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Screenshot Hoenn Teen Gijinka [Complete] The 'Eff Scyther' Moemon Eternal Redux

Thread Description
Current: sometimes overleveling is good.


Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 17, 2019
Pokémon Type
Flying, Ice
Previous thread located here.

So, Recap: I had to restart this run because Brawley's Scyther is an absolute jerk. We resume this thread with me getting ready to fight Wattson now.

Not exactly a stellar team, but I have to make do with what I got.

All right. Let's go.

Got the easy one out of the way.

Well the Raichu's a little bit cute. Still didn't stop me from Magnituding the shit out of it.

Ugh, seeing that just reminds me Miltank's coming up.

It took two Pokemon for me to take it down and then I had to heal Hippocamp right after.

And again.

But that's a third gym down


Less huzzah.

That looks pretty neat.

Firey Path catch, just in time.

I could have used you last gym.

Route 112 catch.

Route 113 catch

Still just as terrifying as the real thing.

Route 114 catch.


Meteor Falls catch.

I question the logic of making a snake dark-skinned.

Sadly, I had to sacrifice Sao so I could heal Dysnomia and get a free shot in without switching out.

I mean, it was worth it.


All right, jackass, let's do it.

Best I could do for now.

I actually went BACK to get Hippocamp after Sao died cause I knew I'd need her for Maxie.

And then the Magby critical hits a Fire Blast. The fuck.

This does not bode well for my Flannery team.

That was a win that was eked out.

I could see someone dressing their baby up like this.

Hippocamp, you have served me well. I am sorry about the critical hit.

Jagged Pass catch.

I may need it, what can I say.

Doing some extra training.

.....wait. What? That doesn't seem physically possible. What?

I'm pretty sure I've seen Delibird's exact outfit on 90 anime girls.

Ok that's kinda terrifying.

This is literally what you make a kindergartner wear at the school play.

Well, for lack of better ideas, cause seriously, I have NO water or dark Pokemon, this is who I'm taking to Flannery: Laomedeia, Neso, Despina, Dysnomia, Namika, and Galatea.


Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 17, 2019
Pokémon Type
Flying, Ice
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  • #2

Another day in paradise.

For lack of a better team, I'm going with this.

Let's do it.

Well, that was always gonna be the gimme.

How do they not wilt in the heat of the hot springs?

There's a joke there about ghosts in the hot springs.

THAT was a close shave.

OH COME ON! That was my starter!

Just had to spam Cut until I got her dead.

Fucking Overheat.

Oh my god, she was literally RIGHT THERE. If I had just done Bite to go for the flinch Neso would have survived.

There, I threw literal money at you. Now fuck off.


I cannot believe ONE Pokemon took out three of mine.

While trying to level up Hi'iaka and Hydra to rejoin the team this happened.

Thankfully the Mirage Tower was right there so I can get the fossil.

There's a certain irony in a Ground Pokemon being named for water nymphs.

..........yeah, I'm done, kill it with fire.

Lileep won the coin toss.

It's a pity though, wish that had been replaced by Omanyte and Kabuto. Can't go wrong with the classics.

There's also a certain irony in a Grass Pokemon being named for sea nymphs. Can't be helped, tho, working my way through the Neptunian moons.

That looks like something in a horror manga.

Arbok looks okay.

OMG that looks so adorable! Now I really wish I had gotten Omanyte instead.

That is decidedly less adorable.

The joys of essentially back to back gyms. At least most of them only need a couple levels, it's just Halimede I need to level up.


Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 17, 2019
Pokémon Type
Flying, Ice
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  • #3

So this is going to be quite the lengthy update for two reasons: one, having read previous Moemon Eternal threads, Winona's gonna be tricky to beat so I am stalling on that as long as I can, and two, well, I'll get to that once it becomes relevant.

....this looks like every deformed anime catgirl ever.

Let's go kick Norman's ass.

Easy peasy.

Okay, that just makes them look pregnant and that brings an EXTRA layer of wrong to this game.

Buzz off.

Oh....right....Rock Throw.

What can you do.

These two were a bit easier.


As it is it nearly took out Laomedeia too.

Don't you .... me.

Can't believe he got TWO of my Pokemon.

Realized I did not have a SINGLE Pokemon that could learn Surf, not even among the corpses, so I caught a Lotad as a stopgap, which will be released once I catch something that CAN learn it.

Mauville City catch.

Well, that didn't take very long, see ya, Lotad! Route 118 catch.

Route 119

And THIS is the other reason this update is so long. Because it's about here that Moemon Eternal goes on its absolute BULLSHIT and I want you to see what's up.

