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Nuzlocke Ruleset Decklocke - my own Nuzlocke variant


Conqueror of the Pewter Gym
Pokédex No.
Apr 20, 2020
Hi there, I am new here, a long time fan of Pokemon and not-so-long time fan of Nuzlockes. Don't be too harsh on me at first :)

So recently I've been doing quite a few Nuzlocke runs, mostly failing at one point or another, but I finally finished my first Nuzlocke on Platinum yesterday (won't get into the rules used, not the topic for it). Now I got an idea to create my own variant of Nuzlocke that would be a tad more challenging and would make every run unique. It's mostly for my own use, but I'd love to hear suggestions/opinions from veteran Nuzlockers.

Basically the idea is - every time you get a new pokemon, you draw a card from the deck. Then you assign said card to the Pokemon caught. Every card represents a role for the Pokemon which he/she has to adhere to.

  • Two - Moves above 20BP cannot be used.
  • Three - Moves above 30BP cannot be used.
  • Four - Moves above 40BP cannot be used.
  • Five - Moves above 50BP cannot be used.
  • Six - Moves above 60BP cannot be used.
  • Seven - Moves above 70BP cannot be used.
  • Eight - Moves above 80BP cannot be used.
  • Nine - Moves above 90BP cannot be used.
  • Ten - Moves above 100BP cannot be used.
  • Jack - No battle restriction, but cannot be used without a number card of the same color. (i.e. Jack of Hearts can only be used if I have a numbered heart card in the team, for example Eight of Hearts).
  • Queen - No restriction, but cannot be used in the same team as 'royalty' of other color. (i.e. I can use Queen of Hearts if I already have King of Hearts, but not if I use King of Clubs)
  • King - Same as Queen.
  • Ace - No restrictions at all.
  • Hearts: Only moves that are learned via level-up can be learned.
  • Diamonds: Cannot use 100+% moves. (i.e. Earthquake can't be used, but Rock Slide can).
  • Spades: Forfeits moves of it's own STAB. (i.e. Golem of Spades can't use earth or rock type attacks)
  • Clubs: Only two damaging moves can be on the pokemon at any time.

So for example: I catch a Rattata and draw a Seven of Clubs. So it cannot learn moves above 70BP and only two of them can be damaging. Therefore a moveset could look like this:
  • Quick Attack
  • Hyper Fang
  • Thunder Wave
  • Tail Whip
It couldn't learn Strength, as it's BP is above 70. If it wanted to learn Bite, it would have to replace either Quick Attack or Hyper Fang.

Additional rules:
  • The starter is either a King or Queen.
  • King's are male, Queens are female. If I draw a King for a female pokemon, I redraw. Genderless pokemon can't be royalty.
  • A party must contain a King or Queen at all times. If the starter dies, you can replace him/her with a King/Queen from the box. If there are no 'royalty' cards in the box, it's game over.
  • A Jack can be sacrificed in place of the King/Queen of the same color if it was in the party at the time. (i.e. My Piplup the King of Hearts dies, but I have Bidoof the Jack of Hearts in my party. I can choose Bidoof to offer his life in order for Piplup to live).

P.S. I apologize if I started with a new thread too early upon my arrival, I have no knowledge of the forum's rules.


Challenge Seeker and Nuzlocke Completionist
Team Omega
Pokédex No.
Jun 9, 2019
Kanto Route 1, 1% encounter rate (Israel)
Pokémon Type
Fire, Psychic
First of all, hi there and welcome to the forums!

I'm a fan of wacky rulesets, and yours is sure not one of the simple and common ones. I've seen other rulesets that use decks before, but yours is unique in its own way (still perhaps you should google them up as well for inspiration if you want). Your rules seem to involve an interesting strategic layer to them which forces you to think hard before you build your team, which I really like. It will also hopefully make you appreciate pokemon you usually wouldn't have used, which is also a positive thing in my opinion. It might be a bit hard to follow and remember, but as long as you have a notepad I guess you'll be ok.

I like the flavor, like a lot of the rules themselves. The only "criticism" I can think of is that the random effect here is quite substantiation, and getting a Two or Three pokemon will make them pretty useless, and even a Four and Five are barely usable. But again, this just adds more difficulty and as long as you are ok with that, go for it. Also the sacrificing Jack for King rule is technically against the core Nuzlocke rules if I understand it correctly, but hi it's your rules and your run, so you can do whatever works for you. There is no doubt your starter though will be one of your most dominant pokemon, and I'm not sure the 2/14 change of getting a King or Queen are high enough, but I guess that depends on the number of encounter in the game you are playing.

Either way, it looks good. Best of luck!


Conqueror of the Pewter Gym
Pokédex No.
Apr 20, 2020
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Hi and thanks for your reply, RubyClaw. For remembering stuff, I am thinking of including the card in the name of pokemon, so it would be easier. However, the point of this ruleset is I have to think about it only during move choices. I won't be imposing any rules in battle.

And yes, Jack rule is against the core Nuzlocke rules. I am not yet sure about it. Might just change it to 'Jack can become royalty' instead.

As for Twos and Threes being useless, they are going to be for the most part. But I am fine with that, it can make otherwise powerhouse pokemon borderline useless, so I'll be forced to use others. And I am already interested in trying out a support Gyarados with Intimidate, Thunder Wave, Leer and Dragon Rage (no BP) or a powder-Butterfree, who'll have to grind by Absorb'ing Geodudes. :D

Anyway, thanks for your input, much appreciated. By the way, your Lorelocke looks absolutely insane (in a good way).

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