it's handy as an escape means from places like caves.
Well then, who gets it?

YOWWW!! At least warn me when you're gonna do that!
What do all these other TM's do?
It'd take way too long to list each one. We'll get more some other time. Between the two big stores we've seen, they sell every TM available in Johto.
That's incredible!
Yes, but also expensive. So for now, we should save our money.

You want to save money, but we go straight for the third department store?
Ah, I didn't explain. This isn't like the other stores.
What does that mean?

That's what I mean.
What the - that's so not fair!
So we're getting into battles? I can take some - whoa!
Where did he get Pokemon like that?!

Lux, are you crazy?! We can't take on teams like that!
Do those kinds of Pokemon live around here?
Hold on. Look more closely at them. See how his Pokemon seem to be flickering?
Flickering? I don't... wait, you're right.
I thought so. He's not using real Pokemon.
As opposed to what?
Programs. If you have enough money, you can buy Pokemon programs that battle just like the real thing. That's how he has such a powerful team.
Where can we buy them? We're at a huge disadvantage without them!
No, Jake. If I simply bought my way through Johto, it would mean nothing. Only true Pokemon will be on this team.
We'll get killed if we don't!
We're surviving so far. Good thing we have Shuckie to tank so we can all work up safely.
You know, just because I can take hits, doesn't mean I don't feel pain!

I'll show you what the power of a good haircut can do!
Hah, really? That's cute!
He has a Cyndaquil. Andy, how about you go in? Use--
Fire Blast, go!

And he resisted that!
Is this another program?
It could be. Then again, Fire Blast is a powerful TM move regardless. Sasha, you tag in.
Alright, I think I can--

AAAAAGH... shit!
We need to grind more... Shuckie?
Am I seriously the only one here who can take a hit?
It would appear so.
You all suck.

Again, I would appreciate if I didn't need to use too many Potions on you.
I'd appreciate if you weren't a terrible person. I guess we're at an impasse.
Maybe we ought to look into those haircuts. Might chill you both out.

Ah, that Cyndaquil was a program. See?
Is it... turning into squares?
So are the other guy's 'mons.
Programs have two main downsides. The first is that they can only battle; they have no personality like real Pokemon. The other is that when they lose in battle, that can happen. They break.
So basically technological Nuzlocke.
Sort of like that, yes, but not quite the same thing.

So the rumors were true.
You knew this would be here? How?
I didn't "know," but I'd heard it in the city before, and the potential reward was good enough that I thought I'd give it a look.
Wait, that's the entire reason we came in here? So you could go play slots?!
Not quite accurate. Unreliable as rumors are, there was a good reason to follow this one. Come on, you'll see what I mean.

My mistake, you wanted to play card flip instead. How silly of me.
*rub rub rub* Just listen to me. Game Corners give out Pokemon as prizes. We can get a new teammate and you guys don't have to do anything.
Hmm. I do like the sound of that.
And you know what you'd want?
I checked out the prizes, and yes, I do.
Hang on, aren't these places rigged so you can't win anything?
They're supposed to be. But I know a trick that should help me beat the odds.
Uh... if you say so?
The bad news is, this is going to take me a while.
A while? How long is that?

(Literally hours in real time later, with turbo on...)

Finally, that took forever!
I was kind of enjoying that nap.
I did warn you. But it's not easy to get over 7,000 coins.
You're more patient than I am, that's for sure.
Hey, I have a question. Why are there two Game Corners, anyway?
I don't know. Twice the fun?
Sure, let's go with that.
Goldenrod always was a city of excess. But in any case, let's claim our prize.
What was your trick, anyway?

Here you go! Enjoy!
Thank you, sir. Team, let's meet our newest addition. *pchoo*
Hello! Who are all of you? Why is it so bright?!
I'm Lux, your new Trainer. These are Sasha, Shuckie, Jake, Andy and Marie.
Cool! I have new friends!
Heh, and what's your name?
Uh... I don't have one!
What? You don't have a name?
Never got one! I was always told whoever won me would get to name me.
Hmm... well, I certainly can do that. But also, if you had a name for yourself in mind, I'm fine letting you decide.
Really? Then I have a great name!

I always liked that word! The people here tell me I have a lot of it!
An unusual name. Very well, we will call you Heart.
Not any more weird than Lux.
How is she so many levels ahead of us?
It's a good thing! We could use another 'mon with a head start, like Shuckie had.
Heart, I think I like you already.
I like you, too!
Careful, don't actually take that seriously.

Ahhhh! I can't see!
But it's the middle of the day! It's as bright as it ever gets.
It's too bright! Ow!
You can't see because there's too much light? Lux?
Don't look at me, the sun is much brighter than I am.
Ignoring your fantasies for a second... Heart, have you ever been outside? Like, ever?
Uh, not really. Most of the time I had to stay in the back.
Huh. Didn't think we'd sorta have that in common.
Wait, if you've never been outside, how are you higher leveled than us? That makes no sense!
What are you yelling at me for?!
I... er...
Could be the Game Corner feeds their prizes Rare Candies every now and then.
Oh, is that what those are called? They taste really good!
Well, there you have it.

We'll continue training on Route 34. We have a lot more work to do before we take on the first Gym.
Oh, man, look at how many Trainers there are!
Great, then we'll get lots of experience. We can heal at the Center if we need it at any point.
I'll just hang back here for now.
Oh no you don't, you step up! I'm getting a little tired of that, frankly.
I told you I'm not good at battles!
Most of us aren't that good at them! We're still doing them, that's how we get better! Even Shuckie is battling!
Barely, he listens to Lux a fraction of the time!

OW!! Lucky Metronome... alright, let's see if you get that lucky again!
Hey, it looks like me! Only purple. Which is weird.
Alright, here we go...
Everyone else is giving it their best shot. You, on the other hand, are very rapidly running out of excuses.
...Are you trying to screw me over?
No, you're screwing yourself over.
Pretty sure it's you.
Alright then. If it's me, then I guess you're totally fucked, because I'm not going anywhere. You have fun with that.
At least you're fully aware of what you're doing, and you just don't care.
Guilty as charged. You're still a bitch, though.

Wow, you're nailing everyone out there!
So are you guys always like that?
Oh, the arguing? Those two guys, for the most part, yeah, they kinda are. I promise you I'm not, though.
I really mean that! It's just when it comes to this world sometimes, you gotta know who your friends are.
I guess so.
I'm definitely your friend, I promise.
...If you promise. But you better keep it!
I will. I really want to help you out.
That's so sweet of you!
Heh... you know, you and me, we've barely ever seen the sun in our lives. It's time for us to revel in it, know what I mean?

Ha ha ha ha ha!!
Do people usually do that? I'm not sure.
No, they don't. I know that laugh...
We're in trouble, aren't we?
Fill us in, then?

I knew it. He's using a Berserk Gene!
A what now?
Do you know the move Swagger?
Uh, sharply raises the foe's Attack, and also confuses it.
Berserk Gene does that to the Pokemon holding it instantly.
With consequences that I hope are self-explanatory.
Oh, my...
So it's basically a gamble whether that Tauros flattens us into dust or not?!
Not if I can help it! Shuckie, get in there now!

Whew, you got it.
Agh... I only did that because it wouldn't stop attacking me!
Sure took your sweet time.
Ha ha ha... ha...
What's his deal?
Berserk Genes have nasty side effects. Once the insane high wears off, you come down hard. It can even kill you if you're not careful.
But the guy only used it on his Pokemon, why was he affected?
It can absorb through skin. Unless you're wearing thick gloves, just touching a Berserk Gene, even briefly, sends you off the deep end.
So we make a mental note to never ever go near those things ever.

Berries in Marts? Huh, that's worth remembering.
Andy, right? Are you okay--
*Andy used Withdraw!*
What'd I do?!
It's not your fault, Heart. I think he's just like that with new folks.
He won't talk to any of us, though.
I was speaking to him last night.
You were?
Why would he only speak to you? Is he only afraid of other Pokemon?
Uh, can he still hear us?
... *pchoo* Good point. Let's let him relax. Hey, there's some grass over there, we can catch something.

Well, Bill will be happy.
I'll be using his box system now, that's why. Not the best option around here, though... well, that's Nuzlocke for you.

Here, take this! Think of it as a prize for surviving everyone on Route 34!
Junk you don't want?
Hey, no one on my team can use Ground moves!
Shuckie is the only one with a Ground move on our team.
I'll pass, since I'm generally against anything Lux wants.
Let's go a little further south, into Ilex Forest. We can try for another catch here.

It's dark in here...
Is the darkness guy around again? What was he called, the Harbinger?
What? No, he's not here. It's just a forest. Forests are dark.
Don't worry, we'll have plenty more chances to deal with him.
What's a Harbinger?
Here we go again...

There's our encounter. Could you guys explain our mission to Heart while I take care of this?
We're on a mission?
*sigh* Okay, take this with a massive mountain of salt, but here's what you need to know...
Jake, come out and weaken it. It should only know Harden, since it's a Metapod, so you're safe.
Alright... is this enough?
It should be. Let's give this a try--
*Oh, no! The Pokemon broke free!*
What? Uh... well, it's used Harden a bunch. Hit it one or two more times, to make this easier.
Okay, here's a Tackle--

Aw, damn it!
What? I knocked it out?!
Why are we shouting - oh, we missed our catch, didn't we?
Nice work you did there, ace.
Shut up! It was an accident!
That's too bad. Butterfree would have been--
Can you just stop it?! Ever since you caught me, this entire team has just been picking on me and I'm sick of it!
He looks mad...
Heart, I feel like you and I should stay out of this.
It's in the past now. While we're here, we should look around the forest a bit more.
I... I just...

It teaches Swords Dance! You can get even stronger!
I'd say this is junk you don't want, but I'm surprised you don't want this.
All my Pokemon already know it. I had an extra, you bothered to come into the forest, you might as well get something out of it.
Oh, screw you!
Very well, I accept. Thank you very much.
No problem... by the way, why are you glowing?
Oh, that's because I'm the Luminary.
You were right, Sasha, he is glowing!
How... there's got to be a reason for that. Is this a really obtuse magic trick?
You know, is it really such a big deal if he's telling the truth? Think of it this way: it's useful to have a walking flashlight on our side.
Hah! Well, I'll give you that laugh. But anyway, this is a dead end, so can we turn around?
Yes, let's go back to Goldenrod now.

(After they did that...)

Why did we come back to death mart?
More Trainers, more practice. Also less dying, ideally. Didn't know this shop was here, though.
Do we want herbal medicine?
I got sick once and Elm gave me herbal stuff. It worked, but it tasted like ass.
There are other, cheaper healing items. No thanks.

I know I suggested the haircuts earlier, but I thought the guy was joking.
It would be superfluous to pay for haircuts for all of you.
Half of us don't even have hair.
Doesn't stop me from looking good!
Very nice, Marie! I think you're easily the fastest learner on the team.
Thanks! I think I just like battling, it's fun!

Why are there no clerks on this floor? YOU CAN'T EXPLAIN THAT!!
Whoa, take it easy--
Hey! No need for - HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK?!

Where did he get that?! I am not battling a legendary!
I give up. I just give up about everything!
Look closer. It's not the real Ho-Oh. It's another program.
You can buy legendary programs?!
Sure, if you have enough money. The good news is, they're not nearly as strong as the real thing. Technology isn't quite that good yet.
Even so, I can't keep up with that!
I know. Not yet. I'll never keep you in a battle you can't win.
And when all else fails, bring on the Shuckie.
I was being sarcastic, dumbass!

HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT!! Do you know what sarcastic means?!
That'll hurt in the morning.

(Shuckie beat it eventually. And then...)

That does not look like fun.
One more Strength and it's over!
Can I please have a heal first?!

Those legendary programs are tough stuff.
I just want you to know, Lux, that I absolutely despise you with the blazing, gleaming passion of a million Sacred Fires and Aeroblasts combined!!

These top two floors are totally empty.
Hey, what does that sign on the wall say?
It says, "storage area." That explains the lack of actual shopping to do.
And the Trainers?
Lots of free space for battles!
There you have it.
Fine. Are we finally done with this place?
Isn't there a basement to this building? We should check that out, too.
Fair enough.

Or maybe we shouldn't?
Ugh... *rub rub rub*
There are a lot of Rattata down here. And only Rattata.
Jake's distant family?
We're leaving now. We'll continue our training in a new location.

Route 35 is well populated. Plenty to keep us busy.
Every way I turn, another row of houses. Just how many people does Johto even have?
It's not just the humans. Look at the wild grass around here.
You mean the Pokemon... I don't even know.
I know. I see it and I know it could be different.

Hmm... a Vulpix could be an interesting addition.
There are six of us, though. You'd have to box someone.
Well, since you asked--
I'm done.
You want the Vulpix on the team? Box me, then. I don't want to be here anymore.

I was here first, you know! If anyone, I should get to leave!
Actually, you were here second, Jake was third. Besides, you should have realized by now you're too indispensable to box.
...Interesting thought, if a bit sickening.
Thank you for your help, Jake. You'll be perfectly fine here in the box.
Yeah, whatever.
Bye, Jake!
Be seeing you.
It's been real.

Welcome to the team.
It's wonderful to meet all of you.
Same with us!
Oh... you all have such captivating auras. Especially the human. I've never seen anyone shine so brightly!
I don't know what effect my title would have on my aura, but I'm glad you think so.
Title? Of what sort?

I'm glad you asked. I'll tell you all about it while we train.
This will be quite the experience, I can tell!
You don't say.

So about those three department stores: the Celadon store got moved here, and some other building got converted into the last one which houses all the shops originally in the Underground. Similarly, the Celadon Game Corner got moved here, which is why two of them are present, and why I could get an Eevee prize, since Eevee is available only in the Celadon version. My "trick" to card flip is just abusing probability: if I always hedge my bets on one single card, the setup of the probabilities is such that I will slowly accumulate a net gain of coins over time. It takes forever, though, literal hours even with the turbo function on.

By the way, if you're wondering where the Underground went? Nowhere, it's gone completely. Goldenrod has a lot of stuff in it but it's also more compact.

This part is where we see how Shuckie is a necessity for surviving certain battles. Granted, this hack isn't designed for Nuzlockes, and if I could pick and choose my catches I could get some better counters other than just throwing out the tank. As it stands, though, Shuckie is my crutch, and the sole reason I haven't lost anyone yet.

Before playing this hack, I had never heard of the Berserk Gene. Turns out this item only exists in Gen 2 (and I don't even know if anyone has it in vanilla GSC). But now that the hacker knows it exists, it's gonna show up everywhere. How convenient, by which I mean how extremely inconvenient.

One thing I skipped in the basement area of the third department store: at the end of that long pathway, there's a guy who claims to be the janitor of the building, and after beating him in battle you can obtain a free Tyrogue if there's space in your party. I did not do this because Heart is my encounter for Goldenrod City, so I can't take another gift from here.

The team has grown large enough that I can start making some boxing decisions. Jake exits because the Rattata line isn't gonna last long in an increased difficulty hack. Kon enters because I looooooove the Vulpix line.

Next time, we'll train some more up north, and maybe give the first Gym a try.


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Let's see here... Marie, your aura is a rich orange... with bands of lavender! That's a good combination. It suits you well.
This is so cool! How do you learn to do this?
My species has a natural connection to the aura world. I'm fortunate enough to have the potential to tap into it further. I'm afraid it would be hard to "teach" these talents to anyone without the gift.
That's too bad. Still really cool, though!
Oooh, do me, do me!
Certainly! Heart, you aura is... hmm. I see traces of bright green, but you're mostly white. That makes sense. As an Eevee, your potential is enormous, and your aura reflects this.
How about me next?
I'm a little surprised you're interested, since you're a bit of a skeptic.
What, of Lux? I might actually expect fancy powers out of a Pokemon, totally different story.
Ah, yes, that reminds me... but in any case... whoa! Very, very deep red!
Well, I suppose if I had to pick a color--
Wait... I also see dark blue. And it's muddied.
Muddy blue, eh? Hmm. Alright then.

As for Lux, his aura is...
Let me guess, dazzling rainbows or something stupid like that?
Not quite. He mostly exudes a yellow-gold color, but there's an overlay of brown all over. I've never quite seen anything like this.
Does that raise flags for you?
Well, if he's telling the truth about who he is, the gold doesn't surprise me.
If anything, that supports what he says better!
...I'm rolling with this for now. So it's the brown that's weird?
That's right. But it could mean many different things. I'll have to observe him physically to understand more.

Thank you. I'm doing my best to raise a strong team.
Hey, you know, I kinda like how the girls here are totally running this show.
Shuckie and Andy haven't said much lately, now that you mention it.
They don't do much at all, that was the idea.
I guess that could be part of why Jake wanted out...
Did you say something?
It's nothing, don't mind me.
I have nothing against Andy, he just never says anything. Hard to work with that.
Lux says Andy talked to him before, though.
And yet?
It's a work in progress.
... *nod!*

The Bug Catching Contest, huh? Sure, why not.
If you can only get your first encounter, isn't the contest kinda pointless?
In that case, you don't have to take part in it.
Hey, the less I do for you, the better.
The rules dictate I can only take one of you to the contest. Any volunteers?
Do you want to enter with me?
... *nod!*
Then it's settled. I have to keep the rest of you in your balls for the contest, so take a breather. And... *click-click!* Chat link is on, if anyone wants to talk.
Let us know when you're ready for us again.
Naturally. *pchoo x5* Ready, Andy?
Yeah. Let's go.

*rub rub rub* Normally I'd get 20 balls to catch a Bug type, but I'll be stuck with whatever we find first. So to maximize our score, it's best if I just chuck balls at our first encounter, without weakening it first.
I don't really need to battle, then?
Not this time.
...Since we have time, do you mind if I ask you some things?
Certainly. I'm happy to talk with you.
Take your time. The contest lasts a while.

I want to ask why you won't listen to Shuckie.
...You sure you don't have that the wrong way around?
You know what I mean. He doesn't want to be here.
I can't just give him back, you know. I'd be sending my Nuzlocke with him, and that's not cool.
He's really upset about it, though.
What brought this up, Andy? Do you not like being on the team?
I don't mind. But I asked about Shuckie.
...I'm not deaf. I heard him. But I still need him, we all do. Most Nuzlockers get crushed by this world. Shuckie is the biggest reason we can safely grow at all. Without invoking divine favor, at least.

It's quieter in here. Like all the sound from the outside is muffled.
Yeah, Poke Balls do that.
It's a really stark difference, compared to all the urban noise everywhere.
I've decided I don't like cities. They're too noisy and bright. That's why I like the night time. It's more peaceful, so I can concentrate, be more in tune with the universe.
Ah... there may be a shortage of night as long as you're here.
Yes, that was brought up. Perhaps I should retreat to my ball every so often, then, for a little clarity when I need it.
I haven't seen much of cities, but honestly, I think they're amazing! I need to try soaring through all the buildings sometime.
Cities are noisy, but there's so much going on in them! The department stores were really cool, even though the fighting was tough.
I suppose a city could be what you make of it, but it's not my preference.
It's not mine, either, but from what I've seen, everywhere is a city now, or some sprawling suburb jungle.
So... here's a thought, on a different topic. Over time, Lux may actually be able to gain greater control over his glow.
How would he do that?
I'm not entirely sure. But I do know aura can change over time. And there is something fundamentally different about Lux, right down to the aura. If his aura can cause this power in him...
So his Luminary thing might be linked to his aura somehow? And he can tap into it, like you and your aura?
He could develop further powers. Like a Pokemon. That's what you're saying?
I wouldn't say it's impossible. I've never seen a human like him. Anything goes, for better or for worse.
This stuff is incredible...
All I know is, whatever happens, we should all stick close together.
Sure! That's what we do on a team, right?
It's more serious than that, Heart. If he really does have some... mission, and it comes with these strange powers, and considering how Lux... works, for lack of a better term... I don't get any of it, and I don't like that. When I have friends I can count on, I feel better about these kinds of things. I hope we've seen and heard enough that I can count on you all to be my buddies. That's what I mean.
Of course you can!
Heh... I can almost hear the red in your voice, Sasha.
I hope that's a compliment.

