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  1. Repti

    Screenshot Sinnoh Written Log Fan Game General Blind Renegade Platinum Nuzlocke Attempt 1. Probably not gonna last very long.

    So... I heard that Renegade Platinum is a pretty hard romhack of Pokemon Platinum. Which means, I'm gonna try my best and log a blind nuzlocke of this game. I'm hoping it's gonna be fun; it sounds like it will. Anyways, time to start :)
  2. syrtder

    Screenshot Kanto General Hack Mon Nintendask Nuzlocke

    Hi! Welcome to my first Fan Challenge Run, i'm pretty excited and i hope you're excited for me too! This run is based off of pokemon nintendask version in the kanto region, all pokemon have been replaced with fakemon, since this is my first fan challenge run it might not be that exciting...
  3. HarmonyTRE

    Bloom of a New Day: A Black Nuzlocke (Screenshots)

    Hi, HarmonyTRE here! I plan on both taking screenshots and making a comic of this run. The story will follow Heather and her three friends, Wayzar, Fairy, and Pyrro, as they venture through Unova. Heather's starter is a shiny Oshawott. I am planning on starting after I find one in the game...
  4. Sirwallaby

    Sword nuz without a name

    So It's that time again! Just like lets go I've got another screenshot run of a brand new game! Sword. There's not really much to say about it except that I don't have shield so it wasn't much of a choice which one I'd pick for the screenshot nuzlocke. [/Spoiler]
  5. L

    Screenshot Hack A Magical Adventure(Lulu's Pokemon Glazed Potterlocke)

    So yea... I've done a Potterlocke before on another forum, and lets just say it ended.... ...badly. Ok all my team got wiped out in one update and the two in my pc were forbidden to be used so I basically lost then and there. To be fair it was also a randomizer. I have learned my lesson...
  6. PageEmperor

    Screenshot Johto Mixed Media Hack Nothing Personal: PageEmperor's Sacred Gold Nuzlocke!

    Alright, a screenshot run I had going on on another site has now arrived here! Why the run is called that... I don't know. I more or less put a title there just for no reason. Anyways, onto the run! Rules: 1. Catch first encounter 2. Permabox anyone who dies 3. Dupes clause Now let's begin...
  7. JurassicJan

    Screenshot Sinnoh General Do it for the Doof - Jan's Pokemon Platinum Water Mono-type Nuzlocke

    Hi! This is my first time using the new forums (I had a few unfinished runs on the old forums a few years back) so I figured I'd start with something simple; This will be a pretty casual screenshot-based nuzlocke run of Pokemon Platinum, with the following rules: 1) I can only catch the first...
  8. Nimbostratus

    Screenshot Hoenn Commentary Nimbo vs. Climate Change - Randomized Emerald

    I fear this might be deleted for getting too "political", but... climate change is kind of a big deal. True, there's only so much the common person can do, but I'm tired of being mad at myself for doing nothing at all. So here's what I'm gonna do... I'm gonna do a Nuzlocke. And every time...
  9. Rumors

    Nuzlocke Nuzlocke Ideas and Concepts You'd Like to See

    I'm sure I'm not the only one here who's had a few different ideas for Nuzlocke stories I've wanted to write or different concepts that've come to mind, but wasn't able to pursue for various reasons (usually lack of time for tackling that much stuff as the culprit). Or maybe there's just things...
  10. anonymouse

    Screenshot Sinnoh Mixed Media Teen [COMPLETE] Shadows Over Sinnoh

    Shadows Over Sinnoh A Lovecraft-inspired run of Platimun Ver. What's up, Nuzforums! It's been a hot minute since I posted any of my nuzlockes, so might as well dive in head-first with my return to the scene. I'm Nelson, aka anonymouse, and welcome to this experimental Lovecraftian-style run...
  11. Seyuu

    Screenshot Hoenn Mixed Media Commentary A Dragon God Ate My Homework! And Other Assorted Tales

