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general discussion

  1. FluffySpaceShark

    Nuzlocke Advice General Do you prefer the canon protagonists/rivals or original characters more?

    I asked before on the other forums but I wanted to get a fresh opinion and word it better than before lol. Basically, I am creating some completely original characters for my upcoming story, and wondered what the general consensus is about that. Do you guys prefer that? Or would you rather they...
  2. Ardomew

    Work/Job Discussion

    I thought it'd be neat to have a place to discuss our jobs/workplaces, as well as unusual things that happen to us during the daily grind. To start with, I've been working at a grocery store for over four years now. It's been a good source of income/experience for me, and I've definitely grown...
  3. Alchemy

    Friendship Café ★★★

    As I dine on my footwear to the amusement to everybody else, I'm here to herald in the next upgrade to the Café (again). This time the threshold for our next level up will be 700 posts as suggested by Bug. Let's have fun! Mod edit: the previous thread can be found here!