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Screenshot Hoenn General i spent two hours typing this - fun emerald nuzlocke with rules included!!!!

Thread Description
still can't come up with names for runs smh my head

very large marf

very strong
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
sup gamers, it's me! who am I? who cares!

today i'm playin pokemon emerald with the rule set that i used for that one run i did on the old forums

they will be located in a box down below

1. first encounter only catch this one
2. faint = go in the shame box and at the end we stare at you for an extended period of time
here are the fun rules
3. each pokemon center/heal that can be used multiple times can only be used once and then never again
4. you cannot purchase items that can be used in battles, you are permitted to purchase TMs and repels but no potions, balls or x items
5. You can only get 10 encounters in each area and after those 10, you must run away from the rest!
6. If you encounter a trainer in an area, you must defeat all the other trainers in that area before you can use a heal (unless if you can't access them because you don't have surf or something)
7. using a heal before you've gotten all 10 encounters in an area will render those encounters moot and you can't get them later
8. you can't store pokemon in the box unless if they faint. You have to release a pokemon if you party is full and you want a new member
9. win

now that you read all the rules (or didn't i won't judge), let's play the video game

this is the title screen of the video game for those who don't know

and here's the only hit you get for what my naming theme is this time

if you guess correctly, you don't get anything. But it will feel good!

this is the part where im gonna skip past the intro stuff because it's boring as sin until we get pokemon





ok i think i have successfully proven that i have played the first 5 minutes of the game with these screenshots i will now skip to gameplay

except for the part where i get the free potion out of the PC i need that

oh man oh man it's almost time for the fun part

it is now time for the fun

but it's not fun for anyone reading because i'm just going to drop a wall of text about something no one in their right mind would care about.

this is the part where I rate all the pokemon that you can get in theory (because i haven't used some of the pokemon) following this criteria

1. How useful are they?
2. Do they have good stats?
3. Do they have good movepool?
4. Are they capable of handling regular trainers fine?
5. How well do they do against the gyms and evil teams?
6. What can they do, that others can't?
7. Can they learn useful HMs or other out of battle moves?
8. How easy are they to encounter/catch?
9. How easy are they to train?

now, i won't be going through each pokemon and putting down how good they are with each of those points everytime but just remember them because that's how they will be rated!!!

also they get a letter grade from S to F

S: Godlike and you should always try to use
A: Very solid with no huge flaws
B: Good but have some problems
C: Not bad but you can do better
D: Not good but usable if you need them
E: Shouldn't use
F: don't

First up is Treecko!

Spoiler Alert!: I think treecko is the weakest of the three starters

There's a lot a reasons for that, but a lot of it has to do with being a grass type.

Grass isn't a great type to be in this game and there's a lot of reasons for that. Not great defensively, and most grass types have bad STAB options because there are like 2 maybe 3 good grass moves in this game.

Treecko's damage output suffers because of this as the only STAB move you'll have for a while is the 20 BP absorb and the inconsistent Bullet Seed.

An interesting thing to note is that Treecko suffers from an issue that almost no other pokemon has to deal with, and that's opportunity cost becuase you can only choose one starter and by picking treecko you lose out on the other two and the other two have better qualities earlier on, when the starter is most important.

When it comes to trainers, Treecko does well against most, but struggles when they have pokemon that resist grass and it doesn't do amazing against a lot of the gyms either

Roxanne: Does Good
Brawly: Does OK
Wattson: Doesn't take much from electric moves but has a hard time denting magnemite and magneton
Flannery: bad
Norman: Does OK
Winona: Worse than Flannery
Tate and Liza: Does OK
Juan: Does Good

Compare this to the other two starters and it doesn't look so good.

It's not all bad for Treecko though. Its stats are fine, and it does get a competent grass move later on with leaf blade. It's also nice for the first gym, where it will do fine against anything thrown its way.

Its also still easy to train because it's a starter and you can catch other pokemon to help with its flaws

I did talk a lot of bad about treecko but it isn't bad it's just worse than its alternatives

Grade: B

Now it's Torchic!!

Torchic has a lot of good things to say about it! I also have things to say about this guy

Fire is a nice offensive typing to have and getting fighting STAB after evolving is nice for letting it deal with more types of pokemon.

