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Screenshot Kanto Teen Kanto Quest: A Fire Red Nuzlocke

Thread Description
Latest Update: Chapter 21: The Book


Ninja! Comic! Best Match!
Pokédex No.
Jul 3, 2019
Pokémon Type
Electric, Poison
Well, it's been a while since I tried a storylocke. Let's see how I fare this time around.

Title Screen.png
(Oh cool, I can upload these directly. Will definitely have to experiment with that.)

Welcome to my new Nuzlocke, Kanto Quest! Let's get started.
  1. If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and must be permaboxed.
  2. I may only catch the first Pokemon that I encounter.
    • Dupes Clause is set to optional. A Pokemon is considered a dupe if it is in the same evolutionary family as a still-living member of the team.
    • Safari Zone counts as four separate areas. Due to the method of capturing Pokemon there, I get free reign to get a single catch from each area. To prevent abuse of this caveat, I may only enter the Safari Zone three times.
    • Gift Pokemon are counted separately from wild encounters, but in areas with more than one Gift Pokemon, I can only take one.
    • Shiny Clause is in effect. I can catch something if it's shiny, no matter what.
    • This rule does not come into effect until I get Poke Balls.
  3. All Pokemon must be given a nickname.
  4. When facing a Gym Leader, I cannot use more Pokemon than they carry. (Brock uses 2 Pokemon, so I can’t take more than 2 into the battle.)
Now, one thing I do with emulators and ROMs is that I run them through the Universal Randomizer. I've used it to make the following changes:
Trade Evolutions have been altered to the following:
  • Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler and Haunter now evolve at Level 37.
  • Poliwhirl evolves into Politoed at Level 37 or Poliwrath with a Water Stone.
  • Slowpoke evolves into Slowbro at Level 37 or Slowking with a Water Stone.
  • Metal Coat evolutions (Onix and Scyther) are now Level 30.
  • Eevee evolves into Espeon and Umbreon with Sun and Moon Stones.
  • Porygon evolves into Porygon2 at Level 30.
  • Seadra evolves into Kingdra at Level 40.
  • Feebas and Clamperl have also been affected, but are not available in the game.
Misc Changes:
  • Running Shoes can be used indoors.
  • Pokemon names are no longer in all caps.
  • National Dex is available from the start.
These changes are mainly for personal comfort or to work with things like Cross-Generational Evolutions or Trades. For example, if I get a Golbat, it can evolve into Crobat before the postgame, or allowing me to consider using Pokemon like Gengar, Alakazam and the like.

Anyway, I'm still putting together the first proper chapter (nearly done with that), but I do have a mini-Prologue.
Hi there, I’m

No, that’s not going to work. Ugh, how do I start writing one of these?

Dear Diary

No, I’m not a little girl in an old cartoon.

Day 0

…Screw it. Going with this.


Day 0 – Pallet Town
Tomorrow I get my first Pokemon! Professor Oak’s giving me a Pokedex too! Awesome!

I’ve got my bag ready to go. Mom’s double checked it for me. I kind of wish she didn’t, but whatever. I can go without an extra bag of chips and a big bottle of Oran Juice. Gary’s getting a Pokemon as well, and he’s been going around telling everyone how he’s going to be the next Champion but I don’t believe him. Taking down Lance is going to be a lot harder than he thinks for sure.

The Professor’s said that the two of us are going to be getting a new version of the Pokedex as well. He hasn’t said what’s new about it though. He wants to explain that to us when we actually get our Pokedexes.

I think that’s everything. I’ve not got much else to say right now, so I’m going to leave things here.

Jonathan, signing off.


Right, that’s the Journal entry done. Let’s see, clothes, shoes, bag, hat, Pokegear. I think that’s everything for now, so time for bed. Tomorrow’s the big day! I can’t wait!
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Ninja! Comic! Best Match!
Pokédex No.
Jul 3, 2019
Pokémon Type
Electric, Poison
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Well that was a good night’s sleep. What time is it? No.

No no no no no! 9:30? I’M LATE!

Mom, why you didn’t get me up?!
I tried dear. Three times. Now eat your breakfast. By the way, your Trainer Card arrived.

Well at least I’ve got that. Wait, I start with three grand?
Of course dear. According to the letter here, your card starts with a balance of 3000 Poke. Any more must be earned through battle or selling goods at a Poke Mart. Now why did you just put Jon as your name and not Jonathan?
The system was dealing with a glitch. I couldn’t go past seven letters for some reason and I really don’t want to be called Jonatha on everything the League gives me, so I went with Jon. If I wanted to wait to have that eighth letter, I’d have to wait ‘til next month’s signups.
Fair enough. Now finish your breakfast and get going!

Sorry sorry sorry! I’m sorry I’m late.
Hmph, took you long enough.
Well what matters is that you’re here now Jonathan. Now once the Pokedex updates have finished installing-

Can’t we get our Pokemon now?
Impatience is not the mark of a great Champion, Gary.
Well what if you give us our Pokemon now, then we come back in a little while to pick up our Pokedexes?
Very well.

Now then you two. On the table here are the three Pokemon chosen as the Kanto Region’s main starters. The Grass-Type Bulbasaur, the Water-Type Squirtle, and the Fire-Type Charmander. You may each choose one of these Pokemon to join you on your journey. Now who will choose first?

I’ll let you pick first, Jon.
No way, you’ll just pick the one that’s strong against mine.
Yeah, of course I will.
Then why would I go first?
You showed up late. You get the short straw there.
…Fine. I’ll go with…

A good choice. Squirtles and their evolutions are renowned for their defenses.

That’s enough bickering, both of you, you’re trainers now, so set an example!
Hmph, let’s settle this like trainers then.

I challenge you to a battle Jon!

This isn’t what I… you know what? Fine. Get it out of your system. Just don’t wreck my lab.
Go Bulbasaur!
Squirtle, I choose you!

Are you my trainer?
That’s right. Wait, I can understand you?
Bulbasaur, use Tackle!
Err, use Tail Whip!

Tail Whip? Really?
You didn’t give us much time to think you know.
Not going to now. Use Tackle!
Squirtle, you tackle him right back!

Wait a minute… we’re even?
I did hit him pretty hard.
Not quite what I meant. See, he hit us twice. We hit him once.
So how are we so closely matched? Tackle him again.

Hey, what’s going on?
OK, Gary’s noticed now too.
Noticed what?
We’ve just taken the lead. Keep tackling him, OK?
Got it!

(A few rounds, and a missed attack later...)

OK time out! We did nothing but tackle you and you missed one attack. How come you won?!
Allow me to explain. Squirtle’s Tail Whip lowered your Bulbasaur’s defense.
Let’s say you deal 3 Damage each turn. Thanks to that Tail Whip, Squirtle dealt 4 each turn but started one turn later. 3, 6, 9, 12…
0, 4, 8, 12. We caught up then took the lead.
Exactly. Status moves can be useful, when used correctly. Since both Pokemon can only deal normal damage…
It was only a matter of time.
Argh, I picked second. That should give me the win!

What am I going to do with that boy?
Erm, Professor?
Yes Jonathan?
Can I talk to you for a minute? During the battle, my Squirtle talked.
All Pokemon can say their name. That’s nothing to worry about. Although, I do have a colleague in Unova that dabbles in Pokemon Language.
Yeah, but I could understand Squirtle. It was like he was speaking English.
Jonathan? I’m sorry about interrupting, but my name’s Beck.
Oh, if that’s true, what did he say there?
“Sorry about interrupting, but my name’s Beck.”
I see, I’ll send a message to Cedric. See what he thinks. While we wait for a reply, I’d like you to run a little errand for me.
Sure, what is it?
I’ve got an order that’s come in at the Viridian City Poke Mart. Would you be able to go pick it up for me? I was going to ask Gary, but he ran off before I had a chance.
Sure. We’ll be back soon.

Where is Viridian City?
Just a little ways north of Pallet. Shouldn’t be too difficult getting there.

Hey there, you’re a new trainer, aintcha?
How do you know that?
Your shoes. They’re clean. Usually an easy tell.
Fair enough.
Well take this, could be useful on the road.

If you need more, check in at the Viridian City Poke Mart, we’ve got plenty in stock!
Thank you, sir.
Thank you. We’re headed to Viridian now. Let's go, Beck.
Have fun!

W-what was that about?
Probably some advertising. Find a new trainer, give them a sample and tell them where they can get more. Wow that can sound really shady in the wrong context.
If you say so…

Here we are, Viridian City.
Wow, it’s s-so much b-bigger than Pallet Town.
Yeah, it is. There’s a fair bit more to do around here. Mom usually has to get the bus to Viridian to go shopping. I’m just surprised we didn’t encounter any other Pokemon along the way.
Were we supposed to?
There was a good chance, but I guess we missed them. It happens. Let’s get to the Mart.

Here it is.

Yeah, we are. Professor Oak asked us to pick up a parcel he was waiting for?
Oh yeah, I know which one you mean. He called ahead to tell us to look out for you. Here you go.

Took a month for this to arrive.

Thanks, we’ll go give it to him.
Here’s a shortcut for you. Use the ledges on Route 1 to get back to Pallet quickly without going into the tall grass.

Well, let’s see what happens.

We’re just outside Pallet!
OK, so we do have a useful shortcut. Neat.
*Ring Ring*
What’s that?
Oh, it’s my Pokegear. Nothing to worry about.
Hello, Jonathan?
Hi Professor, what’s up?
Your Pokedex is ready to be picked up.
Great, I’ve got your parcel and I’m just outside Pallet, I’ll be right there.
OK, see you soon.

Here you go Professor.
Thank you Jonathan. It’s always good to have a supply of custom Poke Balls.
What makes them custom ones?
Each one’s marked with a little flame, leaf, or water droplet. They’re what we use to present Starter Pokemon to trainers.
Now that you mention it, Beck’s ball does have a little blue engraving on it.

You said our Pokedexes were ready, right?
I did. Let me just grab them.

As you learned prior to becoming trainers, there are approximately 150 Pokemon species registered within the Kanto region.

We know this already.
Well did you know that recently, some new species have been discovered, and they’re related to some that we knew about previously?
Wow, really?
Yes. There are a little over 15 evolutionary lines affected. Some are available via evolution, others by breeding. Including those that are completely distinct from Kanto lines, there are approximately 250 Pokemon now. The upgrade I was applying to your Pokedexes will provide information on any Pokemon connected to one native to Kanto.
That’s pretty cool. Thank you Professor.
Yeah, I guess it’s kind of cool.

Now then, you’ll need to catch Pokemon in order to get their full information.

So, the both of you are taking on the Gym Challenge?
That’s my plan.
Yeah, I’m going to go all the way!
Then the first place I’d recommend is Pewter City. It’s a good starting point for trainers. Oh, and before I forget, please observe the new League Guideline regarding capture. To help preserve natural habitats, try to keep to one catch for each named area.
Whatever. Daisy said that she’d got me a Town Map to use, so I’m heading out. Later!
I suggest going to her as well, Jonathan. I asked her to prepare one for you as well.
Will do Professor, see you later!

I’m getting pretty hungry.
Yeah, me too. Let’s grab a bite to eat before we head out.
So that’s how my Gym Challenge started. Beck’s still pretty nervous, but he’s still a little guy, I can’t really blame him. We’ll just have to see what happens. Either way though, our first goal isn’t too far off. Pewter City, here we come!

Jonathan, signing off.
So I can only directly upload 10 different images to the post. Looks like I'm sticking with Imgur for a while.
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Ninja! Comic! Best Match!
Pokédex No.
Jul 3, 2019
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Electric, Poison
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So after running that errand for Professor Oak, we went home to have something to eat before we headed out properly.

Thanks for the meal Mom, see you later!
Be good, Jon! Take good care of Beck!
Will do!

Grandpa asked me to give you this. Have fun travelling the region!

She’s a lot nicer than Gary.
Yeah, to be honest, I’m surprised that they’re related sometimes.

OK, first catch. Beck, you’re up.

(After a few rounds…)


Yeah, you both got a good hit on each other. It’s weakened though, so it’s Poke Ball time. Come on, where'd I put them... here we go!

Alright then… Ava. OK.
Great, just been caught. Who’re you then?
I-I’m Beck.
Jonathan, nice to meet you.
I guess we’re going to be working together, so I’ll do my best or whatever.
You’re a bit of a sourpuss.
You entered my territory so I tried to protect it and get caught. I’ll get over it eventually.

Hey Jonathan. I feel funny.
Let’s see what the Pokedex says. Oh, you’ve just learned Bubble.
I’ve just learned Sand Attack, too.
Nice work you two. There’s a route west of Viridian too. It’s not on the way to Pewter, but we can see what Pokemon are there.

Let’s see what we get.

OK, I’m getting good.
I’ll say. You only hit him once.
Hey, that hurt!
Suck it up.
Sorry a-about Ava. I’m Beck, welcome.
Heh, the name’s Grant. Howdy.

Right, so we got Grant west of Viridian… Route 22. This is Route 2, so let’s see what we come across here.

OK, that’s a tough looking Rattata.
Leave this to me.

Hey, what’s it doing with its tail?
Tail Whip! Ava, be careful, Beck used this strategy before!
The rat’s used it twice now!
I can do this.
Nope. I don’t want you getting hurt. Beck, switch in!
Poke Ball, go!

I’m not going to let you get hurt just because you called dibs! We’re a team; we look out for one another.
Oh geez, what have I gotten into?
No idea. Jon’s pretty nice, but I’ve only just met Ava.
Watch it shrimp. You took my prey. I’m watching you.
Enough arguing. Ava, I’m putting you in time out.
Don’t you dare! *Pchoo*
I’ll let you out when you’ve cooled off. OK? Now let’s check out our new teammate.

Oh, um, hello. Is it safe to come out?
If you mean that Ava’s cooling off, then yes. I’m Jon.
I’m Beck, hi.
Hi there, name’s Grant.
I’m Marnie, it’s nice to meet you.
It’s nice to meet you too. Now, let’s get training.

(A few hours later…)

This looks good enough.
Hmph. I guess this is better. Just don’t go getting in my way.
That was… different. I’m not sure I like it.
Can you at least tough it out for now?
Don’t worry Marnie. If you get in trouble, I’ll help you out of it.
Oh, um… thank you. I'll try battling for now.
I don’t feel all that different.
Well that session was more to get everyone else caught up to you. You weren't going to be getting as much training this time around.

It looks s-scary in here. Can I go back in my ball please?
If that’s what you want, Marnie. *Pchoo* According to the map, this is a new area we can catch something in.
What sort of stuff?
According to the guidebook, we should be on the lookout for bug types. This place is supposed to be filled with Weedles and Caterpies.
So lunch for my kind then.
It also says to be careful of the Weedle line because they pack a deadly poison.
I know that much. We had to beeline back to the center while training.
Exactly. I don’t think we have anything to deal with it on the road, so let’s head back and grab some stuff.

