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nuzlocke challenge

  1. Vivid Stardust

    Written Story Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova Kalos Alola Galar Teen Truth In The Shadows - An Ultimate Personalocke Challenge

    So for the past month and a half, give or take, I have hyperfixated on the Persona series. For those of you who have never heard of it, Persona is a game series where a bunch of teenagers (and a few adults) fight Shadows with what are called Personas to fight against evil and save the world. The...
  2. Wanted! - Pokmon Colosseum Nuzlocke - Page 4

    Wanted! - Pokmon Colosseum Nuzlocke - Page 4

  3. Wanted! - Pokmon Colosseum Nuzlocke - Page 3

    Wanted! - Pokmon Colosseum Nuzlocke - Page 3

  4. Wanted! - Pokemon Colosseum Nuzlocke - Page 2

    Wanted! - Pokemon Colosseum Nuzlocke - Page 2

  5. Wanted! - Pokemon Colosseum Nuzlocke - Page 1

    Wanted! - Pokemon Colosseum Nuzlocke - Page 1

  6. Wanted! - Pokmon Colosseum Nuzlocke - Cover Page

    Wanted! - Pokmon Colosseum Nuzlocke - Cover Page

  7. GamerKahuma

    Video Kanto Teen (My First Ever!) LetsPlay FireRed Nuzlocke Challenge Randomized! - Updated 6/23/2020 (Ep 9. Guess Who's Back!?)

    Thanks for checking out my post guys (and gals!) This is my FIRST LetsPlay ever and I decided to do it with Pokemon FireRed Nuzlocke Challenge Randomized! I've watched tons of them online but never have been able to play one myself until recently and thought I'd share with everyone!
  8. Numbuh296

    Comic Hoenn Teen Tim's Very Ordinary Emerald Nuzlocke Run (Updated Sundays/Thursdays)

    Hey all! Thanks for checking out my Nuzlocke Run! I'm carrying over the run I started in the old forum. I figured since the hosting site moved, I might as well continue where I left off. Join Tim as he adventure's through the mysterious, brass-filled wilds of Hoenn. Out to become the best...
  9. Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg32.png

    Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg32.png

    Its the bicycle road and Maya sees her small break dissapear Will i manage to keep up with weekly uploads ? who knows ! Its all up to my poor hand condition!
  10. Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg31.png

    Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg31.png

    Oh HI! its an update ?! Maya is tired There is a small drop in quality but if i want to keep those coming i need that drop xD
  11. Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg13

    Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg13

    its kind of a small update but progress is being made
  12. Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg2

    Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg2

    finally she got her starter :D next page will have the first pokemon battle
  13. Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg1

    Maya's platinum nuzlocke pg1

    (originally posted in 2014) the first page :D it actually turned out worse than i thought i should make the panels smaller and fix the speech bubbles from the next page
  14. Maya's Platinum nuzlocke cover

    Maya's Platinum nuzlocke cover

    (Please be patient with the art it gets better as the story goes i promise ) RULES 1.Catch the first pokemon in each area 2.If a pokemon faints it is considered dead 3.No duplicates -if i encounter a dup i have two more chances 4.Nickname all caught pokemon
  15. N_Mareanie

    A Thread with all my Nuzlocke runs

  16. malanga

    Video Kanto General Mon Pacifist Genlocke

    Never give up Never forget Grind like hell Imagine halfway trough the game 5 members of your team die. That means now you will have to grind for hours to make up for these deaths. Right? Now imagine you're not allowed to grind. You're not allowed to kill a single wild Pokemon. Imagine exp...
  17. M

    Nuzlocke General Video Games Why Need for Speed is probably the best Nuzlocke game challenge ...

    WARNING: the game is usually rated Teen, but I'm talking about NFS Heat. Which is rated Teen. Please keep this in mind if you have a child or if you are a child. (In which case, I don't know if you should be reading the forums. I don't know your parents. 😀) Hello everybody and welcome to the...
  18. N_Mareanie

    Screenshot Fan Game General Insurgence Nuzlocke [Challenge Mode], because I am bored

    it says the first victim cause it's my first nuzlocke on this forum... poor whoever my character is gonna be yeah, basically. since ive played this game multiple times already ill just proceed to mash A... Since I've used Eevee a stupid amount of times and am not the biggest fan of Delta...
  19. Zero

    Galar Other Media General Total Defiance: A Blind Shield Nuzlocke Let's Play

    Watch us play Shield on the official Nuzlocke Forum's Twitch live every Sunday at 7:30 EST with @ZeroProStudio and @TailsImp nuzlockeforums,432929259 nuzlockeforums,432929259 Special thanks to xLink and Jezabell for the Pokelink app. Pokelink dynamically tracks your team and badges as you...
  20. diabeticpancake

    Comic Johto Mature Something New - A Pokémon Crystal Nuzlocke

    Hello! Thank you for checking out my thread! -something new- Something New is a Pokémon Crystal nuzlocke following the story of Nicola Luvalle in the big and scary region of Johto! Running from her hometown in search of adventure and change, Nicola embarks on a journey of self discovery...