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  1. Useron

    Written Log Kanto Mature Finding Purpose - A Leaf Green Storylocke

    Hello fellow Nuzlockers. Welcome to my Story, Finding Purpose. This is my first story I've done in many years, with the last one being way back when the forums were at Zetaboards. I truly hope you come to enjoy the story that I have written.
  2. PageEmperor

    Screenshot Johto Mixed Media Hack Nothing Personal: PageEmperor's Sacred Gold Nuzlocke!

    Alright, a screenshot run I had going on on another site has now arrived here! Why the run is called that... I don't know. I more or less put a title there just for no reason. Anyways, onto the run! Rules: 1. Catch first encounter 2. Permabox anyone who dies 3. Dupes clause Now let's begin...
  3. Mewshiny99

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Race Past Delta (A Pokemon Emerald Story Screenshot Run)

    Hello everyone, This is an idea I have had in my head for a while. I spent the last few days getting the necessary screenshots to make sure I can accurately do myself justice. And now we begin: Hope you enjoyed. As with my other run, I do plan to update 1-2 times a week, this one...
  4. RubyClaw

    Written Story Screenshot Kanto Mixed Media Mature Commentary Kantonian Fables - a Lorelocke of Leaf Green (Chapter 6 is up-17/10/19)

    Kantonian Fables - A Lorelocke of Leaf Green Greetings all and welcome to my latest run! I've sure missed doing posted runs, and I'm sadly much busier than I've been when I did my last one so the updates might take just a bit longer than usual, but I promise to give it no less work and...
  5. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke Do you have a deathless run? Or if not, what was the longest you have gone without a death?

    I actually do indeed have a deathless run! It was of the rom hack, Kanto Black! I guess it was because I was constantly unsure what level to grind for for the major bosses so I probably overgrinded a bit too much. So for you guys, do you have a deathless run, or if not, longest time you lasted...
  6. Rumors

    Nuzlocke Nuzlocke Ideas and Concepts You'd Like to See

    I'm sure I'm not the only one here who's had a few different ideas for Nuzlocke stories I've wanted to write or different concepts that've come to mind, but wasn't able to pursue for various reasons (usually lack of time for tackling that much stuff as the culprit). Or maybe there's just things...
  7. Funen1

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Mon Paved With Good Intentions - A Pokémon Emerald Corruption Locke

    So I guess it's about time I started re-posting what little I had of this story here. The first two chapters were done last summer, but due to various real-life reasons I was not really in a good state of mind to continue. Thankfully things have improved a bit, and I recently finished the first...
  8. PageEmperor

    Nuzlocke Moves you have grown to love/hate thanks to Nuzlockes

    So what moves have you changed your opinion on thanks to nuzruns? Basically like those threads for the mons, now it's for the moves. For me... Love: Perish song. It just feels so good when the opponent sends out their last mon, and you can use this, switch out, and stall until the opponent...
  9. Shai_Hulud

    Ruleset Titanlocke: an unconventional nuzlocke

    Titanlocke This nuzlocke type is intended specifically for ORAS. Legend states that the titan Regigigas created Hoenn as he towed the continents with ropes and absconded to slumber at snowpoint temple. A powerful trainer brought his team, along with regirock, regice, and registeel, to...
  10. YinYang9705

    Screenshot Hoenn Mature Taking on Hoenn, an Emerald Screenshotlocke

    Ever since I discovered nuzlockes a deacadish ago, I always wanted to publicly do one, show off my pokemon skills to the world you know? Since i am now of a legal drinking age, I figured its the perfect time to do this thing! with screenshots, because I cant draw since this is my 1st time doing...
  11. Shai_Hulud

    Ruleset Necrolocke

    Standard nuzlocke rules apply. Dead Pokemon can be reanimated by sacrificing (releasing) a number of Pokemon whose levels collectively sum to the level of the dead one. Example: a level 30 Pokemon can be revived by releasing a level 25 and a level 5. If a dead Pokemon is not resurrected...
  12. Shamditioner

    Comic Hoenn Mature Gijinka Guardian- An Omega Ruby Gijinkalocke

    HEY HEY HEY WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF GUARDIAN THE GREAT GIJINKALOCKE WITH A DUMB BIG BROTHER WHOS A STONER AND A tinnie tiny baby siter :} but really this is my nuzlocke comic that ive been working on for about 2 years now ?? theres 10 pages up, so im just gonna post em all in this post cause im...
  13. Obelisk

    Written Story Mature This Isn't Pokemon?! - a Nexomon Nuzlocke

    (A/N: Was advised by staff to post this here. Also, big thank you to @cross_off for beta'ing this!)
  14. mykehroo

    Comic Kalos General Mon Faith - Another Pokémon Y Nuzlocke

    Hoo boy, I'd knew I would have to throw my hat in this ring eventually. Hi everyone, as you can see my username is "mykehroo," but ya'll can call me Michael. Current Status: Ongoing, started May 18, 2019 Updates: Whenever I have the time to, but I'll try to update as fast as possible (Last...
  15. Empty Sun

    Comic Unova General pouch creatures dark difficult version

    UPDATES: Monday and Friday moving to this forum to continue comic because old forum died :innuendo: all previous posts are here the archive is here just like the olden thread, updates will be put under spoilers and a link to some bumpin' beats will appear at the bottom of each post thank you for...
  16. IncendianFire

    Comic Johto Teen Marigold's Pokémon Heart Gold Story

    INTRODUCTION Hello everyone! I'm IncendianFire and this is pretty much my first post here on the Nuzlocke forums (also, my first proper Nuzlocke!) I started doing this Nuzlocke this week and I'll be updating it every day (hopefully) so the art quality is kind of rushed and story not all too...
  17. TJ Nataku

    Written Log Johto Teen Mon Nataku's Soul is born. (Soul Silver Nuzlocke)

    Hi there, Im TJ Nataku. This will be my first nuzlocke run, I will of posted on a forum. I've decided to run SS because it my faviorte game in the series and never completed a SS nuzlcoke with Chikorita before. Im new to posting runs so any advide is welcome. Rules. You can only catch the...
  18. FluffySpaceShark

    Nuzlocke Advice General For storylockes, what would you consider good pacing?

    Basically, I am doing a sort of preplanning and road mapping for my upcoming run and wanted to know what everyone considers to be good pacing for one in general. I was thinking towns as checkpoints, but that's a lot, on the other hand, badges are too little for me. I don't want to have a million...
  19. Spectacles

    Ruleset The Kingdomlocke

    Hey guys! Here's a ruleset I made up that's loosely based on Chesslocke rules (credit to the user Zaazaa0, who I believe created the Chesslocke rules). [/spoiler] [/spoiler]