If you’re going through Viridian Forest, take some Antidotes. A 10-Pack should do fine.
Thanks, wish us luck!

Here we go.

Wow, really should’ve expected that.

I got this.
Nice one. Let’s see who we’re dealing with.

Zita, huh? Nice to meet you.
Erm, hi?

Not much of a talker, maybe? How about this, you ride in my bag so we don’t confuse you with the other Weedles in the area?

Sounds good. Let’s go!

Alright, let’s start with Zita.
Go, Weedle!

Use Poison Sting!
You too Weedle!

Yeah, this isn’t going to work. We’re swapping you out, Zita!
Let me take this one.
Use String Shot!

If things start getting rough, I’m pulling you out, OK Ava?
Now, use Tackle!
String Shot!

That Weedle hit first?
String Shot made Ava slower. Gotta be.
Yep, String Shot makes it harder for your Pokemon to move. Now Weedle, use String Shot again!
Ava, keep tackling!

This string is really starting to annoy me…
Go Caterpie!
Ava, Zita, switch back!

Poison Sting!

That’s not good. Swapping back to Ava!
Ready and waiting!

At least it isn’t that stupid string.
Use Tackle, Ava!
Slow it down again Caterpie, use String Shot!

I’m not falling for that again!
Keep up the tackling!
Tackle back!

No chance.

Guess I’m gonna need to train more. See you around!
See you around!


We gradually made our way through the forest…

Dealing with some problems as they showed up.
Jon, I don’t feel so good… *urp*
You’re not the only one… ugh, this sucks.
Good thing we bought those Antidotes.

Some good stuff happened too. Zita evolved into Kakuna.

Before too long, we reached the end of the forest.

Is this a new area?
According to the Town Map, no. It looks like Viridian Forest cuts Route 2 in half.
That can happen?
Mom said that there’s a path around the forest that’s safer, but takes longer.
I get it. Route 2 goes around Viridian Forest, but the forest itself is the quicker path.

At least we made it to Pewter City though. Come on guys; let’s go to the Pokemon Center.
OK, note to self for future updates. Make sure that the formatting for opening and closing spoiler tags is the same. I ended up with the folder splitting up into two pieces after the first picture, just because the opening tags matched the first line's formatting.

EDIT: As of chapter 7, I've had to change Marnie's text colour. I'm going back through the chapters to make the needed edits. This chapter has been updated with the new colour for Marnie's text.
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Arie Kazami

Your everyday, ordinary guy
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Jul 5, 2019
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Pokédex Entry
Just an Ordinary Trainer that doing his Nuzlocke
That's pretty solid start buddy. Love all these mons personallity too. Good luck for the gym!


Ninja! Comic! Best Match!
Pokédex No.
Jul 3, 2019
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Electric, Poison
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@Arie Kazami, Thank you!

The chapter title turned out to be the same as one of the new trophies. It's just a coincidence though. There are a couple of them that I may be able to go for though, if things play out well.

What’s a Museum?
It’s a place that displays stuff like art, culture, history. I remember coming here on a field trip one time, wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking. When I stopped, I didn’t know I was stood right next to an Aerodactyl fossil, positioned in such a way that it looked like it was about to eat me.
What happened next?
What any seven year old would do. I screamed. It was like a jumpscare from a horror movie.
I guess we’re not going inside then?
I’d… prefer not to. Bad memories.
Fair enough.
Come on, Ava. Be nice.
Shall we check out the Gym?

‘Rock-Solid’, huh? Let’s see the inside.

Oh, Rock. Should’ve guessed that one.
Hey. Over here.

Hey there Challenger. I’m the local Gym Guide, and I’m going to give you a little advice.
What sort of advice?
What I’m allowed to tell you is that Brock specialises in Rock Types. as you can no doubt tell. So make sure you’re ready for those. Also, you’re going to want to thin out the team a little. Brock’s matches are two against two.
And I’ve got five. Ah.
If it’s any consolation, only the Gym Leader themselves have that sort of restriction. The Gym Trainers are just normal battles.
OK, that’s workable. I’ll be back soon.

I’m gonna need to pick team members to fight Brock. Whoever doesn’t go in with me has to go in the box for that match.
I’ll volunteer to fight Brock.
Right, so we’ve got Grant. I’m also going to bring in Beck.
Rock Types are weak to water. You’ll have a big advantage in there.
Oh. Alright then, I’m in.
So what about the rest of us?
You’ll be in the PC during the battle, but after that, I’ll come and withdraw all three of you.
Best of luck, both of you!
Thanks, but I think we’re going to need a little extra training first.
Fair enough. Let’s get to work.

We got back to training. After a little while, some good stuff happened.

First, Zita evolved into Beedrill.
Now that’s going to be useful.

Grant learned Karate Chop soon after.
This’ll be useful too.

Before long, we were ready to go.
Um, Jon?
What’s up Marnie?
If you’re taking Grant and Beck to face the Gym Leader, why did the rest of us need to train?
You’ll be coming back out of the box once we get the badge, so I figured it’d be best to have you all ready to go.
Oh, OK.
Let’s go take down that Gym Trainer first though.

OK, so Grant had trouble thanks to Defense Curl…

And Defense Curl couldn’t protect against Beck’s Bubble attack.
Beck’s taking the lead against Brock then.
A-Alright, I’ll do my best!
OK, let’s get everyone healed up. Time to finish the prep for Brock.

Good luck you three!
You better come back with a win.
We’re planning on it. See you all soon.

Hi there.
Hey. I’m Brock. I’m guessing you’re the other new trainer from Pallet Town, right?
You’ve already faced Gary, haven’t you?
I have. Got to admit, he’s got potential. Could go all the way. Little bit of an attitude though, but most trainers with one tend to lose it as they travel. But enough about him, he’s not here. You know my matches are done with two Pokemon to a team, right?
Yeah. The guy at the door there told me about that part. I’ve already chosen my two Pokemon.
Good to hear.

I’ll start with Geodude!

For me, it’s Beck!

…and you chose Squirtle. Ah.
Not a good matchup for you?
One of the worst ones. Double weakness to a type that bypasses our high defense.
Oh. Wait, double weakness?
You know how some Pokemon have two types?
You get the strengths and weaknesses of both. Geodudes are Rock and Ground Type, both weak to water. Double Weakness is shorthand for both types sharing a weakness. Regular weaknesses mean you get hit for double damage. Double weaknesses though? Four times the damage.
Seriously? That’s, kind of unnerving.
It just means to take care when using one. Either way, with this setup I’m just gonna have to make it tough for you then, aren’t I? Geodude, use Tackle!
Beck, Bubble!

Yeah, that’s the effect of a double weakness.
Wow. That’s definitely something to keep track of. Beck, use Bubble again.
Use Tackle.

That’s one. Next up, Onix!

Wow, he’s… big.
Yep. He’s the Gym’s mascot too. Now then Onix, use Tackle!
Beck, use Bubble!

Use Bubble, one more time!
Use Bind!

And that settles it.

Congratulations Challenger. I hereby present you with the official Pokemon League Boulder Badge!

Seven left to go.
There’s another prize that you get for beating me. Take this.

Technical Machines, or TMs, are basically moves that you can learn at any time, but they only work once. This is the TM for Rock Tomb. It’s a move that deals damage and slows the opponent down.

Neat. I’ll have to give that some thought.
Now, about your next Gym. The easiest one to get to is the Cerulean Gym.
OK, so how do I get there?
Head East from here, down Route 3 and you’ll hit Mt Moon. Go through there and along Route 4, and you’ll arrive in Cerulean.
Alright. Thank you for the battle, Brock.
No problem. Trust me, the other Gym Leaders are going to give you more of a challenge than I did.

Well done, both of you.
Thanks, Grant.
We’d best be ready for the road ahead. It sounds like a long trip.
Good point, and we’ve got a little bit of money now. Best to stock up. The Mart’s right there too.

There we go. Our stock’s now at 9 Potions, 7 Antidotes and 7 Poke Balls. Should be enough for now.
Sounds good to me.
I agree.

Hey guys, miss us?
Took ya long en- Hey Beck, how the hell?
You got a lot stronger.
Brock’s Geodude and Onix were much stronger on paper, but Beck had a massive type advantage. Seems I wasn’t needed this time around.
Yeah, turns out that having two types that share a weakness means taking even more damage from said weakness. Rock and Ground both hate Water, so the damage skyrockets.
S-So what about us?
Well if I know my types, and I’m pretty sure about them… Marnie, you’re weak to Fighting Type moves. Beck is weak to Grass and Electric, while Grant is weak to Psychic and Flying. Ava’s Normal and Flying, so hers is Electric, Rock and Ice. Zita meanwhile is Bug and Poison, meaning her weaknesses are Fire, Flying, Rock and Psychic.
That’s an awful lot of them.
Yeah, but when you break it down, there’s not much overlap. Beck and Ava are leaving Electric Types alone, while Grant and Zita need to steer clear of Fliers and Psychics. Ava and Zita also need to avoid Rock Types. All the other weaknesses, Fighting, Grass, Fire, and Ice are unique to one member of the team, and eventually we’ll be able to plan around them.
OK, if you’re sure.
Don’t worry. I’m not willing to make risks that could lead to you guys getting hurt.
Holding you to that. Now, you won the battle, right?

Yup. Right there is the Boulder Badge.
Alright. So where’re we going next?

Over here, to Cerulean City.
It’s pretty far away.
According to Brock, we’ve got to go through two routes and a cave. We’ve already stocked up on supplies, so we can head out anytime.
Then let’s get going!

What’s up, Beck?
That person over there. He works for Professor Oak.
Oh, does he? Let’s go say hello then. HI THERE!
Hmm? Oh! Jonathan. Hello!

I know. Beck recognised you.
I see. Well I was asked to try and catch up with you. Professor Oak wanted me to tell you that his colleague, Cedric Juniper, is looking into your request right now.
I have a Pokegear. You didn’t need to come out to Pewter to tell me that, you know.
Ah, but that’s not the only reason I’m here. Your mother asked me to pass this on to you.

The Aide handed me a shoebox.

Wow, these are… Rapidlux Running Shoes? Aren’t they really expensive?
Your Mom was saving up for a while, apparently.
Shoot, now I’m going to have to go big. Make these worth the money.
Now, I’d best be going. Do you want me to pass your old shoes back to your Mom?
Sure, just give me a second.

I quickly switched from my regular shoes to my new ones. I then gave them to the Aide who wished me luck before leaving.

Right then guys, ready for Route 3?
Lemme at ‘em.

Gotta admit, these are pretty comfy.

EDIT: As of chapter 7, I've had to change Marnie's text colour. I'm going back through the chapters to make the needed edits. This chapter has been updated with the new colour for Marnie's text.
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You challenged me to a battle because I looked in your direction.
Well you looked like you were up to something.
You were stood in the middle of the path that I was heading down. I can’t NOT look in your direction.
I’m leaving now.

Oh my. That feels strange.

Hold it. Head down onto that ledge.
Mt Moon’s this way.
Just do it already.
Not until you tell-

OK, easy!
On the ground, right in front of you.

It’s an Oran Berry.
You’re welcome.
It’s something I guess.
Not every day you see these things in the wild, at least. Maybe there’s a farm or something nearby.

Get ready everyone.

Jigglypuff, huh. Oh geez, according to the Pokedex it’s really young.
Be gentle then?
Zita, come out and Harden. Then I’ll start throwing Poke Balls.

Or I can just throw balls now. OK.

Well, that was easy.
Hi! I’m Ella. What’s your name?
I'm Jonathan.
Her voice is so high pitched it hurts my ears.
Yeah. Ow, goes right through you.
Let’s go get Zita woken up. I don’t have any items for that.

(One round trip later)

We went on a round trip from Pewter City, and there was a Center right here?
I was able to grab a few Awakenings, just in case, so it wasn’t a total waste, but yeah. For once I’m with you.

Team Rocket?
A bunch of blasted hooligans, if you ask me. Stealing the Pokemon of other people just to make a quick profit. You’re a trainer, aren’t you? Watch out for people in black uniforms with a large red R on it.

You know, for a cave, it’s pretty spacious in here.
What’s Zita doing?

Oh shoot! Poke Ball!

Alright, well he’s in the box. Let’s go shuffle the team a little.

Shale, huh?
Sup Bro? Name’s Shale. You need a Geodude to support ya, I’m happy to help.

Sorry Ella, but we need something with a bit more defense and you have no actual attacking moves.
OK. Well it was nice meeting you, and I’ll be here if you need me!

Right then, let’s keep going.

As we went through Mt Moon, we ended up with a few interesting moments.

Why hello there. I have never met a lady as stunning as you.
Wait, the heck is Cute Charm?

Cute Charm: When attacked by a Pokemon of the opposite gender, Cute Charm can cause infatuation in the opponent. While infatuated, a Pokemon may not be able to attack.

Huh. Going to have to check everyone else’s abilities soon, see what we’ve got. Grant, you OK?

Alas, parting is such sweet sorrow Ow… ah, my head is pounding.
Walk it off, lover boy.
Pretty sure she’s not your type anyway, dude.

Aw yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

So, I’m throwin’ rocks again?

Go for it.
Heh, killer.

Dude, not cool. Ow. Now let me hit ya.

Now that’s just cute.

Ain’t gonna help ya though.
He took three Screeches before stopping Voltorb.
You know two of them hit after the tackle. Not that impressive.

Who leaves candy in a cave?
It smells good though.

I didn’t realise I was that strong!
That was amazing!

Eventually though…

Jon, look!
Black uniform, large red R, this has to be a member of Team Rocket.
Oh. These jerks.
You know them Shale?
Yeah dude, they’ve been making trouble for us Pokemon for weeks now.
Well then, let’s put a stop to it. I can’t sit by and let people like that get off scot-free.
Sweet. I’m in.

Not anymore, you’re not.
Someone wants to be a hero, that it? Fine! I’ll make ya wish you’d never stuck your nose in our business!

Go Zubat! Ekans!

Shale, you’re up! Marnie, can you handle the Ekans?
Oh yeah!

Same here!

This ain’t good. Gotta let the others know.

Geez, these guys are everywhere.


Pretty sweet, eh?
Gotta admit, I like the sound of having an ancient Pokemon on the team.
I know right? Some of those things were real monsters! They’ll be real easy to sell.
You’re awfully cheery for a guy I’m about to beat.
Well with a plan like this- wait, what? Oh hell you’re the guy the others radioed in about, aren’t ya?

