Challenge Shots: Hall of Fame Screenshots from My Undocumented Nuzlockes


Conqueror of the Fuchsia Gym
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Solaceon Town
Pokémon Type
Fire, Fairy
Pokédex Entry
ZHODY have minimal knowledge of almost every subject. They take pride in this.

Duck's Wedlocke Randomizer Challenge on Pearl!
ManLeaf the Male PidgeotxYellowClaw the Female Sandslash!
BloomingPebble the Male CradilyxBigBunny the Female Lopunny!
EggStinger the Male ExeggutorxToxicPlant the Female Roserade!​

Deaths: 2 (Not a full pair [just two females] but ManLeaf will always hate Kadabras from now on.)
I'm creating notes for this years later, but there were a few influences for this run. One was someone's playthrough of the Walking Dead when the first chapters came out (at the time of writing this, Telltale Games just shut down). In their playthrough, they joked about a character named Duck (that I think was supposed to be autistic?) could only quack, so I imagined this Duck couldn't speak English and could only quack.
Two would probably be those cool Native-American names that sound like they're just two nouns together, which winded up being my naming theme. All the flying-types winded up ending with leaf, even though that sounds more nature-based, haha.

I still have strong memories of this run years later because of the story I created for them. ManLeaf was originally named TinyLeaf (renamed before the league along with TinyBunny/BigBunny) and was in love with a Toxicroak that came from the lake. She amazing, but she eventually passed to the Kadabra trainer outside Veilstone because I chose to double battle. Yellow Clow joined after that, well known for her amazing move of Sky Attack, haha! Picture of them from the lovely Lion-Oh-Day

The second part was a little Lileep and Buneary. I imagined TinyBunny growing and helping BloomingPebble see the world at his slow pace until she evolved and was able to lift her Cradily boyfriend on her back, helping him see the world even though he was so heavy and slow. I really love their story the most, oh my gosh. The image of a buff Lopunny hoisting a Cradily on her back is just too cute, but maybe a bit difficult for an artist to draw, so here's what he went with.

And the final pair actually started with a female Kabuto fished up in the route left of Jubilife. I caught the male Exeggutor after that, but Kabuto didn't even survive long enough to get to level 10 when I began grinding them.
I imagined she was spoiled, demanding things of EggStinger right up until her death to one of the trainers North of Jubilife. EggStinger was sad, but Duck quickly hurried them to the cave where the lovely ToxicPlant the Roserade inhabited, with her Submission move. I kept that move for the entire game, too, oddly enough.
Their surviving image was of ToxicPlant resting in EggStinger's leaves and cheerfully humming while EggStinger danced around with his odd hands that were like bones inside of green ectoplasm? Honestly, I'm amazed Lion-Oh-Day drew that image.

And that's the explanation for this image that I never put notes under! It's one of my favorite Wedlockes I've done!

Diamond's TeamLocke'd BlackLightAttack-Egglocke File Challenge!
Delilah the Luxray!
Legend the Farfetch'd!(x?)Callie the Exeggutor!
Noah the Infernape!xCurbi the Depressed and Useless Ariados!
Now with the Phione that everyone loves!: Carbonto~!​

Deaths: 5 (Two from the 'Rock Smash Massacre', with Noah being the first R.S. user to survive.)

Georgia's Randomized HeartGold Gay (Yaoi) Wedlocke!
Talisman the GengerxBindactyl the Walrein! Gilanto the StantlerxWaterus the Omastar! Mikael the JolteonxDaniel-san the Gallade!​

Deaths: 2 (F-Fucking Kimono Girls! They killed my Wonderguardian Shuckle! Fuck ShadowTag Vaporeons!)
Koga's Stall-Muk was such a PAIN! Daniel-san swept Bruno with his Machamp being a mild nuisance (DynamicPunch went first, but Daniel-san broke out of confusion the very next turn). When Waterus got Ancient Power's stat boost after defeating Absol with it, Karen was swept away in Surf and Pin Missile!
Bindactyl vs. Charizard: Charizard had Snow Warning. ...Thanks for the Blizzard Boost? However, Bindactyl still only survived with 4 HP! Such a Kaja, eh?

Talisman. Talisman... I love you so much! You were the best, starting out with Cross Poison and I even had to give Nilano (Typhlosion) Rock Smash temporarily just to get a bunch of Heart Scales, one for you to get Shadow Ball. Man, these TMs! TM69 is Harden! Too much gay! I didn't expect this level of innuendos!
Ability: Filter
Wearing: Sharp Beak
Moveset: Cross-Poison/Dig/Shadow Ball/Fly

Bindactyl, my first catch. Originally you were a Vigoroth, but then I got scared after catching in Route 46 and the black screen glitch happened. Your former form came back to us at Route 18. You two were the best Spherical pair while it lasted. I'm sorry you wound up having an all Physical moveset when you're Special-based! Luckily, Speed Boost! And on a Walrein, at that!
Ability: Speed Boost
Wearing: Muscle Band
Moveset: Aqua Jet/Ice Punch/Waterfall/Blizzard

Gilanto, the Wiseman of the group. Paired with Waterus. Originally the bearer of the Sharp Beak while having Air Slash, he eventually moved onto Iron Tail with the moveset-change after the death of Nilano and Lanny. He's always had Sleep Powder, luckily having had Bad Dreams for the entire journey due to him not having any evolutions. And, of course, I can't forget about me catching him with Roar of Time!
Ability: Bad Dreams
Wearing: Metal Coat
Moveset: Iron Tail/Return/Roar of Time/Sleep Powder

Waterus, my ever faithful Surfer. After defeating Pryce and evolving you have become even more powerful, and though I had to reteach you Pin Missile after Lanny died, you've kept it faithfully as a small-HP kill move. You and Gilanto are a great old men pair to this party. I didn't exactly like that you started out with Stall, which is why I originally gave you Shell Bell, which you still have to this day. And, of course, you were the original bearer of Cut... I'm sorry for that.
Ability: Pressure
Wearing: Shell Bell
Moveset: Pin Missile/Rock Tomb/Ancient Power/Surf

Mikael, the weirdest Seme on the team beside Gilanto, who couldn't even do anything with Waterus. Originally he was pretty frisky and jumped Daniel-san frequently, scaring the Gallade, but he eventually calmed down a bit more and they're a pretty cute couple now. I wasn't sure whether to make him follow in Nilano's footsteps and be a Flareon, but since Nilano died trying to be an Electric-type, I felt it was only fair that his replacement would be an Electric-type. I gave him Thunder Fang pretty late in life, but I'm thinking of giving him back Discharge over Slash, since I barely used Slash. He originally had Frenzy Plant in his Eevee form, but then RAZOR LEAF!? No way I was going to give that up! Fuck 'Lose A Turn' moves.
Ability: Rivalry
Wearing: Charcoal
Moveset: Razor Leaf/Slash/Thunder Fang/Blaze Kick

Daniel-san... Though you were just a replacement for Lanny, you became more than that, even learning Dragon Rush! You have become the best Fighter in this Journey, heck, the only Fighting-type! Though I had to give you Wise Glasses since you're so Physical-based and that made your Psychic pretty bad... I had caught you as a Gallade already, so I couldn't have made you become a Gardevoir. I imagine him as being pretty wary in the beginning of the journey when he joined, but he eventually became the best, and he and Mikael became the best pair of the team to sweep Johto Gym Leaders! Of course, Download helped with Special Attack boosting sometimes too.
Ability: Download
Wearing: Wise Glasses
Moveset: Force Palm/Night Slash/Psychic/Dragon Rush

Status: 16 Badges + Red
Current Location: Viridian City House that Georgia bought from the Old Man.

Kiss' Autumn Vanilla Pokemon Crystal Gay Wedlocke Adventure!​

Deaths: 0 (Save scumming to the extreme, obviously, but I don't really remember any times where I was in danger of anyone dying.)
Worst Screenshot combination ever, amiright?
Turns out Pikasav only works in WinRAR archive mode, so I made Horace a full-grown Golem without the use of cheat codes that probably would've made the situation easier!
Also, the Starter Pair wasn't used in the E4. I guess Iron Tail-ing Meganiums aren't all that useful.
And, yes, that Furret has all of the punches but Fire.

Status: 16 Badges + Red

Miner's Shiny Hax Playthrough of Nuzlocke Silver with even MORE Gay Wedlocke!​

Deaths: 0

I think I made it look better this time.
ROM Link
I caught Maine and then all I could think of was 'Wayne' when I caught the Geodude, so they have a rhyming names.
Also, I can't stop Gay Male/Yaoi Wedlocke-ing Johto, HALP.
Also, also: I started this playthrough before using the Universal Randomizer to make trade evos possible , so Washington was originally a Zubat, but then I pulled a Marriland Sleeplocke and got a 1% Dunsparce chance!? No way I was going to give that up!
Starter was used in E4, Icy Wind was put on Pausé over some useless move that I can't remember what it was and he totally bossed through Clair's Gym. No one has any punchs, but I hacked Karate Chop on Nevin before Karen because I forgot to keep Cut erased on Licker so he could use the Fury Cutter TM.

Status: 16 Badges + Red

Jack's Teamlocke'd Adventure through Randomized Crystal!​

Deaths: 4 (Manuel! Mindala! LINDAAAAAAAAAAAAA!)
(This was a normal Nuzlocke adventure, so no Gay Wedlocke-ing, luckily.) The Mantine hatched from Pichu's Odd Egg, so she came with Thundershock and Dizzy Punch, which I kept until the end. Her other two moves were Fly and Surf (TM capability based on types). Midala was the most useful in the E5, since it was Fighting, Grass, Bug, Water, Normal. Died to Misty's Grass-type team. Replaced by Linguini the Octillery, who got Surf.
dealt with Karen's Shuckle and Lance's Normal team. He's kind of the baby of the group, since he has Cut and Quick Attack and for most of the game his only Fighting move was Low Kick. Eventually he got Submission, so I think he got a bit reckless as he grew up, surviving Lance's last Blissey with only 7 HP! (The reason why I created the Kaja Award.)
Manuel dealt with the last rival battle [Electric-themed] and the other three were the original starters (because I use the 'all starters' code a lot.). Died miscellaneously in Kanto, his immediate replacement, Kurse-ore the Rhydon, was killed during training, leaving Tessa the Nidoqueen to replace him. Tessa gained Fly after Mindala died.
learned DragonBreath naturally, so he beat up Clair. He was also the leader of the three Starters. He was in love with Linda and was devastated when Red's Gengar killed the Clefable. Even in his revenge, he was knocked to low health, forcing others to take revenge for Linda.
was barely used between the three starters, unfortunately, but I think he was okay with that, since he didn't want to get killed. Kenta did beat up the majority of the Bruno's Water team, but I had forgotten to switch him up front, so Mindala beat up the first Water. Also, one of his early moves was Egg Bomb, and he still has it, along with the now better Normal move, Strength (Though Egg Bomb has more power, so...).
Linda was an annoying Cleffa for most of the game (up until the route outside of Mahogany, I believe), but when she evolved, she became super cool. She even got Psywave as her final move and had Absorb as her first move, if I recall, making her the only Grass-user on the team since I kept the move!) No one can replace Linda, and the game finished anyway.

Status: 16 Badges + Red

Uterus' Teamlocke'd Adventure through Pokemon Crystal Enhanced!​

Deaths: 2
Danni: Though you were just a replacement for Deimos, you became the proper Electric-Killer that Deimos wasn't. Bonus: Your Rock Slide hit every time and flinched every time against Lance's Lugia. I'd call hax, but Lugia didn't even get a hit in because of that, so you're my new favorite.
Chisco: Though you were just a back-up after Talltet the Spinarak died young, you proved me confused on what to give you over Curse. In the end, I gave you either Headbutt or Fire Punch (I can't remember which).
Stencil: Ah, my proud Ice Beam-er. You're new half-steel-type scared me a few times, but you were so COOL overall!
Venus: my little Psychic bird... Thanks for sweeping Bruno (even though your Steel Wing was not enough for those Steelix and I had to switch to Danni for her Earthquake).
Lena: My first catch. I have a headcanon that you liked Deimos and once I learned that Strength was Fighting-type after the Euisine fight and he got it over Mach Punch, I think you liked him even more. Unfortunately, that Hitmonchan died. I'm still sad that Frigate's (Silver's) Electabuzz was that powerful...
Chigu: ...I, um... forgot to train you to level 95 and you still survived? Wow, way to go, my starter. *awkwardly pats Chigu on the back since she can't remember most of the Enhanced journey at all*

Status: 16 Badges + Red

Pintree's Sparking Platinum Males-Only Wedlocke Adventure to become Sinnoh's Entree!
Featuring her starter, Mitchu Ruga the Raichu and his boyfriend, Coren the Lumineon!
Including Speedy the Anorith and his not-really-boyfriend, Himesh the Glaceon!
And you can never forget Norris the Infernape and his Super Bro, Actorap the Shiftry!​

Deaths: 1
ROM Notes: Sometimes I just get a theme for starters (here, Electric Mice) and then Randomize the rest of the ROM. After doing this, I usually give it it's own name, since I did decide some of the Pokémon that would show up. So, technically, this is just normal randomized Platinum, but I named it Sparking Platinum because I can.)

Story Notes: This run takes place around the time Unova was discovered/the Unovan games were released. Pintree [not her given name] found out about the Entree and said that she was called by the God(s) to become a Sinnoh-version of the Entree, telling her that she must first take and finish the Pokémon League Challenge before her goal can be achieved. Next, you must realize her stance on how her challenge takes place. She takes only males because she is a believer that males are stronger than females, and she makes them fight in pairs because when she takes her tree form, she will be unable to take care of herself and she will need a caretaker like the Entree in Black 2/White 2 had [the old man]. She wants them to take care of her, so she paired them up so they wouldn't get lonely and they would always have each other while they take care of her like a normal tree needs to be taken care of.

Of course, when the time reaches the present of today [March 2014], and Dream World and DS Wi-Fi is no more, Pintree will fall back into her body, her tree form shedding away as she takes an older form, showing that she had aged during her time in tree form. She finds that her three pairs of Pokémon had been blessed with children by Mother Mew. The feisty pair that had seemed to like wrestling each other more than showing affection for each other during her journey, Norris and Actorap, have settled down with their two Seedot and Chimchar children. Speedy and Himesh seem to have grown fonder for each other over the many years, though Speedy still had some sadness in his eyes, thinking of the fateful Double Battle in Victory Road that took his beloved Torrent (Beautifly) away. His love for Himesh might still be new, but he seems to be coming along. Himesh only seems to be understanding with his Anorith husband, but some frustration still flashes in his eyes when he thinks about how he'll never be the only one that Speedy will think off when they exchange romantic feelings.

Mitchu Ruga and Coren are happy together, and even though they're of opposing types, Pintree sees that they have gotten closer since that one encounter when Mitchu Ruga tried to kill Coren at Lake Verity just so he could have a stronger-typed boyfriend. Pintree smiles at all this and soon the God(s) visit the group of seven (+ two children for each couple), setting Pintree free of her responsibility to be Sinnoh's Entree. Pintree and her Pokémon profusely thank the God(s) before they are transported back to TwinLeaf Town, where Pintree is no longer recognized, except by one old man with greying-blond hair... Markim, her former Rival.

Reserved for a special Black 2 Challenge Randomized Wedlocke Low Memory Log

Tochi's Yaoi!Wedlocke Adventure through Pokemon Heart Eevee!
Featuring the Lovely Couple of Takasûi the Meganium and Claude the Surfing Tauros!
The Flying Pair of Richard the Butterfree and VertMidori "Double Green" the Togekiss!
Including the Odd Pairing of Charlie the Golem and Alberta the Gengar!​

Deaths: 10
Retired: 2
A continuation of a playthrough where I test an inconsistency said by Bulbapedia [Male Icon in Pokegear map vs. Fly Map], Tochi and TakaSUUUIIIII! [imagine doing that pig call-thing there] go on a quest to beat the league with some love. After Player force-kills Peter the Pidgeotto to get a Surfer in the form of the new catch, Takasûi starts distrusting Toshi's actions, though by the time they beat up Clair, he's quite in love with Claude, forgetting about his old birdy boyfriend. Meanwhile, Richard looses Feeter the Fearow [Peter's old protégé] in the Radio tower to Petrel's Bomber Weezing. I constantly thought about how I would have rather had Richard die, because then I wouldn't need to replace a Flyer, like what happened so many times in the Randomized Black 2 Challenge Wedlocke. I would finally be free of the double Flying-type pair that I thought I was plaguing me. Even a double Kill would've felt great. But no, Richard had Psychic and wouldn't let up. I'm glad for him in the long run. [Maybe I should do a retirement for that pair and start anew in Kanto?]