However, there a lot of pokemon that are good against one or the other, so torchic probably has to be the most careful defensively due to being weak to some common types such as water and flying. There's also a lot of those two considering that a good chunk of the region is water. Torchic does do fine against early gyms though.

Roxanne: good if combusken, bad if not
Brawly: fine
Wattson: Can deal with magnets but takes noticable damage from their attacks unlike the other two
Flannery: does ok but not great
Norman: does the best of the three starters probably
Winona: no
Tate and Liza: no
Juan: no

Torchic does well against the gyms where your options are limited (aka early game gyms) and can't do as well later on.

It's easy to use early on, though it does struggle with not getting a second attack until level 10 rather than level 6 or 7 and it doesn't get another good fighting STAB for a while after double kick

A bit better than treecko but still has problems

Grade: B

Those two don't hold a candle to this guy though.

Mudkip is god and that's all that needs to be said.

This little dude got it all. Great type, good stats, it's movepool is solid, it evolves at just the right times, it does well against everything but grass types and even then it can still do fine against some of them due to them being part poison. It also does great against gyms.

Roxanne: Good
Brawly: ok
Wattson: Makes this gym a goddamn joke
Flannery: good (watch out for sun overheat)
Norman: ok
Winona: probably his worst outing
Tate and Liza: ok
Juan: not great

he is perfectly usable in 6 of the 8 gyms and in Winona's case it's mostly due to flying types with annoying secondary typings

he comes good to go out of the box and he does a great job at it.

Grade: S

now that I've done ratings, my hubris will come back to bite me in the ass for saying mudkip is the best just watch

if it wasn't obvious, I'm picking this little dude! here are he stats!!! marvel in how excellent he is!!!!!



his name is Dagda and this is still your opportunity to figure out the naming theme!

actually base it off the other name this one might confuse you.

fun fact: I accidentally clicked to go back to the previous page right here and I almost had a heart attack

it didn't delete anything so i'm ok

now it is route time and I have 9/10 ecounters left for this route because mr zig counts as the first one

here's the first one

he died

the second one crit me like a rude lad (likely due to my hube from earlier)

but he made it to level 6!!! leave a like for mud-slap!!!!

got the pot

beat the dudes

level the up

one more and then heal time

this leaves me with 3 more encounters for later

now it is rival time! time to hope for no encounters so I can get a catch later!!!!

i didn't get any spoiler alert!!!!!



level and win

go home after this dialogue box

end the first part because i've typed enough for now!!!

come back next time for actual gameplay and not boring intro

make sure to enjoy this and remember to give your friends support when they need it

good job team


Member of G.R.O.S.S. (ironically)
Pokédex No.
Aug 28, 2019
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Ghost, Ground
Pokédex Entry
Has a lot of projects, but staunchly refuses to share any of them publicly.

This is...a very interesting ruleset. Seems really tough. Good luck!


S.P.D. Jack Landors
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 30, 2019
@crash nebula on ice
Pokémon Type
Fire, Dragon
Pokédex Entry
There once was a man named Gold Roger, who was King of the Pirates. He had fame, power, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams.
I missed you so much stock-images man!

do that thing where you roll for magic missile. :2d6:


Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 16, 2019
Long Island, NY
Pokémon Type
Fire, Water
The ruleset seems quite challenging. Hopefully you can overcome it.


Where the fuck are my gif avatars?
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Water, Dragon
oh wow a run that I don't care about but will read anyway. I appreciate your rating system though. It helps keep me informed.

Also I figured out your naming theme from the get go. You can't fool me stock-images man

very large marf

very strong
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
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  • #6
wow wow wow wow it's another post! make sure to leave your favorite element from the periodic table below!

now that the boring beginning is done, the real game can actually begin

put first you need to get the kicks

Now, we can get into the real meat and potatos

we've got some pokemon to talk about!

And I will try to talk about them less than the starters but some of them i got a lot to say about

first up is mr zigzagoon right here

before I say anything about this dude, I will say that I'm banning myself from using pickup in this run because it doesn't seem fair to be allowed to use it.

which does make zigzagoon's ability useless, but that's probably the worst thing about this little guy

he's got a lot of good goin for em, such as early STAB headbutt, access to a lot of TMs and most importantly, HMs. Even if you never want to use this mon, you can just give him all the HMs you don't want to teach to your good pokemon. Not to even mention how it's stats are competent enough for most of the game!