What do you think?
Dammit. I’m calling in a retreat.
Dude, thank you. My cluster are going to have some time to chill again.
Group of other Geodudes I lived with, they’re cool.
Oh, I was part of a pack. They weren’t that nice to me though. I prefer this team.
Well we like having you on the team Marnie.

The exit’s just past here.
Alright, let’s go guys!

You’re after these fossils, aren’t you?
I’m just-
Well you can’t have them! I found them, they’re mine! Go Grimer!
Um, Beck?

But we just wanted to get through here!
I know, but this guy attacked first, so let’s just shut him up with a battle and move on with our lives.
Use Water Gun!
Poison Gas!

Jon? I don’t feel too good.
Stick with it for now buddy, if things get too hairy, we’ll pull you back.
OK. *Cough*, what next?
Keep using Water Gun.

Beck’s looking shaky.
Yeah, I’m pulling you back, buddy. Return! Zita, you’re up!

Use Fury Attack!

I won’t let you have MY fossils! Go Voltorb!
Leave it to me dude.

Who’s next?
No, this can’t be happening! Go Koffing!
Zita, your turn again!

You know what to do!

OK OK I give up! You can have a fossil!
I wasn’t even… you know what? Fine. But first.

Here you go Beck.
Thanks, still hurts, but I’ll be good when we get to a Center.
At least you’re not poisoned anymore.
I’ll take the lead for a while.
Now, as for this whole fossil business…

I’ll take this one. Never wanted it in the first place, but if it’ll teach you a lesson about listening.
Wait, what?
Let’s go guys.
Yeah, so the exit’s this way…

Here we go!
Good to see the sun again. Come on guys, Cerulean City’s not that far away now.
There we go, next stop, Cerulean!

I've also grabbed a list of colour hexcodes for this, so I can easily get these sorted out and consistent now.

EDIT: As of chapter 7, I've had to change Marnie's text colour. I'm going back through the chapters to make the needed edits. This chapter has been updated with the new colour for Marnie's text. I've also changed Ella's text colour to make it more distinct compared to Marnie's.
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Took two attempts to get this one out. Accidentally clicked off the page and had to start over.

Left: I’m tellin’ ya, Mega Punch is the better move!
Right: Hell no, Mega Kick is better!
Left: 80 Power! 85% Accuracy! 20PP!
Right: Ha! 120 Power! 75% Accuracy, 5PP! Mine’s stronger!
Left: Mine’s more accurate and you can use it more!

We’re not going anywhere near these two.
Hold up.

Nice find, Ava.
I can spot this stuff pretty easily.
Then you can keep an eye out for more, OK?
Fair enough.

Oh, cool. Free TM.
Guys? Still Hurt.
Oh yeah, we were headed to a Pokemon Center. This stuff can come later.

Here we are, Cerulean City. Let’s get to the Center, then we’ll go get some supplies.

After those two visits, we went back to Route 4…

Right then, let’s see what we find.

There we go. Now, let’s head back to the Center and take a look at him.

OK, and his ability is Keen Eye. Hey everyone, let’s check your abilities while we’re at it.

Swarm: While heavily injured, the user’s Bug Type attacks deal increased damage.

Vital Spirit: This Pokemon cannot fall asleep due to an attack, regardless of source.

Torrent: While heavily injured, the user’s Water Type attacks deal increased damage.

Keen Eye: Other Pokemon cannot lower the user’s accuracy.

Guts: When suffering from a Status Condition such as Poison or Burn, the user’s physical attacks deal increased damage.

Rock Head: When the user uses attacks that cause recoil, such as Take Down, they do not receive recoil damage.

Huh, this is actually kind of interesting.
Erm, Jon? I don’t want to be poisoned… or burned.
If I had my way, you wouldn’t be. It just means that if it does happen, you’ll be able to hit harder.
I’m not a fan of Zita and Beck’s ones either. If I need to have you guys get hurt to use your abilities, then no thank you. Anyway, Vince can wait in the box. He and Ava fill the same niches.

We went back to Route 4 to get some training done.

Whoh, this is weird. So, this is what evolving is like.

I’m not a local, so I can’t say I have.
He’s an up and coming inventor with a major interest in Pokemon. Heck, some folks are saying he could be his generation’s answer to Professor Oak himself!
Wow, that’s really interesting. Where can I find Bill then?
Just head out the north exit to the city, along Route 24. Follow that as far as you can, and you’ll hit Bill’s house at the end of Route 25. Heck, some trainers head out there just to train, since it’s real easy to get back to Cerulean.
You don’t say…

What do you say everyone, shall we head north to train a bit more?
If it’s better than Route 4, then sure. I’m game.
I’m OK with it.
It is getting rather simple to defeat the Pokemon on that Route.
Heh, a chance to really workout? Let’s do it.
Looks like we all agree.
Alright then, let’s head north! But first, hey Ava.
These candies we found. You eat them.
Why me?
I’ve been doing some research when you were getting taken care of here in the center, and it turns out they promote growth in Pokemon.
Eat them and I bet you’ll be happy with the results.

Hmm, not bad. Urk-

What the heck is in those things?

Not a clue, but according to the Pokedex, you were going to be evolving soon. I figured those candies would give you that extra push.
OK, I will. Now, let’s get going!

There’s the bridge. Let’s go.
Is that who I think it is?
Oh no, no. Why now of all times?

Ugh… I’m not rushing my journey. We all have our pace.
If you say so. Well I went to see that Pokemaniac Bill and he showed me some really rare Pokemon. Not only that, but I got some new Pokemon that are wicked strong and smart on the way to him! That aside, while we’re both here, how about a battle?
Fine, just no whining about Tail Whip this time.
Wait, what?
Last time we battled Gary, we accidentally used Tail Whip when we panicked right at the start, and it ended up being just what won us the match. Gary wasn’t happy.
I can imagine that.
Well how many of us were there last time?
Just me and Jon.
Well, he’s in for a rude awakening now.

You’re in for a surprise Jon! Go Pidgeotto!
Shale, you take the lead.

A Geodude? Really?
A large chunk of my team is quite squishy. Shale here provides a nice defense boost.
Well it’s got two very big weaknesses I can hit.
Well, that’s assuming you get to throw out something that has an advantage against Shale. Speaking of, Shale, use Rock Throw!
Use Gust!

Uh oh.
Well now.

That was easy.
Gah, go Bulbasaur!
Ava, your turn!

Oh, you have a Pidgeotto too.
Yep. I also have a full team, unlike you.
Sleep Powder!

Wow, this is easy.
Grrr… ABRA!
Go for it! Marnie!

Use Hyper Fang!

Is that OK?
That was great.
Ratatta, get ‘em!
Hey Beck, want to finish this?
OK, if you want me to.

Your Squirtle evolved then? Great…
Yep, and let’s roll with the status moves. Withdraw!
Like hell you are! Use Tail Whip!

Well that was a waste.
Yeah, just go with Water Gun for now.
Tail Whip again!

We’ll see how you like having a lower Defense!

Are… are you carrying a grudge?
Er- no- SHUT UP!
Beck, use Withdraw. That Ratatta’s probably got Hyper Fang and you’ve seen how strong Marnie’s is.
Good call.
Quick Attack!

Water Gun again!
Use Hyper-


I’m meant to be the one with the wins.

I’ll beat you one of these days, and when I do… you’ll see me laughing.

I thought you were leaving.

He needs to relax.
Come on guys, let’s head to the Center. We’ll head out to Bill’s in an hour or so.

EDIT: As of chapter 7, I've had to change Marnie's text colour. I'm going back through the chapters to make the needed edits. This chapter has been updated with the new colour for Marnie's text.
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It’s not a bridge though.
Sure it is, a structure carrying a road or path over a river or obstacle.
There’s nothing but smooth land underneath this ‘bridge’. It’s a boardwalk at best.
Look, let’s get on with it. Beat us five trainers and you’ll win a prize at the end.
Fine then.

Well that was quick.

In honor of your victory over the Nugget Bridge-
Whatever! I hereby award you this fabulous prize!

You know, I’m a recruiter, and you’re pretty strong. How would you like to join Team Rocket?
No. In fact, I’m the one that ruined their fossil dig at Mt Moon.
Ah. Plan B then!

Hand over your Pokemon!

Nice one.
Er- this isn’t over!
With that out of the way…

Let’s see what we can find in here.

We’d kill it in one shot, so lucky we have a better Poke Ball! Go Great Ball!

Cool. His ability is… Synchronise?
Pokedex: Synchronise. When the user is affected by a status condition such as Poison, Burn, or Paralysis, the status also affects the opponent, unless the opponent is protected through their ability or typing.
Huh. Could be useful.
Didn’t we need to go to the PC to check that out?
Found an App for it on the Pokedex. Can’t change the team around, but we can check out our catches without needing to head to the PC now.
Hmm, that does make things easier, at least.

Pokedex: Attract. When used on a Pokemon of the opposite gender to the user, this move causes the Infatuation Status. Does not affect Pokemon of the same gender to the user, genderless Pokemon, or Pokemon with the Oblivious ability. Huh.
I request you not use that on me. After last time, I really don’t like that effect.
Fair enough.

Oh hey, new Route.

A Grass Type could prove useful later on down the line. Clorophyll huh? Higher speed in intense Sunshine. That’s new.
Not very strong though.

OK, Pokedex. What’s this move do?
Secret Power. This attack has an additional effect that varies according to the terrain. Regardless of environment however, this Normal-Type move deals damage.
Sounds like a gamble, dude.
Yeah, let’s pocket this one for now.

I guess this is the place.
There’s no road left, so it must be.
Let’s head in.

Hello? Is anyone here?
Oh, yes. I do apologise for the inconvenience, but I do require a little bit of help.
OK, so Bill is here, but I don’t see him.
Um, Jon? I think I found him.

You’re a Clefairy.
Yes, I am. It is somewhat embarrassing, but I do hope you’d be able to help me rectify this little problem.
How did you do this?
Oh, I understood that! I guess that’s one perk to having been turned into a Pokemon. Even a failure can be turned into a learning experience. Wait, you can understand Pokemon as well?
Only ones that I’m marked as the trainer for. I’m not sure why though, it seems to just be me that can do it. Shale’s got a point though. This is not normal. How did you end up like this?
I was trying to use the same technology used in the Pokemon Storage System, my own design by the way, to create true human teleportation. Imagine it, you could travel from Saffron City, Kanto to Goldenrod City, Johto, all with just the push of a button!
It sounds useful.
I know! Alas, it appears that some wires got crossed and I accidentally merged with an unknown trainer’s Clefairy. I imagine that they’re truly worried about their Pokemon, so I reverse-engineered the initial program into a new Cell Separation one, all in order to restore me to human form while returning Clefairy to wherever it came from.
I sense a ‘but’ coming.
Perceptive. I need to be in the capsule over there when the program starts, and I can’t set a timer for this one. I’ve made all the necessary adjustments. All I need you to do is hit ‘Enter’.
Alright then.

I’m ready!
He says he’s ready!
Starting Cell Separation… now.

The computer and the teleporter began to flare up, lights flashing for a few seconds before stopping.

Ah, much better. I’m me again. If you don’t mind, may I test something?
So long as it doesn’t involve technology.
Nothing of the sort this time. All I ask is that one of your Pokemon says something.
OK… Marnie?
What should I say?
Oh! I can still understand Pokemon! Wonderful! This could lead into whole new avenues of research on Pokemon Communication! Now, to thank you for your assistance…

I know I have one somewhere in this desk… Oh! Yes, this’ll do!

Here, take this.

The SS Anne is hosting a lavish party while docked in Vermillion City. I’m not one for this sort of event though, so I’m fine giving you my place.

Thank you. We’ll check it out when we get to Vermillion.
How do we get there anyway?
Oh, it’s so thrilling to understand Pokemon! Simply go south of Cerulean and you’ll arrive in Saffron City. It’s the busiest city in Kanto and acts as a major thoroughfare to different parts of the region. Head out of the city’s southern exit and keep going south. You’ll arrive in Vermillion before you know it.
Thanks for the directions. We’d best get going. We have a Gym to take on.
Ah yes, Misty’s Gym. Water type if I recall. With your team, I would recommend evolving your Ratatta, Marnie was it?
Yes, that’s right.
Thank you. Raticate are far stronger than Ratatta, and I’m sure that Marnie would prove a truly great asset for your team once that happens. Now, before you go, about your communication ability…
Professor Oak’s looking into it. He said he was asking a friend of his for help. Cedric Something.
That must be Cedric Juniper. I’d read an interview of his that mentioned that he had taken an interest in Pokemon Language. I’ll send a message to Professor Oak, see if I can’t offer some assistance.
Thanks. Now, we really should be going.
Of course. I wish you all the best of luck.

Well, this makes getting back to Cerulean an easy run.
So, back to training?
Yeah, we’re gonna take Bill’s advice.
I’m going to evolve?
That’s right.
Wow, I never thought I’d become a Raticate.

After getting back to Cerulean and healing, we made our way back to Route 24 to train.

I did it, I evolved!
Well done Marnie! Now, we’ve got to get everyone else ready to go, too.

Eventually, we finished our prep for the Gym.

I’d say this is looking good. Let’s go check out the Gym.

It’s a giant pool.
I like it.
Eh, not my kinda place dude. Can I go back in the ball?
OK Shale. *Pchoo*
Hey there Challenger. Welcome to the Cerulean Gym. As you can no doubt tell, we use Water Type Pokemon here, Misty’s favourite.
Yeah, no kidding. How many Pokemon am I allowed to use against Misty?
Matches are 2v2, same as with Brock.
Alright then.

We cleared out the trainers and went back to the Pokemon Center.

Marnie, Beck, you’re the ones we’re going with for this Gym.
Let’s do it Marnie.
Go get ‘em you two!
Fight well, both of you.
If you screw this up there’ll be hell to pay.
Oh, um…
Don't worry. We’ll win.

Pretty cute too.
I-I’m sorry?!
I’m just pulling your leg. Just having a little fun. So, you’re a new challenger then?
That’s right.
*Giggle* I bet the guy at the door told you about the format?
Yep. We each get two Pokemon.
Correct! So, shall we get started?

Let’s go. Marnie, take the lead!
Go, Staryu!

Raticate huh? Don’t see many of those in my battles. Everyone grabs an Oddish or a Bellsprout, if they didn’t already have a Bulbasaur.
Yeah, well I do have an Oddish, but the training would have just dragged on, so I’ve got no Grass Types for this battle.
Ooh, this’ll be refreshing then! Staryu, use Water Pulse!
Hey Marnie, let’s see your Hyper Fang now that you’re a Raticate!
Got it!

W-Was that me?
Oh yeah it was. Congrats Marnie, you just one-shotted a Gym Leader’s Pokemon!
Well, guess I have another Pokemon to be worried about. My Gym’s Ace isn’t going to be as easy though. I hope. Go, Starmie!
Marnie, Beck! Switch!
I’ll keep the momentum going Marnie! Not letting your win go to waste!

