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pokemon insurgence

  1. N_Mareanie

    Screenshot Fan Game General Insurgence Nuzlocke [Challenge Mode], because I am bored

    it says the first victim cause it's my first nuzlocke on this forum... poor whoever my character is gonna be yeah, basically. since ive played this game multiple times already ill just proceed to mash A... Since I've used Eevee a stupid amount of times and am not the biggest fan of Delta...
  2. antingaround

    Screenshot Fan Game Teen Commentary Insurgence Hard Mode Chapter 13

    Howdy all! antingaround, or Nicole, here. So uh, you may have heard of this fan game called Pokemon Insurgence, which recently got overhauled in version 1.2.5. Some neat features in this fangame include: A new region! With... interesting new characters. and an engaging new plot Fan megas and...
  3. Manstar

    Video Fan Game Teen Commentary [FAILED] Bad Life Choices - A Pokémon Insurgence Blind Hardmode Nuzlocke: Quitter Edition

    Welcome one and all to my magical journey through Pokémon Insurgence! I'm glad you stopped by! Oh wait it's a videolocke. I'm sure this one will be r i v e t i n g. Well I'm going to try my best to make it more riveting (than any lady with well formed biceps you've ever seen) by doing...
  4. A

    Written Log Fan Game Commentary Mon A whole new world- a pokemon Insurgence Egglocke

    Hello everyone, and welcome to my first nuzlocke on this forum! I've done some nuzlockes in my own time in the past, (with varying degrees of success!) And today I am going to be playing through Pokemon Insurgence with an Egglocke! Now, since this is my first time playing it, I'll be doing the...