So, the newbie Double Green had to come in to Fly, though the amazingness of Air Slash and the possibility of Focus Blast sparkled in Tochi's eyes. Richard, however, did not like training with the baby at first because he called for putting off the Radio Tower Quest during this training [which also happened to Marriland in HG with Green Bean and the Alakazam, but whatevs]. However VertMidori was amazing after that, even if he had no Green on his body to speak of.

There was a hard time with Richard taking on Koga's team with a Fire Punch Muk, but those two fought three of the E5-ers, with Ice Beam Claude taking Lance and Alberta taking on Will [Charlie helped with the Xatu and Alakazam (though that Focus Blast hurt, Headbutt OHKO'd it)].
I retired Double Green and Richard when we got to Lavender Town, replacing them with Rilanto the Heracross and Calliesto the Noctowl, who have been great. I think Richard and Vert-Midori are enjoying their vacation.

5/14/2019: finally came back to this hack after years away and im going through the last four gym leaders now. I was overleveled for Erika and Brock. The new couple took out Erika and the Starter couple took out Brock. I’m not gonna try and 100% Kanto at all, so I just rushed down to Blaine’s gym, and took him down with Charlie and Alberta.
After that, I did feel like I should take on Danny/Silver for the final battle, though. He has crazy Pokemon though, holy heeck. He lead with Arcanine and had an Electivire, his Starter Typhlosion, Kingler, Vileplume, and Raticate. And of course Electivire had to have both Cross Chop and Fire Punch, so it countered both Claude and Takasui… I’m not gonna do the Dragon’s Den fight, though.

Anyway, onto Blue, who lead with Nidoqueen and had a Golem… Wait a sec, the hakesmith removed Blue’s variety!? WHY!? No, wait, his third was Blastoise. False alarm! And now his fourth is an Arcanine… Why do I get the feeling the hakesmith hadn’t finished editing Blue’s team…? Well, he also has a Magmar, so I just have no idea what Blue is doing with his team *shrug* Final was Scizor, which is hard for Claude/Takasui to take on...

Aaaand +1 Bug Bite KO’d Claude from nearly full health. Takasui knocked it to a sliver of health, but also died. Charlie finished it off with EQ, but also took a bad hit. Afterwards, Henry the Wooper and Porticollo the Tangela join. And, like 3 hours later, the new couple and everyone else was level 70, which might’ve been a bad idea, but ehh, I have no stakes in this Wedlocke anymore bc it’s been yeears.
Pikachu + Snow gets Charlie to 2HP, but Pikachu dies, so Alberta comes out, sleeping Lapras and hitting Charlie with a FuRe. They can’t take it, though, and Rilanto’s Close Combat KOs. Calliesto comes out for Charizard, got crit OHKO’d unexpectedly, and Rilanto can’t take one Air Slash… and, uhhh, Henry died from a Fire Blast to red and snow, so we dead folks, have a nice Wedlocke.

Status: 16 Badges + Red Wipe
Current Location: Crying on Mt. Silver

Borsch's Yaoi!Wedlocke Adventure through Randomized Starters FR!
Noivern the BlazikenxEllsworth the Alakazam! Havana the RaichuxErven the Crobat!
Starring the amazing Franc the Nidoking and Huevo the Gyarados, otherwise known as 'Egg Coin'!​

Deaths: 1 (Havana lost his Pidgeotto-nearly-Pidgeot)
Retired: 1
ROM Link
Borsch here really likes food, and he's kinda sort of friends with his neighbor called Kamina. Together they beat each other up.

By the time I was in Vermillion I realized that having a Mankey and a Cumbusken in the same pair was dumb, so I retired that silly Mankey and Noivern was still totally okay with his name and thought Ellsworth was cooler and had more varied attacks. I had to use A-Save to evolve a total of three Pokémon that you see there (no duh), and I gave Noivern his evolution moves like a good girl.

The Pidgeotto was lost after I had a scare against the Rapidash/Ninetailes D.B. I decided I would train in that route and I guess I wasn't looking because some Doduo's Tri AttACK WAS KILLING PHOENIX THE PIDGEOTTO LIKE NO TOMORROW. I'll never trust Tri Attack again. Havana sobbed and stuff, but I grabbed my Zubat and after beating Erica with Ellsworth and Noivern Erven was trained in Casino Rocket HQ. Of course, there was the awkward moment before that where Borsch checked the Giga Drain compatibility and Erven stole the TM, but, hey, Erven managed to kill Kamina's Rhyhorn with the Gigs!

And Havana learned Double-Edge over Mega Kick. Everyone was boss at the Elite Four and I did no such Island thing, nope. I barely have one box of captures, so I'll probably search some Islands next.

(Not sure why I took this, but it sounded dumb, I guess?)

So I Island'd and got a second box of captures started. By Dupes Deduction in Cerulean Cave I had to get a Wobbuffet... But, anyway, Borsch went on to send Mewtwo to Limbo just like Tavin and then train in Cerulean Cave to 75.