I guessed right. Evolved form.
How could you tell?
Staryu, Starmie. The names were way too similar. It’s like Pidgey and Pidgeotto.
Yeah, I see your point.
Ohmygod you have a Wartortle! I’ve always wanted one! Those ears are so adorable! Their tails are so fluffy, ooh I can’t stand not having one!
My ears are adorable?
That sort of thing’s subjective. So, let’s try out your new Bite attack!
Use Swift!

Wait, how was Bite Super Effective?
Here I thought you knew. When Staryu evolve into Starmie, they become part Psychic-Type. Bite is a Dark-Type attack, which Psychic is weak to.
Huh. OK then, let’s roll with it, Beck. Bite again!
Use Water Pulse!

Ugh. I’m not giving up!

Nice one Beck!

Big finishes for both rounds. Nice work. Here, I present to you the official Pokemon League Cascade Badge!

TM03 is Water Pulse. A powerful Water-Type attack that can leave the enemy reeling from confusion!
I bet your Wartortle is still using Water Gun, right? Water Pulse would be a great upgrade for him!
I’ll keep that in mind. Now then, where’s the next Gym.
You’ve actually got three readily available. Maybe even four.
Wait, what? I’ve got a map, so let me just grab it.

OK, we’re here.
Now, if you head south one city, you hit Saffron. That’s one Gym. To the west of that is Celadon, that’s two. The third is in Vermillion, and the fourth one is down in Fuchsia. I’d steer clear of that one for a while though. Koga’s pretty tough and it’s quite the trek.
I see. Well we are headed to Vermillion for the SS Anne party.
You got an invitation?
Bill gave me his for helping him deal with a technical problem.
Oh, that makes sense. I guess you have your destination then.
I guess so. We’ll be seeing you, Misty.

Hey guys, we’re back.
You win?
Yep, that makes our second badge.
Marnie took out Misty’s first Pokemon with one attack.
Good work. I knew you had it in you.
We’ve also worked out where we’re going next.
Vermillion City’s not just where the SS Anne is docked, there’s also a Gym there.
Sweet. Maybe I’ll get to take one on.
Maybe. Let’s get going.

*Ring ring*
My Pokegear’s ringing.


Hello, Jonathan?
Hi Professor, what’s up?
I’ve gotten word from Bill; he’s offering his assistance regarding your ability to understand Pokemon. May I ask how that happened?
One of Bill’s inventions accidentally merged him with a Pokemon. We helped him to fix the problem, and he offered to help out as a thank you.
I... see, well that aside, we’ve gotten a response back from my colleague, Cedric Juniper. Cedric, Bill and I have looked through as much as we could for any record of a person being able to understand Pokemon speech like you, but for now we’ve turned up nothing.
So, what do you want us to do?
Right now, just be careful. There’s no telling if your ability begins and ends with communication. If it does, then think of it as a gift. If it’s merely one part of a larger whole, then whatever the rest of this entails, the only way to discover it is to have it happen.
I get it. I’ll keep you posted.
Please, see that you do, and good luck.

So, what are we going to do?
I’m going to say continue on as normal. Let me put it this way; if something bad happens under certain conditions, then our job is to make sure that those conditions are never met.
It’d be easier if we knew what those conditions were.
I agree. But right now, we’re going to have to play it by ear. Let’s go guys. Vermillion City, here we come.

So, I do believe that covers the condition for the 'Mistymeanor' challenge.
Defeat Misty without using Grass Types or Status Moves. Well, here's the screenshots that prove it, taken right after the match.
EDIT: As of chapter 7, I've had to change Marnie's text colour. I'm going back through the chapters to make the needed edits. This chapter has been updated with the new colour for Marnie's text.
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This part took some powering through to get done. Just couldn't find the motivation for a while. Got it done though, so let's get back to Nuzlocking.

How do we go south anyway?
Oh, you want to head onto Route 5? Check out the house at the north end of town.
How would heading north help me go south?
That house has a path behind it that leads to Route 5.
Oh. Well, thank you.
No problem. Now if my Slowbro here would listen to me, we’d both have what we want.

This must be the house. Now why is there a police officer outside?
Move along, son. There’s been a crime inside.
I’m just wanting to cut through. I’m a trainer and right now, this appears to be the only way I can get onto Route 5.
…Alright then, go on through, but don’t loiter. And don’t tell anyone that I let you through. We could both get in trouble.

They’ve destroyed my house!
Did they take anything?
Yeah, a TM for the move Dig.
Digging a hole requires a TM?
It’s more about tunnelling and navigation. You know, making sure that they know what’s going on around them while underground.
Ah. Fair enough.
If you find the guy who did this, deal with them for me, would ya?
Sure thing.

Ok, I’m pretty sure I could have done a better job getting away.
It really is quite pathetic.

Pretty darn sure it’s not yours either.
Grr, what do you know?
Mt Moon for fossils and the Nugget Boardwalk for recruitment. I know enough to ruin a couple plans of yours. Now hand over the TM you stole and turn yourself in.
Welp, I tried. Ava?
Bring it on.

And give back the TM you stole.
Here, take it! Just leave me alone! But mark my words, this isn’t over!

Here you go sir. One Rocket Grunt, freshly beaten, and one TM for Dig.
Kid, you keep it.
May I ask why?
I figure that you could probably make better use of it, so you keep it.
A-Alright then, if that’s what you’re OK with.
It is, and if you need a quick shortcut through to other areas, you can cut through my house as needed.
Thank you, sir.
Now get going. You got a journey to continue, right?
Alright then.

Huh, it really did cut around to Route 5. Awesome.

Let’s see what we find.

That’s a really low level for us. Just going to have to throw Poke Balls.

There we go.

Not bad. Pokedex says that Pickup allows the user to find items randomly. OK. That’s quite useful.

What’s a house doing out here?
Could be trouble.
Let’s check it out.

Hello, welcome to the Pokemon Daycare!
What’s a Pokemon Daycare?
Leave a Pokemon with us, and we’ll help you to raise them using our specialised methods. However, there are some points to keep in mind. One, we do not allow Pokemon to evolve while in our care. Two, any moves that a Pokemon learns will be removed on a first-in first-out basis. Finally, we do not work for free. The going rate is 100 Poke, plus another 100 for every level gained while in our care.
Alright then, sounds fair. I’ve got one that you can try.

Bye everyone, see you later!
Why Ella?
Because right now, she needs the training and this place seems like the safest place for her to do so. Gives us an easy way to see how this all works.
Makes sense. Now let’s go.

Sorry kid; can’t let anyone through right now.
Why not?
We’re experiencing some technical difficulties right now. The doors to my right are busted and won’t open. It’s gonna take a while to repair.
I’m trying to get to Vermillion City, any suggestions?
Oh yeah. Just outside there’s an underground walkway. It’ll get you past Saffron City no problem.
Alright then. See you.

Guess we’re going underground.

Ugh, we’re underground again…
You look pretty uncomfortable Ava. Do you want to talk about it?
No. Just can’t wait for us to be out of this passage.
Don’t worry Ava, we’ll be there soon.

According to the Pokedex and Town Map, we’ve already caught all of the Pokemon that live in the tall grass. We can come back when we get something that lets us use the water.

Erm, dude?
Pokedex: Self Destruct. Deals massive damage to the target, but the user faints after the attack.
Yeah, no. We’re not even giving this one a chance.

There’s a lot of water here!
Well Vermillion is a port town.
Can we have a look around?
It would help us learn what’s in the area.
Alright then, let’s look around.

I’m guessing you’ve felt it, right? Well I’ve got something that’ll show me which people are ready for a rematch!
It would be good to take some people on again.
I know right? Well I’ve got two of these Vs. Seekers, so why don’t you take one?

It’ll charge up as you walk, and the range is pretty limited, but it's a really useful tool for a trainer.


I’ve never really tried.
Well take this rod. It’s old, and it isn’t the best quality, but it’s great for beginners.

Alright. We have a fishing rod now.
I wonder what we’ll find in the water.

A fan club, for Pokemon?

Maybe it’s a place for people who like certain Pokemon to meet each other?

Could be. Let’s take a look.

This is a place to where Pokemon enthusiasts can meet like-minded people. I see you’re a trainer.
That’s right.
It's always good to hear that someone is taking an interest in Pokemon. Here's a small gift for you.

A voucher for a free bicycle?
An acquaintance of mine runs a shop in Cerulean. Give him that voucher and he’ll give you a bicycle.
But what about you?
I don't need it. I've been to every town and city in the region. My Fearow can get me there much quicker with the move Fly.
Alright then. Thank you.

The SS. Anne is that way.
Yeah, but we can catch something new this way.
Fair enough.

Huh. I think we can work with an Ekans.

Iris huh, and the ability is Intimidate. Reduces opponent’s attack strength upon entering battle. I’m alright with that.
Can we head back to the Center? I’d like to get this poison dealt with.

Back at the Center…

Zita? What’re you doing. Come on, we need to go.
*Shakes Head*
You’re not coming with us?
*Shakes Head*
If that’s what you want. You are OK sticking around in the box, right?
You have an idea for the one taking your place?

I guess we’re taking the newbie then.
Yeah. Let’s do a little training to get Iris up to speed.

Hello. My name’sss Irisss.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, it’s good to meet you. We’re just going to be switching you in and out to help you gain experience, OK?

Looking good thus far, Iris.
I still can’t get used to the hissing.
Can’t help it. Ssshould ssstop when I evolve. I never heard it from the nessst mother.
OK… So, are we moving on now?
I think so. We still have the party on the SS Anne to go to.

Here you go.

Hmmm. Yeah, it’s an official ticket to the shindig the Cap’n’s throwin’. Shame he’s under the weather right now.
Is it serious?
Nah, he's just a little seasick. It happens sometimes. He usually sleeps it off.
Oh, alright. Am I good to go in?
Yeah, head on in. Go have fun.

Hmm, let’s try the fishing rod, while we have the chance.
But the ship’s right there!
I’m sure he knows what he’s doing. At least I think I’m sure he does.
Ssso, why are we heading onto thisss ssship?
Oh yeah, you’re new. There’s a party being held on board. We got an invite for helping a person, who had been turned into a Clefairy, turn back into a human.
OK, something’s on the hook!

Damn that’s weak. I’ll just throw Poke Balls.
We’re doing this a lot lately.
Yeah, we may have to look into having a weaker team member join us just for catches.

OK, I was expecting this to get marked as a Vermilion City encounter.
The ship counts as an area?

Right then, let’s find the party.

We quickly found the party. A few hours later…

That food was seriously good.
Right guys; let’s look around before the ship leaves.
*Burp* ‘Scuse me. You think there’s stuff to find?
Some of the other partygoers were saying that some of the passengers are trainers looking for a battle.
I gotcha. A chance to fit some extra training in.
Ssshall we get moving then?
Let’s do it.

As we went through the ship, battling the passengers that were looking for a fight, we found a good number of TMs and other items.

Iris evolved while we were training as well.

Irisss. Irisss. I-RIS. Testing. Ah, much better. No more hissing. I think.
You think?
Can’t… say for… sure. I’m having to be deliberate with what I… say right now. Until I get… used to it, I may ssstart to hiss again.
Well at least you have a chance to get past it now.
Yep. Now… shall we?

You’re all caught up, so yeah, we shall.

I think we may only have one place left.
What makes you say that?
We’ve been in every room and spoken to everyone inside. We even went into the kitchens.
Those chefs were not happy that we were in there.
That only leaves one place.
The captain’s room.
Yeah. There were people saying that the captain was open to visitors last time they checked. Let’s go take a look.

Seriously? How the heck were you invited?
So yeah, Marnie and Iris' text colours. I'm going to have to make some changes because the text is like this:


It's not easy to keep track at first glance, so I'm going to be making a change to Marnie's text. I'm thinking of going with This. Much easier to distinguish. I'm going to go back through the run and make the edits. Then there's a small change to make to Ella, but that's a lot simpler because she only has a few lines to rework. She'll be going from Deep Pink to Hot Pink.

With that out of the way, I'll catch you guys next time.
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In actuality, no. I wasn’t.
So, how’d a goody two shoes like you get on board?
Wuzzat now?
Bill gave me his ticket. Helped him with something he needed to get done and he gave me his ticket as a thank you. That’s how I got on board.
Much as I don’t like you, you’re not one to lie. So, you’ve got two badges, right?
Yeah. Got mine not long after seeing Bill.
Heh, same. How’s about a battle then?
Well if you’re so eager to get your ass kicked, fine.

Let’s go. Start us off, Iris!
Go, Pidgeotto!

Whoa, new one.

Yup, and she’s doing great so far. Iris, use Glare!
Use Quick Attack!

You ssstay ssstill. Very. Still.
Gotta love Paralysis. Now, hit it with Wrap!
Use Sand Attack!

Agh, I hate sssand in my eyesss.
I’m sure you can take it Iris. Go for a Bite attack.
Use Tackle!

Come on, I can do thisss… going for another bite!
Alright Iris. I trust you.
Argh, stupid attack drop! Use Gust!

He’s nearly down Iris. Use Poison Sting to finish it!
Got it!

Got ‘im.

Nice work Iris. Come on back, we’ll get your eyes cleaned.
Go Kadabra!
Leave this one to me.
You sure Beck?
…Positive. Leave him to me.
Then go for it, Beck. I choose you!

Use Bite.
Heh. Kadabra? Use Kinesis.

Uh, everything’s going wavy. Bite did well, I’m gonna use that again.
Two Pokemon in a row Gary? Just how much of a grudge do you have when it comes to status moves?!
Shut up! Kadabra, use Disable!

Take that.
Come on, really? Ivysaur, do something to them!
Heh, my turn!

Oh hey, the plant’s grown.
I’m guessing all we need to do is use Gust.
Fair enough.

What the-?

Heh, hope your Pidgeotto likes losing a little health each round. My team’ll appreciate the healing.
Ava, his side’s draining health off you! Finish it quickly!
Going with Quick Attack then!


Alright Ava, come on back.
Go Raticate!
Allow me.

Go for Karate Chop, that Raticate probably has Hyper Fang.

Very well.
Oh, come on! 3 battles in a row!? This isn’t fair!
Grow up Gary.
AGH! Whatever!

At least I got the Cut HM from him. Now I’m headed to take on the Gym Leader. Later.

Come on guys, let’s go see the captain.

