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Search results

  1. Funen1

    Nuzlocke Hall of Fame

    I realized I stopped posting about my HG Corruption Locke a long time ago so I guess I don't mind sharing the results of that alongside my other runs.
  2. Funen1

    Comic Written Story Hoenn Mixed Media Teen Mon wee woo wee woo the FBI's here! Ch. 8.5

    Congrats on being featured in the Spectacular! And wow your Jen is so different from my Jen. She's so audacious with everything she does and it's so silly lol. I'm anxious to see how she handles the situations later in the game. Keep at it!
  3. Funen1

    Written Story Spin-off Mature Mon The Dark We Carry: A Colosseum Storylocke

    Hey congrats on being featured in the Spectacular! If I can, I wanna comment on the full story up to this point from Deviantart since I've been following it there too.
  4. Funen1

    Character building help? And possibly a general thread?

    While I generally agree with Flop here, I think a clearer way to describe a Sue, and the standard I usually use to measure against my characters, might be "someone who is immune to conflict". In terms of avoiding that kind of pitfall, the advice I'd give would be whatever kind of background you...
  5. Funen1

    Nuzlocke Do you have a deathless run? Or if not, what was the longest you have gone without a death?

    No deathless runs so far here. The furthest I've gotten was in FireRed, where my only death was a Lapras in the Seafoam Islands because I forgot about Sheer Cold from wild Dewgong.
  6. Funen1

    Written Story Hoenn Teen Mon Paved With Good Intentions - A Pokémon Emerald Corruption Locke

    So I guess it's about time I started re-posting what little I had of this story here. The first two chapters were done last summer, but due to various real-life reasons I was not really in a good state of mind to continue. Thankfully things have improved a bit, and I recently finished the first...
  7. Funen1

    Where are your favorite places to write?

    I've also recently gotten into a habit of writing at work while I'm waiting for my shift to start (usually no more than a half hour, but at least it's something). Kinda surprised me when I realized it was happening, but I guess the lack of outside distractions helps me out there. And of course I...
  8. Funen1

    Fun Things That Make You Happy!

    Getting to see the X Games in-person for the first time - I'd only ever watched them on TV before, but moving to the Twin Cities certainly helped change that.
  9. Funen1

    Comic Johto General Mon Folded (HeartGold nuzcomic)

    Mareep busting into the Violet Gym is still one of my favorite parts. Makes me smile every time. :D
  10. Funen1

    Comic Johto Teen Mon Blooming Glory: A Crystal Nuzlocke

    Oh my god I could barely take that run through the E4. :( But at least this part's done with. Glory's story was always my favorite part of this run so I'll be sure to stick around for the rest. Best of luck going forward!
  11. Funen1

    Nuzlocke Fun Things that Happen in Nuzlockes

    The most awesome thing to happen to me in a Nuzlocke remains my fight against Wattson in Emerald, my first-ever Nuzlocke. As a bit of backstory, I had previously lost my Plan A for the fight, Daichi the Makuhita, before getting to Wattson, so I had to use other Pokemon for his team, such as...
  12. Funen1

    General Shiny Pokemon Thread!

    No shinies in Nuzlockes yet (I've done 4 so far), outside of the guaranteed Red Gyarados in HG, but I didn't use that, at least partially because I was using an "extended" Dupes Clause for story reasons and I was hesitant to have my protag use a duplicate despite it being shiny. As for shinies...
  13. Funen1

    Is there a reason behind your typing?

    Because Weavile is my favorite Pokemon and Ice is my favorite type, simple as that lol.
  14. Funen1

    Work/Job Discussion

    While not the only type of job I have right now, I still consider myself to be "primarily" a scientific editor, or at least that's the job that's more representative of my skill set. I've been working with two different editing companies, one for over five years and another for a bit over one...
  15. Funen1

    Music  What are you listening to?

    Because what better way to psych yourself up for the Pokemon League than a song that makes you feel invincible?
  16. Funen1

    Video Games Crash Team Racing : Nitro Fueled

    I don't currently have a way to play this, but I loved CTR as a kid so I'm sure I can highly recommend the remake too. All the boosting puts even more of an emphasis on player skill, and there's a ton of room for improvement and optimization with finding new ways to power slide through literally...
  17. Funen1

    Play by Post Gym Improv

    Hmmm... how about Fire 5 next? EDIT: Holy crap how'd I get ninja'd so hard lol. I don't want to change my post though.