She looks like a girl scout and it's kinda cute.

Okay that looks more like a dinosaur than a bird.

Well I mean NO ONE ELSE is doing it so I have to.

I mean, this part was fairly easy, just throw bones and leaves at their heads.

Ok, admittedly I courted hubris on this one but I didn't HAVE anything for a Golbat so.

Had to TRY at least, Hydra had Psybeam.

And I missed the last one but here's the victory screen.

And subsequently got the Castform.

Godspeed, Hydra.

So YOU'RE back.

Easy ones out of the way first.

Like any good Snorlax, this one took effort though.

And a last minute gamble to use Perdita paid off.

I WAS going to cut it off here to prepare for Winona but I got a look at the team, particularly one overleveled SOB, and decided to stall.

More bullshit.

Route 120

Part 2 coming soon.


Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 17, 2019
Pokémon Type
Flying, Ice
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  • #4

Route 121

Lilycove City catch

Route 122 catch

Mt. Pyre catch.

Route 123 catch

The real downside of stalling on Winona is I don't have access to Fly, so I have to hoof it everywhere.

I should note that not all of these were hard to defeat, but still. Gen 4 is getting in my Gen 3.

Also tell me there's a way to evolve Setebos.

Well, I WAS going to remind everyone of my Safari Zone rules but...

This happened. This is literally the ONLY Pokemon I got in the Safari Zone.

More to look out for.

This somehow just looks WRONG.

And THAT just looks like Outrageous Apple in Sleepless Domain, but purple.

Well since I HAD to bring Cupid along for surfing purposes anyway, I just threw the Exp Share on her.

So THIS is happening.

Magma Hideout catch

Ok, how much will I hate you by the end of this?

Easy peasy.

I...can't remember who this was.

Hahaha didn't expect a grass type, didja?

Perdita's been surprisingly pretty solid.

I know it's cause of Despina's Pay Day but I like imagining I'm mugging them.

And evolving Sycorax.

Imagine. Everything in Pokemon Emerald goes off the rails because Archie and Maxie are fucking morons.

Ah shit, he heard me.

The shit was that?!

Good thing I've been levelling up Cupid.

Mab causing craziness again.

More Cupid heroics.

More Perdita heroics.

Hahahahah you thought you'd get to burn her, huh? Nope, Rain Dance.

God, wouldn't it be a laugh if Perdita makes it all the way?

Still can't believe Flareon took out Naiad.

Every time, I swear. I get stuck because I forget I have to go to the HARBOR, not the museum.

Part 3 coming


Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 17, 2019
Pokémon Type
Flying, Ice
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  • #5

After Team Magma, honestly, Team Aqua's a disappointment. I mean look at him, he's only got TWO Pokemon.

Surf to the face.

And test driving Sycorax.

Fricken cheap shot Thrash.

I was gonna take her with me to Liza and Tate too, now I'm gonna have to level up Stephano.

Route 124 catch.

Before anyone asks, I didn't get a Aqua Hideout catch cause the Electrode decided Self Destructing was a better option.

Shoal Cave catch.

And I technically never made a Route 125 catch cause, shit you not, I haven't had an encounter yet.

So yeah, this is how much I want to stall on Winona, I'm gonna fight Tate and Liza first. But first, a lot of leveling.


Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 17, 2019
Pokémon Type
Flying, Ice
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  • #6

Beg pardon?

So I guess there IS a way to evolve all the 'trade' Pokemon

At least these were more predictable.

I wonder what a gijinka of Alolan Exeggcutor looks like. How do they portray that long ass neck?

Skipping afead cause I've been tipped off on Winona's bullshit, so Tate and Liza first.

So who else thought Tate was a girl as well and was just the tomboy one back in the early Gen 3 days?

Feels weird bringing a Tentacruel to this battle.

And the easy part's done.

Look, I HAD to so Stephano had a clean shot.

Not shown: spamming Hyper Potions.

The Claydol got a critical hit. There was nothing I could do.

Oh fuck I just realized that that's both my Pokemon that know Surf out. I'll have to drag another underleveled Pokemon out.

Come to think of it, a bit disappointing that it's not Lunatone and Solrock representing the Psychic Pokemon.

And I will need another Pokemon.


All right, let's beat some sense into them.

...shit, that was easy.


Seafloor Cavern catch.

I wonder if we'll see romhacks in the future where quarantines and pandemics are part of the plot. Photoshop masks onto everyone, that sort of thing. Pokerus could mutate to adversely affect humans.