I'm not going to go over all the gyms for the non-starters but I will mention something if the mon I'm talking about does well

zigzagoon does not do well against gym leaders but is usually good enough against the trainers except for the first two gyms

That is all I have to say about this fella!

Rank: B

poochyena is also here!

unlike zigzagoon, poochyena isn't all that good. early on it has a hard time doing damage because it doesn't get STAB off of tackle and it takes a while to get bite (which runs off of pooch's bad special attack). Being a dark type sounds nice, but early on there's no pokemon that dark types are actually good against except wild abra and ralts.

Its stats that aren't attack are pretty bad and its ability also is pretty bad until it evolves and then it becomes a great ability.

poochyena isn't the worst thing you could use but it's certainly not good. If you do want to use it though, don't catch it early on because it just doesn't do anything early on. You can find poochyena a lot later on so just catch one there if you want one.

Rank: D

and then we have this special fella!

wurmple evolves into two pokemon! I'm gonna talk about them instead of wurmple because there's nothing to say about it. It's not hard to get wurmple into either of these in this game

beautifly has better offensive stats and dustox has better defensive stats. Both of them aren't all that great in the long term but what are they good for while they are still good?

These two are both great against brawly because they quad-resist fighting and have moves that are super effective against fighting at that point.

if I had to pick which one was better, I'd probably say dustox because of those better defenses in addition to confusion upon evolution which is pretty nice to have compared to beautifly's absorb

Both of these Pokemon are Rank: C but give dustox a C+1 point

now we can get to the real goodness!

just kidding we have to talk about wingull now

this is what wingull looks like

wingull is a pretty good mon! It's a water type which is always nice and it can totally own those annoying grass types thanks to its flying typing.

it doesn't have a great movepool but it learns just enough to be solid and its speed and special attack are pretty solid.

when it evolves it gets a whole lot tankier in exchange for being slower but it's still very solid. plus this pokemon is everywhere so you can almost always find one no matter where you are in the game! also the first pokemon you can catch that can learn fly which is helpful

Wingull is pretty damn good against a lot of the gyms too! It can easily take on roxanne's gym except for her nosepass and can do pretty well against brawly and flannery too! (don't use against wattson though you will die)

Overall, just a good pokemon that doesn't have any truly crippling flaws

Rank: A

And now its encounter time since I didn't get one last time!!!!

ooh! good pokemon!

hit em with a slap and then I caught it!

btw if you didn't know the naming theme it's based off of the greatest fire emblem game, Thracia 776!

except i goofed and named mudkip Dagda instead of Dagdar oops

look at this great pokemon with many great qualities

Now let's go grind this puppy up on the three encounters i had from the first route


i may or may not have died in one hit

well that was quick. didn't even take more than one battle for this dude to just say "i'm out"

at least we got a pickup item that i can't use!

here's the rest of the encounters i had

a fitting name for a place you can't leave

now I'm grindin up here!

grinding my life away on these dudes!

sorry for the lack of jokes i actually ran out and i need to go to the store tomorrow and get more

but i made to level 10 and got this! make sure to leave a like for water gun

home sweet home

mom can you please heal me up to full i spent my first hour with a pokemon beating up wild animals for fun

now the gang is fresh and healthy (mostly fresh though)

now I get to talk about pokemon over here!!!! yay!!!!!

I'll start with the easiest one!

this guy

seedot blows so much dude why would you ever use this thing for any reason it doesn't get attacks it doesn't do anything it's another stupid grass type but this route already has another one of those why on earth would they create seedot and think that this guy is ok he sucks so much why on earth does he exits he is bad so bad don't use him please just run away from him

Rank: F

Now onto something I can say things about, Lotad!

Lotad suffers from the problem that 99% of gen 3 grass types suffer from called, "why is my movepool so awful" syndrome.

poor guy! has a neat water/grass typing but doesn't learn any water moves!

he's not all that great because his movepool is so lacking that even if the stats were amazing you have astonish and absorb to use with it.

he can kill rocks at least so he's good for that

Rank: D (maybe C if im wrong about this dude)

this is the last mon here I think?

i don't have much to say about ralts but it's very frail and only learns psychic moves via level up in this game! it does have some nice special attack as it evolves but it's always going to very frail and it's not amazingly fast either so it might just drop dead! also is incapable of touching poochyena which is lame. Not bad though because psychic is a nice type to be for dealing with brawly and there are a decent amount of pokemon that don't wanna get hit with them psychic moves you know?

