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  1. cyndakip

    Type the sentence above you with your eyes closed

    Wekk the uears start conubg sbd tbeh dob;u start cimubf. Bend ti the ryled abd U git the grounf tunnung. Didn't make sense not to live for fun, your brain gets smart but your head gets dumb
  2. cyndakip

    Written Story Johto Teen Mon The Phoenix: A Crystal Nuzlocke

    And here we are... the final battle! Since we already had a battle with Lance back in The Scientist, I decided to take a lot of liberties with this one to make it different and non-repetitive! I hope you like it.
  3. cyndakip

    Written Story Johto Mature Gijinka Call of the Divines

    Really enjoyed these last few chapters! The duel was great, and I'm super proud of Lyra. Gabrialla's definitely an interesting character and I'm excited to see what's going to happen in the shrine!
  4. cyndakip

    Written Story Sinnoh Teen Three's a Crown

    I really enjoyed both of these extras! Especially the one for Team Hot Wings. Edwin’s definitely one of my favourites and it was great to see more of his dynamic with Hera. The Percy/Bea one was great as well, and I love the concept of grass types growing in pots, what a cool idea.
  5. cyndakip

    Written Story Johto Teen Summer Storm

    Happy belated anniversary to Summer Storm! I’ve very much enjoyed the two years of this story, and I know I'll continue to enjoy however much time it takes to get to the end! This was a great chapter. That last scene with Antoine and Susan was really sweet, and I also enjoyed the flashback to...
  6. cyndakip

    Congratulations, Ruby! That's wonderful!

    Congratulations, Ruby! That's wonderful!
  7. cyndakip

    Written Story Johto Teen Mon The Phoenix: A Crystal Nuzlocke

    Hey! No update this week, but I've got a few Pride Month pieces of varying quality to post here. I've also compiled them on AO3 along with the two from last year, so you can read them there if you prefer! First we've got two that take place in between The Scientist and The Phoenix: And...
  8. cyndakip

    Showcase Pride 2020 Create-a-thon!

    I have returned with the content! Here's a typical scene with my favourite aroace scientist and her disaster bi best friend. I actually wanted to write something like this last year, since it takes place before The Phoenix, but I never got around to it. Heck, I barely got around to it this year...
  9. cyndakip

    Showcase Pride 2020 Create-a-thon!

    Happy aromantic pride day! Aromantics experience no romantic attraction. Not to be confused with asexuality! While some people are both aromantic and asexual, it's important to know that not all aros are ace, and not all aces are aro. (However, all aros and aces absolutely belong here in the...
  10. cyndakip

    Showcase Pride 2020 Create-a-thon!

    Today is panromantic day! Happy pride to all the panromantics out there!
  11. cyndakip

    Showcase Pride 2020 Create-a-thon!

    It's biromantic day! Although that's a label I personally identify with, I don't have anything to share today... I was supposed to have more things to post throughout the month but life kind of got in the way. I promise I'll have one more before the event is over, though! And today, I wish a...
  12. cyndakip

    Showcase Pride 2020 Create-a-thon!

    Happy homoromantic day! We’re spending the last few days of the month celebrating romantic orientation, because not everyone has one that matches their sexual orientation. Anyone can have two different orientations, not just aces who experience romantic attraction and aros who experience sexual...
  13. cyndakip

    Showcase Pride 2020 Create-a-thon!

    Today is questioning day! Not much to define here, so instead I'll just say to everyone who's uncertain of their orientation and/or gender: You are valid, no matter how long it takes to figure things out, no matter what identity you land on. Even if you never land on anything definitive at all...
  14. cyndakip

    Written Story General Where You Belong: A PMD Rescue Team DX Story

    Hello! Today I bring you not a regular chapter, but a bonus one written for the Pride Month Create-a-thon (which you should absolutely check out if you haven't already, because a bunch of people have posted great stuff there)! This is something I wanted to incorporate into the main story but...
  15. cyndakip

    Showcase Pride 2020 Create-a-thon!

    It's nonbinary day! As I've said before, nonbinary is an umbrella term covering any identity that doesn't fit into the traditional gender binary. We've spotlighted a lot of specific nonbinary identities already, but nonbinary can also be an identity itself! Some people feel that it's the best...
  16. cyndakip

    Written Story Johto Teen Mon The Phoenix: A Crystal Nuzlocke

    Sorry for completely disappearing from this thread all week! I decided I wanted to make some last-minute adjustments to the battles in this chapter, and I planned to announce that it would be a week late, but then I just... didn't have the energy to do that. Or to actually work on the battles...
  17. cyndakip

    Happy birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  18. cyndakip

    Happy birthdee!

    Happy birthdee!