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gen 1

  1. TommyLew

    Video Kanto Teen One for the classics | Pokemon Yellow Randomized Nuzlocke | My First Pokemon Game

    How's it going people? Hope you're well, happy and loving life. This was the first ever nuzlocke I made for public viewing and wanted to start with one of my first experiences with Pokemon. I love this generation so much, I just think it's fantastic. All the sprites, over world art, music and so...
  2. malanga

    Video Kanto General Mon Pacifist Genlocke

    Never give up Never forget Grind like hell Imagine halfway trough the game 5 members of your team die. That means now you will have to grind for hours to make up for these deaths. Right? Now imagine you're not allowed to grind. You're not allowed to kill a single wild Pokemon. Imagine exp...
  3. SnackyTheSylph

    Screenshot Kanto The Ocean Blue: a first-generation achievment-hunting Water Monolocke

    So recently, a few new trophies were added to the forums to celebrate the release (and end of the spoiler embargo) of Sword and Shield. One of those new trophies is awarded to users who complete Nuzlockes of every single game in the main series. Which is rather convenient, since I'm already...
  4. Cloverhandreader

    Written Log Kanto General Mon Cloverhand's first Nuzlocke of Red. The first of many

    I bought Red today and a few weeks ago my friend gave me her mum's old Gameboy Pocket so of course I'm going to start a Nuzlocke on it Today I'm just going to post the rules and tomorrow I should hopefully have the first part up I'm looking forward to hopefully finishing it and getting to...
  5. T

    Screenshot Kanto Commentary "Just get on with it!" a Pokémon Red Nuzlocke

    Alright, this is my first (second technically but eh.) proper nuzlocke and I think I realized what I was doing wrong. I was trying to hard. I was trying all sorts of different rulesets when I finally had an epiphany, just do a normal nuzlocke. Shocking I know. But yeah, special rulesets to make...
  6. TheChickPeaSoup

    Comic Kanto General Mon Peter Griffin's Epic Pokemon Yellow Nuzlocke Challenge

    Region: Kanto Rules: - If a Pokémon faints, they're dead dead DEAD - One Pokémon per area(no doubles)- All nicknamed Freakin' sweet! Peter Griffin embarks on his own nuzlocke challenge to become Kanto's Pokémon League champion. Watch out for Team Rocket, Peter, they are totally not epic! Page...
  7. Bowser's Family Vacation

    Written Story Kanto Teen Mon [COMPLETE] Ashes To Ashes

    Thank you for the banner, @Emilianite ! Gameplay Summary (DO NOT CLICK UNLESS YOU WANT SUPER SPOILERS!) To commemorate the completion of Ashes To Ashes, I have chosen to release my Gameplay Notes. Note that I cut many fights, captures, etc. from the final story. This online...
  8. E

    Comic Kanto General The Pokédex Project

    Cover art Updates monthly for now. I'm aiming for this comic to be comfortable to read for everyone, but it contains some (non-graphic) blood and violence, upsetting themes, and unintentional and intentional misgendering. The darker themes are handled in a hopefully tactful and non-graphic...
  9. Rastyrat

    Comic Kanto Mixed Media Mature Other Adventure Mon Black Plague/ A Yellow Nuzlocke

    This is a story of a girl who drinks and kills her pokemons for the fun.. I think? Black Plague is a silly story about the best trainer Ross. ----- Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4
  10. pkmnMasterWheeler

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Pokemon Yellow Nostalgialocke [COMPLETE]

    Welcome to Pokemon Yellow Nostalgialocke, a Nuzlocke comic inspired by classic Nuzlockes of the 2010-2011s, as well as my nostalgia for my first Pokemon game ever, Yellow version!~ Da Rulez Only catch one Pokemon per route If a Pokemon faints it's dead Name all Pokemon When trying to activate...
  11. Kadew

    Comic Kanto General Mon Kurukkoo!

    A Pokemon Red Version Nuzlocke Comic (may contain bird pokemon) [READ ON DEVIANTART] [READ ON SMACKJEEVES] [ALSO HAS A TUMBLR] 2016 Best Dialogue 2017 Funniest Comic 2017 Best Rival🥇2019 Best Supporting Character (Blue)🥇
  12. WildTonyAppears

    Video Kanto Mature Commentary Kanto Turn Back ~ a daft Gen 1 Nuzlocke that is probably cursed

    "You look fly today." Kanto Turn Back, a Pokemon Red Nuzlocke run by WildTonyAppears Hello, fellow Nuzlockers! After years of dabbling in the fine art of Pokemon, I have seen the highs (sweeping teams of legendaries online) and the lows (getting completely thumped by a Rotom-Wash), and I was...