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  1. DistortionLocke

    Screenshot Kanto Teen Commentary Falkner is a terrible gym leader (but a decent trainer) - a Leaf Green Gymlocke

    BIG MOOD. I was fine with Charizard until he got two mega evos and a gigantamax form first. Honestly, I was gonna label the cliff commentary as the best part of this section, but then you hit me with this 🤣 All in all, a fun start! Plus, you’re using my fave Johto gym leader after Morty. Good...
  2. DistortionLocke

    Comic Spin-off Teen Other Adventure On Borrowed Time - A PMD:EOS Nuzlocke

    Man, this is such a chaotic workplace. Bless Dielle, honestly.
  3. DistortionLocke

    Written Story Alola Mature Daybreak

    I didn’t get the chance to catch this the first time, so I’m super glad to see your remake! You really know how to pack a punch!
  4. DistortionLocke

    Written Story Unova Teen Healing Wish: A Black Nuzlocke

    I really love the idea of a Nuzlocke through not only a non-PC character’s eyes, but Blue’s eyes as well. I’m enjoying your take on him and his relationship with Prof. Oak. And N, while I love him to death, was definitely rather creepy at times in BW.
  5. DistortionLocke

    Comic Kalos Teen Gijinka Burn Away [an X gijinka comic]

    Man, those sepia panels killed me, man. And I can’t get over the fact that they can’t find Rho’s family. The nurse said that there was no Xanthe family missing a son. Does this mean that Rho is trans? Or did he lie about having a mom? Or he thinks his mom’s alive but she’s really dead??? Also...
  6. DistortionLocke

    Comic Sinnoh Teen Time Ticks On

    You made me emotional in just 17 pages. Tell me the secrets behind your success!
  7. DistortionLocke

    Add or Remove Your Roles Here!

    Hi, can I get the Writer role? Please click my signature for my written run.
  8. DistortionLocke

    Written Story Johto Mature Gijinka Call of the Divines

    Fuck yeah, Lyra!
  9. DistortionLocke

    Comic Unova Teen After The Ashes: A White 2 Nuzlocke

  10. DistortionLocke

    Written Story Hoenn Mature Mon As Above, So Below

    Oh fuck oh shit oh fuckohSHIT
  11. DistortionLocke

    Comic Spin-off Teen Other Adventure On Borrowed Time - A PMD:EOS Nuzlocke

    Love Rune’s face in the second to last panel 😂
  12. DistortionLocke

    Comic Spin-off Teen Gijinka Time Shift- PMD EOS Gijinka Nuzlocke

    Moss is way too pure to be stuck with these gangbangers!
  13. DistortionLocke

    Comic Unova Teen After The Ashes: A White 2 Nuzlocke

    I like this Purrloin already.
  14. DistortionLocke

    Promoted Content Submission & Rules!

    @Zephyr_Iphis Thank you so much! I’m using a new app for banners, and I still haven’t mastered it yet. :p
  15. DistortionLocke

    Promoted Content Submission & Rules!

    And the thread!
  16. DistortionLocke


  17. DistortionLocke

    Comic Unova Teen After The Ashes: A White 2 Nuzlocke

    Yes, I found this run again! Can I say how much I love how you draw Pokemon?!
  18. DistortionLocke

    Written Story Alola Teen Pokemon Sun Storylocke

    Gotta love this revamp so far! While I’ll miss your old version of Lillie Even if she did scare me sometimes, your new version is just as fun to read, and I love that you’re going into more detail about the Trials and Moon’s POV. Plus, I can’t get enough of Moon and Hau’s banter (the pool boy...
  19. DistortionLocke

    Written Story Johto Mature Gijinka Call of the Divines

    Finally caught up again! 😤 Man, your build-up to this battle is so intense. And I love how you covey Clair’s personality through so few words and actions. I’m rooting real hard for Lyra and Amphy to succeed!
  20. DistortionLocke

    Written Story Sinnoh Teen Hack Mon cumulonimbus | a Renegade Platinum nuzlocke

    God, I’d love nothing more than to stuff Oliver's bitch-ass into a locker. This past chapter was fun and a nice insight into Dodo’s past and approach towards Pokemon vs. Emmett’s approach. But the whole time, I’m tensely awaiting the inevitable confrontation between Dodo and her mom once she...