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Written Story Hoenn General Mon Drifting Lilies - a Pokémon Omega Ruby Nuzlocke

Thread Description
Light-hearted Omega Ruby Nuzlocke.


Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Pokédex No.
Jul 25, 2020
Pokémon Type
Bug, Steel
Pokédex Entry
Has never heard of a work schedule, so either writes three chapters in a day or one in three weeks. Invite to a DnD game to instantly befriend.
Hey everyone! I’m moonfly, and I’m extremely new. I’ve done nuzlockes for maybe a year? Two? Now, but discovered the nuzlocke discord just about a month ago when looking for people to chat about my runs to, and from there found out about nuzlocke forums and that posting stories of your nuzlocke journey is actually a thing. I really wanted to try it out.
With that said, welcome to Drifting Lilies! This will be a simple Omega Ruby Nuzlocke, with the following rules:
1. You can only attempt to catch the first Pokémon you encounter in an area.
2. Once a Pokémon faints, it must be permanently boxed.
3. Dupes and Species Clause apply.
4. Shinies Clause applies.
5. Nickname all obtained Pokémon.
6. No legendaries.
And finally:
7. No healing items in battle.
(While pokemon will “die” out of game and be boxed, in-universe they will likely just leave the party for one reason or another, with deaths probably only occurring to very dangerous wild Pokémon or the evil teams. Some parts of the story will be different in the actual story, as you will see very soon.)

So yeah! I’m young, not great at writing (in fact, I plan to use this run to sharpen up my writing skills), and honestly not too great at Pokémon either. But I really hope you all will join me during my Hoenn adventures during Drifting Lilies!

DISCLAIMER: I’m a procrastinating young lad with no work ethic and a schedule not always in my control. I’d love to promise regular or scheduled updates, but that likely won’t happen.

That said, let’s get into it!

(this wasn’t here until 7/28, but I figured it’d be useful.
Like any nuzlocke unless you’re a luck god, death. Gore will not be shown and blood will not be shown in excess, but both will be implied. Not excessively, though.
Touches on topics of depression, survivor’s guilt, etc.

If you are new, DO NOT CLICK this tab! This is an illustrated visual aid of the current team at the most updated point in the story. It will likely be spoilers.

The back of the moving truck is dark.

Who puts their kid in the back of the truck, anyway? No, how is “there are only two seats in the front and one is for the driver” a reasonable explanation? These things have to be organized better. Moving on. Heh. Moving.

The dark shadows across the jostling walls are only broken by the flickering yellow light of my DexNav. I’m watching Professor Birch’s Welcome to the World of Pokémon. Again. This kind of ride doesn’t exactly have a stable connection, so I have to resort to downloaded videos. And the last time I used this DexNav was around the time Dad became a gym leader, and I became obsessed with Pokémon. Guess I had this downloaded back then.

I’ve grown up since then, but it’s fun to recall my childhood. When tiny pixelated Birch chirps “what is your name?”, I respond. “Mikey!” I yell out, just like I used to do back at home in Johto, watching this video on repeat while Mom and Dad trained their Pokémon in the backyard.

Birch yammers on, about the world of Pokémon and the wonders that await. I sit back, close my eyes, and listen. Before I know it, I fall asleep. And in what feels like moments, blinding sunlight hits my eyes, as Mom throws open the back of the truck.

I climb out and stretch my sore legs. The sun’s rays warm and illuminate a small town within a forest clearing, wooden cabins surrounding a larger one with a sign reading BIRCH POKÉMON LABORATORY. People and their Pokémon mill around on the ground, going about their day, and strange butterfly-like Pokémon that are definitely not the Butterfree we have back home flutter about the treetops.

Littleroot Town. Hoenn. Our new home.

People flock to the van immediately. Understandable, it’s a small town, newcomers are a big deal. My mom kind of shrinks back behind the passenger-side door, her Bellossom holding onto her leg for support. She doesn’t like the attention. Me? I bask in it. Let Littleroot Town see Michael Wilson Norman, son of Petalburg’s famous gym leader!

People ask questions. I do my best to answer.

“How was the move?” a curious young woman asks.
“A bit bumpy, but bearable. Glad to be in the sun again.” I respond.

“Are you really Norman’s kid?” a freckled-faced youngster pipes up.
“Sure am. And I’ll be a better trainer than him, I’m sure of it!” I exclaim to the little guy.

An older gentleman pops into view. “You want to be a trainer like your old man? Do you have your license yet?”
“Yep, I applied for my Trainer ID in Johto, but as long as I train no Pokémon until I recieve my starter, and my starter is a Hoennian Pokémon, it’ll be valid.”

“So are you gonna go see Professor Birch for your starter?” a teen about my age asks.
“That was the plan… do you know where he is?”
“My friend Lori spotted him and his research aide heading out of town, to Route 101. Birch knows you’re coming, but he loves his field work, so unless you go out there and give him a shout, he might not be back for a while. It’s not far, anyway.”

I look to Mom, who has stepped out from behind the van again, Flora the Bellossom still grasping her leg tightly.
“You mind if I go out and find the professor?”
She thinks for a second. “Well, I wanted to check out the house, but if it’s really not far, I’m sure you’ll be back by then. I’ll put Mach and Deadlift to work carrying boxes in the meantime. Maybe I’ll even start unpacking by the time you come back!”
She quickly frowns. “I don’t know, though. The tall grass isn’t safe. Maybe you should just wait until you have your starter to venture out...”
“Mom, I’m the son of a Johto League Champion and the gym leader of formerly Goldenrod, now Petalburg Gym. I know how Pokémon behave. I’ll be fine.” I cut in.
Her frown softens. “Oh, alright. Be back soon!”

As Mach the Dragonite and Deadlift the Machamp emerge from their Pokeballs to assist in the herculean task of unpacking the boxes, I stride through the gates to Route 101.

I’m so focused on listening to the townsfolk and singing my own praises, I don’t hear the wind carry two voices - one of an older man, one of a teenage girl - calling for help up ahead.

Right now there’s not much to talk about, but here is where I’ll talk about what actually happens during the run, instead of doing it from Mikey’s perspective in the story, as well as post the catches I obtain. For now, whoever guesses which starter I wind up with gets 1 cookie point.
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Conqueror of the Saffron Gym
Pokédex No.
Jul 6, 2019
Pokémon Type
Dark, Psychic
Pokédex Entry
Has no concrete sleep schedule and is often covered in cats. If found sleeping and is needed, just smack her with a bag of frozen milky way bars.
Looks interesting so far. I can see some errors with the text here and there but as you said, you're using this to help yourself grow, so keep writing!


Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Pokédex No.
Jul 25, 2020
Pokémon Type
Bug, Steel
Pokédex Entry
Has never heard of a work schedule, so either writes three chapters in a day or one in three weeks. Invite to a DnD game to instantly befriend.
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Read Chapter 1 here!

Route 101 is a nice place.

It reminds me of the routes we had back home near Goldenrod in Johto. But whereas we had paved roads and National Parks, this little nature trail has just a dirt path winding through the patches of tall grass and trees. I guess the brochures were right - Hoenn is big on nature.

I carefully make my way down the trail, taking precautions like I promised Mom I would.
Don’t go in the grass too much. If you do, take it slow. Don’t get close to Pokémon. Nice and easy.
This pattern keeps up for a few minutes, until I hear it.

“HELP!” the wind carries over.
Two voices. One old man, one teenage-sounding girl.
Could that be Birch and his aide?

Oh man, if Birch is in trouble, that would be the perfect opportunity for the future Champion of the region to get on his good side! I’ll help him and add “saving the regional Professor” to the list of things I can boast about when I get back to town.

Throwing caution to the wind and with a strange spring in my stride, I run down the path.


There’s quite a lot of Poochyena here.

That’s the first thought that crosses my mind when the tree cover above breaks and I enter a clearing. There’s maybe a dozen of the dark-furred canine Pokémon, barking ferociously. What’s got them all riled up?
I get my answer seconds later.
“Torchic, Ember!”
“Glade, use Absorb!”
Two blurs - an orange and a green - streak out of the underbrush on the opposite side of the pack from me. Seems like this is what the Poochyena were barking at. The orange blur leaps high, revealing a plump, orange chick-like Pokémon. A Torchic? Those are specially trained and are reserved for starter Pokémon or aide Pokémon to professors.

Torchic follows the shouted command from the bushes. A pulsing orange glow flickers to life somewhere within its throat, and with a chirp, it sprays white-hot coals on the pack. Poochyena recoil from the aerial assault, most dodging the spray, some getting struck by the burning embers.

The air is not the only source of attacks today, though. The green blur zips through the grass and trees, slowing near one of the Poochyena to reveal yet another starter Pokémon - a slender, light-green Treecko. I suppose this is Glade.

Glade slams his tail into the side of the Poochyena he has crept up on. With a yelp, the surprised pup collapses, and Glade jabs it in the side with a reed straw that Treecko enjoy carrying in their mouths. There’s a flash of green, and the Absorb move completes as the Treecko absorbs the Poochyena’s health energy through its straw.

Despite that initial good showing, now that the two starters are moving slower, I can see numerous scratches and bite marks on the two. It seems like this fight has gone on for a while.

Glade delivers a tail blow to a Poochyena that is strong enough to send it flying, and I gasp.

Bad move.

Out of the nine or so Poochyena left able to battle, about four of them turn their angry red eyes on me. Oops.

I’m prepared to start running for the hills when I trip on something in the grass. A briefcase. Research documents, books on weather patterns and Pokémon habitats - a Pokeball! I’m sure Professor Birch won’t mind if I use this Pokémon to defend myself. Judging from those two starters, he’s close enough to understand the situation.
I grab it, press the unlock button, and throw.

In a flash of cerulean, a Pokemon appears. Strong, muscular, deep blue body, four legs, a large fin on its head and tail, and orange cheek pouches.

“Mudkip!” it - no, he - cries. I prepare for battle.

Still not too much happening in this chapter, but out of story, I progress to Route 101, watch Birch getting attacked, and pick my starter. Here he is!
Starter: Trident the male Mudkip
at level 5 as Starter on Route 101
Torrent ability, Adamant nature, good perseverance

Quite a good Mudkip if I do say so myself! Nature will help a lot with dishing out future Earthquakes and Waterfalls, and it’ll be nice to see how our privileged protagonist reacts to a Pokémon that might just be too strong-willed for him to always control!


Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Pokédex No.
Jul 25, 2020
Pokémon Type
Bug, Steel
Pokédex Entry
Has never heard of a work schedule, so either writes three chapters in a day or one in three weeks. Invite to a DnD game to instantly befriend.
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Time for Chapter 2! Two in one day, that’s right. I’m not too happy with the writing in some of this chapter - like the transitions between combat and characters doing something - but here it is! Hope you enjoy.

Uh. Okay. How does this work again?
Years of watching Mom’s battles and Dad’s gym matches don’t prepare you for the real deal.
No matter. I’m still Norman’s son, I got this.

“Mudkip, use Tackle!”
The small, blue fish-thing stretching in front of me looks at me sideways, with a look that says, “really?”
He’s quickly alerted to the situation at hand when one of the Poochyena lunges at his flank.
“Behind you, Mudkip!” I yell, but it’s hopeless. The Water-type takes a big hit, with the Poochyena’s jaws sliding off of his slippery skin but the actual impact still doing a lot of damage.

Mudkip shrugs it off. He looks back at me. I guess he understands the stakes now. Maybe he’ll listen?
“Tackle!” I yell, and the Mud Fish Pokemon rockets into battle almost before I finish the command. Utilizing his slippery skin, customary of Water-types, he spins out of the grip of the Poochyena’s jaws to face his aggressor and slams his head into the Bite Pokémon.
There’s a loud impact sound and the Poochyena staggers, then whimpers and flees.

The feeling of victory is cut short by three other snarling Poochyena and an explosion from the other side of the fight, as the Torchic (who, may I add, looks way too happy at the concept of battling an entire Poochyena pack) unleashes another flurry of embers. I catch a glimpse of a humanoid figure in the treeline, probably shouting a command. A face I’ve seen many a time on the DexNav - Hoenn’s own Professor Birch. He sees me too.
Birch yells, “kid, I don’t know what you’re doing, but stay out of it!”
A Poochyena, tackled by Mudkip even without a command, flies by and hits a tree near him.
“On second thought, keep going.”

Mudkip seems insistent that he can take on three Poochyena by himself, but I know that’s a losing battle. I prepare to call him back to his ball and make a break for it when Glade, the Treecko I’ve seen darting around the field, drops from a nearby treetop and points towards a path in the woods. A girl about my age, with light-brown hair, wearing a red shirt and shorts, waves frantically.
She yells, “Hurry! Hurry! In here!”

Birch jogs along the battlefield hounded by Poochyena, but his Torchic hops by him and keeps the canines at bay with more searing hot coals. Soon, he has made it onto the path. I point Mudkip’s Pokeball with a shaking hand and click the button to recall it. The feisty land fish disappears from a literal dog pile of Poochyena, returning to his ball in a flash of cerulean.

“May! Help us out a bit here!” Birch yells out as he notices the Poochyena begin to give chase.
Under May’s command, Glade slams his tail into the bottom of several trees, which Birch then pushes down, blocking the path.
As the rustling boughs collapse down onto the dirt trail, I look back one last time before following May and Birch down the path, catching a glimpse of a Poochyena, fangs alight with fire, staring us down as we run.
That’s not ominous at all.

“So you’re Norman’s boy, eh?”
Turns out, that road led to Oldale - the next town from Littleroot. It’s not a huge settlement even by town standards, but it has the amenities. Professor Birch, May and I sit in the Pokemon Center’s cafeteria while the three starters get a checkup from the nurse at the counter.
“Sure am, Professor.” I respond. “We just got to Littleroot today.”
May winces. “I guess this wasn’t a great housewarming party for you, huh? Why did you come out to Route 101 anyway?”
“Well, I wanted to see if I could find the Professor to get my starter. A kid in town told me I should go look.”
With a slight frown, May responds, “oh, you must have already met Oswald. He’s not a nice guy. Loves to get people to go out into the woods. Thinks seeing people get chased by wild Pokémon is the funniest thing.”
“Fun. Well, he wasn’t all bad, at least his information was correct. I found you two, didn’t I?”
Professor Birch, previously seemingly lost in thought, speaks at this point. “You did, and I guess we have you to thank for rescuing Mudkip. The papers we have copies of, but that Pokeball might have been lost. I doubt we could have fought through that pack to get to it.”

I think for a moment. “So, Professor - how will I get back to Littleroot Town and get my starter now?”
Professor Birch looks at me and - smiles? What’s there to smile about?
“Getting back to town will be an issue if that pack doesn’t move on, yes, but as for your starter - haven’t you already got him?”

The nurse comes over to our table with a tray of three Pokeballs. With a smile, she lets us grab them off the tray and goes along with her business. I look down at my hand. I’d grabbed Mudkip’s Pokeball without even thinking.