And this was like, the main reason Sycorax came along.

I have no good counters for a Dewgong right now.

I swear I better get a Chinchou on the Underwater route or I'm gonna be in trouble.

OH MY GOD SPEAKING OF CROBATS I HATCHED A SHINY ZUBAT IN POKEMON GO. Not a Crobat yet, but once I get the Scyther I'm working on evolved he'll be next.

Ferdinand has come in handy.

.....that's horrifying.

And done.

I end up making Trinculo my Surf/Dive bitch, and attached the EXP share to her. Waste not, want not, you know.

Oh thank god. Underground catch.


Cave of Origin catch.

Route 126 catch.

Route 127 catch.

Route 129, cause I never got an encounter on Route 128

Made Rosalind the new Surf/Dive bitch cause she's gonna come with me to Juan anyway so.

Got a few more pictures coming soon.


Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 17, 2019
Pokémon Type
Flying, Ice
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  • #7

Sky Pillar catch

That doesn't look healthy....

And now the long track back to Sootopolis. Remember, no Fly.

If there is one thing I'm grateful for, it's that these didn't get moeized.

Cause I really don't have any better ideas. Not unless I want to train LVL 15 Pokemon.


Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 17, 2019
Pokémon Type
Flying, Ice
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  • #8

Ok, that's just plain adorable.

Thaaaaaaaaaat not so much.

After some training and plowing my way through the gym trainers, it is time for Juan.

We know you don't have all water Pokemon, quit yer lying.

Lets go.


I got lucky with a critical hit there, otherwise I'd have lost Perdita.

That was just judicious use of Hyper Potions.


Yes, I had to resort to Perish Song. I mean either way I win, either Kingdra's swapped out for something easier, I get the KO, then rinse and repeat or I KO Kingdra out early.

The point stands.

The advantage of having more Pokemon than you.

So that's Juan down.

I had come over to Victory Road just so when I'm FINALLY able to Fly I can fly back to it quickly, and got my catch while I was there cause I planned on training up a team for Winona...

But I realized I had a decent enough team already.

That doesn't seem structrually safe.

Let's do this again.

Don't let this fool you, her first Pokemon is a Mr. Mime that knows Baton Pass.

Hahahah Earthquake is awesome.

Never thought I'd see the day where a Castform was viable but here we are.

Probably should have given Rosalind the Thunderbolt TM but I wanted to be sure I would have it for the Elite Four. Spark got it done though.


BITCH YOU THOUGHT! This is why I was stalling on Winona.

Ended up swapping Ferdinand for Bianca cause Bite wasn't doing much.

And that's eight badges.


That actually would make pretty decent cosplay. Oh yeah, Wally has a Magnezone.

He was easy at this point though.

So the next battle will probably be the finale cause I'm not planning on challenging Steven. Probably gonna stick with the current team. Might swap out Ferdinand for Laomeideia.


Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 17, 2019
Pokémon Type
Flying, Ice
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  • #9

Leveled up to what my research shows is the strongest Pokemon on this championship run.

Was watching Stanley Cup Qualifiers while this was loading, and omg did you see Kadri's literal last second shot I could not look

Ok that's just cockteasing but at least I burned his Full Restore.

One down.

Easy enough.

Three down.

This has been easy, but I think I'm overleveled for the early part of this run. But it's Wallace I worry about.

Glaring flaws in this team in hindsight: I should have taught Sycorax Brick Break instead of keeping Rock Smash. I also have no bug moves (if this was a later gen Rosalind could have gotten Signal Beam and it'd be awesome) or Dragon moves (and that was a plain mistake, I didn't remember until AFTER I started this run that I never got the Dragon Claw TM.

But then again the only one that COULD learn it is Laomedeia and that's pointless if the opponent is Kingdra.

The point is Earthquake is awesome.

Round 2

....I can't remember, were there Hitmonlee in Mt. Pyre in this hack? There should be, for the lulz.

Two down

Yeah, that doesn't look terrifying.

Ah, Sableye, when you were decent before the Fairies came to Pokemon.

I got lucky.

It took me ludicrously long to remember that Koga had a Forretress in Gen 2.


Two down

You know why I like Melony? Her name isn't an 'on the nose' name giving away her type. I would have actually expected Gordie to have the ice type, but that's just cause hockey.

These were all easy enough.

She actually sent out Hitmontop next. I counter with Mab. With literally a sliver of HP left she swaps for Onix. I was actually a bit worried about this cause Mab has a rock weakness but it didn't matter TOO much.

Earthquake comes in clutch again.