Another trainer? Ugh… I’m sorry you have to see me like this. What’s the matter?
I just wanted to thank you for throwing the party.
Really? *Sigh* I think this round has passed. You’re welcome young man. By the way,

What does it do?
*Chuckle* Well, for one, as one of the seven HM Moves, it offers both an in-battle use as well as an out-of-battle one.
Seven HM Moves? Never heard of those.
Well then, allow me to explain. These moves allow the user to more easily travel throughout the world. Cut, the move I specialise in, allows you to remove any plants that block your path. Other moves allow you to light up dark places, travel over water and even take to the skies.
Dude, that’s pretty crazy.
Just Cut would open up a lot of places for us.
That is pretty interesting.
Splendid! Here, take this HM then.

Now, just so you’re aware, unlike TMs, HMs never burn out after use. However, HM moves come with a catch. They aren’t easily forgotten. They can be used in battle though. I’d say that Cut would make a good replacement for Scratch or Tackle.

OK, so I’d best think about who gets the move.
Normal types can make the best out of it. Same Type Attack Bonus and whatnot.
Oh yeah, I forgot about that.
I’ll take it. It can replace Scary Face.
OK then, we’ll head back to the Center, then take care of it.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to set sail.
I’ll get going then, safe voyage!

We made our way quickly off the ship.

…and there they go.
So dude, about this Cut move…
Right. Let’s head back to the Center.

Cut has a power rating of 50, coupled with a 50% boost from Same Type Attack Bonus, that puts Cut at a 75 Power equivalent. Not bad. And you know what? Looking at what we have available, let’s go a little wild. Marnie’s getting Cut, Beck’s getting Water Pulse, and I’m going to give Iris Secret Power.
Because Wrap needs replacing. I don’t remember the last time a trainer switched out on me mid-battle unless their Pokemon had fainted.
Fair enough.
Hey Grant, you want Brick Break?
I’ll stick to what I have right now, thank you.
Alright then, if you change your mind, just let me know. Now though? It’s TM Time!

Oh my, this feels very strange.
Tell me about it.
It isss quite an odd feeling.

OK, that’s useful. Bit of a jerk move to block off the Gym like that though.

Ready to face Lt. Surge?
Not sure yet, any info on the Gym?
Sure buddy! Electric Types. 3v3 for the battle with the Lieutenant. He’s also told me to tell challengers about the Gym’s puzzle. See those baskets there?
Well there are switches at the bottom of each of them. Only two are active at any given time, and you’ll need to hit them both to open the door!
Right, that seems a little easy.
This Gym is the least popular one in Kanto, and this puzzle’s the reason. Once you hit the first switch, you need to hit the second without missing. If you miss, then the puzzle resets and the switches shuffle around.
Simple. The boss doesn’t like getting challenged by just anyone. Persevere and face him, and that’ll earn you a small amount of respect with him.
…We’ve got no choice, have we?
Not really. Good luck though!

This one?
Ow! The inactive ones shock me too? This gym sucks. Electric Types, though? Ava, Beck, you’re sitting this one out.
Got it. I’m not even mad. Electric types suck.
Yeah, they’re not fun.
Good thing ya got me on board then. Electricity just does nothin’ to me, dude.
Then you’re taking the lead.
I’m pretty neutral to Electricity.
And we need Marnie to get into the Gym, so that settles it. Our team is Marnie, Iris and Shale.

What?! This is the last can, but the first active switch. I thought two were active at any time?
Come here a second, challenger.
The heck?

Since you ended up on a corner, that’s lucky for you. You’ve got a one in three chance.
Huh. OK then. So, since this was the basket we found the first switch in, I’m going to guess this one!

Oh thank you, we don’t have to go through that again. Come on, let’s the team set up.

Good luck you guys! So this is what the box is like.
Gotta say, it ain’t half bad. Bring home the win!
Remember to think your moves through.
Thanks guys, see you later!
Hey Zita? We’ve got some stuff to tell you about…

Got to admit, it’s strange not having Beck on hand.
Don’t worry dude! We’ll make him proud!
Let’s get this Gym done with.
I think we’re all… sick of it. Let’sss go.

I’m here for a Gym Battle.
Heh, you don’t look like much. You got past my basket puzzle though, so I guess you’re not all talk.
Back off kid. I’ve been in the army. Compared to the shit I’ve been through? This was nothing.
…Let’s just get this battle over with.
Fine. I accept your challenge.

Go, Voltorb!
Iris, let’s get this done quickly, I don’t want to be in this Gym any longer than I have to be.

Are you OK Jon?
We’ll talk about it later. I promise.
Dude, we’re holding you to that.
Fair enough. Use Glare.
Voltorb, use Sonic Boom!

Now, try Secret Power!
Use Sonic Boom again!


Whoa. That’s one hell of a step up from Wrap.
OK, I like that move. Doing it again!

Who’d have guessed an Arbok could kick ass. Well, next up, it’s Pikachu!
I’ll… stay in!

Alright, just be careful.

Use Secret Power!

Well, that was quick.
Nice work.
Grrr, Raichu! You’ve got this!
Now we’re switching. Shale, your turn.
I’m on it, dude!

Dude, THAT’S what Pikachu evolves into?
Don’t knock it just yet Shale. Evolution and six levels higher than Pikachu. That’s going to be quite the leap.
So you do have a good head on yer shoulders. Still not gonna help you. Raichu, use Double Team!
Shale, use Magnitude!

Making copies of yourself bro?

Yeah, I’m just gonna hit all of them.

Well shit.
Shale, that was amazing!
Just how I roll dude!

Well, I got nothing to complain about. That win was undeniable. So here, take the Thunder Badge.
Fine, now give me my TM.
The hell kid, you got into that battle, but you turned ice cold as soon as it ended.
It was a good battle, but I just don’t like you. TM. Now.
Fine, fine. Here.

The move’s called Shock Wave. Electric type. Never misses. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Come on guys.

So, how’d it go?
We won. But Jon… we need to talk.
She’s right dude. Outside the battle, you weren’t acting like you normally do.
Yeah, I did promise to do this. Let’s head somewhere a little more private.
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Dude, we need to talk about what happened in the Gym there.
What happened?
You know how thossse… switches… shocked Jon whenever he touched them?
Yes? What about them?
Surge said they were there to prove that trainers ‘Weren’t all talk’. In other words, the entire Gym Puzzle boils down to ‘Stick your hand into this basket and hit the button. Hit the wrong one, you get a shock. Hit the right one, you have one chance to hit the second switch to open the way, or you get another shock and the puzzle resets. If that happens, have fun, because you’ve got to start over and do it all again!’ We were pretty lucky. Sure, I got shocked quite a few times, but I found both switches in one pass.
I got ya. If we missed the second one, that’s another go around. Worst case scenario, you have to inspect every basket again.
Every time you miss the second one, it’s another go around.
There were 15 in total, too, so Jon was shocked 14 times. It only increases with every miss.
It’s too flawed. I bet that to Surge, getting the two switches in the first two baskets may as well be the same as getting it right on attempt number 50.
It ssstill doesn’t excuse your behaviour though. At the... start of the battle? Fair enough.
You picked up a little during the battle,
But then you got all angry again afterwards. “Give me my TM” and all that.
We’re not going to have you apologise to him. Just… be aware of your behaviour a bit more, OK?
*Sigh* …Yeah, I see why you’re concerned now. I’ll try and rein it in a little. We good?
It’s all we can asssk for.
So long as you’re aware of it, we’re cool. We’ll also knock some sense into ya if it happens again.
Noted. So, we’re picking up where we left off?
Sure dude. So, now where are we going next?

When Misty was giving us ideas on where to go next, she showed us that Saffron City is kind of a hub town. So, looking at the map, we get this. North is Cerulean, West is Celadon, East is Lavender Town, and South is here, Vermilion.
But we can’t get into Saffron City right now.
No, we can’t just yet. We can’t get to Celadon until we get into Saffron, so that’s out. So that leaves us going East from here, then North to get to Lavender Town.
OK, so we’re headed East from here. Got it.

At least we can get through this gatehouse.
Never seen you before. You’re a trainer, right?
Yeah, why?
Just letting you know that there’s a second floor to some of these buildings.
Hmm. OK then, let’s take a look.

Have you got one? I’ll trade a Nidorina for it.
Sorry, I haven’t got one.
Aww man, no one has one right now.

That reward? A nifty Itemfinder! You can use it to find items that are concealed in some way.

Kind of like a Metal Detector then.
You know, I can do that job too.
Yeah, I know, but it’d be useful to have regardless. Let’s see, according to the Pokedex, that’s 55 Pokemon that we’ve seen, and 19 fully registered.
I’ve been told to give it to you once that 19 becomes a 30. Motivation, you know?
Little bit awkward, but OK… we’ll be back for it.

Oh what the hell?
It’sss that time of year, I sssee.
What do you mean?
Every year, around thisss time, a Snorlax shows up and fallsss asleep for a while. There’s nothing we can do.

Well, at the very least, there’s a route connecting Cerulean City with Lavender Town.

We returned to Vermilion City.

Oh hey, another aide.
Hi Jonathan, I guess you’ve met the other aide?
Yeah, the one that was going to give us the Itemfinder.
He had the itemfinder? He should have had the HM for Flash. Just a moment.
He’s pulling out a phone.
Hey Steven. Where are you right now?

Uh huh. Route 2? Weren’t you meant to be in the Route 11 Gatehouse to give Gary and Jon the Flash HMs?

What do you mean Stephan’s at that gatehouse? You idiots. You’ve got your locations switched!

I don’t care that you… You know what? Screw it. Stay there, I’m sending Jon to you. *Click*

Stupid similar names. OK, there’s been a mix up. You were supposed to get the HM for Flash at the Route 11 gatehouse, and the Itemfinder was supposed to be on the side path on Route 2.

OK… so where does that leave me? I can’t get to Lavender Town via Route 12 at the moment because there’s a Snorlax blocking the way.
Oh hell, it’s Snorlax season too? That means you’re headed to Rock Tunnel then. Trust me. You’re going to need to get that Flash HM. It’s total darkness in there. Just before you hit Route 11, there’s a small cave known as the Diglett’s Cave. Go through there, and you’ll be back on Route 2. Go south from the cave’s exit, and you’ll find the Aide that can give you the HM. OK?
That’s… really out of the way.
I know, but there’s at least a silver lining. You can immediately cut through to Pewter from there.
And then we can loop back around to Cerulean. I hear ya.
As an apology, I’m also going to contact a friend of mine at the Pewter Museum. He’s got a piece of Old Amber stored there that was going to be donated to the museum, but they got a better piece and there just isn’t enough room. I can get them to give it to you.
They’re just going to give it to me for free?
That’s where this next part comes in. There’s a researcher on Cinnabar Island that’s claiming to have found a way to revive Pokemon from fossils. They want to see whether or not it’s legit, so if you go see that researcher when you get to Cinnabar, you can verify those claims for the Museum. The Amber would be a means to an end there.
I guess that would work.
It also helps that the curator of the museum owes me a favour, so I can make sure that you get chosen to take the Amber.
Alright then, looks like we’re headed to the Diglett’s Cave.
Just for the record, you’re probably going to want a Flying Type to lead your party while you’re in the cave. The Diglett line have Arena Trap for an ability, and it’s nasty. But Flying Types aren’t affected.
Alright then, we’ll consider that. Let’s go guys!

Do we have to do this? Cerulean City’s not too far away.
Yeah, but I’d like to be able to see where I’m going once we hit Rock Tunnel. I’m not a fan of why we’re having to go this roundabout way, but it’s out of our hands now.

At least we got that out of the way.
Uh huh. Now let’s hurry on back to Pewter.

How long have we been walking through this tunnel.
3 hours 27 minutes.
That was specific. You OK Ava?
You don’t sound fine.
I said I’m fine, so I’m fine! End of discussion!
If you say so… I hope we’re nearly there, at least.


It’s been a while since we were on this Route.
If only my old pack could see me now, we never stayed in one place for too long though, I'm sure they've moved onto the next den.
I’m sure they’d be impressed Marnie, you've come a long way. Now let’s get going, we’ve got an Aide to find.

Sorry about the mixup there, so I can give you this HM if you’ve got 10 Pokemon, so let’s see what you have.
Here you go.

OK, you’ve got 20 caught. Here’s your HM.

Right then, now for the Amber.

If you want to view the exhibits, you’ve come through the wrong entrance.
Actually, I was told to use this entrance. I was supposed to pick up a piece of amber to take it to Cinnabar? My name’s Jonathan.
Oh, you’re Jonathan! OK then, all you need to do is take this amber to Cinnabar Island and verify the claims from the researcher there. If that guy is able to revive Pokemon from Fossils, bring the result back here, and we’ll consider the job complete.
Let’s say I do get a revived Pokemon. What happens to it after the revival?
We’ll keep an eye on your progress and check in from time to time, but that Pokemon would be your payment, so it’d be yours to keep.
Ok then, can’t complain there. We’ll do it!
Splendid! Here you go.

Right then, I’ll be on my way.
Let us know once you get the results!
Will do!

OK, we’re all healed up. Next stop, Cerulean City! Let’s get moving!


Eventually, we got back to Cerulean.

We also made use of the Bike Voucher we had.

Checking in on Ella also yielded a good result.

Right then guys, next stop is Rock Tunnel.
Yay… another tunnel…
OK, something is definitely up with you Ava.
It’s nothing.
…Fine. Next time Ava, we’re talking about this, whether you like it or not.


Route 9 was pretty standard fare, nothing really interesting happened.

OK, new route. Let’s see what we get.

OK, Static for the ability, can paralyse foes when it takes a hit… more importantly, Electric Type. Should be good for Flash.
Who’ll be going into the box though?
I will.

Alright then Ava, fess up.
Yeah, no choice now, is there? I don’t like going underground. Hate it in fact.
This never got mentioned before, why?
I don’t have to tell you guys everything, you know.
Never mind. I know why.
You know that if you’d told us, I could’ve put you in your ball.
Yeah, I get that, but still…
Wait, you were fine in Mt Moon, weren’t you?
Yeah, but it was large, open caverns. I was also a lot smaller than I am now, remember?
Oh yeah. Now that you mention it, we both were.
Yeah. So, if it means anything, I’m sitting the tunnel out.
Fair enough then. We’ll see you in Lavender Town, Ava.
See you on the other side.

Hello World. This unit’s name is J4-CK. Otherwise known as ‘Jack’.
Nice to meet you Jack. We’re going to need some help getting through Rock Tunnel, and you’re able to learn the move we need to get through it safely, can you help us?
Very well. This unit shall assist.

Confirmed: The move ‘Flash.exe’ has been successfully installed.

Let’s go underground, everyone.

Oh yeah, this is dark. Jack, if you would.
Affirmative. Activating Flash.exe.

Much better, thanks Jack.
It is this unit’s function. Gratitude is not needed.

OK, that’s a big encounter. Iris, paralyse it, then swap to Shale. Shale, you use Tackle and whittle its health down.
Got it!
Will do, dude!