Professor Birch sees this. “Of course, you could wait until we get back to Littleroot Town and choose from a different trio of Torchic, Treecko and Mudkip when you go to the lab. I understand there wasn’t much of a choice involved in this scenario.”
I look down at the shiny red and white orb in my hand.
“No, I think I’m alright.”

May beams. “You’re an official trainer like me now! What are you gonna name him?”
Name him? The thought hadn’t crossed my mind.
“I named my Treecko Glade! Dad’s Torchic isn’t named, because, well, he’s not Dad’s, he’ll go to a trainer someday. But all trainers name their Pokémon! So, what are you gonna call him?”

After a moment of contemplation, I say, “well, Mudkip is a Water-type, and from what I saw him do in that meadow, I’d call him a warrior. And all the underwater warriors in all the comic books use tridents, right? I think Trident will be a good name for him.”
“Trident it is,” Professor Birch says, carrying three mugs of hot cocoa over to the table. “Drink up, you two. Sun’s going to set soon. I’ll phone to Littleroot and let your mom know where we are and that everything’s alright. Meanwhile, we all need to get some rest. I think tomorrow, we’ll try and make our way back home.”

I head up to the room that the Professor has booked for me, with the Pokeball of my Mudkip - Trident, my new partner - clenched tightly in my hand.

Yet another chapter where a whole lot happens in the story, but not much happens in the game. No new catches, since I didn’t have Pokeballs yet. Coming soon, promise. As for battles, due to his Adamant nature, Trident Tackled his way straight through the Poochyena. I went and did the rival battle on route 103 as well (decided that in in the story I’d have May battle WITH Mikey instead of against him in her debut) and since Trident was level 8 by that time, he destroyed her Treecko with Tackle as well. More happens next chapter, promise.
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Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Pokédex No.
Jul 25, 2020
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Bug, Steel
Pokédex Entry
Has never heard of a work schedule, so either writes three chapters in a day or one in three weeks. Invite to a DnD game to instantly befriend.
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I’ve been in a writing mood today. Chapter 3 is out!

The next morning, I come downstairs with Trident trotting at my heels. The little guy is way too cuddly for a slippery Water-type. Kept sliding out of my arms when I tried to wash him in the room’s bathroom. On my way to the Pokémon Center’s cafeteria, I check my DexNav.

27 missed calls from my mom. Yikes.

I quickly call her back, and am greeted with a swarm of “are you OK”s and “I told you it was dangerous”s. It must be ten minutes before she calms down enough to ask, “Should I send Mach over to pick you up? She’s a Dragonite, you’ll be home in seconds.”
I think for a second. “Thanks, mom, but actually, I kind of want to try making my way back by myself. I’m a trainer now. I think it would be good training for Trident.”
“Trident? Who’s Trident? When did you get a Pokémon?”
I guess the Professor didn’t fill her in on that detail. So I do. And send her a picture of Trident curled up in the bathroom sink. (Yes, he slept there. I guess for a Water-type it’s more comfortable). She gushes about him for a while, then says, “well, if you’re sure, alright. If ANYTHING happens, you call me right away and Mach comes to pick you up, okay?”
I exaggerate a sigh with a smile on my face. “Yeeees, moooom. See you soon!”

May waits for me in the cafeteria, Glade sitting next to her on the table soaking up the sunrays.

“Morning, night owl! Sleep well?” she greets me.
“Uh, yeah. What time is it?”
“Almost eleven. We better get moving.”
“Where’s Professor Birch?”
She points towards the door. “Dad and Torchic left to get a head start and make sure the road’s not too bad. He left us these, though.”
May produces about two dozen red-and-white spheres from a box on the bench next to her. Pokeballs.
“Dad said a trainer is safer the fuller their team is. It might be a good idea to catch at least one more Pokémon.”
She stands up with an empty breakfast tray, startling Glade out of his morning nap.
“Right! I’ll see you at the entrance to Route 101! I’m going out into the woods to catch some new team members. You should do the same!”

She skips out of the Pokémon Center doors. How people can be that cheery escapes me.

Oh well. Catching a Pokémon. Right. I can do that.

It’s no Ilex Forest, but the woods surrounding Oldale Town have their own aura of mystery. Mostly, it’s the fact that it’s a new and unfamiliar region to me. The presence of so many trees and so little water must make Trident a little nervous, but if it does, he doesn’t show it, trotting confidently a couple feet in front of me.

A bush rustles up ahead. I tense and prepare to battle the fangs and claws of the Poochyena that’s about to emerge.
Out emerges a strange, striped Pokémon. It looks dopey, adorable, and not scary at all.
I exhale. “Right. Zigzagoon. These were in the magazine. Normal-type. Easy to catch and train. Perfect.”
I pop out of the grass I used for cover and yell, “Trident, use Tackle!”
A blue blur flies through the air and slams into the surprised Zigzagoon. With a yelp, the Pokémon goes hurtling through the trees.

We find the little guy struggling and scrabbling up a small ledge that overlooks a pretty sheer cliff drop. Not far, but straight down. Luckily Trident doesn’t have that much power yet, or the poor Zigzagoon may have had a much worse day.
I lean down over the ledge and softly address the Tiny Raccoon Pokémon.

“Hey there, little guy. We didn’t mean to hit you that hard. I just read that wild Pokémon don’t want to be trained unless the trainer proves to be a competent fighter and can rough them up a bit. But you don’t seem like you want to fight Trident.” I hold out an outstretched hand with a Pokeball. “You want to join our team?”

The Zigzagoon considers my offer for a moment, then scurries up the ledge and presses the button on the ball, sucked into the mechanism in a flash of blue. The telltale three rocks and a chime cement the new addition to the team.

Looking at the circumstances, I mutter, “I think I’m going to name you Cliff, little guy.” “Gal,” I correct myself, seeing the Pokeball’s automatic gender identification register Cliff as female.

May waits at the gate to Route 101, as promised. Glade still scampers around near her, but now a feisty-looking Taillow flutters about near her head. She introduces the new arrival as Alice.
“You’ve got a new team member as well!” she remarks, looking at the excited Zigzagoon running circles, tongue out, around my legs.
“Yep, didn’t put up much of a fight. Almost seemed like she wanted to join my team.”

A yell comes from Route 101.
“Hey, May? There’s a lot of them here! Help?”

“I think that’s our cue,” I say, starting down the path back to Littleroot Town.

It seems like Professor Birch’s hopes that the pack would have moved on were misguided. If anything, it seems like there’s even more of them.

Birch, May and I huddle behind a large copse of trees, observing the pack in the clearing, blocking our way to Littleroot Town.
“What do we do?” May whispers.
Birch thinks, then responds. “You see that big Poochyena near the center?”
I do. It’s the same one I saw with flaming fangs yesterday. Please don’t say we have it’s the leader and we have to fight it, please don’t say it’s the leader and we have to fight it, please-
“It’s the leader, and we have to fight it. The rest of the pack should disperse if we prove that we’re strong enough to take on the leader.”

“May and I will create an opening for you to face the pack leader, Mikey.”
“What? Why me?” I protest,
“My Torchic has been battling wild Pokémon since the morning. She can keep going against normal Poochyena, but a pack leader might be too much. Meanwhile, on May’s team, Alice is totally green and Glade can’t deal with Fire-type attacks well.”
Yeah, can’t argue with that logic. “Alright, let’s go.”

I’m not sure what those Poochyena were expecting to see at that moment, but three regional starters exploding out of the bushes for the second day in a row must not have been high on the list.
“Torchic, Ember!”
“Glade, Pound!”
Torchic chirps and resumes its usual routine of raining coals down upon the enemies. Poochyena snarl and begin to push their way towards the Chick Pokémon. Most get pushed back by the flames, but those that do quickly have their faces introduced to Glade’s muscular tail. The Treecko skillfully bats aside biting snouts and charging Pokémon, and with aerial support from Alice, quickly that side of the pack is embroiled in a fierce battle.
Leaving the leader to me.
Oh boy.

Well, it’s not a sanctioned league match, so there’s no rule saying that I can’t use both of my Pokémon. In flashes of blue, Cliff and Trident appear.
The pack leader’s fangs alight with flame. It snarls and dashes forward.
“Trident, Tackle!” I yell. Trident jets forward and slams into the side of the pack leader, but it doesn’t go flying, merely skidding a few feet and then picking itself back up.
“Cliff, Tackle as well!”
Cliff goes charging forward too, in a shaky zigzag pattern. She misses her mark, shooting past the Poochyena. It doesn’t miss a beat, sinking its flaming fangs into Cliff’s tail as it passes, catching the soft fur on fire. Cliff yowls, but runs back over to join Trident.
“Trident, Water Gun! Cliff, use Tackle again!”
Trident lets loose a battle cry and steps forward to fire a jet of water at the aggressor, but that never happens, because Cliff begins to run towards the pack leader, wobbles, and slams into Trident’s side instead.

Now that’s a problem. Zigzagoon need to run in a zigzag pattern to execute their attacks, but with a flaming tail, I guess Cliff is too distracted to concentrate on that. Attacks going wild right now is not something I need. But what to do? What to do? Don’t panic, Mikey, don’t panic. Oh no, I’m panicking.

“Cliff, just don’t move! Trident, use Tackle!” I yell. But then immediately realize that “don’t move” is a horrible command to give in this situation. The agile Poochyena pounces right over the charging Mudkip and sinks its flaming fangs into Cliff again. The Zigzagoon gives a loud yell and recoils.

Smooth move, Mikey. Nor a great impression on your Zigzagoon during its debut battle. But with a flaming tail and an ensuing loss of concentration, what can Cliff do? I could call her back, of course, but I don’t really want to leave Trident to a one-versus-one, even if he is a Water-type…

That’s it! Trident is a water-type! “Trident, use Water Gun on Cliff’s tail!” I shout out. Trident looks at me quizzically, then seems to understand. He inhales, inflating his cheeks, and then produces a gush of water that soaks Cliff head to toe. Wet Zigzagoon fur is not a pleasant smell when standing up close, but the most important thing is that the fire on Cliff’s tail goes out.
“Tackle!” I yell.
I don’t name a Pokémon that the command was directed to, and luckily for me, they both take it. Trident shoots forward and slams into the pack leader’s side. The Bite Pokémon lurches forward, and is then rammed directly in the snout by a wet, howling Cliff.

The Poochyena crumples to the ground. A couple seconds pass. Then it slowly, shakily, struggles to its feet. It gives a weak snarl towards the two Pokémon that it has just been defeated by, and then howls. The battling Poochyena all stop, and glance at their leader respectively.
The Fire-Fanged Poochyena gives Trident, Cliff, Glade, Alice, and Torchic a nod, and then runs off into the woods, its pack following.

“Huh.” I remark as the pack disappears into the forest.
“Yay, you won!” May exclaims, running up to me with her team.
“Well done,” Professor Birch says. “It didn’t look like it was easy, but you drove the leader off, so the pack will probably leave this route alone for the time being.”

“Now, what do you say we all go back home? I’m sure your mothers are waiting for you two to return, and after that, I’ve got a gift at the Lab for you.”

Finally, a catch! Here’s Cliff’s stats.
Cliff the female Zigzagoon
on Route 101 at level 2.
Gluttony ability, Hasty nature, strongly defiant
I would have preferred Pickup, of course, but a + speed nature is nice and another Pokémon at all is great. Even if she’s not as strong as Trident, another Pokémon is always good to have especially since I can’t heal in battle.
Other than that, nothing particularly interesting happens! You probably have figured it out, but the Fire-Fanged Poochyena is the guaranteed “shaking grass” DexNav encounter you get on your second pass through Route 101. If you pick Mudkip, it knows Fire Fang. Since Cliff was my encounter on this route, I couldn’t catch it, so I turned it into an antagonist instead!
See you next time!
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Chapter 4 is out!

I can tell Dad is home as soon as I walk into Littleroot Town, since a Vigoroth is currently in the process of tearing through the front yard. We never need a lawnmower, since Razor needs to let out excess energy anyway and his claws are probably too sharp for his own good. May heads to her own house with Professor Birch, while I walk past the veritable tornado of flying grass clippings and knock on the door of the home I have yet to visit.

I am greeted at the door by a familiar Machamp. She turns towards the interior of the house and lets out a throaty cry. I hear a faint “who’s here?” from a room further in.

Oh well, I suppose it’s welcome home. I slide off my muddy shoes and leave them outside, and proceed to make my way into what I quickly figure out is the kitchen.

Flora the Bellossom stands in the center of the kitchen table, soaking up the daytime sun. Mom chops some kind of vegetable I can’t make out, and Dad keeps careful watch over a boiling pot on the stovetop. It’s strange, being able to refer to a powerful League Challenge winner and a Gym Leader as “Mom” and “Dad.”

Mom turns around to face me as I walk through the doorframe into the kitchen. “Oh honey, you’re home!” she says as she throws her arms around me. Flora hops off the table and does the same, though her little arms and legs can only allow her to hug my leg.
“Told you I could handle it.” I choke out through the crushing embrace.
Mom slides out a chair and maneuvers some steaming soup into a bowl, telling me “Sit down, sit down! Your dad and I are just finishing making dinner. You have to tell us anything!”
She stops for a second and sizes me up - the muddy shorts, dirty clothes, unkempt hair. “On second thought, go take a shower and change. Your room is on the second floor, door on the left.”
I’d been planning to do that anyway. I find the stairs and make my way up to the shower.

Twenty minutes later I’m showered, wearing a clean set of clothes and chowing down at the dinner table.
“So, champ, Birch said you’ve had quite an adventure already?” Dad asks.
I recount the tales of yesterday’s flight and today’s defeat of the Poochyena pack.
“So where’s the ones that did the fighting?” Mom asks. “I doubt you went and tried to fight that Poochyena by yourself. Where are your Pokémon?”
I pop two Pokeballs off of my belt. In flashes of blue, Trident and Cliff appear. Trident yawns, stretches and passes out on the kitchen counter, probably tuckered out from today’s battle. Cliff - still dirty and covered in soot, mind you - begins racing circles around the table, tongue out, like the adorable doofus that she is.
Dad laughs. “Right, I can already see they have the makings of champions.”
“You laugh now, but you just wait until Trident beats Dust.”
Dust is Dad’s strongest Slaking, raised from a Slakoth Egg he got from a gym challenger when we still lived in Johto. Dad’s nicknames are all fairly straight to the point - as a Slakoth, Dust didn’t move around much, and constantly needed to be washed due to the dust collecting on his coat. So, Dust it was.

Dad turns serious. “So I take it you’ve decided you’re going to take on the League Challenge then?”
“You two have known for a while that that’s my plan. I want to become a Hoenn League Champion!” I proclaim loudly.
“You can be excited about it,” my mom says softly, “but just remember that a trainer’s journey isn’t all fun and games. There are hardships. Defeat. -”
She looks like she wants to say something else, but trails off and shoots a glance towards the kitchen windowsill. I can see that that’s where she’s put her trainer gear. Atop her uniform and Pokedex rests her belt, with five Pokeballs clipped onto it and an empty space.