The League was pretty good until Agatha's Evil Gengar of Doom nearly killed both Egg and Coin. The pair of Egg Coin shall never break up no matter what!

~~~Later, After Finishing Proper~~~

(Havana was the only one to level up in the 2nd League Round, but Erven was close behind.)

But, anyway, Havana and Erven took on Lance and Kamina (Havana solo'd Lance with that DT) and I realized that Havana and Erven were also a cool team/pair because they both only had one non-attacking move (DT and Confuse Ray respectively.), so they were boosted to my second favorite pair of this run, leaving Noivern and Ellsworth in the dust.

(I never know what to do with Alakazam, so they usually just wind up with Shock Wave and Psychic, with maybe Recover or Disable, and then I only use them as attackers and nothing to do with support. [Ellsworth had Reflect. Not much help for a Blaziken who's threats were Special.])


(Galavant [the Wobbuffet mentioned earlier] is the one currently in the party.)

After Borsch took Breeder the Ditto, a trained professional, out for breeding each one of the Party Pokemon, everyone got a kid. Unfortunately, I forgot about TMs being Egg Moves, so Dig Torchic is a real thing... (And Markim the Abra practically has his father's entire moveset...). The Pokémon are Noivern's energetic Andy, while Ellsworth's sleepy, big-bro-like Markim doses off.

Havana's Cabana is also an energetic little Pichu which some overkill moves, while his little blind brother, Erven's Rush, just wraps himself around Cabana's neck just like the Crobat does with his Raichu. (And of course Erven leveled up after his Daycare stay. You saw that screenshot from earlier.)

This leaves Egg Coin, where I decided to switch the names for the babies, making the Nidoran Egg and the Magikarp Coin. Franc's Jajko (Polish for Egg [j=y]) technically hatched second due to Magikarp's egg step #, but obviously he would be protective of his big brother, who can't fight. Even though Huevo was worried about having a Magikarp that couldn't fight for such a long time, he went to Breeder anyway to get Dinar, a rather calm, instead of constantly scared, like his father had been, Magikarp for his age.

Soon afterwards Borsch decided to change to new red clothes. "Hey guys, is it okay if I take your kids to train in Hoenn?"

All Parent Pokemon: "WHAT!?"

Coming Soon: Borsch's Brotherlocke through Pokémon Ruby
(It's pretty much a non-shipping Yaoi Wedlocke, heh. With hopes of no deaths, of course.)
Of course I might not even catch anyone at all... I might allow Borsch to transfer other items from his PC to the Ruby PC BECAUSE PICHU PROBLEMS. This would be the third Pichu that I get near the start of a game that I have to use...

Disclaimer: I'm not actually going to do this run; It was a stupid idea.

Toni's Teamlocke'd Adventure through Pokémon Bronze!​

Deaths: 1
ROM Link
Alright, so I just remembered this Challenge Shot existed and that I forgot to put it up here! Despite the two-by-two arrangement of the Pokémon, this one wasn't a Wedlocke. Also, wow, I remember trying really hard to make a vague skull-shape to put beside Dale, who was a Flash user for a time, though still a prominent member of the team.

This hack is pretty crazy. There's Kanto in the game, but you can't challenge any of the gym leaders because their doors are locked and some cities are missing anyway. It might just be a beta thing, I don't know. As for the game, it was pretty cool. There's the infamous 'Pumbloom' from Game Grumps hacked into the game and a sailor named Jon actually uses the Pokémon. it feels good understanding a ROM hack joke for once. You can get the Unovan fossils, but they look like old cave paintings and you revive them in this cool underground site.

Unfortunately I can't remember much about what happened in the game to me since it's been a long time, but I remember one cool thing...

Quintin, a prominent Ekans working for Team Rocket was captured by Toni. All of the other Pokémon judge the Ekans badly, as does Toni herself. The next encounter is a soft Caterpie, an encounter Toni had been dreading to get. She felt that the bug was too common of a bug and she would much rather have another pokemon. Oddly enough, the Caterpie, Dale, becomes friends with Quintin and helps the Ekan show off his skills, defeating the Fire-type Gym Leader with Dig.

After that, the Caterpie and Ekans became good friends, evolving together, or as much as they could, until one fateful Elite Four member struck Dale down, leaving his former-villain friend devastated. Quintin, of course, took revenge for his friend in a passionate battle. Never forget: Dale x Quintin 2015.

Tilly's Yaoi!Wedlocke Adventure through Pokemon Crystal Dust!
Onell the TyphlosionxFrible the Furret! Verusly the ButterfreexPersephone the Crobat! Jake the GolemxLoyalty the Pidgeot!​

Deaths: 0
ROM Link
Wow, these Crystal remakes sure are starting to sound like euphemisms for drugs, huh? Oh, no, wait, this one actually is.

Anyway, I recently began deciding to finish the tons of unfinished Pokémon ROMs I had, so I sped through this game and despite the thread saying you could 'play through most of Kanto', none of the Kanto maps actually exist, like, AT ALL. Wow, wait to go, hakesmith.

The Hobo Herman takes a Randomly-Gendered Wedlocke through Pokemon Outlaw!
Denise the NinetalesxCarl the Primeape! Kyle the PidgeotxVictor the Jolteon! Parker the FeraligatrxCathryn the Wigglytuff!​

Deaths: 1 (Poor Nick the Vileplume fell against a Magikarp Fisherman in a tragic, yet possibly humorous accident.)
Nick was Kyle's partner at the time. Kyle avenged his partner, but he was left grieving for quite some time, even as Victor joined him and turned into quite the bad-ass Jolteon. (Seriously, I gave him the good TMs and he used them to his full advantage.) You know, the usual tragic story. What's worse is that the death was on Silence Bridge, so everyone was inadvertently holding a moment of silence...? No, that sounds dumb.

ROM Link
You can see the story there, but apparently the hakesmith just made Kanto edgy with slums and nightclubs and gave your character a girlfriend. Basic nerd dreams, I guess.

Apparently I have to restart for a bit because there were a lot of characters I missed. Apparently I stole some Running Shoes from a guy who is secretly the champion??? Yeah, I don't remember the beginning much, just how I decided my starters, so I'll do a restart sometime to see what the heck happened.

So this is the second game I sped through, trying to finish it quickly. I guess I succeed! Might go through Cerulean Cave later, but gray text from the hakesmith said that there wasn't really anything after beating the 'E1', so I won't bother with the islands. (Look at that terrible Hall of Fame text, tho.)

Alternate Milton's Normal Nuzlocke Adventure through Pokemon Onyx Blue!
Starring Harry the Jirachi, Orville the Sceptile, Collaver the Nidoking, Quirtian the Charizard, Norman the Mightyena, and the newest of the bunch, Calvin the Piloswine!​

Deaths: 1 (Wattson killed a very brave Bagon, replaced by Calvin)
ROM Link (Warning: Large Ads.)
ROM Notes: This ROM hack has it's own website and I edited some things as I played along. (Mainly small things like a cliff where you would fALL INTO PART OF A TREE AND BE STUCK FOREVER! Yeah, that angered me.) There are legendaries hidden everywhere in this ROM hack, though, even an incomplete Ho-Oh-worshipping village. You could fight the hakesmiths there, tho. Of course they were level one hundreds, so I don't plan to fight them, but maybe someday.

Game Notes: I was not aware that this game had a legendary starter choice when I began this. I started this way before I began "Milton's Teamlocke'd God Run' and this is the game when I first saw that Milton was a default name for Brendan and I decided that I liked that name, so I went with it.

The team winded up being all males, even the Water HM Slave, Percy, that Milton used was male. (Harry is a male name, shush.) Anyway, the point is, I had fun finishing a Hoenn ROM and since this is Sapphire, no need to fight Steven at the end!

Qwerty's Yaoi!Wedlocke through Pokemon Leaf Green: Randomized Starter Edition!
Monotreme the ArbokxNicodemus the Gyarados! Ernest the PrimeapexIggyson the Raichu! Nomoar the BeedrillxIndigo the Wigglytuff!​

Deaths: 1 (Monotreme's Pidgeot Partner fell at one point, apparently.)
This was indeed a normal Leaf Green ROM. The only thing I changed was exchanging my starter to a randomized gen1 Pokémon since I began playing this ROM on an iPhone GBA emulator that's dead now. I didn't know how to extract and dump ROMs into my iPhone at the time, so it was pretty much a vanilla game. My real starter pick had been Bulbasaur; Poison for Poison, I suppose.

On the topic of the fallen Pidgeot, I don't remember how he died at all. I'm just speeding through all of the many Pokémon ROMs and challenges that I have saved in my GBA folder right now. There are at least 20 more to speed through right now and one of them doesn't even have badges. (Search "pokemon school, rom hack". It's literally the worst.)

Chani's Teamlocke'd Adventure through Doubled Pokemon Crystal!​

Deaths: 3 (Chona included)
ROM Link
ROM Notes: One of Zaazaa0's many rom hacks with small tweaks, this Rom hacks doubles the levels of trainer battles in Johto and triples them in Kanto! This'll be a hard one! (Except I train with this code that makes enemies level 255 and apparently I caught a Pokémon that is said level. Cadance the Parasect joins the team!)

Game Notes: I don't remember the dead Pidgey because I must've played that part of the game ages ago, but I specifically remember Liam the Graveler dying to Adam, Chani's rival, in Azalea and the odd Fearow, Guuuurl!, joining the team. I'm still not sure how Edelmine came onto the team, but I know it happened around Olivine. And the starters are explained by me using that code I mention in the first few GSC games in this post where I can grab all the starters, though you get Prof. Elm's after-starter-choice speech after each starter choice.

~ There's an odd out-of-place memory of me replacing a dead team member with a 'randomized' Slowking in Goldenrod's Rocket-infested Radio Tower sometime in the past and I don't know why, but I feel like placing the memory/blame on this ROM... Ah well, I'm sure I'll find the ROM that that memory belongs too eventually, since I'm speeding through all of my nuzlocke games.

Status: 16 Badges + Red

Danive's Yaoi!Wedlocke Adventure through Pokemon Emerald!
Corbon the Loyal Swampert and Lavin the Desperate Mightyena!
Agouta the Mysterious Beautifly and Nathaniel the Rambunctious Exploud!
Qubert the Playful Swellow and Leo the Serious Manectric!​

Deaths: 2
ROM Notes: Okay, so originally this was played on my Emerald cart until I realized that I couldn't save because the battery was completely ruined up and I got this glitch screen. Then I restarted it on my iPhone GBA emulator, making the same three pokemon choices of Corbon the Mudkip, Lavin the Poochyena, and Wertrum the Zigzagoon. Eventually, I moved the ROM and its save to my computer to finish it.

Game Notes: From what I can remember, Wertrum died to Wattson and somehow Agouta survived to kill whatever pokemon was left to fight. Wertrum had Dig and Ice Beam, which Nathaniel got once he replaced the Linoone.

Qubert's original partner was a Ninjask named Tandem. They both originally hated each other and thought they were a weak pair to Danive until Tandem died and Qubert decided that he needed to be strong, so he joined forces with an Electrike, Leo, that was very serious about becoming a Champion. Together they wrecked Glacia and Wallace.

Agouta got S.W. Boost and wrecks T&L

Agouta fought for his departed Linoone strongly, even getting a Silver Wind Boost during the Tate&Liza battle that turned the battle around since I realized too late that Nathaniel's Earthquake wouldn't affect the Sun and Moon Pokémon. I used Nathaniel's turns to heal Agouta as the Beautifly wrecked those signature Pokémon. Honestly, Agouta was the one that surprised me the most throughout this game and he's pretty much my favorite Pokémon out of the team.

Well, at least I've finished Emerald for the first time! Now onto Steven before the next game, which is *checks document* Pokémon Crystal: Pikachu Version. Oh, shit, that one has new, confusing maps. Hopefully I can get through it okay!

EDIT: Agouta and Nathaniel defeated Steven! (Though it was mostly Nathaniel with his all-powerful Earthquake. Sorry Agouta! At least you got Claydol!)

Veneer's Nuzlocke Adventure through Pokémon Crystal: Pikachu Version!​

Deaths: 1
ROM Link
ROM Notes: A hack made by Miksy91 where all of the maps are "updated", the pokemon evolve at even later levels (I gave up on getting a Butterfree two levels before it would evolve into Butterfree, level 34 + Pidgeotto evolved at lvl. 58), and there are cool new TMs and Pokemart selections. The only part I got stuck on was in Dragon's Den, where apparently you have to go backwards once you enter the duplicate cave (I had to actually ask Miksy to figure it out, unfortunately...)
All in all, I would call this pretty challenging, although the last trainer you defeat before entering the Victory Road gate has a level 90 Abra when you should have lvl. 50s. It probably only had Teleport, but I OHKO'd it.

Game Notes: I hacked to have all three of the starter Pikachu. I know, worthless, right? Anyway, I called them Surfer, Flyer, and Silver (ran out of HM moves) and they could all actually learn those moves. Unfortunately, Silver died at one point, I'm not sure where, but I think that trio of Pichu were really great friends in the beginning, so seeing the odd one out in their gang die made them determined to continue on. Oddly enough, Silver was the only female one. (Note: The Rival's sprite-edit made him look like an elf, so I named him ElfEars.)

Nola was the one to replace Silver since we needed a better Rock-counter then Tuscon and the Pikachu's TM-given Double Kick. (Surfer and Flyer got the Jump Kick TM that was being sold at the League and replaced Double Kick. I made sure the Pikachu always had the same moveset except for the HM move, which I had been doing from the beginning.)

Tuscon had Dig for a time before I decided to give him Ice Punch for the League. (After I changed him to be an Alakazam, of course!) He really wrecked Lance, too, so that was amazing! The Elite Four were a bit different type-wise. Will was Water, Koga was Grass, Bruno was Fire, and Karen was Psychic. I had randomly opened the ROM in 'OneGSCTrainer' beforehand, so I kind of knew about that, but it was still a bit shocking.

Another story: Tallis the Metapod was really annoying when she refused to evolve and I think she evolved into a Metapod around lvl. 10 or 20, so waiting until lvl. 34 for the next evolution seemed insane to me. I'm glad I at least got my Pidgeot before the League, tho! Anyway, considering my record of Butterfree dying in the League, there was no need to bring back Tallis for this League once I found out her evolution level. Besides, I had given up on her around Goldenrod, so I knew a lot more about my current team.

It was fun playing through this game again! Now I just have to tackle the Kanto version of this...

2/2/16 EDIT: So it turns out I actually got Pikachu starters and Pichu is the final evolution of the Pikachu line. I wonder if that's what Miksy91 thought of baby evolutions at the time...?

Stat Comparison of Flyer before and after becoming a Pichu

I noticed a post on the pokecommunity thread saying they finished the game with a Pichu and I was confused at the time, but I suppose it makes sense now. I wonder what Cathrine from Miltonverse would think of her evolution line being like that...?

2/3/16 EDIT: My favorite GSC TM, Sludge Bomb, is just Sludge in this hack. I am disappoint.

That Sprite Edit

2/8/16 EDIT: Anyway, here's Red. My team was all Level 100 and Lisque, The Underused, wasn't used, but everything went well. Next up, my Monolocke of Pokémon Gold, renamed Grassy Gold!

Status: 16 Badges + Red

Taylor's Monolocke Adventure through a Grassy Version of Gold!​

Deaths: 1
For some reason I decided to play a Monolocke with Dupes Clause, so I had a very small amount of Pokémon that I could actually use. There was a nickname theme where every name has to start with a T, as you might have guessed. Also, somehow the intro animation is fucked up? I'm not sure if it's because of the ROM or not, but it's really weird. The animation is just frozen looking at the moving Shellder while the sea around them is glitchy-looking.

As for any story, if you saw This topic I made, then you would know that I had a Bellsprout that died against the Rival in Burned Tower and then proceeded to evolve. It was very shocking at that time.

Before that, I made Taylor catch the Sudowoodo as a joke, since it pretends to be a tree and all. I haven't actually used it, though, since I think Taylor read the Pokedex entry.

There was a useless Jumpluff as well, who I decided to not bring into the League since they only have Headbutt as an attacking move, which isn't really useful. Trelbed the newest member of the team is the replacement for now.

Tinkerbell and Tonal Psychic are the odd ones out in the team; They both don't have any Grass-type moves, in favor of variety moves. Tonal has Confusion and Rollout, while Tinkerbell focuses on Bug-type moves, as well as Dig. They're both extremely useful against the more dangerous Pokémon types: Flying and Poison.

Other than that, there are the HM Slaves Tife the Togetic and SURFINA the Krabby. Anyway, onto Kanto!

2/12/16 EDIT: I finally fought Red, and everyone had a chance to shine! Tonal Psychic isn't good against Charizards, so Token (My Heavy Hitter with Sludge bomb and Petal Dance) was the one to put the fire beast to sleep and kill it in a few Sludge bombs. I was even amazed that Taime's attack was so high, because after setting up a Reflect, the Meganium managed to Two KO the huge beast (Snorlax).

But out of all of my team, I feel like Tinkerbell was my favorite. Her Digging was a constant help in the latter half of the game. Before that, I would've said that Tonal Psychic was my favorite, since his Confusion was so useful when going up against other Grass-types, but Tinkerbell won out in the end. She did pretty great against Red's Pikachu as well, of course!

Well, next up is my... What did I call it? "Rotation Wedlocke"? Yeah, it's a really weird Wedlocke version where you have three pokemon in three groups, similar to a Wedlocke. It came out of a dream, so it's bound to be complicated.

Status: 16 Badges + Red

Teguila's Yaoi Rotation-Family-Wedlocke Adventure through Pokémon Lightning Yellow!
Cadere the Gengar(M) + Noah the Aerodactyl(M) = Motellor the Electabuzz(M)!
Derkimo the Primeape(M) + Lancer the Beedrill(M)= Kellie the Victreebell(F)!
Sandefers the Sandslash(M)+ Pork Bro the Gyarados(M)= Potrait the Vileplume(F)!​

Deaths: 3 (One Trio)
ROM Link (Warning: False Download Buttons)
ROM Notes: This ROM Hack let's you forget it's a hack when you come back to it ages after you start the game. There's a second bedroom in your house and Gyarados has the fan-demanded Water/Dragon type. I only learned that traded Pokémon had Level Evolutions near the end when I had to train Cadere up!