This hardly seems fair.
What would you have me do about it? If he leaves, everyone else is in danger.
Will you need him forever?
Not forever. I would need more versatility in the team before I can give up Shuckie's defenses.
What about the box? Could he stay there?
Sure. He'd probably complain about it, but it's safe there. Yes, when the team is strong enough, he can stay there. That makes sense.
Then why won't you tell him that?
That's the bell.
I swear I won't forget, alright? Now come on.

Congrats to Sonny and his Pinsir!
Didn't even place. That's too bad. But I did get my catch out of it. Anyway, come back out, team. *pchoo x5*
Your expression tells me you didn't win.
It doesn't matter. Getting the catch was the important part.
Hey, can we check out the park? The rest of us didn't get to see it.
That's true. Lux, do you mind?
I don't see why not. We can put in our work there.
Cool, let's go!
... *sigh*
Sasha? You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. I just don't like being in Poke Balls that much. I'll be okay now. Let's head into the park.
If you're sure.

There are so many things we don't know. But I know more than you! Like where all the competitors in the contests funnel out after the results. Easy ambush is a go!
What a jerkass. Excuse me while I beat him up.
Have fun.

I covered them in stickers from the gift shop! Isn't it so cute?
There's a gift shop?
I'll bet. Probably makes a ton of money
Can we get things from it?
Uh, no.

Another Berserk Gene user?
Oh, wow, that does not look like fun.
Don't worry, I'll never use them on you.
If they're so dangerous, why does everyone have them?
Would you believe me if I said they're not even illegal?
You okay, Shuckie?
Yeah, yeah, I've got it.
Do you? You've been sitting there doing nothing for a while now.

Had to be sure... and there's the crash.
...Oh, my.
What is it?
I just felt something cold. I know what that means. That Nidoran died just now.
Hold up, can a Berserk Gene kill the Pokemon it was used on? You said it can kill humans, but in general, a Pokemon is more robust than a human.
Normally, a Pokemon would recover from a gene dose, after a while. In this case... I have a plausible alternative.
Was that guy a Nuzlocker?
I think so. *rub rub rub*
That would do it. Anything to win, huh.
Precisely why we can never fall into that trap, and why we won't.
Don't mind me, just coming to terms with my accidental kill here.
I'm sorry. It's hard to tell by sight. But it's likely to happen again, unfortunately.
You know what... bah, screw it. At least you said you're sorry.

You look like a sharp young boy. I bet you could make use of this.
Junk you don't want?
Oh, just take the damn thing! Make one of your Pokemon carry it for you, I don't care!
And you look directly at me, why?

Well, you're pretty slow. A Quick Claw could fix that every now and then.
Fine, I'll hold it.
Thank you for agreeing.
Hey, on a slightly tangential note, I heard you talking to Andy earlier. Just so you know.
You did?
You're the one who turned the chat link on. I can listen to the outside when you do that.
Ah, right.
I heard you admit you won't need me around forever. So I think it's time we did a little negotiating.

Good luck trying that on a Dark type.
Yes, Shuckie, I will box you at the appropriate time.
That could mean anything! I want a hard timeline and I will not tolerate anything less!
Training doesn't work like that. Team building doesn't work like that, especially with Nuzlocke!
Not to be rude, but the two of you are giving me a headache.
I warned all of you.
Stay the hell out of this!

And now my whole team is dead. That's a day ruiner.
Another Nuzlocker, huh... you two avoiding the argument?
Why do that to myself?
Fair enough.
You could also keep your distance.
I know. That moldy turtle really just pisses me off, is all.
So this is Route 36, right? It got more urban again.
That was nice about the park. For the most part, it's actually still a park. Time didn't do much to it.
Yeah, it's nice to have some green still in the world. Could do with more, but... no one asked me.
It hasn't even been that long and I'm already over the gray.

There's our catch for the route... hang on, is that--
Holy shit! There he is!
I thought it might be. This is your Natu friend, correct?
Yeah, that's him!
Sasha? Is that you?
Yes, it's me! Come on, Lux, catch him, catch him!
Be patient! I'm working on it!

YES!! *pounce!*
Whoa! Easy there, no need to scratch me up.
Ah, sorry. I'm just really glad you're alright!
You two know each other?
Oh, right. Everyone, this is Dustin, my friend from Elm's lab!
Pleased to meet all of you.
Wait, from the lab? Isn't there a thing where Trainers can only get one free lab 'mon?
Normally, yeah, but Lux here doesn't always play by the rules!
Wait, what?
Sasha refused to go with me unless she could bring her friends. So although I started with her, I flipped some switches on the Poke Balls of her friends, so they could escape and run after us later.
For the beacon of light or whatever, he's got a few dirty tricks!
Oh, so you are open to making deals.
But how could you be sure Lux would find you first?
I had to time it right. I caught up to all of you in the park, actually. I waited until you reached Route 36, where I knew you'd never been before, and positioned myself so that you'd find me first.
We had arranged this idea previously, to be clear.
Wait a second, where's Andreas? Is he not with you?!
Unfortunately, we could not coordinate our escapes. I left as soon as I determined I was able. He has probably done the same by now, but I don't know where he is.
Damn it. I thought I was done worrying...
No need to worry. We know Andreas, he can take care of himself. As they say, patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.
You know, I almost missed your dumb sayings, emphasis on "almost."
It's good to see you, too.
Heh, same to you.

Dustin, while I'm happy for your reunion, I do have to send you to the PC. The team is full right now.
What?! But... come on, this is different!
That is how they do things.
Unless a slot opens up, I'm afraid--
HELLO? Still here, still want out!
Yes, but... ah...
One badge.
I'm sorry?
That's my absolute limit. You're doing the Gyms, right? I stay until you get your first badge. Then you get me back to Mania. I don't care if you have to box me first and it takes time, but that's the furthest I'm going with you. And then Dustin can replace me.
Now hang on a second--
No, you hang on. You stole me from my home and stuck a death curse on me, and I'm making a concession to you. You've fucked me over enough. Take the deal.
Make it two badges.
Are you serious?!
Yes. I need that much time to make sure I have a stable team before you leave.
I can't even - fine! Two badges! That's all!
I will agree to those terms.
Are they always like this?
Shuckie is, at least...
It'll be fine, Sasha. I'm safe now, keep that in mind. Just watch yourself. I would like Andreas to find us both alive.
...Can do. See you soon, then.
*Dustin was sent to Bill's PC!*

I knew you wanted that. I'm totally psychic, you know!
Junk you don't want?
Hardly junk. In fact, save that for when Dustin comes back. He'd like it.
Dustin seemed to be a good soul. He radiates very brightly.
He's sort of the voice in my head, sometimes. I mean that in a good way, though. That's just who he is.
It'd be fun to have another flier on the team!
Anyone beats king grouch.
You're not even worth my time anymore.
... *sigh*
Hmm? Andy?
Is something wrong?
...I'm a little sad.
What? Why?
If you don't want to talk about it, that's okay, too...

Is this the tree blocking the road?
Looks more like a Pokemon than a tree.
Good observation. It's a Sudowoodo.
Do we have to beat it up to go on?
Let's not worry about that for now. We don't need to travel much further to prepare for our first Gym.
The one in Goldenrod, right?
Correct. We all need a few more levels. Let's return to the park once more. That's a good grinding location for this team.

Look at all the Ledyba and Butterfree!
Careful, Heart. I've seen Beedrill and Scyther and Pinsir around, too. They won't be as friendly.
Just leave all those to me, thanks!
Come now, don't hog all the fun!
Andy, did you just get that move?
I think so...
Not a Water move, but useful nonetheless. Nice work.
Hey, I'm feeling a little funny--

You evolved! Congrats!
Hey now, you look great!
Thanks, I feel great!
An excellent high note to finish out our training.
We're done?
Yes, I think we should all be at a sufficient level to take on the Gym.
Wait, right now?
Why not? Let's keep our momentum going.

Ugh, city noise... and what are we doing in here?
This TM is part of our Gym strategy.
Care to elaborate?
The Gym Leader is known for her ace Miltank. It can soak up a lot of damage and dish out just as much. Most of us would have a very hard time winning a straight fight with it.
Then shouldn't we train more? What happened to not sending us into fights we can't win?
Levels are not the problem, typing is. If we had a Fighting type, we might win that way, but since we don't...
Shuckie, heads up.
You asked me to give you notice before you learn a TM.
...I did say that.

AAAGH... that's weird, it didn't hurt as much that time.
You're probably getting used to the effect.
So I know Toxic now.
Instead of fighting the Miltank head-on, you're going to outlast it. Poison it and wait for it to drop. Out of everyone on the team, Shuckie, you're the only one who can do it.
Well then.
Now we're good to go.
Lux, hang on... okay, Shuckie walked away, he won't hear me now. I'm not sure Shuckie is reliable for a Gym fight.
He hardly listens to you in battle. I'm not sold on your strategy.
Based on our available resources, this is our best idea..
But what if he... goes down?
You have until we enter the Gym to suggest a better idea, but I don't believe there is one. The light will be with us. It'll be okay.

Are you alright, Kon?
I'm just trying to calm myself. Like I said, it's harder to focus in a city.
No hints from the aura about our chances?
Aura doesn't mean clairvoyance. We only have our present information.
Honestly, Lux would have a good idea if Shuckie would cooperate. But that's what worries me.
I think we may need to trust in Shuckie's good defenses, like Lux said.
He has to actually use Toxic first. From what I've seen of Shuckie, I agree, he is not trustworthy enough to use this strategy. But... I don't have any other ideas, if we cannot alter our team composition.
Shuckie did tank legend programs... I trust his defenses more than his personality. I hope that's enough.
I think we'll be fine. We've all got each other's backs, right?
Yeah, you too! Come on, we prepared for this. We'll be fine!
... *nod!*
If no one has anything else to offer... guess we'll find out. Let's roll.

It's so pink!
And green. Share some with the rest of Goldenrod, would you...
What's the gameplan?
We have to defeat all the Trainers to get to the leader. Let's even out the experience as much as reasonable.

Good, everyone!
I knew we'd be fine!
Is that the leader over there, with the pink hair?
Yes. Actually, I do need to warn everyone about this.
About what?
When she speaks to us, her voice will sound metallic. This is expected, so don't freak out about it.
What does that even mean? How would you know something like that?
You'll see what I mean in a bit.

Wow, that is grating on the ears!
[And who might you be?]
My name is Lux. I challenge you for your badge.
You weren't kidding about the voice!
[So, you want to battle? I'm warning you, I'm good!]
I'm sure you are. I'd expect you to be decent when you've been a leader as long as you have.
[Yeah,100 years as a leader is a lot of time to practice, isn't it?]
What? Humans can live that long?

On occasion. Whitney goes a bit further, though. She's somewhere in the 120's.
[124, to be exact, and still young!]
Now that, I'm pretty sure isn't possible!
This human... barely has an aura.
And is it just me, or are her eyes blinking? Not to mention parts of her clothing?
Good, you're noticing.
Okay, I see all these things. Are they...?
Indeed. Whitney has a special set of mechanical augmentations. They are very rare, and very difficult to obtain.
So she has life-extending tech? Which also screws up her voice and makes her flash?
[If you don't mind, can we get started over here? Go, Smeargle!]

Look like we're starting! Sasha, you're leading off!
I still have a lot of questions!
And you'll get your answers! Ember, go!
Gah, okay, take this!
[Use Swords Dance!]
Now she's getting out... is that a Super Potion?
Whoa! Okay, she's not kidding around!
Neither are we! Ember again!
Come on!
The light is with us!

There we go!
[Hmph. Lucky shot.]
The divine is on my side. The battle is in my favor!
[Okay, what are you talking about?]
Perhaps you may know me as the Luminary?
[Uh, nope. Never heard of you]
Shut down?

Not now. Well, you will know who I am once this is over.
[Confident, huh? I think it's time to bring out the heavy hitter! Go, Miltank!]
I knew that was coming. Shuckie, tag in!

[My Miltank is hardly a secret these days. Of course you knew it was coming.]
I'm prepared for anything you can throw at me.
[Really? Did you predict that Swords Dance? Or that my Smeargle also knows Baton Pass and Thrash?]
...Smeargle can learn nearly any move.
[Do you think you're special or something? Some kind of upcoming shooting star?]
Something like that, sure.
[Wow. Here's a tip, kid: not a chance. You're as ragtag as almost everyone else who comes in here. But go ahead, try to surprise me!]
I have a plan for your Miltank.
[Better do it fast! Rollout!]
Shuckie, like we planned! Use Toxic!
Hold up, just need to get ready...
[Second hit, now!]

What are you doing?! This is not the time!
[Wooooow, you can't even control your Pokemon? That's before lesson number one! Third strike!]
Shuckie, use Toxic right this second!

Relax, I've got it.
I will not relax! That Miltank is powerful and you're cutting it too close!
I think you're forgetting who I am. It's the whole reason I'm doing this, right?
Look, a Gym battle is not the time for this! I really need you to just listen for once!
Do it, you moron! There's no good reason to screw around like this right now!
Alright, alright! I'm done with the shenanigans!

Good. Take this Fresh Water, and be ready to tank.
You've got this, Shuckie!
You can do it!
Stay strong!
Heh, shout out to the cheerleader section.
[Fourth hit!]

Here it comes!
Oof. That looked like it hurt.
How are you holding up, Shuckie?

What? WHAT?!
[Oh, damn, I didn't even realize you were a Nuzlocker! Sucks to be you]
How - there's no way! There's no fucking way!
I can't... believe...
Hold on! I'll get you a--
Lux... you... bastard...

Shuckie?! Come on, don't screw with me like that! Get up, Shuckie! GET UP!!
[He's dead, kid! Can't fight anymore! Gotta send out your next 'mon!]
SHUT UP!! Someone help me get him up!
He's not breathing!
[Let me guess, you were gonna stall me out with him? And now the rest of your team is doomed?]
I... but...
Oh, no.
Kon? What is it?!
The brown overlay in his aura is expanding... that's what it means...
What do we even do now?!
I don't know! None of us can take hits from that thing! Lux, you're the Trainer, think of something!
Uh... Andy, go!

It's still poisoned! We can outlast it! Try to confuse it with Supersonic--
[Not so fast! Fifth strike!]
Andy, look out for--

I... why did I do that...
She's swatting us aside like we're nothing!
I don't wanna die like this!
Kon, get in there!
Why me?!
Just do it!
I'll get killed!
We only have to outlast! It's done with the Rollout, I can heal you as much as I need!
Uh... okay... it's alright, I can do this--
[Use Stomp!]
What the - AAAAHH--!!
*KRRRRRRKK!!* *A critical hit!*

Does that thing even care that it's poisoned?!
That's it! We're fucked! We're completely, utterly fucked in every single way!
[It's like dominoes, isn't it?]
I don't need your comments! Marie, you're up!

I'll keep you healed, Marie!
I'm weak to this and it's gonna get worse!
Heal again!
There's no way I can survive the next one! Get me out of here!
I... can't do that. It's too strong for Sasha or Heart.
[Fourth strike!]
Arceus help me--!!

Finally, a break!
Huh? I'm... alive?
And look, the poison is actually working! Lux, don't stop the healing!
[Start the Rollout over!]
It's not so bad yet...
That was two...
Agh... I can't take another... but...

I won...
Is... is it over?
Yeah, Heart. It's over...
[Well. You won. Pretty much by luck. If not for that one miss, you recognize there's nothing more you could have done, right?]

[You earned this badge.]
[I suggest you get out of here before you embarrass yourself even further. I'm not trying to be mean here. Really, you look super dumb after that display.]

Heart, help me walk...
I've got you...

Whitney was right. You're not as good as you say you are.

Rest in peace, Shuckie the Shuckle.
Lv. 15-22

Rest in peace, Andy the Shellder.
Lv. 5-18

Rest in peace, Kon the Vulpix.
Lv. 11-18

Ethan? Are you alright, honey?
I had the weirdest dream last night.
Really? What about?
It was really odd. I was apparently someone called the Luminary, and I'm not sure what I was supposed to be doing, but it involved doing the League challenge?
So I was raising this whole team of Pokemon, and I had this Shuckle who hated my face and a Vulpix that could read aura, somehow, and a bunch of other characters, and then we all went to Whitney's Gym, and Whitney was a cyborg for some reason, and then she killed half my team and then I woke up...
Are you feeling alright? Do you need to stay home from school?
I'm fine, Mom. I just have a headache. A couple Tylenol and I'll be okay.
Just making sure! You should have some breakfast before you head out, too.
Don't mind if I do!

(A while later, after school...)

Good battle, Ethan! Where did you come up with that kind of strategy?
Heh, you'll never believe me if I told you.
Try me.
It came to me in a dream I had last night.
What? No way!
I'm serious! In my dream I was using a stall tactic in this huge battle, and I realized I could try the same idea here.
Well, to your credit, it worked!
Funny thing is, in my dream it was a horrible idea. Then again, probably because I was trying to stall out a Miltank.
So are you still down to meet up later for doing homework?
Yeah, I just need to pick up my other Pokemon from the Day Care. I'll see you in a couple hours?
Sounds good! See you then!

Actually I'm here to pick my Pokemon up. Last name Gold, first name Ethan?
Ah, yes. Wait here and I'll--
What was that?
What was what?
I thought I heard something. You didn't hear that?
I'm afraid I don't know what you--
Lux? Is that you? What the hell is going on here?!
Wait, why does that voice sound familiar?
It could just be your Pokemon is excited to see you.
Yeah, but I don't recognize that voice. Also, who is Lux...?
This isn't funny! Get me out of here!
Hold on... Sasha? Is that you? Wait, how do I know who you...
*click-click!* That's quite enough.

I don't know how you found out about any of this. But you know too much.
What is going on?!
I'm sorry, son, but this must be done.
Can't we talk about this?!
Run, Lux!
This is goodbye.

Ready for our Gym battle?
Hello? Are you in there?
Huh? Oh, I... spaced out there or something.
Hee hee! You remind me of myself.
You don't say. Anyway, let's go. Ready, girls?
Let's do this!

I'll lead off wth my Clefairy!
...You're not supposed to have one of those?
Yes I am?
Don't you lead with a Smeargle?
Who told you that?
Was it that guy who told you Whitney's a cyborg?
Oh, yeah, it was the "Whitney's a robot" guy. Now I remember.
Code gray! CODE GRAY!! Seize his Pokemon!
Hey! Get off me!
What are you doing?! Help me!
What are you--
*click-click!* No one is supposed to know that about me! NO ONE!!
Just hang on--

Congratulations to Ethan and his Scyther!
We did it! Nice work, Kon!
Is something wrong?
You know I'm not really here, right?
None of this is real. Also, look out behind you.
Behind me?
*click-click!* I should have won, damn it! I caught a freaking shiny Butterfree!
Did you just turn pitch black, or is that just me?
I'm claiming what's mine, kid!
Wait, it's just the Bug Catching Contest--

Oh, man, I've bee waiting for the chance to do this.
How are you doing this?!
Simple, you're a dick and I strongly dislike you, so I'm gonna fix that,
No, I mean, how are you even holding that gun--

*click-click!* You're dead.








Dude, this is weird.

...Okay, that's the last time I use Berserk Genes.

