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campaign write-up

  1. Mattelonian

    dnd dnd dnd dnd

    hi my name's matte, i type like shit but i dm like good i hope maybe i run 3 campaigns with... 13 people between them all dnd 5e it's not 4/4/5 like a reasonable person it's 7/5/7 i use super heavy homebrew but that's not relevant if you're not playing, just don't get weird if some people have...
  2. Master Bryss

    Written Story Collaborative Apps Closed Roleplay Teen Bryssus: St. Garcia's Academy for the Unrealistically Mundane

    vita viam invenit Good morning internet, I'm Master Bryss. This is something a little... different. Risus, the Anything RPG, is a light D6-based roleplaying system where, with a little creativity, you can basically run anything you want. For the past few years, I've run several Risus campaigns...