In short, make sure to look at this ROM before playing it! Apparently not much of the Islands have been changed, because a quick check on A-Trainer shows that Gary doesn't have any eeveelutions in his Island battle. I only have one more thing to do, which is scour the Water Routes between Cinnabar and Fuchsia.

Story Notes: Oh my. Have a look at this deviantart journal.

Yes, I made a Nuzlocke Variant based on a dream, making sure that it would make no sense. I've learned a lot of things about this variant over the course of this game and it really gets complicated. It was hard to plan out who would fight in the E4 with Nine Pokémon to choose between.

In the end, I have one more thing to add to that Journal: If two parents die(in a Family-Rotation-Wedlocke), then the child should take over as the leader of the trio, or the 'first parent' as it were. That child was Cadere. You can see from the Journal that there were three others before Cadere, Noah, and Motellor.

Here's the story: Danke(Fearow) died against Sabrina, Kooker(Pidgeot) took revenge easily, but since the problem was a lack of Psychic-counters on the team, Cadere, a little Gastly at the time, replaced Danke the Fearow. I didn't train the Gastly at first, though I finally decided to train Kellie and Po(r)trait on my way to Cinnabar. (I thought her name was Portrait, but it turns out that the first r in portrait is missing, so she's really named Potrait.) For some reason I didn't take them through towards Fuchsia in there training, probably because I was playing with the 'Young Child Clause', where the child of the trio had to be ten levels lower than the parents.

Later, Babu(Raichu) and Kooker died to a Team Rocket Grunt in Silph Co. Devastated by the loss, Teguila ordered Cadere to be the new leader and to choose a partner and child. I was confused about who the child would be for a time; I had a Growlithe as well as Motellor to choose between, but I chose Motellor in the end, even though I gave Cadere the T-Bolt TM. Noah was an easy choice, since I needed a Flyer at the time.

Anyway, that's the explanation of the killed Trio! I'd like to suggest others to make Rotation-Wedlockes, but I should probably write out proper rules for it first before I do that. Anyway, next game is... a long-forgotten Nuzlocke of Fire Red Omega!? Oh no...

2/23/16 EDIT: I decided to make a couple out of all of my left over Pokémon, but since I had a new encounter at Sea Foam islands, I had one Pokemon left over. I just kind of made the trios at random, so I don't know if they'd actually be any good in battle, heh.

All of the Leftovers as a Family + The Main Team!

Idge's Nuzlocke Adevnture through Fire Red Omega!
With her Pokemon Partners: Moma the Motherly Jynx! Harry the Veteran Blaziken!
Kahnto the Sunflora! Carrell the Comedic Swapert! Kalo-tree the Tyranitar!
And, of course, Kace the Babby Togetic!​

Deaths: 5 (3 when I started playing it again.)
That's right, I started a Nuzlocke playthrough of FRO back in 2009 and stopped playing it ages ago. Now I came back with even more terrible 'strategy' and decided to complete it properly.

Story Notes: I don't remember much about what the story used to be, but I'm pretty sure Kahnto was originally just in the team for Cut, though the Pokemon she possibly replaced, Eden the Sceptile, also had Cut, so I have no clue.

Let's go over the deaths I remember, shall we? Digget the Swellow was in the lead when I loaded up the game again and he was three levels behind the other team members, clearly being trained on trainers as I was heading South of Fuchsia. As soon as I get on the Seafoam Islands, a trainer attacks and Digget dies in the resulting battle. Now, keep in mind, this was FOUR TRAINER BATTLES BACK INTO THE GAME.

This hack certainly starts off hard, huh? Anyway, I start backtracking and head to Silph Co. and, despite defeating the rival 'GAY' (clearly that was before I liked yaoi, haha) easily, Jiffy the Dugtrio dies to Giovanni there. Danny the Mightyena dies to Sabrina later and I realize that he had TERRIBLE SpDef.

(Other deaths include a Ponyta named Rick and a Gyarados named Derp.)

Meanwhile, Kace replaced Digget as the Flyer and Harry, a Pokemon that I used earlier in the game, replaced Jiffy. For Danny's replacement, I had to choose a Dark-type that could bring something new to the table, which came from Kalo-tree. (Who was named before Kalos was even a thing, giving me two Pokémon that have region-related names, if Kahnto counts.)

Now, how about them Achievements?

Kace got 4 Stat Boosts from Ancient Power and wrecked Blaine!

The screenshot is after he got his second A.P.-boost. I had to pull Kace out against his last Pokémon, Solrock, so Carrell got the credit for killing Blaine's team in regards to the grayed-out abridged version that you get on start-up. I feel sad about that.

Kalo-tree survives Cross-Chop from GAY's Magmar and OHKOs it!

Kalo-tree actually survived another Cross Chop in the Champion battle as well, because apparently I forget easily. I think he hung on with 1HP in the Champ battle, too...

GAY had one more Pokemon, though, so that doesn't make Kalo-tree a Kaja, unfortunately.

Anyway, despite the oddities in my team, I feel like I'm ready to continue this adventure! They're clearly all going to die as we enter the rest of the islands, though...

The 'Change Log' that I got with the game made it seem like the person that gives the Lapras is suspicious and in hiding, since the Silph Co. Gifter only gives up a Castform. Also, I kind of can't wait to use the Milktank that I have in the PC, probably because I'm using a bulky Normal-type in my Pokemon Y Wonderwedlocke right now.

Side note: The first time I played this, I couldn't save, so I began this playthrough by re-catching some of my old Pokemon I had that got stuck in the void of savestates. I remember Rick/Ponyta and Harry/Blaziken were names from the old version, but the first time I played through I chose Elekid.

Cerulean Cave: I was shocked by fighting the developers, but somehow I got through them with no more deaths! That was all for this play-through, then!


Conqueror of the Fuchsia Gym
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Solaceon Town
Pokémon Type
Fire, Fairy
Pokédex Entry
ZHODY have minimal knowledge of almost every subject. They take pride in this.
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Evvie's Yaoi!Wedlocke Adventure through a Procedurally-Randomized Emerald!
Featuring: Boar the Togetic and Hand the Vileplume!
Nitrogen the Vaporeon and Cement the Steelix!
And, finally, Winter the Aggron and his Electric-Wielding Partner, Gondola the Alakazam!​

Deaths: 4 (Every Couple experienced loss in the end...)
ROM Link
And here's me Nuzlocking another 'minor hack' from Cybercrime Cafe! You can read all about it there, really.

Story Notes: Nickname theme was using a Random Noun Generator. Starter was Nomad the Houndour, who was paired up with Boar the Togepi. Nomad died while training everyone to level 10. Boar was paired up with Hand the Oddish then.

Street the Feraligatr experienced loss when I forced his Goldeen partner, Cone, to die because I hate gen 3 Goldeen/Seaking, like most people should. Street was paired up Nitrogen then and I gave them similar movesets to show that they were deeply in love. they both had a Normal-type move, an Ice-type Move, a Dark-type move, and then a Water-type move, in that order. Street had Cut and Nitrogen had Surf.

The next death was Winter's partner, Missile the Quilava, who died during the Brendan fight on Rt. 110. Gondola the Abra joined at that time and became the first Gen 3 Kadabra I ever gave Shock Wave. I actually used him against a surprising amount of Water-type Pokemon in the end, and I never gave him a Magnet!

Street died on the Route to Lilycove, and, honestly, even with Nitrogen and Street's moveset being pretty much the same, losing the Butt Gator shocked me! Cement came in after that, me not realizing that I already had a Steel-type on the team. Well, Cement got EQ and Winter stuck with Dig.

Now, for more images, we have...

Mt. Pyre: Nitrogen probably took it as a sign that Street approved of Cement.

Tragic reporting

I had let this report run for a while, only reading it after Street died because I couldn't remember who fought in it, and of course I got sad reading that...

Also, I took a ton of images of Houndour/Houndoom sightings, but I won't link them all. The most notable one was Sidney having a Houndooom & Wallace last ‘mon being a Feraligatr, but obviously Hand was the fighting the Water-type Champion, so I wonder what Hand thought of that...? Maybe he thought of Street as a big brother, so he considered that a final farewell? That sounds cute enough, huh? Speaking of Wallace, his Gorebyss was extremely hard for Hand and Boar!

Next up, fighting Steven, then that one Randomized Red game that has all Pokemon up to Gen 6 implemented, except I removed all Gen 1 Pokemon from the game! Ah, that's the game that started my boredom for Gen 1 Pokemon, it seems... *sighs*

3/23/16 EDIT: Steven went well. Cement dealt with most of his Pokémon, but Nitrogen helped take down his Steelix with one Surf. He had a Registeel that took forever to take down and he also had a Forretress that exploded and did next to no damage to Cement, so he wasn't much of a threat. Next up, Randomized Red 721-151! So, basically, it's just Randomized Red 570.

Kerrib's Randomly-Gendered Wedlocke Adventure through Randomized Pokemon 721-151!​

Deaths: 0
Randomizer Link (May be a dead website now?)
A way to add all Pokemon up to Gen 6 to Pokemon Red + it could fufill my obsession with Randomized Pokemon games. I excluded gen 1 Pokemon from the game, possibly starting my current dislike for Gen 1.

I had A LOT of fun with this game! Sinnoh may be my favorite gen, but Unova and Kalos have many new, breathtaking Pokemon and I love using them. Which is why I was so happy when I got a Noibat! I kept a record of where everyone was caught and what gender I considered them, which can be viewed here. Many names were suggested by other nuzlockers, including Carlotta the Purugly, my latest catch.

Now, onto my favorite part of this randomization, randomized OW sprites! it was fun seeing Gary working multiple jobs just to get by. He was all of the multiplayer nurses at once! I decided that this game occured after the original Pkmn Red. As for how Gary got into so much debt... Well, I have no clue.

The rival was an old man, and Oak was even in the league! Twice! While my Pokemon's romance flourished (and Norm got three field moves...), I had plenty of fun with this game! There are so many funny moments, I figured I should make a proper imgur album with them instead of just putting them all on here, so link to that here.

I have some other story elements that I wrote down, like how there were a ton of Honchkrow and Murkrow in the Power Plant when I trained there for Blaine, since I had chosen 'Yellow Gym Leader Levels'. It made me feel like I was destroying a mafia.

There were also Uxie there, which I have been feeling sad about ever since I fought Uxie in AS and ran out of Pokeballs other than the Master Ball against it. I imagine all versions of Uxie aren't too happy about me just killing that Uxie... Luckily, it was before I fought the League, so I'll be able to get a second one eventually.

My next goal is to go through Cerulean Cave, but the website warns that fighting Mewtwo might result in a similar glitch to what the Dojo Pokemon give, so I won't be able to completely finish the cave, unfortunately. (EDIT: Mewtwo is done, check album for screenshots.)

This was definitely one of those odd Wedlockes where I didn't think about how any of my Pokemon were bonding. Next ROM is... Oh, the first time I randomized! Yeah, let's see what that scary, spooky Dodrio got up to!

Tannila's Nuzlocke Adventure through Random Emerald 4: A New Hoenn!
Babette the Prankster Dodrio! Purple the Idiot Gyarados!
Quinn(i)ss the Relaxed (and Boss) Jolteon! Marsha the Harsh Mama Swampert!
Gutsy the Shy Piloswine! Leafy the Cheeky Venusaur!​

Deaths: 0
Randomized with an old randomizer that didn't exactly have rules like 'a pkmn must always have one attacking move' or 'randomized movesets should stick to their Pokemon's type', I got this crazy game that I put my heart and soul into!

This ROM was the first time I randomized a Pokemon game with a randomizer because I had no idea how to make those java-file-randomizers work. This one, luckily, didn't work off of java! I learned many things from playing this game, finding out that Water Spout was really great in early game was one of those things!

I've poured my heart and soul into thinking about the character of these Pokemon, so much so that I've made an album all about it here, so give it a read! (4/10/16 EDIT: Steven Battle Description was put on there.)

Next up is... Oh, a completely normal Crystal Nuzlocke that started on my iPhone and was moved to my computer later! Another broken clock GSC ROM...

Toralin(e)'s Yaoi!Wedlocke Adventure through Vanilla Pokemon Crystal!​

Deaths: 3 (One Single, One Pair)
A completely normal game of Pokémon Crystal that originally started on my iPhone emulator. Eventually I found a way to bring that save to my computer, and continued playing it!

I'm sorry to say that all of those deaths happened when I came back to the game. The first fallen Pokémon, Ulangar the Furret, was on equal-leveling with the Gym Leader he was about to fight against with his partner, Korimano the Quilava, but Jasmine's Steelix hit hard, too hard, and the Furret was taken down. Later, I realized that I hadn't gotten the Mystic Water before that battle; That probably would've helped since the Steelix was in the red after Ulangar's Surf.

Silas replaced Ulangar in the end and, though I had to use Pokesav to evolve him, he became a pretty good Pokémon, though I winded up wasting Shadow Ball and Icy Wind on him...

Our newest couple, Tochi and Cassanova, were replacing Jazzy the Jumpluff and Tivack the Graveler, who were taken down by Pryce. I partially blame myself because I went up against the Ice Master with that pair being lv. 30 and not lv.35, like I would normally train them to, but Ice was a shared weakness of theirs and by the time Pryce threw out his Piloswine, both Jumpluff and Graveler were in yellow health and I was unable to heal them without one of them dying, and considering Tivack was out front, well, I didn't want to risk him. In the end, I swapped to Jazzy, and he went down, shortly followed by Tivack. Korimano easily took revenge for the odd couple, but it was too late...

Tochi and Cassanova had a... harsh time grinding, so I was worried about them falling as well, but they survived, and now I have the power of Spore on my side!

Keep watching this for Kanto exploration updates! (If anything interesting happens, anyway. It's vanilla Crystal, so that's unlikely, but after losing team members to Gym Leaders for the first time in forever, I'm not sure about that.)

Bonus Imgur Album (Includes screenshots of a past Challenge Shot in the first post.)

4/14/16 12:55 EDIT: Okay, ouch. Sabrina hit hard. I thought, since Tochi and Cassanova were lv. 51, they could take her on easily, but that Mr. Mime and Alakazam, man. I'm so glad I have Spore, or Cassanova might have died! (He had 63/152HP in the end. I think I should give them some HP Ups...)

4/16 EDIT: The rest of Kanto went well and now all that's left is climbing up Mt. Silver Hopefully that final fight goes well. Every couple had a Ground-type move to deal with that dreaded Pikachu. Korimano can Dig, Tellan has Mud-Slap (+Soft Sand), and Cassanova has EQ. In the end, I really think Tochi and Cassnova will be my best bet for this battle.

4/16 11:55 EDIT: Cassanova took down Red's Pikachu in one critical EQ! Whoohoo!
-Somehow I think I outlasted all of Espeon's Psychic hits, because they started using Swift against Cassanova, I think.
-Spore+Sludge Bomb dealt with Venusaur.
-Rockslide OHKO on Charizard
-Spore+Giga Drain for Blastoise, and now for the beast...
-Spore only helped to make the switch to Cassanova safe, but he only really used Body Slam, which decided to Paralyze a ton, but Sudowoodo's Defense didn't let it do much damage! He used Rest when I got low, but just three more Rock Smash hits put it down for the count. Red's battle is complete!

Status: 16 Badges + Red

Red's Teamlocke'd Escort Mission through Pokemon Missingno. Red!
Phase 1 & Phase 2 Complete!​

Deaths: 2
ROM Link
A hack of Pokemon Red that also hacks a save so you start after you've chosen your starter, which is a pair of Lv. 100 Mew-lings. I edited the PC's name with pikasav so it wasn't caps, and never used the Mew family unless against the past-level-100-Missingno., though I was forced to keep them in my team because I decided on a Teamlocke'd, leaving me with only four usable Pokemon at a time.

Story Notes: Red and Green were ready to start their journey when loud noises were heard from outside the lab. The Mew Family, as well as Missingno. fell through the roof of Oak's Lab. In an odd turn of events, Missingno. hid behind Green, corrupting the young boy to his whim as Prof. Oak struggled under a piece of debris. Green moved to fight his rival and Mew, realizing the child's plight, stepping in to fight for Red.

An odd introduction, to be sure, but in the end, Red was left to run after his childhood rival Green as Oak, in bad condition, was left with his mother. Red bonded with Mewtwo and Mew, who told him that they had been protecting the mainland from Missingno. for quite a time. Mew was weak from the encounter in the Lab and her son refused to leave her side, so, by an odd twist of fate, Red was left to be the Mew Family's escort to Green.

There were Pokemon along the way, a strong Arbok named Adam who made great tunnels and helped defeat Lt. Surge for his badge once Red realized Missingno. and Green's goal, to control the Indigo League. The Arbok fell on the way to Celadon and another Pokemon with a Ground-type move replaced him, just as strong.

Lime the Beedrill was a recent death, taken down in the Cinnabar Mansion by the odd type dealings of Generation One. Poison and Bug killing each other is sometimes amusing, but it can still take lives. Kervery the Jolteon replaced the Bug with his Pin Missile, doing quite well against Psychic-types with it, Sabrina included, since Red hadn't thought to fight her before going to Cinnabar.

And soon enough, the team of Mews and Red were upon the league, over-training his other Pokemon with advice from the wise Mewtwo, though Mew insisted that none of them should face the forms of Missingno. Red agreed when he learned about how strong Missingno.'s forms could grow.

Before he entered the Elite Four's Challenge Rooms, he thought back to how helpful the Mew Family had been on his quest, holding HMs for him without question while Mew fussed over her son. At one point, Mewtwo had even broken down upon seeing a dead Marowak in the Pokemon Tower and Mew had stopped to assure the purple Mew-ling as Red went after the ones that did that. The story of the two reuniting after a long time apart pulled at his heartstrings at times, making him call his own mother at times, though he wasn't sure she always understood the reason.