In what is probably my most infamous Nuzlocke gaffe to date, I lost half my team in a battle that I could have potentially won with a lot less bloodshed. My mistakes were as follows:
- I mistakenly believed that the Rock type resisted itself, which it not true. Shuckie was therefore more vulnerable to Rollout than I thought.
- I underestimated how powerful Rollout gets on the fourth and fifth strikes. Not even a Shuckle can survive a super effective 240/480 base power attack.
- While I did think to use the TM resources available to me, I could have also tried using a Dig TM, which would have forced Rollout to miss on occasion and reset the power build, or maybe X items (though it wouldn't have protected against crits).
- Really, the basic idea of relying on a disobedient 'mon to stall out a Miltank was just stupid to begin with.

Andy was too slow to ever have a hope of survival. Kon could maybe have taken two Stomps but she got critted (which is a shame because I had cool ideas for her character that I had to scrap), and wouldn't have done much anyway. If that second set of Rollout hadn't missed, it would've killed Marie on the fourth hit, and then I'd be forced to sacrifice Heart on the fifth hit. That would leave Sasha alone to make a last stand, and with her low defenses it would be a very short last stand. In summation, I should have wiped due to my mistakes and survived due to luck.

The April Fools part is a joke update and non-canon, just to be explicit. It's just me being a dumb shithead.

Next time: we pick up the pieces.
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Hey, I'm not feeling so good...
*cough* *cough* Lovely, the Nuzlocke sickness is setting in.
What's that?
Happens to Nuzlocke 'mons when they don't battle for too long. Just feels like a regular virus at first, but give it about a week and we'll drop dead.
If we're getting sick, why don't we go out and fight, then?
Because the Luminary over here fell off his cloud so hard that it did something to his head, and he suddenly remembered he has no clue what he's doing and he's totally freaking out about it, and we're stuck with him.
Can you blame him? Half our team was killed, and we're only alive still by pure luck! I'm up for never fighting again!
It's not about what we want when it comes to this - hey, where are you going?
The other room.
Just because you walk away every time I say that, doesn't make it less true!
I'm not talking to you about this right now!
You especially should get that! I thought you had a mission?
*cough* It hurts...
When I die, I'm gonna find that damn turtle's spirit and shred it.
I'm... still not sure you're being fair to Shuckie--
f he had actually listened, we might not have half a team right now!
We were literally talking about how that was a bad idea for that exact reason!
Yes, I know... but his idiocy directly cost Andy and Kon their lives. He was stupid, not incapacitated. I won't forgive him for that.
What are we gonna tell his old owner?
Probably nothing. What are the odds we ever see that guy again?
That's not fair to him at all!
Didn't say it was fair. If everything were fair, we wouldn't be here.

Honey, what exactly do you want me to do?
I didn't ask you to do anything.
Listen, I don't fully understand your Luminary quest, but I know you won't get anywhere stalling like this.
I'm not stalling!
Yes you are. You haven't left this building since you returned from the Gym.
Now, don't get me wrong, you can stay as long as you like.
I appreciate that, but I'll be going soon.
You've said that a few days in a row. That said, I'm leaving now because I have to go to work.
I might be gone before you come back.
I'll need to grab groceries on the way home, so if you're still here, I'll have dinner for you.
...What did those dreams say your goals were?
I need to reach Blackthorn.
That's your big one. But there was something about other tasks, right?
Uh... I'll deal with them as they come up.
They're here. Deal with them, or don't. That's all I can tell you.
It's up to you, Ethan.

Hey, Lux.
Am I set?
Yup. All the info on the Ecruteak area is yours now. Are you ready to go back out?
Ready or not, I'm going. I've wasted enough time anyway
I hope you've put some good thought into rebuilding.
I'll start with who I have. I'll have to see how my luck holds up later.
You can grind no matter your luck, and you need to. Without your Shuckle, you're gonna have a much harder time stalling your way out of jams. Unless you catch something comparable.
Come to think of it, it's helpful to have a battle strategist on my side. Would you be able to keep doing that? Like, not just for helping my team, but also warning me of unusual threats or something? For the Gyms, maybe? Is that possible?
Well... yeah, I guess I could. I can see what Pokemon someone would have by checking their storage history.
But don't count on that! It'd be way too intensive to do that for every Trainer in Johto. If you need it on occasion, I can manage it, but there's no substitute for being strong on your own terms.
I know... alright, I think I'm good to go.
Give 'em hell, Lux.

On your feet, everyone. It's time to get back out there.
*cough* Good, I was literally sick of waiting.
*rub rub rub* Er, right.
Maybe you should have seen that coming?
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, after you!

This is a race, and we won't go down so easily. Time to tap into our reserves.
If we have three open slots, Dustin better get out here, or you'll have me to deal with.

Conveniently, I did plan to bring him on. So you can lose the teeth.
Oh, has Shuckie left the team so soon? Very well, then.
Hey, Dustin. You doing alright?
Of course... weren't there more of you last I saw you? What happened?
Nuzlocke happened. Three times. In a row. Including Shuckie.
Oh... er...
Would "holy shit" be the words you're looking for?
Those are fitting, yes.

Let's give Ulrich a go, as well.
Hey, folks! How's everyone doing?
We've been better.
Whoa, what's with all the serious faces?
Serious problems, namely the loss of half our previous team.
And we'll be counting on you to help us turn things around.
Can't say I'm the best at straight force, but I'll see what I've got to work with!
And you have room for one more, correct?
Actually... let's hold off on that for now.
I can see how trying to bring back Jake might be a problem, and... Barry might have trouble based on what we've seen so far, so let's see if we can find someone else.
Whatever. So back north?
Not yet. We're going to warp to New Bark and grind on Route 29 or 30, so Dustin and Ulrich can catch up to the girls. Those are safer grinding locations.

(One warp later...)

Okay, move carefully...
That's just a Weedle, you know. You have an advantage over it.
I'm aware.
Ugh, you battle so slowly!
I battle smart. I take the time necessary to envision all potential outcomes.
Let me know how that goes for you in the heat of the moment!
As I understand it, that's what having a Trainer is for.
You still haven't done anything, smart guy,
Maybe because you've been talking to me. In any case...
Alright, fair enough. I'm gonna see how Ulrich's doing - ACKKGHH!!
Hey, check it out! It's a powder shower!
Would you watch it?! You just poisoned me, you jackass!
Oh, shoot, my bad!
Damn it, I've been sick enough already lately!
Take it easy, Sasha, I'll bring you back to the Center. Ulrich, you come too, you're a little beat up. Heart, Marie, keep an eye on Dustin, we're not going far.
You got it!
Sure thing.

C'mon, it was just a little poison! You'll look back on this and laugh!
Poison isn't so funny when my stomach feels like bursting.
I promise it'll go toward the bad guys next time!
Let's head upstairs, see if there's anything interesting on the second floor.
Are you expecting something cool?
I live on the second floor of the Goldenrod Center, so, possibly.

Now let's battle!
There's a whole bunch of Trainers up here!
Like a battle club or something?
Well, who am I to say no to some practice? I'll take him on!

An Umbreon at this level?
Blissey and Flareon? This is why we need the practice.
Ulrich, you can probably take a Blissey. They're huge, but they have no offense or physical defense whatsoever.
Sure, but how about Sasha gets the Flareon?
Excellent, you're not a complete idiot! Always a good sign.

(One team reunion, grinding session and return warp later...)

Now be careful with that! This is extremely pure, high quality water, you hear?
It's a squirt bottle. Also, we're in Goldenrod.
Stop it! You'll make the plants upset!
Does Goldenrod have a reputation for poor water quality?
In fairness, it's not just Goldenrod. There's a reason I have a portable filter with me. *rub rub rub*
I wouldn't mind a squirt from that every now and then, if you're offering!
Don't you have enough smells?
My species is supposed to stay damp! What do you want from me?
The first priority is for that Sudowoodo on the road to Ecruteak, which is where we need to go next.

Are we waiting for something?
...We have a massive problem.
If my information is correct, this Sudowoodo probably knows both Rock Throw and Low Kick.
Alright, then I'm out for sure.
It's a much bigger problem than just you!
Hold on... who's left in the box... oh, dear.
You see it?
See what?
Literally all of us are weak to either Rock or Fighting. Including our boxed teammates.
Wait... you're right. That's not good!
Well, fuck!
Can't we just get another Pokemon who can take it?
No! There's nowhere else I can get to for a new catch attempt!
Do we absolutely have to go north?
If we went south, we can't get through Ilex Forest because of the thorns. We could warp to the southeast, but Route 30 has thorn blockage too.
Then the only way forward is through this guy? But we're all at a huge risk against it!
I don't think there are any other options.
We can't just sit here and do nothing, though! I've had enough of that, thank you very much!
We could grind a lot to buff our defenses?
Even more grinding?!
And if we're actually on the clock, it'll take way too long!
Then what else is there?

Wait. I think I have an idea.
Spit it out already!
Heart! You can get past it!
But I'm Normal type!
Right now you are, but you can evolve into something that can beat a Sudowoodo!
That's... just crazy enough to work!
Not quite. Where would you get evolution stones?
Ugh, that's the problem. No fancy evolution rocks in this region, either. I can make an Espeon, though! Heart, quickly, I need you to become an Espeon!
What?! I can't just do that on the spot!
She's right. Isn't that a, what's the term Elm used... a friendship evolution?
What he said! I know what you mean, but it just doesn't work like that!
This might sound harsh, but that's irrelevant. You're the only option we have. You have to do it!
Do you think she's lying? She can't do it!
I mean, eventually I can, but--
Again, wastes too much time!
I think we'd better - wait, Lux?
What's your deal? Are you...?

Hear my words...
Okay, am I the only one getting a little freaked out now?
No, it's not just you.
The words of the Luminary... I seek divine favor...
Ulrich, we discussed this in the box--
Yeah, but you never said he did anything like this!
Probably because none of us knew he could do this, whatever "this" is!
Show us the way... *twink!*
Did he just start glowing brighter?!
Lux? What are you...?
Clear the way before us, and fill our future with the light!

Heart! Are you okay?!
What is that?! HOW is that--?!
What is going on here?!

Owww... is it over...?
Yes, it is done!
I... how... where do I even start with you?!
And now, the icing on the cake.
Uh, I feel really weird - YOWWWW!!

AAAAAGGHH!! Why does that hurt so much?! Waaaaaaaaaaah!
You think maybe that was a bad idea?!
It definitely was, I can sense it!
Where are those footsteps coming from?!
I don't hear anything--

Never mind, I see the problem!
It's coming this way! Heart, look out!
AHHHHHHHHH!! What's happening to me?!
So much psychic energy! I can barely stand it!
No! Leave me alone! Get away from me!

The trees! Get away from the trees!
She's completely out of control!

Alright. Let's see if I have this straight, okay?
Lux says a few magic words, a giant fricking beam of light shoots down out of nowhere, directly nails Heart, and somehow she evolves into an Espeon.
Right so far?
And then Lux teaches her Psychic with a TM, but Heart can't control herself at all, so she winds up obliterating that Sudowoodo, and several other trees, and nearly us, before Lux gets her out of there.
I believe that's the gist of it.
Now that that's settled, Lux...
What the fuck did you do to her?!
We couldn't afford the delay. So I sought divine favor, and I received it.
You forcibly evolved her too early?! How is that even possible?!
However you did that, it was unwise.
What just happened was unpredictable. I assure you, I regret it.
Well, that erases any doubt that he's got powers. That's a bright side, I guess?
I still need some time to process all that, thanks.
We're stuck with a magician who can't control himself. There is something very wrong with you, Lux.
Again, I didn't know that would happen, and I wish it didn't.

Perhaps it is time we rested for the night.
It's night time?
Hard to tell because of Lux's glow. But yes, I believe so.
Oh... *yawn!* You can just barely see the moon, even though it looks so bright around us. It's kinda cool!
How close are we to Ecruteak?
I... don't think we're close enough to make it tonight.
So we're camping out then?
*rub rub rub* Looks like it.
Wow, we didn't even get to the next city in time. We're screwing up hard.
Oh, just stop it.

(A couple hours later...)

Hey, it stands up!
That took way too long.
Sorry for all that. I'm not really an outdoors person. *rub rub rub*
We can tell.
Hey, I got the tent up eventually, didn't I? I do admit, I cheated at fire-building by having a Fire type.
Alright, you're giving credit where it's due. I can respect that.
Are you gonna be okay?
To be honest, I've... never really camped out like this.
Well, yeah. I'm fortunate that I grew up with four walls around me. Not everyone gets that. And, you know, the world can be... rough sometimes.
So one moment you're casting laser beams and the next you're afraid of the dark?
The dark doesn't scare me. Besides, I'm my own nightlight.
Listen, guys, I'm exhausted. Can we just sleep now? Please?
Sleep sounds good to me. Ball or no?
Ball me. I'd like it quiet for a while.
I'll take the ball, too, I guess.
I'll stay out. Keep watch for all of you.
I'll keep her company.
And Heart should probably stay in her ball for now. We'll check on her in the morning.
*sigh* I think we all just need a reboot, on everything.
Maybe so. *pchoo x2* Good night, everyone...

(In the middle of the night...)

Brrr... chilly out... wait, Sasha? You're still up?
Can't sleep.
You're a worse sleeper than Lux.
Is it a contest?
You can hear him tossing and turning in that tent. He might be sleeping, but it's not sweet dreams. A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow. And then there's you.
Then my mind is so ruffled it's a potato chip.
Would it help to talk about it?
I don't know, maybe? I'm sure you have the same worry.
About Heart? Of course.
I mean, not even getting into how he did that, or why he thought that was smart, does he even care what he did to Heart? He has the social capacity of a coconut!
He's doing the right thing by leaving Heart alone. She was clearly overwhelmed by the influx of energy. Perhaps she only needs time to adjust.
I hope she'll be better in the morning...
In any case, I think you're being somewhat unfair to Lux.
Really? Because to me, it looks like he hasn't learned anything. Even after that slaughterfest against Whitney.
Actually, if anything, evolving Heart to remove her type weakness proves he did learn something.
He's gonna have to do a lot more than remember the type chart to get back on my good side.
He does have feelings. Think how long he waited even to get out to here?
Then why is he so two-faced about it?
Instead of theorizing among ourselves, I would suggest asking him directly.
He'll just avoid the queston... ugh. It got colder. Now it's even harder to sleep.
Yeah, it did. Could've taken the ball.
I didn't escape the lab to live in a different cage.
Thanks for sticking out the night with me, though.
Any time.
You think Andreas finds us soon?
I sure hope so.

(The next morning...)

Let's keep up the pace - ow...
What's your deal?
My back hurts... forget about it. It's just something I'll have to deal with. *rub rub rub*
*yawn!* I feel you there.
For now, let's keep pushing with our training.
I can barely leave a mark on these guys!
Don't worry, you status them and I'll take care of the rest.
Let's also get a catch before we head into the city. I see some grass right over there.

Dustin, you're up. Use Night Shade!
Got it.
Okay, about half damage there.
Hang on. Is that...?
No. It's not him.
Damn it. What's taking him so long?!
...Sasha? What's with that look--
If this Mankey gets on the team, what about ours?
Alright, I think we're good. Poke Ball, go--

Hey! Dustin, what the heck?
I thought you wanted me to attack it again!
No, I didn't say that! Great, we missed the catch.
It's my fault. I screwed up. It won't happen again.
*sigh* Don't worry about it. There will be more chances. Come on, we're right on the city limits.
...Nice save. Keep quiet about it.
Yes, I know that, thank you.
Gotta be sure.

And here we are.
Everything looks so orange.
Ecruteak is known as a historical city. The orange theme is said to match the colors of Ho-Oh, so the city never forgets its past.
I like it! Nice and bright.
Shall we explore?

This is just as big as the Goldenrod Center.
It houses Bill's Time Capsule project. Isn't that right, Bill?
Well, it's supposed to. Damn thing's been half built for years, though, so you know. Maybe one day I'll actually have enough time to finish it. But that's off topic. How are you, Lux?
I'm managing.
You sure? Maddie said you wouldn't leave home for days because you were so upset. Also, you have a ton of leaves in your hair.
Er... *pat pat!* Like I said, managing. Hey, were you able to patch that security hole?
Yeah, I think I got it. Just heading out now, actually. But there are probably still Rockets in the city somewhere, so I'll bet they just hack me again.
And you can't just shut them out for good? I'm not a tech expert here.
It's an arms race. These days, we're losing.
Didn't say I was giving up! I'll fight for the integrity of the storage system until the day I die. Can't let all those generations down, now can I?
Uh, of course not.
Alright, I really gotta head out now. I said I'd be home for dinner and if I'm not, the kid will never forgive me.
Okay. We'll both keep pressing on.
Oh, also, one more thing. You have like, an arch rival or something, right?
Arch rival? Uh... you mean the Harbinger?
That's him. Listen, I think he's somewhere in the city, too, so keep your eyes open.
How do you know?
It doesn't go from ten in the morning to ten at night and then back in ten seconds unless something funny's happening. I think that's your guy. But look, I super really gotta run now, see ya later!
Uh, bye...

Everyone stay alert. If the Harbinger is around, not to mention Rockets, we need to be prepared for anything.
This place has even more tall buildings and flashing lights than Goldenrod! And that was a lot!
When you said "historical city," I was expecting something a little more reserved, not the complete opposite!
Ecruteak... changed a lot, over the years.
Where exactly is the history, then?
Well, the roofs are orange.
That's quite disappointing.
The Dance Theater is still around, I think. But people say it's gone way downhill over the decades.
What happened to it?
After the original Kimono Girls retired, they just never recaptured the same feeling. They spruced up the theater itself more to compensate, but apparently it just doesn't work. We may have time to look in later, if we want.
If you're telling the truth, why would we bother?
It could still be nice?

Looks like we've got ourselves a new angler!
Junk you don't want?
Do you see anywhere to fish in this city? Arceus, I hate living here...
I'm sure I can find a use for - *bonk!* Ow! What was that?
Sorry, that was me!
What did you hit me with?
Looks like a mushroom?
Technically called a tochukaso, but yeah!
Isn't that one of the mushrooms that grow on your back?
Those come off?
Indeed they do! It's funny, most folks don't know about that.

There are so many people and the Tech Tower is amazing and everything is so cool...
Does she ever shut up - *bonk!*Uh, ow.
Nice hit!
Heh, alright, I admit, that's pretty amusing.
I never would have thought to juggle them like that.
What's life without a little whimsy, you know what I mean?
I'd do well to remember that, I think. Especially as of late.
Well, let me help you out with that! Catch!
Nice shot, Marie!
Whoops, didn't mean to hit that person.
Believe me, she needed that!
I do need the tochukaso back, though. They're important.

Oh, I just remembered, we need to check on Heart! *pchoo*
Hey, guys...
How are you feeling?
I feel so strange... it's like, everything has this whole extra side to it, and it's all so much louder, and--
Aw, man! They ran out of Lemonade! That sucks.

What the - are you kidding me? Do you know how long it'll take to clean all that up?!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

What's gotten into you - whoa, psychic force!
Get behind me! *It doesn't affect Sasha!*
I can't stop!
Let's not destroy the whole Mart today! *pchoo*
She is not any better!
So, uh, I'm inching towards the door for a reason, just saying.
Well, I sure hope you didn't have plans for today--
We're gone!
*Got away safely!*

Guess we're not going that way for a while.
What are we trying to do, anyway?
I thought we'd find another route and try to make another catch. We'll just try somewhere else.

The tunnel is undergoing scheduled maintenance. Please come back later.
Can we go east of the city?

Good, Route 42 is open.
But the mountain isn't?
Tons of landslides made the place pretty much uninhabitable, so they just sealed it off.
Since we have a moment of peace, can we get back to the Phanpy in the room?
No, I don't know how to fix Heart.
You caused this to happen to her. If anyone knows how to help her, it's probably you.
I thought perhaps this might resolve itself. Since it clearly will not, I agree that I need to think more about it.
We're just trying to get on stable ground, but we keep scrambling...

Maybe we just need to stand still for ten seconds, and try to relax.
I know things have been hectic. I swear I'm trying my hardest to...
*sigh* One thing at a time, maybe. We're here for a catch, right? How about we just take care of that first?

