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Search results

  1. Kadew

    Art Comic Original Teen PMD: Rangers of Sky

    Oh dang oh heck how did I only just notice this now? This is a crime, to have this hidden away from mine sight. This comic is wonderful so far, you are doing so so well with the harsh black and whites. It really sets a tone and it's such a feast for the eyes such good lines and weights and...
  2. Kadew

    Comic Alola Teen Sunshine

    A bad day for the birds in Tatsu's life. :'(
  3. Kadew

    Comic Johto Teen Gijinka [ONGOING]Primal Silver Nuzlocke

    *reads the update* *scrolls up to your rules* *sees that there's no starter clause* oh no :')
  4. Kadew

    Comic Johto General Mon Folded (HeartGold nuzcomic)

    Rereading Marble's fate gave me sad shivers. That little tingly shiver up your scalp when the story telling is just right. Very good, very sad, exquisite tragedy that you should give yourself more credit for how you handled it. The little moment with Harry and Silver and his mons who just want...
  5. Kadew

    Comic Spin-off Mature Mon Wanted! - A Pokémon Colosseum Nuzlocke

    Is this the part where she sets off the explosives to get out of an awkward situation?
  6. Kadew

    Comic Alola General Lulu's Grand Adventure (Sun Comic!)

    Oh no the bike! First nuzlocke death, stolen before its time. big F in the house tonight for it and for Lulu, career criminal
  7. Kadew

    Comic Alola Teen Mon Undertow - A Moon Nuzlocke

    I really like how you can consistently see people in the crowds wishing for koko to strike Kai down, and the tapu goes and gives him a friendship bracelet instead. Really I love this whole character dynamic Kai has with everyone, all knowing him and him knowing the traditions but still all that...
  8. Kadew

    Comic Johto Mature Mon Hypoxia || A Pokemon Soul Silver Nuzlocke

    Snek snek snek snek snek. I support the feed Lotus every catch foundation. Grow big and strong, strong enough to eat the league.
  9. Kadew

    Comic Original Teen The Essence of Being - A Webcomic by Mopruk

    That two for two on making small children cry and running away, good job Ronas!
  10. Kadew

    Comic Galar Teen Mon By the Sword - A Pokemon Sword Nuzlocke

    Hey did you know that I love these kids so much? The sequence of the two of them rambling all excited after the battle and then switching to srs mature sportsmanship mode was absolutely precious and put a legit grin on my dumb face.
  11. Kadew

    Comic Kanto Teen Gijinka Of Haste and Heraldry (FR Gijinka Classlocke)

    I really appreciate old gramps oak coming with "no you two can't leave town until I watch a fistfight between children first". responsible adult.
  12. Kadew

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Slinky's Yellow Nuzlocke Run

    YES! YES! YES! Get 'em Peddles! I'm so so proud of the fish lad boy son child.
  13. Kadew

    Art Comic Written Story Let's Play Fan Teen CMYK - A Pokemon SWSH Rewrite

    How could you ever misplace a bag that giant is my question. She could tuck down and fit into it if need be.
  14. Kadew

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Shiro's Trial: a Nuzlocke Adventure in Kanto

    Blue is surprisingly chill about one of his pokemon getting possessed and used to murder one of Shiro's. Maybe he's just holding it together for her sake? At least they get hugs. And cool champion capes. Can't be the champion without a cool cape, it's the rules.
  15. Kadew

    Comic Kanto General Mon A Silly LillieLocke

    Big slowbro... I love them. Green can be the new hero protagonist I don't mind.
  16. Kadew

    Showcase Art Comic Original Teen Genesis: A Gijinka Story

    Prime heard talk about parents and came over to remind us all who Worst Dad is (it's him)
  17. Kadew

    I sorta took a break from the forums due to moving to a new apartment and some other junk. Now...

    I sorta took a break from the forums due to moving to a new apartment and some other junk. Now I'm trying to get back into things and the single biggest hurdle is the 100+ notifications I've left behind.
  18. Kadew

    Comic Hoenn General The Power of Pouvoir (An OR/AS Nuzlocke)

    Rest in pokeball... I like how your normally very saturated colors have all dulled and greyed out for this scene, really helps set the mood.
  19. Kadew

    Comic Kanto Teen Mon Slinky's Yellow Nuzlocke Run

    Elle says she is the alpha dinosaur here, shut up you whippersnappers. I support her. Elle for president of Kanto.
  20. Kadew

    Comic Spin-off Mature Mon Wanted! - A Pokémon Colosseum Nuzlocke

    Yume unattended, what will she do? Cause problems on purpose? Blow up a base? The possibilities are endless.