There we go. What next dude?

I start throwing balls. We have 1 Great Ball, and about 25 regular Poke Balls.
What are the odds we can catch it with those?
40.958% chance when using a Great Ball. 27.973% chance when using a Poke Ball.
Jack… how do you know that?
This unit scanned your Poke Balls when you were conversing with team member Ava. This unit has their capabilities committed to memory. That, coupled with the current status of the battle against this Onix, allowed this unit to determine the approximate chances of capture, given current resources. Information is approximated due to lack of concrete data on opponent’s current health.
OK then, but next time, provide the information after rounding to the nearest non-decimal percent, OK?
Affirmative. Current projections are updated to 41% and 28% respectively. Please note that results are rounded to nearest percent.
Thank you.
Dude! Still fighting here!
Oh yeah. Great Ball, go!
No good! Keep throwing!
Poke Ball!

Six Poke Balls later…

Finally! Get in the ball and STAY THERE!
Darn it, no signal in here. We’ll have to wait until we hit Lavender Town to check out our newcomer. Let’s keep going.

I’m not going for that, I’m not all that good with physical attacks.

Dude, is this my turn now?
Seems so, let’s see what happens.

Dude! Check me out! Four arms, two legs, and I’m huge!
Wow, you look great.

Yes, so?
Wouldn’t you like to be able to harness that power?

I’ll keep this in mind, but right now, I’ll pass.
Hmph, so you are a coward.

Ugh, we’ve been working our way *yawn* through thisss tunnel for hoursss, where’sss the exit? I'm exhausted/

Oh yeah, you’re cold blooded and it's not warm in here. Not surprised you're getting sleepy.

Sensors detect a higher ambient temperature. Doorway likely leads outside.
THANK YOU! Let’s go guys!

We did it!
It feels good to see the sun.
Let’s find a place to get some ressst. Sssomewhere sunny, preferably.
I’d say we’re pretty close to Lavender Town.
Yeah, if that tower over there is any indication. Let’s head to Lavender Town, we can rest up there.


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Here we are guys, Lavender Town.
That tower’s pretty spooky.
According to the guidebook, that’s the Pokemon Tower. When a Pokemon dies, it’s usually laid to rest there. It also acts as the habitat to a number of Pokemon, namely Gastly and Haunter.
Is that OK in a graveyard?
Let’s see, the guidebook says that they can usually be found in places of strong spiritual power. Maybe a graveyard would count?
Still seems weird if you ask me, dude.
Meanwhile, I think Iris is just having a good time basking in the sun.
The heat lampsss in the center are good too. Sssometimesss even better.
Given that we have arrived in Lavender Town, I am exchanging positions with Ava, correct?
For now, yeah. If we need to light somewhere up again though, we’ll call. OK?
Right, so we need to swap Ava back into the team and look at that Onix we caught.

Hmm, Rock Head, no recoil damage.

Good to be back on team, who’s the rock and what happened to Shale?
Good to see you too Ava, it's me. I'm Shale. Evolution was really good to me dudette.
Whoa. I’ve got some catching up to do.
A little bit, yes.

So, where to?

Celadon. The nurse said there was an underground path to get there, just like Cerulean to Vermilion. Don’t worry Ava, we’ll put you in your ball while we’re in the path.
Thank you.
There’s one other thing the nurse in the center said.

30 Great Balls. Expensive, but worth it.
Why so many?
You know the new Onix in the box?
It ate 7 balls.
At a point where it was both paralysed and nearly unconscious.
Oh damn.
Yeah, they’re going to be needed.
Now that we’re stocked up, let’s head to Celadon City!

As we made our way onto Route 8, we had a couple of rough battles.

I hate Minimize.
Same here, so let’s give ourselves a counter. Here you go Ava.

What’s this move do?
Aerial Ace. 60 Power, 20 PP, guaranteed hit.
It never misses?! Oh. Hell. Yes.

Right, are there any Pokemon from evolutionary lines we haven’t caught yet?
Got one over here!

Ooh that’ll be useful. Nice work Iris. Great Ball, go!

Pepper… another Intimidate user. Geez, pair her with you Iris, we wouldn't have much to worry about at all when it comes to physical moves. Plus we don’t have a fire type yet. Definitely keeping on call.

*Giggle* Go Clefairy!
Go Jigglypuff! *Giggle*

Two at once? That can happen?
I guess so. Ava, Grant, you’re up.

Clefairy, use Doubleslap on the Mankey!
Jigglypuff, use Defense Curl.

OK, so we’ve got to choose the targets as well. Ava, use Aerial Ace on Jigglypuff. Grant, use Karate Chop on Clefairy.

Clefairy, no!
Defense Curl as hard you can!

Ava, let’s make it quick, don’t want to rub it in.

There we go.

Aw, we lost.
I know… they were strong, weren’t they?
Uh huh.

Hmm, guess it’s my turn.

Not quite as drastic a change compared to some of us.
Sorry, but it’s not like I COULD CONTROL WHAT I LOOK LIKE- wow, that Primeape anger hits hard.

I’ll have to work on channelling that.

This must be the way into the other underground passage. Ava, you want to go in your ball?
…Yeah, I’ll go in the ball. *Pchoo*
Let’s go guys.

So Grant, what was that outburst just now?
That would be my control slipping for a moment.
Your control?
Mankey and Primeape are perpetually angry. A word I doubt you’d use to describe me.
Pretty much, yeah. I’d say you’re pretty calm.
It’s because I’ve learned to supress that anger and channel it over a long, long time. Whereas most members of my kind are more ‘Berserker Rage’, I try to aim for ‘Tranquil Fury’.
In other words, calm anger.
Precisely. I wasn’t prepared for just how powerful a Primeape’s anger is though. My control slipped, and you saw beneath the surface, so to speak.

Well, so long as you use that anger in constructive ways, we’re good.
Thank you.

Route 7! *Pchoo* You OK Ava?
That was a lot easier to manage. Thanks.

Let’s see, according to the guidebook, Celadon City has a lot of stuff to do. A department store with a much larger selection than the standard Poke Mart, a Game Corner, a Gym, it’s ridiculous.
Shall we take a look around then?
Sounds good.

So many nice-looking TMs… we’re gonna need to plan some stuff out.

That was a good meal.
Hey kid.
Yeah, what’s up?
I’m done with the Game Corner. Don’t need this anymore, so you take it.

Just don’t do what I did and blow everything in one shot. Pick a prize, aim for that, then get out.


Let’s see what we could get.

Oh damn, the Pokemon and the items are good, but let’s check the TMs… Ice Beam, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower.
How good are those moves?
In one word? Extremely. Everything aside from Iron Tail has near perfect accuracy, and they all offer great ‘bang for your buck’. Still, I want that Scyther.
Why Scyther?
It’s one of my favourite Pokemon in general, plus those TMs are really tempting. Let’s see, altogether, that’s going to be 5,500 coins for the Scyther, 4,000 each for the Ice Beam TM and the Thunderbolt TM, this is going to take a while. Let’s go do a little training, then we’ll look into getting the resources together.
Thank you for your patronage! The Rocket Game Corner is always ready to test your luck!
Did she just say Rocket Game Corner?

She did. Uh, Dude?
I heard it too, let’s check that place out.

A red R on the logo. It’sss them.
Yup. Definitely need to get prepared now. Let’s head back to the center.

Was he always there?
We were kind of focused on the guidebook at the time bro.

Did you hear? The gates to Saffron City have been repaired, now we can get to Cerulean, Lavender and Vermilion again.
Oh that’s great news. Plenty of training spots.
So, what’s the plan?
Level-wise, we’re doing pretty well. The problem is that we’re mostly physical. I want to tweak that a little.
Well… about that. I’d like to leave the active team.
Why? Is something the matter Marnie?
I’ve been having trouble taking hits recently, and if we’re being completely honest, I’ve never really been interested in battling.
Fair enough. Anyone you have in mind for your replacement?
Hmm, can I check the box?
Of course.

I’d say Jack or Pepper.
Fire or electric. OK, we can work with that. We’ve met Jack, so let’s meet Pepper.

Hi there, I’m Pepper! Nice to meetcha!
Hi Pepper, I’m Jon.
I’m Beck.
My name’s Grant.
Sup? Name’s Shale.
And I’m Iris.
Oh hey, it’s you! The one that fought me!
Yeah, that was me.
That battle was AWESOME! I wanna join you guys to get stronger!
Alright then, I guess we’ll go do some training.
Jon, given how the Aides are interested in how many Pokemon we have marked as caught, it might be worth it to try training a few others, as well.
Good idea, but we’ll tweak it. We’ll get Pepper trained up a little, then after we deal with Team Rocket, we’ll start switching folks in and out.


We started the new grind to bring Pepper in line with the rest of the team. The VS. Seeker was really useful as we went.

There we go. Pepper, you’re officially caught up.
I feel a lot stronger! So, where’re we going next?
There’s a group of bad men that we need to deal with now.
How bad?
Long story short, they steal stuff that doesn’t belong to them, items, Pokemon, it doesn’t matter.
We need to stop them!
That we do, and I think I know where to look for them. Come on team, let’s get back to Celadon!

Let’s check out the Game Corner.

OK, pretty sure they’re in the building somewhere.
Yep, I’d say so. HEY, Rocket goon!
Oh, just great. Alright, who’s calling me out?

I choose ‘Or Else’. Pepper, ready to kick things off?
Lemme at ‘em!

Fine then, I’ll beat ya black and blue! Go Raticate!
Pepper, let’s show them just how we roll.

Hi there, I’m Pepper, and you’re toast.
Use Ember!
Hit ‘em with a Scary Face!

Heh, got ya burned!
Use Ember again!
Use Focus Energy!

Yeah, I think this round’s over. Pepper?
Got it!
Use Hyper Fang!

Dang it, that really hurt!

You only had one shot though.

Grrr, go Zubat!
Hey, newbie. Let me have a turn.
Aw come on, let me take care of it!
Look ya did good just now. It may not have ended the way you’d have liked; I know I’d be frustrated by it, but ya did good.

Ava, use Wing Attack!
Bite it Zubat!

And a Quick Attack to finish?
Sounds good, go for it.

Ah hell, I’m gonna get chewed out for this.

I’m sorry, hideout?
Urk, this really ain’t good now.

Hey, he’s getting away!
Not if I can help it!
Wait you two. I’ve got a better idea.

Shale, can you wreck the mechanism to stop those stairs from closing up again?
Leave it to me. *SMASH*
OK then, let’s quickly get ourselves healed up, then we’re going downstairs.
Yeah, this one took some doing. I stopped to watch Avengers Endgame with my Dad though. Fantastic movie. Hopefully the next part will be easier to write though.


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After a quick visit to the Pokemon Center, we returned to the Game Corner. The stairs we opened up were still there. It looked like Shale had stopped Team Rocket from being able to hide them again.

So guys, what’re we gonna do down here?
Remember what that Rocket said? ‘I better tell the boss.’ That means there’s a high-ranking member of Team Rocket down here. If we deal with them, it may make the team as a whole abandon this base.
Are you sure about that? Seems a little coincidental.
I get that, but we’ve not got much to go on. Maybe once they realise this place isn’t as secure as they thought, they’ll leave?
I get where you’re coming from. I… guess it could work?

*Urp*, I feel real bad.
Here, take an Antidote.

Nothing left on this floor, guess we’re going down further.
You OK Ava?
It’s open enough right now that I can deal with it.
If it starts getting to be too much for your liking, just let me know.
OK. Thanks.

One good thing about channelling anger. You hit me…

I’ll just keep hitting you back harder than before!
OK, this is working. Let it all out Grant!

*Exhale* I needed that. Thanks Jon.
No problem Grant. Was that Rage? Let’s see what the Pokedex says.
When damaged after using Rage, the user’s attack power increases. If the user is attacked again, the power increases again. Once a different move is used, the power increase resets.
Hmm. We can work with that.

What’s with all the arrows on the floor?
No idea. Maybe you have to step on one?
As much as I don’t want too, I can see it going all kinds of wrong… I really have no choice. Everyone, into your Poke Balls. *Pchoo x5*
I can fly, so I’ll stick around.
Thanks Ava.

Whoa whoa whoa stop stop stop!
I’m on my way!

What the heck was that?
I don’t know, but I think this is meant to be some kind of security. Let’s see if we can work through this.

Taunt: Prevents the target from using status attacks for two rounds.

So the arrows take us to one of the yellow tiles. Guess we just have to follow them.
Well you know what’s coming, I guess you can work around that.

Looks like we made it through.
Yeah, but if all the floors are like this, we’re keeping the team in their balls for now.
Good call, I bet Shale could punch a hole in most walls at the speed you were going. So, are we heading back upstairs?
I guess so. Nowhere else to go.

*Pchoo* How’s everything going out here?
Good, but those arrows are some kind of maze that sends someone sliding along the floor. I’ll bring you all out once we get through all of them.
OK. *kick* I’ll wait.


I told Beck, Iris and Pepper what was going on during the battle, and I told Shale afterwards.

So where’s the key?
Probably somewhere that can be reached through the stairs. Let’s do some more searching.

Maybe down here?
Could be. We’ve not been down here yet.

Frustration: This moves power is greater the more the user dislikes their trainer.
Why would you want that as a move?
No idea, but we can sell it at the very least.

Good call keeping everyone in their Poke Balls.

Wow, that was so much simpler than the last one.
I know, right?

A pair of sunglasses?
No idea. Maybe we can get someone to tell us if they're worth anything.

Snatch: Goes first. When the opponent uses a beneficial status move, this move steals the effect for use by Snatch’s user. Moves affected include Swords Dance, Withdraw and Minimize.
Huh. Sounds like a decent move.
Yeah, but it’s all about timing.

Probably this guy. He’s the only one that mentioned the lift.

Let me guess. You have it.
Uh oh. Go Koffing!
Shale, let’s go! *Pchoo*

Any updates, dude?

This guy sounds like he has the key for the lift. Should let us ignore the arrow maze.
Awesome. Let me guess, you need me to break some faces?
So long as they’re the opponent’s Pokemon, go wild.

Done and done, dude. Now can I get an Antidote?

Right then *grin*, so about that key…
So, the key?
Fine! Take the thing! Just keep that Graveler away from me!


He threw the key onto the floor. We picked it up and left with a smile.

Right then, let’s go back to the Pokemon Center and get healed up before we start with the lift.
Sounds like a plan.

Nice, the lift is usable now. Going down!

*Pchoo x5*
Are we done with the arrows?
Yeah. See that room there?
I see it.
None of the other rooms had two guards posted.
Sounds like there’s something important in there then.
I agree.
Let’s deal with the guards then!
Alright. So guys, who’s going first?
Rocket 1: Ah hell.
Rocket 2: Who’s left to stop this guy?
Rocket 1: No idea. Let’s double team him. The boss didn’t want to be disturbed.

