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pokemon blue

  1. Pashy

    Comic Kanto Teen Silly Nuzlocke comic 😗 [Blue]

    I'm making a comic of my Blue run - it's silly and goofy and without any artistic merit, so this is the comic for you if you don't mind fun dumb humor and cute dinosaurs! Updated on no specific time or date. Could be tomorrow. Could be next month. Only satan knows. The run so far: part 1 part...
  2. Blackstarlight17

    Written Story Kanto Onward to Adventure

    While a little late to start posting here, wanted to share what I've gotten done for the reboot of my first run. There are a lot of changes being done, mainly with the plot so original concepts present in the old version are changed or removed completely. However, I am happy it's happened as...
  3. Paine

    Written Log Kanto Teen Sailor Bluepiter - A Blue Notepad run (Updated 25/07/19!)

    I'd say 'Paine no', but I think having multiple runs is kind of par for the course out here lol So in between playing for my main run, I've also been playing around on my virtual console games... and after beating Blue once, why not try it again? But... See, there was literally only one reason...
  4. sunburstblue

    Comic Kanto General Mon MAGENTALOCKE: A Pokemon Blue Nuzlocke

    DEVIANTART TUMBLR SMACK JEEVES It's finally happening! I've wanted to make a nuzlocke comic for so long that I finally said screw it, I just have to plunge in headfirst. This nuzlocke is played on Pokemon Blue, and I'm drawing the comic as I go, so every page will be just as much of a surprise...
  5. Jutopa

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Jutopa's Blue Challenge - Last Update: 25/09/2019

    JUTOPA'S BLUE CHALLENGE Jutopa's Blue Challenge/Nuzlocke follows Pokémon trainer Jutopa across the Kanto region in his quest for proving someone wrong. Along the way, he will find out more about himself, his friends, as well as his enemies and rivals in order to become a complete person. God...
  6. Fullmental

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon Pokemon Generations: RBY

    2019 update: We're moving to the new forums, so I get to re-post this! Due to the nature of manual thread migrations, none of the original replies to this thread can be carried over. Instead, I will be consolidating the two chapters so far into this one starting thread, and will be updating from...