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Longform Diplomacy: A Game of Negotiation and Betrayal

Thread Description
1900: Pre-Game.


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Jun 30, 2019
They / Them
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This Pokemon has a tendency to start many projects as they come to mind, but they tend to only finish projects other people have made deadlines for.

It's the fall of 1900.

Europe is split between seven major powers: England, France, Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary, Russia, and Turkey. All seven nations are in a tentative cease-fire, but all seven look for alliances and clout as the age of nationalism begins. All seven nations have approximately equal military power. All seven nations want the same thing in secret, though: the ability to increase that military power. You know. Just in case. They have meetings with each other behind closed doors, promising alliances, treaties, land. Promising not to invade. Promises, promises.

If it sounds like World War I is about to break out, that's because it probably is.

Welcome to Diplomacy.

This is a game of strategy and discussion; if you've ever played Risk before, it's like Risk, except with every element of luck stripped away. Every nation starts on almost the exact same footing. Every army has the exact same amount of power, and will ALWAYS have the same amount of power. In order to win, you will have to make discussion with other players. I encourage both open discussion in the thread and LOTS of secret discussion via whatever forum you and the other nations wish to discuss. All moves are made simultaneously; you will submit your marching orders to me, and I will resolve them as though they all took place at the same time.

Phases will be 48 hours, with about 8 hours leeway between phases that I probably won't need, but may occasionally need some of to resolve moves.

If the map above is hard for you to read, this map is in black-and-white and is designed to be printable. I might end up using it instead once the game actually starts because it's in a bigger resolution; we'll see.

I was going to write out the rules, but honestly they're tedious to write out and have been written better by others before me. I recommend Play Diplomacy's summary (which also has a handy link to an entire forum of FAQ!) or if you're really determined, reading the rulebook here. During the first two phases, I'll be giving leeway on any orders that are incorrect. In addition, I'll help people who are confused if you ask for help–though I won't give you any strategic advice. If you aren't sure if you can do something, just ask! If you want me to give examples of anything, ALSO please ask! I'll explain anything you want me to. The following rules are in addition to the ones linked:

1. Orders are to be submitted to me in full; I will not accept orders that do not have each of your units listed on them.
2. Orders can be submitted to me EITHER by writing out in full what each unit does or using the abbreviations as shown examples of below in the cheatsheet.
3. Orders must be submitted to me within the timeframe allocated. This is regardless of whether I have posted the results of the phase yet.
4. Phases are 48 hours.
5. Players are permitted to use whatever discussion channels they desire for both public and private communication. Go hog wild with your secret-keeping or Discord-discussion having. After all, limited information and public faces are both part of the game. (That being said if you want to key me in I won't argue. No need to I just want to eat popcorn.)
6. I am not a player in the game, so that orders can be submitted to me in secret easily, and so that there's a neutral arbitrator. As such, you can call me... Switzerland.
7. Because I anticipate new players, I'm going to give two strikes on invalid orders, which is to say, I'll point out where your order is invalid and ask if you would like to change it. After that, you're on your own. In addition, this only applies if the order is plainly invalid from only what you have written; if your opponent, say, is helping support your attack, but your OPPONENT writes the support order incorrectly, then you're on your own, and vis-versa.
8. Because this isn't made clear in the rules I have linked: a support order must both contain the army that is supporting AND what action specifically they are supporting (so if you support Pic-Par, but the actual army movement is Pic-Bre, that's an invalid order). The same holds for convoys.
9. I'll assign who is what country randomly.

A Mar-Spa: Army Marseilles to Spain
A Gas S A Mar-Spa: Army Gascony Supports the Army Marseilles to Spain

A Mar H: Army Marseilles Hold
A Gas S A Mar H: Army Gascony Supports the Army Marseilles to Hold

F Wes-GoL: Fleet Western Mediterranean to the Gulf of Lyon

F Tys S F Wes-GoL: Fleet Tyrrhenian Sea Supports the Fleet Western Mediterranean to the Gulf of Lyon
F Wes C A Spa-NaF: Fleet Western Mediterranean Convoys the Army Spain to North Africa

You must submit orders in the form shown. Any order for support must be accompanied by a matching order from the unit you are supporting (even if you're supporting someone to hold). Any order to convoy must match the army that you are convoying. You must submit orders for all of your units at once. You will be corrected if you have submitted an invalid order during the first two rounds only; after that, an invalid order will be treated as a hold by the unit committing the invalid move.

1. Cirr (open to team with another player if there are a lot of people!)
2. Aureum
3. Alolan Floatzel
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Team Delta
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Jun 30, 2019
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Fails Captchas with regularity
put me down as interested, I'm also open to sharing an entry depending on the number of people


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Jul 2, 2019
Good Ol’ Maple Syrup Island
He, Him
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From the Country of the Ketchup Chips, Aureums are an anxious bunch with a love for games of all sorts. Batteries not included.
I’m honestly pretty curious, so count me in!

Now time for me to read some rules, yay...

Alolan Floatzel

super high school level [redacted]
Team Delta
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Jun 12, 2019
Toronto, ON
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Water, Cute
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[is baby]
ive never played this before but i wanna try!

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