Wow. Even two simultaneous battles didn’t even amount to much. I’ll be seeing your boss now.

*Sigh* I specifically ordered those two idiots to make sure that I was not disturbed.
Yeah, but I’ve heard a lot of stuff about Team rocket, and you’ve been getting in my way.
So you decided to come and face me to stop me. Is that correct?
Yeah… that’s right.
This guy’s giving me the creeps.
You’re surrounded by your Pokemon. Why?
They’re my team. My partners on my journey around Kanto.
How foolishly naïve. Pokemon are little more than tools to take advantage of. Allow me to demonstrate.
Who is this guy?

Who are you? Really?
My name is Giovanni. I am the founder of Team Rocket. Now, let us battle.

Go, Iris!
Onix. Destroy them.

Iris, Onix have really high physical defense, remember? So let’s go with Bite!

Nice try, but you’re not going to get another attack in.
Finish it off Iris, use Bite!

Utterly useless. Rhyhorn, do better.
I’m up.

OK, not too sure about this one.
You’re not sure?
It’s rarer than a lot of other Pokemon, I’m not too familiar with it, Beck!
Hmm? Rhyhorn, use Stomp.
Use Water Pulse!

Something’s off.
You noticed as well then.
Yeah, this guy is the founder of Team Rocket. He has an entire criminal organisation at his beck and call, and we’ve just taken down two of his Pokemon.
Now that you mention it, it is strange.
I didn’t mention anything, boy.
Er, I mean-
It appears that you can understand Pokemon speech. Fascinating. You also appeared to answer your Wartortle as if you knew exactly what it had said, so you are quite the unusual trainer.
Well it’s strange either way. We’re not having any trouble with you, we’re even above your level, but you’re the one that leads Team Rocket?
Observant too. You possess an interesting level of talent. Allow me to increase the pressure then.

He took a small device from his pocket and pushed the button on the top.

Archer, Ariana, prepare this hideout for removal from the system. Protocol 13.

He pocketed the device again. Heavy footfalls began to pound on the floor above.

Wait, Protocol 13?
Simple security. This place will be abandoned and stripped bare. My direct subordinates are far more competent than the rank and file. Now, Kangaskhan, your turn.
I can’t remember much about that one at all. Shit!
I’ll scout ahead then!
No, Pepper. You go. You’ve got Intimidate, so you have a better chance.
On it!

Uh oh.
That one’s a lot stronger.
Use Ember, if we get a burn, that’ll weaken it!
Use Fake Out.

That was one attack. Shit!
That was Kangaskhan’s weakest attack.
Pepper, swap out! Shale, get in there!
Got it, bro!
Use Tail Whip.

Dude? This looks pretty bad.
Your defences are still high Shale. Use Magnitude!
Tail Whip again.

Oh hell, this is not good.
For you? No, it is not. Make your move.
Shale, return! Iris, I need your help.
You’ve got it.
Kangaskhan, use Mega Punch.

Come on Iris, you can do it…

Ow, not going to lie, that still hurt.
Think you can take another hit?
I’ll try, what have you got in mind?
Use Glare.
Now, use Bite.

Not as painful as that punch.
Yeah, and now it’s slower. Here you go Iris.
Mega Punch.

Now use Secret Power!

Allow me.

I’m sure I can win. Let me try at the very least.
Alright, go for it, Grant.
Tail Whip.

Use Karate Chop!

Mega Punch.
Use Low Kick!

Hmph. You win. It appears that my three trainees still need work.
They weren’t your main team?
Of course not. Do you honestly believe I would run a criminal empire with Pokemon that can be bested by the local Gym or a random trainer? Please. I am much stronger than that. That being said,

I respect the skill of a good trainer, and you have piqued my interest. Therefore, I will grant you two prizes. The first is the name of another person of interest: Dr. Kyoshiro Fuji. The second is this Silph Scope.

Why are you telling me this?
As I said, you’ve piqued my interest. Therefore, I wish to see how well you will fare as a trainer. Aside from that, I believe that your Pokemon will be marvellous merchandise once fully raised.
I train my team then you steal them once they’re much stronger. I see your angle.
*Beep Beep* And the base is ready to be purged from our system.
That was fast.
As I said boy, my direct subordinates are chosen for a reason. Now, if you’ll excuse me.

Wait, he’s leaving? Aren’t we going to stop him?
Would you want to risk him sending out his actual team?
Going forward, we’ll have to be careful when he’sss involved.

For sure.
We need to get stronger to beat him.
Jon? Are you OK?
…Yeah. On some level, he’s definitely got me scared. I want to stop whatever he’s got planned though.
Yeah, I do too.
What about the rest of you, what do you say?
Count me in. We stop that guy; we help a lot of people.
Same here. I wanna take that guy out.
We can’t let him just do whatever he wants when that hurts people.
You need me, I’ll be there.
Likewise. I do believe that where Team Rocket is concerned, we’re in this together.

Thanks guys.

If we’re going to beat Giovanni, I bet we’re going to have to play his game for the time being. Celadon City’s got a Gym, so let’s start there.
Damn, that Kangaskhan caused a legit difficulty spike during that battle. I was expecting the worst to happen. Anyway, next time, we take on Erika and hopefully get started on getting some more of the Pokedex filled! (Remember, I still have to hit 60 Kanto entries to be safe when it comes to the Sevii Islands in postgame.)


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Good job having no deaths so far. I hope that your luck continues, and that I didn't just jinx it.


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@Nimbostratus Thanks! Here's to some continued good luck! Either way, if I can get everything I'm after, Koga's not going to be any trouble at all.

Right guys, before we go after Erika, I want to make sure we can get that Itemfinder. Looking at the Pokedex, we’ve got 25 entries marked as Caught.
The aide wanted 30 entries, right?
Yeah. We need a combination of 5 catches and evolutions, so I’m going to box everyone but Ava and Pepper since they’re currently just below the level bar, and as more team members start catching up, we’ll use them to bring the rest up.
Marnie might be OK helping out with that.
Good call, we’ll bring her in as well for assistance.

OK you four, I guess you know what we’re doing?
Given Ava and Pepper’s current level of strength, you wish to improve upon the four of us to assist in some capacity, correct?
Jack, you've got it in one. We need 30 Pokemon marked as caught in the Pokedex to get an Itemfinder from Professor Oak. We’re currently on 25. That aside, I’d like to see what your capabilities are in battle so we can consider a B-Team of sorts. Since I don’t want Ava and Pepper to overtrain it just makes things harder in the long run.
This unit shall assist in any way it can.
Yeah, sure. I’ll help. Leave it to Vince here.
Vi, we’ll be putting you in the daycare where you can level up safely.
There’s one other thing. Ava and Pepper are only helping out until you guys are able to hold your own. Then we’ll swap them for two new members, and the cycle repeats. Apatos, I’m not sure if you evolve, but we need a few extra defenders. That’s why we’re training you.

Right then, let’s get started.


Since the B-Team was fairly weak compared to the main team, we decided to head back to the Nugget Bridge for some training, dropping Vi off in the Daycare along the way.

Not long after that, we brought in Alister. Not long after that, Flora the Oddish switched with Pepper.

Eventually, we moved over to Route 11 and once there, we ended up with a few evolutions. Alister soon became a bit of a powerhouse, while Vince and Flora started making some headway in protecting the weaker members. Apatos was strong enough defensively but was pretty lacking in offense at the moment. Eventually, we decided that we’d trained enough.

We got Vi back from the Daycare and the end results were pretty viable. It also pushed the Pokedex up to 28 entries out of the 30 that we needed.

Thankfully, it was easier getting from place to place now that the gates into Saffron City were working again. So, once we got back to Celadon, I switched back to the main team.


OK guys, let’s get to that Gym.

…or not. Looks like a Vermillion City situation again.
So we’re going to need Marnie?
Looks like.
There’s somewhere else I want to check out quickly too, so we’ll take care of that on the way back.

Welcome to the Celadon Game Corner, now under new management?
Yeah, it turns out that the manager was a Team Rocket guy. Was skimming money off the profits and funnelling it to them. He skipped town recently, and we’ve been remodelling since. Don’t mind the Rocket imagery, we’re going for a complete rebrand but we’ve decided to handle that during an off season. Should be done in a few days.
Alright. Well I was wanting to buy some coins.
Oh, sure. How many do you need?
About 28,000 Poke’s worth.
Ooh, big spender. Coming right up!
Hey look, some coins were in the case already!
Oh sweet, we got an extra thousand coins. The Scyther is on its way!
Here you go! Oh, you have a Growlithe, she’s so pretty!
Aw, thanks!
I think she likes you.
Are you going to evolve her?
I was wanting to, yes.
Here’s an extra tip then. They sell the four main stones in the Department Store. Just make sure you’re happy with her progress before giving her the stone. For some reason, Stone Evolutions don’t learn as many moves.
Oh, thanks for the heads up.
No problem. Happy gaming!

Oh hey, look who it is! The Gym Guy!
Huh? Oh, hey! Champ in the making! How’ve you been?
We’re doing good. I was about to head off to Celadon Gym, but there’s another tree in the way.
Oh yeah, that happens sometimes, Celadon’s a Grass Gym and sometimes the seeds and spores get loose. You’re going to be doing a 3v3 Gym this time around, so be careful.
Thanks for the heads-up. Why are you out in the Game Corner then and not the Gym?
Long story short? Allergies. Can’t handle pollen.
Fair enough. See you later!
Best of luck!

OK, so since we’re dealing with Grass Types, Beck and Shale are on the bench.
No probs dude. Neither of us will do well there.
We’re going to need Marnie to get in, so she’s going to be needed. I’m also going to take in Pepper and Ava.
I won’t let you down!
I finally get to be in a Gym Team. Sweet.
Oh yeah, this is your Gym debut, isn’t it?
Yup, for both of us.
We’ll do great!
Yeah, well we don’t need to trim the team down until the Gym Leader, so let’s grab Marnie and get to work.

You need me to cut some trees?
Yeah, Celadon City’s the same as Vermillion with how we get in.
Alright. I’ll join back up for the moment.
Appreciate it Marnie.
Where’s Beck and Shale?
Grass Gym. They’re hanging back.
Oh, right.

Oh I see what they were doing.
You need Cut to get though the Gym. The tree out front makes sure we have a Cut user on hand.
Kay: Hey, lower your voice, Bridget, Erika’s still asleep.

She’s sleeping?
Kay: We grow some unusual plants here, one of them is pretty finicky. It lets out a natural sleep powder too, so no one’s allowed to touch that one but Erika. It’s nocturnal too, so when she gets affected by it we normally let her sleep it off.
Fair enough. Anyway, I’m here to challenge her.
Kay: Kind of figured. Hey Mary, can you wake Erika up? She’s got a challenger!
Mary: On it!

So, can I battle my way through the Gym while she wakes up?
Kay: Sure.


We got through the Gym’s trainer’s rather easily, leaving only Erika.

Ok then you guys, we’ll catch you later.
Good luck.
You can do it!

Go get ‘em!
You’ve got this bro!

Ok then ladies, time to take on Erika.
Wait, ladies? Huh, it really is an all-girl team this time.
All the trainers in the Gym were girls too!
Well, so long as I don’t have to wear a skirt in there, it’s a happy coincidence. Besides, I don’t have the legs for it.
Something funny Ava?
Imagining you in a skirt. You look good, but you've got this 'How did I get myself into this mess' kind of look on your face and I can't see it any other way.
Hmmm. *Giggle* I see it too. Right down to the expression.
Anyway, let's go inside, shall we?

Umm, hello?

What time is it?
Roughly 2 in the afternoon?

I do apologise for sleeping, but this rare flower we’ve been growing is this close to blooming and it’s going to be needed for a TV show that's coming up.
I’ve heard that it’s a tough one. Nocturnal and pollen that works like Sleep Powder?
Oh yes, it’s rather tiring. My sleep schedule is all out of whack. Once everything’s done, I think I’m going to be spending a week off to reset it.
I’m guessing no one can tag in for a day or so?
Not really.

And as a Gym Leader, it makes me a kind of specialist. Still, this one’s a lot tougher than the other big requests. Anyway, shall we begin?

Go, Victreebel.

Ava, you take the lead!

Whoa, freaky.
That’s quite a lead.
Oh yes, Victreebel are unabashed carnivores.
OK, need to be careful.
That’s definitely unnerving. Ava, use Wing Attack!
Victreebel, use-

Oh, I guess it doesn’t matter then. I was going to call for Acid. Well then, go Tangela.

Definitely glad I finished it quickly!
Ava, you stay in.

…What am I looking at?
Grass Types are weird.
They are rather… unique… aren’t they? Some moreso than others. This one moreso than others. Tangela, use Poison Powder.
Ava, go with Aerial Ace!

*Cough* Oh hell. It’s worse when it’s powder.
Power through Ava! Use Aerial Ace again!

Gotcha. I’m coming back Jon!
No problem Ava, let’s get an Antidote ready.
Oh, only one left. Vileplume, your turn.
Pepper, you’re up!
Oh yeah, this is gonna be so cool!

Ok that one looks a bit more normal. Looks a little like a Gloom.
Vileplume evolve from Gloom. All you need is a Leaf Stone from the Department Store.
Huh. Same situation as Pepper then. Either way, let’s fight! Use Flame Wheel!
Oh my. Vileplume, use Stun Spore!

*Cough* *Hack* Ava was right, it’s worse when it’s powder!
Come on Pepper, one more Flame Wheel should do it!
Use Acid.

Ugh… take… THIS!

And I guess that’s that. Congratulations.
Thank you. There’s something I’d like to ask you.
Of course, but first, I do have my duties as a Gym Leader to handle. I would like to present you with the official Pokemon League Rainbow Badge, and our Gym’s TM prize.

This TM contains the move Giga Drain. While this move can’t be used as often as many others, it has remarkable strength and can heal the user for half of the damage they deal.

Wow, that sounds really useful.
It is, especially when used on a Pokemon with a weakness to Grass Type attacks. Now, I believe you had a question for me?
Oh yeah, I was wondering if you knew anything about a Dr Kyoshiro Fuji?
Hmm, I’m afraid I don’t know about a Dr. Fuji. I do know a Mr. Fuji though. Perhaps there is a connection?
It’s my only lead right now, so I’ll go for it. Do you know where he lives?
He runs a Pokemon Shelter in Lavender Town. I’d suggest trying there.
I will, thank you.
Anytime. I wish you all the best. Oh, I’d also suggest looking at Route 16, out of the town’s western exit. Use a Pokemon with Cut on the first tree you find and you can find some interesting things there.
Ok... I'll take a look.