Rank: C? probably C

there's also surskit but he's not in this game so we don't talk about him

the screen i used earlier was my first encounter!!!

caught and named after a very ok swordfighter!

stats! do you ever wonder why lotad gets astonish at level 1? i do sometimes

now we can make progress on this route!



Bug Guy!

gone (featuring level up)

wild encounter!

outta here!

level ups! they are incredible!

Youngster Allen!

not present!



Lass Tiana!

this fight was annoying because lotad can't kill a mushroom but we came out the victor!!!

and got a pot!

beat up another encounter and Machyua got a move that can hit normal types!

we made it to petalburg! time to completely skip the wally moment!

you missed nothing of importance in the slightest he caught a pokemon that couldn't fight back

i got Dagda another level off of an encounter and then i went to route 104!

see? here's the proof!

time to talk about the two new pokemon here get an encounter and end this!

first up is marill!

Marill is a pokemon! Very bulky! not very great with offense though! Got huge power as an ability which helps with damage and thick fat which exists!!! Marill is a water type which means that it'll always have some sort of useful thing to do because water is good!

This lad doesn't do that much damage but also doesn't take a lot of damage in return and it'll probably do fine against types that it can hit super efffectively.

It's not bad at all and when it actually has a pretty competent level up movepool which is nice

Rank: B

Then we got taillow!

Taillow is fast and pretty strong! it can handle the types that it is good against with ease and usually struggles with pokemon that resist flying and normal!

In the case of this run, a taillow would actually be nice to handle the annoying grass types that mudkip and lotad can't deal with well at all.

Unfortunately, Taillow is frail and also lacks in coverage, but it does learn useful level-up moves so it doesn't have problems when it comes to not having STAB options

this little bird is a solid addition to any team but it can't solo the game by any means

Rank: B

and this was my encounter on route 104!

I guess it can help with the grass type problem...

named him after another very ok man except this one uses axes and is less than ok actually

these are he stats! look at how boring they are!

I have up until rustboro city done as of right now, but I'm gonna cut this here for now!

enjoy the forest of woods next time!!!

wow what a great part

I'll update again later in my life so don't forget about me!!!

swell effort comrades!

Treecko- B
Torchic- B
Mudkip- S
Zigzagoon- B
Poochyena- D
Beautifly- C
Dustox- C but +1 point
Wingull- A
Seedot- F
Lotad- D (maybe C idk)
Ralts- Probably C?
Surskit- a myth that doesn't exist
Marill- B
Taillow- B
Hotel- Trivago


Where the fuck are my gif avatars?
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Water, Dragon
oh dear it's sad that one of your catches didn't feel like fighting for you after all. But don't let that get you down! You have two other mediocre mons!

very large marf

very strong
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
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update time!!!

time to fight all the trainers in the zone!!!

easy win!!

but very long time for it to occur because seedot is the worst

this took a whole five minutes of string shotting bides and tackling when there was no bide

thanks seedot very cool

move learned!!!!

time for the easiest fight since [redacted]


ka-level up

if you ignore the hp on Dagda, this team is lookin kinda nice

pick the berries

eliminate the rich

eliminate the rich

time for the only new area for this part!

and we got two new lads to talk about!!!

first up is shroomish!!

remember how i hate grass types because they don't get good moves? this one gets the good stuff! headbutt, leech seed, stun spore, fighting moves when you evolve! headbutt is a nice move to have when something resists grass, leech seed helps against things that don't do damage and can help heal up it and its teammates a little bit, stun spore is status and fighting type options help it out a lot later on.

overall just very solid and a great grass type

Rank: B (maybe A i like this one a lot)

then we have slakoth!

if truant didn't exist, slakoth would probably be really good but because of truant, it's just ok. its stats aren't awful and it does learn slack off which can help you save healing items for other pokemon or when you need them and vigoroth is very solid overall. truant just mkaes it very hard to use when it doesn't one hit ko something and it's not consistent at doing that until it hits slaking, which it might never do

would be great but has one of the worst abilities in pokemon for two of its three stages

Rank: D (A if truant didn't exist)

oh boy an encounter!!!

