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pokemon white

  1. gettingehedofmyself

    Unova Written Log Teen Mon Pokemon Why-te, in which I play with a stupid number of rules

    So last night I had an absolutely wonderful idea: What if I made a nuzlocke challenge as over the top difficult as possible? What if I had to play by as many rules as I could get to work together? And there was no one around to tell me not to do it. I chose the pokemon game I've had the worst...
  2. Vaporwave-Man

    Screenshot Unova Teen Commentary Attempt #2 at a Pokemon White Randomlocke(FAILED)

    Hi. Since my last 2 attempts at a nuzlocke failed, I decided to try it a 3rd time. Crazy right. You know the deal at this point. Let's GOOOOOOOOOO.
  3. Vaporwave-Man

    Screenshot Unova Teen Commentary Vaporwave-Man's Journey through a randomized Pokemon White(CANCELLED)

    Hi. I decided to do this because I have a lot of time on my hands and I might as well use it. I randomized moves, abilities, evolutions, and items. I didn't randomize typing because I thought it would be a good idea to be able to give any Pokemon Wonder Guard, so randomizing typing would make...
  4. Faleep

    Written Story Unova Mature Don’t Evolve

    Okay i have no self control and this has been sitting in my unpost wips folder for forever and i keep telling myself to post this damn thing so here y’all take this piece of something. If Unova wasnt already hard enough of a run, i decided to take a ruleset to the max and this came out of it...
  5. ashdrawsarts

    Comic Unova General Mon Road Map Not Included: A White Nuzlocke

    Tapas | Webtoons | ComicFury | Deviantart Summary: Finley’s idea is simple: get a pokemon, go on an adventure, hang out with friends, beat some gyms, see some cool cities, and defeat the most powerful trainer in the region! Unfortunately, life isn’t exactly known for going according to plan...
  6. Kylee nim

    Comic Unova Teen [COMPLETE] Myths of Unova

  7. E

    Written Story Unova General ES

    [MIRRORS] Archive of Our Own | Fanfiction.net | Canalave Library