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critique level 4

  1. cjapples

    Written Story Spin-off Teen Gijinka The Space Between Seconds

    The Space between Seconds A PMD: Explorers of Sky Gjinka storylocke Alex, holder of a strange artifact, is on the run from masked bandits and a mysterious past. When he rescues a half-drowned amnesiac, the two quickly form a partnership that will change the world as they know it. Will they be...
  2. Kirilish

    Written Story Galar Teen Her Story - A Pokemon Shield Storylocke

    HER STORY A POKEMON SWORD STORYLOCKE Welcome one, welcome all, to a storylocke that started out as a normal nuzlocke log but then sort of spiraled into.....multilayered fanfiction. Yeah, that happens a lot. Speaking of fanfiction, this 'locke is also mirrored on AO3 if anybody prefers reading...
  3. Bowser's Family Vacation

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon Brotherhood

    Bad Photoshopping Banner by me! Read on AO3 here! Beta read by @MouseWithADinosaurTail ! (Because I keep forgetting to credit you in the updates. :x) [/spoiler] Their Story “He’s Not Dead” [3/1] "He Decides That It Will Be Different This Time" [3/15] "He Doesn't Want A Do-Over"...
  4. Bramble

    Written Story Unova Teen Sweet Dreams

  5. SaintsGarden

    Written Story Unova Teen Mon Our Revolving World - An Illustrated White Version Storylocke

    Ashilda is fourteen years old, received her trainer's card more than two years ago, and hasn't stepped in a classroom in three. If you ask her, she's managed to cope just fine with her shut-in lifestyle. But learning that her closest, and only, friends are going to be leaving to travel the...
  6. Fennec

    [Teen][UCL2] - Pokemon League Unification Challenge

    Rating in place just in case. 6. Set Mode: You must enable this and play it for the entire game. 7. Level Limit based on the next leader's Ace or Champion's Ace. Pokemon who exceed this limit may not battle in that gym. Exception, while you cannot go over the limit prior to entering the...
  7. Missy

    Written Story Sinnoh Teen Three's a Crown

    Three's a Crown: a Platinum Wedlocke Three's a Crown is the story of three sisters vying to inherit their late mother's inheritance by conquering the Sinnoh League. But winning the crown isn't as simple as defeating a few gyms. Change is brewing beneath Sinnoh's mountains and lakes, forces...
  8. bluebulbasaur001

    Screenshot Unova Teen Mon Ow the Edge: A Blaze Black Dark/Poison Duo-Type Nuzlocke

    Greetings, all! I've decided to try my hand at completing a nuzlocke run on the forums. I've done nuzlockes before, but I've never been able to finish writing a story out of a run. Here's hoping I make it through this time around. This run's ruleset was inspired in part by Dustox's Back in...
  9. Fennec

    Written Story Johto Second chance - A Crystal Nuzlocke

    Rating in place just in case. There you have it folks. The prologue. I'll actually start the Nuzlocke tomorrow morning when I wake up, and I still haven't settled on a starter. If anyone has a suggestion, I'll take it, if not, I'll flip a coin twice or something.
  10. Trollkitten

    Written Story Teen Pokemon Burst: Blue Moon

    (Banner by RodentLibrary, resized by Glinda. Much thanks to you both!) Well. This is a thing I've been working on for the past year and a half, and have been planning for longer even than that. I won't say it's my magnum opus because it certainly has its issues (pacing included), but it's a...
  11. "Absolutely Certain"

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Gijinka Until Then

    On November 22nd, 2017, I was 15, and I posted the following onto the original NuzForums: As I reupload this comic onto the lovely new forums (i love this place oh my god), Until Then (previously "Pantsing") has uploaded 15 pages total, since life's gotten in the way a lot,,, however. This...
  12. Velink

    Comic Kanto General Mon A Silly LillieLocke

    New forum, new description time!! A silly LillieLocke! A short story revolving around Lillie's misadventures in Kanto based on my silly imagination of my ongoing FireRed Gameplay Story takes place after Pokémon Sun Moon, and will be set on Kanto years after Red/Leaf has beaten the league. I...
  13. JavierE64

    Written Story Unova Mature Mon The Aftermath: A Post-Apocalyptic White 2 Storylocke

    Greetings everyone, and welcome to my very first Nuzlocke Challenge. This story takes place in a world where Humanity became extinct, and the Pokemon will have to survive the chaotic region of Unova and it´s never ending obstacles and surprises. As some of you may know, this run was first...