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pokemon firered

  1. WildfireWhim

    Comic Kanto General Gijinka Pocket Space [a FireRed gijinka comic]

    Pocket Space Just some kids on a summertime adventure that may or may not go terribly wrong DEVIANTART | TUMBLR | KOFI Table of Contents
  2. CompleteWingback

    Screenshot Kanto Hack "Limit Breakers": A Dragon Ball Z Team Training Nuzlocke

    .................................... Hikaru kumo tsukinuke fly away (fly away) Karada-juu ni hirogaru panorama Kao wo kerareta chikyuu ga okotte (okotte) Kazan wo bakuhatsu saseru Toketa koori no naka ni Kyouryuu ga itara tamanori shikomitai ne CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA...
  3. Anike469

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Flame of Mystery [FireRed nuzlocke]

    Welcome! This story is about Bertha, a girl from Pallet town, who suddenly started her journey and still doesn't know how difficult the path of a trainer in her region is. Kanto is almost captured by team Rocket, and League is still trying to recover after the champion's death. Will Berta ever...
  4. mizar

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Rainbow Tour: Fire Red Nuzlocke

    "I need to be thrilling, I want to be rainbow high They need their escape, and so do I" Game play finished in Winter 2018 Comic Started April 9, 2019 ----------- Deviantart | Tumblr I'm going to try my best to update on the first Friday of each month. There may be times where I can't...
  5. surfe

    Ongoing Pokemon Hack Fire Red Hack Pokemon 152 Red

    first!!!!! Download link at resource at top of thread (first post to be revamped later) This is Pokemon 152 Red, a Fire Red hack that features none of the original 151 Pokemon, or their evolutionary lines, until postgame! I missed the days of fun little hacks on a small scale, so I decided...
  6. MouseWithADinosaurTail

    Comic Kanto General Mon The Adventurous Adventures of the Adventure Club!

    Come one, come all! The Pallet Town Adventure Club is now in session! Join Olive the bulbasaur, Almond the weedle, and their classmates as they take on daring adventures, learn life lessons, and help each other to grow and change for the better. Life can be tough in Kanto, and growing up in the...