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Thread Description
A Diamond Storylocke. Celebrating 8 years with Chapter 68, posted on 4.30.20 [thread currently under construction]


Conqueror of the Violet Gym
Team Delta
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Jun 30, 2019
Hearthome City
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Fire, Psychic
Pokédex Entry
She tries her best, but doesn't succeed. She gets what she wants but not what she needs.
It curls into a fist when she turns to face me. "You know who did this to her, don't you?"

Dread coils like a snake in my gut. I swallow hard, and nod.

Searing white explodes into my vision. I vaguely feel the floor rush up to greet me, cold and unforgiving.
I think Dani and Lilan would be best friends, tbh. Dani likes throwing punches and Lilian is slap-happy. Not to mention they've both had to adopt alter-egos to perform their jobs. I'm thinking we need a crossover! ;D

Seriously though, I've missed this fic so much! I remember enough to have read this update on its own, of course, but I really ought to go back and re-read the entire story because you've done one hell of a job with it. I think something I always enjoy about Impulse is just how invested you've got us. It's easy to forget that this is just fiction, because you've really done great work with worldbuilding and fleshing out Nat as a kick-ass main character. I care about her as if she's real! I think immersion like this should be all of our goals as writers.

Update soon! Dying to know what happens next

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