“I know, Mom. I promise. I’ve watched replays of all your gym matches. I watched Dad’s battles every chance I could. I’ve read all the guidebooks and tips other trainers have. After all, I’m the son of you two! How could I lose?”
Mom sighs and Dad pats her back. She says, “Right. Well, I suppose if you’ve made up your mind, there's no stopping you. I of all people would know that.”
There’s a knock on the door. Mom answers it.
Professor Birch’s head pops into view. “Cass, would you mind if I borrow Michael for a second?”

May and I stand awkwardly inside of the Birch Pokémon Laboratory while the professor rummages through boxes. Finally, he re-emerges with two shiny red devices. They look kind of similar to the DexNav, except sleeker. I recognize them. They’re Pokedexes, though designed differently to the one Mom has.
“Both of you have your trainer IDs already, but if there’s a tool I would call most important to a trainer on their league challenge, it’d be a Pokedex. And since I’m a professor, I’ve got loads of these things laying around.”
He presses one into my hands, and hands another off to May.
“Consider it my apology for dragging you into that mess and my thanks for helping me solve it.”
I nod. I’m not really sure how to feel about all this. Yesterday I was watching this guy give a talk on the world of Pokémon, and now I’m being rewarded with a Pokedex for helping him? Wild.
“Now, May, we need to go home, and Mikey, I think you had lunch to finish.”

“One second, Dad.” May says.
She walks up to me while pocketing the Pokedex. “Listen, thanks a lot for helping us out back there. The Pokémon Breeders who raise our Mudkip would have been furious to learn one was lost. I was thinking, actually-“
She pauses. “Since we’re starting our journey at the same time, we could see who finishes it first? A friendly rivalry sort of thing?”
I pause to think and mull it over. Her face goes beet red. “I know, I know, it was a stupid idea, I’m sor-“
“No, I’ll accept.”
I look at her. “I already know I’ll win, but I accept.”
She beams. “Right, well in that case, may the best Trainer win!”

Mach drops me off at Oldale Town. Mom hated to see me go so soon, but Dad needed to go back to the gym at Petalburg, and I promised I’d call her when I got there. Even the most independent and mature trainers need to call their mom. I’ll probably need advice by the time I got there anyway. I watch the Dragonite spread her wings and, with a couple powerful wingbeats, rocket back towards Littleroot Town.

My first night as an official, independent trainer. I know 15 isn’t even that early of an age for a challenger, but it’s still nerve-wracking. I decide to leave town and visit somewhere wild and secluded to clear my head.

The sun is setting by the time I walk to Route 103. Yes, Route 102 is the way to Petalburg City, but my Hoenn travel guide recommended this spot. I remember reading about a really pretty lily pond on this route - Trident is a Water-type and Cliff gets excited by literally anything, so I figured it might be nice to let the team see it.

Cliff scampers through the grass, glad to be back in nature, while Trident rides on my shoulder. He nearly slips off multiple times, but his effort to hold on is admirable. He’ll be a strong fighter one day.

Just as promised, the lily pond is beautiful. Although maybe a bit smaller than the tour guides recommended. The moonlight shining down from the sky - a beautiful full moon tonight - sparkles and refracts off of the clear blue of the water. My Pokémon take to the water, Trident swimming around gracefully and Cliff splashing and floundering around, having a great time. I see a couple shadows cross the moon as I stare at the reflection of the pond. I look up.
Two Pokémon fly in front of the moon. They look extremely strange. Wings that don’t move. Arms, but no legs. Both of them look extremely sleek, with patches of white on their coat. One of them - the smaller of the two - has red mixed in with the white, and the bigger has blue. They give out an eerily haunting cry and fly off faster than I have ever seen a Pokémon - even Mom’s Dragonite - fly.

I quickly realize I’m not alone in watching the pond. A Poochyena trots up to the other side to take a drink. It looks much less aggressive than the ones I fought just earlier today. I guess when a Poochyena isn’t fangs bared, fur raised, attack mode, they’re actually really cute.
There’s something strange about this one, though. Its red eyes are rimmed with blue, and its coat is lighter overall. The normally black parts are brown, and where grey fur should be, it is yellowish-gold.
I’ve read stories of absolutely sick trainers abusing their Pokémon. No doubt, a nasty piece of work released this Poochyena, but not before dunking it in a vat of yellow paint.

I begin to walk towards the Poochyena. It notices me, tensing, baring its teeth and growling in my direction. I take a step back. It snarls again. I take another step back.
Then Cliff winds between my legs, putting herself between me and the Poochyena. She barks something in the strange language only Pokémon speak. The Bite Pokémon still seems on edge, but the bared teeth and defense instinct appears to fade. I approach it again, and speak.
“Hey there. Whoever your previous trainer was did some bad things to you, huh?” The Pokémon’s head cocks to the side curiously at that statement. “Don’t worry. You’re safe here. Do you want to come with me? It’s okay if you don’t. I know some Pokémon prefer being wild. But I think you’d get along great with Cliff and Trident. And we can get you cleaned up, too.”
The puppy-like Pokémon almost seems to think for a minute. I fumble for a Pokeball, since it’s getting dark, and the only light is that of the moon. I find one, and roll it forward towards the Poochyena as an offer.

It walks up to the ball, taps the button on the front, and is sucked in with a chime.

After watching the ball register the Poochyena as female, I let her out. “Right, I’ve got to give you a name, but first, I want to see if I can’t wash this off.” I pick up the newfound addition to the team and dunk her in the lily pond, sending ripples through the disturbed surface of the water. No matter how hard I scrub, though, the yellow remains in her coat.
“Strange, they must have got you good. Oh well, let’s go to the Pokémon Center for the night. They’ll probably have something stronger to clean you up with.”
I look at the pond, ripples still going through the surface of the water, lilies drifting upon it.
“We’re going to get along great. I think I’ll call you Lily.”

The four of us head back towards Oldale Town.

I think you’ve figured out what exactly it was I encountered in the grass on Route 103. Trust me, I screamed.
Anyways, new catch!
Lily the female Poochyena
on Route 103 at level 3.
Quick Feet ability, Lax nature, good perseverance
No Intimidate for me, but I mean. I’m not complaining. This is an awesome, awesome catch. I’m excited to use her.
The league challenge has begun in full! After catching Lily, I stocked up on pokeballs and potions and headed to Route 102, the events of which will be covered in the next chapter.
Thanks for reading!
(And thanks @Blackstarlight17 for the name idea).
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I remember you freaking out when you found Lily on the Discord server. I'm glad I could help with the name though and I wish she lasts to the end.


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I really like your enthusiasm for writing, it always brings a smile to my face when I see people really psyched to have fun creating art and sharing it with the world! Hopefully the locke goes well so that you can continue that enthusiasm for a good bit :)


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I remember you freaking out when you found Lily on the Discord server. I'm glad I could help with the name though and I wish she lasts to the end.
I wish so too. I’m playing this nuzlocke basically as I write it, so I’ve got no idea whether she will live or die. I hope I can not mess up and have her enter the Hall of Fame.

I really like your enthusiasm for writing, it always brings a smile to my face when I see people really psyched to have fun creating art and sharing it with the world! Hopefully the locke goes well so that you can continue that enthusiasm for a good bit :)
Thank you! Yeah, I’m really excited to actually put something out that I write onto the internet. So far the nuzlocke’s gone well, but that could change at any moment. c:

And now, time for chapter 5!

“Wait, what do you mean ‘it’s not paint’?”
“I mean that it’s not paint,” the nurse at the Pokémon Center says as she passes over a tray with my Pokeballs in it. “Congratulations, trainer! You’ve found yourself a Shiny Pokémon.”
A shiny Pokémon? Wait - that’s right! Like Mom’s Red Gyarados! A Pokémon with a different coloration that sometimes sparkles. I’ve heard they’re supposed to be super rare. Did I really find one?

Oh what am I saying, of course I did! This is just the universe’s way of telling me “Michael, we know you’re going to become the champion almost before you even start your journey!”

I murmur a word of thanks to the nurse, who nods and heads back to treat more Pokémon. I had dinner already, too, so it’s just time to head up to the room and get some rest before tomorrow.
I trudge up the stairs to the Pokémon Center’s second floor, where I find a neat, if small, room set up for any trainers who book it. And that trainer happened to be me.
I decide that the team should sleep outside their Pokeballs today. There are three flashes of blue, and my three Pokémon appear. Trident goes right to sleep in the bathroom sink. Cliff curls up at the foot of my bed. Lily, my new Poochyena - my new shiny Poochyena - still sparkling after emerging from her Pokeball, lies down on the windowsill and falls asleep in the light of the moon.
I lay in bed and listen to the sound of my three team members snoring for a while before I finally manage to fall asleep.

The next day, I’m up bright and early, eating breakfast in the cafeteria with my team. It’s a slow ordeal for Lily, though, as her mealtime is interrupted every couple minutes by another trainer stopping to marvel at the golden Poochyena. She takes it well at first, but after the first dozen or so, I start having to pull her away from the trainers she seems like she’s about to pounce on. A lot of apologies are said. When I literally have to physically grab her and lift her away from a trainer’s own, non-shiny Poochyena, I decide enough is enough and recall her into her ball.

Maybe having a rare Pokémon isn’t all sunshine and roses?

In any case, I recall the other two as well and make my way out of the Pokémon Center doors and into the big wide world.

After a quick stop at the Poké Mart for some supplies - Potions mostly, I don’t want the team to get injured - it’s time to step foot on Route 102.

102 is a cheery, sun-filled route, with several ponds, a lot of rustling tall grass, and a couple new trainers here to train and test their Pokémon. Couldn’t hurt, right?

“Hey!” I call over to a young boy tossing a Pokeball up and down, leaning against a tree. “What do you say to a match?”
He grins. “You’re on!”
He doesn’t have any Pokeballs on his belt, so I figure the one he’s tossing is his only Pokémon. Guess I’ll use just one as well, then.
“Spencer, showtime!” he calls as from the ball emerges a scruffy Zigzagoon, bigger and more disheveled-looking than the fluffy and adorable Cliff.
“Alright then, a Zigzagoon,” I say as my own Pokeball flies through the air. With a sparkle and a shake of her golden fur, Lily appears. She yawns and gives a sideways stare at the Zigzagoon pacing across from her.
The youngster’s jaw drops. “A shiny? How did you get a shiny?”
I smirk. “Got lucky, kid. You going to stare, or fight?”
“Fight, of course! Spencer, use Tackle!”
The Zigzagoon zips across the “field” at a brisk speed, following a zigzag pattern. Okay, so he kind of knows what he’s doing.
“Lily, watch out!”
Lily faces the Zigzagoon, crouched down, and bares her teeth at the charging Pokémon. She does absolutely everything but watch out, and the white-and-brown blur slams into her, sending her tumbling backwards.
I grit my teeth. That’s not how that was supposed to go. “Alright, then. Lily, use Howl!”
Lily snarls and jets forward, tackling the Zigzagoon. Well, at least that was an attack, but the wrong one.
“Lily, keep your head in the game! You have to listen to my instructions!”
The youngster across the field from me shakes his head. “Guess catching a shiny doesn’t mean you can train it. Spencer, Headbutt.”
The Zigzagoon kicks off the field with its hind legs, soaring straight out of Lily’s ferocious tackle. She hits the dirt, kicking up a cloud of dust, and what looks like a Zigzagoon-shaped missile drops on her from the air, headfirst. When Spencer leaps off of Lily’s body, she’s lying on the ground unconscious.

“Tough luck, man. Good match,” the youngster says, recalling Spencer back into his ball. Whistling, he heads further up the route, probably seeking more battle.
I pull a potion out of my pack and spray it on Lily’s face and wounds. She took some damage, but the medicine in the potion should help prevent bruising and accelerate healing. After a couple minutes, Lily groans, stretches, and wobbles to her feet.
Her beautiful golden coat is now matted with dirt and mud. She looks much less fierce than she did at the start of the battle. Now, she looks kind of like I feel. Sad. We lost. Our first trainer battle, and it was a loss.
I shouldn’t have underestimated that trainer and his Zigzagoon just because he was young. Route 102 is near Petalburg City, after all. No doubt the kid was taking advice from, or at least studying, the Normal-type battling techniques of my dad.
“Don’t worry about it, Lily,” I say, clearly worrying about it. “Let’s get you cleaned up, and then I want to try and find a Pokémon to catch on this route.”

Lily may have flopped hard in her battling debut, but wild Pokémon are less organized and disciplined than trainers’. We find a Wurmple in the grass, who shys away from battle at first. No matter how hard I try to convince the little bug, he won’t accept my challenge. Lily gets him fired up, though. I have no idea what she said in that weird Pokémon language, but the Wurmple shoots up, ready for battle. I figure he really does like combat, just maybe is too timid to accept a fight without encouragement.

It’s a quick and decisive victory. The Wurmple puts up a good effort, further cementing my theory that he could be a great fighter with some training, but two Tackles from Lily and he’s struggling to stand. I display a Pokeball in my hand as an offer. The Bug-type nods. I toss it gently, and listen to it chime as another catch is added to my arsenal.

I don’t really want to use a Wurmple. Training a disobedient Lily will be hard enough, training a Wurmple that can’t fight without a pep talk alongside her will probably be monstrously difficult. But, I can’t leave the guy to his own devices, or just have him sit in a Pokeball on my belt for eternity. I decide to backtrack to Oldale Town’s Center for two reasons.
Reason one is a checkup and a bath for Lily. That was a rough fight today. Reason two is so I can use the transferral system.
After explaining my idea to Professor Birch, I place the Wurmple’s Pokeball into the receiving slot, and watch as it dematerializes, being sent to the Birch Pokémon Laboratory.
I think that Wurmple could be the key to kick-starting a young future trainer’s journey. In the safety of Littleroot Town, whoever wants to take care of him can train him safely. Maybe they’ll both open up.
I named the Wurmple Key.

I walk on Route 102 yet again. Lily may have not done well in her debut - probably because she was freshly caught - but Trident has no such issues. The Mudkip insists I accept the challenge of every trainer on the route that asks me for a battle, and as such, the sun has almost set by the time I reach my destination with a thoroughly tuckered-out Mudkip.

Petalburg City. A small forest city, but much larger than Oldale Town and Littleroot Town combined. It’s not known for much, but it is home to the Petalburg Gym. My father’s gym.
She’s not a Normal-type, but maybe he can help me get a bead on how to train Lily.

