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[INACTIVE]SoulSilver Random Story Run



The following is copied pretty much verbatim from my previously in the wrong place thread...

This may be my fifth nuzlocke run, but it's my first random run, and since it features the daughter of my old Blaziken from my normal Emerald playthrough, I figured I might as well make my first random run a story run, too.
Normal rules can be found in the link in my sig, but the rules below will be specific to this run.
1: Since this is a cartridge run, and I had to get an actual egg for the run, the rules don't start until I get that egg (not that I can catch anything before the earliest you can trade[you can trade after you get the phone call from Elm saying that something was stolen, but before the rival fight.])
2: The first pokemon on a route rule only counts when you get your first pokeballs from Lyra.
3:Lugia MAY NOT BE CAPTURED OUTSIDE WHIRL ISLANDS. He is considered a duplicate all other times.
4: The event Arceus must be obtained ASAP. It must then be put into the pokewalker ASAP, Until the event at Sinjoh can occur, at which point it is to be done, and Arceus must be put back into the pokewalker. Other Arceus encounters are considered duplicates.
6: The run ends after: Red is defeated, and both the Mewtwo from Cerulean Cave and Rayquasa at that tower near the new Safari Zone is either Caught/Defeated.
7: Should Vesuvius, or any 30 pokemon, die, the run ends. NO EXCEPTIONS.
8: Primo is a douche: talking to him is a waste of energy.
9: Suicune can be caught at any time, assuming it is the first on the route. Raikou and Entei may only be caught after they are awakened at Burned Tower. They count as duplicates otherwise.
10: You may ONLY catch pokemon that CAN LOGICALLY APPEAR at the level they are at, otherwise they count as a duplicate. (Example: you could catch Ho-oh in Sprout tower because there is nothing keeping Ho-oh from being level 10, but you can't catch an Infernape there because Monferno doesn't evolve until level 36 or so. You could catch Raichu there, because it evolves via stone.)
X: The right to amend these rules as more story is thought up is reserved.
a: No changes to the rules that would make the game easier are to be accepted
First Chapter will be up once I actually get it written, which should happen (if I can be goaded to do it) on thursday. Until then, here's a prologue that I threw together while attempting to get the egg(damn 7:1 ratios).
It was a bright morning, nearing 7:00, and Jacob was up (as he always at this time) making breakfast. His job as Elm's assistant, while it didn't have the best hours, was quite enjoyable. As he broke the eggs for his family's omlettes, he found himself remembering older times. He remembered the crowd that showed up for his championships against both Wallace and Cynthia. He remembered helping Rayquasa calm Groudon and Kyogre. He remembered his exploits against Team Galactic, and the subesquent fight against an angry god of a creature, Arceus. He remembered how his friends, and he, had nearly died at his hands, if not for the sheer determination of Jeoffre, his first pokemon. He remembered the Renaming Ceremony in his Honor. He remembered when Prima, his Mightyena, woke up after six months and how surprised she was surprised to hear that Jeoffre was now named Deicida; GodSlayer. He remembered the hell of an ordeal it was to get his team to Unova, and the lives that were lost to Team Plasma's leader, Ghestis. It was at this point that he was alerted by a rather gruff voice.

"You realize you've burnt the eggs, right?"

He woke up from his memories, and noticed that what was once a yellow slab of delectable breakfastness was now an almost completely black brick of disgusting. He grimaced, and scraped it into the trash disposal using a nearby spatula. He then turned to face the one who took him out of his thoughts. Before him stood Deicida, his Blaziken. His 6'5" frame would tower over Jacob, were it not for the fact that he was sitting down at the table. with come coffee and a bowl of cereal. An ornate walking cane leaned against the table on his left, and, if one looked carefully, they could see the scars from surgery on his knee. Even without looking carefully, though, you could see that Deicida had been through quite a bit.

"Y'know Vulcan and Ves' aren't gonna be happy to see that you've burnt breakfast again." He quipped. "This is the third time this week. You feeling alright?"

"Yeah. I just got lost in thought, is all..." replied Jacob as he washed the skillet he was using.

"What, are you all sad because Cynthia hasn't called since she went up to those ruins?"

"No, I was just...remembering the old days." Jacob got out some pancake mix and reheated the skillet.

"I know what you mean. I miss those guys, but that's still no reason to burn breakfast. Especially not on our respective progenies' big day."

"You're right as always, old friend. Speaking of those two, are they still asleep? I expected them to be up before me, considering how excited they were."

"I don't know about YOUR kid, but Vesuvius is still asleep. She kept me up half the night asking me questions about our adventures." At this, Jacob had to laugh. "What? Don't tell me Vulcan was a good little boy and went straight to bed. That kid was more charged up last night than that damned Electrode."

"Actually, yes. He went straight to bed at 2 in the morn..." a rather loud and screech interrupted Jacob as he spoke. Both he and Deicida went out as fast as they could to identify the screech. When they looked up, they saw a green streak headed for the west. Both Jacob and Deicida had the same stupefied and concerned expression on their faces as they said the same thing: "...Fujin...?"

They were shaken out of their stupor when the rather loud smoke alarm went off inside.
Don't expect regular updates, though. I've always been a bit sporadic about this kind of thing. Expect more like 3 updates one day, and then a month of nothing.


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