just kidding I don't even want this thing yet

gotta make sure you get all the secret goodies

and don't accidentally jump over the fence whilst trying to pick something up

this encounter happened

i used a berry afterwards because i was fearful

bug man catches 4 wurmples and thinks that it's impressive

he is foolish

i got scared of a dog and ran away for the first time in existence

then the mushroom guy showed up and a criminal tried to mug him (at least he doesn't like seedot)

do i have to explain the plot to this 14 year old game to everyone because i might just start skimming past it


this fight was important for one thing at least

getting the wurmple evo that i wanted less :( (still better than seedot)

at least this mushroom man is good for one thing

free balls

i have a question about these bug men

why do they think bugs are so cool?

like 90% of them don't even have cool bugs like scizor or something they have wurmples and caterpies and think to themselves, "wow these bugs sure are cool haha"

they're just like people who like seedot but just a smidgen cooler

get a job bug dude

picked up an actual useful item

later on i'm going to be thankful for this exact ether just you wait

also spent half a year fighting a kek

and got a tm that sucks but will be used

also the only attacking move seedot will get before dying a horrible death

i pick berries and berry related products

stockin up on some goodies

how come early game kanto didn't have this much free stuff

also beat up a child and a dog whilst collecting the goods

this should be fine for the rest of the route

eliminate the rich

this girl's pokemon are in a ditch!

the twins never get the wins

but the battle was very boringins

emerald exclusive fish man number 2 is the last fight of the day!!!

repeat what i said earlier about the bug dudes but with early game fishermen with magikarp

items that are more useful than seedot

and a city where a man gives you a seedot for a ralts (don't do this trade please)

and that's the end of it all you know?

next time i'll produce more anti-seedot propaganda and probably fight roxanne or something idk

make sure to leave a like if you hate seedot!!!

incredible work, peers!

Treecko- B
Torchic- B
Mudkip- S
Zigzagoon- B
Poochyena- D
Beautifly- C
Dustox- C but one more point than beautifly
Seedot- F
Lotad- D (maybe C)
Ralts- C? probably C
Marill- B
Taillow- B
Shroomish- B (maybe A i like this one)
Slakoth- D (but A if truant didn't exist)
Last edited:


Where the fuck are my gif avatars?
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Pokémon Type
Water, Dragon
I do hate Seedot.

I hear ya about Bug Catchers but allow me to make a counterpoint: you really only fight then in early game routes right? those cool late game bugs are all in late game areas. These bug Catchers literally don't live in the right region. And don't say they could travel, they probably can't afford to. people like you keep stealing all their money.

very large marf

very strong
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
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yo did you know that you can change the forum theme? i just found that out as i was posting this

we have arrived in rustboro!

but before we actually do anything here let's go use the rest of our encounters

this team is alright but I want a bit more, you know?

now this isn't hard to do at all

except i don't have a whole lot of pp left

doesn't make grinding hard for this super star

when i uploaded all my images to imgur they got all out of order so i have to spend a year trying to figure out what order these are in

and i think this was the last thing here?

no, this was the last thing. that last statement was a lie

now lets go get some in here


an easy kill for anyone!

dangerous territory (that gets handled)

this is an excellent grind!!!

until this happened!

this was entirely because of my hubris as i didn't just use water gun even though i had plent yleft because i wanted to conserve pp

and now i lost my best pokemon

what a triumph is that

still got the kill though

doing this now so i can actually attack things without fearing death

also so i can do better damage to roxanne

i also did not want to grind in the forest anymore so i went here where i am less likely to die

it probably could've happened not gonna lie

but i did get what mattered most

a good pokemon with a mediocre move

just what the doctor prescribed

and now our team sucks


and now is probably a good time to go do this

goodbye friend

my hubris will remember this

that happening means that roxanne just got a whole lot harder

luckily she's still a piece of cake but it's not free anymore

spending my currency on bug spray because it will heal my heart (but not my pokemon)

also picking up an hm that is optional that no one can even learn

and this useful item

going up here for a goodie

and new route time!

that means we have 4 new encounters to talk about!!

first up is skitty and skitty sucks

out of all the earlygame normal types hoenn throws your way, skitty is the worst one to get. it has a lacking level up movepool, bad stats, stone evolution, normalize as an ability which limits its coverage and it doesn't really do much of anything

this cat is more trouble than its worth so don't catch it

Rank: E

now there is abra

abra starts out as useful as seedot but unlike seedot this thing gets pretty good once it finally evolves. it has really good special attack and speed and it can learn some nice moves like recover and reflect. super frail physically though and it kinda lacks in coverage but it has very good power with its psychic STAB

a weird problem that abra has is that kadabra can't evolve without trading which means that it will never reach its full potential due to the fact that i can't trade at all, kadabra is still pretty solid for most of the game but not being able to reach alakazam kinda sucks.