And yet another catch!
Key the male Wurmple
on Route 102 at level 3.
Shield Dust ability, Timid nature, strong-willed
I really did just not want to use a Wurmple, if there’s an early bug I want to use in this run it’s the chance I have to get Nincada, but I figured Mikey wouldn’t want to pop him in a box forever. So I came up with a solution that maybe kinda sorta works.
Lily did actually do really badly against that first youngster’s Zigzagoon, so I just switched to Trident and steamrolled the trainers on Route 102 with a level 8 Mudkip. I can train the other two later.
See you next time!
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“Yeah, that’s a dilemma, alright.”
Luckily, the Petalburg Gym just had one challenger today, a dejected-looking youngster with a familiar Zigzagoon. As soon as his battle was done (rather quickly, if I may add), Dad could speak with me. He sizes up Lily, who is still a bit roughed up, since I haven’t had the chance to go to the Pokémon Center yet. He seems less interested in her being shiny, and more of my story about what happened on Route 102.
“Tell me what happened during the battle again. Poochyena is not a Normal-type, but most of the moves that inexperienced Pokémon use are, so I may be able to help see what’s going on in her head.”
I recount the battle against the youngster and his Zigzagoon. Dad’s head nods as he listens.
“Well, that’s the young man who just challenged me, right?”
“Even though his ownership of only one Pokémon led to him losing handily, I could see that that Zigzagoon, if not expertly trained, knew what it was like to battle with a trainer. That intimidation move you described Lily do instead of dodging the Tackle speaks that Lily does not know that.”

Dad keeps talking, as I sit down on one of the cushions in the gym’s waiting lobby to listen.“That’s a move commonly used by animal-like Pokémon in the wild. Wild Pokémon do not have access to Pokémon Centers or Potions. Unless they have moves or capabilities to restore their own lost stamina and vitality, they’re basically stuck with berries and time. That kind of intimidation move can ward off most equally experienced wild Pokémon, since it shows that the opponent is a threat and the wounds they might sustain in that confrontation might not be worth it.”
“So Lily tried that move on a trainer’s Pokémon?” I ask, starting to understand.
Dad nods. “Correct. This was her debut battle as a trainer’s Pokémon. She thought it would work. However, that Zigzagoon was ordered to Tackle by its trainer. It knows that its trainer will most likely choose the right action for the situation, and it knows that its trainer doesn’t want it to get hurt and will heal it if it does. So, the move Lily tried to pull was ineffective.”

I understand why she didn’t dodge now, but there’s one other thing that’s bugging me. “What about when she used the wrong move?”
“Probably a mixture of inexperience, battlefield adrenaline, and disobedience. I think Lily just wasn’t prepared to battle a Trainer’s Pokémon while you two still barely have a connection. She’s feistier and more strong-willed than Cliff, which is why she is picking up on following orders slower than Cliff did.”
“So… what do you think we should do?”
Dad seems to check a paper on a clipboard lying on a podium in the corner. He grins, flips it around and shows me a completely blank gym battle signup list, scheduled for tomorrow.
“I’ve got an idea.”

The next morning, I’m on the battlefield of the Petalburg City Gym. Trident and Cliff can handle themselves fine, so they’re sparring together in the corner. Lily and I face off against Cutlass, Dad’s experienced Zangoose. The bipedal, feline Pokémon bares its teeth and displays its razor-sharp claws.
“Now, Cutlass, the only attack you’re allowed to use is False Swipe. Lily is an opponent of a different strength level to you, I want to see no injuries.”
The Zangoose nods.
Dad turns to face me, though right now, he looks less like Dad and more like Gym Leader Norman. “Now, Mikey, you and Lily will need to develop a connection at least equivalent to that of you and your other Pokémon. The attacks Cutlass performs will have a glaring weakness, but one only exploitable by a trainer seeing the opening and choosing the correct move, and the Pokémon trusting its trainer that the best course of action to take is the one they recommend. It’s up to you two to work together and take those chances.”
I nod. Oh boy, here we go.

The first couple tries don’t go great. Lily either follows my commands about fifteen seconds after they were given, does not follow them at all, or chickens out midway. Slowly, though, we start to get into a groove. She listens to what I say more and more, and begins to trust me when I call moves that probably wouldn’t be the most obvious.
Eventually, after several long and exhausting hours of training -
“Cutlass, attack from the right!”
Cutlass swings his claw horizontally, down so low he nearly is clipping the ground. False Swipe can’t deal any major damage, or knock a Pokémon unconscious, making it an ideal training move, but the hits still hurt. Lily doesn’t like getting hit, and I don’t like seeing her hit.
“Lily, up!”
For a second, it looks like it’s gonna be yet another failed attempt, but just before the claw hits her, the Bite Pokémon springs up. Not a large jump, but enough to dodge the claw and put her directly level with the face of the Cat Ferret Pokémon.
“Tackle!” I call. Lily bounces off of Cutlass’s arm, still horizontal after the attack. The small Poochyena slams into the Zangoose’s face, sending him stumbling and reeling backwards. Of course, it didn’t deal much damage, but that’s not what we were there for. I analyzed the situation and gave commands, and Lily trusted me and followed them.
Dad begins to clap. “Well done, you two! Your training today is complete.”
Lily lands back on her feet, panting heavily, golden fur slick with sweat.
“Or, it will be, once you complete this last task.”
Dad makes a ‘come in’ motion to one of the doors on the side of the battlefield. Usually, during a packed match, that door is where referees and field officials can enter the battlefield. Today, the opening door reveals a short, green-haired kid. Maybe a bit younger than me? Or possibly the same age.

“This is Wally. He’s from Verdanturf Town, but he’s been spending some time in Petalburg City to learn more about Pokémon. He’s been doing admirably well in his lessons”- a statement at which Wally looks down and mumbles a thank you -“but there’s one thing he’s missing to make him a true trainer. I’ve printed him a trainer ID, since as a Gym Leader I have the authorization to do so, but he’s missing a starter Pokémon. Of course he could stop by Professor Birch’s lab, but we talked about it and- actually, Wally, why don’t you tell him?”
Wally steps forward. “Um. Hi. Mikey, right? Your dad - I mean, Gym Leader - I mean your dad, he’s been helping me learn about Pokémon and I want to try to catch my first partner. I don’t have a Pokémon of my own, though, so I’ll need to borrow someone’s…”
“Normally if a budding trainer from Petalburg wants to capture their own starter, I’ll loan them an easy-to-control Normal-type, but we had a separate idea for Wally’s starter.”
Dad looks at me with a straight face, but his eyes are smiling. He’s definitely for something devious planned.
“After she’s had a rest at the Pokémon Center, Lily’s final test for today will be seeing if she can obey a trainer that’s not you, long enough for them to subdue and capture a Pokémon. You will be allowed to watch and give advice to Wally, but not give orders to Lily. Meet outside the gym at 3.”

We meet outside the gym at 3. The hour of relaxation Lily got at the ole PMC flew by. She got a well-earned rest, while I freaked out and hoped that she would behave enough to capture a starter and not chew Wally’s nose off. What was I supposed to do? We just got on a communication level with her, and now she’s got to listen to a complete stranger in a very delicate situation? This will go amazing, I can already tell.

I hand Lily’s Pokeball to Wally, and Dad escorts us out to Route 102.
“Wally, think hard about what Pokémon you want as your partner. There’s quite a diverse selection on this route. You could go for a friendly Zigzagoon, a mobile Taillow, a sturdy Seedot, a-“
“I want that one.” Wally whispers.
Parting the tall grass, we see the “one” Wally means. A strange-looking Pokémon, one of the ones that looks less animal and more humanoid. It’s got a strange green hat-thing on its head with a red horn of sorts sticking out from the front. It looks - unique? I’ll go with unique.
“A Ralts,” Dad whispers. “They’re rare on this route, and a good find. You sure you want that one?”
While Wally decides, I test out my new Pokedex. The invention registers the Pokémon ahead of us as indeed Ralts, the Feeling Pokemon. A Psychic/Fairy-type (dual-typing, neat) that can sense emotions and fights with psychic powers. I gotta say, an unorthodox choice for a starter, but it seems like it could be strong.
“Yeah, I’ll go with that one.” Wally says. He fumbles for Lily’s ball, half-throwing and half-dropping it. In her signature flash of sparkles, the golden Poochyena appears. The Ralts looks up in alarm, and the battle is on!

“Remember, Wally, you need not defeat the Ralts. One or two good hits should do it.” Dad cautions him.
“R-right. Lily, use - uh-“
Before Wally can finish his command, the Ralts’s horn glows bright red, and it blinks out of existence. I’m about to feel bad that it got away before it teleports right behind Lily, letting loose a high-pitched cry from its mouth that sends a pink-hued shockwave through the air, hitting the Poochyena.
The Pokedex beeps. Disarming Voice, a Fairy-type move. And here I was, hoping that this Psychic-type had no attacks ro damage Lily with.
She snarls and backs up, then looks at Wally. Angry? Upset? I crane my neck for a closer look at her eyes. No, not angry. Expectant.
Wally finishes his thought from a couple seconds ago. “Lily, use Tackle!”
Lily barks and speeds towards the Ralts, which begins to gather up energy in its horn again. Before the light in the red protrusion can achieve full brightness, though, the Bite Pokémon slams into it, sending the two of them skidding and tumbling through the grass.
“Now, Wally!” I yell, pressing an empty Pokeball into his hand.
“Right!” he squeaks out, and throws it. The aim is a little off, but Lily leaps into the air and nudges the ball in the direction it needs to go. It hits the stunned Feeling Pokémon, which gets sucked into the ball.
We all watch it with bated breath.
One shake.
Two shakes.
Three shakes.
The ball chimes.

No catches this chapter, but a gaining-a-bond-with-Lily montage is the fastest way to gain a bond with Lily. And also, Wally’s here now! Yay. Petalburg was uneventful as always, but hopefully this chapter helped establish Norman as the mentor figure I’m going for. See you next time!


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I liked the way you removed Key from the party, it makes sense in-universe and it also means you don't have to grind up a Pokemon that would take even more effort to use than to raise! Obviously you're supposed to use different Pokemon in Nuzlockes, but it should be fun first and a challenge second. It's also interesting to see Norman as an empathetic and involved guy, I'm more used to stories making him a mean and selfish obstacle for the player haha


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I liked the way you removed Key from the party, it makes sense in-universe and it also means you don't have to grind up a Pokemon that would take even more effort to use than to raise! Obviously you're supposed to use different Pokemon in Nuzlockes, but it should be fun first and a challenge second. It's also interesting to see Norman as an empathetic and involved guy, I'm more used to stories making him a mean and selfish obstacle for the player haha
Yeah, Mikey has (or will have) 99 problems but a deadbeat dad ain’t one. He’ll still be an obstacle, though, since training to defeat one of the trainers that has been established as extremely powerful since your childhood is a lofty goal.

And here’s Chapter 7!
“I… I think I’m going to name him Arthur.”
I look at Wally quizzically. “Like the Nidoking from that old story?”
“Yeah, I - may have read it a bit too much when I was a kid. Some of the characters really stuck with me.”
Well, it’s a bit of a strange name for a Ralts, but I named my Mudkip after comic book heroes. I’m not one to judge. “Arthur it is, then.”
Dad beams. “You two have made big strides in your journeys as trainers today. Mikey, you’ve gained trust and a bond with a Pokémon that disobeyed you. And Wally, you’ve captured your starter. What do you two plan to do now?”

Wally pipes up. “I actually think I’m going to stay in Petalburg to train, and then challenge you at the Gym, sir.”
Dad grins. “Normal-type gym as your first challenge, eh? Sounds good. Should I expect a challenge from you, too, Mikey?”
“Actually, nah. I want my gym battle against you to be against one of your Slaking as well. And I don’t think you’re authorized to use those in zero-badge battles.”
Dad laughs. “You’re right, I’m not. Come back when you’re ready. So you’ll be heading where, instead?”
“Rustboro.” I answer. “I figure I’ll have a good advantage against the Rock-type gym with Trident.”
“Makes sense,” Dad nods. “Alright, then. When do you plan to set out?”
“I want to make my way out to Route 104 soon, as soon as Lily and the others have rested up. But I’ll probably stay around Petalburg to train, since my team will have to toughen up to make it through Petalburg Woods.”
“Sounds good, then. You go on and rest up. And Wally, today was a rare day, I’ve been swarmed with challengers lately, so why don’t we go and see if we can’t sign you up for a gym battle before the next three weeks are booked?”
Wally beams. “Sounds good, sir!”
He and Dad wave goodbye to me and Lily and make their way back to the gym.

The sun is setting as I walk on the sandy beach of Route 104.
The team are all out of their Pokeballs. I figure a beach afternoon would be a nice reward for them after such a rigorous training day. Lily trots lazily behind me, while Cliff (who somehow is still full of energy after today) runs circles in the sand. Trident walks closer to the water than us, letting the waves lap over his legs. It’s been a while since he’s been so close to his natural element, I’d figure, even if Mudkip are more swamp- and less ocean-dwellers.
The orange glow of the sun casts a warm light on the ripples of the blue ocean. The cries of wild Pokémon and battling Trainers can be heard from the grass on the route to our right, but for now, I’m content to just take a stroll on the beach.
Up ahead, I spot a wooden hut attached to a dock leading out into the water. An old man, a sailor by the looks of his weather-beaten clothes and his weathered face, sits on a rocking chair and watches a circling flock of Wingull fly overhead.

The seagull Pokémon seem to be battling. Most of them just lazily shoot jets of water at each other in between indignant squawks. There’s a pair of combatants in the middle, however, that sparks my attention. A well-groomed, neat-looking Wingull faces off against a Wingull that looks like it’s been at sea all of its life. Wind-battered feathers, scratches on its beak, the whole deal.
The old sailor notices me and motions that if I want, I can get closer. Why not? I approach.
“Look at ‘em go,” he says. “Always a treat to see these guys doing something but scavenging the shoreline for scraps.”
“Do they do this a lot?” I inquire.
“Oh, most of them, no. It’s Fogg and Peeko that’s got ‘em fired up.”
I take a guess. “Are those the two in the center?”
“You betcha. Peeko’s a good lass, she’s my Pokémon, Fogg is the older one. He’s been living at this beach even before I built my hut here. He’s an old ‘un, been helping my Peeko get into fighting shape.”
“Sorry, sir, what’s your name?” I ask.
“Ah. Briney. Well, it’s Eugene Bartholomew Briney, but it’s just Mr. Briney or Grandpa Briney to anyone who’s not my mom and pop, ocean and land bless their souls.”
Mr. Briney turns back to look at the battling Peeko and Fogg. “Peeko ‘n I are very grateful to Fogg for what he’s done, but he’s been training Peeko for years at this point, basically taught her all he knows. And his presence has attracted all these other Wingull here. We think the beach is in safe hands, what with Peeko and his flock.”
Briney turns to look at me, eyes glimmering with what looks like - a hopeful expression? “We think it’d be best for Fogg to leave the nest, as folks say, go out and see the world.”
I’m starting to see the request. “You - you want me to become Fogg’s trainer?”
“Yep. The old man deserves to see places, people and Pokémon that aren’t always the same old beach with the same old sailor and his Wingull.”
“Well, there’s always room for a Flying-type on my team. I’ll accept if Fogg does.”
Briney beams. He stands up and yells, “Hey, Peeko! Fogg! Cut the battlin’ for a second!”
The two fighting Wingull break apart and watch the sailor. “Fogg, I think I’ve found ya that trainer we were talkin’ about! What do you say? Y’think he’s the one to go out and see the world with?”
Fogg looks at me, his old Wingull eyes - still keen and sharp - narrowing as he sizes me up from the air. He folds in his wings and goes into a rapid dive, barreling towards my side. He impacts.
But I don’t feel it, because he’s immediately sucked into an empty Pokeball hanging on my belt.
Mr. Briney laughs. “I suppose that’s ole’ Fogg’s way of saying ‘yes.’”

