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  1. goldenMisfortune

    Comic Kanto Teen Gijinka Of Haste and Heraldry (FR Gijinka Classlocke)

    A race between childhood friends Adi and Griff for fame and for glory. An order of knights fallen from grace. A misadventure unravels much faster then they expected. Update Schedule: Once or Twice A Month Last Update: 7/27/2020 --- Prologue P-1 P-2 P-3 Come back later! --- Hey...
  2. rowantobias

    Nuzlocke Gijinka In-World Mechanics

    okay SO! i've been really wondering tonight about good ways to shape a gijinka story. the most key part i think, aside from design and plot, is the mechanics... i find myself troubled a little, somehow, maybe without needing to be, about how gyms work in a gijinka-verse. many people seem to...
  3. a washup and a cute chick

    a washup and a cute chick

    by AoiSora19S Source: https://www.deviantart.com/aoisora19s/art/a-washup-and-a-cute-chick-833668517
  4. boomdidiyadah

    Written Story Alola Teen Gijinka [Sun] Hotshots and Hot Scoops

    Hello, everyone. I came to this forum a few weeks ago, and after reading several of the runs posted here, I have decided to try writing one of my own. I hope you enjoy it. This is a Pokemon Sun Gijinka story set in an Alola somewhat different than the canon one. I don't want to reveal too much...
  5. SimplyUnknown

    Written Story Galar Teen Gijinka Renewal: An Ascensionlocke Story

    Hey there everyone, and welcome to my first nuzlocke of the Galar region! :yay: As far as I know, there hasn't been an ascensionlocke or any form of nuzlocke created with that title, so let's go into what exactly that is. If any of you have heard of the game company of SuperGiants, then you...
  6. "Absolutely Certain"

    Written Story Sinnoh Mixed Media Mature Gijinka [IDYLLICA] I require assistance.

    Good evening. I cannot give you my real name, but after some research, I find myself fond of the alias Doris, and the pronouns she and her. So you may refer to me that way. I am fully aware this thread might not receive much attention. I certainly don’t mind that possibility. Simply seeing...
  7. Griim

    Comic Spin-off Teen Gijinka Time Shift- PMD EOS Gijinka Nuzlocke

    Wrong Place... Wrong Time Gameplay Progress: Complete Comic Progress: Beach Cave | LV.5 Fate is a fickle thing, destiny is no different. It is not chosen but given without question. As the flow of time begins to shift and slow someone must make a choice. To act, or to let the world fall...
  8. Human Liberty

    Human Liberty

    By Bast13 on DeviantArt Another beautiful piece by Bast13. This time it's Liberty's croconaw gijinka!
  9. Tabitha Gijinka

    Tabitha Gijinka

  10. Stanley Gijinka

    Stanley Gijinka

  11. Ro Gijinka

    Ro Gijinka

  12. Lorde Gijinka

    Lorde Gijinka

  13. 31 Days Of Chistmas (2019)

    31 Days Of Chistmas (2019)

    by TwistedEerie Source: https://www.deviantart.com/twistedeerie/art/31-Days-Of-Chistmas-2019-824743332
  14. Secret Santa :0

    Secret Santa :0

    by Upygoo Source: https://www.deviantart.com/upygoo/art/Secret-Santa-0-824599156
  15. Secret Santa-snomman

    Secret Santa-snomman

    by WintersPheonix Source: https://www.deviantart.com/winterspheonix/art/Secret-Santa-snomman-824380499
  16. Liberty Gijinka

    Liberty Gijinka

  17. Christmas/Birthday Present

    Christmas/Birthday Present

    By DjAnjie
  18. Ryua

    Comic Kalos Mature Gijinka Halfblood - A Gijinka Y Nuzlocke

    WARNING: This thread is not intended for younger viewers. The characters yell, argue, swear, fight, and die. There are hella mature themes all over this thing. Alrighty then, let's get back into this. I started this run a long time ago, and I am determined to finish it. Maybe one or two of you...
  19. Cofagrigus Gijinka by Aozora210 on DeviantArt

    Cofagrigus Gijinka by Aozora210 on DeviantArt

    Taking this calmer color palette and transforming it to a a gorgeous ginjinka, @[9:@Aozora] did an amazing job with the 10/19 Art Jam Challenge! Fav and comment on it on DA: https://www.deviantart.com/aozora210/art/Cofagrigus-Gijinka-817384411
  20. critterlingz

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Gijinka Relic Radiation [a pearl gijinkalocke comic.]

    a young boy, desperate to escape his stifling hometown, embarks on a league challenge. but he carries the weight of a years-old tragedy wherever he goes -- and a growing feeling that sinnoh is hiding something terrible. ____________ rules. pokemon who faint are permanently boxed. only the...