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  1. W

    Screenshot Johto Teen Hack Mon Whispers and Bells

    Hey, everyone. I'm very new to trying to make stories work, so please enjoy and let me know what you think. Whispers and Bells is a Dark/Dragon Locke through Storm Silver. The rules are pretty basic, but the game is going to be hard enough to manage while trying to make sure I get all the...
  2. JavierE64

    Written Story Johto Teen Mon The Last of Me: A Crystal Storylocke

    In a world Ravaged by the Legendaries, the one surviving human must traverse his Home Region of Johto in an dangerous adventure. With the help of his only friends, The Pokémon, he must face off against the dangers of the land, who are also Pokémon. Surprise, here´s a brand new Storylocke from...
  3. TinyCurlyFry

    Screenshot Mixed Media [MW2] The Mundane | Back Against the Wall

    With his back against the wall, the rest of him facing the void- a young man screams No one's really sure why he's so freaked out. [/SPOILER]
  4. SilverDoe

    Written Story [MW2] The Mechanic - Broken Pieces

    Hey there and welcome to my Mirror World 2 run! This is my first time doing anything Mirror World related but so far I think I'm being sucked into it just as much as my characters. This is going to take primarily the form of a written story. Since I'm trying to take screenshots as I play, I...
  5. tentacat

    Written Story Mixed Media [MW2] The Gambler - Gold Rush

    There are so many things in life you can't control. Sometimes luck is not in your favor. And when misfortune greets you... Can you play with the hand you're dealt, or will you fold to the circumstances? ♢ ♧ ♡ ♤ Hello and welcome to my first storylocke, and first run in a long ass time on the...
  6. Tastes Like Chicken - A Crystal Nuzlocke

    Tastes Like Chicken - A Crystal Nuzlocke

    (jazz hands) Here goes nothing! While this isn't the first Nuzlocke I've attempted to make into a comic, it is the only one I actually figured out a reasonable art style and plot for. This will be crossposted on Nuzfourms, and I'll be way more active there. That being said... I hope you enjoy!
  7. Dozing

    Johto Written Log Teen Hack Broken Reality | A Randomized HeartGold Storyshot

    The sun rises on a new reality... And I believe it is finally time to begin. Welcome to... Broken Reality I recently started playing some randomized pokemon, and started thinking about what it would be like to live in a world like that, and what could possibly cause it to become like that...
  8. Jurmala

    Screenshot Johto General Commentary Sun: Jay's Golden Heart Deathlocke

    After completing my Emerald Nuzlocke, a friend of mine gave me a dangerous dare... I was warned not to do it... But, I was never one to back down a challenge. General Rules: 1. You may only catch the first Pokemon in each new route/area. 2. If a Pokemon faints, it is considered dead and may...
  9. Tsugumi Hazawa

    Written Story Written Log Johto Mixed Media Teen Hack Gijinka Poke Band Party - Pokemon Sacred Gold Idolocke: Shining Conquest of Music - Storylocke

    Hello, Happy New Year! Today I'll be uploading my third attempt at an Idolocke run, this time in Pokemon Sacred Gold. I also have seen it is hard to make your run actually something people are interested though. Anyways, before I start, my inspiration for how different this run from the previous...
  10. jadethestone

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Liberty - Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Will really isn't interested in becoming a Pokemon trainer and would rather become an artist instead. However, due to her rare ability to speak to Pokemon, her parents and Professor Elm get the wrong idea and believe that she is destined to be a Pokemon Master. Will ends up finding herself...
  11. alan smithee

    Screenshot Johto Commentary Hack The Official Unofficial Super Duper Radical Pokémon Perfect Crystal Nuzlocke: Spooktacular Edition

    Hi hello yes my name is alan smithee, and I enjoy playing baby games for children while placing arbitrary restrictions upon myself in order to make the experience more """fun""". One such baby game for children is Pokémon Perfect Crystal, a ROM hack that attempts to create the definitive Gen II...
  12. Something New - Page 1 (Prologue)

    Something New - Page 1 (Prologue)

  13. diabeticpancake

    Comic Johto Mature Something New - A Pokémon Crystal Nuzlocke

    Hello! Thank you for checking out my thread! -something new- Something New is a Pokémon Crystal nuzlocke following the story of Nicola Luvalle in the big and scary region of Johto! Running from her hometown in search of adventure and change, Nicola embarks on a journey of self discovery...
  14. MintStarMari

    Johto Mixed Media Teen Mon Silver Light: A Pokemon SoulSilver PictureLocke

    Hello everybody. MintStarMari here with the ruleset for a SoulSilver Nuzlocke I'm currently working on. It's my very first run to be posted here. Rules: *Any Pokemon that faints, it's dead. It can't be used anymore and has to be permanently boxed in a special PC box and subsuquently released...
  15. Nate

    Video Johto Teen Team CobraStryke LightningBolt Presents: Pokemon Crystal Randomized Nuzlocke

    Hey, everybody! Team Cobrastryke Lightningbolt is back with a Randomized Crystal Nuzlocke! That's pretty neat! Watch us play Wednesdays at 6:30 PM Central Time on Twitch: You can also view our randomizer settings here. You can also watch the vods on Youtube after the stream:
  16. Page 57

    Page 57

    Awww yeah baby we're back! (and with only 1 hour of August left!) New page next Friday, Sept 6th!
  17. silvercoffee

    Screenshot Johto General Mon | Brice Boi - Attempt at Ice/Water Monolocke in Johto! [Chapter 3] updated! |

    Hey everyone! This is going to be the first-ever post that I'm gonna make in this forum. Straight up doing the fan challenge. I'm going to do a monotype nuzlocke challenge but had no idea what type should I choose, so I did a test/quiz about what pokemon type do I prefer and it turns out to be...
  18. CompleteWingback

    "Thanks, Drayano": A Pokémon Storm Silver Charitylocke!

    ===== Welcome, folks! This is my first run both in this forum, and as a whole, since it was also my first ever run on Tapatalk. Instead of having it ported over as I previously intended, I decided to fix a few nooks and crannies as I repost the run gradually – giving me time to cook up the...
  19. original nickname

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Odysseus: A Crystal Run (C3P22)

    So I heard we got a new forum, so it's time to port all this stuff over! Odysseus is a nuzlocke comic I've been working on since 2016. The original comic was about 6 pages in before I abandoned it, then scrapped it, and resumed work starting from afresh. I primarily started work on it for 2...