Say hello to a team member I actually plan on using, badass grandpa Wingull Fogg!
Fogg the male Wingull
on Route 104 at level 3.
Keen Eye ability, Serious nature, good perseverance
A flyer is going to be extremely helpful for Brawly, and Fogg is also mostly a special attacker, something the team doesn’t have yet. I’m glad to have him on the team.


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Time for Chapter 8!
I sense that it’ll take a while for Fogg to get comfortable with the group. It’s like throwing a grandfather into a group of a bunch of teenage klutzes and telling them all “get along”. Back at my room at the Petalburg Pokémon Center (free of charge, guess they knew who I am), I have to make the team sleep in their balls when an overexcited Cliff knocks Fogg off of his perch on a corner lamp, and I have to withdraw them both before Water Guns start going off.

But no matter. The next day arrives, and with it, much more training. Today, I plan to tackle Petalburg Woods. After a quick breakfast in the cafeteria, the team and I return to route 104, this time taking the grassy eastern side of the route rather than the western beach down the hill from it.
Cliff zigs and zags around as always, while the re-energized Trident and Lily keep pace at my heels. Fogg soars above on the ocean winds. It’s time to get some training done!

A young kid who introduces himself as Billy accepts my offer to battle, sending out a Seedot he refers to as Maracas. I palm a Pokeball into my hand and throw out my own choice, Cliff.
“Tackle!” I call. Cliff races down the grassy battlefield in a zigzag pattern, noticeably sharper after yesterday’s training than the usual wobbly run. I wait to call an order for Cliff to anticipate Seedot’s attack, but the trainer just stands there and lets Cliff approach.
By the time I get suspicious and queue up Seedot’s move data into the Pokedex, Billy satisfies my curiosity and calls a move right as Cliff is seconds away from impacting.
Smart. Called it at the last second to ensure that I wouldn’t have Cliff stop her attack. Probably a strategy they practiced. But not the time to hypothesize about that, since the Acorn Pokémon absorbs the kinetic energy from Cliff’s blow and begins charging up the Bide attack. If the Pokémon can survive the onslaught of moves while Bide charges, the resulting move will dish out double the punishment the Pokémon took in that time. A deadly combination that I need to figure out how to beat.
“Tackle, again!”
Cliff, unfazed, spins around and charges into the Seedot again. The acorn goes flying, landing in the dirt a couple feet away, and struggles to its feet. It’s shaky, but it’s still up, which is a problem since Cliff probably only has time for one more hit until Bide lands, and I’m not sure if one more hit will do it.
Then I know. Time for us to use our own last-minute move.
“Cliff, I’ve got an idea, you have to trust me!” I call out to the Zigzagoon. She turns around and looks at me, then nods.
“Maracas, you put a stop to whatever plan they’ve cooked up!” Youngster Billy calls from across the field. The Seedot nods. A red-hued glow erupts around the Pokémon, which suddenly looks way too intimidating for an acorn. It hops up and down in place, then rockets forward in a blaze of red-white light, heading for Cliff at rapid speed.
Not yet, not yet, not yet - now! “Cliff, Sand-Attack!”
The Zigzagoon digs into the dirt with both feet, tossing a hefty amount of loose sand into the Seedot’s eyes. It wobbles ever so slightly, and Cliff jumps away as Maracas slams into the battlefield, Bide dissipating harmlessly.
Billy seems to realize that that was his one chance to win the fight, since there’s no way his Seedot could take two more attacks before firing back. He calls back his Pokémon.
“Good match, man.”

“Well, what’s the deal, you’ve got one more!” I tell him, looking at the second ball on his belt.
“I thought you’d be done too, your Zigzagoon looks tuckered out. If you say so,” he says and tosses it. A small avian Pokémon, with dark top, white bottom, and red throat emerges. A Taillow. The perfect opponent for who I’m about to send out.
“Fogg!” I call and the old Wingull emerges.
Billy’s eyes have a look of recognition. “Say, ain’t that the Wingull that hangs out near grandpa Briney’s dock?”
“That’s the one,” I say. “Fogg, up!”

Fogg beats his wings, climbing into the sky. The Taillow - Ace, as Billy called him - takes off too. Taillow generally fly faster, but here on Route 104, Fogg has the home turf advantage. He catches a sea breeze, waits until he’s right above Ace, and spirals into a dive the Taillow could never hope to achieve.
“Water Gun!” I call. A strong jet of water - more focused and less purely powerful than Trident’s - shoots from Fogg’s beak as he crows, slamming into the Taillow. Ace keeps flying for a couple seconds before his waterlogged feathers give out. He tumbles clumsily out of the sky, disappearing in a flash of blue as Billy recalls him before the ground can deal more damage.
I kind of just look at him awkwardly. “Yeah, uh-“
“We never speak of this,” Billy says as he clips Ace’s ball back onto his belt. Then he grins. “Good match. And good Pokémon you’ve got too.”
“Not so bad yourself,” I comment. A nod, a handshake, and we go our separate ways. Him, to the Petalburg Pokémon Center, and me, to Petalburg Woods.

It’s dark inside the woods. The cover of trees blots most sunlight out, allowing only tiny patches of light to pierce their way past the canopy. A few people rustle through the grass, no doubt challengers seeking a Grass-type Pokémon to use against Roxanne, but other than that, the woods are barren of civilization. This is a wild Pokémon haven.
I catch sight of Shroomish huddling around the roots of trees to chomp on berries, Wurmple and their various cocoon evolutions making their way through the bushes, Taillow zipping past the treetops.
I also spot a couple Slakoth lazily hanging off of tree branches. As a Gym Leader, Dad has the authority to hand out Starter Pokémon to those who’d rather not catch their own, and Slakoth and Zigzagoon - both found in these woods - are common choices, with the latter being energetic and eager to please, and the former being relaxed and easy to get along with.
I spot a Slakoth that Dad had recently showed me, actually. A large female one named Lotta, lounging around by one particularly large tree. I’ve met her a couple times, since Dad usually got the starters used to people by taking them home with him. She’s a good Pokémon. Hopefully she’ll find a good trainer someday.

As I try to get closer to her by going around the tree, I hear a shout.
“Hey! Get- get away from me! This is classified information!”
A gruff male voice responds, “in case you haven’t figured it out, I don’t really care that it’s classified. Hand the briefcase over!”
I peer around the trees to see a balding older man on the ground, seemingly having tripped. A younger man, with dark hair and a beard, wearing a strange red getup with a big letter M emblazoned on the front, looks at him angrily and expectantly, and a Poochyena - seemingly the aggressor's - snarls and barks at the man on the ground. I recognize the fallen man’s uniform as a worker of Devon Corp., an industrial giant based in nearby Rustboro City.
I consider helping him, but before I come to a decision, Fogg makes it for me by swooping straight past my shoulder with a screeching cry, and speeding towards the Poochyena.

The Bite Pokémon attempts to take a chomp out of the Wingull as it flies, but Fogg is going way too high for the Poochyena to reach, even if he has limited area to fly due to trees.
Guess we're fighting. “Fogg, Supersonic!” I call, emerging from behind Lotta’s tree, which I was using for cover. I would have preferred staying hidden, but I can’t guarantee my voice will carry from behind the tree. Fogg swoops low as the Poochyena readies another bite, but a high-pitched screeching cry emerges from Fogg’s mouth along with a wave of sound, and the grounded Dark-type closes its eyes and falters in its attack.
“Water Gun!”
A burst of water shoots from Fogg’s beak and slams into the face of the stunned Poochyena, which flies a couple feet back and collapses onto the ground.

I come out from behind the tree fully now, and yell out to the man now calling his Pokémon back into its Pokeball. “Hey, I don’t know who you are, you look like you just ran away from a cosplay con, but you gotta get back to that con and leave this man alone.”
The costumed man makes an annoyed growling noise as he looks at me. “Kid, I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but get lost.”
I analyze the situation. His Poochyena is unable to battle, he has no other Pokeballs on the ball sash strapped around his torso, and I’ve got a fully healthy team. Said team now emerges around me, with Cliff letting out a low growl, Lily baring her teeth, and Trident stomping his foot and mimicking a headbutt motion.
“I said scram, man. There’s not much else you can do. If you get any closer, it’ll be not one but two Water Guns headed your way, and you saw what one did to your Poochyena.”
The man practically snarls, but I’m right, he doesn’t have any other choice. “You’ll regret this, kid,” he says, and runs in the opposite direction I am.

I help the man on the ground back up and Trident drags over his briefcase.
“Oh, thank you! Thank you! I was on a delivery to Petalburg when that ruffian jumped me! I’m not a trainer myself, but usually Repels and polite refusals can get me through the woods and Route 104 without any trouble. I suppose that man wasn’t taking a polite refusal, though.”
He opens the briefcase and pulls out a blue Pokeball with red details. “This is a Great Ball, and it’s unfortunately all I can give you now, but please, stop by the Devon Corp. Headquarters in Rustboro! We’d love to thank you for your help today.”
I pocket the Great Ball. “Thanks, man, I’ll be sure to stop by. Now, you need any help getting to Petalburg?”
“No, no, I think I should be fine from here.”
“If you say so,” I shrug.
The rest of the journey through the forest is a peaceful affair of watching wild Pokémon and enjoying the quiet. Soon, the trees part, and my Pokémon and I emerge onto the north part of Route 104 with Rustboro City in sight.

A rather uneventful chapter, but a first encounter with Team Magma. Most of the fights in this chapter have been a bit emphasized to show off Fogg’s experience, but by fighting a bunch of Silcoon and Cascoon in Petalburg Woods, I did actually have him on par with the team and only slightly behind Trident in record time.
And Lotta was actually the catch for Petalburg Woods!
Lotta the female Slakoth
in Petalburg Woods at level 5.
Truant ability, Relaxed nature, likes to fight
I’d appreciate any feedback that writing-inclined people who may be reading have to share. Am I conveying the personalities of the Pokémon well? How are the fights? Anything is welcome.
That said, see you next time!
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Chapter 9!
The northern end of Route 104 is not the same oceanside beach route as the southern. While the Petalburg Woods clear up on the north, they still encircle the area, protecting it from ocean winds. As such, it’s a calm and quiet waterside route favored by trainers looking for a calm environment for their Pokémon to train, as well as berry enthusiasts.

I’m not calm, though. I can see the towering buildings of nearby Rustboro City over the treetops. Every step I take on this route brings me closer to my first ever gym challenge.
I have Water types, so I should be ok, right?
But what if Trident and Fogg get into a freak accident right before I step into the gym and I have to fight the Rock-type gym with Normal-type moves?
Or what if her Pokémon have Electric attacks?
Is the gym leader authorized to use Electric moves in a 0-badge challenge?
What if I panic and forget to wear pants?
You get the idea.
It’s time to prepare.

To start, I walk up to the berry shop (‘Berry Good!’ reads the cheerful sign on the front) and take up the shop owner’s offer on learning to grow berries. She shows me how best to plant berries and what kind of soil to look for, as well as how much to water and how often. I’m not too interested in becoming a botanist, but several berries have very useful effects if a Pokémon eats them, since they can eat them without having to take a break and have a trainer use an item on them. After planting a couple berries, the kind shopkeep gives me some free berries to keep, mostly mundane food and some Oran and Cheri berries thrown in.
I give Cliff an Oran berry, which she stashes within her long fur. That’ll be nice as a mid-battle snack to regain some vitality, since she’s not the most durable Pokémon and using a Potion mid-battle is unwieldy and often dangerous for the trainer.
To Trident I present a Cheri Berry, tucked into a small pouch that can strap around his arm. He’s not a Ground-type yet, so electricity poses a big problem, and if he gets paralyzed he cannot counterattack effectively. That berry should help remove some risk by removing paralysis, although he will still need to be careful.
Right, that should do it for items. Now for moves.

The trainers on the bridge spanning the river that would otherwise block my way to the city are a friendly bunch. They agree to help my Pokémon get ready for the gym, since most of them are there doing the same thing.
It’s mostly just mundane training to perfect the party’s moves, but one notable exception comes with a youngster who presents me with an old-looking disc. By plugging it into my DexNav and having Fogg watch the instructions that appear, I’m able to teach an old Wingull a new trick - that trick being Echoed Voice. It won’t exactly help for the Rock-type gym, but unless stopped, Echoed Voice quickly becomes a powerful move.
During a battle with a young woman’s Zigzagoon, I notice that Lily’s attacking differently than normal. Instead of slamming her full body into the target, she’s lunging forward more precisely, trying to use her fangs instead of her body. The Pokedex confirms my suspicions - Lily has learned Bite.
By the end of the day, the team is looking sharp. I thank the trainers on the route for their help and head into Rustboro City.

Being a Goldenrod kid, I’m used to big cities.
It’s still a shock entering Rustboro after almost a week now of nothing but wilderness, tiny towns, and small cities. The Hoenn industrial giant is a completely different atmosphere to little Petalburg or minuscule Oldale and Littleroot.
People and Pokémon of all kinds go about their days here, even some Pokémon that aren’t round in Hoenn. Rustboro is the biggest western port of the region, so it makes sense that tourists would dock here. I spot some familiar Pokémon to me, like an Ampharos patiently walking next to its trainer or a Heracross eagerly waiting for their human partner to order them some honey from a nearby food cart. Looking up, Taillow and Wingull fly between towering skyscraper buildings, dozens of floors high, most flashing neon logos. I see logos for Ludicola, Devon Corp., a garish-looking advertisement for Victoria’s Secret Power, and so on.
My Pokémon don’t look too comfortable in the new area. I recall Cliff because I’m worried her energetic self will just get lost in a matter of minutes. Lily nervously walks close to my legs, avoiding the other Pokémon of passing trainers, while Trident seems ready to fight every Pokémon he sees. I recall them both when a passing Electabuzz has Lily backing up in the opposite direction and Trident raring to battle it. I doubt a battle in the city streets would be safe.
Fogg seems disoriented - it’s his second day with us, and I’ve gone and taken him to this huge city. But he seems to suck it up and keep going, flapping his wings steadily above my head.
I spot a large neon orange billboard reading [RUSTBORO GYM - ACCEPTING CHALLENGERS] a couple blocks down. Right, so that’ll be where we need to go, but I’m too much of a nervous wreck to go and sign up for a gym battle now. I’ll probably never be confident I’m ready, but at least another night’s time to think about it should help.
I consider heading to the Pokémon Center, but then spot a road sign indicating an exit to Route 116 down one of the main intersecting streets.
Might as well get the team some fresh air before bed.