There it is. Dustin?
Whenever you're ready.
Use Peck--

Oh, come on.
Didn't see that coming.
We'll... keep working on it.

In this hack, every Pokemon Center has a unique second floor. Check back in each city to see what surprises the hacker put in!

I really had no safe way past the Sudowoodo without evolving Heart. Andy was my best hope against it, but with him gone, it was either overgrind or run around forever to trigger a friendship evolution. If I had evolution stones available at this point, I might have gone for Jolteon or Vaporeon and dodged the type redundancy with Dustin, but I don't have such flexibility at the moment. I do have a base 130 Special Attack user with Psychic, which is a desperately needed boost for the team right now.

After meeting Bill in Ecruteak, he returns to Goldenrod and gives out the gift Eevee like usual, which I'm skipping because I already have Heart. Meanwhile, Ecruteak is actually the largest city in this hack, while Mt. Mortar is completely removed because I guess the hacker hates caves. We'll explore Ecruteak in much more detail next time.


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Hello, I am a goat. Pleased to meet you.
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"A tower with very advanced technology."
Talk about stating the obvious.
I didn't write the sign.
I know you didn't.
Am I the only one who finds it concerning that the Burned Tower isn't here?
The what?
The Burned Tower was exactly what it said on the tin. I can only assume that's why they decided to tear it down. *rub rub rub*
It was a historical monument and a part of Johto's creation mythos.
It wasn't my decision. This has been here since before I was born. In any case, lots of Trainers come here, so naturally, it's a good place for us to visit.
Alright, sure. Let's give it a go.
You good to go? That wasn't an enthusiastic battle cry.
It's nothing besides the obvious downers.
Alright. You might feel better once the adrenaline kicks in.
Heh, we'll see.
Also, is it just me, or did it suddenly get darker--

Oh, boy.
I thought I had sensed your light. What are you doing here?
I came to train, like everyone else in here.
Wasn't your team much different last time I saw you? Other than your Houndour, and I guess your Pidgey evolved. Maybe it can actually take a hit now?
That's one way for me to get hyped up...
Regardless, seems like you're playing catch-up.
What do you know?
Like I said, I've actually been building a good team, instead of cobbling together scraps.
Last time we met, you conceded that I was ahead of you. What's your badge count, then? I've already got my first.
Hmph. One for me as well.
Then what makes you so sure you're doing any better? We're tied in badges, and I'm superior to you in direct battles.
You know, for a lightbulb, you're surprisingly dull to talk to.

Come on! If we're both so tough, let's show off a little!
You want to battle again? Alright, since we came for that anyway.
That's what I wanted to hear. Gligar, come on out!
And this time, we don't have our tank. Well, who wants first licks?

I'll do it. I have a bone to pick with this guy now!
I guess this matchup is alright. Use Gust!
Start with Sand Attack!
Ack! It's in my eyes!
Keep up the Gust!
More sand! I want that bird blinded!
Where did it go?!
Good! Switch to Quick Attack!
Another good hit or two should finish it!
I can't hit what I can't see, which is everything!
Here, take a Fresh Water. Splash a little on your eyes, too, see if that helps.
Ah, it does. Good call, thanks!
Let's break out the big guns. Sludge Bomb, go!
Wait, how does it know--

I... no way...
Are you fucking kidding me?!
Stay with us!
Just hang on!
Well. I didn't know that, but...

*cough* ...
Now I get it. You're a Nuzlocker, aren't you? I was wondering why you didn't keep your Shuckle around, but now I get it. So that's... four you've lost already, by my count?
This guy has five seconds to shut it before I tear his fucking head off!
I don't know why they chose a Nuzlocker to oppose me, but hey, I can't complain! Just makes it easier for me--
*pchoo* You're going to pay for that.
Wait, where did you get a--
Is that Marie? What happened?!

She... Nox killed her, Heart.
What?! No, that can't be! No, no, NO!! *Heart used Psychic! A critical hit!*
What the - WAAAAAAAAAH!! *SLAM!*

That was for Marie!
One down...
Owww... that was... unexpected. Stantler, go in, you can attack its worse defenses!

Everyone stay behind me!
Watch where you're slinging those!
Sure, but what are you gonna do about the plants?!
We can still die in other ways! Getting crushed, for example!
Look, everything about this situation is a disaster zone, again, so forgive me if I'm a little stretched out here! Help yourselves, too!
Heart, try to direct your energy at the Stantler! Psychic again!
I can't control it!
What the hell did you do to make it this strong?! I can barely stand up! Take Down, now!

Damn it, the Psychic did too much. I guess another crit was too much to ask for - WHOA!! *duck!*
You can't just let this happen to you, Heart, you have to try to do something!
It's not that easy!
Get back! *pchoo*
That's... one way to get my biggest problem off the field. Alright, Magby, you're up.
Can we all agree that screaming at Heart doesn't seem to fix anything with her?
Not until we have a better option!

Screw it. My turn, and let's see it get through me with only Fire moves!
Try Smog!
Fire Punch!
OW!! What the...

Poison is good news.
Bad news is that I'm outmatched here.
Should someone switch in?
Definitely not you, and I don't think Heart's an option right now...
I'll do it. I can take a special hit.
Alright, then go in and use Night Shade!
Fire Punch again!
Look out!
*WHAM!* *A critical hit!*

Arceus above, that hurts!
Don't you dare fall over!
Please tell me you're okay!
Hanging on, but assistance would be lovely!
Fresh Water coming your way!
Okay, that helps, but the burn isn't going away!
Don't stop the punches! *WHAM!*
Just last a little longer and the poison will take care of it!
Remember the last time you tried that?!
Okay, guys, chill out and look back over there!

You've got it.
Good. I'm not about to lose you just yet.
I can't believe... Mankey, go.
Ordinarily I'd stay in, but I'm really in quite a lot of pain now!
We need to get out of this battle. I'm doing this the fast way! *pchoo*

*pchoo* Is that all? It's over, Nox. You lost.
You know what, don't get cocky. You lost, too.
How you managed to beat me, after I started so well, and your team in complete chaos...
Oh, fuck you with a rake.
I don't know how that happened. But it won't happen again. There's no way you're truly stronger than me. This is proof.
I'm out of here. Have fun with the burial. *Nox warped away!*

And that happened.
Come on, everyone, we're leaving now.
We are?
It doesn't make sense to continue right after that.
Ugh... not to be heartless, but can it not be for multiple days this time?
It... will only be tonight. Tomorrow, we're coming back. That's the way it has to be.
Right. I'm sorry, guys, but...
We're not mad at you. It's not easy for any of us to say.
I do agree with the night off, though.
We'll stay in the Center overnight.

This is where we're staying?
No, we're further down the hall. But now you see why the Center is so big, right?
A whole game studio, huh?
And the Time Capsule. Anyway, you guys go on ahead, here's the key. *rub rub rub*
You're not coming with? Where are you going?
...Elsewhere. I have things to do.

"None of them?"

"That's my suggestion."

"Isn't variety always better?"

"If what you're telling me about your team is true, battles aren't your main problem. Learn to handle four before you try five or six again."


"Plus, your reserves aren't great anyway. I know your catch luck has been bad, but still."

"Bolt could be useful."

"How do you plan to evolve it? And who will trade with you?"

"I forgot about that."

"That's my advice. Get a handle on your current four. If you have no control, you won't go much farther."

...I want to check on Heart.
Isn't she in her ball?
And her ball is right there on the bed. She'll be able to hear us. *hop!*
Dustin, you're a Psychic type, can't you do something for her?
If I evolved, maybe, but right now her power completely dwarfs mine. Anything I could think of would be ineffectual.
Alright. Just thinking out loud.
Heart, are you there?
It's me, Sasha. What's going on with you?
I... I don't know... I can't stop crying...
Do you just want to talk?
I don't understand any of this!
Take it easy, we're just chatting!
I can't! I don't know what's wrong with me and I don't know what to do!
Sasha, just stop! She's clearly overwhelmed, and again, screaming doesn't help!
I'm not screaming - okay, fine, I raised my voice a little. But this is ridiculous! We can't just let it happen to her!
The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result.
Fuck that! Yes, shit happens, I know, but I'm not okay with nothing going right!
No. Not the time, Ulrich.
Nice gesture, at least. Now I don't want to talk anymore, either. I might just go to bed.
...This is wrong.
We agree with you.
Not even that. We should be missing Marie right now, but we don't even have the space for that.
I wanted to brighten us all up, but that was probably hopeless.
No, you have the right idea. There is a time and place for everything. A very wise man once said that.
A time for mourning, a time for concern, and a time for a lighthearted joke. No reason those times can't overlap.
How do you pull that off?
It's a skill, I think.
I'll... work on it tomorrow. I don't think now is a good time to try that.
Perhaps not.

(The next day...)

Are you sure you don't want to fill the empty slots?
Maddie is right. I'm staying with four until I'm ready to handle more of you.
I think that makes us more vulnerable.
I'm reducing my own chances of screwing up, because I've been doing that a lot.
Your self-reflection will make us safer, painful though it may be.

Then I have a request for you.
A request?
Up until now, you've been super vague about your whole Luminary thing.
Not anymore. You're going to tell us everything you know about your mission, right now, as we go up this tower.
...If you insist--
I do. If I'm gonna keep this up, I'd at least like to know why. And I mean for real, no dodging questions or whatever, because I'm not letting you get away with that.
I'm interested in this, too.
Fine. Then I expect all of you to keep up.
A tower full of warp panels, huh... what, were the stairs too expensive?

Okay. As the Luminary, my given goal is to get the eight Johto badges and reach a place called the Dark Tower in Blackthorn City. I have to do this before Nox, the Harbinger, collects the badges and gets there.
And who exactly sent you on this mission, anyway?
I'm not sure.
Not a lie. I legitimately don't know. I only know that someone gave me the role in my dreams, and that same figure made Nox my opposite.
That's even more absurd. How do you know it was real?
Because once I accepted my role, that's when I started glowing. And you've seen enough to believe me anyway.
Whoever is your, I guess guardian or whatever, is also the one giving you powers?
I assume so.
Can you do anything besides glow, or whatever you did to Heart?
What happened with Heart is that I called upon divine favor to get us through an otherwise impossible situation. I can ask for this favor in many different situations, but not very often. And Nox gets the same power.
Of course he does.
So he has the same abilities as you, then.
Not exactly. Nox is my antithesis. I generate light wherever I go, while he creates darkness, and so on.
And Heart is likely having problems because of the divine way you evolved her.
I... again, didn't know that would happen.

Where'd the lights go?
Good thing I have my glow.
Piece of junk tower...
So glowing and magic words are all you've got?
To my knowledge, yes.
Kon once said there was a chance you could develop more light powers. Is that possible?
She said that? Never heard that from her. hat'd be sweet, though.
Hey, it'd be handy if you could shoot laser beams at your actual enemies. You know, instead of us.
Why do you have to go to Blackthorn anyway? What happens if you get there first? Or don't?
Again, I can't really say, because I haven't been told everything. I only know that this world depends on who gets there first.
What's the real reason?
That is the real reason.
Nope. You can't throw around "the world depends on it" without backing yourself up. I won't accept that.
You asked me to tell you everything I know. Well, that was everything. Take it or leave it.
Look, you proved to me you're magical, good job. But if this were actually about saving the world, I feel like you would have brought that up when you first wanted to take me.
Would you have come with me if I'd said that out front?
So you say were disingenuous? Even if I now know that's something you're willing to do, I still think it's more likely you're lying.

Why would I lie about that?
Beats me, you're the liar. Regardless, saving the world would have come up much sooner,
I was planning to save that detail for when I had a more stable team. But you insisted.
Whether his logic is sound, that's debatable. But I believe he could have come up with that logic. It's not unfathomable.
...Sure, I could maybe buy that you're dense enough to have thought that was smart.
If nothing else, at least act like you're trying to save the world.
Because given the alternatives, you might as well.

Who said that - oh, crap! That's a Rocket!
Wait, what?!
Well, what do we have here? Some kid with... really good teeth? Is that light coming from you?
Not good! Not good!
Well, definitely can't have you knowing I'm here, so I'm gonna have to take you out now!

Let's go, kid!
What do we do?
Rrrgh... same thing as anyone else, fight! Lux, go on!
Uh, yeah!

Whew, good thing this guy can't battle very well.
Type advantages help.
Sheesh, can't we ever get a break?
Did I just get beat by some punk with shiny teeth? Great, the boss will never let me live this down! *Wild Rocket fled!*
Everyone okay?
A little beat up, but we're fine.
Good. Neo Team Rocket is dangerous, and we don't need to get more mixed up with them if we can help it.
Especially in context.

Or we could not do that thing we just said.
Are you stupid or something?
I like to think I'm not.
You just wandered onto Rocket territory. You're pretty stupid.
Yup! In fact, you can go check it out, along with the other prisoners once I stomp you!
That's a Koffing! Dustin?
Might need a heal first!
Couldn't Heart do it? Same type?
Not without another psychic tornado!
Wait... that's it! I've got an idea! *pchoo*
What are you--
*Pretty lights!*
What? She's okay?
I'm okay?!
Can you hear me, Heart? Use Psychic on that Koffing.
Um... you got it!

Look, I can aim it! See ya later!
...What the fuck just happened?

What he said.
Did you seriously just pull an Espeon out of your ass?
Maybe not literally.
Gaaaah! You'll pay for this one day! *Wild Rocket fled!*
Alright, now that he's gone... seriously, what did you just do?
I tried taking Kon's advice. She was definitely on to something. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
That's another power? Why didn't you just do that before?!
I couldn't before. This is new... nngh...
Now that, you really did pull out of your ass.
Can't argue with the results, though. Look, Heart's smiling!
I'm not sure what this is, but I feel so much better now! Thank you!
You're... very welcome.

(A few more Rockets later...)

Hey, where'd the lights go?
I'll be the lights.
That works.
Hey, you're on fire! You're dropping Rockets left and right, and you're in control of yourself!
I wish Lux had done this from the start.
I literally just discovered I had this power. Better late than never.
Think of it this way, perhaps you reminded him of his potential. He could have forgotten it in all this mess as of late.
Meh. Maybe.
I'll take it now!
So, you're totally good now? No more problems?
Well... sort of. I still feel really, really anxious, but I feel like I'm in control of it right now. Before, I had all this energy and I just got totally swamped.
I see. Still, a great improvement from before.

You're flickering!
OW! Something shocked me in my head!
Oh, no...
What is it?
I can't... keep this up for very long...
Hold on, is this only a temporary fix?
Temporary?! I don't want to go back to that! NO!! *fwoosh!*
Damn it, she's losing it again!
*pchoo* Gah... I'm sorry...
Your glow stabilized.
Yeah, that power seems to be temporary... I can only help her for a little while. Then she's on her own again...
*sigh* So close, yet so far.
But closer than we were before.
We have a solution. Surely I can hone this new power. With enough time, I can get the hang of this, okay?
... *nod!*

So just leave me alone - wait, you're not a Rocket.
Do you know if there are any on the floors above this?
Uh, don't think so? The problem is that they're holding up the floor below this one, so all of us above them can't get out of here.
I think I just took out all of them, so you should be fine.
Seriously? No joke?
Not as far as I know.
You're a lifesaver, kid! Thanks a lot!
You're welcome. I'll tell everyone else it's safe to leave, too.
It's nice to see some goodness in the world! *warp!*
What were Rockets doing here again?
Bill said they were hiding out after they hacked the PC system. I guess nobody knew they were in the tower.
So it was just lucky we flushed them out?
Well, let's not discount good things happening to us. Even so, those were clearly not their top agents they sent here. If we see them again, they're gonna be tougher.
And hopefully, so will we?

Thanks a bundle, kid!
And he's off. So now what?
We reached the top of the tower. Now, we climb back down. After that, we'll figure something out.
What if we took a walk somewhere? I feel like after recent events, a long break may be in order.
I'll see what I can do.

Hey, that tunnel from before is open. Wanna check it out?
Why not?
Dunsparce. Let's go.

Now who turned out the lights?
Wasn't me, still bright as ever.
It's not our fault. Look up. See that fog?
Holy shit, that stuff is almost solid.
Ugh... *rub rub rub* Stupid damn pollution...
Also, any chance Heart can walk with us? She might enjoy it. Probably.
Okay, but only for as long as I can stabilize her. *pchoo* *Pretty lights!*
Are we out of the tower? And I'm okay again?
Yeah, we're in a suburb of Ecruteak, just for a walk. I found a new power that helps you to calm down for a while, but I can't do it forever.
Oh, I see.
Sometimes I'll be able to help you, but not all the time. You have to figure something out on your own, too.
Uh... I'll try, but I don't know where to start...
You have some time now to think about it.

I hate what they did to this place.
I agree. Far too much smoke and muck.
You got grumpy really fast.
Honestly, this whole city bugs me.
I held off on this for a while, because we've had... other issues. But yeah, it does. Anyone see the Bell Tower? No, because that's gone too!
It's been gone for years, Dustin.
Why? Ecruteak is supposed to be a historical relic, for remembering the events that shaped our world. Those towers should still be here! Instead we have an overgrown concrete jungle and a glitchy mess of a single terrible tower!
To be fair, the Tech Tower does sort of represent things as they are today.
That's just sad. I know you're playing Darkrai's advocate, but really, that's sad.
What do you want me to do about it?
If you're really going to change the world as we know it, that'd be a good start.
The change I would deliver would not necessarily reverse the world's technological progress.
I'm not asking for a halt to progress. I'm asking for a heightened respect for how we got here. Or, if I can't have that, put me in that time machine your friend is building.

I have one more question about your Luminary quest.
What is it?
How is it fair that the Luminary is a Nuzlocker but the Harbinger isn't? If this is a contest, shouldn't you two be equalized?
I couldn't tell you the answer to that.
That sounds off to me. If Lux is the light one, and the game maker guy intentionally set him up at a disadvantage, that's a serious dick move.
Maybe Nox has his own weaknesses that we don't know about.
Doesn't seem like it.
We've only met him twice. For all we know, he's hiding something.
It is what it is. We can only fight through it.
Fair enough. I know I'd never be absolved if I just gave up.

I'd be turning my back on everyone who ever died for me.

Rest in peace, Marie the Pidgeotto.
Lv. 5-20

Since apparently history is meaningless in NG2012 world, we have the Tech Tower instead of the Burned Tower (the Bell Tower is also gone, by the way). It's pretty much just a long road of warp panels. The rival is still here, though, and he has three unique team possibilities, one for each starter. His team also gets unique movesets, hence the setup for me to get blindsided by a Sludge Bomb and lose Marie. That said, I could have switched to Heart and blasted through the Gligar much faster, so I'm definitely not blameless in that loss. Actually, I was probably too conservative with Heart in general; had I attempted a sweep with her, I could have avoided the close call with Dustin.

This run is where I officially declared myself to have a Pidgey curse: every member of that line I've obtained in a Nuzlocke, before and since, has either died or had a Modest nature (specifically Modest, several times). I have still yet to break this curse.

Rocket grunts have names in this hack, but they're not suddenly important or anything. Most of them were just fodder for Heart, who is basically the new Shuckie of the team: if I'm in a jam, she can bail me out of it. Not that I should be relying on that, but with my catch luck as of late, I don't really have better options.

The new suburb area is programmed to always be at night time, for some reason, so I'm not counting it against my "only play during the day" rule. As a reminder, the hacker's favorite (and only) scripting trick is to stick an NPC in front of an area he doesn't want me to reach yet, and then open the area once I've obtained an item somewhere. That's how I removed the guy in front of the suburb, and how I'll eventually unlock the Gym. If you're ever wondering why I'm doing things in a certain order in this run, that trick is probably why.

Next time: more suburbs and hopefully a Gym fight.


