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Ruleset Advice Is this "Max Revive" idea ok?


Pokédex No.
May 17, 2020
So I came across an optional rule stating that any Max Revives found on the ground or by the Dowsing Machine can revive a dead Pokémon. I tweaked it to where A. I can only use 5 Max Revives out of total 18 that are obtainable in my game, Any others I have to sell, B. I cannot use Max Revives in battle, and C. If a Max-Revived Pokémon dies again, they cannot be revived. The game I'm playing is called Pokemon Sacred Gold. If you don't know about these types of roms, they're rom hacks of existing games where all Pokémon are obtainable with in the single game, with new items and mechanics added for evolution.

Along with this however, comes a major difficult spick compared to the original games. There's a much more rounded difficulty curve, and important characters have high leveled Pokémon with strong moves, such as Executive Proton in the Slowpoke well before the 2nd gym having a zubat with Giga Drain, which was changed along side Drain Punch in this game to have 75 BP. That's just one of many instances of difficulty. Gym leaders and Elite Four members also have a team of 6 Pokémon. Some Pokémon even get stat, type, and move changes. Examples including:
- Electivire is now an Electric/Fighting type.
- Beautifly now has 105 base Sp.atk, 65 base Sp.def, and 85 base speed.
- Espeon gets a new level up move in Aura Sphere.

I'm saying all of these details about the game since while I would love a safety-net rule for a few Pokémon, I also want it to be balanced and still retain the difficulty of the game. Thoughts?


Team Delta
Pokédex No.
May 13, 2019
in a pile of bugs
Pokémon Type
Bug, Cute
Pokédex Entry
oh fuck oh shit my dots...............................................................................................................................
it technically will make it a “nuzlite”, but depending on your comfort level with the difficulty spike / your tolerance for grinding I think it’s fine.

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