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  1. gettingehedofmyself

    Written Story Kanto Mature Mon EHED- A FireRed Nuzlocke

    Hello everyone! I'm PJ and I've been working on this dang story for about 5 years now. The game itself was completed, gosh, 4 years ago? I just ended up deciding to torment myself one summer and here we are. Titled "Everything Hurts and Everyone Dies" by my hilarious younger sister, this is...
  2. alan smithee

    Screenshot Kanto Commentary Hack The Incredible, Magical, Wonderful, Radical Pokémon FireRed Advanced Sorta Blind Sorta Not Nuzlocke: The Return of Games Van Der Beek

    DISCLAIMER: This is a direct sequel to my previous nuzlocke. Please make that sure you have read that previous nuzlocke before reading this new one, otherwise you will be lost. Thank you. Sequels are hard, man. Maybe it's just me, but it feels like there's so much more pressure put on the...
  3. T

    Screenshot Kanto Commentary A Filthy Casual's first FireRed nuzlocke

    Why am I doing this? Cause it'll be fun :hurr: RULES With those out of the way kanto nuzlocke #65621546 begins
  4. Erberor

    Screenshot Kanto General Commentary Dust in the Wind 2: The Mothening - A Solo Dustox run of Pokemon FireRed

    The epic journey of moth supremacy continues with... DUST IN THE WIND 2: THE MOTHENING This time, it's off to Kanto! If you missed the first chapter of this saga, you can go read my journey through Emerald here. It's not at all necessary, there's not exactly going to be much of an ongoing...
  5. CyanideCrystal

    [ ... ]

  6. Mew X

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Commentary Don't Forget Me! - A Randomized Nuzlocke Run of Fire Red

    This is a maybe good Radomized Run of Fire Red that I decided to do because why would I not want to display my sub-par pokemon playthrough for all to see on the internet, after all, things like "skill" and "good writing" are merely arbitrary labels giving by ignorant bigots who are to close...
  7. Inaria

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Press Start - A Fire Red Nuzlocke

    Hello and welcome! I'm Inaria. On the old Forums, I never actually finished a run I posted. I figured, New Forums, New Start. So here we are. Question: What is "Press Start" or the "Just A Game..." tagline you have in that banner you made? Answer: "Just A Game..." is the entire project. It's...
  8. C

    Ongoing Pokemon Hack Fire Red Hack Pokemon FireRed Revisited - Now recruiting!

    Hi, I'm making a hack of Pokemon FireRed and I'm looking for team members. It's a quality of life hack that adds new maps and new features. I'm using a ROMbase by Skeli Unbound that adds Z-Moves, Mega Evolution, and a bunch of other exciting stuff. It's called Complete FireRed Upgrade. I'm also...
  9. NerdyEdits

    Written Story Kanto Teen A Journey of Self-Discovery - Nerdy's Pokémon FireRed Nuzlocke

    Bonus #1 - Lisa & Titus Chapter 2: Nerdy v. Richard Bonus #2 - She's a Rich Girl Bonus #3: Victoria Chapter 4: Wrapped up in Viridian City Chapter 5: Viridian Forest Beatdown [/SPOILER][/SPOILER]