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So much for out relaxing stroll.
Lux, how's your magic holding up?
Okay for now. I'll try to give a warning or something, when I'm getting tired.
I guess that's fair.
How far back does this stretch go?
I'm not sure, but it's a while, isn't it?
You were right, this place really is bigger than Goldenrod.
And somehow, even more grimy. At least this part of town. *rub rub rub*

Why? Because it really shows evolution!
Look, I don't know, some guy at the Mart is paying me to stand here and say that to everyone.
Uh, okay?
Money is money, I've got bills to pay. Feel free to ignore me--
What was that?
I think the power just went out.
Oh, son of a bitch, not again!
Let's just go.

Hey, at least the outage didn't last too long.
That guy seemed to think this was common, though. That sort of surprises me, I thought a big city like this wouldn't have that kind of problem?
Johto often has the problem where they have to build up so fast, there's no time to make sure the results are sustainable.
Chalk it up to another disappointment, I guess.
That's what this whole city is, isn't it? False promises everywhere. All flash, no substance.
Tough critic, eh?
Let's ask the expert, then. Lux, does Goldenrod ever have problems like this?
That depends. Power outages, actually not really. Goldenrod was a metropolis long ago, so they can handle infrastructure and all that. Pollution, though, for example? All of it, all the time. *rub rub rub*
It's like one of those toys where you can mix and match parts.
Except with cities, and the choices significantly impact daily life.

You can, too, if you want! We have space!
I guess so. Lots of houses around.
Wait, no, I didn't mean that! People live in those houses!
Sorry, I wasn't clear. You looked like you were wandering. My family and I recently decided we wanted to help some people get off the streets. I meant in our house.
Oh, I see. I'm a traveling Trainer, though. I can find my way.
My mistake. Sorry to bother you.
No, it's fine. And certainly, there's someone out there who could use your help.
If you know anyone, send them my way. We might be able to help them.
I'll try to remember that.

Tall grass and a cave in the middle of the city?
I suppose this is the half-built portion. But it looks like the path ends here. We'll double back to prepare for the Gym soon.
Uh... I know we have to do it, but last time...
*sigh* I know. And I'm going to try really hard to prevent a repeat of that.
But how can you be sure?
Trick question. We can't.
Sasha, you don't--
It's reality. It isn't nice. That's why you have to beat it back, or it'll happen again and again.
I'm agreeing with you, but I do ask that you not scare us for no reason.
...Alright, enough of me for now.
So should we make a catch here?
I thought Lux wanted to keep the team size at four for now?
I said that. But there are obvious advantages to numbers.
Why don't you make a catch anyway, and you can just box it if you're not ready to build up?
Let's see what's available.

And it's - there you are!
Finally! I've been following all of you forever!
Andreas! Thank goodness you're okay.
Well forget everything we just said, you're on the team automatically!
Hold on, have to actually catch him first!
If you mess this up, I swear I'll--

You'll what now?
Oh, good, you're off the hook. Now if you'll excuse me? *pounce!*
Hey, chill out, I just got here! Don't I get my free cookie or something?
Consider this your initiation, you giant dork!
We never did initiations?
I'll beat you up later if you want! I just assumed you weren't interested!
Er, reasonable assumption.
Sometimes I really don't get you two.
That's most of the time, but you love us anyway!
Heh, somehow, some way.
Hey, if everyone doesn't mind, I'd also like to take a peek in that cave.
Oh, I was in there earlier! Lots of Fire types there.
We get a lot of those, huh?
I guess if I'm definitely expanding the team, I might as well get my sixth... let's go in.

Wow, it's really hot in here... does not help me right now...
Hey, I can actually legit see in here now! What happened?
The wonders of a walking flashlight.
Which reminds me, what's the deal with that? Also... why a flickering flashlight?
Uh, guys? I feel weird...
Oh, no. Lux?
Sorry... running out of energy... I have to stop...
Can't let this... keep happening... waaaaaaaah!!
Damn it! *pchoo* I'm still not good enough.
Uh, fill me in?
That was Heart. Really sweet girl, not a very good Psychic. I'll tell you everything later.
I think I held on for longer that time, but it's still really draining on me to do it.
Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. Patience, and we'll get there.
If only all the metaphorical roads had warp panels sometimes.

Oh, yer a Trainer, ain't ya? Guess I'm taggin' along now?
Welcome to the team. Strange, I'm missing Ponyta data as well. Do I have a defective dex or something?
If we're done in here, can we please leave? This place is horrible for my skin! No offense, Emily.
None taken! It's wicked hot in here, no doubt about that.
Wait, I just noticed, but you're like, caked in dirt.
Am I? I hardly even notice! Everyone's a mess 'round these parts, you get to expectin' that.
Sasha's right, though. Let's head back to the Center, and first thing when we get there, you get a bath.

Whew, that feels a lot better. Where's everyone else, Lux?
Heart's in her ball, Dustin and Andreas are up in the room. Ulrich and Emily are in the corner there.
Got it. Hey, you two look a lot better.
Yeah, just a splash of water and I'm alright! Emily, careful not to roast the tochukaso, I do need to keep those.
My bad! Why do you need them so much, though? Somethin' special about 'em?
They're technically part of my anatomy, so yeah. It'd be like if I took your mane off!
Hey now, that stays on my head where it belongs!
Then we've reached an understanding, haven't we!
I s'pose so! *swig!* *swig!*
Hold on, how much water have you drank since we came here? Be careful, it's not healthy for you to gulp it down so fast.
Actually, though, you've really had a lot.
Maybe so, it's just there ain't much water in that cave, so, y'know...
By the way, I meant to ask... that thing on your neck?
What about it?
Is that from the cave? I've never seen a stone like that--
Don't touch it! That's mine, y'hear?!
Whoa! Sorry, not touching it!
Easy on him, he didn't know.
It's getting late, guys. I'm thinking we should head upstairs and turn in.
Fair offer. Don't worry, Emily, I'm not mad at you. It's cool.
Yeah, I heard ya.

(Later that night...)

...That's everything?
Just about.
That's a lot to take in.
No rush.
Sure feels like one. You said this is literally a race.
Yeah, well... I don't even know. Like, I don't regret going with Lux, but... this is some heavy shit we're caught up in.
Don't forget, it was mostly you who insisted the three of us stay together.
As if we'd have it any other way. Even so, I can't help but see things differently now. Once I've seen four Pokemon get killed so fast... should we have kept waiting?
Hell no! We'd been trying for... I don't even know how long, to get someone to take all of us! How much longer were you willing to wait? And think carefully before you answer that, 'cause I'll know if you're lying.
Bah. Stupid lab restrictions... all the sketchy humans in the world and it takes the supposed "good guy" to screw the rules? Ugh, somebody shut me up, I'm whining too much. And not literally, please.
Heh, buzzkill.
It's times like this when we need to take a step back. We did all find each other, right?
Point there. We're out. We're free! That's what we wanted, right?
It is what we wanted.
It's a start. Moreover, our team configuration is much more stable than before. We may have survived the worst.
Considering the first leg was a bloodbath, I'll choose to believe you on that one.
Sure beats not believing him.
...I'm glad we all made it.
Yeah, me too.

(Later still...)

...Oh, Lux?
Emily? What are you doing up?
I was gonna ask ya the same thing.
Just getting a drink.
I... can't sleep. And yer certain ya can't turn off that glow?
I don't know how. I've just gotten used to it.
I don't think I can sleep with it on.
Not at all?
Where I come from... well, it's a cave. There ain't much light in there. I'm used to sleepin' in pitch black.
Listen, I did want to ask you... what was it like in that cave? You really were filthy when I got you out, and you downed a tub of water earlier no problem.
I'm asking because I want to be sure you aren't hurt.
Ah. Well, I appreciate that. Truth is, life's no picnic in that cave.
Seemed like it.
Like I said, very little water for all the Fire 'mons there, and not much else of anything, really. So we all share what little there is. Problem is, it ain't nearly enough for a 'mon to live on.
I see. And there wouldn't be much more to collect from the surface, from what I saw.
Not with all them houses everywhere. Good for humans, not for 'mons. No hard feelings, though. The surface folk gotta live, too. Gotta do what ya gotta do, eh?
Then there's also this...
That jewel around your neck?
Hard to come by, but if yer holdin' one, means yer entitled to extras.
Extras of what? Is that a rule in the cave?
The idea is, once ya find one, ya keep it for good. And since findin' one was pretty much luck, we sorta agreed it was a fair system. Don't make much sense, I know, but everyone's so desperate for more than what they got, it's the only fair way to ensure some of us get more. 'Course, once someone had the bright idea to steal one of these, that all fell apart. See why it's so easy to get dirty?
*rub rub rub* ...I'm really sorry, Emily. That sounds like hell.
Sure is hot enough to be. Listen, can we get back to the cave, sometime tomorrow? Only for a little.
If I'm goin' with ya, someone needs this thing more than me. And I need to say sorry to Ulrich, too. Shouldn'ta yelled at him earlier, what did he know?
We'll take care of all that in the morning. For now, we both need our sleep.
I'll try to sleep, but I promise nothin'. Thanks, Lux. Til the mornin' then.

So we're fighting the Gym later today?
That's the plan. Emily will meet us there.
Shouldn't Heart be out with us?
While I do agree with that, aren't we facing a Ghost Gym?
Yes, but many Ghost types are also part Poison. And since Heart is quite fast and, frankly, the strongest among us, she can probably take out some opponents before they can even touch her.
Then where is she?
She needs to be in control to participate. Since she already has levels on everyone, I'm saving my stabilizing power for when we get there. And we'll probably have to hurry up.
All that just screams "bad idea" in every way. You must have other plans.
Of course I do!. That's what Dustin is off taking care of--
*Dustin used Teleport!*
Ah, there he is.
Are these the right ones?
Indeed they are. Hey, Sasha, heads up!
Wait, what--

(Two TMs, a bunch of swearing, and several angry nibbles to the ankles later...)

...Okay, fine, I admit it. These moves are kickass.
Good, I spent a lot of money on them.
Still have a massive throbbing headache, though. Would prefer to not have that anymore.
That's weird, doesn't that usually wear off by now?
Well that just... bites...
Sasha? You alright?

...Totally worth it.
Whoa. I think you're good.
Nice job!
How do you feel?
You know? This just feels right.
Excellent. With that, I think we're just about ready for the Gym.
I feel like I could crush anyone right now!
Alright, let's give 'em hell!

*pchoo* *Pretty lights!* Gym time, Heart. And we'll be counting on you. Are you prepared?
I don't know. I sure hope so. Wait, I'm weak to this Gym, right?!
Yes, but think how strong and fast you are compared to them. You'll win before they even know what hit them.
I know I don't really deserve your trust yet, but I hope you'll still give it to me.
...We'll see.
Look, there's Emily.
Great. You take care of things?
Yup! All's well. Wait, did Sasha evolve while I was gone?
Hell yeah, I did!
Sheesh, yer taller than me now! Ya look great!
And I feel even better!
Remember, the strategy is heavy offense. Sasha and Heart are the primary attackers, and they won't give anyone a chance to touch them. The faster we roll, the better. Ready?
Here we go.

Oh, come on.
Don't like warp panels?
Nobody likes warp panels!
Trust me, this is better than what we used to have.
That doesn't somehow make warp panels not bad!
So you know, there are multiple panels per room. Only one in each room takes you forward, and the rest send you back to this spot. Pick carefully!

They've memorized the panels, what do they expect?! This is ridiculous!
I'm gettin' dizzy...
Heart, what's your status?
Good for now!

I think we've almost made it - oh, never mind.
Damn it! Hurry back, team!


OW!! What the fuck is this?!
What is that sound? It's really grating!
[Are you not aware of my current standing? Should I explain?]
Oh, should have warned the newer 'mons about that. Morty's supposed to sound like that, guys.
He's supposed to sound like he's humping a blender?
*ahem* Do you want to tell them, or should I?
[I will do it. I have received mechanical augmentations that cause me to sound like this. I have them because they significantly extend my life.]
What? Where would you get that?
You know, that's a good question. Where do you get that equipment? It's rare, isn't it?
[That is a secret, I'm afraid.]
Had to try being direct at least once.

[Are you ready, challenger?]
I am.
[Misdreavus, begin!]
Heart, go out first!

Like before! Psychic, go!
Here I come!

[So this is your power...]
[You are no ordinary Trainer. I can sense it in you. What are you?]
Ah, I see. You may know me as the Luminary.
[Luminary... my senses do not deceive me. You are telling the truth.]
You've heard of me, then?
[Before you came, there was another Trainer. He called himself the Harbinger, I believe.]
He beat me here?!
[Fascinating. I must know more. Gengar, your turn!]
Sasha, swap in!

[This Luminary status of yours, this why you seem to radiate light, correct?]
That's right. What was that about the Harbinger?
[I've never seen anything like you two. But why am I unable to pinpoint the source of this energy? Where do you get your power from?]
<Lux, wait!>
What? Where is that--
<It's Dustin! I'm speaking to you telepathically! Listen, tell him it's a secret.>
<Just trust me on this one! Tell him the source of your power is a secret!>
...That's a secret.
[The other boy told me the same thing. I might have expected that from an agent of darkness, but a light figure...]
Hello? Aren't we hurrying up? When do I get to do anything?

Oh, sorry. Shadow Ball!
[Respond with Thunder Punch!]
Shadow Ball again!

[That's not good... Haunter, go.]
Did we beat his ace just now?

I think we might have. Heart, want back in?
Uh, sure!

<Tell him we'll be more open if he tells us more about his fancy tech!>
Morty, would you, by chance, be willing to swap secrets?
[Your powers for my mechanical details... alas, I cannot do that.]
That's unfortunate.
[But you must have the same goal as him, then? To collect the Johto badges and reach Blackthorn?]
He told you that much, then. Heart, Psychic!

[It's up to you, Gastly.]
Heart, you can finish this easily.

[May I ask you one more question, then?]
What's that?
[If your mission will truly change the fate of this world... tell me, what will the world of the Luminary be like, should you succeed?]
I will not answer that question, either. Heart, Psychic once more.

Is that it? No one died this time?
We won!

Excellent work, team... agh...
Do I have to go back now?
I'm sorry. You did a great job, though. You should feel proud.
Thanks. It means a lot... *pchoo*
In any case, that's the battle.
[...Please take these as your prizes.]

Thank you.
[Wait! Before you go. Can we talk a little more?]
About what?
[...I'm going to level with you. I have been in Ecruteak for over 100 years. And I hate it.]
What? Then why would you--
[Let me rephrase that. I hate what it has become. This used to be a city of culture and history. A testament to the ages. A shrine to the legends of old. Now? A prime example of where the future has gone wrong.]
Thank you!
[Truthfully, I rue having lived to see such degradation. The senses of discovery and wonder I once had... gone. And I despaired that I may never recover them.]
But you're still here, still alive.
[Yes. I live on because I hold out hope, however small, that the city will regain its former glory. If we could only remember what is truly important, I could die with no regrets.]
I think I see where you're going with this.
[Indeed. I do not know where you, the Luminary, or the Harbinger, came from, or what you plan to do. But I recognize the impact that each of you could have on our world. That is why, no matter how implausible, I will discover how you came to be. If there is any chance this world can be saved... I must know.]
Then we're even.
[How so?]
We know of each other's goals, but not of each other's power. We both have work to do.
[I like you. You appreciate a challenge. And you're much more cordial than the Harbinger, I'll say that much.]
If he was here before me, then you understand why I have to leave.
[Yes, of course. Please take the warp panels back to the entrance.]
Perhaps we will meet again.
[Maybe so, Luminary. Farewell.]
*Lux and co. warped away!*
[And yet... how can you change the world, if you do not know what you're creating... perhaps I will find out. I do have as long as I need to learn...]

Well, there's the energy boost we needed!
I don't get why he's so secretive about that machine, though.
It isn't just him, Andreas. Everyone who has the life-extending machines is super tight-lipped about where they get them.
How long do they make you live, anyway? Is it hundreds of years?
Well... I guess it's hard to disprove this, unless it happens. But they say the machines makes you immortal.
That's a long time!
And another thing, the only people we've seen with these machines are Gym Leaders. Is that a coincidence?
All the League members have them. How else do you explain how the positions haven't changed for over 100 years?
Knew it.
That's the only real clue we have, as to where the machines come from.
Okay, I see the issue, as long as the League stays the same, nothing gets out. Then why doesn't someone beat it already?
Not like no one's tried. *rub rub rub*
Well, shit.
Wouldn't that mean--
No. People have gotten the eight badges before, and that's all we need. The Gym Leaders are not necessarily on our side, but they will not actively hinder us, other than what their position requires of them.
On that note, we should go. Sasha's right, we have good momentum right now, and we should be focusing on that. We'll get our eight badges.
Fair enough. Then, where to next?
...Hold on. Before we leave Ecruteak, can we see the Dance Theater?
Uh... we can fit it in, any particular reason?
Yeah. I'm curious how much they screwed it up.
Any objections? No? Alright, we'll give it a quick look.

Do you think we'll figure out what the League's secret with enough time?
Perhaps, but it's not a top priority to find out.
At least we know bartering for the info won't work.
Based on the knowledge I had, I made an attempt. Moreover, I planted a seed in Morty's mind. Lux says he knows little about how his title and powers came to be. If Morty does find anything out, it's only to our benefit.
Ooh, clever!
But what would convince Morty to share anything he finds with us? We left him on a failed trade.
Next time, we remind him that defeating the Harbinger is of the greatest importance. As our race continues, this will become more evident.
You sure? He seemed kinda neutral about both of you. Plus, he's the Ghost guy, I'd bet on him having more affinity for dark things.
As I've said before, typing is not related to what a person chooses to be or do.
I haven't heard you say that, but whatever. We might find out more first, anyway.
Anyway, so this is the Dance Theater?
It does look a tad bit overdone.
Sure don't look fancy.
Look at everyone coming in here, though. Clearly this place is still popular.
I thought you said this place went downhill over the years?
I did.
But they can still draw crowds like this?
Maybe it's like, more of a quality deal than in terms of people coming--

Are those... strobe lights? And what's with that music?
Wait, is this... that kind of dancing?
You've got to be kidding me.
There's our answer.
If people want this, that's their call and I won't judge, but using the Dance Theater name for it feels like false advertising.

Take it!
Junk you don't want?
I have dozens, it's no big deal!
How do you get dozens of Surf HMs?
Just look over there and that should answer all your questions, my boy!
Can we just take the HM and go now? I'm completely over this city.
At least we get the HM.

(One backtracking session later...)

Wait. Are we stuck again?
How are we stuck?
Can anyone here learn Surf?
Don't think so?
That's why. Nowhere left we can go without that. Or Cut, but we don't have that at all.
Then let's just catch - oh, right.
Are you absolutely sure there's nowhere else you can try to get a Water type?
I tried all the routes I can reach right now! We only ever had Andy, and he's gone.
Think outside the box? Caves we missed? Cities, maybe?
...There's a thought. I do have a rod! I can fish up a potential Surf user.
Is there a city with a pond we can get to?
Well, that's the lousy part. The closest one is...

Cherrygrove. Of course it was as far away as possible.
Don't blame me, I didn't design the region.
What can ya get here, anyhow?
Not sure, let's find out?

This is a good catch, actually. The Pokedex says he's level 20, so he won't take long to evolve into Gyarados.
Isn't the team full, though?
Yeah. Connor does need to join, so someone has to go, unfortunately.
...It's me, isn't it?
Sorry, Emily. For the sake of team balance, it's either you or Dustin.
And if you try to box Dustin, I'll break the PC before you can do it.
It's alright. Not really a fighter, anyway. And I'll be honest, I'm just happy to be out of that cave. But I really enjoyed being with y'all for the short time!
We liked having you here, too!
We'll see you later!
Take care!
I'm sure we'll see each other again!
Thanks a million, folks!