The Elite Four and Green's normal Pokemon were taken down easily enough by the other four Pokemon, but Mew insisted on fighting the first two forms of Missingno. that Green threw out. Mewtwo interrupted her when the third form appeared, having not fought much at all since the first day against Missingno.

Phase 1: Separate Green from Missingno.

It was easy. Funny, that the Lv. 230 Missingno. was harder to fight compared to the Lv. 255 Missingno.. Red wondered if he had underestimated the Mewtwo's Special considering how little damage Fire Blast had done against him.

Red looked away as Mew and Mewtwo worked to separate the corruption from Green, transporting his weak rival back to Pallet Town, though not before being surprised by Prof. Oak coming to the Champion room himself, leaning on crutches.

One proper registration later and Mew and Mewtwo told Red that they'd like to invite him to their "Family Home!" Mew smiled. "You mean 'Family Cave'," Mewtwo corrected, inciting a laugh from Red and the Jolteon by his side.

'Sounds good. I'm up for it,' Red thought in response, glad that he didn't have to speak with these two.

Phase 2: The Mew Family Cave!

5/19/16 EDIT:

Red was surprised when he encountered another Mewtwo that seemed to act aggressively towards him, but Nielson quickly stepped in and introduced his twin brother, leaving Red a bit confused about the family dynamic, since a brother hadn't been mentioned before.

And, erm, that ends the weird story I came up for this run! The Ultimate Escort Mission! (Literally, since I named Mew Ultimate via pikasav) Though I guess it's not a proper escort mission because Ultimate and Nielson fought in the end.

Another possible explanation for the Mewtwo fight could've been Nielson getting angry at Kervery and they had a duel, but Mewtwo was Level Eighty, so I couldn't consider it Nielson.


Ethan's Special Teamlocke'd Adventure through Pokemon Pure Silver!​

Deaths: 2
ROM Notes: This is an old ROM where all possible links to download it are dead. (Though that's probably because it was hosted on a college site and someone was distributing a pre-patched ROM) I can only just link it back to thisreddit thread. Also, this Nuzforum thread reveals that there's a boosted Shiny Rate that I wanted to check for because I got two shinies so far.

Story Notes: Not much story on this one, because this ROM was started ages ago, as I'm sure the 'deleted from the internet' story bit could explain. This was back when I used the code in GSC games to get all starters from Elm and just like in the randomized Crystal in the first post, the main story is that Walter and Callen are fighting for Tina's love, I guess? That was the story I came up with a lot when I got all of the starters and one was the opposite gender, anyway.

Other than that, somehow many of my party Pokemon winded up with names from TV shows or celebrities? Walter White (Breaking Bad), Kallen (NCIS LA), Tina Fey (?), Lenin... Anyway, Mizae was the coolest one of the group!

As for the deaths, clearly they happened very early on because I don't remember them at all. They were Masque the (I assume Muslim?) Male Pidgey and Tatana the Female Geodude that's lv. 16, so I can only assume that she was pretty cool going up against Falkner. Masque is only lv. 6, so he probably didn't survive early-game training.

Anyway, Kanto League edits will go here if anything interesting happens.

6/11/15 EDIT: As I went to get Cerulean's Berserk Gene, I saw that there was a cave in that spot once again, surrounded by Cut trees. I stepped in briefly, but was kicked out by a voice that I can only assume was Mewtwo's. Guess I'll go there after all Kanto badges are obtained, or maybe even after Red? Also, an Ivysaur jumped out of that lone bush in Rt. 25. I caught it and named it Slippy.

Otherwise, Nathaniel is showing a bit of weakness considering how much damage Sabrina and Lt. Surge's Pokemon did to him. (He has Fury Cutter) Hopefully he does well in the future!

1am-ish 6/12 EDIT: Nothing particularly interesting happened as I fought Erika and Janine, but I only just now realized that I forgot to go back to fight Misty! Oh, and apparently you can let the Rocket Grunt from Cerulean go around thinking Team Rocket was still a thing if don't fight him on the bridge before turning the part in.

3pm-ish 6/12 EDIT: There's a path behind the Pewter City Museum where some kid's Charizard is being disobedient and you can catch it. I named him Charre and filled up the third box of extra Pokemon.
...Another green Zubat appeared in Mt. Moon.
Brock and Misty went well, with Tina solo-ing the latter.

...And finally I reached Cinnabar Island, the Moltres Quest, the one most talked about in the reddit thread. Basically you go up against a super powerful Moltres in the volcano cave and it has a nest. According to the thread, you're supposed to kill the Moltres and swipe an egg and, well, apparently it removes all of your Master Balls if you attempt to get an egg!
It's Lv. 97 and after many save-scum tries, I just used WTW to get past it up to the ladder to the higher point of the volcano, eventually clicking on the right place where apparently I find a fledgling Moltres hidden in a mountainside crevice; I named it Serafine. So I guess I have no idea if you get your Masterball(s?) back after defeating the Adult Moltres. What an odd event...

Anyway, the Seafoam Islands had more to them in the cave that's usually sealed up in GSC and Rt. 20's fishing pool of Pokemon was changed so that I couldn't get a Corsola or Krabby there... I find it odd that I haven't encountered a Krabby before coming to Kanto, really. Anyway, Kallen solo'd Blaine and I'm stopping in the new Seafoam Island cave for now. Just one more badge!

9pm-ish 6/12 EDIT: Turns out you can only go further into that new Seafoam Island Cave if you have an Mono-Ice Team. My only Ice-types were Moblin the Swinub and Sleek the Shellder (and Uniseal the Seel, who I didn't want to evolve for this).
I could've just walked around the event using the WTW code, but I felt like giving those two a bit of an adventure, so I tried to checked out the place with them, but Shellder isn't an Ice-type until evolved just like Seel and their level was too low for the cave anyway, so I just walked past the event with my main team.
The Articuno was only Lv. 50, luckily, so Kallen dealt with him easily. The Icy Weather complaint of Ice-types disappeared after defeating Articuno, too. Anyway, my encounter there was Muddle the Sneasel. (That muddy PKMN Silver Sneasel sprite!)

As for Blue, I matched one Pokemon of mine with one of his and I would say that went fairly well aside from Nathaniel, who survived his Alakazam with 10 HP!

6/13 EDIT: Cerulean Cave still kicks you out with Sixteen Badges, so I just continued into Mt. Silver. After catching an Ursaring in the first part of the cave, I encountered a shiny Quagsire in the second section that I almost ran away from without any remorse because the colors looks so normal compared to the later games. The purple skin becomes only becomes really apparent in the later game sprites.
Anyway, time to train for Red, then I'll check on Cerulean Cave again. Either he's waiting for Red to go down or I need a Lv. 100 Pokemon team and I'm hoping for the former.
(Checking Cerulean Cave out in G2Map shows that there are three events in the cave, which I assume are all Mewtwo talking to you, telling you to leave him alone.)

6/14 EDIT: And so comes the battle with Red!
- Nathaniel managed to OHKO his Pikachu with just one Dig! I'm so proud about that!
- As for Lenin v. Espeon, the Espeon hit itself in confusion twice, so Lenin managed to bite him to death easily!
An odd interruption happened when I tried to save state in a battle; VBA loaded Grassy Gold's savestates, but upon reloading this ROM, I found that the save state before Snorlax was there, so maybe I double tapped the create save state and the 'glitch' happened the second time. Not sure why it would load Grassy Gold, though.
- Mizae put Snorlax to sleep and despite his Snores, Mizae finished the beast off easily with four or five Psychic hits.
- Then it was Starter v Starter: Charizard went down with one Surf from Kallen, Walter's Flamethrower wrecked his Venusaur, and Tina, well, I hadn't noticed that she had run out of Razor Leaf PP, so I had to heal, giving time for Blastoise to make it rain. A Critical Razor Leaf finished off the turtle, though.

And then it was time to fight Mewtwo! The dialogue was a bit different in the event, but I finally realized that the force that made Ethan walk South after the event could easily be fought to continue into the cave.
I had just been leaving the cave after the force pushed me up against the south wall,which was where the cave was. I hadn't been trying to fight it in any other direction... Man, I feel stupid.

I knew from G2 map that there three events in total and the next one was basically a threat from Mewtwo that he had violent tendencies that couldn't be curbed by the scientists that made him.
The last event before Mewtwo mentioned him meeting Red years ago, so it's kind of cool storywise that I've already defeated him.
And then we find him and he's just Lv. 54, like, ugh... I wasted so much time by not just fighting the force. it was kind of annoying Surfing while constantly being pushed south.The cave looks just like the first floor of Cerulean Cave from RBY btw, sans ladders and just more flat spots. There's raised ground on the lefthand side of the map where Mewtwo is.

Anyway, I couldn't find any other Pokemon in the cave, so Mewtwo was my encounter that I used my Master Ball on, named Mewling in honor of the last run. (Though I wouldn't consider this a sequel of any kind!) It feels sad to end this run without finding Zapdos or Squirtle, who I feel like are probably just as hidden as that Ivysaur was, but I'll leave that for someone else to find. Just PM me if you want an ips of this old hack!

Oh, wait! Copycat Quest! *does it* And that's that! Ethan's back at home resting with his really cool Pokemon (and one that likes to spout Team Plasma-like nonsense because of course Lenin the Crobat would.)

EDIT: More Rom Information
has been found! And someone’s even rehosting the IPS! Go check it out!

Status: 16 Badges + Red


Lemia and Arizona Hater's Nuzlocke Adventure through Pokemon Thunder Yellow!​

Deaths: 2
ROM Link
Some things on the site are inconsistent to the version I have, such as no way to backtrack to Pewter after jumping the cliff. It says there's a 'forest fire' area near Celadon via a screenshot, but the gate that the player is being told this in is nowhere near Celadon, and I can't find it in-game at all. Also, I have no idea where the 'Mew Sidequest' that the page talks about is either. I restarted the game sometime after Erika this time, so if it was related to the S.S. Anne's port, I'm out of luck. I'm just going to end this Nuzlocke once I fight Mewtwo like I usually do in RBY games.

Story Notes: Well, here we go, the weirdest Rival name finally came up. Somehow I accidentally named Gary Zuscon instead of Tuscon, hence Pikachu being named 'Arizona Hater'.

Arizona Hater defeats Zuscon and his Jolteon!

I started this before Gen 6, so the shorthand name kind of makes Arizona Hater sound like he hates AZ from Kalos...

Anyway, two deaths. The first one was Carton the Butterfree. I can't remember the details, but it happened in Celadon; most likely to Erika. Sugoi!! was the one to replace 'him'. Sugoi!! was actually pretty good, considering she was the first Mr(s). Mime I used in a Nuzlocke.

And then Callgirl... She was a really great Arbok, always Digging. She probably took out Lt. Surge like that. Anyway, she finally fell to Gym Leader Giovanni, Digging to destroy his Rhydon, who used EQ. He was in deep red at the time, so I sent the Eternally Angry Pikachu after her to wash that Rhydon away. I imagine Arizona Hater and Callgirl were friends somewhat.

Anyway, after that I began looking for a real Water-type in my PC and I decided on SmilyPooch the Seel! (Seel's Yellow sprite looks like a smiling dog, haha.) Delina only got to fight three Pokemon in the E4. (including Lance's Aerodactyl, who went down to Petal Dance rather easily) I'm really proud of this team, even if I never really used their non-attacking moves in the end. (For some reason I always think Gen 1 is too high stakes to use any non-attacking moves.)

Anyway, that's pretty much the end of it! Next up is the rest of a Randomized Red Run!

7/30/15 EDIT: Well, turns out Celadon cave is completely rearranged into a mostly-linear maze. The Mewtwo at the end is lv. 70, so five levels above my teams levels. Delina tried to fight against it briefly, but Sugoi!! was the one that ultimately took down Mewtwo with her Substitute, Double Team, and Psychic. Mewtwo used a lot of Recover, though.

Anyway, there were no clues to the 'Mew Sidequest' in the cave, so I'm ending the Nuzlocke there. It's just as disappointing as Pure Silver, but oh well. Neither of these 'obscure ROM hacks' have full walkthroughs on the web.


Tsu J.'s Nuzlocke Adventure through Pre-Randomized Red!​

Deaths: 1
ROM Notes: Long ago I had no idea how to make those Java file-type Randomizers work, so I searched the Internet for Pre-Randomized Pokemon ROMs/IPSes. I actually found a dude that was linking to randomized ROMs and their unrandomized counterparts, something that's illegal. I checked the guy's site last week and somehow he still has his files up. I'm seriously amazed they weren't erased yet. Anyway, that's why I can't link to it.

Pokemon List
Story Notes: I don't have much of a story for the game(well, other than the possible ship and/or rivalry of Mip and Danny) but I do know the last time I played this game was ages ago, like, 2012, I think. I had an index card with all of the captures written down, which I transferred to Excel before I started playing the Nuzlocke again. + This was apparently randomized with an old version of UPR, so fishing and gift pkmn weren't changed, leaving me without captures sometimes.

Anyway, this is the third Kanto ROM I've found where I stopped playing in Fuchsia. As for the one death, Flyer Baby the Farfetch'd died in Rt. 20 to a Hitmonlee that kept using a Multi-hitting move, probably Double Kick, and I accidentally clicked Swords Dance instead of Fly at first. Double Kick was hitting for tons of damage too, so I wasn't able to switch to Xemnas in time before Flyer Baby fell. The Hitmonlee was really close to dying, too...

Well, anyway, that's pretty much it, the rest of the game was pretty easy despite the randomization. I'll post something later when I finish Cerulean Cave.

8/14 EDIT: Oh man, A Kadabra attacked as soon as Tsu J. approached Mewtwo. I could imagine him being some bodyguard, haha. As for the Mewtwo battle itself, Mip managed to get off a Crit Earthquake and left Mewtwo in Critical Health, even despite their 10 level difference. In retaliation, Mewtwo knocked Mip down to Critical Health with Psychic before falling to Mip's next Earthquake.

Well, I certainly didn't expect such an anti-climactic battle! Looks like Tsu J's defeated Mewtwo, though, so it's on to the next abandoned PKMN game(s)!


Hertia's Teamlocke'd Adventure to become a Goddess in Kanto Black!
Her Pokemon are Polar the Ice-obsessed Samurott, Tiny the Shy Unfezant,
Anna the Fierce Zebstrika, Janice the Team Mom Leavanny,
Agni the Masochistic/Pyromaniac Simisear,
and the newest hire: Sidney the Show-off Scrafty!​

Deaths: 1
ROM Link
Kanto Black is another well-polished ROM hack to go into the GBA Pokemon ROM Hack Hall-Of-Fame I think. Basically, all Kanto Pokemon are replaced with Unovan Pokemon. Similarly, Gen 2/3 Pokemon have been erased for Kalosian Pokemon that only exist in the Sevii Islands. Expect a ton of routes with only Duplicate Pokemon. I probably should've used my usual Kanto Dupe Clause where I can only activate Dupes Clause if a unique/un-caught Pokemon is in the area. Oh well, I got 2 and a half Boxes of Pokemon despite that.
There's a difficulty system for players with more strategy than me, and a lot of new moves are available to Pokemon, including Egg Moves, so it's easier to have an Emolga with Air Slash. (Air Slash Emolga was an idea I was hyped for until I realized how useful Acrobatics was on its own.)
I'm especially glad about the move variety, because the gimmick nickname I gave my Samurott actually worked out! There were only three ice-type moves he could learn, but he learned each one. It was really fun hunting for Ice-type moves for him, honestly.
Also, glitched up gender forms, those exist too. Just read about them, though.

Story Notes: This was the first time that I kept notes about the story in Notepad. The way I formatted it changed along the way, but I'm putting this on Google Docs, so that might not be obvious. (Apparently Pastebin can delete your data...) I also made the font something mechanical-looking to fit Notepad's default font. Just a preference.
Just like my Pokemon Moon Wedlocke, I wrote this out in 'Abridged Story Bits'-style.
Some bits are the story and some bits are just the battles. I got really obsessed with these characters though, Agni and Polar especially. They were the most fun to play off of.
Have fun reading 29 pages of rambling about how Agni keeps crushing on Polar all the time, haha. Not that it's all rambles or anything!


Moor's Same-Sex Wedlocke Adventure through Advanced Adventure!
Flummox the Knightly Togekiss and Tunelis the Berserker Manectric!
Leviathan the Vengeful Gyarados and Zenith the Cyborg Zangoose!
And Best Pair, Mia the Heroic Samurott and Joleesa the Party Heracross!​

Deaths: 1
ROM Link
A very amateur hack of Pokemon Leaf Green. All the maps have been remade and there are no held items available or important NPCs anywhere (AKA no Name Rater/Move Relearner/Move Deleter). The story is that your rival has been possessed and has put his subordinates in place of Gym Leaders. In each town you will also find a Pokemon that the rival genetically modified, calling a 'Tyrant Pokemon'. Zenith is one of those; He's Steel/Normal because of the mutation. Some of the later Tyrants are said to be tortured with electricity or have been injected with mysterious drugs.
Anyway, you're from a really poor family in Hero's Village that apparently ate dirt the past week. I just wonder how they managed to keep a two-story house with no money. When I lived with my poor Mom, we lived in a one-story house.
Other fun things include all trainers having what I assume are the default text lines, along with random names that reference other people, like an Ace Trainer named CoolBoy. + A lot of things have been messed up like the TMs in the TM Case appearing in order of when you got them and if you use an older one it deletes all of the TMs underneath it. There's also Bad Eggs that appear in the PC at random times. Read the Story for advice on how to delete them.

