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Search results

  1. kittenrobotarmy

    Fun  Friendship Café ★★★★★

    Oh my backlog is so, so bad. But hey, a friend bought me Temtem and it's got co-op so I mean I'm kinda out there
  2. kittenrobotarmy

    Fun  Friendship Café ★★★★★

    Notes? Never heard of her Also a couple of friends and I bought Temtem yesterday and it was so slow at first that they forced everyone's games to update with a hotfix, 10/10 would recommend
  3. kittenrobotarmy

    Screenshot Let's Play Teen Crushing Debt and Rushing Deadlines - A Sims 4 University Let's Play

    I'm heading to university this coming fall so I'm excited to see that I'll be starving to death while people steal my textbooks and the vampires invade The American dream is truly something to behold
  4. kittenrobotarmy

    Nuzlocke FAQ  Claim your trophies here!

    Ah shit, here we go again with the Hoenn portion of my UCL. Elementary, My Dear Wattson because I had just Grovyle and Zigzagoon at the time Flannery O'Verheat with Sceptile Winona Flyder also with Sceptile Fair Fight since I only had two Pokemon against Roxanne, Brawly and Wattson, 1 against...
  5. kittenrobotarmy

    Nuzlocke FAQ  Claim your trophies here!

    I'm back again lads with my Johto portion of UCL. This time, not nearly as many accidental trophies. Back to Mono since Meganium is a Grassy lass Johto Hall of Famer Hit Me With Your Best Screenshot assuming you don't count the entire UCL as a run Now, there's are two trophies I technically...
  6. kittenrobotarmy

    I've already steamrolled through two of my UCL games and I wonder if I'm doing this too fast lmao

    I've already steamrolled through two of my UCL games and I wonder if I'm doing this too fast lmao
  7. kittenrobotarmy

    Play by Post Post a question for the next user to answer

    Luxray. Also my favorite Pokemon! What's your favorite Ice type?
  8. kittenrobotarmy

    You're Banned!

    Banned for not forcefully changing rules to suit your needs.
  9. kittenrobotarmy

    Nuzlocke FAQ  Claim your trophies here!

    Oh boy here we go For the Kanto portion of my UCL Grass Sololocke, I earned the following: Dual of the Fates (only use dual-typed Pokemon): Venusaur, Farfetch'd and Lapras are all dual-typed if you want to count my HM slaves too. You've Got a Friend in Me (use your starter to sweep an E4...
  10. kittenrobotarmy

    Screenshot [UCL2] Grassy AF - A Grass Starter Sololocke

    I realized something. For all the times I've played Pokemon, for all the friends I've made along the way, for all the hardships we've faced together... I don't use Grass types. That's fucked up, man. It's typist! I'm aiming to change that, starting with giving the grass starters of each region...
  11. kittenrobotarmy

    UCL Season 2 (2019-2020)

    Name: kittenrobotarmy Challenge: Sololocke/Monolocke (only using grass-type starter) Games: Alternate Date: December 28th, 12:06 PM EST
  12. kittenrobotarmy

    Friendship Café ★★★★

    One of my friends bought me Octopath Traveler as a Christmas gift the other day and holy shit do I love it. The music is just fantastic and the warm colors make it look so nice. 10/10 -IGN. Also I stan Tressa
  13. kittenrobotarmy

    Friendship Café ★★★★

    Happy Hanukkah! I also got a text in all caps from a friend who forgot to wish me a happy Hanukkah yesterday lmao
  14. kittenrobotarmy

    ^ < V

    Don't have one at all. ^ is on Team Delta. < is on Team Omega. v is on Team Alpha?
  15. kittenrobotarmy

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Achievement Hunting Across The Regions

    It was a struggle, but it was for internet points That is what drives the human race forward
  16. kittenrobotarmy

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Achievement Hunting Across The Regions

    I don't know how you deal with the level disparity Just seeing the levels range by more than 2 is giving me a panic attack. 31 and 27? Fuck outta here with that
  17. kittenrobotarmy

    Screenshot Hoenn Teen Achievement Hunting Across The Regions

    This run is sponsored by Flayn™ I can't tell if SCREEEEEEE is irrevelant or a Charizard, can someone help me out here