(One swap later...)

He doesn't say much, does he?
May not have much to say.
Still, he only needs one level to evolve. He can handle Route 29, and that's all he needs. Let's go over there.

I don't think flopping around qualifies as training. Any other ideas?
Maybe if I had an Exp. Share, but I don't.
Let's not make this more difficult than it needs to be.
What are you--
*WHOMP!* *Wild Ratatta fainted!*
That's... one way to train.
Well it works, right? *WHOMP!* *WHOMP!* *WHOMP!*
Even that's debatable - oh?
Looks to me like it's working!
You might wanna let go of him--

AT LAST!! The era of my glorious kingship begins now!
This could be interesting.

Turns out starting with Houndour was the best possible move: I found both Natu and Mankey in the wild, but I never found wild Houndour throughout the entire run. They could be set to appear only at night like in vanilla GSC, but since I've forbidden night time for myself, looks like Sasha's the only one for me. With Andreas joining the team, I now have the full starter trio (and the perfect excuse to write them as old friends).

Emily was a unique case for me: since I knew I'd eventually need a Water type to progress, and I already had Sasha for Fire coverage, I boxed Emily immediately. I have no screenshots of her stats or getting boxed because I never intended to use her. During the writing phase, however, I had a character idea for Emily and decided to write it out for the one part in which she would be around. I hope I didn't butcher the accent too badly.

Following the bloodbath against Whitney and my struggles in the Ecruteak area, I overprepared for the Gym. It paid off, as Sasha/Heart took out everyone there without even breaking a sweat.

In the original posting of this run, the team spends a bit longer in the Dance Theater, and I made some very tasteless jokes at Lux's expense that really didn't contribute anything to the story. If I could, I'd go back in time and punch past-me for being an idiot. Present-me axed that nonsense.

I don't normally allow myself to make catch attempts in cities, but I genuinely had nowhere else I could go to fish up a Surf user. The situation was extreme enough that I permitted a catch from Cherrygrove. That catch turned out to be one of my favorite characters of this run: we'll get to know him next time as we journey to the east.


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Hello, I am a goat. Pleased to meet you.
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The time of my ascension has finally arrived!
Why the silence? This is an occasion for celebration!
Okay, what is going on?
Uh, question, who the hell do you think you are?
Is that any way to talk to your king?
Yes, you're much bigger than me, that's been established.
Connor, you might wanna tone it down a notch.
And who are you to direct my actions?
Your Trainer, also known as the guy who can do this. *pchoo*
Well then. You realize he might eat you for that later, right?
Somehow I think I can handle him, whether he thinks so or not. And now that we have him, we need to make our way back north.
Which means even more backtracking.
Son of a...

(Several liberal uses of the spacebar later...)

Alright, this is where we were.
You'd think we might invest in bridges or something. You know, since this is the future?
It's probably best not to question the logic too hard.
I politely disagree with you.
*pchoo* Now where did I put the--
YOU! Human! What manner of confinement did you force upon me?!
That was your Poke Ball. Also, my name is Lux.
Poke Ball? Whatever it is, get rid of it!
Uh, no, that's not happening. Ah, there's the Surf HM--
Cease this madness at once! I will not tolerate such insubordination in my--
Whoa, easy there, your highness! He's trying to be nice.
What? How do you mean?
He's, uh... offering tribute! Yeah, on behalf of all of us. To celebrate the dawn of your new reign! You were looking for celebration, right?
...Hmm. Yes, I was.

Is this seriously happening?
So now Lux will... conduct the gift-giving ceremony!
I will do no such - *Sasha used Bite!* - OW!!
Er, with your permission, my liege.
Ah, yes, of course. Proceed!
Hey, Lux, that's your cue!


Wonderful! The king is very pleased!
Good to hear! Now, the way forward is across that lake, and it's up to you, sire, to ferry us across.
I approve of your dedication! Come to think of it, now is as good a time as any to begin assembly of my court...

This is getting way past real for my tastes--
Young Houndoom, I shall appoint you viceroy of my court!
Wait, isn't that like, your second in command, basically? Sweet!

Seriously, Sasha? Why are you doing this?!
*fwoosh!* Now, let us march forth!
I am officially impressed.
I'm still extremely confused.

Are those whirlpools?
How the hell are there whirlpools in some random lake?
I don't know. But we'd need another HM to get over those, and we don't have it.
It's a dead end? That's lame.
Nonsense! We will not allow a little swirling water to stand in our way! I will charge through the--
It won't work. I know you think it will, but trust me, it won't.
Are you suggesting--

Hold on... er, sire, if I may speak?
I suppose so?
There are calmer waters to the north of here. I recommend we adjust our route to there, and then proceed eastward. Trust me, it'll be easier on all of us.
What waters?
East of Route 42.
...Yeah, I think you're right, that's our best course.
If this is true, then we are wasting our time here! About face! We must regain our ground!
Right away, my king!

Hold on. *pchoo*
Pfffft, do you want him to eat you or something?
Look, he's a giant sea serpent. How would he get around on land?
...Oh. Good question.
And besides, we need to talk about this later.

*pchoo* This should--
Owwww, that guy is loud!
Take it easy! He did that to transport you across the land more easily! That's all, he means no harm. He's on your side.
Grrrr... fine. But you're on thin ice, human!

I have a name, you know! Would it kill you to use it?
On the bright side, look! Calm water, no whirlpools in sight!
Excellent! You seem quite knowledgeable, tiny bird, learned in the ways of tactics. I shall make you my general!
General? I can live with that.
Oh, not you too...
And now we set Surf!
Okay, but while we're doing that, Sasha and Dustin, we need to chat. *rub rub rub*

Why are you letting him do this? He does not run this team, I do!
Yes, I know you're the Trainer here.
So then what's your deal?
Making it work. You need Connor as your Surf user.
Do I really? I can just...
No you can't. Not anywhere we've already been. Unless you catch another Water type in the future, it's Connor or bust.
And be honest, you'd need a really good excuse to replace a Gyarados. You know he'll be a great battler.
Sure, except he isn't listening to me, which is largely your fault!
Yeah, because you're not talking to him the right way.
What she means is, Connor thinks he's king, so he won't "take orders." But we got him to Surf for us because he's listening to our "advice." See what I mean?
I got that. That should not be a thing, though.
Your way clearly wasn't working. And aren't you in a race, Luminary? Time is of the essence, is it not?
You jumped the gun.
I got us moving. And no one got eaten in the process, so I stand by my actions. Plus, I'm royalty now!
You're enjoying this a little, aren't you?
I'm basically heiress to the throne now, so yeah, a little!
Can't deny that court membership has its perks.

Another land stretch--
Try to imprison me again and I will have your head!
This is silly, there's no other way he can get around? Like a really huge wagon or something?
Where would we get one of those?
If I have to pop him back and forth, then that's just how it is--
That's hardly fair if the rest of us get to walk around.
What do you want me to... okay, you're lucky I can do this.
Hey, he's glowing brighter again. Like when he brought down that big light beam on Heart!
Uh, last time he did that, it didn't go so well.
What happened last time?
Oh, right, you haven't actually met Heart yet--
*twink!* *SHOOOOOM!*
Holy - he can do that?!
Lux is kind of insane sometimes.
Kind of?!

What is this? I'm... floating? And glowing?
Wow. Is there anything you can't do with this divine intervention thing?
Other than the recharge time, if there are any limitations I haven't found them--
Did you say divine? You have a connection to the legends?!
I... don't entirely know if it's divine? I'm using it as a catch-all term. I'll need to sit you down later--
Do not diminish your gift! You have an indispensable talent! I apologize for quarreling with you earlier. You shall make an excellent archbishop of the court!
A what now?
If I may, perhaps, "Luminary" would be a better fit for his title? Given the light motif.
Yes, with the glow... very well! The Luminary of the court, then!
A wise decision. Also, you're welcome, Lux.

...Alright, you win this round.

Huh, wouldn't have expected a farm in the mountainous part of Johto.
Yeah, well, that's what happens when you get rent-hiked out of every decent town in Johto. And all the not-decent ones.
We couldn't get anywhere else, and it's horrible! You see our Miltank here? Look how weak she is! We have no room to let them roam around on this little land spit.

I'm really sorry. I don't know if there's any way I can help?
Well, they like Berries, that usually lifts their spirits for a while, but only temporarily.
Not much short of a bulldozer and a miracle will help this farm, sorry to say.

It isn't much, but here, take the Berries I have. I have Potions, my team will be fine.
We'll remember this... strange, glowing boy.
Yeah, how are you doing that?

Note to self, do eventually learn to turn that off.

So this is Mahogany Town.
This town gives me the creeps. I can feel it in the air. Or maybe that's the smog.
*cough* *cough* Could be either.
Doesn't look like a pleasant place to live.
I'll bet it isn't. And there's not much to do here, either. If this place didn't have a Gym, I'm not sure anyone would ever come here.
Then why are we here?
It's the next step on our, uh... noble quest. If you'd like, I can give you all the details now.
Yes, that would be pertinent.

I thought this was the future, not the distant past...

Pryce is feeling ill today. Please try again another time, when he is feeling better.
We're not ready yet, in any case.
Pryce is the leader, right? So wouldn't he be one of the immortal guys? How is he sick?
Living forever doesn't necessarily mean you never get sick. *rub rub rub*
Fine. So is there any decent training around here?
North or east seem to be our options for new ground.

Or just north.
Want a RageCandyBar? So delicious they'll drive you mad!
No thanks, I'm good. And can you not block the road?
Sorry, it's closed right now! But seriously, take a bar, this shit's amazing.
Still no thanks.
You sure you don't want one? I mean, candy sounds nice--
Not actually a candy bar. It's a euphemism for Berserk Genes.
Oh... forget what I said, then.
We're going north.

Let's bring Heart out as well. *pchoo* *Pretty lights!*
Okay, this is really starting to get on my nerves!
What is?
This whole back and forth thing, it's ridiculous! I can't keep doing that!
Try to calm down, Heart. We're trying our best to help you. You understand this, right?
Yes, I get that, but... Lux, don't take this the wrong way, but your light trick is...
Like a pill? Works for a while and goes away?
Yeah, like that. And every time I go back in my ball, I just get lost in my own hurricane of emotions again and I can't help it! I'm trying to think about how to help myself while I'm in control, but I have no idea what I'm doing, and...
Lux, am I close to evolving?
Let me check... you're a couple levels away.
I want to get there as soon as possible.
Do you have some ideas?
I might, but in my current form I'm not powerful enough to attempt them. If I evolve, it may be enough.
I have no problems with your going first.

Welcome to the Institute for a Happier Future. I'm afraid we aren't offering tours today.
That's alright, we can see the whole place from right here.
What do you study here?
Broadly, we research whether relationships today are better or worse than those in the past, among humans, Pokemon, and between both.
So things like, the effect that urbanization and the tech boom might have?
I fail to see the need for this. My kingdom has never been happier!

Your kingdom is literally hours old.
Besides, look at this place. It's not very nice at all. That by itself kinda says something.
It may also depend on their measurements. Are they looking at quantity or quality? And then how do you assess quality, and what kind of relationships?
Listen, I do have to get back to work soon. Sorry to shove you out.
Let's head out, team.

Lux, does your Pokegear have a function for marking locations?
There's something like that in the map, yeah.
Would you mark this place? I'd be interested in coming back here sometime.
You realize I can't promise that?
I know. I just have this feeling it could be worth our time.
Hey, Flamethrower is my move!

Respond with your own--
General, quickly, the viceroy requires your assistance!
Kinda busy over here!
And battle commands are my job. Speaking of which, you're in a fight yourself!
Why don't you let the one in charge of battles take care of things?
I am the one in charge of - Dustin, help me out here?
For the love of Arceus... I give him permission to do all that! He's fine!
There, happy?
Not quite!
Now what?!
I... believe I am lacking in my combat prowess.
Didn't you just get Surf?
Yes, but, to be forthright, that is my only useful move. This is unacceptable! I have no right to lead unless I am capable of fighting alongside my own soldiers!
You know, there have been worse kings than this guy.

Do I have the funds for... yeah, I do. Dustin, can you make another trip to Goldenrod? Pick up... wait, actually, there are several things we could use. Here's a list.
Be right back. *Dustin used Teleport!*

What's up with you, Ulrich?
Just training, you?
Trying to distance myself from the king game.
Ah. Yeah, fair enough. If they're playing along, that's fine, but I don't think I'm getting into it.
It's just going to confuse everyone for no reason... also, what are you making?
A slingshot! Should be the right size for those acorns on the ground.
Let me see that. Bet you I can hit that tree first try! *zing!* *bonk!*
Not bad! Now allow me to one-up you there. *zing!* *bonk!*
Did you just hit that sign thirty meters away?!
Why, yes I did!
You're an amazing shot!
Ha ha! Not really, that was lucky. Watch. *zing!* *zing!* *zing!* I wish I were actually that good!
Still pretty cool the first time, though!

Some jerk with red hair was making fun of my Pokemon!
Red hair?
I mean, yeah, I suck, but he doesn't have to rub it in!
Was he wearing a navy jacket with red stripes?
You know the guy? Are you his friend?
Just the opposite. Do you happen to know where he was headed?
He mentioned going to the Mahogany Gym, I think?
I see. Thanks.
Let's hope the Gym closed before he got to town, or we're behind him.
*Dustin used Teleport!* Are some of these for me?
Indeed, but let's take care of Connor's move first.
What was that?

Ha ha ha! Yes! I will literally smash my enemies from under me!
Hey, guys? I'm feeling really weird...
Wait, I think you're about to evolve!
Hold on!

Huh? Why'd you stop him?
According to my Pokedex, if I hold off on his evolution for one more level, he'll get Spore faster, and that's an extremely useful move. He can handle the one more level.
You look spooked. Something wrong?
I felt something strange, when I was about to evolve just now. It... didn't feel right. Almost painful. Is evolution supposed to hurt?
It can vary, I think. I had a really bad headache when I evolved, remember? It's nothing to freak out about, not like it's unsafe or anything.
I guess you're right...

Agh... I can't stabilize Heart much longer...
Alright, enough of this. Lux, don't cut your power off, give me a little more time!
I can't maintain it much longer, you'd better hurry up!
What are you doing--
I just need a little more experience... come on...

Dustin, whatever you're doing, hurry up! I'm gonna lose it in a second!
I just need a second to think - yes, that's it! *shwing!*
<AHHHHH - huh?>
<Whew... Heart, can you hear me?>
<In my head? Yeah, I hear you. What are you doing?>
I've synced myself to you. I'm strong enough now that I can telepathically link our psyches together. Lux, you can stop now, I've got her.

You're sure?
She'll be okay.
There, I've stopped.
...I feel fine. It's working. But how are you making me calmer?
Balancing the mind. It is how Psychics can manage their enhanced mental abilities. With our psyches linked, I can transfer my emotions to you and bring your mind into balance.
But I still don't get how to do that at all!
I can help you. Much of a Psychic's abilities are, shall we say, intuitive. If they are not innately understood, they can be hard to learn, or even to describe. Fortunately, my evolution has granted me an increased capacity for wisdom, and I should be able to teach these skills to you.
Yes, I'd like that very much!
Great, we'll start right now! Or, we'll start two minutes ago.

This is kind of a dick move.
We'll simply have to be cautious, then.

Or just swiftly kick all their asses, either works.
Dustin, if you can do whatever your mind link thing is, does Heart not need me anymore?
Might as well hang onto your powers, they could be useful elsewhere. And having a backup doesn't hurt. Also, on an unrelated note, didn't you say there were TMs for me?
Oh, right. Let's do that now.

OW!! Stupid lousy - wait. Connor, you took two of those earlier and they didn't seem to affect you at all!
They were supposed to hurt me?
You lucky bastard!
What's your secret?
I'm not sure. I might just be that awesome. I am the king, after all!

I don't have enough palms for this. Or faces.
You could take out some of your aggression on the dick brigade up ahead.
Don't mind if I do!

Interesting, although limited in power.
It does mean you have a great move for when we need to make more catches.
Hey, you were right! Spore is mine!
The rare sleep move that never misses. That will be invaluable.
Yeah, I feel like with this move, I could... oh my...
Are you ready to evolve again?
I think so. We'll let it happen this time... urgh...
Relax, evolution won't hurt you!
Then why do I feel - HA HA HA - huh? Who said that?!
Uh... you did?
Something is wrong - now it's my turn - who are you?!
Ulrich? Are you okay?
What's happening - this body is mine! - WAAAAAAH!!
I take it back! This is a problem!
Lux, cancel his evolution again!

I can't! It's too late!

Heh heh...
Ulrich? Are you feeling okay?
Are you alright--
Think fast!
*Ulrich used Spore!*
What the fu - *thunk!*
What in the world?! What was that for--
Heads up!
*Ulrich used Spore!*
Hey - *thunk!*
Are you crazy?! Knock that off!
Chill, Lux, I'm just havin' a little fun!
Hilarious! *pchoo*
What the actual fuck?! I thought he was cool!
I fear we have more immediate troubles!
Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no!

Wait, if Dustin's asleep - she's on her own!
Quick, do your magic thing!
It hasn't been long enough!
Try anyway!
*Pretty lights!*
...I'm sorry! I can't do it - Heart, where are you going?!
Follow her!
What about Sasha and Dustin?
*pchoo x2* Got them, now run!

The Gyarados lake...
That was Heart! Look, her energy is creating waves!
Luminary, use your fancy holding device on her!
I can't pinpoint her in all the waves!
Then we'll have to retrieve her ourselves! *fwoosh!* Hurry, on my back!
Are you sure that's a--
Do it!
This is fucking insane!

There she is!
Is that a Shiny Gyarados?!
Someone help me!
She must have mistakenly angered it! We can only put it down through battle now!

We need to get her out of there!
Connor - er, your majesty, or something - get us closer!
How close do you need?
Now! *pchoo* There, I got her!
We still have a rampaging Gyarados to deal with!
Allow me! I can handle my own kind!

Go right ahead! I won't last five seconds against that!
Don't get comfortable, we are literally on top of one of the combatants!
Oh, shit.
Body Slam it!
The force of that move may send you flying!
Just do it! We'll hang on!
Very well! *WHAM!*
I'm gonna hurl--!
Not on my back, you're not - YOW!!
That was Bite! Body Slam it again! Andreas, get ready!
I can't -WAAAAAAAAAH!! Catch me, catch me, catch me!
Hold on! *pchoo*

We have him now!
Finish it off with Dragon Rage!
Fear my wrath!

That was... exciting.
Shall we return to land?
Yes, let's do that, then go to the Pokemon Center in town and try to process the zillion things that just happened. *rub rub rub*
Seems fair.

The robot voice? Who's - Lance?!
[The one and only.]
What are you doing here? Did you see all of that?
[The last part, yes. That was quite the spectacle you put on.]
[Don't worry about it. All Trainers get into difficult situations sometimes. Well, perhaps not as dramatic as this one, but you know what I mean.]
How dare he so openly insult a member of my court! I shall deal with him--

Please don't.
And why not?
Because this guy is the Champion, and he will beat your butt into next year if you try.
...I am not yet powerful enough, then. I must ponder this matter further.
[In any case, you asked why I was here.]

The cause of what?
[100 years ago, the Team Rocket of that era had a secret underground base, from which they emitted a strange radio signal that forced the Magikarp in this lake to evolve prematurely. Does this sound familiar to you?]
Yes, I've heard that story.
[I'm not sure how, but I believe Neo Team Rocket has rebuilt this base, and they seem to be sending out this signal once again.]
They're doing the exact same thing as a century ago? Why?
[I have my suspicions. But I had to see things for myself before I took action.]
[Of course. I'm going to storm their base and take them out.]
You're just gonna waltz in there and take on everyone yourself?
[I've done it once, plus I'm the Champion of over 100 years. I think I'll be fine. Although... judging from that battle I just saw, you do seem to have talent as a Trainer.]
Uh... thank you.
[You should come help me. Certainly there is power in numbers.]
You're asking me to take out a Neo Team Rocket base with you, just the two of us?
[Why not? Speed up the process a little bit. Not like those guys are that threatening.]
Yes, but you're the Champion.
[So while I'm around, you're fine! Their hideout is underneath that shady Mart in Mahogany. See you there!] *Dragonite used Fly!*

(Later, back at the Center...)