This route still is very close to Rustboro, but at least it’s quiet. I find a small wooden log to sit down on and let the team back out of their balls. Cliff exhales, probably happy to be somewhere where the air smells like sweet lavender and not smog. Lily and Trident stretch out and lie down on the log beside me. Fogg, who had been flying high to avoid most of the commotion, swoops down and perches on my hat.
A bush rustles nearby, and the team jumps to alertness. Out of the bush crawls a bug-like Pokémon, with grey skin, small probably nonfunctional wings, a pair of whiskers protruding from its head, and brown limbs. It looks almost hopeful and begins to approach, but as soon as it sees the motley crew of Pokémon team and trainer arranged on the log have noticed it, it recoils backwards, beginning to back up.
Fogg swoops off my hat and flies towards the Nincada. Probably a terrifying sight for a bug, having a battle-worn bird flying directly at you. Fogg stops short, though, and lands. He croaks out a couple sounds in the strange language of Pokémon, causing the Nincada to cock its head to the side curiously. It stands there for a couple seconds, takes a deep breath, and approaches again.
I think I see what Fogg is doing and what the Nincada wants. I move to take a Pokeball off of my belt, something which causes the Bug-type to flinch and almost begin backing up again. Slowly and steadily, I roll the empty ball forward towards it.

After a couple moments of moving its claw toward the ball and back indecisively, the Nincada taps the button and is sucked in with a chime.
His claws look darn sharp, even if he doesn’t seem to have too much confidence right now, so I name him Shiv.

New Nincada resting alongside us, we keep watching the sunset.
“Hey, team,” I murmur after a couple minutes.
They all turn their heads and look at me in various stages of sleepiness.
“You ready to sign up for our first gym battle?”
I doubt Shiv knows what a gym is. Lily and Cliff look noncommittal, doing their best to shrug without prominent shoulders. Fogg gives out a loud caw, but I don’t speak Pokémon, so who knows what that means.
Trident looks at me and nods, excitement burning in his eyes.
I sure hope I won’t let him down.

Remember how I said when I caught Key that I wanted to use a Nincada? Well, Route 116 gave me one!
Shiv the male Nincada
on Route 116 at level 6.
Compound Eyes ability, Timid nature, very finicky
I don’t know about Shedinja, but I’ve always wanted to use a Ninjask. - Attack nature isn’t going to be great, but I’ll take my shot.
Not a very exciting chapter, but a necessary one, as the team learns a bunch of new moves and prepares to take on the Rustboro City Gym.
Again, same as last chapter, any comments or critique on how well I am conveying personalities, writing battles, etc, is very welcome! See you next time.


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Join me for chapter 10 as Mikey takes on the Rustboro City Gym!

When I get back to Rustboro City, some guy tries to mug me.

I guess I should have known better, considering the amount of attention I received for Lily in Oldale Town. But I thought people would at least know better than to mug the son of the Petalburg Gym leader.
“Hand the pooch over, kid!” the gangly, leering lowlife brandishing a Pokeball at me says. He throws it shakily, revealing a small red Pokémon which looks like a cross between a bird and a reptile. I recognize it as a Magby.
“Cool your jets, pal. Lily barely listened to me when I caught her. Someone like you’ll just get on her nerves.”
“I gotta have that Pokémon, man!” the guy shouts. “I need that money.”
Sure, it’s a shiny Pokémon, but it’s not like Poochyena is that rare. If I was strolling around with a shiny Kingdra, I’d understand the concept that stealing it and selling it would be a huge payoff. But it’s a Poochyena.
“I’m gonna give you one last chance to walk off.”
“I’m gonna get that dog off o’ ya hands!”
“If you say so.”
I glance at Fogg, then at Trident. My mouth curls into the smallest of grins. “Water Gun.”
A drenched Magby goes tumbling out of the alleyway.
The man recalls the Live Coal Pokémon and looks at me, out of Pokémon to throw at my team. “You mark my words, I’m gonna get that shiny.”
“Pal, Pokémon ain’t tools, no matter how hard some sleazy Kantonian mafioso tries to convince you otherwise. Even if you did manage to take her, you wouldn’t get very far away with her. She’s not just gonna listen to you.”
He glares at me once again. Lily growls.
“Get lost,” I say.
He spits on the ground and runs away.

The gym approved my request for a battle. It’s scheduled at noon tomorrow at the Rustboro Gym. I lie in bed in the room of one of Rustboro’s many Pokémon Centers, chewing on a microwaveable meal I got from the snack bar downstairs, listening to the person in the room next to mine blast loud techno from a tinny speaker and reading over the card in my hand.
[Approved: Access to 1 0-badge Gym Battle vs, Roxanne.] I guess in the big city, the Gym Leader doesn’t even schedule his own battles. Dad met each challenger personally. I won’t be meeting this Roxanne until tomorrow at noon.
I listen to Trident snoring in the sink, Cliff’s content hum at the foot of my bed, Fogg squawking in his sleep perched on the lamp in the corner. The new guy, Shiv, makes a quiet ‘clink clink’ noise as he sharpens his claws in the opposite corner of the room. Lily makes a soft growling noise as she sleeps soundly on the windowsill.

The events of tonight strike me as odd. Why would some random street thief with a single Magby want my Poochyena so bad? I had five Pokémon around me. Surely I don’t look like an easy mark. A shiny Pokémon is rare, but I’m hardly the only trainer with one. And it’s not like a shiny Poochyena would give as huge a payout as he made it seem, unless you sold it to some shady Poochyena collector. So why could he possibly need Lily that bad?
With these thoughts I fall asleep.

[Welcome to the Rustboro Gym, challenger!]
The programmed announcer voice blasts my ears as I enter the Rustboro Gym. I have to say, it’s very well maintained. The lobby is clean and spacious enough to accommodate the many trainers lined up for a match today. I spot a nervous-looking kid with a Shroomish, a confident-looking teenage girl with a Combusken, a dozing young man with a Kangaskhan watching over him, and a lot of other competitors from all levels. I walk up to the counter and present my pass.

“Noon match at zero-badge level?” the Clerk asks. I nod.
She scans the barcode on the badge. “Approved. Take a seat in the waiting room and wait, or you can watch the ongoing match if you wish.”
I nod, a lump building in my throat.
I don’t really want to go and watch the match right now. The TV in the lobby is good enough for me. I think if I go and look at that crowd, I’ll throw up. Either way, the lobby isn’t completely safe from nervous foreshadowing, though, since the screens currently show a Camerupt facing off against a Probopass.
The Camerupt’s trainer is the challenger, a skinny, blonde-haired youth with peach fuzz and a backwards baseball cap. The Probopass is commanded by the Gym Leader. She’s barely older than 18 or so, I’d say, a woman with a large amount of styled hair wearing red leggings and a navy blue uniform styled to look like school attire. Goes to show age is less important than skill when applying for a gym leader position. She calls an attack I can’t make out, the ground trembles, and the match is over. Poor guy.

Before I know it, it’s my turn to go up on the pitch. My knees are shaking involuntarily, but I do my best to give myself false confidence. “Come on, Mikey, you’re Norman’s son. You’ve got a huge type advantage, you’ve been battling for a while now, it’s just a 0-badge battle. You got this.”
Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. I feel better about this. I give the Pokeballs of Cliff and Shiv to the clerk, so they can watch the battle from the stands. I considered doing the same with Lily, but after last night, I think I’ll keep her right by my side. I grip Trident’s and Fogg’s capsules tightly. Here we go.

The stands are less packed than most other matches that day, as most entry-level matches are, which is a welcome sight. I’d rather not have an entire stadium worth of people cheer. Some folks - who probably bought day passes to do nothing but watch matches the whole day - are still in the stands, though, cheering. For me or for Roxanne? I’m not sure.
Roxanne addresses me, in a voice so kind it hits me by surprise. “Welcome, challenger. Nervous?”
I squeak out a no.
She laughs. “Don’t worry. Gym battles are here for both sides to have fun! Win or lose, it’s a growth experience for you and your Pokémon. Precautions are being taken to make the battles in a Gym safe, secure, and fun for all parties involved.”
I finally manage to gulp down the lump in my throat and shake my head. “Right.”
“Good luck!” she says, and retreats to the trainer’s podium opposite mine.
Let the battle begin!” yells the announcer.

“Ingot, battle-ready!”
Roxanne’s Pokeball sails through the air, revealing a Pokémon I’m familiar with. We had them back home.
Roxanne has chosen Geodude! A staple for 0-badge battles here at Rustboro Stadium.
“Don’t let me down now, friend,” I think. “Fogg!”
From Challenger Michael’s side comes a Wingull! From the looks of this one, he’s been in quite the scraps already. Let’s see what both sides have to offer!
I know how Geodude fight. Rock and Ground-type, with respectable attacking power, incredible resilience towards direct attacks, but with middling defenses against projectiles and very slow. Fogg’s main advantage in battles is his experience and speed. I know I have to strike first.
“Water Gun!” I call.
Fogg soars up into the air, high above the arena. He swoops down low - the water would lose too much momentum otherwise - and fires his jet of water down towards his opponent.
It splashes into the Geodude’s face. Fogg completes his dive, sinking low to the ground and preparing to swoop back up.

“It seems you know the battling tactics of Geodude. Well done, Michael Norman. But, you failed to account for a single variable, and that makes your entire equation for victory faulty.”
What could Roxanne possibly be talking about? Is she trying to throw me off-guard?
“Ingot, grab it!”
As Fogg prepares to pull out of his dive, a rocky arm shoots out of the dust kicked up by the Geodude impacting the arena and snags him by the tail.
Roxanne has revealed one of Geodude’s greatest strengths, the Sturdy ability! Being quite slow, Geodude is often vulnerable to a challenger’s super-effective hit even before it can attack. With Sturdy, however, Roxanne can ensure that Geodude remains on its feet - er, hover-bottom? - and can strike back. Let’s see what it can do.
Yeah, yeah, announcer, I get it. I forgot about Sturdy. What’s important is what kind of move Roxanne pulls next.
I get my answer immediately. Why does this always happen?
“Rock Tomb!”
Ingot’s other arm clenches into a tight fist, and the rock columns that surround the arena - decorations, I always thought - tremble. Large chunks of rock burst forth, heading straight towards my Wingull.
Time for a new trick. “Mist!”
Fogg opens his beak with a loud squawk and lets loose a huge plume of solid white mist, enveloping the arena in mist seconds before it gets pummeled by stones. I just have to trust that he was able to break free.
“Water Gun!”
Stones shower onto the battlefield. Each of them breaks a little pocket in the mist cover as it impacts, kicking up a huge cloud of dust and debris. Eventually, I see something in between the destruction.
A small, grizzled Wingull, flying fast and expertly dodging stones as they fall from the sky.
And a soaking wet Geodude struggling to stay conscious.

The mist and dust settles. Roxanne recalls Ingot.
In a startling display of aerial prowess, Michael’s Wingull, Fogg, has defeated Ingot, Roxanne’s Geodude! Will the winning side change Pokémon?
I consider letting Fogg stay in, but he would have been in serious trouble if the Rock Tomb had hit. It’s too risky. Besides, it’s time to let Trident have his fun.

The battle-eager Mudkip emerges from his ball in a bright flash right as Roxanne calls her next - and last, since a 0-badge battle has the leader using two Pokémon only - Pokémon.
“Clayton, come out!”
From the thrown ball emerges the pre-evolution of the stalwart Probopass I saw on the lobby screen. A Nosepass.
The next - and maybe final, if everything goes well for Michael - battling pair of this 0-badge challenge is Mudkip versus Nosepass!
Trident prepares for battle.

Alright, I guess Roxanne really does want this to be the battle. Clayton’s nose glows red, and he positions it and slashes an X through the air. Trident’s body briefly locks up and glows red, and I know that if I wanted to switch him out, I wouldn’t be able to.
She’s used her move on a battlefield control endeavor, so I suppose I’ll take the first strike.
“Water Gun!”
Trident digs his feet into the dirt of the arena and lets loose a powerful gush of water that rockets into the side of the Compass Pokémon. It staggers, but stands, not even looking too badly hurt. Tough cookie.
“Close in, Trident! Mud-Slap!”
Trident takes off across the field, spraying water onto his front limbs as he runs. As he nears the Nosepass, he digs his wet front paws into the dirt, which then solidifies and liquidates into mud. With a grunt, he heaves it at the Nosepass’s face.
It just splatters off.
“Clayton, Tackle!” Roxanne calls
The Nosepass stops almost completely for a split second before its nose glows red and it charges. The large Rock-type slams into my Mudkip with its nose, sending it reeling and flying.
“Trident, don’t let up, stay close!”
Trident finds his footing, albeit a shaky one, and stays close to the Nosepass.
“We’ve gotta finish this fast,” I think. “Another hit like that and Trident might go down.”
“Jump!” I call. “Then use Water Gun!”

Trident leaps into the air right as Roxanne calls her command.
“Thunder Wave!”
A burst of electromagnetic energy emerges from the Nosepass’s compass-nose, enveloping Trident. His body shudders as paralysis takes hold.
“Now, Clayton, Rock Tomb!”
Rocks begin to levitate off the floor and columns as a paralyzed Trident holds his head down near his legs, seemingly in distress, and struggles to gather up the water to execute his move. I’m sweating bullets, but at least the announcer seems to be having fun.
Roxanne’s decision to paralyze Mudkip may have sealed the match! Nosepass is weak to Water-type attacks, but if it can get off a strong Rock Tomb before Mudkip’s Water Gun connects, it could be all over for this round of the battle! And with Mudkip’s paralyzed state, it’s unlikely that it’ll manage to-
He’s cut off as a burst of water sends Clayton crashing down onto the floor of the battlefield. The levitating rocks fall. Roxanne recalls her Pokémon.
Trident lands on the battlefield, exhausted, smiling, with the last bits of the stem of a Cheri Berry hanging from his mouth.