overall, abra is a pokemon with great strengths and great weaknesses that takes quite a bit of effort to actually get good but then it gets damn good

Rank: C (you still have to train this thing up which means it doesn't do anything for like 8 levels but once it evolves its B)


whismur is very frail (but has ok HP) and pretty slow but it has some nice strengths such as decent attacking stats and having an alright movepool. it also gets an advantage that most pokemon don't have in that you can guarantee that you can catch one thanks to it being the only encounter in rusturf tunnel. If you can get it to loudred, it gets a whole lot better and it's not really all that bad.

this mon can't win the world series but it can be a alright addition to a team if you aren't idiot (like me)

Rank: C

and now we have the most interesting pokemon, nincada!

now, it isn't interesting because it's good because nincada isn't very good. it doesn't have good stats outside of defense until it evolves and then it has good attack and overkill speed. but it can't really take advantage of that good attack because it doesn't learn any good moves and it also takes a year to get there because nincada levels up at the speed of a snail

but nincada does give you access to shedinja who is very interesting for obvious reasons. it still doesn't have good stats but it can be a cheeser against certain fights and also comes for free in this game if you have an empty slot (shedinja doesn't take a poke ball in this game unlike in later ones)

nincada is not very good at all but shedinja has niche uses at the very least and ninjask can put in work if you give it secret power or something like that

Rank: D

now we can play the game!

picked up the only item money can buy

and my first encounter was something I actually kind of wanted

so i actually caught something this time and named it

stat check!

now we have another tool to fight all the bug dudes with!

also taillow gains exp pretty quickly so we can get a level right away!

and get another move while we are at it!

i fought this girl!

these things happened but its not actually a big deal because Karin wasn't really gonna fight anything else for the rest of the route anyway

fought a dog

and fought fraudulent youngster joey

why does he have a machop

still loses all the same but why a machop this time?

double battle

only thing of note was this happening which actually isn't good because i need Machyua for the gym

still won with no problems

and beat this guy

time to strap up and prepare to fight

the lamest cat in the pokemon universe

and bugs

and whatever a whismur is

can't forget a coward

i forgot that i grinded before i went to the gym so the suspense is ruined i'm sorry

now we can fight the gym

first up is this guy!

he lost

these two also lost but

machyua learned a move that i actually though about rather than just getting rid of something useless

I was debating getting rid of either astonish or growl for nature power but astonish is there so I'm not locked into grass moves and growl I wanted for roxanne so...

bye nature power

and with that we have to fight roxanne now!

what could possibly go wrong?

let's find out

nothing could possibly go wrong with these two

but nosepass kinda bulky doe

so let's make it so it can't kill us before we kill it!

all it did for 6 turns was harden, block and it attacked once

now it's time for a free win!

it did crit me though but it didn't kill me so there's no problem

unless if she does it again

and I lose my second pokemon of this run to a crit

thank you pokemon emerald

at least she used her potions already otherwise we would've been screwed

move changes that are nice

and we won against the easiest gym even though we lost a pokemon!!!

and then the game proceeded to rub salt in the wound for no real reason at all

well this team kinda sucks now and I should probably go heal

but I won't because I don't need to yet

give me this before i send you to your prison

time to go fight one grunt and then leave

there's no new encounters here because all there is is whismur

and a free ball for our sack

now we can fight a man who hates birds


we win and get the goods and the birds

we need both to get the girl

mushroom man gives us a great ball again

mr. president gives us a letter and gives us the greatest gift of all

no, not the pokenav

I'm talking about the free heal which means we don't have to use the rustboro heal now and we can save it for later

and that's all i got for this game today

hope someone gets the reference with the title

enjoy your life and your day

swell time today, chaps!