Okay. Let's take this one step at a time.
First things first. What the hell happened to Ulrich?
I checked my Pokedex again, and apparently when Paras evolve, the mushrooms on his back sort of... take over his body. Usually that means it takes over certain physiological systems, but sometimes it can affect the brain, too, and so they basically grow a new instant personality.
How do we reverse it, then? Because in case you haven't noticed, the new Ulrich is a colossal douche!
Unless we can reverse evolution, and we can't, I don't know how to get the original Ulrich back.
Just cast your light magic on him, that should revert him!
I can't call on divine intervention very often, and certainly not soon because I recently used it on you. And for all I know, overwriting a personality might be too much to ask for.
That didn't stop the new guy.
If this was going to happen, the only way we could have avoided it was not evolving Ulrich, and none of us could have anticipated that this would happen. For now, it falls to me to get the new Ulrich under control. So I'll work on that.
If his sole purpose is to fuck with us, he shouldn't stay on the team, much as I hate to say that.
I ask for time with this. It was just one incident.
One incident that could easily have ended in total disaster. On a related note, the second problem: what the hell happened to Heart?
It's nothing we haven't seen before... Dustin was helping me stay calm. When Ulrich knocked him out, I went nuts again. Provided he stays far away from me now, and I keep close to Dustin, that problem is easily solved.
Also, it is likely that the sudden de-sync between Heart and myself was a factor. Again, should not be an issue again, now that we know what to watch for.
I'm sorry I did that... I really am...
It's not your fault... are you okay?
I'm trying not to cry... because I don't want to lose myself again...
I've got you. You don't need to hold back like that.
Can we maybe take this upstairs or something?

Yeah, let's go up, guys.

Eh, we'll just ignore those guys. They're having a battle anyway, they're not paying attention.
I can't do anything right...
Take it easy, Heart, it's okay...

Then there's the most recent issue. Somehow, I've been recruited by the Champion to help him invade a Rocket base?
Do we actually have to do that?
We're definitely not obliged in any way, so...
What's on your mind?
I'm just trying to think of what our next move would be, then. Those two goons are still blocking the road east, and the Gym is still closed.
In my opinion, "because we have nothing better to do" isn't a good reason to do this.
Of course, I agree with you there, but... what's that sound?
I hear that, too - OW!!
What the - shit! It went super high-pitched! It's hurting me a lot!
What is that?!
Make it stop!
Where is this coming from?! Arceus, that fucking hurts!
Recall us! Quickly!

*pchoo x5* I can hear it too, but it doesn't hurt me. Is that the Rocket signal? Are they making it stronger?

It sounds like it's coming from - Lance!
[Did you think I was kidding about the signal?]
No! I just, uh, needed to heal first!
[We've delayed too long and now our Pokemon are suffering for it! We must enter their hideout and shut off the signal! If it is allowed to expand, thousands more Pokemon could be affected!]
But where's the hideout?
[Let me handle that. Grunt! Where is the entrance to the hideout?]
I don't know what you're talking about!
[Wrong answer. Dragonite, Hyper Beam!]

Did you just blast that guy through a freaking wall?!
[I don't have time for this! Someone in here better tell me where the entrance is before I make a few more holes in the walls!]
It's behind the bookcase on the far wall! Just don't kill me!
[That's better.]

Don't fall too far behind!
Lance, wait, don't leave me... alone.
Kid, you're fine if you stay up here.
I don't trust you.
Seriously, neither of us have Pokemon. Also, I don't actually want to step out from behind the counter right now, because then everyone will see what just happened to my pants.

...Still don't trust you. *rub rub rub*
Maybe this will help? Feel free, as long as you get Lance to leave us alone!
I know what my nightmares will be about for a while.

You're... selling me things?
This is as much a Mart as anywhere else. Gotta keep food on the table!
Fair enough on the second point, not so sure on the first.
We are literally offering to sell you things that could help you defeat us downstairs. The mere fact that I am doing this should be proof enough.

I'll even give you some Slowpoketail on the house! What do you say?
No, and that's disgusting.
Yeah, I know, that's why I tried to shove it on you. Worth a shot.
Well... considering it's apparently unsafe to ignore this situation, guess I'd better go downstairs.
You have fun with that.
*Lux went downstairs!*
...So we're both quitting, right?
Totally quitting.
Next boat to Unova?
Already looking up tickets.

There are traps everywhere to confound intruders like you!
Guys, I need help! *pchoo x2*

Hey, I don't hear that sound anymore. What happened?
We're in the base. They most have programmed it so that it doesn't affect anyone in here.
I guess that's a silver lining - how the fuck does he have Mew?!
Whoever these Rockets are, they have captured Mew? Truly they are abominable wretches!

While that last part is true, it's not the real Mew. It's a program. See the flickering?
Oh, right, I forgot about those. Figures that Rockets would use them.
Fortunately, they're not really legends.
And I happen to have a type advantage over this one, so see ya later!
Blast it... no matter! You'll never get past the alarm system! Rocket rules!!

*pchoo x4* We need everyone for this.
What's going on?
The quick version is, that signal that was hurting all of you is coming from here. Lance is also in here somewhere. It looks like we have to find a way through here to turn the signal off.
That sounds dangerous.
Unfortunately, it's probably preferable to losing our hearing.

Still, let's try to remain calm. Remember that the light is always with us.
I hope it can reach underground.
It will be beneficial to our cause that the Champion aids us... even though I do not trust him for a second.

That's very reasonable to say, my king. Wait, am I actually...
Hey, check out these statues. Red glowing lights coming out of them.
Good find! Those are probably alarms. We can avoid them now, or find a way to--
*BEEP! BEEP! Intruder alert! Intruder alert!*
What?! But we didn't trip any alarms!
Oh, is that what these things do?

My bad! Guess we better fight!
You fucking asshole.

So we traded instability in the team lineup for instability in the team members themselves. That's... technically better than before? At least until someone's shenanigans results in more death. he says, knowing exactly who lives/dies

Mahogany is as boring as in vanilla GSC, but Routes 42 and 43 look pretty good. I appreciate that the hacker removed the toll gate completely.

Looks like we're invading the Mahogany base earlier than usual. See ya then for probably more chaos!
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They're everywhere!
OW!! Can I get an Antidote over here...
Stand your ground! We cannot let them overwhelm us!
Come on, guys, you can take 'em!

You know, Ulrich, if you're going to be a colossal dickbiscuit now, you could at least help clean up your mess!
Forget him. Focus on the mob, and on beating the hell out of them.

Better watch your step!
What does that mean?
I'm not telling! It'll spoil the surprise!
Let's just stick to beating him up, that usually works.
...That might be one of his traps.
A Wobbuffet?
Those tend to know Destiny Bond more often than not.
Which is an insta-death blow to any of us if we hit it the wrong way. Perfect.
Then let's try to prevent it from using that move--

Too slow! Ha ha, sucker!
Uh... that works?
I guess it's at least better than--
Hey, mind if I borrow this?

What the - hey! That's my dex! What are you--

Whoops, now you're dead!
Give me that back! Ugh, this is why I was trying to keep that move from you!
Come on, Ulrich, you're being really disruptive--
*Ulrich used Poison Powder! Heart was poisoned!*
ACK!! Not again!
What the hell has gotten into you?! I know you were a joker, but this is going way too far!
What's going too far? You mean like this?
*Ulrich used Poison Powder!*
Would you stop--
There are bomb traps in the floor?!
That could have hit us, you moron!
Actually, if I hadn't exposed the traps, you might have stepped on them, so what if I just saved all of you?
Why are you saving us one moment and poisoning me the next?
That's a lie, you had no way of knowing those would be there!

Come on, Lux... need to think... *rub rub rub*
Uh, one more Antidote for me, by the way? Please?

We will be assaulted at every step while these alarms remain active! We must disable them as soon as possible!
If I may, sire, disabling those traps is more pertinent. We can fight off mooks, not necessarily live bombs!

Hold on. Dustin, Heart, could either of you try to read their minds or something, to figure out where to disable these things?
I wish it were that simple, but no, I couldn't.
What? Why not? Can't you and Heart mind read each other?
Psychic types, because of the particular altered nature of our minds, have full capability to communicate on that plane. I could not connect in this way to a non-Psychic, however. Hence I cannot just read anyone's mind as I please.
I think I can usually sense emotions on someone else, but unless they're actively concentrating on a certain thought, I wouldn't know exactly what they're thinking. Unless it's another Psychic, like Dustin said.

Then why could Dustin send me telepathic messages in the Ecruteak Gym?
It could be the unique link between Pokemon and Trainer, the same reason you alone among humans can understand our speech.
None of that solves our big problems, though. Remind me why we're even in here again?
So your ears don't explode?
Oh yeah.
Although, why exactly are we doing this, instead of police or something?
Mahogany police? That's practically an oxymoron.
Oh, right. That was a stupid question.

What did that do?
I don't know, but if it was on down here, it was probably worth flipping.
Maybe it turned off that painful sound?
I doubt it. Something like that, they'd keep better hidden.
Actually, look at those statues. The glowing red eyes are gone.

Ah, then we disabled the alarms. That's one annoyance down, then.
I guess I feel a little better now.
Then we march on!

Watch the warp panel, I don't know where it goes!
What's with the floor over there? The colors on all the tiles are different.
That floor is lined with Pokemon. Koffing, Voltorb and Geodude. This doesn't take a genius to figure out.
An explosive trap. But what would compel the Pokemon to remain in that restricted area?
Who knows. Probably the same system that forces them to explode if anyone gets too close. This is Rocket work, don't forget - what are you doing?!
I'm just curious to see what it looks like when it goes off!
What the hell kind of logic is that?! Get away from there!

Even if that made any sense, it'll explode! You have no idea how far it reaches! Get back here!
I'm sure you'll be fine!
NO!! You're insane!
Take cover!

That is enough.
Get ready--
WAAAAHH!! What the?! What's going on? I can't see! I'm blinded! *Ulrich used Poison Powder! Heart was poisoned!*
ACKGGHH!! I'm really getting sick of that!
What was that about?!

*pchoo* Everyone down the stairs, hurry!

I draw the line at outright trying to kill us. Can we box him now?
Enough of this lunacy. I hereby decree that Ulrich is banished from my court! A shame, really, he could have made an excellent jester in his previous form.
Heart, you're shivering.
It's not my mind, just the poison... if Lux has more Antidotes, I'm fine...
Okay. You're doing fine, you're keeping your cool.
Hey, speaking of Lux, what did you just do? Is that a new power?

It must be. But I'm not totally sure how I did it. And now isn't the time to figure that out, anyway.
I accept that, but once we get out of here, we should look into that more.

Real or not, these programs are powerful!
Out of everyone, you're the most likely to survive several rounds of Aeroblasts.
Fine, then be ready to heal me at my command!
Speaking of finding a replacement for Ulrich, it'd be nice if we had a Shuckie-level tank again.

Who said Ulrich was leaving? Give me a little more time--
He explicitly tried to kill us.
I'm not sure about that... I don't think he wants us dead. The new Ulrich is just like the old one, playing jokes and just trying to enjoy himself.
Sorry, but I value my hide over his twisted sense of humor.
What I mean is that we should try to un-twist it!

That would be optimal, but I'm pretty sure it's impossible short of a miracle. Even that might not work.
We should at least try, he's our friend!
Was, maybe. Unless he cuts it out, keep him away from me. I don't care how, but keep him away--

I'm... wounded...
Finish it with a Dragon Rage! I'll heal you right after!
Hey, I have a question. Where the hell is that Lance guy? Didn't he say he would help us?
For a Champion, his usefulness is rather limited...

We're in too deep now. We'll have to see this through.
This is why we can't have nice things.
By perseverance did the Omanyte reach the ark. Don't stop moving.

I had some trouble upstairs, but I'm okay.
[Take some of my Hyper Potions. Your team could use a boost.]
Thank you. Where we you, by the way? I've been fighting through Rockets by myself.
[I... was investigating elsewhere in the hideout. I needed to locate the source of that signal.]
Well? Did you find it?
[We're on the right path. It's down this hallway.]
Okay, then we're making progress--
*click clack!*
[...Damn it.]
[Lux, run.]

[The hallway is collapsing!]
No one fall behind!

That was way too close... Lance?
[I'm over here! Are you hurt, Lux? What about your Pokemon?]
We're all fine, just startled!
Why does everyone want me dead?!

Great, now I'm gonna lose my hearing anyway!
[Those miserable rogues... that just about confirms it, though. We're on the right path.]
Aren't we trapped in here? The hallway is blocked!
[Escape Ropes. Never leave home without 'em.]
[You don't rig a hallway with explosives unless you want to stop people from following it. If we follow it, we'll find our target.]
...Alright, you lead the way, then.
[Hey, be thankful you weren't in here 100 years ago. This place was even more ridiculous back then.]

No wonder you got here so fast. And that you aren't dead.
[You should know better than to underestimate the Champion.]
Likewise you with us. We are not the Team Rocket you once knew, Lance. We are far more formidable!
[Looks the same to me. Right down to the copypasted hidden radio signal.]
How adorably naive of you. Are you even paying attention? Think, Lance, did the old Team Rocket have the capacity to regularly hack the storage system the way we do now?

Did the old Team Rocket have such power as to own a third of all Pokemon in the Johto region? Did they have operatives strong enough to challenge the Elite Four? And that's all before the bombs.
[And yet I still hold the Champion title, do I not?]

Also, a third of all Pokemon? I don't believe that.
Our ascent cannot be stopped! Giovanni sought the power of one legend; we yield that of dozens! Giovanni kept his Rockets alive for a few years at most; our presence exceeds his by decades, and grows ever stronger! We are more capable, more lethal, more powerful than you could ever contain!
[You are fortunate that I cannot be everywhere at once to stomp you out. But I am here now, and we will defeat you here!]

[Lux, take the woman! I'll get the other one!]
Who might you be? Lance's pet? This should be a breeze.

I don't think so. May the light be with me!
A battle cry, hilarious! Alakazam, dispose of him! Sunny Day!

Wanna run that by me again?
WHAT?! How dare you!

You attacked me. Just saying.
You like Houndoom so much? Have a taste of mine!

I am weakened under this intense heat! There must be another strategy. General?
Just Body Slam it?

Yeah, try that! Houndoom can be pretty frail.
He's not wrong.
Respond with Solarbeam!

Body Slam again!

You insolent pest! I will not be bested by some punk kid with shiny teeth!
She's breaking out the legend!

Connor, I think you should stay in. Even with the sunlight, you'll resist its Fire moves.
Very well, I will stand my ground!
I thought he was technically floating?

It isn't going for Fire moves! It's strong enough that it's attacking through another type!
You're better off with Surf, even if it's weakened!
Foolish bird! Even at your heightened power, you are still no match for the king! Now admit your defeat!
Here, take a Lemonade, you're a little banged up.
Ah, yes, much appreciated.
I don't believe this! What are you?

If you must know...

I am the Luminary. And for the sake of this world, my light will pierce even the heaviest darkness.
I just got my ass kicked by a preacher, didn't I? Well, that's embarrassing.
[Well done, Lux! Her lackey is also defeated. I think that covers everyone in this place.]
Forgive me, Georgette...
Save it, grunt. We were outmatched, both of us. We sink together.

[Before anything else, we should contact backup in order to arrest these crooks. Lux, keep an eye on them. It'll be a while before anyone gets here with the blocked hallway, but they have no more Pokemon, so you should hold them just fine.]
...You want some advice, kid?
Listen up. Our world is not a nice place. It's scary, violent, dirty, shady, all sorts of degrading things, and if you're smart, you trust no one.
Cool, I don't trust you then.

I'm not interested in your advice.
This isn't something you get to ignore. People and Pokemon will step all over each other to get what they want. That's why power is the only thing that matters. Power to ensure no one gets to step on you, power to bend the world to your whim.
You're wasting your time--
I'm trying to help you, idiot. You think you're powerful, but you're not. Everything you just did down here was at Lance's call. You gave all your power to him, and we nearly killed you for it. Not to mention, you've got a permanent Rocket target on your head now for ruining this base, so good for you.
We were defeated here, and it is a blow to us. But we of Neo Team Rocket will tap into our network and regain our strength. Lance remains a powerhouse as well, though I am loathe to admit it. You, however...
You have no basis for your claims. And why are you telling me this?
First of all, I am not devoid of honor. You deserve some small reward for your victory. Feel free to treasure it, at least until we exact revenge on you.
And second...
Buys us enough time to do this. Now!

*Georgette used an Escape Rope! Georgette and Grunt escaped from the building!*
What the - damn it!
[Did they just - great, they escaped! See what I mean about Escape Ropes?]

[Not that there was one before.]
Is that machine sending out the signal?
[Yes. And as before, it is powered by Electrode. You'll have to defeat them all to shut off the machine.]
You'll help, right?
[I can't. Now that the Rockets are gone, there is something else I must do, by myself.]
What? What thing?
[I will say only that they took something from me, and now I am reclaiming it. Besides, if you just beat a Rocket executive, you can handle a few Electrode no problem.]
[I'll leave the rest to you. Defeat the Electrode, and the signal will cease. After that, you may return to your journey. I do thank you for your help in getting through this hideout.]
You're... welcome?
[I must go now. Also, here, take this.]

[A little something for your trouble. Oh, and this as well.]
...An Escape Rope?
[Honestly, that should be common sense. Farewell.]

Let me get out my Pokedex.
Screw that, can we just beat them and go?
No. Electrode are likely to know Selfdestruct. I'm not walking into that lightly. I just need to check something.
Am I the only one who's absolutely done with bombs today?!
No, you're not alone on that.
I... Lux, ball me, okay?

Are you feeling alright?
I'm fine! I'm just frustrated and I don't want to feel worse right now.
Suit yourself. *pchoo*
At least Lance is gone. That guy is super condescending, and even then, we took care of the majority of this place, not him. That's pretty impressive of us, now that I think about it.
Perhaps Lance's attitude is to be expected from a century-long Champion.

Besides, for that talk about trusting no one? Everyone with the robot voice collectively hides one of the greatest secrets in the region. And even that isn't enough for Lance: we trash this place for him and he won't even tell us what he's doing. I won't trust him at all.
Why didn't we just follow him, then?
He'd crush us if we tried. We don't have the strength to stand up to him yet. *rub rub rub*

Are you insane?!
Normally yes, but my Pokedex says Electrode won't know Electric attacks at their level.
And you're the most likely to withstand a Selfdestruct. Thus, it should be you, my king.
...So be it.

Oh. That was easier than I thought it'd be.
A good king must be willing to give anything for his kingdom. Even his life, if necessary.

Today, however, I live.
Long live the king.

(Repeat a bunch more times, and...)

That's all of them. Let's leave.
About time.
Hold onto me.
*Lux used an Escape Rope! Escaped from the building!*

It's gotten quite late.
How long were we down there?
Who knows. Let's go back to the Center for the night, so we can eat something and rest up.
Back to training tomorrow, I assume?
Honestly, with all the exercise we got in the hideout, we're probably ready. We'll take the Gym on first thing tomorrow morning.
If it's open.
Let's hope it is.

(Later that night...)

Arceus save us... can't we ever have a peaceful moment on this team?
Speaking as someone who's been here longer than you, not really. Besides, you like fighting.
I can handle fighting! It's all the surrounding chaos that's pissing me off!
You mean with Ulrich?
That's just one of the issues! Although yes, I'm very upset about that.
We all are.
Like I keep saying, when does he get boxed?
But who could effectively replace him? No one else in our reserves can handle status moves like him.

