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  1. TheDoggoKing

    Hmmm..... Should I attempt it?

    I'm thinking about making a pokemon x webcomic. But the problem is that I've never done one of these before. I'm also terrible at drawing. I'm unsure about it. Should I attempt to make a pokemon webcomic or should I wait?
  2. REDalchemist

    Screenshot Fan Game 🌏Plus Gaia!🌏 - [Pokemon Gaia Randomizer Nuzlocke]

    Konichiwa weebs 👋 I started a Gen 8 Randomizer to play through the Galar region and Gamefreak said SIKE , and released DLC that might be pivotal to my run so now I gotta slow progress on that and do something else. AND HERE WE ARE! I'm gonna be going through Pokemon Gaia cause I played it a...
  3. Waweezer

    Comic Galar General Mon Avacado's Sword Nuzlocke!

    Rules 1.You may only catch the first pokemon you encounter for each route. 2.If a pokemon faints, you must box it permanently. 3.Nickname all pokemon. 4.You may enter the Wild Area, but aren't allowed to interact with anything or anyone in it. The first half of the comics look pretty bad, but...
  4. Azelf

    Azelf's Art Corner

    Something overdue that I made in the old forum before it was tarnished by Tapatalk... This thread is where I'll share the cartoons and drawings I did from old to new. Most of these are Powerpuff Girls fanarts, but I plan on expanding upon the kind of fanarts I'll draw, and I'm also hoping to...
  5. Nihilego

    Screenshot Hoenn Mature A Journey Overdue (Pokemon Emerald Vanillalocke)

    Hello everyone! It's a-me Nihilego. I actually had an account on the old Nuzlocke board but well, didn't finish any runs cuz I've been real busy 😅 But well, I promised my friend I would play Pokemon Emerald in tandem with them but was too lazy to do it and actually told him I kept losing to the...
  6. Sabrina and Erika

    Sabrina and Erika

  7. Kinetic Kimo

    Comic Kanto Teen Speechless - A slightly tweaked Fire Red Nuzlocke Challenge

    Hello beautiful peoples! You've found your way to the thread for Speechless, a nuzlocke comic depicting a young trainer's trek through scenic Kanto where no one seems to speak with actual words! Please let me explain. ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ Deviantart * Comic Fury Enjoy~
  8. Nuzforums takes on SwSh Part 3: It's Not Fine

    Nuzforums takes on SwSh Part 3: It's Not Fine

    nuzlockeforums - Pokémon Sword/Shield - Twitch Zero plays shield with tails and mouse!
  9. jadethestone

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Liberty - Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Will really isn't interested in becoming a Pokemon trainer and would rather become an artist instead. However, due to her rare ability to speak to Pokemon, her parents and Professor Elm get the wrong idea and believe that she is destined to be a Pokemon Master. Will ends up finding herself...
  10. REDalchemist

    Screenshot Galar Hack Pokemon GUN 💥🔫 (Sword/Shield Randomizer Nuzlocke)

    BANG!!! 🔫 So It's been a good minute since I've touched a run on the forums by myself like this and I could definitely blame the great Tapatalk Drought that happened with the last forums, but much like the last forums I can finally announce that I will be putting an end to my Hiatus X Hiatus...
  11. Pokemon Grey Title (No Spoilers)

    Pokemon Grey Title (No Spoilers)

  12. POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 8

    POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 8

    Incorporated a new style! Trying it out but I like it a lot!
  13. GreyCorsola

    Comic Original Teen Pokemon Grey (A Sword and Shield Nuzlocke Comic)

    Hey guys! I've never done any sort of form post before so apologies in advance if anything is formatted strangely Idk what I'm doin' PFPFT. I'd figure'd I'd post here since- well, it is a Nuzlocke! A new world and a new region, the land of Galar awaits to challenge those who seek it. Follow a...
  14. POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 8

    POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 8

    Names and introductions
  15. POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 7

    POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 7

    Knock knock- it's the police
  16. POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 6

    POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 6

    Run away 2: Electric Bugaloo
  17. POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 5

    POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 5

    You know it's rude to talk about someone behind their back, right?
  18. POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 4

    POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 4

    Welp such a shame the conversation changed to what it did gotta go! :D To the shop to hopefully grab something good for dinner.
  19. POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 3

    POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 3

    Now introducing The Squad. absolute buffoons, all of them, just on varying degrees of Asshole (and varying degrees of Knife Ownership)
  20. POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 2

    POKEMON GREY - Prologue - Page 2

    well this is... complicated