Story Notes: Once again I wrote Abridged Story Bits on Notepad and moved it to Google Docs. There's not a lot of the Pokemon interacting, but I rearranged the hack's story quite a bit. Since it was written in Notepad, it probably won't be written perfectly, but I don't care about proper grammar when writing in the 'Abridged Story Bits'-style.
I only realized later that it would've been really cool if I had added Hunted Clause as well. Xigbar hiring a sniper would've been neat...
This one's 43 pages, but I'm not constantly rambling about character interactions. Most of those pages are me rewriting the hack's story completely because I wanted Gary to be timid after he was unpossessed.


Vincent's Yaoi!Wedlocke Adventure through Polished Crystal v2.2.0!​

Deaths: 2
ROM Link (+ github Data)
(That's github Data for v2.2.0 bc apparently the github Data linked in the first post is about the upcoming v3.0)
Rom Notes: This is a cool reimagining of Crystal, adding all of the evolutions of Pokemon already in the game like Electivire and Margmortar. It's made from the Crystal Reassembly a la Red++.
It has a built in Nuzlocke Mode (which you are able to turn off in the case of catching a genderless Pokemon when you can't use genderless Pokemon!) and there are quite a few HGSS and Pokewalker areas added, such as new water areas to link places together. Goldenrod has a Seaside Market! (the Topic says Sinjoh Ruins have been added, but I have no idea how to get there, haha. I wasn't Legendary hunting.)
Oh, and Fairy-type was added + Phys/Spec Split! Look at the actual topic for more details, obviously.

Story Notes: So, uhm, I was actually inspired to start logging this run by PokedexDan because he recently started his Flying Monolocke in Polished Crystal (link). Only problem is, I was halfway through the game already and barely remembered the early gym fights. So I just summarized them in four short sentences. Not even Whitney was interesting enough to remember, haha.
This is the third time I've done a complete team remake for the post-game, as in retiring my old team and training up a new one. I feel like it works best in Gen2-based games because they also get badges. The first time I did that was in Platinum and the second team just wondered around beating up everyone on that one Post-Game Island, which was quite boring.
This log is 38 pages, so inbetween the last two logs in terms of pages. I really only wrote team interactions during the League, because I like changing it up for the League by writing character interactions instead of just blandly writing who'll fight, like in the Gym parts. It's like they earned the right to have their personality written out, haha.
Anyway, usual warnings apply on the log: It's in Abridged Story Bits-style (Some is story, some is game mechanics) + It was originally written in Notepad, so there won't be perfect grammar.

Status: 16 Badges + Red


Corel's Competitive Brown Colorlocke Adventure through Randomized Emerald!
Otis the Nerdy Flygon! Francis the Fashion-Obsessed Piloswine!
Warren the Timid Vaporeon! Waverly the Bully Golem!
Hector the Hippie Noctowl! Sumner the Loyal Hitmonchan!​

Deaths: 1
ROM Notes: A competition to finish Randomized Emerald in two weeks.
It was organized by people from the Nozlucke subreddit. The basic rules were just that it had to be a Colorlocke and that Set Mode had to be on. They had Difficulty Setting files, but since I hate randomized types I winded up removing that option. I did this in nine days/sessions with only one skipped day, so I feel pretty proud of myself, heh!

Story Notes: The first link is to Google Sheets, where I documented all of my catches and the second link is to Google Docs, where I transferred my Log, as well as the random changelog.
The document is 134 pages long, but the log itself only goes up to page 41.
Just like the last three logs, the log is written in Abridged Story Bits-Style and was originally written in notepad, so the grammar won't be perfect. I don't feel like going through it all over again just to fix the mistakes.


DJ's Well-Rounded Wedlocke Adventure through Pokemon Galacta!
Slugo the Slow (F)Magcargo and Revali the Guts-Facade (M)Swellow!
Frennel the Grieving Nidoking and Clammy the Jokester (M)Cloyster!
Jane the Semi-Useless (F)Ludicolo and Clown the Serious (F)Granbull!​

Deaths: 3
ROM Notes: Not sure if there's a link to just an ips, so that links to a Google Search. Everything is pretty much edited, but it's just the basic boring FRLG tilesets and no moveset changes have been made, so Jane doesn't learn any grass moves except Absorb. The Bullet Seed TM made her p okay though! (And I played this on GB4iOS, which explains the fact that the picture might be bigger and the controls in the screenshots. I hope it doesn't distract too much!)

Story Notes: I didn't think much of the story of the Wedlocke except for what was going on with the deaths... Really quick explain of the Wedlocke Rules this time: The three couples were het, gay, and Lesbians. I learned about this variant from a guy called nickerbeanblue on tumblr and kind of liked it, but never played it before.

Onto the deaths, Tim the Electabuzz was Frennel's first partner and he died to a Hiker's evil Lunatone somewhere right of the Fuchsia City replacement. Lunatone used Psybeam, spooked Frennel, so Tim swapped out, only to die to two more Psybeams. I sent Frennel out, fully expecting him to die, only for Lunatone to go for a rock move instead and making that death seem useless as Frennel finished him off.

Frennel's second partner, Dan the Plusle (it was my only other Elec-type, ok?), died against the Ice Gym Leader that now lived on the replacement for Cinnabar Island. I thought Dan could take his Walrein, but of course, he had EQ and just had to OHKO Dan! Then Clammy joined the grieving Nidoking and gradually assured him everything was ok, using the new Ice Beam TM to OHKO birds faster than Tim ever had.

But the final E4 took its toll and Frennel was taken out, apologizing to Clammy that he couldn't have been devoted to him before finally passing away. After the League was over I threw Cereal the Latios that I got from the Dojo into the party, but I doubt any bonding happened.

There's still something that the game said after the Ice Gym that said to meet Sailor Rudy again, but even when I went to the Silph Co. proxy place to talk to him again, he was still just there speaking about Surf and won't give me the pass or whatever the girl had said Rudy would give me. So now I'm just waiting to either get an idea or have someone answer my question on the PokemonROMHacks subreddit.

Seeya next time, then!


DJ's Teamlocke'd Adventure through Fiery Gold!​

Deaths: 1
ROM Notes: A streamer I know started playing a randomized G/S soul link. He failed his run on this ROM, but I noticed the Growlithe starter and the Fire Stone in front of Violet City. I got the ROM from him and then promptly didn't evolve the Growlithe starter until she learned Flamethrower at lv. 50 even though she learned the Fire Blast TM I got on my way to Vic. Road. Sorry Cinders, haha. (The streamer wiped to Falkner bc his only mon was his starter Hitmonlee and with moves unrandomized, Falkner's Gastly was impossible.)

Story Notes: I met my Shiny Persian before I got balls and I didn't want to give her up, so I hacked in a crud-ton of master balls and now there's a freaking teru-sama in the ball slot. I couldn't find a save editor that edited all the item bags, so it was there the entire time.

Minayru was an amazing find and I had deleted all of my leftover Masterballs but one (just in case), so I caught that awesome Ho-Oh whose Sacred Fire never missed! (except that one time in the E4, but we don't talk about that) I pretty much used Minayru like a Z-Move spammer. (bc if they didn't have a type-advantage, it would OHKO)

Nana turned amazing as she dealt with my insane Rock weakness. TM Mach Punch was in Goldenrod Mall and she baffed everyrock she could with her big-cat paws! Her best friend was a Pikachu named Babanana (Baba-banana) bc of their similar names. She was amazing at paralyzing encounters b4 swapping out to the tanky Nana. I got plenty of Thunderstones, but I never got to use them before a Magcargo OHKO'd her in Cianwood's waters while training for Chuck.

Nana was devastated as he best friend sank to the depths and the glitch that had been caused by her capture whispered in her ear that she should do the same. She wasn't a good shiny, she wasn't lucky! Nana fought through though, and watched on as Ho-Oh passed up on their servant, the former-Surf Slave Wataru the Suicune joining (I also caught a Celebi named Lebri, hot damn), and let Illumina the Lanturn join. She was an amazingly bulky mon and when she got the Thunder TM from the lady that usually hands over sandstorm by the falls, she showed that she didn't miss often either!

The only interesting thing I can say about the remaining two birds is that Zephyr got Bugsy's Drill Peck TM and had Cut for a while. They didn't really do anything amazing. But this was a fun game, filled with amazingly bulky mons, and I can't wait to update you on them!

4/24: Ricardo was easily taken down at Mt. Moon. Cinders' Extremespeed OHKO'd his lead Blissey somehow and I am pleased! (Also, I caught a Zapdos and called him Zappy BOI, but I have four boxes of mons, so it doesn't matter)

4/26: Went south into Pallet and dealt with the hiding Blaine, who had two Poison-types and a Horsea, making up for Janine's single Poison-type. I missed a bunch of route encounters bc of dupes, but, again, four boxes full.
As for Blue, Minayru Guillotine'd his Ho-Oh. "There can only be one Fire Goddess..." I decided to do the thing where I match one of my mons against one of his and Cinders did great with her Scyther, burning it up. Illumina's Politoed caused a bit of pain, tho...
Now, onto Rt. 28!

4/27: Zephyr finally learned Psychic at lv. 65, omg. Once everyone was lv. 75, I headed up to Red with Cinders in the lead, who took out his lv. 81 Forretress in one Fire Blast.
Illumina paralyzed Blastoise and Thunder OHKO'd b4 his Skull Bash went off. Zephyr OHKO'd Hitmontop, Nana's Strength crit Electabuzz to a sliver of red and finished with Pay Day. Dandilus OHKO'd Unown-X with Drill Peck, and Minayru came out against his weak Poliwag (Blue also had one of those...). Sacred Fire brought him to yellow and burned. It was 76, so I couldn't Guillotine, aww.
And game finished! See you next time!

Status: 16 Badges + Red


Conqueror of the Fuchsia Gym
Pokédex No.
Jul 1, 2019
Solaceon Town
Pokémon Type
Fire, Fairy
Pokédex Entry
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6/7/2018 11pm

DJ's Nefashuu-Style Wedlocke Adventure of Randomized Mega Emerald XY!
Roxanne the Female/N Rhyperior x Chirrup Female/D Xatu!
Indigo the Male/O M-Swampert x Masker the Male/O Dusklops!
Goldie the Female/D M-Blaziken x Quint the Masculine/O Metagross!​

Deaths: 3
ROM Notes: Mega Emerald XY is a crazy difficult hack of Emerald with Pokemon from later generations added (Unfortunately, Dusknoir isn't included. I checked YAPE several times; Sorry Masker.). There are many insane puzzles and I pulled out A-Map more than once to remove an obstacle I considered impossible (the hakesmith outlined everything with blocks that you couldn't use walk through walls on.). Also, there were plenty of surprise double battles a la that one door to Team Plasma's ship in B/W2.

Another thing to note is that exp rate and gender is inconsistent between Megas and the other Pokemon in their lines (Also Rhydon-Rhyperior!). If you play a normal Wedlocke in this game, I suggest going through and fixing those beforehand, bc if you edit an exp rate when you already have that pokemon, when you next boot up the game, you will be unable to use that pokemon without crashes galore. Apparently changing gender rate like that doesn't crash the game, but exp does. Just a warning!

Story Notes: I used the Wedlocke variant rules outlined in this video. That should explain the letters next to the Pokemon's genders.

The game started out with a great team, Punchinela the Female/D Riolu and Stripey the Female/O Slakoth who never had Truant in her life. I couldn't randomize much since this hack had edited pokemon, but just changing starters, wilds and abilities was fine with me. Roxanne's original partner was Larval the Male/N Wurmple/Beautifly, who I forgot to rename.

I had fun exploring the odd map-edits of this hack with the team. Roxanne's hidden gym on the route North of Rustboro, the majority of Slateport's houses being fenced off, MOUNT PINATUBO!

The first death was Larval, to a trainer right before Mauville. She never got to see her partner destroy the gym... Chirrup came in, getting the Giga Drain TM later, and teaching me that the hakesmith poorly implemented 'LIGHTOFRUIN'. It's a ???-type move and it's effectiveness hadn't been changed to that of Fairy, so I quickly deleted it off Chirrup's moveset. Pursuit also went missing for Dark Pulse, but it made Masker more powerful, so I kept it.

The Starter Pair didn't die until much later, against Archie's double battle. They just couldn't deal with that Crobat... Punchinela went down first, followed by Stripey. My best attacker: Gone.

Luckily Quint joined and threw Stripey out of the water with "his" 170-something attack. Goldie didn't get as many cool moves as Punchinela did (Aura Sphere was implemented and I loved it), but that Sky Uppercut did wonders in the E4, OHKO-ing Sidney's entire team! (X Accuracy also helps)

The game had one last surprise in the form of the Totodile line being replaced by Basculin. (literally the colors, head, and accents of Basculin with the Totodile-line bodies.) Glacia had the Croconaw one (Basculin-Y) and Wallace had the Feraligatr one (Basculin-X). I have not seen the base-Basculin one, but I hope it is the normal sprite.

And so another story passes! Updates will include hopefully OHKO-ing the lv. 70 Rayquaza in Vic. Road with Indigo's Ice Beam, defeating Steven, and doing the tiny bit of exploring that Battle Frontier holds.

6/8 9pm: Rayquaza OHKO'd by Indigo's Ice Beam. I looked through Battle Frontier and saw that Artisan Cave leads to "Mystery Dungeon", a new challenging dungeon the hakesmith made. Hopefully there won't be any NPCs with horrible grammar like there was in the Moon and Space areas. (It was blocked off earlier, but I dont feel like going back there to beat up Jirachi. He can live...)

I decide to head to the Battle Frontier first, though I did get the Meteor Falls items behind the waterfall before deciding that. A couple on the ferry both had Basculin and they were normal, no Totodile body, thank goodness... ...and Xerneas is in the basement of the ferry. What the heck. This is the kind of hack where they hide legendaries everywhere, so Navel Rock is also hidden in Battle Frontier. Sudowoodo was a Dupes and at the top of Mystery Dungeon is a trainer named Draco who uses... DBZ characters. Yeah. Why. I didn't want to play that hack for a reason, dude!! Anyway, they're lv. 100 and there's a girl nearby that promised a reward for defeating him, as well as a ferry driver asking for a Kalos Ticket, so that's a pretty obvious questline, but I don't care. I couldn't find any hint of a Kalos area in A-Map, anyway.

After defeating the double battle rematch of Maxie and Archie in Artisan Cave (they had Volcanion and Zygarde, oh my god), DJ headed back to Meteor Falls to defeat the Former Champion once and for all...

6/9: The Steven Battle is here! Indigo is taking the lead with his Boyfriend, who'll probably take on Claydol.

Steven isn't changed much, so Skarm goes down in two Ice Beams, M-Aggron is OHKO'd with EQ, and Masker slowly burned and out-tanked Cradily. Indigo crit-OHKO'd M-Metagr(o)ss, tagging out to let Masker take down Claydol (the first one to heal and drag the battle out a bit), before coming back in for Armaldo. EQ didn't do much and Slash looked kind of painful, but I switched to Surf on a whim and it went from like 3/4th health straight to zero! Wasn't even a crit, wow. I'm guessing Bug resists Ground?

Anyway, I Surfed back down, took a glance in the 'Lost Cave' that held Volcanion and Zygarde, and DJ headed back home to play with some dolls and Save at her bed/take a nap. See you next time~!

8/5/2018 12am

A Quadruple-A Battery's Rainbow Wedlocke Adventure through Randomized FR807!
Carab the Gay/Male Seviper x Phoxy the Gay/Male Delphox!
Kimmy the Ace/Female Bruxish x Jane the Ace/"Female" Snorlax!
Cisifus the Het/Female Savior Gyarados x Ricardo the Het/Male Pure Power Chesnaught!​

Deaths: 5
ROM Notes: Fire Red 807 is a game base, so I randomized it. Turns out it's pretty terrible at that, though. There were multiple graphical glitches (for some reason the white part of Pikipek's party sprite is transparent?), which ultimately led to half my team having the wrong sprites in the Hall of Fame. One made sense, Phoxy was an Espeon. But Bruxish was a Nosepass and Chesnaught was a Yanma, hence the janky screenshot.

This is another game I suggest not playing a Wedlocke on, because Muchlax/Snorlax's gender ratio isn't the same, but due to the way the rom is packed with Pokemon, it wasn't YAPE-compatible. So Jane might be a male in the game, but she's still a female in her heart... (It's okay, Agatha had a female Munchlax and Jane got to Giga Impact it with her feelings.)

And I don't like the trend in ROM Hacks to implement EXP All. I had to make a separate Box to dump Pokemon in that got too high leveled...

Story Notes: Starter was Igor the Araquanid. He was Ace, so I had a hard time pairing him up. It wasn't until after he died that I realized he should've been paired up with Kimmy and not the Pikipek he got later...

Carab also started out with a Pansage boyfriend called Guybrush (yes, like the Monkey Island protag). Brock went by easily thanks to Kimmy and her Munchlax girlfriend at the time. Then Igor got his girlfriend, a Pikipek on Route 4. I hadn't trained her, Sammie, very much before Double-A Battery the rival killed Igor and then her (It might've been a Nugget Bridge Trainer, but I just wanted to mention the rival's name. I didn't think the randomization was gonna work, so I just put in screaming as the names.)

Enter Cisifus the amazing Gyarados and her Baseball-Obsessed Sliggoo boyfriend, Slugger. For some reason, Slugger is genderless in game, but I believe the case was that he was male when I caught him, and then turned genderless when I named him, which has happened to me before in bad hacks...

Anyway, Guybrush and Slugger both died at some point between Lt. Surge and Rt. 9. And at that point, I was in a mindset where I was trying to force myself to lose the Wedlocke, but no matter what, Cisifus and her amazing SpDef carried on, keeping up the hope of the team as she chose a new boyfriend, Bulldozer the Bold Rhyhorn. He survived long and soon my death wish passed and we headed to Fuschia where the final member fell, Bulldozer himself.

This time Cisifus realized there must be some sort of curse and she chose a 'mon whose name didn't end with '-er'. Ricardo and his Mud Shot helped, and once he was all grown up, Pure Power on his back, Cisifus knew he would be ready. (He also got the EQ TM.)

