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  1. Cee

    Screenshot Kanto General Commentary Hack Mon Running Through Non-Stop Death - Nuzlocking All of Drayano's Games

    So, I've done more than a few Nuzlockes in my day. Out of all them, many never get finished, simply due to me losing interest. Then, of course, I lose lots more. So how many have I won? ..... One. A Pokemon Sapphire Randomizer Nuzlocke. Which of course makes me the most qualified person in the...
  2. cross_off

    Written Story Unova Teen Hack Gijinka sturm und drang - a pokemon blazeblack storylocke

    what if the magic came back? nominated for best plot and best protagonist in a written run (2018) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [/spoiler] [/spoiler]
  3. Frostmourne

    Written Story Unova Mature Gijinka Eight & Sand: A BlazeBlack GijinkaLocke

    In 1803, the Lacunosa Purchase saw Unova expand into a broad new world to the West of their small region; an abandoned world with endless possibilities and discoveries. The year is now 1869. The Unovans have grown accustomed to their strange Western land and its ruins--people disappear with less...
  4. Harrie

    Comic Unova Teen Hack Mon POPLOCKE - A Volt White 2 Run

    Rules Gotta catch the first Pokémon I see in an area A new area is anywhere that the map and encounter table changes. a.k.a, two floors in a cave with different encounters are different areas. No Dupes Clause Shiny Clause Nickname Every Pokémon If a Pokémon faints, it's dead and must be...