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  1. TerryTheTeryx

    Written Story General PMD: Into the Oblivion

    Alrighty. Let's get this party started. So how long have I been working on this? Quite frankly, I have no idea. I know I planned on making it a comic, though. But now it's a written story. Because I don't have the strength to functionally manage two comics at once. This was the original cover...
  2. solaris127h

    Comic Teen Pokemon Colosseum: Renewal

    Read on Smackjeeves | Tapas (coming soon) HELLO Everyone and welcome to Pokemon Colosseum: Renewal! This is a work that's near and dear to my heart. I've been in love with the world and characters of Colosseum and XD since I first played the game over 10 years ago... And now I finally get to...
  3. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke What makes up the genders in your teams?

    So basically, in your nuzrun teams, what gender do your teams often get dominated by? Or do you end up with gender neutral teams? For me, it’s usually balanced. And if it is skewed towards a specific gender then I will always have another run dominated by the other gender. For example, in my...
  4. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke Moves you have grown to love/hate thanks to Nuzlockes

    So what moves have you changed your opinion on thanks to nuzruns? Basically like those threads for the mons, now it's for the moves. For me... Love: Perish song. It just feels so good when the opponent sends out their last mon, and you can use this, switch out, and stall until the opponent...
  5. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke Pokemon you've lost respect for due to Nuzlockes

    So basically, what Pokemon have you grown to like less thanks to the challenge, whether it is because you used one and it was underwhelming or because it was annoying, or a bad opponent. For me, it is Mienshao. Thanks to my X Nuzlocke, I absolutely despise Mienshao, my least favourite gen5 mon...
  6. Lefington

    Apps Closed Roleplay Explode Onto the Scene - A Pokemon ReBURST RP

    Anyone remember Pokemon ReBURST? That one manga back in 2011 during the BW era? No? Don't blame you. Well all you need to know is that it's centered around this guy, who, like many others in the setting, can fuse with Pokemon sealed in crystal like items called Burst Hearts into a Gijinka-like...
  7. Cirr

    Play by Post Roll to Dodge Roll to Pokémon

    since all the rtds are somehow dead or inactive, here we go i'd copypasta some rules if i knew of any for your first action, pick a pokemon or human to be, and a location either in the real world or any pokemon location. the highest roll for location will spawn everyone there; if there is...
  8. Trollkitten

    Written Story Teen Pokemon Burst: Blue Moon

    Well. This is a thing I've been working on for the past year and a half, and have been planning for longer even than that. I won't say it's my magnum opus because it certainly has its issues (pacing included), but it's a story I've wanted to tell for a long time, and in April 2018, I finally...
  9. Shamditioner

    Comic Hoenn Mature Gijinka Guardian- An Omega Ruby Gijinkalocke

    HEY HEY HEY WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF GUARDIAN THE GREAT GIJINKALOCKE WITH A DUMB BIG BROTHER WHOS A STONER AND A tinnie tiny baby siter :} but really this is my nuzlocke comic that ive been working on for about 2 years now ?? theres 10 pages up, so im just gonna post em all in this post cause im...
  10. Pcaara

    Art Showcase Team Asadi: A design Journey

    Wasn't sure if I should've nestled this with my comic thread or put it in the current WIP thread (since it doesn't really fit?) so I decided to just make a showcase thread :D Back in 2017, I took on character design for my senior thesis, which saw me completely stripping down and redesigning the...
  11. mykehroo

    Comic Kalos General Mon Faith - Another Pokémon Y Nuzlocke

    Hoo boy, I'd knew I would have to throw my hat in this ring eventually. Hi everyone, as you can see my username is "mykehroo," but ya'll can call me Michael. Current Status: Ongoing, started May 18, 2019 Updates: Whenever I have the time to, but I'll try to update as fast as possible (Last...
  12. Pcaara

    Comic Leftovers: A Hoenn Saga

    Leftovers follows 19 y.o Asadi, a socially awkward girl who spontaneously sets off on a journey of self discovery - making new friends, enemies, and struggling to balance the responsibilities of a pokemon trainer with those of impeding adulthood. Hello hello! I actually posted this briefly on...
  13. TheChickPeaSoup

    Comic Kanto General Mon Peter Griffin's Epic Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke Challenge

    Region: Kanto Rules: - If a Pokémon faints, they're dead dead DEAD - One Pokémon per area(no doubles)- All nicknamed Freakin' sweet! Peter Griffin embarks on his own nuzlocke challenge to become Kanto's Pokémon League champion. Watch out for Team Rocket, Peter, they are totally not epic! Page...
  14. NerdyEdits

    Written Story Kanto Teen A Journey of Self-Discovery - Nerdy's Pokémon FireRed Nuzlocke

    Bonus #1 - Lisa & Titus[/SPOILER][/SPOILER]
  15. Jimcloud

    Written Story Fan Teen Champion Texts

    Hey y'all! This is a thread for a project of mine which I lovingly refer to as ChampTexts, which is what happens when you allow your local Pokémon champions access to phones, and also, divergent personalities. It's basically distilled internet groupchat humor with a theme. The main characters in...
  16. Squiggy Azalea

    Screenshot Kanto General Commentary NONVIABLE POKEMON: FIRE RED EDITION

    hi gamers its me :] your friendly gamer squiggy :] today im here to post my first ever run in here and its going to be a fire red nuzlocke oh my god!!!!!!!! but it's not going to be a simple nuzlocke it's going to be a SUPER HARD nuzlocke!!!! okay now that the rules are done we can...
  17. Jimcloud

    Play by Post PokéRadar v2

    Okay, I really enjoy this game, but it DOES require a little bit of research, admittedly. So bear with me here. The rules are as follows: Someone lists a Pokémon, and then you respond with a Pokémon that may be found a place that Pokémon may be found in (across any game) and list the location...
  18. Derogatory Trainer

    Screenshot Fan Game Mature Commentary The Terribly-Titled Nuzocke of Pokemon Rejuvenation: Part 3: Chapter 85 - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (17/10)

    Hello there! Some of you might know me already and some might not but I'll introduce myself anyway I'm the Derogatory Trainer and I'm doing another blind Nuzlocke! it also has a shit title like the other one Welcome to... POKEMON REJUVENATION BABY! Anyway for those who don't know...