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Gym Improvs


Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jun 16, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dark, Fairy
Pokédex Entry
So as I said in the gym improv thread, I did a lot of gym concepts in a discord chat. May as well share some of them! They're pretty much directly copied from discord.

Dark 4:

pawniard lvl 27 - payback/metal claw/fury cutter/leer
sneasel lvl 27 - feint attack/quick attack/taunt/icy wind
mightyena lvl 28 - payback/sand attack/howl/confide
honchkrow lvl 30 - payback/wing attack/night shade/haze

dolores was utterly trounced at the finals of a pokemon tournament by a mysterious trainer 10 years ago, who left her feeling awestruck but also with an intense desire for revenge. no matter how hard she looked she could never find even a hint of who she was, so with no other options she decided to open a gym and hope that one day she would appear to challenge her again

Sealeo Lvl 42 Scald/Swagger/Ice Ball/Rest
Mantine Lvl 43 Scald/Confuse Ray/Aqua Ring/Air Slash
Sharpedo Lvl 43 Scald/Swagger/Crunch/Poison Fang
Wailord Lvl 44 Scald/Bulldoze/Brine/Bounce

this gym leader specialises in marine pokemon that can do tricks

you have to use a ride pokemon to navigate an obstacle course to reach them

Gurdurr 33 Low Sweep Rock Slide Bide Chip Away
Primeape 32 Low Sweep Punishment Pursuit Swagger
Croagunk 33 Low Sweep Mud-Slap Feint Attack Poison Jab
Bewear 35 Low Sweep Brutal Swing Baby-Doll Eyes Flail

this gym leader works an office job by day and started a fight club because her job sucks and she's gotta vent that aggression

Klink 27 Flash Cannon Charge Beam Bind Signal Beam
Pawniard 27 Metal Claw Feint Attack Aerial Ace Torment
Wormadam 29 Flash Cannon Bug Bite Metal Burst Sucker Punch
Probopass 30 Flash Cannon Power Gem Thunder Wave Sandstorm

this gym leader Likes Trains

she understands trains more than people and her gym is a giant model railway

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