Since he evolved, his fuckery has gotten me launched into a raging lake, assaulted by a horde of Rockets, and nearly blown up. So I'm really finding it difficult to give a shit right now!
There is no option except patience for this situation. We will have to find a compromise.
Gah. And that doesn't even get into the other huge problems.
We did all get out of the Rocket base alive, so at least we're done with them for now--
That's not even my biggest concern.
It's not?
I've been waiting to ask you two about this. What's with both of you sucking up to Connor?
We needed him to Surf for us--
Rhetorical question.
What else did you want us to do about that? We can never stay in one place too long.
Look, I don't know, but when we talked about escaping into the world, we always said it'd be the three of us and maybe a Trainer taking care of ourselves. We already have to answer to Lux, so why are you adding someone else to take orders from?
You do realize I don't actually believe any of that, right?
We're appeasing Connor so he cooperates with us, as is necessary to our survival. That doesn't mean we truly feel allegiance to his imaginary crown.

I'm not convinced. You're both enjoying it too much.
I'm going to bed. The less we talk while we're all exhausted, the happier we'll be in the morning.
Good night, Sasha, and you, Andreas.

...*sigh* I kinda feel Heart. Sometimes this is just too much.

(Early the next morning...)

...Can I help you?
[Possibly. At this time in the morning, it should be much brighter out than it is presently. And I can't help but feel that...]
That it's coming from me? You'd be correct.
[I see. So it's some type of contrast.]
I take it you've met my opposite, then.
[Just yesterday, in fact. The two of us were battling Neo Team Rocket long into the night. In fact, I'm just about to head out of town following that incident.]
I think I recognize your cape. Aren't you Lance, the Champion?
[The one and only. In fact, while we're here, I wonder if you might be able to help me with something--]
[I'm sorry? I haven't even said what it is yet.]
Don't care. I want nothing to do with you.
[I hardly even know you.]
I know you. And I hate what you stand for, so kindly piss off, thanks.
[Your contrast was much more accommodating than you, that's for sure.]
Yeah, well, I can imagine why that would be. Now get out of my way. I have more important things to do than deal with you.
[Where exactly are you going, then?]
*sigh* To the next Gym. I already got my badge from here, so I have no more reason to stay.
[I see. Then you should get a move on, because your pal is right behind you.]
Get lost already!
*Dragonite used Fly!*
I really should get a bike or something.

Okay, everyone know their roles?
This is my kind of Gym! Punch everything until it shatters!
Flame everything until it melts!
Keep calm and tank special moves if needed.
Hang back and eat popcorn.
Something like that, yeah.
Continue our streak of victories!

Let's do this and go on.
Wait, one thing before we go in.
What is it?

There we go! And hey, it's nice to not be several feet shorter than everyone else now.
So the entire team is fully evolved now, right?
We'll call that a good sign!

Excellent. Let's go.

Ugh. I forgot about the ice puzzles.
How do we keep our balance while fighting like this?
I'm not sure, you just have to do it.
Getting around is the bigger issue.
I have a brilliant idea! I will lay my body flat on the floor, and you can all walk on my side to avoid the ice and go straight to the leader!
That's... actually not a bad idea.

Except that it's cheating.
We'd get thrown out of here for that.
Nonsense! My word is infallible! I will simply command them to stand down.
I think I'd rather just do the puzzle. Hopefully it won't take long.

I should just melt all the ice and swim around here.
I like that idea!
I do appreciate my wings at times like these.
Don't you make me come up there!

Where is there to go snowboarding in Johto, anyway?
Mt. Silver, maybe? If you can get access to it.
In any case, I think you solved the puzzle.
That wasn't too bad.
The double battle might be. Allow me.

(One more double victory later...)

Oh... I see why he was sick the other day.
He looks like he can barely stand.
That would explain his chair. Although, why is the old frail guy the leader of the Ice Gym? Like, if you're old, wouldn't you prefer to not break your hip?
I can see you eyeballing that chair, by the way. Don't even think about it.
I didn't say anything.

If you're ready, Pryce, I'd like to challenge you.
[Don't underestimate me, boy. I may be fragile, but I'm as tough as ever - *cough* *cough*]
*rub rub rub* Are you still sick?
[Never mind that. I'll have you know I train by meditating under a waterfall every day. Even after nearly 200 years, my mind remains sharp.]
I thought the waterfall was Chuck's thing?
[Where do you think he got the idea from, sonny? *cough*]
Even so, shall we begin?

[I have seen and suffered much in my life. Yet I will always rise to a challenge - *cough* *wheeze*]
*rub rub rub* Are you sure you're alright?
[I'm fine! I just need to... sit down for a moment... Lapras, go out first.]
Sasha's out, then. It probably has Water moves.
Lapras tend to have excellent coverage. Our best bet is trying to avoid giving it a weak point to hit.

How about me? I'll bet it doesn't know a Ghost or Dark move.
Good idea. With healing, you can outlast it.

I agree. Psychic, go!
[Icy Wind!]

Aaaah! My feet are frozen!
Psychic again!
[Nowhere to run! Use Surf!]
AHHH - *glug!* *glug!*

Take a Super Potion!
[Continue the Surf!]
I think you're more powerful, Heart! Psychic till it drops!

Got it! Now could someone get my feet unstuck?
I'll do it! Just let me--

*Sasha used Flamethrower!*
YOWWWW!! Right on the tochukaso!
Absolutely not. I'll take care of this.
*Sasha used Bite! x4*
Whew, thanks.
It's not my fault...
[*cough* *wheeze* Agh... gotta get my blood flowing. Dewgong, come out!]

I'll take this round.
Seems like a good matchup. Use Karate Chop!

Whoa. That was over too fast! Can I get the next one too?
[Alright, no more mister nice Pryce.]
He stood back up.
[Piloswine, you have to make a comeback!]

Andreas, I'm gonna say pull back. I'm not sure you can one-shot a Piloswine, and they can hit harder than you think.
Damn. Then who's subbing for me?

I will fight!
Yes, you'll be immune to its Ground moves.
I could still handle this...
[It comes down to this, then? Show me what you've got!]

Connor, Surf!
[Icy Wind!]

Piloswine are slow, I don't think a Speed drop will matter much!
[Take a Hyper Potion!]
Surf again! And one more time!
We've got him!

We won!
I still could've taken the Piloswine.
Hey, at least you got some licks in this battle.
I have yet to be in a Gym fight, I will point out.
Enough of all of you! The victory is what is truly important!
King's got a point.
Would you stop with that...

[Heh heh... thanks, lad.]
For what?
[When the snow melts, spring will come... sometimes, when I'm cooled down enough, the only thing that gets me going again is a good battle. So thanks for giving me one - *cough* *cough*]
You're welcome. *rub rub rub*
[I mean that literally, you know. There's a reason I set my waterfall to boil. I do everything I can to get that feeling. It's all I can do...]
What feeling?
[I wasn't meant to live this long, kid... my body's been failing me for 100 years. Without my battles, even this machine wouldn't hold me together.]
Well... I hope I helped you, then.
[You made me feel like it's spring, if only for a time. That means more to me than anything these days.]
Glad to hear it.
[Go on, be on your way, then. *cough* *wheeze*]

Are you alright, Lux? Now you look off.
It's nothing.
That isn't true.
...Maybe it's the pressure.
That's more like it.
It's an enormous burden to be the Luminary. But I have to manage my team, too. And there's Heart and her stuff, and Ulrich going rogue, and there's the Rockets, and this glitchy world, and my family and... oh, man. I haven't talked to my family in forever.
Would you want to go see them?
They're in Goldenrod. That's not on the way to anywhere we could be going next. I could at least call them soon...
You know what could help us in the meantime?

What would I even do without Pokemon?
That's why we're here.

The Rocket hideout is simplified in this hack: the password sequence is removed, leaving only the alarms and a Rocket gauntlet. The bit where the rival shows up is also gone, and I decided to compensate for that by throwing in a scene with him and Lance. Speaking of Lance, the font I used for him isn't implemented into Xenforo, so he gets a new one here.

Unlike in vanilla, the Rockets are actually threatening even at the grunt level, since some of them have legendaries for no reason and most have 'mons with unique movesets. I stabilized my lineup just in time for this.

I get the sense that the hacker dislikes puzzles to some extent, hence the Mahogany Gym puzzle also being simplified. Pryce wasn't that hard now that I have a fully evolved team and some actual coverage.

One bonus of meeting up with Lance: we have the Whirlpool HM now. Remember where we saw those earlier? We cross the raging ocean pond next time and head east.


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So long, Mahogany Town. It's been... uh...
Can't think of anything nice to say?
Not really, no.
What's nice to say about it? Dull, shady, smells funny, almost cost us our hearing, need I go on?

All true, but we didn't come for the atmosphere. We came for the mission, and we got what we needed.
I wouldn't say anywhere we've been is particularly rich in atmosphere.
The southeast is a little less overbearing than central Johto, but not by much.
So, what, were we just born in a time after quality atmosphere was a thing?

...Well, yeah. I guess.
If you're taking advice on how to make that new world of yours, I do like atmosphere myself.
If I have any input, I'll see what I can do.

Sorry you have to learn this, Connor.
Why would I be upset? Even the raging seas will heed my call!
Yes, but somehow that doesn't translate into being a good battle move, and it's an HM move so I hope you didn't need that brain space for anything else.
A trivial concern to me.
If the king's happy, then there's nothing more to say.

OW!! Who keeps poking me?!
Are you gonna cross the whirlpool or not?
I would love to, but your incessant poking is disrupting my focus!
Could you stop being a dick for five seconds so he can do this?
I'm hungry.
*Ulrich used Leech Life!*
HEY! Why are we even tolerating this pest?! Throw him in the dungeon!
We have a dungeon?

No we don't.
You mean we don't have a dungeon?! I demand the royal architect build a dungeon!
We have a royal architect?
No, but we can find one later, after we cross the damn whirlpool!
Hmm, maybe I'll have seconds--

Good thing that one comes back quickly. Go ahead.
Thank you, Luminary. *fwoosh!*

Can we stop here for the evening?
It's evening? Wow, that glow is still super disorienting.

I guess we can camp by the lake.
I approve! A campsite fit for a king!
Pffft, where's a rimshot when you need one?

Anyway, help me set everything up, guys. *rub rub rub*
Sure, just hope you won't mind if I snap a few tent poles, because pincers and all that--
Connor, if he tries to touch anything, please eat him.
Certainly. *RAWR!*
Uh, on second thought... you all got this. If you need me, I'll be over there looking for nutrients. *flee!*

On second thought, perhaps I don't have the patience for him.
You are so weird, Lux. Nothing you do adds up.
Speaking of weird, any idea where that new flash power came from yet?

None. But I'm happy I have it. For now, just help me, okay?
Yes, yes, we're helping.

(That night...)

You look like you're in a good mood.
There's something relaxing about a dark, quiet night. I like it.
I thought night time was an Umbreon's domain?
Eh, I'm unique, then. Maybe I like the quiet part best.
I take it you've found some stability, then?
A little more. I think I'm getting better at balancing everything around me, if that makes sense.
You're gaining a Psychic's intuition.
About time. After all those years in the Game Corner, maybe now I can enjoy outside for once. At least, however much of it there still is.
I know what you mean. What are you looking for in the sky?
Anything, really. I was hoping for stars. It's late enough, isn't it?
We must be too close to the city. The artificial light blocks all the stars out.
That's too bad. Is there anywhere in Johto we can see them?
I wouldn't know. Hopefully somewhere. I haven't gotten to see stars myself.
If there aren't any stars, I guess I'll grab a blanket and sleep. Where's Lux, anyway?
In the tent. He said he wanted to call his family in Goldenrod.
Oh, really? I'll wait for him to be done, then.

I'm home...
Oh, hey, Kris. Sorry to say, but you just missed your son on the phone.
What? He called?
Yeah. He says he's on the outskirts of Violet right now.
Is he doing okay?
Actually, he sounded a lot better than when we last saw him. Says he thinks he's got a better grip on his situation. He seemed pretty sad that you weren't around, though.
I can't believe I missed him...
Hey, don't beat yourself up too much. He's managing alright.
If I hadn't been held up late at the park I might have been back in time.
What happened at the park?
You see all these bruises? Right when we were about to lock up, a bunch of idiots burst through the gate, dosed on Berserk Genes, and starting toppling over all the benches and tables. So we had to get them out of there and clean it all up. And let me tell you, if you've never tried to restrain someone high on Berserk Genes...
I get the idea. Doesn't look like fun.
It's not. And we can't make them all just leave, because where would they go? Good lord, central Johto is such a mess.
I heard Ecruteak was working on new housing projects. Might help some of them find a roof.
I really hate my job sometimes.
I know. You wanna make some tea now that you're back?
Yeah, tea sounds nice...

(The next morning...)

Oh, look, another drab and uninteresting city.
I don't know what to tell you.
Really, at this point I'd settle for a single building that looks different than all the other ones.
Let's look around and see if we can find one.

Didn't Ecruteak brag about being modern, too?
They did.
Everyone is obsessed with this "urbanism" word. What does it even mean? Other than the tall buildings and miles of gray.
In my experience, that's a pretty substantial portion of what it means.
You'd think over time people would get more creative with urban planning, not less.

The river is a nice touch. But it does not compensate for the excessive concrete.
Same as always.

The history books say Violet used to have a partially wooden theme, like the Sprout Tower. Then again, that isn't around anymore either, so...
So if this is the future, how come we don't at least have moving sidewalks or hologram street signs or any of that junk?
Why are you asking me?
You know more about the world than we do.
I think what they mean is... well, we've seen quite a few of the bad things in our time. Weren't there supposed to be good things along with it?
Meaning other than stone and concrete, specifically?

We have those, too. Admittedly, they don't stand out as much.
If you're the light guy, maybe you could enlighten us?
I regret nothing.

So I had to get this far, huh...
What is it?
The Mart here sells evolution stones. If I didn't need you to evolve into Espeon, we could have picked another evolution here.
That's alright. I like being an Espeon!
Really? It doesn't look that fun for you.
I mean, it was hard at first, but it's getting better after Lux and Dustin helped. Good thing we figured that out, huh?

It took time, but I'm glad it's settling. Certainly you're doing better than the last time you were in a Mart.
You... don't need to remind me.
But hey, we can laugh at it now, right?
Does this version of you even know what we're talking about?
I think that bit looked a little like this?

Don't touch those!

You know what those do! The last thing we need is for you to get high on Berserk Genes!
I'm just trying to read the - hold on there, I don't taste good!
Heh, nice kingly glare.
Why thank you!
You know, new Ulrich, I think the thing I hate most about you is how you just don't give a shit that you're such an ass.
Yeah, well, you're stupid.
*Ulrich used Spore!*
You motherfu - *thunk!*
Still waiting on that dungeon, by the way.
*sigh* Remind me why Berserk Genes are legal to sell again?

Because people buy them. That's pretty much it. Let's wake up Sasha and get out of here.

Yikes. Let's not sleep up here if at all possible.
*grumble grumble*

Junk you don't want?
It's a rock. What would I do with a rock?
Little does he know, this particular rock is a useful hold item. We're keeping this.
This room looks exceedingly decrepit.
What's with all the machinery? It's covered in rust and cobwebs.

It's too dark to see the labels properly. Hang on, let's see if this works. *FLASH!*
OWW, my eyes!
Oh, so I can make a whole room light up. That's handy.
What are you?!
Give us a warning first before you do that, sheesh!
You're getting more powerful.

What did those signs say, anyway?
They were trading machines.
We need machines for that?
We would for long-distance trading. They would operate between cities. In fact, Goldenrod had a much bigger trade complex for exchanging Pokemon around the world.
Had? What happened to it?
...It got hacked. Really badly hacked. As in, tens of thousands of stolen Pokemon, hacked.
Holy shit.
Who would do such a thing?

Neo Team Rocket, who else? That was decades ago. That was when people first realized they were back and worse than ever. You know, they're all over the place now, not just in Johto. Criminal teams in the past never got that far out.
So after the Goldenrod place was hacked, long-distance trades just stopped?
They had to massively ramp up security. There used to be public trading stations, like in Goldenrod or even in Pokemon Centers, but today you'd have to go to a special facility to make a long-distance trade, and there aren't many of them, and it's a logistical nightmare.
Hold up, why isn't the storage system messed up, then? Doesn't it use similar tech?
Basically, it's all down to Bill and Maddie. Those two are the only reasons the storage system remains safe. They're saints.

Wonderful are Pokemon, yes! Teach you I will to be a better Trainer! Want to be the best is you, like one ever was not?
We don't really need his help with anything, right?

Let's say no and assume we're correct.

Since there's no way in hell I can actually make out what that guy says.
If this Trainer school is so large, why is barely anyone here?
How long ago did Dervish take over?
I see.
What's going on with you?
Oh, nothing. Just looking around, admiring all the books.
It's definitely a big place. Hundreds of kids could fit in this room, I bet.
I'll bet their lunch break gets chaotic.
Heh, yeah... huh.
This is weird. From you, it feels like there are two different... sources of emotions? And they seem pretty different from each other. Does that make any sense? I might not be explaining this properly.
Oh, uh, yeah, Parasect are weird like that, I think.
That's interesting.
In fact, wanna know a secret about us? Lean in closer and I'll tell you.
Uh, okay...?
OW!! That's my ear!
We've got a pretty solid vice grip!Cool, eh?
Get off me!
*Heart used Psychic!*
What just happened - Heart?!
Huh? What did I do?!
Can't say he didn't deserve that, though.

*pchoo* Let's leave. Right now.

I'm so sorry! I don't know what came over me! That's not supposed to happen!
*Pretty lights!* Calm down. We don't need to let this get out of hand.
All good?
...I think so.
Why don't we keep walking around? That should help bring tension down.

I agree. How about we go see what the Gym looks like?

But I'm afraid he isn't in right now. Please come back later.
Why does that always happen?

Forget it, I just wanted to glance inside. We're not ready for it yet.
Hey, Heart, you doing okay?
Yes, I'm fine. I'm doing fine.
Great! And listen, don't let Ulrich get you down so much. In fact, probably better to just avoid him.
I don't want to avoid him.
Uh, why?
*sigh* Since I evolved, until very recently, I've been utterly helpless on my own, with everything. And I hated that. I just wanted to give back a little now, that's all.
Well, that's admirable, but I'm pretty sure he's a lost cause.
No he isn't--
He sent you spiraling into the path of a rampaging Gyarados, poisoned you multiple times just for shits and giggles, and just now he indirectly caused the destruction of a quarter of a school building. And that's just when he was fucking around with you specifically!
That doesn't make him lost! I can sense it!
Sense what?

Is this what used to be Sprout Tower?
Yeah, this is it.
What makes this place any different than Tech Tower in Ecruteak?
I'll get back to you on that, once we can get inside.
This is getting very annoying, very fast.
It's like... there are two distinct minds in his head. But one feels much more pronounced than the other.
You're saying the nice Ulrich is still buried in there somewhere?
That's right.
I suspected that was true, but the problem is that knowing this has no effect on our ability to get the good one back.
Then I'll keep trying.
Pretty sure there's no way--
I'll find one.
...You know what sucked the most about having to stay in my ball most of the time? I feel like I barely know half the team. I know Dustin, and Sasha, but she was around before I evolved. And everyone else from those early days is dead.
Getting to know Ulrich was a bust. Connor's okay, but I'm not even sure how to talk to him. And...
And I'm about as smooth as sandpaper.
No, I don't mean--
Well, I do. So don't blame yourself for that one. Or anyone else. It's not your fault that you got stuck with a bunch of screwballs.
You're not a screwball, Andreas. I'm twice as screwy as you