There was another amazing ability on the team, though it never really came in handy: Phoxy's Levitate. It seemed obvious that she would be able to float with her psychic power, but I never really used it to it's full potential. It could've helped neutralize their ground weakness, though. (And Kimmy's Damp, was in the same camp.)

Then I went into the E4, OP as all heck, ruining the Annual Female Swimmer's Meet Up. (That was their random Trainer Class...) Honestly, there's not much to say about the story, since it was just basically vanilla Fire Red. See you next Challenge Shot!


Bowser’s Paper Mario Teamlocke’d Adventure through Blazing Emerald!
Swampire the Dark Male Clefable, Raven the Male Dustox,
Ice Puff the Icy Female Pelipper, Doogan the Female Linoone,
Prince Mush the AMAZING Male Jumpluff, and the Oddly-Named Lava Piranha the Female Parasect!​

Deaths: 0
ROM Notes: Blazing Emerald is a QoL hack, but it definitely has changed difficulty to the game, including new gyms and a rearranged E4 that surprised me.

I originally started on version 1.0.4, but updated to 1.0.6 before arriving at Fortree. Honestly, I don’t have much to say about this game, but I really enjoyed having a Dark-type Clefable and the new Dark moves he learned! I winded up sticking with Swindle, a 40BP Dark-type Pay Day, but there were better Dark-type moves like Moonrazer and Starstorm. The rest of Swampire’s moveset was filled up with Jump Kick, Thunderbolt, and Flatter.

Story Notes: I almost didn’t want to post this one, since I didn’t really have anything to say about the ROM Hack, but I kinda got really into the story??

My nickname theme was basically using the Random Page feature on the Paper Mario fanwiki. I actually rolled for the Player character and got Bowser somehow, even though Mario would’ve fit more. (There is a page for Mario, so he could’ve been rolled at any time, but he never was.) Also, the page that was rolled had to be a living character, enemy type, or species; So no items allowed.

It was fun seeing how some names winded up fitting (like how Swampire actually has wings, though they look too small to fly with...), and some were just weird like Lava Piranha the Parasect. After I got Ice Puff, it was my goal to get her an Ice move, and I eventually found the Ice Beam TM for her, though the Never Melt Ice in Shoal Cave was blocked by an annoying Suicune that Prince Mush managed to wreck for his friend.

In the very beginning I was angry about having 2 “useless” Grass-types, but with Bullet Seed being an infinite use TM like all the rest, they both quick rose up in the ranks until Bowser got the Giga Drain TM. The Evergrande glitch happened, so no one had to learn Waterfall! (Meaning, the hakesmith didn’t keep the block that kept Evergrande from being flown to until you climb the waterfall.) I winded up flying up there and interacting with a confused Scott before even fighting the twins (Who got slaughtered by Ice Puff and Lava Piranha).

Having three Fire-weak mons, I also imagined them being great friends, sharing skills and chatting behind Bowser’s back while the rest pushed on, though Ice Puff was definitely the friendly-type that would also interact with them, since Jumpluff winded up with the Fly TM, leaving him with just Surf as his HM and Wing Attack. (Though now that I think about it, I should have the Aerial Ace TM… *opens VBA*)

Oh, and Cut is a Steel-type 65BP move, so I was fine with Lava getting that one. He also had the SuMo-boosted Leech Life, which slaughtered most things. I actually decided against X-Scissor because it was so good, haha! Apologies to Raven for forgetting to give him the Psychic TM over Psybeam until he was against Wallace’s Tentacruel

Anyway, that’s the game for now! Next up, Steven and the S.S. Tidal/Battle Frontier!

10/21: I got to Battle Frontier easily enough, finding PP Max in the Pokemart and a secret facility, Battle Cave, deep in Artisan Cave. It says there’s no rules, and a savestate check shows that the first guy has a lv. 84 Roserade as his lead, so I’ll probably just avoid that area. *shrugs* (Oh, and Gamefreak in Lillycove’s Hotel is edited to reference the hack, so that’s cool!)

Sudowoodo’s chosen name was Mayor Kroop, which definitely fits the old geezer and his endless sidequests, haha! He had Accelerock, which is neat to see! Oh, and catching Smeargle reminded me that my Unown had a Psychic-type version of Sketch called Replicate, which is definitely interesting. but that would require using an Unown

Into Meteor Falls to fight some trainers, Steven was in a different area than usual and Red was in the same area, blocking off three items, one of them a yellow-top, aka a TM. Dragon Claw, maybe? His only mon is a level 100 Armored Mewtwo… Yeah, that’s annoying.

So, since I wasn’t gonna grind that much, I used my exp code that also causes OHKOs and removed the code before it started giving Swampire EXP. On the otherside was a pink pokeball with a TM for Cataclysm, a Dark-type move with 200BP, 100ACC, and 1PP that only Swampire could learn. Other items include: a Shining Gem (Shiny Charm with the Old Amber item sprite), Starf Berry, an Inverse Gizmo (Makes everything an inverse battle and looks like a VS. Seeker except the blue part is a light pink), a Macho Brace, and a Master Ball. ...Oh, and an Egg? The summary says it came from the hot springs, but I got the hot springs egg, Koopie Koo the Wynaut, so maybe they just copied the script from Lavaridge’s egg gift? Before I picked it up, though, it did mention it was warm…

Anyway, I’m just glad it went automatically to my PC. (Also, the new cave Steven and Red are in isn’t able to be Dug out of. Because hakesmiths still don’t know how to make places you can Escape Rope out of...)

*after Biking along the Mauville Line a bunch* Victini hatched from the Egg! His random name is… OMG, SecuriMeow, Francis’ crazy robots. I mean, I guess Victini has cat-like ears??

Most of Meteor Fall’s Trainers seem to missing, except for the one that asks for your number, so I begin the true grind. ...And just a short while later, everyone’s at level 75 and Swampire is Flattering Steven’s Skarmory before striking it down in one Thunderbolt.

Ice Puff OHKO’d Armaldo with Drizzle-boosted Surf (I had to use the ability swapper in Sootopolis to give him that), Raven just barely got away with finishing off his EQ-spamming Claydol, Lava Piranha sapped away a sleeping Cradily’s health, Prince Mush sapped Aggron, and Doogan… Well, well there’s not much she can do against an angry Metagross that definitely has EQ. Somehow I went into the battle without her being fully-healed either, so since I couldn’t match her up properly, Lava Piranha put Metagross to sleep and got it to yellow health before tagging in Doogan to finish it with Return. My 1-to-1 fighting strategy for the Final Bosses continues! No one can stop it!
Anyway, see you next edit!

5/1/2019 9pm

Edino’s Teamlocke’d Adventure through Soul Silver Fusion!
Featuring: Frosty the Male Auronium, Shypuff the Female Luxroar
Toxa the Tanky Female Scolithorn, Elizabeth the Fancy Female Frossvoir
Francine the Royal Female Genitar, and Vincent the Distinguished Male Slurgeot!​

Deaths: 0
ROM Notes: Soul Silver Fusion is a Spanish hack made by a Spanish Youtuber. Since I don’t speak Spanish, I don’t know the full story of the game, but I do know that this game is hellish and will have you constantly on edge with the “BS Clause”.

First of all, practically NO Pokemon learn STAB in any form! This results in enemy Pokemon having ridiculous moves like Karen’s Umbreon/Lucario fusion having Rock Wrecker! On the ally pokemon side, I had to use a rule to teach Pokemon STAB moves if their fellow members learned such a move naturally! (aka, not through use of a TM, which meant Francine had to wait on Rock Tomb until she became a Haunter/Pupitar fusion) I did add a second part to the rule, where the Pokemon teaching the move had to use it ten times in battle before forgetting it (or having the chance of forgetting it, if it’s useful), but I still winded up using that rule 11 times so all of my Pokemon could have STAB moves! And poor Frosty had to deal with Wood Hammer for most of the time… I still theorize that the youtuber just randomized movesets and didn’t check to see if Pokemon learn STAB!

Secondly, there’s no way he touched the trainers at all, because they’re random, much like the next game in this post. Falkner had a freaking Ultra Solgaleo, for crying out loud! Frosty had to spam Acid Armor so much just to not die in one hit! And I’m pretty sure no one would ever look at a freaking CHIKORITA and think “oh yeah, that kid’s gonna out-tank an Ultra Solgaleo”? Sure, maybe Meganium, but not a Chikorita! And his only attacks at the time were Fake Out and Magnet Bomb, so you can guess how much damage I was doing to it every turn…

But… I must admit the fusion sprites are top-tier. They look gorgeous! I made an album of some notable evolutions, and I’ll also link to the videos where the youtuber shows off all the fusions, which I suggest to mute if you don’t understand Spanish like me. But maybe Youtube’s fixed it’s auto-translate caption function, I dunno. (I would just like to remind you that Kangassey is clearly the cutest one, you can not convince me otherwise.)

Story Notes: So, obviously not much happened, what with no deaths and all, but I was still constantly on edge! It doesn’t help that my Teamlocke’d team had a major Rock weakness…
BTW, quick typing explanation: Frosty is ice/grass, Shypuff is fire/elec, Toxa is poison/steel, Elizabeth is ice/psychic, Francine is ghost/rock, and Vincent is psy/fly.

Toxa and Francine were commonly my saviors, but Toxa moreso, who always had a Fighting-type move, somehow. She ended the game with Drain Punch, along with her STAB moves. But, starting from the beginning, Frosty was amazing, starting with Swords Dance, then getting Acid Armor, and later Cosmic Power… It really seemed like he wanted to be a tank at all costs! By the way, both the I in Edino and the o in Frosty have an acute accent over them. I wasn’t sure if that would work on the forum, so I left them out so far.

Anyway, someone on the discord named Silver “Ender”, and eventually I got my Pokeballs, narrowly missing getting an ice/fly Hoothoot/Snover on the first route and getting a shy little ball of fire and electricity, now known as Shypuff, though I imagine she really grew into her own, especially during the time she taught Frosty Wood Hammer, when she had a full color wheel full of movesets, wood hammer’s green, fire blast’s red, thunderbolt’s yellow, and brine’s blue. Now she has Aqua Tail (In Spanish it’s Acua Cola, which sounds so cool??), and added Blaze Kick to her moveset. Though, she originally started out with just Fire Spin taught to her from Vincent and holding onto a Charcoal so tightly she’d be black all over!

Toxa came from Route 46, where I imagine her ruling over the ‘mon there with an iron fist until Frosty challenged the Ferroseed/Venipede fusion to a challenge which reluctantly resulted in her joining the shy Edino and his passionate Chikorita/Amaura.

And that leaves the last three, the Royal Trio, as I call them. First came Elizabeth, her head helmet a striking royal purple and her manner immaculate as she requested to join Edino with a bow. Francine was next. She was a bit rough around the edges, more of a haunty-type that claimed to be royalty, and expected to be treated as such. (She learned Shadow Force just before the E4 and never really got to use it bc I preferred Shadow Claw...) Her and Elizabeth clashed, but Vincent joined next. With his poofy afro, comparable to a powdered wig, he was the most dignified Pokemon, no, person in general. With one word from him, Elizabeth and Francine’s squabbling was reduced to nothing.

That’s to say nothing about his battling prowess, where he barely ever fought. Though he did learn Judgement on the way to Chuck, but no plates, so… But he was an anti-ground masterpiece when he learned Bone Club. He learned the EQ TM from Vic. Road to replace it, and he was amazing with it!!

So, I don’t really have much else to say about the playthrough, but I did want to mention that I played this in rotation with two other games because around, I think Pryce or so, I noticed they all had the same badge count. That basically just means I played until I got a badge for one of them, then stopped to do the same with the next, then the third one. Of course, one of them was a Sinnoh game, so it was a bit weird trying to line them up, but I got through it! Also, that’s why all three of the end dates are right next to each other.
And an addition, I decided to not do Kanto in this game, but I will be doing Kanto in the other HGSS game, so scroll down to watch me update on that!

5/2/2019 10pm

Raech’s Gay Wedlocke Adventure through Pokemon Diamond Sun and Moon!
Siren the Fabulous Female Primarina x Mimi the Shy Female Mimikyu!
Feather the Stubborn Staraptor TOUCANNON x Shoto Todo the Male Fire/Ice Luxray!
And, May They Rest In Peace:
Marchbrave the Male Crabrawler x Terrone the Male Palossand!​

Deaths: 8
ROM Notes: Diamond Sun and Moon is also a Spanish Hack, but this one was fully translated, including the move names, so I didn’t have to spend time looking up the translations on Wikidex. (Which is basically a Spanish Bulbapedia that has the english names for moves and abilities right at the top, which made searching easier.) The rival takes the alolan PC sprite you don’t pick, which is weird when Lucas is right there, trying to do the same thing. I wonder if the rival would speak the same if I chose Male so he’d be Female…?

Anyway there’s not as much to say about this hack, I don’t think? There’s some original “Alolan Forms” like Shoto Todo’s new fire/ice evo line, and a Magcargo-typed Shellos line, which looks interesting with smoke coming out of it’s pores. The Pokemon names aren’t changed, and of course the party sprites aren’t either, so you have to scroll over them in the box to remember which is which.

And there’s a bit of a problem with evolution… Crabrawler couldn’t evolve, neither could Yungoos or Fomantis. And then there’s Feather… The first two sprites definitely showed a Pikipek and Trumbeak, but the third was unchanged, leaving him an ordinary Staraptor, his color forcefully shed... I really feel sorry for him due to that.

This hack does have the same problem that it looks like the trainer’s teams are hap-hazardly cobbled together, resulting in gyms that have no type theme in the gym leaders, which resulted in one full couple dying to them. Which could also count Marchbrave and Terrone dying to Cynthia’s Half-Ice-Type Team. Marchbrave just got OHKO’d from one of Regice’s Ice Beam, and of course a Ground-type wouldn’t survive an attack from a legendary like that! My suggestion is not to Wedlocke this.

Story Notes: So, this was definitely a hard hack to get through. It’s like, sometime after Fantina, Pokemon started dying left and right? Anyway, from the beginning, Freud was the rival, dragged Raech into the grass for the briefcase, and Siren the Popplio joined, female right off the bat. I’m guessing they set it to 100% Female. She was partnered with Perogi the Yungoos, and they were shy, but fit well together.

Feather the Pikipek joined next, Shoto Todo (an obvious My Hero Academia reference) following. I imagine him having the same character arc as that Todoroki, honestly. So, that leaves the third pair, the always-fated-to-die couple. Well, first were Groose the Male Psyduck and Frank the Male Fomantis. They were dreamly in love, until Groose died. I was taking on the Cemetery Tower just South of Solaceon and they got in a double battle with a Totodile that knew Ice Fang, which I narrowly managed to kill, but the second Pokemon, Dartrix, killed Groose before he could get off Reflect. Rocky Road the Male Rampardos joined Frank after that.

And, well, Perogi died in the route just past that, to the first trainer on that route… Because the freaking Explorer ordered his Geodude to use Self-Destruct! And I was gonna give her a surrogate-evolution by catching a wild Gumshoos and editing it to have her stats! So in came the shy Mimi, who I imagine falling in love with Siren’s beautiful singing and falling all over the beauty to please her before Siren finally accepted her.

And then came Crasher Wake. Of course, normally it would be a bad idea to throw a couple with a Rock-type to his team, but Frank was the best Water Counter I had… But of course, he didn’t have a single Water-type Pokemon, and even though he had a Resting Type:Null with no Chesto, both of them fell.

Now the next Couple, they were supposed to be the Ones! The Ones to survive! I mean, who’d look at a Vikavolt and Drampa and say “Those two would never make it to the League”!? They were the perfect pair! I was clueless who I should add after they passed!
Of course, they had to die to the Double Battle with the Admins and Freud at the top of Mt. Coronet, and since Cyrus’ battle is right after with no break and Freud healed me… I had to double kill them…

Which lead to Marchbrave and Terrone joining. Honestly, they were pretty good! If it wasn’t for Marchbrave’s terrible SpDef at that moment (Maybe it was lowered…?), he totally could’ve made it through another Ice Beam to Brick Break Regice! There were good moments, though. They took down Volkner. It was hard, especially against his lead Porygon-Z, but Marchbrave shattered its defenses! And Terrone fought through a Perish Song to finish off a Hitmonlee that Flint had! They had some pretty amazing times, just as the other Doomed-Third-Couples had.

I’m glad I played this hack. It’s been a while since I’ve had an unlucky Wedlocke like this. It’s fun seeing… ok, maybe that sounds a bit weird, haha! Anyway, onto the last game I rotated!

5/3/2019 9pm

Ciara’s Hunted Teamlocke’d Adventure through Pokemon Heart Gold: Golden Edition!
Featuring: Cynth the Female Feraligatr, Ragged the Female Golem,
Magnetilo the Masculine Magnezone, Gerbil Puffin the Male Fearow,
Charlie the Buffed Female Flareon, and Cindy Lou Who the Tanky Miltank!​

Deaths: 11
ROM Notes: Heart Gold Golden Edition is another Quality of Life-ish hack. It has the expected things you’d see in a HGSS Upgrade hack: Lyra replaced with Krys, Goldenrod Casino from the Japanese version, and my personal favorite: The Battle Frontier Move Tutors are out and about in the world! Cynth got Dive from one of them, and Charlie got Last Resort, it was awesome!

Plus, there are some learnset upgrades, like with Flareon, who does learn Flare Blitz. I never thought I’d use a recoil move during a Nuzlocke, or even in general, but Charlie’s Flare Blitz and Frosty’s Wood Hammer proved me wrong, haha! Nothing much is changed in regards to the trainer’s teams at all.

