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Play by Post Gym Improv

Thread Description


Challenge Seeker and Nuzlocke Completionist
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 9, 2019
Kanto Route 1, 1% encounter rate (Israel)
Pokémon Type
Fire, Psychic
In most regions Dragon type gyms are usually the last gyms of the league as they hold such powerful beasts. In this region however the Dragon type gym focused on enlightenment through pokemon battles, and not on competitive battles, and therefore is only the sixth one, still it is one to beware of!

Long the gym master is a monk who appears to be in his 40s. He has a shaved head, a long black Chinese beard and long eyebrows, bright purple eyes, and he wears a red monks robe with a golden Rayquaza weaved on its back. He holds all his pokeballs as part of a prayer beads which he constantly holds in his hand. He is extremely agile and energetic and jumps from platform to platform, watching you as you complete the gym's challenge while encouraging you not to give up. He also has a special feature to his gym - once you enter, you can't leave until you defeat all his disciples (you are warned about that ahead of entering by an old man standing outside the gym).

His gym is in fact a tower temple, much like the ones found in Johto. In fact there are many clues that either he or his entire religious sect are originally from that region. In order to get to Long the player has to pass through many training obstacles, avoiding them by moving at the right time, and also jump between platforms and climb ladders. In between them he is faced with the other monks who serve Long, all of which have shaved heads, use prayer beads pokeballs, and wear orange robes (look much lke the generic monk trainers from Johto). They use pokemon such as: Dratini, Mienfoo, Charmeleon, Monferno, Hakamo-o, Faxure, Gyarados, and Dragonair.

Long's Team:
Dragonair (Male), lvl 37, Shed Skin, Dragon Tail, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Light Screen
Altaria (Male), lvl 36, Natural Cure, Dazzling Gleam, Sky Attack, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw
Drampa (Male), lvl 38, Berserk, Dragon Pulse, Extrasensory, Fire Blast, Glare, holding Wise Glasses. (The Ace).

When you defeat him he gives you the Dragon Pulse TM and the Discipline badge which looks like a golden generic Chinese serpentine dragon in the form of a ring, circling a purple gem.

Next let's do Ghost 8.
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Kanto League Champion
Pokédex No.
Nov 18, 2019
Pokémon Type
Pokédex Entry
This Pokemon would rather be doing donuts than fighting Ganon.
Anthony is an elderly Egyptian Pharaoh themed leader. He was recognized by Ho-oh as a young boy, and has grown into something of a national religious leader since. As with Blue, he was a champion at one point, and is widely revered for his wisdom. His gym, thematically appropriate, is a pyramid armed with traps to be avoided, or the player will be sent to the start. A Lucario will guide the player safely through the tomb, while ghosts will try to impersonate it and misdirect them. Rather than gym trainers, hostile ghosts will battle the player if followed.

Cofagrigus: 49, Mummy, Toxic Spikes/wil-o-wisp/hex/destiny bond. Custap berry.
Dusknoir: 50, pressure, Night Shade/confuse ray/pain split/disable. Quick claw.
Gengar: 50, cursed body, Hypnosis/confuse ray/Venoshock/Focus blast. Wide lens
Spiritomb: 52, infiltrator, Substitute/snarl/hex/rest. Leftovers
Palossand: 53, water compaction, Earth power/stockpile/shore up/shadow ball. Weakness Policy

Upon defeat, he gives the Judgement Badge, replicating a feather of Ho-oh. He also hands out the TM for safeguard, as a means to ward off 'evil spirits.'

Steel 5
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A world calling for justice shall be heard.
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 2, 2019
Good Ol’ Maple Syrup Island
He, Him
Pokémon Type
Dark, Fighting
Pokédex Entry
From the Country of the Ketchup Chips, Aureums are an anxious bunch with a love for games of all sorts. Batteries not included.
Sylvia Celeste is the 5th gym leader, and is an architect, often responsible for almost every latest building found in the region. After a brutal accident as a child, Sylvia was left on the cusp of death, only able to survive via replacing some of her flesh with metal. Outcasted by her peers, she found peace with her Pokémon, steel types who weren’t completely flesh themselves. After graduating college, she started a successful career in architecture, and would later take over the 5th gym, the same gym she designed for an aging gym leader.

Sylvia is in her late 20s/early 30s, her short strawberry pink hair always tied in a ponytail and her gemstone-like eyes keeps her looking relatively young. Her left arm is mechanical, and she makes no effort to conceal it, silvery coloured plates protecting the inner mechanisms. She is often wearing overalls, a hard hat, and steel toed boots. Despite comes off quite cold, the young-ish leader is very polite and seems to be overly protective of the few friends she has. In addition, Sylvia is very calculated and is considered a quick thinker.

