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Search results

  1. QuietGuardian

    "Top 6" Team Maker

    I went with basing them on the original team's Zords, rather than color (unless I can do both): 1. Tyrantrum, based on the Red Ranger's Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. 2. Mamoswine, based on the Black Ranger's Mastodon Dinozord. 3. (Shiny) Arcanine, based on the Yellow Ranger's Saber-Toothed Tiger...
  2. QuietGuardian

    Written Story Unova Teen Healing Wish: A Black Nuzlocke

    I'm feeling pretty tired so I don't have an in-depth review, but consider me interested in this story and where it's going!
  3. QuietGuardian

    Unova Written Log Commentary Mon Cycle of Hurting - Pokemon White Nuzlocke

    I advise grinding to 65, at least; the post-game level jump is stupidly high and makes no sense. Actually, maybe higher, given there are a good number of OHKO moves on trainers, as you've seen some of. Also, watch out for the Qwilfish and Cacnea on Routes 13 and 12, respectively—they know...
  4. QuietGuardian

    Other What D&D class are you and why?

    I'm joining Bowser and saying Wizard. I've also always been strong in school—repping that Intelligence stat! Also, I feel that with their lists of spells, they have to be good at taking what they know and applying it to solve problems, which is something I like doing irl. (I've never actually...
  5. QuietGuardian

    Play by Post AMA

    Interesting question…if I had to pick, I'd probably say It's a Wonderful Life, partially because it's a great movie that I love and partially because I wouldn't miss out on our family tradition to watch it around Christmas every year. I actually don't play a ton of different video games—I'm...
  6. QuietGuardian

    Play by Post AMA

    I'll get in on this, too; go ahead and AMA.
  7. QuietGuardian

    Written Story Johto Teen Mon The Phoenix: A Crystal Nuzlocke

    I think I remember critiquing your battles from The Scientist, and I gotta say, I really like how Will's battle read! It didn't feel like it went too fast, and there was just enough risk in it that I didn't feel too worried or too bored. (Also, love the new cute profile pic!)
  8. QuietGuardian

    Written Story Hoenn Mature Mon As Above, So Below

    Well, fuck, this story really isn't pulling any punches, is it?
  9. QuietGuardian

    Written Story Screenshot Johto Mature GoT-ta Catch 'em All! A Game of Thrones nuzlocke (6/11/20 Chapter 30: the final battle with our rival, one Zera Greyjoy...)

    I'm going to go over the rules of this forum to see if I can get making us wait another two weeks classified as cruel and unusual punishment.
  10. QuietGuardian

    Play by Post Raichu, Use Thunder! Generation IV

    Lugia, as trio master, calm your quarrelsome underling with Hydro Pump!
  11. QuietGuardian

    Play by Post AMA

    Who is/are your favorite YouTuber(s)?
  12. QuietGuardian

    Play by Post AMA

    What's your favorite genre of story?
  13. QuietGuardian

    Ctrl + V Thread

    Poliwag (surfing, 90%, Lv15-24), Poliwhirl (surfing, 10%, Lv20-24), Poliwag (Old Rod, 15%, Lv10; Good Rod, 65%, Lv20; Super Rod, 80%, Lv40), Magikarp (Old Rod, 85%, Lv10; Good Rod, 35%, Lv20; Super Rod, 20%, Lv40)
  14. QuietGuardian

    Play by Post Raichu, Use Thunder! Generation IV

    Raticate, use Shadow Ball yourself!
  15. QuietGuardian

    Written Story Unova Mixed Media Teen Other Adventure Would Never STAB Anyone: A Black 2 Semi-Nuzlocke

    Today's update is just an interlude, partly because this isn't long enough to be Part 9 and partly because I'm a little behind on writing and need some time to build up more of a buffer. Doesn't mean this still won't be fun, though!
  16. QuietGuardian

    Play by Post PokéRadar v2

    Magnemite can also be found in the Trainers' School in USUM.
  17. QuietGuardian

    Play by Post Post a question for the next user to answer

    Modern Family. My family and I would watch it together, and we really enjoyed it; it had some really funny jokes and some really endearing characters—plus, it helped normalize homosexual relationships on network TV. I'll miss it, but I'm glad they're not dragging on the series for longer than...
  18. QuietGuardian

    Play by Post Hot Take

    Haven't seen any of the movies, but I respect the guy for being so iconic. FireRed and LeafGreen.
  19. QuietGuardian

    Play by Post AMA

    When and why did you start the Nuzlocke Top 50 poll?
  20. QuietGuardian

    Play by Post Post a question for the next user to answer

    Boy, that's a tough one. If I had to choose, though, I might say Bartimaeus—the title character of Jonathan Stroud's series. He's a djinni enslaved by magicians, but despite his predicament, he manages to be really funny, especially with the footnotes he inserts into his narration. He's also...