Right then, now that we’ve done that, here you go Pepper.
Aw sweet, it’s my turn!

Check me out! I’m huge!
No kidding!
Wow! Jon, what’s the size difference?
According to the Pokedex, Growlithes average around 70cm tall. Arcanine averages at nearly 3 times that, with 190cm.
Gonna have to get used to this size.
I know the feeling. Come on you three, let’s head back to the Center. Marnie, thanks for the help.
No problem. If you need a tree cut down, I’d be happy to help. We’re family, after all.

OK guys, we have a lead.
Sounds good. Also wow. Is that Pepper?
Yup. Awesome, right?
Definitely impressive to say the least.

There is a catch though. Since Evolution via stones tend to stop the Pokemon from learning new moves naturally, Pepper’s going to be getting TM preference for the time being.
Fair enough. So, that lead?
Right. We’re headed back to Lavender Town. While we don’t have a Dr Fuji to check out, we do have a Mr Fuji. Could give us something to go on.
Sounds good dude. So, shall we head out?
Yeah. Also, as you’ve probably noticed, Marnie’s still on hand. We’re just swinging by Route 16 first, and we’ll need her for it.
Then welcome back for the time being.
Happy to be here.

Right then, let’s get this quick detour dealt with, then it’s back to Lavender Town!

4 down, 4 to go. I've always wanted to use an Arcanine, but it's never really fit into previous teams I built. During my Let's Go run, it was exclusive to the other version, during my last Kanto Nuzlocke, I chose Charmander... the list goes on.

Anyway, next time, it's the Pokemon Tower, and it'll be quite the interesting time, given I've not done the Rival battle yet.


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the Lavender rival fight isn't too hard. I wonder how you'll do against Sabrina...
Not so much the rival battle as a whole, but one part of it did nearly screw me over.

Oh come on, another one?
Hey, think of things this way. That’s a Pokemon, right?
Yeah, so?
We’re not catching anything in this Route just yet.
I see what you’re doing.
As do I.
Huh, what’s he doing?
We’re… encouraged? I’ll go with that. We’re encouraged to only catch one Pokemon per area. Cities, Routes, wherever we go. If Pokemon are available in the wild, we’re encouraged to limit ourselves to one. Professor Oak says it's about protecting the local ecosystems and all that.
So by not catching anything here, we can aim for the Snorlax that’s here. Same with the one on Route 12.
Ohhhh, I get where you’re going. OK then, no wild Pokemon!

Hmm, double-wide gatehouse. That’s different.

That’s a lot of trainers there.
Yeah. Makes me glad we’re coming back later.

So what’re you doing here?
Erika told us to check out this side of Route 16.
Oh. Guess it has been a while since my last check in.
Check in?
See all the Bikers outside? Bunch of major troublemakers. Well known ones. I’m keeping an eye on them. If they make a move towards Celadon, I’ve got to let the Gym know. I’ll get in touch with them soon, so thanks.
No problem.
Hey, that Pidgeotto of yours looks like it could use a boost. Take this.

HM02… Fly?
Teach it to a Flier and it’ll give them a lot of aerial mobility. Not only that, but it allows the user to quickly take their trainers from one town to another, provided they’ve already been there.
Seriously? That sounds real useful. I’m in.
Thanks. We’ll give it a test-run soon.
No problem. Just remember, HM moves need a specialist to remove them. He’s in Fuchsia City.

Right then Ava, ready to learn Fly?
Let’s do it.

Goodbye Wing Attack, hello Fly!

So, test run to Lavender Town!

Next stop, Lavender Town!

Got to admit, that was fun.

Convenient too. Come on, let’s swap Iris back in and then take a look around.

See you next time Marnie.
See you later Jon! Bye everyone!
Iris, you ready to go?
Ready whenever you are.

Maybe this place can point us to Mr. Fuji, or Dr. Fuji, whatever his name is.

Excuse me, I’m looking for Mr Fuji?
He’s not here. Some men in black came and took him to Pokemon Tower.
Why would they take him to a Graveyard?
No idea, but we’re worried. It’s been hours and we don’t know what’s going on.
I’ll go take a look for you.

Men in black…
Gotta be Team Rocket, dude. They’re the only ones that fit the bill.
Yeah, come on guys. If they’ve got Mr Fuji and he’s the one we’re looking for, then we can’t afford to hang around.

Awfully creepy in here.
Not surprised. It is a graveyard, after all.
It isss definitely unnerving. Hmm?
What’s up Iris?
We’ve got a battle coming up. Look to the right.
Hmm, Oh. I see.

A person I was wanting to talk to is somewhere in the tower. I’m looking for him.
Fair enough. I heard you could find some Ghost Type Pokemon here, so I came looking. So, wanna battle?
I really don’t have time for this, Gary.
Come on, I’ll kick your ass this time!

Fine then. Quick question though Gary, how many badges do you have?
Three. That Snorlax on Route 12 stopped me in my tracks, and it took me a while to get past Rock Tunnel, thanks to Grandpa’s assistants getting themselves mixed up.
Yeah, I was lucky to run into a third assistant that helped me out. As for badges? I’ve got four.

Wait, what?
Shale’s one of my Pokemon that didn’t participate in the fourth Gym. End result is that he’s actually got some catching up to do.
But Pidgeotto is one of my strongest right now.
Then I’ll give you a small bit of advice.

The next Gym is Grass, it’s 3 on 3. You’ll need Cut to get in, and make sure you’ve done some intensive training. You’re going to need it. I’m pretty even with what I faced.

Alright. I didn’t really want your help, but I’m able to admit when I need it. Thanks. By the way,

They’re a pretty tough ground type Pokemon. This one's a little jumpy, but I'm sure he'll be right at home with us.

And if you’re any indication, I’m gonna need to put some work in. Smell ya.

To be fair, his Gyarados was a tough opponent. We’d best be careful ourselves.
Good idea. Let’s get back to the matter at hand though.

Be warned, child. This tower has been cleansed of evil spirits, this floor morseo than the ones above. The ones that remain however are still somewhat mischievous. Take care as you ascend.

Oh yeah. Spooky fog. We’re definitely in ghost territory now.

And here’s one now.

Let’s see… according to the Pokedex, this Gastly’s name is Sybil. We’ll check her out later. Here you go Iris.
Thank you!


As we climbed the tower, we battled a number of channelers, found some stuff that was in the usual item balls (regular offerings were things like flowers), and eventually reached a safe space.

Beck also learned Protect along the way.


The hell?
What’s going on?

Wait, the Silph Scope’s doing something?

A Marowak’s ghost? What?
Time and a place Jon, it’s attacking!
I’ll take it on!
Alright. Cubone and Marowak are ground types, so let’s go with a Water Pulse.
Water Pulse, got it!

Oh geez, this is gonna suck.
Yeah, that was a super effective hit!
Not only that, but she’s focused now. Her attacks are going to be a lot more precise.
Critical hits ignore defensive boosts on us and offensive debuffs, so Pepper and Iris would only be forced to take a hit. Shale’s got better defences, but he’s weak to ground attacks. Be careful Beck, we’re sticking with you. I’ll be ready with healing whenever you need it.
Thanks Jon. Hitting it with another Water Pulse!

I don’t think I can take another hit like that!
If everything goes the way I hope it will, you won’t. One more Water Pulse and she’ll go down!

There we go.

I am sorry…


The men in black… ended my life…

Team Rocket, killed you?

Yes… I wouldn’t let them take me and my child…

Yeah, dude. Fits perfectly.

Another human… brown hair… wearing purple… has my child… he is safe.

Sounds like Gary.
Gotta be. He did say he'd caught a Cubone that was pretty jumpy.
He just doesn't know why that's the case.

I cannot rest… until they are defeated…

We’ll stop them for you. We’re already fighting them. We’re sorry we couldn’t get here sooner.

You are not at fault… but thank you…

You rest easy. We’ll make sure they don’t succeed.
Count on it. We’re in for the long haul.

She’s fading away.

I’ll let Gary know what happened next time we see him. He and I don’t see eye to eye most of the time, but I know he’ll take this seriously. Come on guys. We’ve gotta save Mr. Fuji.
Sheesh, Gyarados and Marowak were the two toughest fights this update. Marowak speaks for herself. Gyarados actually brought Beck down to 1 HP. I had to use one of the two Hyper Potions I'd found to bring Beck back to full health just so I wasn't healing every other turn.

Anyway, moving on. Next time, we take on Team Rocket, and start making our way to Fuchsia City!


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That was a little bit scary, but still no deaths. Good job!
Gyarados nearly killing off my starter (Which has never happened to me across the course of close to 10 Nuzlockes) really spooked me. Marowak landing that Critical Hit? I was thankful that I was faster.

Team Rocket. Mr Fuji’s got to be close by.
I’ll take the lead, but remember I have low defences.
Will do. Let’s go guys.

We’re here to get Mr Fuji back.
What, ya think we’re just gonna hand him over?
Nope, as much as I’d like that, it’s not gonna happen.
Damn right, now run along kid.
Well, there is one way. We take Mr. Fuji back by force.
I see where this is going kid, I’ll show ya why you should fear Team Rocket!

Ugh, this Golbat can take a hit.
Allow me.

I’ll handle any Flying Types.
Koffing! Use Self Destruct!


Oof. I felt that one, but seriously? I’m a Rock Type. We’re living shields!

You were saying?

Gotta go report this. Archer’s gonna kill me.

Mr Fuji?
Yes? Have you come to save me?
I have, I’ve also got a few questions to ask, shall we head back to your house?
I can’t leave here just yet. Those terrible criminals ended the life of Cubone’s mother, Marowak.
About that… we kind of fought her spirit to get up here.
You did? Just a moment.

Mr Fuji turned and knelt down at a nearby incense burner.

I see…

It appears that your battle with her allowed her to express her rage and get it out of .
It also helps that a guy I know has caught Cubone. I’ll be explaining what happened here to him, so hopefully he’ll focus on keeping Cubone safe.
That’s a relief. Then I’ll accept your offer. Shall we?
Sure, though before we go, can I ask you something?
Alright. What would you like to ask?
I’m looking for Dr Kyoshiro Fuji. Is that you?
…Why are you asking me that?
Because I fought Giovanni, and whatever he’s planning. I want to stop him.
Was there anything he gave you?
This Silph Scope.
Give it here.

I passed Mr Fuji the Silph Scope and almost immediately, he dropped it on the floor and smashed it under his foot. He then rummaged through the pieces and found a part that he threw into the incense burner.

What the?
Erm, why did you just smash it?
Because I know Giovanni, that part I destroyed was a bug. Now we can speak. *Sigh* It’s been a long time since someone called me Doctor. Let’s get back to my house first though. While this place is easily defended, it’s also easy to get trapped as well. If we need to make an escape, it’ll be easier from my house.

We made our way back to Mr. Fuji’s house.

So, Giovanni gave you my name then?
Yeah. I asked Erika and she didn’t know about a Dr. Fuji, but she did know a Mr. Fuji.
I see. Did Giovanni give you any information aside from my name?
No, just a name.
Then he likely wanted to listen in on know where I was. Those grunts worked for one of his underlings, they didn’t report directly to Giovanni himself. I’ll have to prepare to disappear again.
Disappear? Why?
Because he has a vested interest in my old research. I’m not going to go into any detail. It isn’t your problem. So, you’re a trainer, correct?
Way to change the subject, pops.
I am a trainer. I can go to Saffron City or Fuchsia, but both ways to get to Fuchsia are blocked.
Two Snorlax are blocking the roads.
Ah. I see. You might need this, then.

The sound of a Poke Flute can wake any Pokemon, and they’re also known as one of the sure-fire ways of waking up a Snorlax. Word of warning though, they’re grumpy when they wake up.
Thanks for the warning. We’ll get going.
Of course. Safe journeys, and should you face Giovanni again, I wish you the best of luck.

After checking in at the Pokemon Center, buying some items, and otherwise getting ready, I quickly checked my Pokedex.

Would you look at that, 30 Pokemon.
Let’s go grab that Itemfinder then!

I see you have the right amount, so here you go.

It’s a little rudimentary, but when it detects something, it points you in the right direction. There’re also two rewards waiting for you around Fuchsia. An Amulet coin for 40 entries, and an EXP Share for 50. That’s all I’m letting you know, so don’t bother asking.

Right then, time to wake Snorlax up!

I pulled out the Poke Flute and began to… I wish I could say ‘play’ it.

Definitely an amateur attempt.
It sounds like a predator’s nearby!
Eh, I can dig it.

Well, Mr Fuji said it would be grumpy.
That isn’t grumpy. This Snorlax is pissed. I’ll start off the battle.
Ok Iris, start with Glare then let’s start whittling it down with Bite.

Wow, it hasn’t been able to attack once. Flinch one moment, Paralysed the next.
Time to start throwing balls?

Come on, we’re right back to square one!

This went on for several rounds, with Iris and Snorlax falling asleep repeatedly throughout, eventually we were forced to switch to Pepper to finish the fight.

That took a while. How many Great balls did we burn through?
Surprisingly, only three, feels like more. Let’s see… wait, really?

According to the Pokedex Status app, Snorlax’s name is Leadweight.
Bit different.
I know, right? Ability is Thick Fat. According to the Pokedex, that gives extra resistance to Ice and Fire moves, essentially halving the damage.
Sounds useful.

And a better look at Sybil… hmm. OK then.
Jon, I think the Itemfinder’s got something.

Erm, ew.
You gonna eat that?
Pepper, that’s disgusting!
What? Food is food! You're a bird! I figure you'd agree with me!
Seeds, bugs and grains. Someone else's leftovers though? Hell no!
OK then, you take the Leftovers, Pepper.

OK, random house in the middle of the route.
Take a look inside? They do have an ‘Open’ sign on the door.
OK then.

Are you the kid my bro gave the Old Rod to?
Yeah here it is, why?
Simple. That Rod’s good for a beginner, but when you’re trying to get someone into fishing, I prefer a little variety in my catches. Take one of my spares.

That one’s a bit fiddlier than the one my bro gave ya, but it’s better suited to catching a wide variety of Pokemon. It’ll treat ya well.
Thank you.
Now run along, ya got some whoppers to catch!

How far is Fuchsia City from here?

According to the map, we’re about halfway there.
Fuschia City is the most remote major city in Kanto. Even Cinnabar Island is less remote since it has only one route between it and Pallet Town. You have to go through at least 3 to get to Fuchsia, no matter if you go from the Lavender Town side or the Celadon side.
Whoever decided to give this city a Gym deserves to have to walk to it themselves.
Well we’ve still got a lot of travelling left to go, but we did enter a new area, let’s get a catch done.

Ooh, a Horsea.
Leave it to me.