Story Notes: So, this is the first Nuzlocke with Hunted Clause that I’ve actually managed to finish! All of the others winded up being abandoned randomly. I still want to finish the first Hunted Clause Nuzlocke I started someday, though… Anyway: Hunted Clause is the rule where, if you don’t lose a Pokemon in between earning your last badge, and earning the next, you must roll a Pokemon Slot, and that one will be considered dead. (However, if my starter is rolled, or an empty slot, nobody has to die. Those additions can be optional, if you want to play with Hunted Clause, though.) It’s kind of weird to explain, but I created this rule because I was having too many deathless Nuzlockes, and it was getting more and more boring.

So, back to the story, I was amazed to get a female Totodile without even trying! Her name came from a let’s play I had seen where there was a punk girl was named Cynth. It was fun to imagine Cynth was actually Cynthia the Sinnoh Champ as a Totodile somehow, tho. Someone in the Discord named Silver “Gurry”, and Cynth ripped up his Chikorita.

So, honestly, most of the story is already in the deaths log I wrote up during the game. I included some team screenshots I took in there, but it kinda looks like a mess, oof.

I will say one thing, though: I’m super glad I finally got to use a Miltank!! I always look at them and wish I didn’t play Teamlocke’d so much, because they’re just such tanks. (Because usually when someone dies in Teamlocke’ds, I’m looking for a good type replacement, but every type was already accounted for on the team!) Cindy vs Karen’s Umbreon was just amazing, because Umbreon could barely do any damage to her! I’m so glad I chose her~! I’ll miss Jolene, though...

Anyway, since I’m gonna do the Kanto Postgame for this hack, I’ll update the Deaths Log as I go, because I’m not going to stop getting Hunted in Kanto!

5/20/19 Edit: The Game is finished! Read the Deaths Log to see how Kanto went!

Status: 16 + Red

7/2/2019 9pm

Claine’s Teamlocke’d Forestlocke Adventure through Pokemon Silver Forest Take-over!​

Deaths: 1
ROM Notes: Pokemon Silver Forest Take-over is a weird hack of Silver. While the edited maps are gorgeous, there are glitches out the wazoo. You can’t hop off onto the piece of land surrounding Cianwood, the Medicine guy refused to give me the medicine, trying to take the Dragonfang crashed the game… I had to use a walk through walls code way too much just to finish this game, and I finished it with only 6 badges because of the above glitches locking me out of Jasmine and Clair’s badges!

And there is a documented Kanto edit in the thread, so you were clearly supposed to get to Kanto. I edited the game a lot through the janky Gen 2 Map program near the beginning, but I can’t quite remember what I did. Expect cliffs where you hop off into a tile you can’t escape from. And, my god, that Farfetch’d Puzzle was super annoying with the new Ilex Forest map...

Story Notes: OK, so I didn’t think much about the story, but this was my first Forestlocke and I was just trying to get through this insanely broken hack. This hack has been sitting unplayed for a while, and I was expecting it to be some demo of Team Rocket taking over the Ilex Forest, like a one-level demo with pre-determined pokemon.

But it wasn’t, so I tried out a Forestlocke for the first time! It’s basically a Quadlocke, so I can only use Bug, Poison, Grass, and Flying-type pokemon… But I forgot Flying-type was included in the types I could use bc I didn’t confirm the ruleset before playing it. I was already far enough in and having already skipped a bunch of Pidgeys, so I just kept to the first three types and made my second forestlocke have Flying-type allowed. (My second Forestlocke is Renegade Platinum… I’m not sure why I decided to play Ren-Plat after launch as a teamlocke’d quadlocke…)

Anyway, Claine’s only death was a female Arbok named Citronella, who died on the route beneath Blackthorn. Apparently Digging Arbok are cursed to Die to Magnitude/Earthquake for me, oof.

And I’m not doing Red once again, since I’ve dealt with enough glitches, but see you next time I do a Challenge Shot!

7/8/2019 9pm

DJ’s Wedlocke Adventure through Pokemon Fire Red Elementary!
Alabastor the Vengeful Male Blastoise x Champagne the Female Ursaring!
Eggshell the Male Charizard x Ivory the Female Aggron!
Baby Powder the Female Gyarados x Cornsilk the Male Victreebel!​

Deaths: 3
ROM Notes: Fire Red Elementary is one of those “All Gym Leaders have Six Pokemon”-type hacks. Which resulted in a particularly insane Brock Fight… I was always on the edge of my seat, but there’s not much I can say on this part since I didn’t lose any Pokemon after Brock. Although, it is one of those annoying games where Exp. All is always on, so I wound up making a “EXP Depo” Box to box ‘mons in if they got too far ahead on levels. Ivory and Baby Powder seemed to be at a slower exp rate compared to the rest, so they were frequently running as lone wolves. They did pretty great like that, so I imagined they were good friends, heh. Oh, and forced Set Mode, so, eugh.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a site to only download the .ips from, as the pokecommunity thread for this hack appears to be deleted/blocked from my view, so just google it if you want to find it.

Story Notes: So, DJ vs Hinta… Inadvertently, the nickname theme winded up being shades of white, then broadened to shades of white-ish paint. (I kind of feel bad about BP’s name…) Alabastor fought the Wedlocke rules at first, killing the female Rattata that appeared on Rt. 1, but eventually sweet Cream the Zigzagoon appeared and joined the rash little Squirtle; Beige the Male Spearow and Seashell the Female Ledyba joining after them.

The chosen pair for Brock was obvious, but I was still clueless about the six Pokemon they had to take on, and headed in with everyone lv. 15. But of course his second-to-last mon had to be a Lileep, ready to suck out Alabastor’s guts, and Cream’s guts right after. Somehow Beige managed to take it out… but Rhyhorn was left, taking him out with Rock Tomb. Seashell desperately spammed Supersonic, hitting it the second try, and setting up Reflect. It hit itself a few times and Seashell held out hope with Tackle and Comet Punch, but there was no hope…

Except Alabastor had hit his evo-level while fighting the fire 4 Pokemon. I was liveblogging everything on the r/Nuzlocke Discord, and everything is still in the archives of #nuzlocke-discussion. I was encouraged to re-fight Brock with Alabastor, someone dubbing him the Spirit of Vengeance.

I ground all the way to level 22, grabbing Rapid Spin to deal with the Lileep’s dastardly Leech Seed. And he did great! I put a turn-by-turn write up on the discord that you can still read if you search for Alabastor’s name and scroll around a bit.

Anyway, Alabastor walked away a broken man, all his friends suddenly gone, and having seen the great beyond before his body changed and pulled him back. Champagne was from Rt. 3 and was alone for a bit as Alabastor thought about things in the EXP Depo, but Eggshell and Ivory were there as well. Eggshell was in a Pokeball that was blocking Mt. Moon, so he counted as the catch of Rt. 4, since you get thrown into a fight with Charmander. Baby Powder being the usual Magikarp gift of Rt. 4 and Cornsilk from Rt. 24.

Really, the best part of the story was the first gym, so I’ll probably just leave it at that, but, well, Champagne kinda winded up being pretty useless during the end… And Alabastor was constantly vengeful so, while it was originally a joke, the idea of her being a wine mom that drinks to fill the void of her husband not paying attention to her… Well, it’s kind of true. So I guess I have a cannon alcoholic Nuzlocke-Pokemon now…

Anyway, see you next Challenge Shot!

7/9/2019 7pm

Bürtz’s Gay Wedlocke through Randomized Blattgrüne!
Brissäu the Male Blastoise x Sasörs the Cheery Male Wobbuffet!
Drachen the Draconic Male Parasect x Eyäöz the Klutzy Male Piloswine!
Shämmen the Wise Male Farfetch’d x Klapperschlange the Loud Male Arbok!​

Deaths: 0
ROM Notes: One day I was playing ROM hacks on one of those website emulators and came across Blattgrüne. Thinking it was a weird hack, I clicked on it, only to find out it was just normal Leaf Green in German! And after a bit of playing, I downloaded my own copy to play on VBA and randomized it! Type-themed trainers, since that’s easier for Wedlockes.

Story Notes: So, Bürtz versus Dänvel… Brissäu is just a cheery-type of Blastoise, no insane story like Alabastor, since there were no deaths. Sasörs joined on Rt. 1 as a tiny little Wynaut with Mist Ball and Confusion. The Wobbuffet only learned Extrasensory after Giovanni, along with the Shadow Ball TM, since I always seem to forget getting upgrades until right b4 the League…

Drachen is the first one with an interesting story! Paras’ common held item is listed as Dragonfang, and he indeed was caught with that item. I always imagined him as being obsessed with the power of the Dragons, hence him being called Draconic above, but he kind of had a great moveset and learned Spore right before the league, so I never winded up giving him the Dragon Claw TM. (TMs were randomized, but somehow Dragon Claw went from being one of the first TMs to one of the last, heh!) Eyäöz (EE-yowzz) was a klutzy Swinub from the start. His name came from me wanting to play with the letters with umlauts that were on the keyboard (just a, o, and u), but it’s funny imagining how he might just constantly trip over his fur, somehow leading to his name!

Shämmen was super fun in the beginning! I remember making a joke out of him having Kratzfurie (Fury Swipes) and shouting it out when he used it. I didn’t keep that forever, of course, and eventually the bird was joined by an Ekans on Route 3. Klapperschlange (Rattlesnake in German) was just another hard-hitting Poison-type. He had Glare, and Shämmen eventually learned Confuse Ray, so I liked hitting Pokemon with Parafusion quite a bit!

Well, besides the Pokemon, I did imagine that the main plot was Bürtz stumbling his way through German Kanto, having woken up there the day of his 10th Birthday. Brissäu and the rest were there to help him through, though, and after Giovanni admitted that he had created a portal experiment, Bürtz defeated the League to help bring his Pokemon to the end before leaving them to go back home (and maybe being forced to do it again by his mom since the German-Kanto Pokedollars aren’t the same as English-Kanto Pokedollars and the currency exchange rate is bad [or something like that, heh!])

See you next Challenge Shot!

7/11/2019 9pm

Weak’s Hunted Teamlocke’d Adventure through Low Carat Gold!
Featuring: ToffeeMint the Female Meganium, Sarah the Female Gengar
Rupert the Male Slowbro, Swydo the Male Sudowoodo,
And Seline the Female Farfetch'd!​

Deaths: 11
ROM Notes: Low Carat Gold is a minor hack by Master Bryss. Just go read his write-up of what the hack is; it’s quite short.

Story Notes: I had a lot of fun writing this in Abridged Story Bits in the beginning! Toffee Mint was a candy-summoning Chikorita because of the little nubs on her neck. If I remember correctly, someone suggested Toffee, and another suggested Mint, so I smashed them together, heh!

I lost interest in the game for about a year before coming back and zooming from Chuck to Lance in two days, but I finished the log (which is 12pgs long at the time of writing this). I’m gonna do Kanto and Red for this game, because it’s such a great challenge! Anyway, just read the log for the full story!

7/13/2019 Edit: Alright, I finished Red! Go check the Story Notes to read up on it! See you next Challenge Shot!
Status: 16 + Red

8/30/2019 8pm

Shamiko's Eggy Adventure in Hardy’s LG Egglocke!
Herabuff the Manly Male Heracross, Scyman the Unfortunately-Name Male Scizor,
The Yellow Ele-Punch Bros: Atlas the Male Alakazam & Alien the Male Electabuzz,
Cynth WiFi the Confused Male Quagsire, and Rothbart the Villainous Ninetales!​

Deaths: 1
ROM Notes: It’s a random egglocke I found when I searched Youtube! There are some Bulbasaur in their where the sender forgot to change the Pokemon’s species, so I had to guess at what the species was actually supposed to be by looking at Bulbapedia. (which actually worked great, lol)

Also, I changed my ID/Gender from what Hardy set, so whenever I hatched a shiny egg, the ID rerolled… Meaning no Shinies… I know I at least missed two bc I had to edit a mon’s species at the end and I hadn’t hatched 3 of my encounters, 2 of which were shiny… Pkrs had a similar glitch, where the summary said a Pokemon had it, but they were unable to spread it or run out of it. I theorize that they just didn’t have Pkrs according to the game, but the icon was stuck there...

And I probably should’ve tried Dupes Clause, since I got three Cubone, and three of my last six encounters were Growlithe… (The Dog Pack was lying in wait for the end…)

Story Notes: So, this was kind of a Teamlocke’d but I was open to swapping Pokemon, since my pulls were so subpar, or were better for late game… I should’ve just kicked out Scyman for that Bagon…

Anyway, Shamiko v Momo, a reference to the currently airing (as of the writing of this post) Mahou Shoujo anime, Machikado Mazoku. (Don’t take that as an endorsement to watch said anime. I just did it on a whim!) Anyway, Herabuff is a meme in the Discord of r/Nuzlocke. He has his own emote and everything, so the name was obvious. Of course, he had to deal with a case of the STABless Blues for quite a while, because Brick break was on the S.S. Anne…

Nina the Chikorita hatched, then Scyman the Scyther. (I only realized much later that it sounded like Simon when pronounced, so I named the second Scyther Seemoan, after the Gurren Lagan character. Then I just named the one that hatched as a Scizor Hammer.) Then came Atlas with all the Ele-Punches/Teleport, and Alien with T-Punch and Ice Punch. They kinda destroyed Koga/Sabrina together, lol. They were def Best Friends/Bros!

Cynth joined after Nina destroyed Brock, the third hatch I got from that region of areas. (Other options were Beldum or Spheal, and, uh, the Major Fire Weakness was telling me something.) Now, it was kind of a challenge of mine this playthrough not to do full-on grinding sessions to get to the Gym Leader’s levels, and to just rely on my Pokemon’s moves. (It wasn’t a full-on grindless run, though I did fight all possible trainers. I’m actually working on a true grindless run, and it’s Helllll!) And, surprisingly enough, Nina’s death didn’t come from that decision!

Oh, Cynth WiFi had what ability again?

Nope, it had to come from Nina being one level behind everyone else, so I threw her out against one of the Rocket Grunts at the top of Pokemon Tower! So she went Kablooey! And just when I was thinking of a good Reverse-Harem-styled Nuzlocke variant…

Anyway, the Discord suggested the fire fox (who had actually hatched as a Ninetales, but that’s illegal, so I de-evo’d him), so I added the fox that knew Dig and tried to Dig his trainer into a hole at every possible point. Poor demon girl, on edge about an even-more-villainous creature than what she is… Heh.

Anyway, despite that small setback, everything went swimmingly! I found out Flame Wheel is a legal egg move for Rattata (I named her Pirolle by the way, it’s beautiful!), and gave up on the third failed-species Bulbasaur because the only difference was the addition of Block (which is technically a Gen5 event move for Bulba, but, uh, this is Gen3).

Not a super interesting run, but it was fun to blaze through Kanto again nonetheless! See you next Challenge Shot!

9/11/2019 10pm

Amamia’s Teamlocke’d Adventure through Pokemon Caos 2!
Bubulk the Male Blasteldur, Eye Spy the Male Mamosgeot,
The 27th Clone of Manly Max (Who was not originally a Goldstic),
Baby EX STRONK the Male Donpharing, [Du(o]ne) the Female Ratigarde,
And, May She Rest in Peace:
Hope x2 the Female Vivilfree​

Deaths: 1
ROM Notes: It’s a new spanish fusion ROM Hack! I found this because of of someone playing it on the r/Nuzlocke Discord, and this one is much better and actually has STAB on their Pokemon! (Although the Pidgey-Swinub line only gets EQ as a Pidgeotto at lv58, so I just hacked it onto Eye Spy when I noticed that in Yape.)

Oh, and it’s also compatible with YAPE (aka “Yet Another Pokemon Editor”), so it’s easy to look up a Pokemon’s typing this time. It was very much a lifesaver. Anyway, I was playing a partially translated version. (I couldn’t find a site that linked to just the .ips of that version, btw.) Only notable things might be that the first town is filled with NPCs mentioning the hakesmith’s aocial media, and that Oak is the Champ. (Although it still says your rival name in the “You defeated <class> <name>” text) Oh, and that all the Gym Leader’s are re-typed with amazing new in-battle sprites! (Blaine went full Bugsy and gives you 80 Net Balls instead of a TM, probably because there’s no Bug-type TM…)

Story Notes: It was Amamia v Salsa. Bubulk (a portmanteau of Bubble and Bulk) didn’t start out looking like a clown, but I guess Timburr doesn’t either (since their nose starts out black, I guess). Anyway, the buff Water-type was swiftly joined by a blind little Pidgey-Swinub called Eye Spy. Kind sad he opened his eyes for his final evolution, making the name not work anymore, but I got to make Flightless Bird jokes instead (even though he can learn Fly…).

The 27th Clone of some celebrity that Amamia didn’t know about joined next. The story goes that they were trying to clone the star so he lasted forever, but eventually they wound up trying to mix some humanoid Pokemon DNA in there to make him more sturdy and everything backfired until my Water/Psychic boy was created. Then he escaped and ran into Amamia in Viridian, where he was captured and always kept Glare and Charm ready.

Baby EX came from Rt. 22, a weird little fusion of two Baby Pokemon, hence the name. I had the idea of his name change for quite a while before his evolution, and was amazed that it actually fit! A two-headed Ratcell 1% joined next. The best way to describe the Normal/Dragon Rat is that it looked like a Zygarde cell-slug and a Rattata side-by-side, but they both had the same Zygarde Cell Head, and they were Purple all over. I love that they wound up having one head in the end, because it makes more sense that her name is about a Duo becoming One! Duone!

Which left poor Hope x2 for last. Hope is a common name given to Butterfree/butterfly Pokemon in the r/Nuzlocke Discord, and since I named something Herabuff last time, it seemed like a good idea to repeat that. But since she was two butterfly Pokemon in one, I decided on Hope x2, because she had double the Hope in her! Kinda cheesy now that I say it like that, haha. Anyway, her Aeroblast/Signal Beam/Psychic could really counter so much, it was great!

Anyway, it wasn’t easy, not getting any deaths until the Champion fight! I had Zero Water or Normal Counters! I jokingly added a Cacnea/Toxicroak fusion to my team after finishing the game, because there’s no way Amamia would let that hold her back anymore!

But yeah, Oak had both the Ultra Legendary/Gengar fusions and I kind of had to sacrifice Hope so Baby STRONK could get in and take down the Ghost/Steel U-Gengaleo, which then left the badly poisoned Ghost/Psychic U-Gengala (from Baby STRONK’s Poison Fang, might I add). Anyway, she saved the rest of the weakened team. She truly was, a great Hope.

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