Treecko- B
Torchic- B
Mudkip- S
Zigzagoon- B
Poochyena- D
Beautifly- C
Dustox- C but one more point than beautifly
Seedot- F
Lotad- D (maybe C)
Ralts- C? probably C
Marill- B
Taillow- B
Shroomish- B (maybe A i like this one)
Slakoth- D (but A if truant didn't exist)
Skitty- E
Abra- C (you still have to train this thing up which means it doesn't do anything for like 8 levels but once it evolves its B)
Whismur- C
Nincada- D


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Jul 1, 2019
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yikes man. That is a most unfortunate sequence of events. You should stop getting critted

very large marf

very strong
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Jul 1, 2019
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morning forumers it's time for another average update from the man who makes runs!

last time, we lost two competent party members and beat up some rocks

this prison is too full for my liking i sure do hope that no one else enters it

since I didn't get any encounters here last time, i will go get a whismur right now

this was encountered but i didn't catch it to say the least

this was the second one i think and as you can see these dudes hurt!

exp is exp though

used a potion because i have plenty and they aren't really all that good past the early game anyway

here's the rest of the encounters for here!

now it is boat time

boat time boat time boat time boat time boat time boat time boat time boat time boat time boat time boat time boat time boat time boat time boat time boat time boat time

boat time has ended

and now we're on everyone's favorite island

and here is where we get a very nice item!

now that we have the old rod we can talk about fish! and there are two fish here!

magikarp is one of those fish!

magikarp itself is a godawful pokemon with no redeeming qualities, kinda like abra

but just like abra, magikarp evolves into something great! the only difference is that magikarp takes more time, but in exchange you get a better pokemon

gyarados is dope as hell even though it takes a long time to get. But the real question is whether or not magikarp is worth training in order to get it. The answer to that is honestly dependent on how good your team is.

weird pokemon to rate but takes a lot of effort for a lot of payoff

Rank: C (same as abra)

then we have tentacool!

tentacool is another weird pokemon to rate for different reasons. Catching a tentacool around this point of the game isn't a great idea due to how lacking tentacool's movepool is and how it takes a long time for it to improve. But if you encounter one later on, then it is way better due to having good STAB options to use and being close to evolution and tentacruel is very good.

early tentacool isn't completely useless though as it can poison and confuse things at the very least and you can teach it cut if you want, which helps you get some nice items.

tentacool is a pokemon that is really good if you don't catch it early but the later you catch it, the less time you have to use it.

Rank: B

now we can pick up a ball and go into granite cave where I get to talk about even more pokemon

this location has 5 whole encounters to talk about!

zubat is up first and this guy has a lot in common with tentacool.

both are poison types with bad early movepools that you can encounter a lot throughout the game and both get better the later you catch them

zubat is really bad at first because it doesn't have any good attacks until it gets bite which is not bad but also not great. once it evolves into golbat it is usually fine but it takes a long time to get there because it grows somewhat slowly

once it does become good though, it stays good for the most part and catching it later can allow you to ignore its awful earlygame rut where it does nothing

overall a good pokemon that you should never catch here, but you should catch later

Rank: B

next we have geodude!

geodude is a pokemon with big strengths and big weaknesses. it has a nice rock typing which helps a lot early on with resisting normal type moves and it has high defense and attack which means it can take physical hits super well and deal back good damge with its STABS. it also gets a pretty decent level up movepool with rock throw and magnitude coming pretty early. it also shuts wattson down completely without breaking a sweat.

however, this thing also dies in one hit from and water or grass move and doesn't take special hits at all. it's also really slow and when the region becomes a lot more water based it can have a hard time doing much

despite those problems though this mon is still very useful and can really help patch up holes in your team.

Rank: B

then there's makuhita!

makuhita is a fighting type! fighting is a nice type as it lets it punch through pokemon that other earlygame pokemon would struggle with like rocks and steels. it also has a nice attack stat and it can learn surf for some reason!

actually why can it learn surf that makes no sense

anyway, it also has a nice attack stat and a pretty beefy HP stat! so what's the problem?

all of its other stats aren't good and it lacks in coverage that isn't normal or fighting (though it does learn gen 3 knock off if you like that)

it is still very nice for dealing with certain pokemon though and it does hit pretty hard on most things even if its hits aren't super-effective but its flaws do exist and can hamper it a bit

Rank: C

aron! this mon is very cute! but is it good?

it's not bad for sure! it's the first steel type you can get and steel is a really good offensive typing to be! it also has a good defense stats and a good enough attack stats to do some nice damage and it learns some decent moves!

however, it does have some glaring flaws such as two 4X weaknesses that can make it fall over and it's special defense is pretty bad so even resisted hits can hurt a bit. it also takes a very long time to evolve into lairon so its stats will fall off at some point until it evolves.

when you first get it, it's good! then it gets less good over time.

