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Search results

  1. Arbitrary

    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    It's not only lacking a Flamethrower TM - it's that Fire is pretty weak in gen 1. Lots of Geodudes to ruin your day, lots of Water types to ruin your day, Steel doesn't exist yet, Fire doesn't even resist Ice yet (leaving Charizard to be weak to Ice), Ice types are nearly all Water anyway, most...
  2. Arbitrary

    Nuzlocke Shiny nuzlocke deaths

    Lost a shiny Audino in my first ever nuzlocke, which was in White, just before Opelucid City. She basically saved that run. I've talked about the other one before - a shiny Noivern in Ultra Moon that died to hail damage against Gladion after barely tanking a surprise Z move from what I didn't...
  3. Arbitrary

    Final Team Frequency v3

    Blue VC: Venusaur, Nidoking, Ninetales, Dodrio, Starmie, Articuno Lorelei was the hardest - I tried to use Venusaur's Growth to take advantage of the badge boost glitch, and I missed twice in a row with Sleep Powder, then got a crit against Dewgong that nullified the glitch boosts, and then got...
  4. Arbitrary

    Nuzlocke General Frustrating Things in Nuzlockes

    I start a Blue nuzlocke, and decided part of this was an excuse to use Kabutops. I've had runs like this before. My mono-Fighting run in Sword was a thinly veiled excuse to use Kommo-o, since it is almost impossible to get otherwise. I went out of my way to beat Koga early, which was near...
  5. Arbitrary

    Pokemon Opinions That Have Changed

    Hard agree, except I liked some objectmons already to begin with, including Vanilluxe, which went from being liked ironically to genuinely loving as a Pokemon. Several Pokemon used to be my favourites of all time, but now they're only favourites from their generations. Generation 5 was really...
  6. Arbitrary

    Restarting Harsh Team Choices Thread

    Gyarados will still have way more attack than special attack, and most of the Dragon types aren't 4x weak to Ice like in the old days. Also Raihan's Goodra has Thunder and Rain Dance so don't try that either. Gardevoir will suffice against Flygon and Goodra while Mudsdale can take on most of the...
  7. Arbitrary

    Restarting Harsh Team Choices Thread

    Gyarados may be boring but I'd say it's by far the best idea. Fire is actually a pretty prominent and dangerous type in Galar, and Ground types won't help you against Charizard's Max Overgrowth. Perrserker could also be used to hold an Occa Berry and Metal Burst it, but that's a backup solution...
  8. Arbitrary

    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    Yeah, add me to the list of wanting older characters. I really loved how in Black and White the series attempted (not always well, but still) to mature with it's audience - in the same gen as Vanilluxe, no less. Even then those sorts of Pokemon were played completely earnestly and not memed like...
  9. Arbitrary

    Restarting Harsh Team Choices Thread

    Nah you can still wander around the opening tiny section and get your encounter.
  10. Arbitrary

    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    You mean the thing nearly everyone complained about pre-release? Also yes, Chikorita isn't a bad starter. It has only two major issues. The first is that Grass gets so many bad match ups in Johto, and the second is that the other two starters are just better. Feraligatr is broken and Cyndaquil...
  11. Arbitrary

    Nuzlocke Moves you have grown to love/hate thanks to Nuzlockes

    U-turn and Volt Switch are really cool on Set mode. Especially if you're slow since you bring in something safely guaranteed. I really like Drain Punch and Giga Drain post-gen 4 as well, healing and attacking at the same time is always nice, even if you don't ban healing items like I have been...
  12. Arbitrary

    Nuzlocke Fun Things that Happen in Nuzlockes

    Leon's Charizard crit killed my Cramorant on the last turn of Gigantamax. Strangely, he had not used any super effective attacks, so his message never played. Not until I sent out my Occa Berry carrying Perrserker. He tanks the Fire Blast with the berry, the message plays as Leon acts cocky...
  13. Arbitrary

    What is your most embarrassing death

    I managed to lose my Dynamax Drednaw against Gordie's Coalossal... because I forgot about Steam Engine and Drednaw was pressured. Similarly, Leon's Seismitoad is his least threatening Pokemon except maybe Mr. Rime, but I still lost my Gyarados to it since I was hesitant to dynamax that soon.
  14. Arbitrary

    Nuzlocke Pokemon you've lost respect for due to Nuzlockes

    Fuck. Inteleon. I already hated it but still. Not only is it's design fucking awful and everything wrong with humanoid starters, but it's also killed four mons in Wyndon Stadium in two different runs. I should have remembered it gets Mud Shot and so it annihilated my MVP Toxtricity, but yeah...
  15. Arbitrary

    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    Relying on Charizard (and things like Eevee and for some reason they really like shilling Wooloo as well) all the time weakens the brand since it shows a lack of confidence that the new stuff will stand up on its own in a similar way to the newer Star Wars movies. It also makes Charizard less...
  16. Arbitrary

    General Video Games Unpopular Pokemon Opinions

    My issue with Leon is the constant Charizard pandering associated with any time he appears. I don't even hate Charizard, but it's just constantly jerked off in every game since XY and it's tiring. It would have been way cooler if his ace was Dragapult (or even the starter he uses depending on...
  17. Arbitrary

    Screenshot [UCL2] Venin Hand (Poison Monotype)

    You've basically made Sinnoh roughly 90% worse for you by picking Platinum instead of Diamond. Firstly, no Stunky. That's an issue. Secondly, Poison has the dubious honour of being the only type to not get any Pokemon added to Platinum's dex expansion. Thirdly, Fantina's Mismagius is way...
  18. Arbitrary

    General Video Games Stuff You Just Figured Out

    Grimsley's Liepard is always female as well, most likely for the Attract strategy.
  19. Arbitrary

    Nuzlocke Redeemed mons

    I always found Swanna to be a tad bland, especially considering how many Unova Pokemon are basically just fucking awesome. Stats are medicore, typing is a bit overdone, and it's not overly exciting. It's not even a bad design, but just heavily overshadowed. But my Unfezant died in White 2 and I...
  20. Arbitrary

    Video Games Popular Pokemon Opinions

    Centiskorch is one of the most popular Galar Pokemon, and one of my favourites too. It's not hard to see why. It's got a really imposing design that looks cool rather than being overly goofy like some Galar mons, it's got one of the only good Gigantamax designs, it's got Volcarona's cool typing...