    Hi welcome to video game [Thank Jim It's Tuesday is the update schedule unless I decide to be funky about it] [Also Thank Jim for the name of the run and the Episode 1 name] {In-game Progress: Badge 4/8}
  12. CompleteWingback

    Screenshot Kanto Hack "Limit Breakers": A Dragon Ball Z Team Training Nuzlocke

    .................................... Hikaru kumo tsukinuke fly away (fly away) Karada-juu ni hirogaru panorama Kao wo kerareta chikyuu ga okotte (okotte) Kazan wo bakuhatsu saseru Toketa koori no naka ni Kyouryuu ga itara tamanori shikomitai ne CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA...
  13. Vivace

    Oodles of Doodles - A Soul Link Run of Pokemon Wack with 0 Anonymous

    GOOD MOOOOOOOORNING NUZFORUMS! While we're all getting excited for the new pokemon games (or maybe not lol), 0 Anonymous and I have something really special to show you. Behold! Pokemon Wack edition! Now, before you all tab out. This may look like your ordinary joke hack, but this game is a...
  14. silvercoffee

    Screenshot Johto General Mon | Brice Boi - Attempt at Ice/Water Monolocke in Johto! [Chapter 3] updated! |

    Hey everyone! This is going to be the first-ever post that I'm gonna make in this forum. Straight up doing the fan challenge. I'm going to do a monotype nuzlocke challenge but had no idea what type should I choose, so I did a test/quiz about what pokemon type do I prefer and it turns out to be...
  15. Brotoman

    Screenshot Let's Play Mature Just a Side Character (Digimon Story Hacker's Memory)

    Well hey wasn't that announcement a surprise. Still, the new forum and that trailer got the creative juices flowing so I decided in honor of two great games coming soon to Switch and PC for old times sakes I'd instead force myself to suffer through the clunky nature of trying to screenshot a run...
  16. Toyotasomi no Miko

    Screenshot Fan Game Hack Rocks Fall, Pokémon Faint; Toyo Nuzlockes Pokémon Gaia!

    Howdy! Looks like people are new here, so I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Toyo. Toyo the Toyo. I'm a guy who likes rom hacks and other fangames and will play them for fun and nonprofit. Profiting off of this isn't my goal. Well, with money. But anyways. Pokémon Gaia! It's a pretty...
  17. Alchemy

    Screenshot Let's Play Teen Out to Zee: A Blind OA of Sunless Sea (Oh no)

    Sunless Sea is an exploration roguelike game released by Failbetter Games in 2015, set in a world where the City of London sank down below during the reign of Queen Victoria. As a result, the citizens have found themselves at the mercy of various nightmarish horrors due to essentially being the...
  18. Norhian Samur

    Pupils and Soldiers and Devils (Oh My) - A Shining Force 2 Lets Play

    Shining Force 2 is a Strategy RPG game that was released for the Sega Genesis back in October of 1993 (In japan, the US got it a year later). Shining Force 2 is the third game in the Shining Series (Which I've learned is still ongoing nowadays which feels real crazy to me). The game isn't really...
  19. io_

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Mon Reckless Renewal: A Pokémon Reborn Storyshot Nuzlocke (Update: sadly cancelled due to significant ethical concerns about the fangame's origins)

    "I shut my eyes, and it all floods back..." Lucia leapt at the chance to challenge the hardest League in the world. What waited was an underbelly of timelines, traitors and machines. Pokémon Reborn is a fangame with all Pokémon from Gens 1-7, a story-driven setting and lots of memorable...
  20. ZHODY

    Challenge Shots: Hall of Fame Screenshots from My Undocumented Nuzlockes

    Duck's Wedlocke Randomizer Challenge on Pearl! ManLeaf the Male PidgeotxYellowClaw the Female Sandslash! BloomingPebble the Male CradilyxBigBunny the Female Lopunny! EggStinger the Male ExeggutorxToxicPlant the Female Roserade! Deaths: 2 (Not a full pair [just two females] but ManLeaf will...