The whole team now out of their balls, I stand as Roxanne congratulates me on my win in the backrooms of the stadium. Despite being a big-city gym leader, apparently she has some of the same practices as Dad does, such as greeting a gym challenger on the pitch and presenting them with their badge in person and in private.
“Well done, challenger!” she smiles. “Lots of folks come in with Grass- or Water-types, expecting an easy win, but Clayton’s Block and Thunder Wave combination gets them on their toes. That Cheri Berry was a nice touch.”
“Thanks,” I say. “It feels good to be able to consider myself an actual league challenger now, since I’ve fought and won at a gym.”
“Speaking of that,” she says, producing and opening a small box, “I now present you with your first official gym badge of your League Challenge, the Stone Badge.”
I accept the badge and pocket it. I’ll find a good place for it later. “Thank you, leader Roxanne. It was an honor to fight at your-“
I get rudely cut off by a panting man in police attire that bursts through the back door. “Miss Roxanne! There’s been an emergency that requires your attention.”
She startles. “What’s happened?”
“There’s been a reported case of a missing or stolen Pokémon, and suspects have been located.”
“Where are they?”
“Verdanturf Tunnel.”
She thinks and says “I’ll be there as soon as I can.”
“Wait,” I interrupt, “what’s the stolen Pokémon?”
My eyes widen and Fogg’s beak opens as the officer says, “a Wingull named Peeko.”

Yep, first gym badge get!
As you may have expected, with two water types on the team, Roxanne was a cakewalk. The real fun begins next chapter, though.
So far, most fights have been one-pokemon affairs, with the biggest ones being the Poochyena pack (technically) and the battle with Youngster Billy. So, this is currently the biggest battle I’ve written. How was it? Was it entertaining to read? Understandable? I’d love your feedback. See you next time!


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As Mikey’s mom warned, a trainer’s journey isn’t all fun and games with your Pokemon. Things happen. Terrible things.
Chapter 11 is here!

It’s a good thing Roxanne has an Aerodactyl, otherwise we might have been left behind by Fogg.

Scar, the magnificent prehistoric flying Pokémon that emerges from an Ultra Ball hastily handed to Roxanne, can easily carry one on his back plus two in his claws. Roxanne takes the back, as she is his trainer and also will need to steer. As I withdraw all my Pokémon besides Fogg, who is already out the doors and on his way to Rusturf Tunnel, the distraught cop and I are unceremoniously picked up by the Aerodactyl’s claws as it swoops into the air.
I’ve flown by Dragonite several times now, which is a smooth and majestic endeavor. Flying by Aerodactyl is more of a “watching the world pass beneath you at breakneck speeds while you hope and pray that this flying prehistoric Pokémon doesn’t drop you.” Roxanne guides Scar forward as the cop and I hang on for dear life, Fogg somehow managing to keep pace beside him.
I’d honestly rather let the authorities handle this. The police force is equipped with Pokémon of their own and gym leaders have the ability to assist and even call upon law enforcement. I’m a one-badge challenger with a bunch of first-stage Pokémon. If it were up to me, I’d observe from a safe distance. But currently, it seems like it’s up to Fogg. He beats his wings and glides along, matching Scar’s breakneck pace. Rusturf Tunnel is in sight in less than a minute.

Roxanne dismounts as the officer and I are basically dropped on the ground. Scar vanishes in a flash of yellow - the tunnel won’t be able to fit a Pokémon with that large of a wingspan. Instead, another Ultra Ball enlarges in her hand, and out emerges another fossil. The Pokedex chirps and identifies it as a Cradily.
“Cecil, use Flash.”
The two yellow orbs within the Cradily’s head - eyes, maybe? Plant Pokémon are weird - begin to emit a luminous, slightly green-tinted glow.
The cop looks at Roxanne. “Miss, are you sure? Reinforcements will be here any minute?”
“I am the reinforcements, Officer Derek,” she says. “Besides, the sooner we can get a foothold within the tunnel and see if the suspects are there, the better.”
“If you say so,” Officer Derek replies. “Maglite, K9, at attention.”
He tosses two Pokeballs and out emerge a Magnemite and a Growlithe. They’re a lot smaller than the Cradily, so they’ll fit in the tunnel just fine. Maglite’s eye begins to glow as it uses Flash as well, adding its yellow-tinted hue of light to Cecil’s green.

Judging by the space in this tunnel, I’m going to only have room to use about three Pokémon. Fogg is obviously not getting into a Pokeball, but both he and Trident need some healing after the battle, so I spritz a couple squirts of Potion onto their wounds. Hopefully, it will be enough. As for the third member, Shiv isn’t really confident with battles at all at the moment, and I’m not sending him in against criminals. Meanwhile, Cliff’s excitedness could jeopardize the hostage situation. So, Lily it is. The golden Poochyena emerges from her ball with a bark and the usual sparkle.
Guided by the light of Derek’s Magnemite and Roxanne’s Cradily, we enter Rusturf Tunnel.

This place hasn’t seen people for some time. I’d heard it was a construction project to link Verdanturf Town and Rustboro City together, but due to piling costs and the discovery of an Aron nest the construction would have destroyed, it was abandoned. Which means that we shouldn’t be seeing fresh footprints. Yet we do.
“Three sets of tracks, human. Some Pokémon prints too, though we can’t be sure this is all they have, they may have been recalled,” Officer Derek says, Maglite illuminating the ground ahead of him. “I think we’ve got a path on where to go.”
“Remember, everyone,” Roxanne says, “stay close. Stay sharp. If it becomes too dangerous for yourself or your Pokémon, retreat and I will handle this.”
Somehow, I don’t think Fogg is up to retreating. But I nod anyway. Somehow, this is more nerve-wracking than the gym battle.

Something moves in a sideways branch of the tunnel ahead of us.
Green and yellow beams of light illuminate the three people I now see emerging from a side room in the tunnel wall. Two of them I recognize.
The bearded “cosplayer” who assaulted the man in Petalburg Woods looks at me with a scowl on his face, Poochyena still at his side but now joined by an Electrike. The guy who tried to mug me last night is there as well, Magby trotting beside him, leering at me. He’s wearing one of those uniforms too.
A third person, a woman, wearing the same uniform, arms crossed in front of her chest, looks at us with a distasteful expression on her face. Behind her lurks a hulking quadruped behemoth of stone and iron - a Lairon. Her hand holds a net, in which a well-groomed Wingull caws sadly and thrashes about.
“Well, boys, looks like the bait worked,” she says to the other two. “The Gym Leader’s shown up. And that kid you two were whining about seems to have wandered in as well. We’ve got no interest in actually taking this Wingull-“ she gives the bag a shake -“but miss Roxanne, if you’d be so kind as to hand over the Meteorite we know you carry, it’d be much appreci-“
She’s hit in the face by a blast of water. Cawing a battle cry, Fogg, outraged at the situation he sees Peeko in, dives forward.
The strange woman growls. “Fine, then. Interrupt me. Lairon, Take Down!”
Battle begins.

Roxanne’s Cradily immediately intensifies its green glow, shooting shards of verdant energy at the Lairon. I suppose she’s got that covered.
Officer Derek’s Magnemite and Growlithe launch themselves at the thief’s Magby.
I’ve only got two Pokémon to command, though. Fogg is already embroiled in the thick of it, zipping through combatants, spraying water everywhere. I’ve never seen him lose his cool like this. I doubt I’m going to get through to him.
My thoughts are interrupted by a Poochyena lunging at Lily, teeth bared.
“Lily, look out!”
Lily turns and sees the aggressor much too late, but Trident slams into the Bite Pokémon, sending it tumbling away.
“Fine then, attack! Lily, Bite! Trident, Tackle!”
Lily bares her teeth and jumps onto the Poochyena, embroiling the two in a locked dogfight as teeth clash with teeth and two of the same breed of Pokémon fight. This leaves Trident with the only other available target - the currently charging Electrike.

He makes contact, but the bearded man grins. “Let’s see how your mud fish likes a bit of electricity. Thunder Wave!”
Oh no.
Trident leaps back after delivering his blow, and the Electrike’s yellow stripes glow bright. A pulse of electrical energy similar to that Trident endured just minutes ago shudders through his body, sending the Mudkip staggering, wheezing, struggling to stand up. There’s no Cheri Berry to free him from paralysis this time.
The man slams a fist into the open palm of his hand, then makes a cut-throat gesture. “Thunder Fang.”

Lily is thrown across the cave by the enemy Poochyena, which then jumps on the paralyzed Trident.
Officer Derek tends to a heavily burned Magnemite, and as his Growlithe backs up, the Magby takes its chance to slam into Trident’s side with a Feint Attack.
Roxanne doesn’t even see the events unfolding, too focused on keeping her Cradily standing as the woman’s Lairon begins a ferocious onslaught.
The Electrike charges forward, teeth sparking, sizzling, electricity jumping across the fangs.
Right at Trident.
It leaps.
There’s a flash of light.

Of blue light.
The Electrike’s teeth sink into blue skin, but they find no purchase. A powerful, muscular arm slams the Lightning Pokémon into the ground.
A burst of water sends the Magby flying across the cave, impacting into the chest of its owner, them both collapsing.
A second arm grabs the head of the Poochyena still chewing on where Trident was, then throws it into the ceiling, where it then falls from and hits the ground, unconscious.
Trident’s form swells and enlarges. Stubby back legs grow stronger and more muscular, while front legs expand into powerful front arms. His previously circular head fin almost… sharpens, forming into a crescent moon shape.
As the blue light clears, a Marshtomp stares down the two male criminals, softly growling.

Fogg streaks through the air, passing by the weaving Cradily, then swooping under the legs of the rearing Lairon, then speeding over the shoulder of the strange woman in red. His beak makes contact with the net. Peeko tumbles out, hitting the hard tunnel floor.
A barrage of rocks from Cecil sends Lairon stumbling backwards. One of its feet gives out, as it struggles to stand.
“Stand down, criminals. Surrender now,” Roxanne says, standing by her Cradily, green light casting down onto the three ruffians in red.

I see the woman look at her allies calling back their Pokémon, at her Lairon struggling to stand.
Then at the two Wingull on the ground, Fogg helping Peeko stand.
She grins.
“NO!” I yell.
“We’re retreating!” she yells. “Lairon, Rock Slide!”
The Lairon bashes its head into the side of the tunnel, which begins to rumble and shake. Small stones tumble from the ceiling, then bigger ones. And bigger ones. The three criminals turn and run towards the opposite end of the tunnel.
Rocks fall too heavily now to see anything. Someone grabs my arm. It’s Trident. He pulls me back as a huge boulder slams into where I was standing previously,
“FOGG!” I yell. “PEEKO!”
More rocks fall. The entire tunnel shakes. “MICHAEL, WE HAVE TO LEAVE!” yells Roxanne.
I don’t leave. “FOGG!”
I see two small white shapes weaving through the rocks. Blue stripes on the wings. Yellow beak. My heart jumps.
Then a Wingull tumbles out of the tunnel as it collapses completely behind it.

It’s not Fogg.
It’s Peeko.
Thrown out of the tunnel, to safety.
By Fogg.
In what I slowly, horribly realize were his last moments.

Yeah. This is what I was talking about, last chapter. The first death of the nuzlocke, folks!
Confession: this actually happened during the Rustboro gym battle. I was extremely reckless and used Fogg against the Geodude. Water Gun took it down to Sturdy, then it clicked Rock Tomb. I should have just been safe and solo-ran the gym with Trident, but I wasn’t, and my hubris came back to bite me. I decided that instead of Rustboro Gym, this was a good place in-story to have him die.
RIP for Fogg the Wingull, levels 3-12, chapters 7-11.
This is the end point for the first big chunk of gameplay I did, so over the next couple days I’ll probably play some more and then post more chapters.
A somber ending today, but a chapter I hope was enjoyable to read. See you next time!

After every major milestone (usually a gym battle, though this was a special case, I’ll do these little team snapshots so you can see what the team is like!
Team Snapshot 1 (Rusturf Tunnel):


Male Marshtomp, Lvl. 16
Torrent ability, Adamant nature, good perseverance
Tackle/Foresight/Water Gun/Mud Shot

Female Zigzagoon, Lvl. 14
Gluttony ability, Hasty nature, strongly defiant
Headbutt/Tail Whip/Baby-Doll Eyes/Sand-Attack

Female Poochyena *, Lvl. 14
Quick Feet ability, Lax nature, good perseverance

Male Nincada, Lvl. 9
Compound Eyes ability, Timid nature, very finicky
Cut/Harden/Leech Life/False Swipe

I’ll see you in a couple days once I get some more gameplay done! As always, I’d love to know what you think.


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Oh man, that was intense and poor Fogg but at least he protected Peeko and fought valiantly to rescue her.


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Oh man, that was intense and poor Fogg but at least he protected Peeko and fought valiantly to rescue her.
Yeah, I don’t harbor the intense hatred for Pelipper that I see some folks have, so I was looking forward to using Fogg. It’s a shame he’s gone.

A short prologue chapter into the next part of the story.
I sit on the dock of Mr. Briney’s hut and watch the sun set.
It’s been a couple days since… it, and I’ve done the exact same thing. Wake up, eat at some point during the day, give my Pokémon some food, then come out to the dock. Day after day.

Lily comes up to me and cuddles up by my side. She sees what I’m looking at and whines softly.
“I know, buddy,” I whisper. “I know.”
My Pokémon haven’t taken it well, and neither have I. Cliff quietly skulks around my room at the Pokémon Center, no grumpy old Wingull to annoy with her antics.
Trident barely eats and spends so much time in the center’s training room that I’ve had to pay for two replaced dummies already, with no experienced Wingull to spar against. No doubt he blames himself for not being strong enough. I know that even if he was a Swampert, it might not have made a difference, but telling that to him is a whole other story.
Shiv’s sharpened his claws to the point that he makes an indent in the wall when his limb touches it. I guess it’s like biting your nails, but for Nincada. A bad habit. He’s been quiet since I caught him, but every so often I catch him buzzing something quietly to Cliff or Lily. It almost seems like he’s experienced this before.
And Lily just stays by my side. We don’t leave the room much, since every moment we spend in Rustboro City is another moment when those red-robed freaks could come and take her away from me too. If we do go outside, it’s in the Pokeball. The only place I let her out is on the dock.

I haven’t told Dad or Mom about Fogg yet. I don’t want to upset Mom by breaking to her the news that a Pokémon under my command and in my party got killed. Dad’s busy with his gym leader duties, and I know he’d just ditch everything, upset his challengers, and jeopardize his gym to come console me. I don’t need consoling right now. I need safety for my Pokémon.

I sit on the creaking wooden dock and watch the glowing orange orb of light that gives this world light dip below the horizon, staining the water orange. Lily climbs into my lap for warmth for the both of us. She paws at my chest and I feel a little prick.
I zip open my jacket and see that she dislodged my badge, pinned to the inside of my coat. I take it off and look at it, shiny metal reflecting the orange sunset light.

Fogg helped me win this gym badge. But because he was in earshot there in the backroom, we went to Rusturf Tunnel. Where it happened. Will it happen again? I don’t know.

Will I ever compete for another badge?
That’s another question I wish I knew the answer to.
If I quit my journey right now, pack it all up and return with my Pokémon to the safety of my home, that means Fogg died for nothing.
But if I keep going, how can I guarantee I won’t run into more thieves, criminals, murderers?
How can I guarantee it won’t happen again?