When you walk in, you find yourself in a mechanical wonderland. To reach her location, you must locate three model buildings scattered throughout the place, and place them correctly on a scale model replica of the town/city you’re currently in. This triggers an elevator to descend, and take you up to Sylvia.

She gives you credit for solving her puzzle before getting straight to the point.

Her team consists of:
Alolan Dugtrio/Sand Veil/Lv.32-
Sandstorm/Iron Head/Dig/Metal Claw
Metal Claw/Aura Sphere/Counter/Iron Tail
Lairon/Rock Head/Lv.33-
Iron Head/Take Down/Rock Slide/Metal Claw
Excadrill/Sand Force/Lv.34-
Metal Claw/Sandstorm/Dig/Rock Slide
Copperajah/Heavy Metal/Lv.35-
Zen Headbutt/Heavy Slam/Rock Smash/Bulldoze

After the battle, Sylvia congratulates you with the Industrial Badge and a TM for Metal Claw (I can make up TMs if I want to!)

Been a while since I last did one, eh? How about Dark 7?


Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Pokédex No.
Mar 27, 2020
Lv. 49 Vullaby w/ Eviolite, Overcoat, Payback/Whirlwind/Air Slash/Toxic
Lv. 50 Spiritomb, Pressure, Sucker Punch/Shadow Ball/Psychic/Calm Mind
Lv. 50 Persian-A, Fur Coat, Payback/Taunt/Night Slash/Power Gem
Lv. 50 Sharpedo, Rough Skin, Liquidation/Payback/Ice Fang/Poison Jab
Lv. 52 Bisharp, Defiant, Payback/Psycho Cut/Iron Head/Sucker Punch

Gym puzzle is set in an abandoned mall, crawling not only with gym trainers but with random wild Pokemon (mostly Golbats and Scraggys with a few Trubbish or Magneton if you're lucky) as well presenting an additional hazard to the player. To reach the leader, you have to find which store he's bumming out in and open it up by beating a set amount of trainers, any more and you'll have to rebattle a few to open his door again

When defeated, he hands out the Junk Badge and the TM for Payback.

Next: Bug 4


blue stars burn brighter
Team Alpha
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Rumbly earth land
Pokémon Type
Fire, Water
Pokédex Entry
Well, her Pokédex No. is #274, which is Nuzleaf. Could anything be more hilariously fitting for this forum?
Bug 4 - Vanessa

(Name origin: Vanessa is a genus of brush-footed butterflies in the tribe Nymphalini.)

Vivillon Lv. 25 - Compound Eyes (PoisonPowder, Supersonic, Struggle Bug, Gust)
Beautifly Lv. 27 - Swarm (Silver Wind, Mega Drain, Attract, Stun Spore)
Butterfree Lv. 28 - Compound Eyes (Air Slash, Whirlwind, Bug Buzz, Psybeam)

In addition to being a gym leader, Vanessa is the curator of a butterfly house (which also doubles as the gym). She loves giving informal presentations to visitors about the different bug-types that live there. Most of the pokemon in the building are ones that she raised herself, from tiny caterpillars and cocoons into fully evolved butterflies. While she loves her bugs, she’s been quoted saying that if she wasn’t a bug-type specialist, she would happily be a flying-type specialist instead.

In order to fight Vanessa, you first need to catch her three butterfly pokemon, who are flying around in different parts of the building. If you approach them too quickly, they will fly away and hide behind a gym trainer, who you are then forced to fight. Once you bring Vanessa’s pokemon to her, you can challenge her to a gym battle.

Upon winning, Vanessa will give you the Flutter Badge and the TM for Bug Buzz.

Let's do Rock 6!


Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jun 16, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dark, Fairy
Pokédex Entry
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^ I love the concept of a butterfly house gym! I grew up near one and I think they're really neat. And there are so many moth and butterfly mons...

Late game rock gym leader? Gimme gimme I love theorycrafting those so much!

Golem (36) - Rock Blast/Bulldoze/Sandstorm/Stealth Rock
Relicanth (37) - Rock Tomb/Surf/Bounce/Stealth Rock
Crustle (36) - Rock Blast/X-Scissor/Flail/Stealth Rock
Archeops (38) - Ancientpower/Pluck/Crunch/Stealth Rock

Biyu's gym is set in a china shop, filled with shelves upon shelves of beautiful (and fragile!) porcelainn wares. You can find her right at the back sipping a cup of hot tea. Biyu takes pride in how skillfully and carefully her massive rock types can battle despite their immense power, claiming that she and her gym leaders hone their finesse by staging fearsome battles amongst fragile china. Of course, she's not so fragile herself... Upon being challenged to a battle, she will calmy stand up, finish her tea, and throw aside her cloak to reveal her toned body before crushing her tea cup in her hand.

Next up... Grass 3

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