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gen 3

  1. Funen1

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Mon Paved With Good Intentions - A Pokémon Emerald Corruption Locke

    So I guess it's about time I started re-posting what little I had of this story here. The first two chapters were done last summer, but due to various real-life reasons I was not really in a good state of mind to continue. Thankfully things have improved a bit, and I recently finished the first...
  2. WildfireWhim

    Comic Kanto General Gijinka Pocket Space [a FireRed gijinka comic]

    Pocket Space Just some kids on a summertime adventure that may or may not go terribly wrong DEVIANTART | TUMBLR | KOFI Table of Contents
  3. GoGoGogoat

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Hack Ignite - a False Red run

    Welcome to my second Nuzlocke run! This story was originally played and written in the second half of 2014. False Red is a text hack of Fire Red: while there are no gameplay changes, there are numerous text edits in a manner reminiscent of creepypasta. The inspiration for this run came from a...
  4. dv9l

    Comic Hoenn Teen Gijinka Star-Crossed: An Emerald Nuzlocke

    This nuzlocke comic has been discontinued. Thank you for supporting this comic through the years but I've decided that I can't continue the comic as it is. If I were to ever touch this run again in a serious capacity, I'd need to reboot the whole comic, emphasize on the "ever". This thread is...
  5. ShiroInu

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Shiro's Trial: a Nuzlocke Adventure in Kanto

    Welcome to the first in what will hopefully be a long series of nuzlockes through each region, featuring my main character Shiro. Updates are infrequent (damn ADHD), but the quality is always top notch. THE RULES: 1.: If a Pokemon faints, they are considered dead. Release them. 2.: Only the...
  6. Dee

    Written Story Spin-off Mature Mon The Dark We Carry: A Colosseum Storylocke

    (special thanks to @Agent Nein for the banner! c: ) Welcome to The Dark We Carry! This is a mature run based on my playthrough of Colosseum. It happens to be set in the same world as my other run Dear Diary, which you can read in that link right there! TDWC is a loose prequel, but in effect the...
  7. Nate

    Video Hoenn Teen Team CobraStryke LightningBolt Presents: Pokemon Emerald Randomized Nuzlocke

    Hello, everybody! For the past month or so, my baby brother and I have been posting Twitch streams of the two of us playing a Randomized Emerald Nuzlocke! It's been super fun! I figured you guys might want to take a look: We stream Monday evenings from 6:30 PM to 9 PM Central Time over on the...
  8. Nate

    Written Log Hoenn General Commentary N8? In My Hoenn TCL? It's More Likely Than You Think

    Long ago, in the ancient yesteryear of 2011-ish, I was part of a relatively small forum for people who did communitylockes. One of these communitylockes split the participants into color-coordinated teams, and sent them on adventures through the various Pokemon regions. While my Kanto TCL run is...
  9. Anike469

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Flame of Mystery [FireRed nuzlocke]

    Welcome! This story is about Bertha, a girl from Pallet town, who suddenly started her journey and still doesn't know how difficult the path of a trainer in her region is. Kanto is almost captured by team Rocket, and League is still trying to recover after the champion's death. Will Berta ever...
  10. pkmnMasterWheeler

    Comic Hoenn Teen Mon Heroes of Hoenn

    Welcome to Heroes of Hoenn! My first ever Nuzlocke!~ I started this comic WAY back in 2011. Starting in 2013 I went back and slowly redrew some of the early pages over time, and about 2 years ago, used those redrawn pages as a launching point to reboot the comic into what it is today!~ Rules...
  11. SysterSyn

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Deadly Syns

    Deviantart | Ko-fi | Patreon ------------------------------------------------------ She thought she was just doing a friend a favor, but when everything she knows begins to fall apart, Syn realizes this might be a bigger deal than she first expected. Faced with loss, betrayal, and a mysterious...
  12. Squiggy Azalea

    Screenshot Kanto General Commentary NONVIABLE POKEMON: FIRE RED EDITION

    hi gamers its me :] your friendly gamer squiggy :] today im here to post my first ever run in here and its going to be a fire red nuzlocke oh my god!!!!!!!! but it's not going to be a simple nuzlocke it's going to be a SUPER HARD nuzlocke!!!! okay now that the rules are done we can...
  13. angryskitty

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Nuzlocke on Ice

    NUZLOCKE ON ICE a (sort of) monolocke of Leafgreen | Rated Teen for language and blood | Updates Fridays | | Gameplay: done || Comic: in progress | Support me: Patreon | Ko-fi | Buy a commission Other links: Deviantart | Tumblr | Smackjeeves Instagram | Twitter | Newgrounds CURRENT TEAM...