Bitch you played yourself. That was a Sandstorm from her ONIX.

I only used a Fire Pokemon ONCE.

You know what's kinda disappointing? I feel like Gen 3 has the least memorable Elite Four.

Surf is your friend.

I knew it was a risk keeping Rosalind out, but it would take an extra turn to set Perdita up and I didn't know if Flygon knew Sandstorm too or not.

I have less qualms about sending Perdita out against a Dragonite cause they're less likely to have it.

....it disgusts me how much I'd actually wear that.

Earthquake is your friend.

This is what I was worried about.

Not shown: spamming Hyper Potions until Kingdra ran out of PP for Surf. If just one of those Surfs had critted my strategy would have gotten fucked.

And I ended up swapping Bianca back in after a bit with Sycorax because guess what, Umbreon has Double Team! And Bianca had Aerial Ace. In hindsight, maybe I should have gone with Mab and Magical Leaf for the STAB factor but I forgot.

Four down.

No one told me there was going to be dancing.

And before anyone asks, no, I am not going to fight Steven. He probably has, like, level 100 Pokemon.

You know, I did wonder how they were going to cover Blue. I mean, the Pidgeot was a given, it's the first Pokemon but what would the other be?

And you would think they would pick something besides the Ludicolo for Wallace. Gyarados or something.

And this is why Rosalind came along. No Paralysis, sadly, but still strong enough to take Milotic out.

In hindsight though, all three champions have a Gyarados, how would you know which one it came from?

I never thought I'd see the day where a Castform is a viable member of a championship winning team but here we are.

The only reason I know this is Lance's Charizard is cause of Blue's Alakazam.

FINALLY! Closed THIS Nuzlocke out.


Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Team Delta
Pokédex No.
Jul 17, 2019
Pokémon Type
Flying, Ice
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  • #10

If only this was a later gen game and you could learn Signal Beam, you'd have been PERFECT.

The most unexpected addition to the team.

I think Laomedeia might be the one on the final team the longest.

And this is why Dupes Clause is off for me. If I had had it, I would have not had the chance to get a second chance at a Golem.

....a pity you're still creepy looking.

Not bad for someone better suited for an HM dump.

I think this is the first time in a while I had all six survive. A definite improvement over the last Nuzlocke I closed, where only one Pokemon LIVED.

A closer look at those that didn't make the final cut

Ferdinand-Absol-LVL 27-48
Stephano-Banette-LVL 24-43
Ophelia-Marowak-LVL 36
Setebos-Gligar-LVL 28-35
Hi'iaka-Weepinbell-LVL 4-34
Margaret-Kecleon-LVL 26-30
Portia-Zubat-LVL 30
Trinculo-Octillery-LVL 22-28
Prospero-Girafarig-LVL 25
Triton-Voltorb-LVL 24
Desdemona-Poliwag-LVL 23
Nereid-Lileep-LVL 20
Caliban-Remoraid-LVL 19
Larissa-Swablu-LVL 15
Psamanthe-Torkoal-LVL 15
Proteus-Ponyta-LVL 15
Cressida-Wingull-LVL 15
Francisco-Wailmer-LVL 14
Kerberos-Spinarak-LVL 5-13
Belinda-Zubat-LVL 11
Juliet-Carvanha-LVL 8
Thalassa-Wynaut-LVL 5

Those that sadly fell in the line of battle.

Nix-Whismur-LVL 8-15
Charon-Pichu-LVL 6-19
Styx-Hoothoot-LVL 4-19
Sao-Illumise-LVL 14-25
Hippocamp-Graveler-LVL 8-27
Dysnomia-Donphan-LVL 5-29
Neso-Persian-LVL 12-29
Galatea-Nidorina-LVL 19-30
Halimede-Primeape-LVL 15-31
Namaka-Pidgeotto-LVL 3-31
Hydra-Dustox-LVL 5-32
Naiad-Marowak-LVL 21-34
Despina-Persian-LVL 22-34
Puck-Sealeo-LVL 32-42
Cupid-Tentacruel-LVL 23-42

And my elite team:

Laomedeia-Charizard-LVL 3-59
Perdita-Castform-LVL 25-58
Rosalind-Lanturn-LVL 29-59
Sycorax-Golem-LVL 28-59
Bianca-Sableye-LVL 33-59
Mab-Tropius-LVL 26-58

So there are still a FEW moons I hadn't used yet so the thread replacing this will have the moon theme still, but it will probably be the last one. Haven't decided what the game will be yet, but I'm leaning toward a vanilla game.

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