Rank: C

and the last pokemon is sableye

sableye is a very funny pokemon because it can complete cheese brawly without any sort of trouble at all because nothing can even touch it! it peaks at that and afterwards it suffers from having bad stats and not great attacking options.

i don't have much to say about sableye but it can solo brawly's gym for the most part so watch out for that

Rank: C? D? how hard is it to beat brawly without it?

now that I don't need to talk about pokemon anyway, let's catch something!

kaslam! we caught the pokemon that will destroy rocks for me!

now that we have our encounter in here....

let's go beat up fish!

EZ win! (not shown: Karin not being able to deal any damage)

thank god for this butterfly

the other fish man had this fish

and Karin can't do things once again

but maybe now she can?

and we finish off the fish man with Selfina after spending 2 minutes tackling it

used some berries to ensure that this bird doesn't get hit by a light breeze and crumple over

I also remembered to pick up this goodie and give it to a rightful owner

now we can go caving and pick up another useless HM!!

and fight bats (among other things)

and Selfina can learn a STAB move finally!


sableye is actually not a good thing to grind on because it hurts a lot and takes a couple hits to kill

though, i suppose i could've just used Karin and been fine (my hubris at work yet again)

then again, Karin can't do anything without being put at critical health

but I still need to baby this bird because she's my backup for brawly

also using this so i don't deal with anymore annoyances

can't forget the goodies!!!

and steven gives us a not awful TM and also enables us to get a much better item now

this bad boy!

we already know who gets this

now that the cave is explored, let's go beat the gym!

first girl was cake

these two were less cake

and now i want to get as much exp on karin and halvan as possible so i need this now

fight guy one and two pose no threat at all

and neither does last fight girl

now that we've beat all the trainers, it's time for brawly right?

nope! we're going fishing for a few reasons!

1. i want to see if I can get a tentacool at an ok level
2. i want to use the magikarp to heal halvan up with absorb

man at the ocean

what will he catch

he will catch free health!

and also free exp!

thankfully these fish are super easy to deal with

idk why I took this screenshot but karin probably didn't kill this tentacool so let's just assume that

can't forget about up here too!

now I did say I wanted one at a good level

but then i caught it anyway

I didn't even have to hurt him he just went in the ball

i forgot to take a screenshot of his ability but i can assure you that it's clear body (hooray!)

now I can do this!

and go pick up some goodies back here!

look at all the cool stuff that i now own thanks to cut!

also fought some more trainers

rich man wasn't very good

and neither was lass janice and the dweeb she was with

inventory check!!

-1 oran berry because i have no faith in Karin!!!!!

now we can fight brawly and hopefully this fight will go better than the last one

guess what!

it did

it was so easy

hardly even broke a sweat

why on earth would they give brawly a meditite that can only hit you with focus punch? you can beat it with anything that has a 100% accurate move

and why would you let him waste his potions on it also? made the fight really easy

granted, i have no qualms about brawly being bad

but still why does he suck!!!

you made tiny splash

like if you dropped a marble into a tub

my splash was like if you dropped a whole other tub in the tub

that's how hard you lost brawly

at least he gave us a TM that i'll forget about

and with that! we end the part on a high note! come again next time for more ratings that don't matter!!!

nice work group!


Treecko- B
Torchic- B
Mudkip- S
Zigzagoon- B
Poochyena- D
Beautifly- C
Dustox- C but one more point than beautifly
Seedot- F
Lotad- D (maybe C)
Ralts- C? probably C
Marill- B
Taillow- B
Shroomish- B (maybe A i like this one)
Slakoth- D (but A if truant didn't exist)
Skitty- E
Abra- C (you still have to train this thing up which means it doesn't do anything for like 8 levels but once it evolves its B)
Whismur- C
Nincada- D
Magikarp- C (same as abra)
Tentacool- B
Zubat- B
Geodude- B
Makuhita- C
Aron- C
Sableye- C? D? how hard is it to beat brawly without it?
jokes- 1


Where the fuck are my gif avatars?
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Jul 1, 2019
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wow good job not having anyone die this time. You're getting better at this.

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