Short and (bitter)sweet. See you in a few for the actual next string of chapters!
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Still a fairly short chapter, but the beginning of Part 2 of our story.
I sit on the dock again. The team is with me today. I thought it would be nice to give them some fresh air.
Shiv is curled up on one of the wooden posts holding the dock up. Lily and Cliff lie in my lap. Trident sits by me. We watch the sunset.
I hear creaking wooden steps on the dock behind me. I don’t turn around - I know who it is. Mr. Briney walks up the planks and stops behind me.
“Mind if I have a seat?”
“Go ahead,” I shrug. “It’s a big dock.”
The old sailor sits down next to me with a grunt. I notice the remnants of not-yet-dry tears rimming his eyes.
There’s a squawk, and then a Wingull slowly flutters down and lands onto Briney’s arm.

“How are ya, kid?” Mr. Briney asks.
I just look at him. “Whatever you’re here to say, say it.”
Harsh, yes, but whatever pep talk this old man is about to give me isn’t gonna work.

“Mikey, I know I don’t look like peak physical perfection right now, but I used to be a sea explorer back in the day. Just me an’ my boat, and later Peeko too.”
“Why are you telling me this?”
“Because I’ve been all over the Hoenn region and seen all manner of trainers. I’ve seen how they treat their Pokémon. How they live alongside them. And in the case of league challengers, how they fight alongside them. They do their best to keep them safe, but, well, I’m 73. I’ve attended many a funeral. And not all of them were people.”
“So what are you saying?”
“I’m saying that you did not fail Fogg. What happened in that tunnel wasn’t your fault, kid. Fogg knew that going in for my gal Peeko by himself was dangerous without backup. He also knew that getting her out was his top priority. Fogg was basically Peeko’s adopted father, and a pop will go ballistic if their kiddo’s in danger like that. Fogg died because Fogg knew it was the only surefire way to get Peeko to safety.”

“That doesn’t change the fact that if I go back out there again, it might happen again,” I say.
“It doesn’t. Nothing’s certain, lad. But if you’re afraid of those Team Magma goons showing up again, I think you should be at your top fighting shape, not a wreck. It’s a sad event, I’ve cried every night for the past four days. But it’s the end of one life, not six. Your team should be inspired by Fogg’s sacrifice to keep pushing forward, not disheartened by it and going back.”
He then says the words I’d known were true, but didn’t want to hear. “If you quit your journey right now, then old Fogg died for nothin’, kid.”

“Well… what do you think I should do?”
“Take it slow, for one. You might have trouble battlin’. It’s important to work through it slowly. But not give up altogether.”
He points at Trident. “This young ‘un gets it. He was hit as hard by the event as we all were. But he’s been workin’ hard. He’s gotten stronger, not weaker.”
He looks at me again. “A trainer’s Pokémon learns a lot from its trainer, but a trainer can take a good few lessons from their Pokémon as well. I think you should listen to what young Trident is trying to tell ya.”
I take a look at Trident as well. “You wanna keep going, buddy?”
The normal fire in his eyes is more of a tiny spark right now, but he nods. The others perk up too. They’re not cheering or happily anticipating battle, but each one of them gives a small nod.
I slowly pick myself up off the dock and stand. “Well, alright then,” I shrug. “I guess I could give it another shot.”
“Where do you think I should start?” I ask Mr. Briney.

“Let’s see, you’re a bit out of practice, and you need a safe, quiet, faraway spot to get back into the swing of things,” Briney contemplates. “I think I know a place. Whenever you’re ready, we’re setting sail for Dewford Town.”
I nod and begin the trek back to Rustboro City - I have to get through Petalburg Woods before it gets completely dark - as the old sailor and his Wingull take over my spot on the docks and finish watching the sunset.

It’s only lying in bed late that night I realize that Mr. Briney called those ruffians by a name I’ve never heard before - Team Magma.

The next morning, I stumble out of my bedroom into the small living space in the Pokémon Center rental housing. The team’s waiting in there for me, which is odd. Usually Trident would be gone by now, and Shiv would be in some corner somewhere. I slowly walk downstairs, grab breakfast from the cafeteria, and bring it up to our room.

Breakfast is a strange affair. I’m just trying to sit and eat, but my Pokémon gobble down their food in what seems like literal seconds. Eventually, I stand up, pick up all the trash from the packaging of the Pokémon food and my own meal, and carry it back to the cafeteria to throw it out.
When I return back to the room, Trident hands me my bag.
Now I get it. “You want me to go today?”
The team nods.
“You’re sure?” I ask. “We could stay here. We could go back home. This could never happen again.”
Trident steps forward, and although I can’t understand his deep rumble of a cry, I can tell that that’s not in his intentions.
“If you say so, big guy,” I say. I take one look at the room where I’ve pretty much lived for the past week.
“Let’s go see Mr. Briney.”

While Mikey’s begun to deal with this rough patch in his life, I got my BuzzNav and the letter to Steven, making my way back to Briney’s cottage and setting sail for Dewford. No new catches, but I trained up Shiv a bit on my way there. He’s still lower level than my team, and his damage output isn’t great, but he’ll grow.
This is my first real attempt at writing any scene that really has any bit of character development and emotion. I’d love to know how I’m doing, as well as any tips.
See ya next time!


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I had a ton of fun writing this chapter. Enjoy Chapter 13!
So it turns out Cliff gets seasick.

It’s a shame, she would have loved to look at all the sights and bark at all the Pokémon out on the open water. But no, she has to go back into her Pokeball or else Mr. Briney might have some serious cleaning to do.
Briney’s trusty old boat, the Sea Skipper, does as its name would have you believe and skips across the waves, moving at a rapid pace to the southeast. Dewford Town is on some small island by the same name that’s barely big enough to register on the map of my DexNav. But Briney says he knows some folks there that can help.

Lily and Shiv “help” Briney navigate - they’re only really useful as paperweights if the map starts blowing off the table, but the old man and Peeko like the company. Shiv can also climb onto the wall and use his unbearably sharpened front claws like thumbtacks if needed.
That leaves Trident and I at the bow of the Sea Skipper. Despite becoming a Ground-type, and thus even more in-tune with the characteristic swamp habitat of the Mudkip line, Trident still loves the ocean, living up to his name. Me? I just need some fresh air to not throw up.
I take a couple deep breaths and look out towards the seemingly endless blue expanse of sea, the mainland of Hoenn and its troubles slowly shrinking behind us.
Fogg would have loved it out here.

But Fogg is gone, and that’s the main reason why we’re going to Dewford Town. A place to train in a safe environment. Far away from this Team Magma, whoever they are and whatever Briney has to do with them.
I haven’t asked the old man about his usage of the name, either. If it’s nothing at all, then I’ll probably look weird for prying, and if it’s something, that’s a problem I don’t need to add right now.

We sail for a couple hours, then Briney cuts the engines. I’m about to ask what’s gone terribly wrong when he runs into the back of the boat and comes back with paper bags.
“Lunch break!”

Turns out Mr. Briney’s old man instincts prepare him for every situation. Despite me showing up this morning extremely short-notice, he had enough time to pack enough Pokémon feed for the team plus Peeko - or essentially the amount I had to pack until about a week ago - and pack sandwiches and water.
The food is nice. The cloud cover and roof of the back of the boat protects us from burning up under the daytime sun. My Pokémon look happier. I even think I’m happier. What could go wrong?

Things go wrong when we all feel a bump on the side of the boat. Then another. And another. And a screeching sound, one that does not come from Peeko.
Mr. Briney runs over and takes a look over the side of the boat. “By the land and the sea! We’ve got a problem, lads!”
“What’s wrong?” I shout.

I look over to confirm and yep, maybe a half dozen of the vicious Savage Pokémon are crowding around the starboard side of the boat, taking turns gnawing on the metal. They’ve made no real progress so far, but I’ve read about the sheer power a Carvanha’s Crunch can pack in those deceptively small jaws - they could rip a hole straight through the boat with enough time.
Briney fires up the motor and guns the engine, but to our dismay, the Carvanha dig into the hull with their teeth and are just pulled along as the boat begins to skip through the water.
“Mr. Briney, cut the engines! I think a Pokémon battle will be the only thing that makes them stop!” I say, and then immediately realize the implications of that statement.
Let’s see if I can still do this.

Well, Cliff is out, and Shiv is a Ground-type and will not be touching the water. Lily’s got no trouble with the type matchup, but I don’t think she can swim any faster than a standard doggy paddle, and a doggy paddle isn’t gonna cut it against a bunch of angry, metal-piercing piranhas.
Looks like my only real option is - “Trident!”
The Marshtomp plants one arm onto the railing on the side of the boat, then heaves and leaps over.
Deep breath, Mikey. Deep breath.

My deep breathing helps me calm down, but a wild Carvanha isn’t gonna let me take my turn at my own pace like a gym leader or friendly trainer. Three of them keep chewing, but three more split off from the school and turn towards my Marshtomp.
With a guttural growl I’m surprised came from a fish, they spin in place, gathering swirling water around their bodies, then speed towards Trident with a sound not unlike a revving motorcycle, launching Aqua Jet attacks.
One bounces off the arm. Another slams into Trident’s chest. The third follows up with a hit to the head. The force of the now non-resisted attacks, thanks to the Ground typing Trident now carries since evolving, sends the Marshtomp careening and awkwardly flipping through the water, trying to maintain balance.
I suppose evolution, while a huge boost to raw power, isn’t always a good thing. An agile, Water-type Mudkip would have dealt with those attacks better.
As I think, though, I realize I haven’t given him a single command.

“Uh, Trident, Mud Shot!” I scream, trying to get my voice to carry through the water.
Trident looks up, and nods. Maybe he heard me, or maybe he’s pretending to.
Well, if he was guessing, he guessed correctly. Trident sweeps a powerful, newly-evolved arm through the water, which condenses and solidifies into a layer of mud he then slams a clenched fist into. The mud rockets forward, shooting into the glaring eyes and open mouths of the Carvanha, sending them coughing and reeling.
Trident looks up through the water for more orders or confirmation, which I take as an opportunity to frantically gesture for him to go up. He nods, and uses his powerful fins to jet to the surface, breaking the water as the Carvanha recover.

“Trident, I think fighting near the surface where you can hear me will be best!” I yell, still shaken up, but glad that he got out of that situation.
The Marshtomp looks at me and shoots me a thumbs-up. That’s a thing he can do now that he has hands. It’s amusing.

I look up from Trident to see three yellow fins streaking through the water towards him, the Carvanha now launching an attack near the surface.
One of the Savage Pokémon leaps out of the water, mouth open, fangs bared, rocketing towards my Marshtomp-
An Electrike leaps across a cave, mouth open, fangs bared, rocketing towards my Mudkip-
I want to give an order to Trident, to block the attack or to retaliate, but my mouth moves almost in slow motion. I mumble out a “watch out!”- a lousy order to begin with - but it’s too late, the Carvanha is inches away and there’s no way Trident can dive that fast.
I close my eyes and prepare to hear the impact. And I do, but it’s accompanied by an indignant screech.

Peeko, wings spread wide, rams into the Carvanha with her left wing, sending the fish hurtling through the water.
“That’s it, lass! Show ‘em your Wing Attack!” Briney crows.
Alright. I’m not alone in this. The small boost to my confidence does allow me to croak out an order once the other two attacking Carvanha jet towards Trident.
“Knock them back!”
Trident brings his arms above his head and then slams them downwards, each arm catching a fish in the face and bringing them, stunned, below the waves.

Those three don’t resurface. I see them fleeing back down towards the ocean depths. The other three, though, don’t like that. They separate from the boat - a good thing, since a couple more good bites and it might have sprung a leak - and go on the offensive. Trident keeps batting them away with his arms, but they’ve wisened up from the mistake of their companions, not jumping out of the ocean and staying just barely below the water, where their fins are visible from above but Trident needs to attack them underwater, where his arms move slower. It’s all he can do to keep them away - meaningful damage is not being dealt. And since he’s tiring by the minute, that’s not good.

“Peeko, why don’t we get some more friends in the fight?” Briney asks.
I look over at him confused, and see him pointing at Lily. Peeko smacks a Carvanha and swoops down in a dive that would have made Fogg proud. He really did train her well. Her claws grasp onto Lily’s shoulders, and a Poochyena achieves flight.
She looks not too pleased with the scenario, but I know what the crazy old man has cooked up.
“Lily, Bite whatever comes near!” I yell.
Peeko, Lily in tow, dives down towards the battlefield with a battle-caw, and begins dive-bombing the Carvanha. She dips down so low that Lily’s mouth - angled down - skims the water. Every pass, she comes close to a Carvanha, which catches a surprise taste of Poochyena jaws. Then, before the Savage Pokémon can retaliate, Peeko swoops up, taking the duo out of range.
Carvanha aren’t known for projectiles, after all.

Since Bite is classed as a Dark-type move, and as such won’t have much effect on the Carvanha that belong to that typing as well, it’s little more than a distraction. But a distraction is all we need.
“Hit them hard, Trident!” I yell, the most confident command I’ve given all day.
A light blue right arm flashes through the water, driving into the side of all three fish, bringing them into a clump of angry Pokémon from the momentum. Then, a balled-up left fist slams into the bunch, sending the last of the Carvanha school hurtling into the depths.
Three Pokeballs flash, three Pokémon are whisked to safety, and Briney hits the gas.

I drop down into a seating position on the deck as Briney stays behind the helm, guiding my boat. Now that we’re fairly safe, I release Trident and Lily back out of their Pokeballs and throw my arms around the two.
“You two were so brave,” I whisper. “I’m so glad you’re safe.”
They look confused for a moment, then Lily snuggles up in my lap and Trident gives me a thumbs-up.

“Land ho, lads and lasses!” Briney crows from the helm.
I stand up and look over the side of the boat.
A small island is slowly coming into view, with a tiny hamlet of a town nestled between a U-shaped mountain range and surrounded by forest.
We’ve arrived at the island of Dewford.

While Mikey has a tough fight with a school of Carvanha, I’ve actually made it to Dewford Town! Here, I picked up the Silk Scarf for Cliff. This’ll cut down on her ability to last in battle, since it means she can’t eat a berry to heal, but she wasn’t the tankiest Pokemon to begin with, and STAB Silk Scarf Headbutt is nice. I grabbed the Old Rod as well, and listened to the wackos in Dewford talk about “potion festivals”, whatever that is. There’s also a couple new catches, who didn’t appear in the story since I don’t plan to use them for now.
Boombox the male Whismur
in Rusturf Tunnel at level 7.
Soundproof ability, Adamant nature, mischievous
Toothless the male Magikarp
Fished up
in Dewford Town at level 10.
Swift Swim ability, Brave nature, often lost in thought
That’s all for now, see you next time!
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