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  1. S

    Written Story Sinnoh Mature Mon Like No One - a Platinum Nuzlocke

    Hello world! Welcome to Like No One! I'm excited to be here, even more excited that YOU'RE here, and with the new forums I'm excited to relive the tale as I upload here on a regular schedule. Whether you remember this run from the old forums or are brand-new to Sam Huntsmann's tale, I hope...
  2. anonymouse

    Screenshot Sinnoh Teen Shadows Over Sinnoh

    Shadows Over Sinnoh A Lovecraft-inspired run of Platimun Ver. What's up, Nuzforums! It's been a hot minute since I posted any of my nuzlockes, so might as well dive in head-first with my return to the scene. I'm Nelson, aka anonymouse, and welcome to this experimental Lovecraftian-style run...
  3. RandomJargon

    Screenshot Sinnoh Teen Commentary You've been doing nuzlockes wrong: A True Nuzlocke of Platinum

    I've been meaning to get back into nuzlocking and maybe do a story run, especially with the new forum, but until I conquer writer's block here's a screenshot run where I misinterpret the vagueness of one of the core rules of nuzlocking to make a new variant that I have modestly decided to call...
  4. "Absolutely Certain"

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Gijinka PANTSING

    On November 22nd, 2017, I was 15, and I posted the following onto the original NuzForums: As I reupload this comic onto the lovely new forums (i love this place oh my god), Pantsing has uploaded 15 pages total, since life's gotten in the way a lot,,, however. This hiatus will be coming to an...
  5. Bowser's Family Vacation

    Written Story Written Log Sinnoh Mixed Media Teen Commentary Mon Jenga! [HIATUS]

    Bad Photoshopping Banner By Me! Welcome to Jenga!: a castlocke of Pokemon Platinum, featuring the elderly-killing, door-despising, inimitable Vox Machina. If that name sounds familiar, either you have also invested literal weeks of your time into nerdy-ass voice actors playing Dungeons &...
  6. Memento

    Screenshot Sinnoh Mature Obliteration: A Platinum Nuzlocke.

    Here is my signature run: Obliteration! I'll be posting this one chapter at a time, but first, the rules: And now, the run:
  7. Nate

    Written Log Sinnoh Teen Commentary A Boy and His Dog: A Platinum Electrike Sololocke

    Long ago, in the ancient yesteryear of 2011-ish, I was part of a relatively small forum for people who did communitylockes. We even had a communitylocke for sololockes! It was awesome! But that forum has long since shut down. Sensing the impending doom of the place, I screenshotted my sololocke...
  8. Dustox

    Screenshot Sinnoh Teen A Bug in the System

    "Every explicit duality is an implicit unity." - Alan Watts Now, the biggest thing I need to talk about is as I've mentioned in BiB's epilogue, I'm not just doing a Buglocke anymore!!! After Z-nogyroP's amazing run of Obsidian, I wanted to try my hand at it as well. I was initially...