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Search results

  1. io_

    Showcase Pride 2020 Create-a-thon!

    Just wanted to say thank u for running the Pride month thread and it's so nice to see people's art and ideas 😊🏳️‍🌈
  2. io_

    Nuzlocke Ruleset Rulesets you'd like to share

    It's not an entire ruleset but. I have a thing When fangames or hacks like to massively up the Shiny rate, to the point where it can be like 1 in 100 or something, I can catch multiple Shinies but I have a plan for them. I stick all the Shinies in a separate PC Box, and can only take out 1...
  3. io_


    dkl;vjdfskvhjk THIS IS ME like what do i answer when pokemon games ask "are u a boy or a girl" my answer now is boy trainer because they have epic beanies and comfy trousers and i love wearing beanies also xD yeeeeeet macgargo has high def i think so it might actually be okay xD ...maybe...
  4. io_

    omg that's lovely, congratulations!!!

    omg that's lovely, congratulations!!!
  5. io_

    Screenshot Fan Game Teen Commentary [FAILED] Insurgence Hard Mode

    dlnjflhvjfdzv okay that could've been hilarious. imagine if you'd killed all her other pokemon and this was the final one, and all it could do was some piddly little stored power with like 10BP while kayla's angery in the background all that sylveon know is toxic, moonlight, 1 dmg stored power...
  6. io_

    Sinnoh Written Log Mature Hack Revolution- A renegade platinum nuzlocke

    Yeeeeeeet that's cool :) and legit like - it's clear that a lot of thought has gone into the worldbuilding in particular which is really cool, and makes me interested in looking at more xD The rule that Pokemon have to fight to use up their power, for example, is really unique and I can imagine...
  7. io_

    Screenshot Fan Game Teen Commentary [FAILED] Insurgence Hard Mode

    Oh dear god I just got horrifying flashbacks to both, no, god no, please kjcdhfcjkdhf Speaking of the latter, Pokemon Rejuvenation seems to have its own now (I'm spoiling this in case people want to play it blind). On the version that I nuzlocked blind, after your first Badge you have to see...
  8. io_

    Screenshot Fan Game Teen Commentary [FAILED] Insurgence Hard Mode

    that icarly gif is legendary. my sister who still loves that show would be so proud ;ppp red's team would get swept out the door by half the megas in kalos let alone this ;p who even leads with a pikachu? i've seen wet paper take better hits than that .dkjvhfd\jkvghd i had this glitch while...
  9. io_

    Unova Written Log Commentary Mon Cycle of Hurting - Pokemon White Nuzlocke

    Aaaaaa I forgot you were doing this written log, otherwise I would have commented more bg;fzbzhkjghf but... ah. oh dear. Super Luck Night Slash Absols are horrifying, and that Jellicent is the best ever, and oh dear my condolences over all of these Pokemon D: "Cycle of Hurting" indeed. Hopefully...
  10. io_

    Sinnoh Written Log Mature Hack Revolution- A renegade platinum nuzlocke

    Oooooh, a renplat run! Definitely not the easiest one to nuzlocke by any means, though the variety of Pokemon is nice - that early Eevee is always epic xD These worldbuilding notes in particular look really interesting, and it's always nice to see some new and original takes on the Pokemon...
  11. io_

    Screenshot Alola Commentary Hack I Regret Nothing: A Pokemon Star Nuzlocke

    dshkfdsgf if i ever make a commentary nuzlocke of rejuv with the gen 8 update (i am Tempted, i want to unleash my sarcasm on something) i will steal that joke and credit u ;p ...thanks uberle you just reminded me of u linking the moto moto song and now the accursed song and video is in my head...
  12. io_

    Screenshot Fan Game Teen Commentary [FAILED] Insurgence Hard Mode

    the only thing admirable about jaern is his battle music. that theme legit slaps this is the smartest thing that jaern has done all-game ;p woe, woe, for the sacred brain cell hath once more been passed elsewhere. today, it resided with the evil team grunt cultist who called jaern out for...
  13. io_

    Pokemon Opinions That Have Changed

    ^^ okay I love that Garbodor drawing, it is adorable xD So when I was younger - like 12, 13 - I disliked a lot of the cutesy Pokemon like Clefairy and Jigglypuff. But now I really like them! I just have a soft spot for them and want to give them hugs. I've even softened up to Pikachu despite it...
  14. io_

    Comic Fan Game Teen Other Adventure Mon First Summer: A Rijon Adventures Nuzlocke

    aaaaaaaa i just want to say i may be on only page 30 but i've just binge-read up until there and i love?? your art??? so much!!!!! the pokemon look so dynamic and fluid and the scenery is amazing, your art shows so much improvement as well, i love it and i am here for it i also love some of...
  15. io_

    Say Something Nice About the User Above You

    omggggg is that your banner that you drew - that art! is so good! and now I'm clicking on ur comic and the first thing I see is this awesome and super artistic cover and aaaaaaaa i need to binge-read your whole run now when i get the chance
  16. io_

    Play by Post Raichu, Use Thunder! Generation IV

    Quagsire, take out this self-destructing oddball with Earthquake xD
  17. io_

    Say Something Nice About the User Above You

    I've seen your Hall of Fame teams and you've used some really interesting Pokemon! I am so here for badass 'mons like Leafeon and Zoroark xD Also, Skarmory is amazing and that plushie of it looks adorable 😍
  18. io_

    Comic Kanto Mature Mon It's a Hard Life - FINISHED

    aaaaaaaaaa this ending turned out to be so sweet fdkvhfdkgvjhdfk it's finally done this is adorable i love it robin is covered by floof and i love her all of robin's pokemon are awesome and huggable, yes even cogito and pluto this ending has made my week, thank u for sticking with this comic...
  19. io_

    Screenshot Fan Game Teen Commentary [FAILED] Insurgence Hard Mode

    ...goddammit no i did not kjdghfdkjghd i played insurgence when the AI was set to "very bad oh dear i see it's using fire moves on my water type" and reborn's could have been improved too, so maybe i just noticed that and was too oblivious to notice any cheating fkgvjhfdjgvh (i probably was...
  20. io_

    Screenshot Fan Game Teen Commentary [FAILED] Insurgence Hard Mode

    i have much catching up to do, i shall see what i can do ;pppp urgh dear god i hate when fangames do this. why leave the eviolite too late in the game by which point most of the 'mons will be evolved anyway. why restrict items like this but then shower the enemies with them. why...