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  1. CompleteWingback

    Sinnoh Written Log "Thanks, Drayano II: Suffering for Charity in Renegade Platinum"

    Greetings, mortals. After finishing "Thanks, Drayano: A Pokémon Storm Silver Charitylocke", I've decided to do it all over again but on a different hack. Drayano's last work before retiring, Renegade Platinum, is an enhancement hack of Platinum that does what we've already seen from Drayano in...
  2. TheDoggoKing

    Hmmm..... Should I attempt it?

    I'm thinking about making a pokemon x webcomic. But the problem is that I've never done one of these before. I'm also terrible at drawing. I'm unsure about it. Should I attempt to make a pokemon webcomic or should I wait?
  3. Waweezer

    Comic Galar General Mon Avacado's Sword Nuzlocke!

    Rules 1.You may only catch the first pokemon you encounter for each route. 2.If a pokemon faints, you must box it permanently. 3.Nickname all pokemon. 4.You may enter the Wild Area, but aren't allowed to interact with anything or anyone in it. The first half of the comics look pretty bad, but...
  4. Riboo

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Undertow - A Moon Nuzlocke

    Uploaded at: Deviant art Start Date: 4/17/2020 Last Updated: 5/22/2020 Content warning: Adult language, use of alcohol and some adult themes Chapter 1 Surface Pages: 1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . Concept sketches and art Official Ref of Kai . Kai expressions . Chibi Kai ...
  5. Vaporwave-Man

    Screenshot Sinnoh Teen Commentary Hack Vaporwave-Man vs. Drayano: Groundhog Day Edition(ON HIATUS FOR NOW)

    Guess who's back. Back again. I had to take a break from nuzlockes because the last run drained a lot from me. In the mean-time, I tried to do a standard run of Renegade Platinum. If you don't know what that is, it is essentially a hack of Platinum from Drayano that makes things more convenient...
  6. Vaporwave-Man

    Screenshot Unova Teen Commentary Attempt #2 at a Pokemon White Randomlocke(FAILED)

    Hi. Since my last 2 attempts at a nuzlocke failed, I decided to try it a 3rd time. Crazy right. You know the deal at this point. Let's GOOOOOOOOOO.
  7. syrtder

    Screenshot Kanto General Hack Mon Nintendask Nuzlocke

    Hi! Welcome to my first Fan Challenge Run, i'm pretty excited and i hope you're excited for me too! This run is based off of pokemon nintendask version in the kanto region, all pokemon have been replaced with fakemon, since this is my first fan challenge run it might not be that exciting...
  8. SimplyUnknown

    Written Story Galar Teen Gijinka Renewal: An Ascensionlocke Story

    Hey there everyone, and welcome to my first nuzlocke of the Galar region! :yay: As far as I know, there hasn't been an ascensionlocke or any form of nuzlocke created with that title, so let's go into what exactly that is. If any of you have heard of the game company of SuperGiants, then you...
  9. Sabrina and Erika

    Sabrina and Erika

  10. Griimed

    Comic Spin-off Teen Gijinka Time Shift- PMD EOS Gijinka Nuzlocke

    Wrong Place... Wrong Time Gameplay Progress: Complete Comic Progress: Beach Cave | LV.5 Welcome to my second nuzlocke comic! Time Shift is based off a dnd campaign I play with some close friends of mine. The characters alter the story and main characters in PMD EOS as well. I hope you...
  11. huntaunt

    Written Story [MW2] The Echo - of a Distant Tide

    “And everything under the sun is in tune But the sun is eclipsed by the moon.” - Pink Floyd, Eclipse Mirror World 2 : The Echo of a Distant Tide Hey all! I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring for this event, mostly because who can resist making edgy characters just to write fluff about...
  12. French Walk Cycle

    French Walk Cycle

  13. Four Rocket Sisters

    Four Rocket Sisters

  14. Izuna's Spider

    Hoenn Mixed Media Teen Mon Chance to Change

    Hello everyone, I'm glad you found the way to this page and hope you enjoy the run as well as I enjoyed making it. Thanks for the visit and have virtual cookie -> 🍪 Chance to Change is a OmegaRuby nuzlocke run, the story is told in German and English. Most children wish to start a Pokémon...
  15. Liberty Soul Nuzlocke

    Liberty Soul Nuzlocke

    By Bast13 on DeviantArt Anime-style Will!
  16. huntaunt

    Written Story Galar Mature Mon The Coming Age - A Pokemon Sword Nuzlocke

    Hello! And welcome all to my first Nuzlocke / Storylocke - The Coming Age. LATE EDIT : Feel free to comment anything, I am admittedly response starved and crave critique ;-; [Critique Level 5]
  17. I

    Be my mirror, my sword and shield - A Shield Nuzlocke

    Okay, so I have been planning on posting my current nuzlockes in a while, but I couldn't on Tapatalk's forums due to it being unable to make me post stuff, and lucky I found this place. I got Sword and Shield for my birthday, and I already finished Sword and almost Shield, and I made a second...
  18. Nuzlocke Sketches

    Nuzlocke Sketches

    By Aerorwen on DeviantArt
  19. Liberty Banner 1

    Liberty Banner 1

    The original banner for "Liberty" on the old nuzlocke forum's website.